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Copyright Information,Copyright 2017 RealWear Inc, RealWear and the RealWear logo are trademarks of RealWear Inc Other company and product. names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners with whom they are. associated, RealWear may update this guide from time to time You should ensure you are using the most. current version which can be found at https realwear com. Revision History,Revision Date Description,Table of Contents. Copyright 2017 RealWear Inc 2,Safety Usage Warnings 6. Disposal of Old Electrical and Electronic Equipment 6. Disposal of Battery 6,Guideline for Headphone and Earphone 7.
General Information 8,Head Mounted Tablet Models Covered 8. Operating Frequency Bands 9,5G Wi Fi Connection Information 9. RealWear Support Information 9,Safety Guidelines 10. Battery Performance 10,Battery Replacement 10,Avoid Short Circuit 10. Avoid High Temperatures 11,Battery Disposal 11,Child Safety 11.
Health and Safety Warnings 11,SAR Information 12,Charger Use Safety Instructions 13. Introduction 15,About the RealWear HMT 1 15, HMT 1 Parts Representation Front View and Battery Housing 16. HMT 1 Parts and Functions Front View and Battery Housing 17. HMT 1 Parts Representation Side View with USB Type C Port 18. HMT 1 Parts Representation Side View with Micro USB Port 20. Wearing RealWear HMT 1 21,3 Adjusting Display Pod 21. Fitting HMT with Optional Accessory Mounts 23,Inserting Rechargeable Battery 23. Charging HMT 1 24,Inserting and Setting Up MicroSD Card 25.
Using Voice Commands 34,Speech Recognition Say What You See 34. Global Commands 35,Anytime Access Help 35,Alternate Speech Recognition 35. Mute Microphone 37,About Notifications 38,Scroll Up and Down 39. Head Gesture 39,Virtual Hands free Keyboard 41,Alphabet Keyboard 43. Symbol Keyboard 45,Number Keyboard 46,Setting Up HMT 1 49.
Setting Up HMT 1 Using Remote Configuration 49,Using Control Panel 50. HMT 1 Settings 51,Setting Up Screen Lock Using Android Settings 54. Updating HMT 1 Software 60, Warning Messages to Note During Software Update 63. Connecting HMT 1 to Computer 64,Using HMT 1 65,Switching ON 65. Home Screen 65,Control Buttons in Home Screen 66,Selecting HMT 1 Interface Language 67.
4 Accessing Home Screen 67,Accessing Application Launcher 67. Accessing Recent Applications 69,Accessing My Camera 71. Camera Functions 72,Accessing File Browser 73,File Manager Functions 74. Using Media Player 75,Media Player Functions 75,Playing Audio Files 76. Audio Player Functions 77,Using Document Viewer 78.
Document Viewer Functions 78,Using Document Viewer Multi Page Document 79. Deleting Files from File Manager 79,Using Barcode Scanner 81. Supported Barcode Types 82,Limited Warranty and Software License 83. Definitions 83,Software and Documentation 83,Limited Hardware Warranty 84. Exclusion of Certain Damages Limitation of Liability 87. Regulatory Statements 89,FCC Statement 89,FCC Caution 90.
IC Statement English 90,IC Statement Fran ais 90,IC Statement FOR WLAN 5GHZ DEVICE 91. Declaration of Conformity 93,EU Regulatory Conformance 93. Europe Restriction Symbol 93,5 Declaration of Conformity 94. Safety Usage Warnings,Do not use HMT 1 while driving. Always wear HMT 1 with eye protection, Always use your dominant eye for comfortable viewing.
Disposal of Old Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that within. the countries in the European Union this product and any. enhancements marked with this symbol can not be disposed as. unsorted waste but must be taken to separate collection at their. end of life,Disposal of Battery, Please check local regulations for disposal of batteries The battery. should never be placed in municipal waste Use a battery disposal. facility if available,Guideline for Headphone and Earphone. To prevent possible hearing damage do not listen at high volume. levels for long periods, A pleine puissance l coute prolong e du baladeur peut. endommager l oreille de l utilisateur,General Information. RealWear HMT 1 is designed for skilled technicians and engineers employed in field service. equipment inspection maintenance and complex manufacturing. Head Mounted Tablet Models Covered, This user guide covers the following RealWear HMT 1 model T1100G You can find the model.
name on the HMT 1 device label on the rear side of the tablet. Model number,Operating Frequency Bands, Wi Fi operating frequency band s details are as follows. 802 11n HT20 2 4GHz,802 11n HT40 2 4GHz,802 11n HT20 5GHz. 802 11n HT40 5GHz,Bluetooth 10 55 dBm,5G Wi Fi Connection Information. Operations in the 5 15 5 35GHz band are restricted to indoor use only. RealWear Support Information, For additional product and support information use the following information. E mail support realwear com,Website http www realwear com.
Postal address 600 Hatheway Road Vancouver WA 98661. Safety Guidelines,Battery Performance, A rechargeable battery powers your device Always use only the original type of RealWear battery. that came with the device Use the battery only for its intended purpose Never use any charger. or battery that is damaged If the battery is completely discharged it may take a few minutes. before the charging indicator appears on the display or before the device can be used The. full performance of a new battery is achieved only after 3 to 4 complete charge and discharge. cycles The battery can be charged and discharged for multiple cycles but it will eventually wear. out Unplug the charger from the electrical plug and the device when not in use Ensure that you. do not leave the fully charged battery connected to the charger If left unused a fully charged. battery will lose its charge over time, There is a risk of explosion while charging if an incorrect battery other than the. specified model is used,Battery Replacement, If the HMT 1 battery is not charging properly replace the battery with an original RealWear. battery If a replacement battery is being used for the first time or if the battery has not been. used for a prolonged period it may be necessary to connect the charger and then disconnect and. reconnect it to begin charging the battery,Avoid Short Circuit. Do not short circuit the battery An accidental short circuit can occur when a metallic object. such as a coin clip or pen causes direct connection of the positive and negative terminals. of the battery This might happen for example when you carry a spare battery in your pocket or. 10 toolbox A short circuit at the terminals may damage the battery or the connecting object. Avoid High Temperatures, Leaving the battery in hot or cold places such as in a closed car in summer or winter conditions.
will reduce the capacity and lifetime of the battery For the best results try to keep the battery. between 10 C and 50 C 14 F and 122 F A device with a hot or cold battery may not work. temporarily even when the battery is fully charged Battery performance is particularly limited. in temperatures well below freezing,Battery Disposal. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire as they may explode Batteries may also explode if damaged. Dispose of batteries according to local regulations and recycle when possible Do not dispose as. household waste Do not dismantle open or shred cells or batteries In the event of a battery. leak do not allow the liquid to come in contact with the skin or eyes In the event of leak or a. hazard seek medical help immediately,Child Safety, Do not allow children to play with your device or its accessories Keep it out of their reach. They could hurt themselves or others or could accidentally damage the device or accessories. Your device and its accessories may contain small parts which could be detached and create a. choking hazard,Health and Safety Warnings, Stop using RealWear HMT 1 or its display immediately if you experience a headache vertigo. dizziness or nausea Do not use the HMT 1 display while operating any vehicle Move the. boom arm completely out of your line of sight when not using the display Maintain situational. awareness of your surroundings while using the HMT 1. SAR Information, Radiation Exposure Statement The United States and Canada. This device meets the government s requirements for exposure to radio waves. This device is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for exposure to radio. frequency RF energy set by the Federal Communications Commission of the U S Government. The exposure standard for wireless devices employs a unit of measurement known as the Specific. Absorption Rate or SAR The SAR limit set by the FCC is 1 6 W kg Tests for SAR are conducted. using standard operating positions accepted by the FCC with the device transmitting at its highest. certified power level in all tested frequency bands. No minimum separation distance needs to be maintained between the user s body and the. device including the antenna during body worn operation to comply with the RF exposure. requirements in the United States and Canada, The limit recommended by FCC and IC is 1 6 W kg averaged over one 1 gram of tissue.
The highest SAR value of the HMT 1 for use,By the ear is 0 95 W kg 1g. Radiation Exposure Statement Europe, No minimum separation distance needs to be maintained between the user s body and the. device including the antenna during body worn operation to comply with the RF exposure. requirements in Europe, The limit recommended by RED is 2 W kg averaged over ten 10 gram of tissue. The highest SAR value of the HMT 1 for use,By the ear is 0 267 W kg 10g. Radiation Exposure Statement Canada, The product complies with the Canada portable RF exposure limit set forth for an uncontrolled.
environment and is safe for intended operation as described in this manual. D claration d exposition aux radiations, Le produit est conforme aux limites d exposition pour les appareils portables RF pour les Etats. Unis et le Canada tablies pour un environnement non contr l Le produit est s r pour un. fonctionnement tel que d crit dans ce manuel,Charger Use Safety Instructions. To use the charger follow these instructions, Make sure that the cable plug is properly connected. Keep the charger away from liquids, In case of any strange smell or noise from the charger disconnect it and contact. Before cleaning the cable or charger disconnect from power supply. When using an extension cable check the integrity of the ground conductor. Disconnect the charger from HMT 1 once the battery is fully charged. Do not use this charger in wet areas This charger is for indoor use only. Do not insert or remove the plug with wet hands, Do not open the charger For any issues contact support.
Do not cut break or bend the cable in a knot, Do not put any objects on the cable that may let it overheat It may damage the cable. and cause fire or electrocution, Do not use any cable other than the original cable as it may cause short circuit or. electrocution,Introduction, This section provides information on using your RealWear HMT 1. The list of items in the RealWear HMT 1 box are,Rechargeable battery. USB cable type C,Overhead strap,About the RealWear HMT 1.
RealWear HMT 1 is the first generation head mounted rugged tablet You can operate the tablet. completely hands free using only voice commands and head gestures This hands free operation is. done using WearHF software built into every RealWear device The HMT 1 runs on Android 6 0.

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