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Different Motor Application in Vehicle,Freescale Solution for Different Motor Types. Freescale Motor Control Enablement,Motor Control Development Kits. Motor Control Software Tools,Freescale Motor Control Reference Design. Confidential and Proprietary 1,Different Motor Application in Vehicle. Confidential and Proprietary 2,Up to 70 Motors per car.
Confidential and Proprietary 3,Electric Motor Type Classification. ELECTRIC MOTORS,ASYNCHRONOUS SYNCHRONOUS VARIABLE RELUCTANCE. Induction Sinusoidal Brushless Reluctance SR Stepper. Permanent Magnet,Stator same,Surface PM Difference in rotor construction. Interior PM If properly controlled,Provides constant torque. Wound Field Low torque ripple,Confidential and Proprietary 4.
Typical Electric Motor Auto Applications,Body Security Chassis Safety Powertrain Dashboard. HVAC Blower Low End EPS Fuel Pump ME Cluster,HVAC Flappers ME HE EPS Oil Pump. Window Lift Steer by wire Dual Clutch Trans,Wipers Seatbelt pre tens EV Water Pump. Seat Control ABS fluid pump EV Propulsion,Sliding Door. Convertible Roof,EV A C Compr,Brushed DC Going BLDC Mostly PMSM Stepper Motor.
Confidential and Proprietary 5,Freescale Solution for Different Motor Types. Confidential and Proprietary 9,Brush DC Motor Principle. Brush DC motor commutation,Rotor flux is perpendicular to stator. regardless of rotor position,Commutator performs mechanical Vector Control. Confidential and Proprietary 10,Brushed DC Motor Control.
Power Supply,and Physical I F,Target Applications,Door locks. Window lift HVAC etc CAN I F,Freescale Solutions,Device Type Product Feature. MCU 32 bit KEA 32bit MCU with ARM Cortex M0,16 bit S12Gxx 16 bit performance with low cost. S12 VR MCU smart analog integration,8 bit S08xx Broad motor application. Analog Monolithic H Bridge Driver MC33926 DC or any bi direction solenoid driver Slow Rate selection for improved. Monolithic H Bridge Driver MC33931 Low cost DC or any bi direction solenoid driver. Monolithic Dual H Bridge Driver MC33932 Dual Low cost DC or any bi direction solenoid driver. Top Half Bridge Driver MC33981 High Side Driver and Low side Pre Driver can drive with very high load. SBC MC33903 4 5 Power Supply 3 3V 5V and CAN LIN Physical Layer. LIN Physical Layer MC33662 LIN 2 1 J2602 2 Physical Layer. Confidential and Proprietary 11,MagniV Example Integrated Window Lift.
LIN 6ch 10bit,Physical SCI 0 ADC,Interface 8 int Ch 4 HV Low Side Driver. 2 Low Temp,Side 48kB Sense,Drivers 64kB,Flash Vbat. 4ch 16bit TIM,512Bytes 2 HS,PWM 2 kB RAM,2ch 8bit EEPROM. Wdog Rcosc PLL 12V Vreg,Key Hall Pierce 5Voutsen 12V Power Section. BDM Wakeups Supp Osc,se LIN Transceiver,S12 Microcontroller.
Confidential and Proprietary 12,BLDC Motor Control. Control Objectives,Trapezoidal or Sinusoidal,Position sensor. Sensorless Back EMF,Trapezoidal Back EMF Design Challenges. Commutation,One phase is un,powered at any given,0V Dead Time Distortion. Correction,Confidential and Proprietary 13,Six Step Commutation.
Voltage applied on two phases only 0,It creates 6 flux vectors. Phases are power based on rotor position 1 3 5,The process is called Commutation 0. Phases voltage,Confidential and Proprietary 14,S08MP16 KEAZ128 Sensorless BLDC Control. Device Table Block Diagram, S08MP16 48MHz CPU 3 Phase BLDC Power Stage 3 Phase Inverter. KEAZ128 16k 128k Flash,13 channels 16 channels ADC.
DC Bus Voltage Current,with 12 bit resolution Sensing 3 Phase. High Speed Comparator BLDC,Programmable Delay Block with Motor. ADC and HSCMP,Up to 8 channels 10 channels,3 Phase Back EMF Sensing. Flextimer with 48MHz operation,Up to 48 LQFP 80LQFP. MC33937 Three phase MOSFET pre driver,1 0A gate driver capability with.
protection ADC Module FlexTimer Module,Programmable dead time Back EMF DC Bus. Simultaneous output capability Voltages Voltage,Comm Duty cycle. Zero Crossing Period Commutation sequence,Position Recognition Control. Bus Current SPI,1 T Required DC Bus Current,Module Current Limit PI Controller. Limitations,Actual Speed,GPIO Required Speed Speed.
Module PI Controller,MC9S08MP16,Confidential and Proprietary 15. Dedicated Peripherals Needed for 3ph Motor Control. PWM input LIN or CAN,PWM signals,Dead time insertion. ADC triggering,Fault control,Fault inputs,Delay block. Set ADC measurement at,specific times within PWM cycle. Prog delay,BEMF zero crossing detection,Measure current in motor.
12 bit ADC,Comparator,Over current detection,Comparator. Confidential and Proprietary 16,MC33937 3 phase Power FET Pre driver.

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