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COURSE PREREQUISITES, Please review information about prerequisites for this course ACG 3301 STA 2023 or STA 2122 and. MAC 2233 or MAC 2311 or equivalents with a grade of C or higher minimum 45 credit hours earned UGBU. COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES, FIN 3403 is the core finance course required of all business majors and it serves as the basis for all other. courses in the area of finance as well as providing the basic tools that every business student will need to be. successful in their chosen career Emphasis is placed on the underlying principles and practices and how they. relate to the decision making process faced by a financial manager charged with the objective of shareholder. wealth maximization and value creation Although the focus is on corporate decision making the knowledge. and skills obtained in this course will also aid the student with personal financial and small business decision. COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES, Explain the concept of shareholder wealth maximization and how it relates to other possible objectives. of the firm s management as well as the nature of the agency relationship inherent in the corporate. Describe how interest rates are determined and the role played by financial markets and institutions in. the global financial system, Apply the concepts of compounding and discounting and utilize these tools to calculate the future value. and present value of lump sums annuities and uneven cash flow streams and in addition calculate the. value of other variables such as the interest rate time period and periodic payment. Calculate the expected rate of return and risk of an individual investment as well as a portfolio of assets. including concepts and measurements such as standard deviation correlation diversification and the. CAPM Capital Asset Pricing Model, Explain the determinants of intrinsic value and utilize these concepts to determine the value and yields.
of bonds and preferred and common stocks, Calculate various measures of project profitability using traditional capital budgeting techniques including. Payback Period PB Net Present Value NPV Internal Rate of Return IRR and Modified Internal Rate. of Return MIRR, Analyze the concept of the cost of capital and how it is affected by the firm s capital structure and apply. these concepts to capital budgeting decision making and dividend policy. Utilize the information included in the income statement and balance sheet discuss the importance of. the cash flow statement and explain the difference between accounting net income for the firm and cash. flow analyze a firm s financial performance using financial ratio analysis. Distinguish between business and financial risk and discuss the analytical framework used to determine. the optimal capital structure, Describe the risk return trade off involved in working capital management and explain how firms choose. appropriate levels of working capital and sources of short term financing. MAJOR AND CURRICULUM STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES TARGETED. Apply critical thinking skills to complex business problems including Identifying and evaluating relevant. issues and information generating and evaluating possible solutions to problems Use quantitative. analytical skills to Identify and analyze material factors that are involved in business problems determine. and apply appropriate problem solving techniques to business problems Use information technology as a. tool to perform essential business tasks,ASSURANCE OF LEARNING. The College of Business cares about the quality of your education Please read about the College s commitment. to Assurance of Learning,TEACHING METHODOLOGY, The structure of this class makes your individual study and preparation extremely important You should read.
and be familiar with the material in the assigned chapter and attempt to solve some problems before the. lecture The lecture will focus on the more difficult aspects of each chapter and on problems and concepts that. deal with the material After the class you should review your notes and in the process work additional relevant. problems and questions at the end of the chapter There are additional resources available in MindTap that. many students will find helpful, Participation You are expected to attend all of the lectures for the semester If you miss any material it is your. responsibility to obtain the information from another student Please do not conduct private conversations while. class is in session however participation in class discussions is expected. Suggested study procedures, Access the Textbook folder in MindTap for the reading content Before class. and prior to reading the chapter complete the Why Is This Important to Me survey. Utilize the non graded assessments and resources in the MindTap Reader Quizzes ConceptClips. Problem Walkthroughs Videos Notes etc to enhance your understanding of the material. Review the Self Test Questions and Problems found at the end of each Chapter Solutions are found in. Appendix A of the text for the selected chapter,Access the Practice Assessments and. Resources folder in MindTap for practice problems and cases exam type questions Excel. spreadsheets and lecture notes see below for more details. Access the Graded Assessments folder in MindTap and. complete the two assignment sets see below for more details by the due dates listed in the Course. Participate in class discussions both verbally as well as with LectureTools see below. Access the Recorded Lectures through Blackboard to review the material covered in class. Track your progress and grades for all assignments graded and ungraded using the Progress tab in. Employ the library of learning apps MindApps accessible via the MindApp bar in MindTap to. customize your learning experience, Post your questions in the Discussion Forum in Blackboard and view previously answered questions. Utilize the services of the Student Learning Center in CBC 106A To learn more stop by the center and. pick up a detailed schedule call 305 348 1591 send an email to cbaslc business fiu edu or visit. http business fiu edu landon student learning center cfm. Use Course Mail in Blackboard my personal email address keysj fiu edu or visit during office hours. to communicate privately, Engage the course Teaching Assistant T A for further support and reinforcement.
Prepare for and take the on campus Exams as scheduled in the Course Calendar. MindTap is a fully online highly personalized learning experience combining readings multimedia activities. and assessments into a singular Learning Path The MindTap course is enriched through a library of learning. apps called MindApps accessible via the MindApp bar Examples of apps include homework solutions text to. speech dictionary web video social media integration and more The MindTap learning path begins by. engaging students in the content by showing its relevance to their own lives It then continues the progression. of learning with a new interactive eReader and valuable videos providing students with on demand problem. solving examples Continuing on in each chapter MindTap then provides practice opportunities complete with. immediate written feedback before finally asking students to move on to complete their graded homework. assignments,MINDTAP PRACTICE ASSESSMENTS AND RESOURCES. There are a number of resources in MindTap that will help you to learn the material and prepare for exams. Preparing for Finance, Calculator tutorials HP 10BII and TI BAII and prerequisite review material in the areas of Accounting. Economics Math and Statistics,Interactive Reader with ConceptClips and Quizzes. In addition to eReader tools that allow students to capture highlights and notes in a common location for easy. review an app that will read the text aloud to them and embedded practice quizzes students will find interactive. tools ConceptClips that support learning key financial terminology. Practice Assessments and Resources, Includes Blueprint Problems and Finance in Action question sets designed to deepen your understanding and. appreciation of core financial concepts Problem Walkthroughs further explain difficult concepts and homework. roadblocks by walking students through solving problems similar to those in the text from start to finish Problem. solutions are provided using each of the following methods where appropriate A formulaic approach solving. with a financial calculator and solving using Excel. MINDTAP GRADED ASSIGNMENTS, There are three types of graded assignments that you will take in MindTap You will have a limited number 3.
of attempts and all of the graded assignments have firm deadlines see below Before taking a graded. assessment it is recommended that you read the chapter ask questions and use additional resources see. below to prepare Your assignment grade will be based upon the total points that you accumulate out of the. total points available,Why Is This Important To Me. Students particularly non Finance majors commonly wonder why it s important for them to learn and understand. certain concepts in corporate finance By beginning the learning path for each chapter with Why is this Important. to Me MindTap sets the stage for students to understand how the topics covered in that chapter will have a. direct positive impact in their own lives thus more effectively engaging them in the material to follow. Each chapter that we cover will have a Why is this Important to Me assignment survey in which participation. points are awarded upon completion Deadlines will be indicated in the syllabus below and are firm. Graded Problem Sets, Most chapters that we cover will have an assignment taken from the Problems section at the end of each. chapter The problems will be the same as found in the text although the numbers will change with each. attempt You will be given three attempts for each problem and the highest grade will be recorded for grading. purposes Deadlines will be indicated in the syllabus below and are firm. Graded Assignment, Each chapter that we cover will have an assignment which will include both quantitative and qualitative. conceptual items You will be given three attempts for each problem and the highest grade will be recorded. for grading purposes Deadlines will be indicated in the syllabus below and are firm. LectureTools enables instructors to interact live with students via. laptops phones or tablets in class or remotely Students can take notes ask questions and generate study. guides that are available even after class is over An access code for LectureTools is provided as part of the. textbook bundle Click Here to join the course Click Here for Support. FINANCIAL CALCULATOR AND TIME VALUE OF MONEY RESOURCES. Calculators with HP 10bII HP 12c HP 17bII TI BA II Plus. financial functions TI BA II Plus Professional TI 83 Plus TI 84 Plus. Financial calculator http www tvmcalcs com, Tutorials and guidebooks http faculty fiu edu keysj Other Resources htm. How to choose a, http www tvmcalcs com calculators financial calculator recommendations.
financial calculator,Time value of money, http faculty fiu edu keysj TVM Formulas Brigham pdf. formula sheet,Time value of money,FV FVA PV PVA,interest tables. Online calculators http www prenhall com divisions bp app cfl Calculators html. DISABILITY NOTICE, If you have a disability and need assistance please contact the Disability Resource Center University Park. GC190 305 348 3532 North Campus WUC139 305 919 5345 Upon contact the Disability Resource Center. will review your request and contact your professors or other personnel to make arrangements for appropriate. modification and or assistance,RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS, The University s policy on religious holidays as stated in the University Catalog and Student Handbook will be. followed in this class Any student may request to be excused from class to observe a religious holy day of his. or her faith,RULES POLICIES AND ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT.
Florida International University is a community dedicated to generating and imparting knowledge through. excellent teaching and research the rigorous and respectful exchange of ideas and community service All. students should respect the right of others to have an equitable opportunity to learn and honestly to. demonstrate the quality of their learning Therefore all students are expected to adhere to a standard of. academic conduct which demonstrates respect for themselves their fellow students and the educational. mission of the University All students are deemed by the University to understand that if they are found. responsible for academic misconduct they will be subject to the Academic Misconduct procedures and. sanctions as outlined in the Student Handbook, It is expected that interactive learning and teaching will enrich the learning experience of all students and that. each student will work in partnership with the professor to create a positive learning experience for all Student. engagement is a necessary condition for an effective learning experience and includes contributions to debate. and discussion if any positive interaction with others and an enthusiastic attitude towards inquiry Everyone. is expected to be a positive contributor to the class learning community and students are expected to share. the responsibility of teaching each other By taking this course I promise to adhere to FIU s Student Code of. Academic Integrity For details on the policy and procedure click here. Exam Conduct No computers cell phones PDA s iPods or other electronic devices will be permitted to be. out or accessible during exams Be sure that such items are either not brought to class on exam days or are. properly secured in a backpack or purse where you will not have access The Exams are multiple choice and. are not comprehensive although some material will carry through There will be three in class exams given. throughout the term Students should bring their FIU One Card IDs 2 pencils and calculator cell phone. calculators are not permitted Formula sheet s will be attached to the exam Further instructions will be. provided before each exam, Exam Policy You must take each and every exam at the date and time announced in class Failure to do so. will result in zero credit for that exam This includes the final exam Any deviation from this policy because of. illness or emergency must be cleared in advance and supported with the appropriate written documentation. Absolutely no incomplete grades or make up examinations will be given if these policies are violated In cases. of medical or catastrophic emergencies please contact the Registrar s Office to apply for a Late Drop or Refund. COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND ASSESSMENT WEIGHTS,COURSE REQUIREMENTS WEIGHT. Exam 1 in class see Course Calendar 25,Exam 2 in class see Course Calendar 25. Exam 3 in class see Course Calendar 25,Assignments in MindTap 25.
GRADING SCALE POLICY,90 100 A 77 79 B 64 66 D,87 89 A 74 76 C 60 63 D. 84 86 B 70 73 C 55 59 D,80 83 B 67 69 C 00 54 F, All grades will posted in the Discussion Forum in Blackboard under your personal code Calculate your. personal code by going to http business fiu edu cba index cfm and entering your FIU One Card ID number. COURSE CALENDAR,Due Dates For,Date Chapter Topic s CFL. MindTap Assignments,Syllabus An Overview of,August 26 Financial Management. 1 2 Financial Markets and Institutions,Financial Statements.
September 2 3 4 Cash Flows and Taxes,Analysis of Financial Statements. Analysis of Financial Statements Chapters 1 2 3 4 2PM. September 9 4 4A 5 CFL,Why Is This Important To Me. The Time Value of Money,Chapter 5 2PM,September 16 5 The Time Value of Money. Why Is This Important To Me,Chapters 1 5 11PM,September 23 1 5 Exam 1 2 00PM 4 45PM. Problem Sets and Assignments,Interest Rates Chapter 6 2PM.
September 30 6 7 CFL, Bonds and Their Valuation Why Is This Important To Me. 7 7A Bonds and Their Valuation Chapter 7 2PM,October 7 CFL. 7B 7C 8 Risk and Rates of Return Why Is This Important To Me. 8 8A Risk and Rates of Return Chapters 8 9 2PM,October 14 CFL. 9 9A Stocks and Their Valuation Why Is This Important To Me. Chapter 10 2PM,October 21 10 10A The Cost of Capital. Why Is This Important To Me,Chapters 6 10 11PM,October 28 6 10 Exam 2 2 00PM 4 45PM.
Problem Sets and Assignments,November 3 Drop Date,Chapter 11 2PM. November 4 11 The Basics of Capital Budgeting CFL,Why Is This Important To Me. November 11 Veteran s Day,Cash Flow Estimation,12 12A F and Risk Analysis Chapters 12 13 2PM. November 18 CFL,13 13A Why Is This Important To Me. Capital Structure and Leverage,Distributions to Shareholders Chapter 14 2PM.
November 25 14 14A, Dividends and Share Repurchases Why Is This Important To Me. Chapter 15 2PM,December 2 15 15A 15B Working Capital Management. Why Is This Important To Me,Chapters 11 15 11PM,December 9 11 15 Exam 3 2 15PM 4 15PM. Problem Sets and Assignments, Corporate Finance Live is an interactive learning tool with emphasis on the quantitative areas of Corporate Finance. http faculty fiu edu keysj MindTap CourseKey pdf,Copyright 2014.

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