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GeologyPortal Quick Start, for Grotzinger Understanding Earth . Sixth Edition, Table of Contents,Overview 1,System Requirements 1. Accessing GeologyPortal 2, Instructor Access Adopting GeologyPortal 2. Directing Your Students to Access GeologyPortal 2. Student Option One Purchase Access Directly Via the Site 2. Student Option Two Register with an Activation Code 3. Logging in to the Course 3,Customize the Portal 4. The Home Page Layout 4, Adding a Course Description 5.
Tab Setup 5, Diagnostic Quizzing Personalized Study Plan Settings 6. Setting the Time Zone 6, Viewing the Course as a Student 6. Online Help 7,GeologyPortal eBook 7, eBook Functionality 7. Customizing the eBook 9,Instructor and Student Resources 10. Quizzes and Assignments 10,Gradebook 12, For technical support call 1 800 936 6899.
1, Welcome to GeologyPortal for Understanding Earth Sixth Edition by Grotzinger and Jordan . GeologyPortal combines an array of instructor and student content with numerous assessment. and course management tools , This quick start guide is designed to get you up and running in the course software You will be. introduced to the main features and should be comfortable enough to begin working in. GeologyPortal After working your way through this guide you will be able to . Ensure your computer is properly set up Access GeologyPortal eBook content. for GeologyPortal and customize the eBook page, Understand how instructors and Find GeologyPortal resources and add. students access GeologyPortal new resource content. Login to GeologyPortal Create a GeologyPortal quiz assignment. Customize your GeologyPortal Access and use GeologyPortal. Gradebook functions,System Requirements,The following Web browsers are formally. supported and tested for use with,GeologyPortal , Windows Internet Explorer version 6 or 7.
and Firefox version 1 0 and above , Mac OS X Firefox version 1 5 and above . In addition some GeologyPortal resources,require Adobe Shockwave Player Adobe Flash. Player Apple QuickTime 5 0 or above Java ,or Adobe Reader version 6 or above The. latest versions of these plug ins can be,downloaded free of charge from Adobe Sun or. Apple Web sites ,To see which plug ins you have installed and to.
find installers do the following , 1 Click the System Check link from the bottom of the GeologyPortal welcome screen or go. directly to http courses bfwpub com syscheck , Note To view some features of the Portal you may need to turn off your browser s pop up. blocker and any pop up blocker s in third party toolbar s you may have added to your browser . such as the Google or Yahoo toolbar , For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 . 2,Accessing GeologyPortal, This section describes the procedures for instructors and students to access GeologyPortal . Instructor Access Adopting GeologyPortal,If you don t yet have access to your own.
GeologyPortal course take the following steps to,begin your course activation process . 1 Go to the GeologyPortal login page at, http courses bfwpub com understandingearth6e. 2 Click the ADOPT GeologyPortal link A form will, pop up Fill in all the requested information . 3 Click the Submit button at the bottom of the,4 Once you have completed these steps the course. will be created within 48 hours You will receive all. of the necessary information and instructions by,Directing Your Students to.
Access GeologyPortal, Once you ve set up your course you will need to make sure your students know how to register. and access your course To get access to GeologyPortal your students have two options . described below , Note We can provide you with an electronic handout syllabus insert and PowerPoint slides to. help explain the registration process to your students . Student Option One Purchase Access Directly Via the Site. 1 Students should go to http courses bfwpub com understandingearth6e select PURCHASE. access to GeologyPortal and then select their state province from the drop down menu . Students will then be prompted to select their institution and your course from additional drop . down menus , 2 Students will set up the profile that they will use to access the portal They must enter their. name and email address and choose a password , 3 Students must then enter payment information including their name as it appears on the. credit card credit card number expiration date billing address and click NEXT After. confirming their information they should click on PLACE YOUR ORDER . 4 Once the system has confirmed payment a thank you screen will display that confirms the. student s name email address username and password Students will also receive a. confirmation email When the payment has been processed the students will be able to log. into the portal using the profiles set up in Step 2 They will not need an Activation Code . For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 , 3, Student Option Two Register with an Activation Code.
1 Students who received a GeologyPortal, Activation Code do not need to purchase. portal access through the site Instead , they should go to. http courses bfwpub com , understandingearth6e and select the. REGISTER an Activation Code link , The registration screen will appear . 2 Students must enter their Activation, Code name and email address the.
email address will serve as each, student s GeologyPortal username . 3 Students then create a password and, password hint The password must be at. least 4 characters long and should be, something memorable . 4 Students register for a specific class by, selecting their school location. state province from the drop down, menu at the bottom of the screen .
Subsequent drop down menus allow them to choose their institution and course instructor . 5 Students then click NEXT at the bottom of the screen confirm their information on the. following screen and click CREATE ACCOUNT to complete the registration process . Note Students won t be able to change their email address once they ve registered so they must. choose an address that will be valid for the duration of the course . Logging in to the Course, Both you and your students will go to http courses bfwpub com understandingearth6e to login to. the GeologyPortal course ,1 Supply your email address. and password ,2 Click LOG IN ,Note If you or your students. have trouble with a login id or,password call 1 800 936 6899 or. contact technical support via,techsupport bfwpub com .
For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 , 4,Customize the Portal. Once you ve logged in you will,arrive on the home page From. here you can access all the,information tools and,resources in GeologyPortal As. the instructor you can,customize this home page to. match the needs of your class Course Title and, Description.
Components,The Home Page, You can customize the components available to you and your students on your course home. page Follow the steps below to add delete or change the arrangement of your home page. components , 1 From your home page select Customize Your Portal below your course title . 2 Select Home page layout from the Customize Your Portal page . 3 To add a component to your home page select it in the list and click the Add Component. button The item s, position defaults to the, bottom of Column 1 . 4 Drag and drop, component s to, rearrange the display. on the home page The, number of columns is, controlled by your.
placement of the, components ,5 To remove a, component click the. small X to the right of, the component name in, the layout . 6 Click the Save button, when you ve made, your desired changes . For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 , 5,Adding a Course Description. Add a course description that will appear at the top of your home page . 1 From the home page click Customize Your Portal in the top left corner of the window . 2 Click the link for Course, description on the, Customize Your Portal.
3 Enter your course, description You can use, the toolbar to format text . add links and add,4 Click Submit, Description Your new. description will be, displayed If you see a, mistake follow the same. steps outlined above to, make edits , At the top of the portal window are named tabs that jump to significant areas of your online. course You can modify these tabs and even create a new tab that links to a Web site Options. are also provided to control which tabs will be available to students . 1 From your home page select, Customize Your Portal .
2 Select Tab setup from the, Customize Your Portal page . 3 Click the about link for a description, of the tab s function . 4 Click the checkboxes to include or, remove tabs from your course . 5 Rename the tabs by changing the, text in the Name fields . 6 Use the yes no radio buttons to, indicate whether or not each tab.
should be available to students ,7 Reorder the tabs using the up. down Move arrowheads ,8 For Custom tabs you will be asked. to supply a URL or content item to, link to from the tab . 9 When you re done click the Apply, Changes button at the bottom of the page . 10 Click the Revert to Default Settings button to, abandon changes .
For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 , 6, Diagnostic Quizzing Personalized Study Plan Settings. Every chapter of GeologyPortal includes diagnostic quizzing personalized study plans The. plans include quizzes that students can take to assess their knowledge Based on their. responses the portal recommends specific sections of the chapter for them to review . Additionally you can view a report showing how your students did as a group on the Self Test. questions for each section allowing you to tailor lectures and exam reviews to the topics in the. course where your students need the most help , Follow the steps below to access Personalized Study Plan settings . 1 From your home, page click the, Study Plans tab . If you don t see, the Diagnostic, Quizzing tab , Customize Your Portal then select Diagnostic Quizzing Personalized Study Plan . settings from the Customize Your Portal page , 2 Set a due date for the Chapter 1 Self Test by clicking the not assigned link in the Self Test.
3 Once you set a due date you can easily change it by clicking on the date . Setting the Time Zone,The time zone function affects due dates calendar. dates and other settings in the Portal By default . Portal courses are set to US Eastern Time Follow,the steps below to set the time zone for your. 1 From your home page select Customize Your, 2 Select Time zone settings from the Customize Your Portal page . 3 Use the radio buttons to indicate your time zone . 4 Click the Submit button to complete the setting . Note Daylight savings time changes will be automatically taken care of by the Portal . Viewing the Course as a Student, In some places the portal you see is very different from what your students see Students. don t have any of the options you have to add course content or edit components . 1 To see how the online course looks to your students click the view as button in the top left. corner of the portal window ,2 Click OK to confirm entering Student view .
3 In Student view you won t be able to modify the course grade assignments or do any of. your usual instructor tasks To return to Instructor view click view as again and click OK . The current view mode is indicated by either Student or Instructor after your name in the. top right of the portal window , For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 . 7,Online Help, Details on using the many, GeologyPortal features and tools are. available in Online Help ,1 Click the Help button in the lower left. corner of the GeologyPortal window ,2 Click on highlighted words arrows and. image icons for detailed directions or, more information about a topic .
Note To sign up for a live Web based,training session visit us at. http bfwtraining webex com Sessions take,about an hour and a trainer walks you. through all of the tools and options ,GeologyPortal eBook. The GeologyPortal eBook is a complete online version of Grotzinger and Jordan s Understanding. Earth Sixth Edition ,eBook Functionality, Links throughout the eBook connect to study tools such as tutorials animations and flashcards . all designed to make the learning experience more effective and relevant . 1 To open the eBook s table of, contents click the eBook tab.
at the top of the page ,2 Once you re in the eBook . use the Navigation Pane on, the left and the Previous. and Next links to get around, in a chapter or to go to. another chapter ,3 Jump to the section, corresponding to a page in. the printed text by entering, the page number in the.
Search box in the upper right, corner of the window or. enter search terms for a list, of eBook sections and. resources about any given, 4 Use the Open in new window link to keep an eBook page open while you visit other Portal. For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 , 8, Each chapter contains a Personalized Study Plan Students take the Diagnostic Quizzes and are. then guided to review materials based on their responses . 1 Select a chapter from the, eBook s table of contents .
2 Click the link for, Personalized Study Plan ,3 A description of the Self. Tests and Mastery Quizzes, is given here along with a. link at the bottom to View, the student s perspective. of the page From the, student perspective page, you will see a link to Return. to the instructor s, perspective ,4 Click the Try the Self Test.
yourself link Complete the test questions be sure to get some wrong and click Submit . Your results will display Click the Continue button at the bottom of the test result page to. see a report with links to review materials Topics highlighted in red are areas that require. additional study , Once your students have taken a Self Test or Mastery Quiz you will see their overall results on. the Personalized Study Plan page and you will have an option to view individual scores or a. class report breaking down these results by eBook section . eBook Tools allow you and your students to access bookmarking . glossary highlighting and note taking functionality . 1 Navigate to any eBook section and click the eBook Tools button. on the right From the resulting pop up click Add Note or Add. Sticky Note A Note or Top Note will appear at the top of the. page A sticky note will be positioned anywhere you choose on. 2 Type in a note , 3 If you want your students to see this note choose Public from the drop down menu above. the note text Private notes, will not be visible to your. 4 Click SAVE If you, designated the note as, public your students will. automatically see the note, on this section the next time.
they log in Students can, also add their own notes to. each section their notes will, show up right above yours in. their copy of the eBook ,5 Double clicking any phrase. in the eBook will highlight, the phrase , For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 . 9,Customizing the eBook, In addition to the functionality noted above the GeologyPortal eBook provides several options to.
customize eBook content , You can rearrange the chapters in your course s copy of the eBook to match the order in which. you will cover topics in your course To do so follow these steps . 1 Click the eBook tab, at the top of the, Portal to see the. eBook table of,2 Click the rearrange, link just under the. eBook title ,3 Drag and drop the, chapters in the. subsequent screen, to reorder them ,4 Click Save when.
Full chapters or chapter sections of the eBook can be assigned and scheduled for students . 1 Navigate to and select a chapter in the eBook , 2 Select the change settings link under the chapter title . 3 Click the Assignment tab , 4 Click the Assign Item checkbox A dialog opens where you can specify a due date Other. available options are to schedule a reminder email for students and to include the item in the. Gradebook ,You can also add new content items e g . web links uploaded documents or pages you,write from scratch right in the Portal . anywhere in the eBook ,1 Navigate to the chapter or section folder.
where you want to add the item and click, the add content link under the folder title . 2 Click the option for the item you d like to, add For example click Link to create a. link to another Web site To add a link to, an existing resource in the portal click. 3 You will be prompted to create the item, you selected These steps will vary. depending on the assignment type For, example if you had selected Link you.
would supply a link name e g Geology, Link on the Content tab At the bottom. of the Content tab you would supply a Link URL , For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 . 10,Instructor and Student Resources, Study tools such as Animations and Interactive Exercises web links and flashcards are linked. throughout the eBook sections These tools are also available directly from the Resources tab . You but not your students can also access instructor specific resources such as PowerPoint. slides and answers to Chapter exercises ,1 From anywhere in the Portal . select the tab for Resources ,2 Select a resource type from.
either the STUDENT, RESOURCES or, INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES. drop down menu In the, example shown here All, instructor resources has been. selected from the Instructor, Resources drop down . 3 Use the chapters drop down to, select resources for a specific. chapter or select all chapters ,4 Click the go button .
5 Click any of the folder links to on the resulting page to access the materials . 6 To add additional resource materials for your students go to the Resources page and click. the Add a new content item button Your students will see links to these items when they. access the Resources tab The process to add these items is similar to that described above. for adding a new content item to the eBook ,Quizzes and Assignments. In GeologyPortal you have a wealth of activities quizzes quiz questions and eBook content you. can access to shape your course You can also create assignments using your own content . which you can add to the course Anything in GeologyPortal can be assigned from the. Assignment Center Here we ll walk you through creating a quiz . 1 Click on the Assignment Center tab in the GeologyPortal banner frame The Assignment. Center will be blank when you first get your course but as you add assignments they will be. conveniently listed here for you and your students . 2 Click Add an assignment then select Quiz from the Create a new assignment drop down. and click go ,3 To quickly create a quiz and start adding. questions enter the quiz name and click, Create Instant Quiz You can come. back to the Assignment Center later to, set the due date scoring and other. settings for example you can scramble, the questions and or multiple choice.
answers in the quiz To edit these, settings before creating the quiz click Create Quiz Edit Settings . For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 , 11, 4 Now that you have created an instant quiz you will now be in the question picker You can. use the From an Existing Question Bank dialog to browse filter and select questions from. the hundreds provided in the GeologyPortal question bank For now try creating a question. of your own Under the Create your Own dialog box use the drop down to view your. options Select Multiple Choice and click go ,5 In the text field type a. question in the example, shown the question is, What is 2 3 Enter. the answer choices in the, choices and add points.
for the correct answer in, the points fields to the left. of the choices ,6 You can add feedback for, specific answers selected. in the fields to the right of, the answer choices or. General Feedback for the, question in the field below. the answer choices ,7 Click Save Note that your, new question will be listed.
on the right side of the screen , 8 Edit questions by clicking the pencil icon and delete them by clicking the icons Use. the arrow icons to move questions up and down in the quiz Click the done adding. questions link at the top of the screen when you have finished Back at the Assignment. Center you will see your new quiz added You can experiment and take the quiz . 9 To change settings hover your mouse over the quiz title and then click the settings link that. appears to the right of the title Click the Remove button associated with the quiz to. Unassign or Delete it , To assign existing content such as Resources from the GeologyPortal use the Assign an. existing content item drop down to select the area where the materials are located and click. go On the resulting page find and select the resource s you want to add then click Continue . You will be able to enter due dates for each resource you ve selected . For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 , 12, The GeologyPortal Gradebook functions much like Gradebooks in other learning management. systems such as Blackboard WebCT and Angel ,1 Click on the Gradebook tab . 2 Links to your Course Roster and Attendance pages will appear at the top of the screen . 3 Click the drop down for Other Gradebook Functions including Display Preferences and. Import Export options , 4 Students are listed in rows assignments are listed in columns Click on a student to view or.
edit his her grade details , 5 Click a column heading to get a menu of options for an assignment or assignment category . 6 The button for a Printable Version at the top right will generate a print friendly PDF view of. your Gradebook , For technical support call 1 800 936 6899 .

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