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Fou n datio n s o f W e b D e sig n,Intro duc tio n to HTM L a n d CSS. Thomas Michaud,F O U N D AT I O N S O F W E B D E S I G N. F o u n d at i o n s o f W e b D e s i g n I n t r o d u c t i o n t o H T M L a n d CSS. Thomas Michaud,New Riders Notice of Rights, www newriders com All rights reserved No part of this book may be. reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means. To report errors please send a note to errata peachpit com electronic mechanical photocopying recording or. otherwise without the prior written permission of the. New Riders is an imprint of Peachpit a division of Pearson Education. publisher For information on getting permission for. Copyright 2014 by Thomas Michaud, reprints and excerpts contact permissions peachpit. Project Editor Michael J Nolan, Production Editor Katerina Malone Notice of Liability.
Development Editor Margaret Anderson Stellarvisions The information in this book is distributed on an As. Is basis without warranty While every precaution has. Technical Editor Chris Mills, been taken in the preparation of the book neither the. Copyeditor Jennifer Needham author nor Peachpit shall have any liability to any person. or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused. Proofreader Patricia Pane, or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the. Indexer Rebecca Plunkett instructions contained in this book or by the computer. software and hardware products described in it,Cover Interior Designer Jonathon Wolfer. Trademarks, Many of the designations used by manufacturers and. sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as. trademarks Where those designations appear in this. book and Peachpit was aware of a trademark claim, ISBN 13 978 0 321 91893 2 the designations appear as requested by the owner of.
the trademark All other product names and services. ISBN 10 0 321 91893 2 identified throughout this book are used in editorial. fashion only and for the benefit of such companies with. 987654321 no intention of infringement of the trademark No such. use or the use of any trade name is intended to convey. Printed and bound in the United States of America endorsement or other affiliation with this book. M e ta I n f o r m at i o n, To my grandmother Nonnie you pushed me to never stop learning. And to my wife Erica you always sustain me,F O U N D AT I O N S O F W E B D E S I G N. I hear and I forget I see,and I remember I do and,I understand. M e ta I n f o r m at i o n,Ack n owle d g m e nt s. I don t know if I can thank enough people or thank them enough for all Thanks also to my friends Marc Sharon Kai Kristi. the support they ve provided during the writing of this book If I leave Rob Sara Rudy Stefanie Tracy Lori Brad Lori. someone out just let me know on Twitter coldcoffee and many others who constantly gave me support and. encouragement, First off I give thanks to my Creator who has sustained me throughout.
the writing of this book all things are truly possible Thank you to my students all of you whom I ve taught. over the past six years who were the inspiration behind. Thank you to my amazing beautiful and patient wife Erica and this book Special thanks go to Jonathon Wolfer my. wonderful kids Dylan and Natalie who have been a tremendous support longtime student who designed my book. and were extremely accommodating while I worked long hours writing. this book I m going to be ever so grateful to be a part of the family To iconmonstr http iconmonstr com for many of the. again I also give thanks to my mother in law Mary who helped watch icons at the start of each chapter and within Chapter 13. the kids when my wife needed a break you are truly a gift. To the brilliant and funny Dr Leslie Jensen Inman who. I d like to thank my team at Peachpit Press Michael Nolan who took saw something in me I didn t and recommended me to. a chance on an unknown teacher and Margaret Anderson an amazing Michael Nolan I m so thankful for our email conversation. developmental editor who helped to make my words clearer than I which began two years ago about elevating web design. could have done on my own kept me on task and rapped my knuckles in higher education and for most of all your friendship. when necessary I owe a great debt to Chris Mills my tech editor who. has always been one of my web heroes for all his suggestions and Heartfelt thanks to my mom and dad for all those years. corrections Thank you to Katerina Malone Jennifer Needham and of support and love I sure wish dad could have lived. Patricia J Pane who caught all big small and in between mistakes to see his youngest getting a book published. and Rebecca Plunkett for indexing the book,F O U N D AT I O N S O F W E B D E S I G N. Co nte nt s,Welcome xi Title Element 8,Who This Book Is For xi Meta Element 8. Language Attribute 10,Objectives xi,Description xii Body Elements 10. Structuring Content 10,Conventions Used xii,Code Examples xii Wrapping Things Up 13. Tips Notes xiii,Files xiii Chapter 02 Text Elements 15.
Requirements xiv Hands On 16,Text Editor xiv Outline 16. Image Editor xiv Text Headers 16,Browser xiv Main Topic 17. Web Hosting Domain Registration xv Sub Topics 17, Book Website Enhanced Learning xv Cite Attribute 21. Chapter Downloads xv Creating Lists 22,Forums and Resources xv. Description Lists 24,Video Demonstrations xv,Additional Text Elements 25.
Structure xvi,Teachers xvi Adding Comments 28,Helpful Hook Element 28. Let s Get Started xvii,Further Exploration 29,Part 01 The Basics 1 Wrapping Things Up 29. Chapter 01 HTML FOUNDATIONs 3 CHapter 03 Links Objects 31. Getting Started 4 Links 32,Creating an HTML Document 4. Objects Images 37,Naming Files Folders 5,Objects Video 40. HTML Structure 6,DOCTYPE 6 Wrapping Things Up 43,HTML ELEMENT 6.
HEAD ELEMENT 7 CHapter 04 Tables 45,BODY ELEMENT 7 Table Element 46. Head Elements 8 Table Headings 46,Table Rows 47,Table Data Cell 48. M e ta I n f o r m at i o n,Part 02 Working Together 79. Table Border 48,Table Caption 50 CHapter 06 HTML Attributes 81. Table Header 50 HTML Class Attribute 82,Table Body 51 Multiple Values 84.
Table Footer 51,CSS Class Selector 84,Spanning Columns 52. HTML ID Attribute 86,Wrapping Things Up 53,CSS ID Selector 88. Specificity Power,CHapter 05 CSS Introduction 55,of ID Selectors 89. The Power of CSS 56,HTML Role Attribute 90,Selectors 57 ARIA Landmarks 90. Multiple Declarations 58 ARIA Landmark banner 91,Adding CSS to HTML 60 ARIA Landmark navigation 91.
Embedding CSS 60 ARIA Landmark main 92,Inline CSS 60 ARIA Landmark complementary 92. Link to an External CSS Document 61 ARIA Landmark contentinfo 92. Challenge Move CSS out of HTML 62 CSS Attribute Selectors 94. Import a CSS Document 64,Wrapping Things Up 95,Selector Types 65. Universal Selector 65,CHapter 07 CSS Styling Text 97. Element Selector 66,Selector Grouping 66 Font Properties 98. Combinators 67 Font Family 98,Font Size 102,Pseudo classes 72.
Font Style 104,link pseudo class 72,Font Variant 105. visited pseudo class 74,Font Weight 105,hover pseudo class 74. Font Property Shorthand 106,Challenge 75,active pseudo class 76 Text Properties 106. focus pseudo class 77 Text Align 106,Text Decoration 108. Wrapping Things Up 77,Text Indent 109,F O U N D AT I O N S O F W E B D E S I G N.
Text Transform 109 Float right 143,Spacing Properties 110 Float inherit 144. line height 110 Clear Floats 145, Fixed vs Relative Leading 111 Fixing the Collapse 146. Challenge 111 Overflow 148,Website Resources on Font Styles 111 Position 151. Color 111 Position static 151,Color Property 112 Position relative 151. Name Value Challenge 112 Position absolute 152,Hex Value Challenge 114 Position fixed 153.
Wrapping Things Up 115 Z index 154,Display 159,CHapter 08 The Box Model 117 Display block 160. Display inline 161,Box Dimensions 118,Display inline block 162. Working with the Box 120,Other Display Values 163,Content 120. Border 121 Wrapping Things Up 163,Padding 124,Margin 125 CHapter 10 Page Layout 165. Background Color 126 Fixed Width Layouts 166, Width Height and Overflow 128 Why Use a Fixed Design 167.
Box Sizing 130 Why Avoid a Fixed Design 167, Box sizing Box Sizing 132 Breaking Down the Structure 169. Coding CSS Fixed Rules 170,Browser Default Margin Padding 134. Challenge 174,Resetting the Default 134,Fluid Layouts 175. Wrapping Things Up 135,Fixed Grid to Fluid Grid 176. Part 03 Layout Interactivity 137 Responsive Layouts 180. Challenge 180, CHapter 09 Layout Properties 139 Mobile First Would Be Best 181.
Box Element Review 140 Fixed to Responsive 182,Block Elements 140 media 182. Inline Elements 140 Convert Pixels to Ems 188,Float 141 Challenge 189. Float none 142 Viewport 190,Float left 142 Wrapping Things Up 191. M e ta I n f o r m at i o n,Part 04 Next Steps 231. CHapter 11 Navigation 193 CHapter 13 Workflow 233,The HTML of Navigation 195 Asking Questions 237.
Unordered Lists 195,Content 238,Ordered Lists 196,Sitemap 238. Description Lists 196,Categorize 239,No Lists 197,Textual Content 239. Types of Navigation 198,Visual Language 240,Vertical Navigation 198. OS Screenshot 240,Horizontal Navigation 206,Sketching 242. Additional Navigation Patterns 212 Wireframe 243,Breadcrumbs 212.
Coding 244,Drop Down Menus 212,Prototypes 244,Sitemaps 213. Search Boxes 213 Wrapping Things Up 245,Wrapping Things Up 213. CHapter 14 Looking Ahead 247,CHapter 12 Forms 215 HTML5 250. Resources Books 251,How Do Forms Work 217,Resources Online 251. Form Elements 218,The form Element 218,Resources Books 253.
Data Input 220,Resources Online 253,Textarea 224,Select Option 225 JavaScript 254. Labeling Forms 226 Tabbed Boxes 254,Fieldset 227 Lightbox Gallery 255. JavaScript Libraries 256,A Contact Form 228,Resources Books 256. Resources Online 257,Thank You 228,Automated Response 229 Wrapping Things Up 257. Processing Script 229,Help Online 229,Wrapping Things Up 229.
F O U N D AT I O N S O F W E B D E S I G N,I am always doing that. which I can not do in,order that I may learn,how to do it. Pablo Picasso,Introduction,W e lco m e to Who This Book Objectives. Fou n datio n s Is For,The objective of Foundations of Web. Of W e b D e sig n This book is written primarily for two Design HTML CSS is to provide. HTML CSS types of readers a fundamental knowledge of HTML. Hypertext Markup Language and CSS, Since Sir Tim Berners Lee a research Absolute beginners at hand coding Cascading Style Sheets Learning is.
scientist proposed and developed an HTML and CSS accomplished through hands on coding. internet based hypertext system back demonstrations in the book and in. in 1989 and then in the early 1990s Those who have used a drag and online video tutorials and challenges. developed the first HTML documents drop website builder application but Additionally you can download. HTML has been the backbone for may have little to no idea what all assignments in which you ll be asked. creating websites While style sheets those letters p q b etc numbers to develop a basic website based. have been a part of markup languages h1 h2 etc and words strong span upon chapter material a one page. since the 1980s CSS Cascading Style div etc inside the angled brackets promotional site for a midterm project. Sheets which was created to separate really are and a personal website professional. presentation design from content family or client for your final project. markup documents was first adopted You may wish to learn HTML and. in the mid 1990s since then CSS has CSS to help build a personal website Online Assignment. become the standard styling language professional or for family or to look to Reviews. for the Web Today HTML and CSS take a step toward working in the field of. need to be a part of every hobby and web design Either way I believe you ll If you are a self learner and. professional web designer s toolkit find this book and the accompanying not in a classroom directed by. resources to be helpful in your journey an instructor you will be able. to submit your work online for,questions and reviews. F O U N D AT I O N S O F W E B D E S I G N,Description Conventions Used. The different parts of this book work Code examples notes and asides will. to build your knowledge and skill in have different typographical styles from. a slightly different manner than other the normal body text. books of this type,Code Examples, Part 1 Basics Part 3 Layout and HTML code that is being used as a. Interactivity current example is a bright blue color. In Chapters 1 5 you ll learn the basics, of creating and coding HTML and Chapters 9 12 will teach you how to h1 This is a header h1. CSS documents While it may seem create layouts that are responsive. very elementary it lays an important for different devices how to develop HTML code that has been previously. foundation for the subsequent chapters navigation elements that help users find shown but is part of a new example is. information on your website and how to shown in a muted blue color. Part 2 Working Together design and use forms,h1 This is a header h1.
In Chapters 6 8 you will start to see Part 4 Next Step p This is a paragraph p. how HTML and CSS work together in, developing more complex web pages Chapters 13 and 14 talk about the tasks. through the use of attributes selectors that are involved in developing a website. typography and the all important box from beginning to end and about. model This is either where it clicks for additional skills a web designer needs. many students or where they become giving you a foretaste of what you can do. lost Make sure you take your time next and pointing toward where you can. and work through each demonstration learn those skills. multiple times if necessary,Introduction,When downloading files you ll find they. are all compressed in the zip format,and will need to be uncompressed or. extracted prior to use,Need Help Extracting Video, CSS code that is being used as a current Sometimes lines of code are intended to tutorials are available on the website. example is a bright magenta color be written on a single line but the book if you do not know how to uncompress. requires a line wrap An arrow shows where a ZIP file. h1 color orange a line break occurs for print formatting. purposes only and should be ignored When referencing folder and document. CSS code that has been previously names for demonstration the names will. shown but is part of a new example is blockquote cite http alistapart be in bold lettering. shown in a muted magenta color com article uncle sam wants you to foldername. optimize your content for mobile,document html,color orange document css.
font size 2em,If you see a forward slash between,fowd ch02 folder 01 book html. Tips Notes Sidebars,it s telling you that the document 01. Tip Tips notes provide reminders Sidebars help you learn more about book html is located in a specific folder. about the current topic or step a topic through related information fowd ch02 folder. F O U N D AT I O N S O F W E B D E S I G N,R equir e m e nt s Browser Internet Explorer. In order to work through the assignments It would be best to download one or If you re a Windows user you might. and projects in this book you do not two modern standards compliant be accustomed to using Internet. need expensive software or hardware browsers such as Chrome Firefox or Explorer referred to throughout. Opera Figure 1 All of these can be this book as IE It s fine to continue. Text Editor installed on Linux Mac and Windows using it but the examples in this. systems The screenshots you ll see book will primarily work for version. You will need a code text editor not a text in this book were primarily taken while 8 IE8 and above Microsoft has. editor that came with your computer using Opera on Mac unless otherwise stopped supporting IE6 and. to write HTML and CSS An excellent noted IE7 lags behind web standards. and free editor I would recommend is common in most browsers Check. Komodo Edit http activestate com your version of IE by selecting. komodo edit for Windows Mac and About Internet Explorer under the. Linux Other free alternatives include Help tab Figure 2. Notepad for Windows TextWrangler Figure 1, for Mac and Bluefish for Linux Chrome Firefox and Opera are open Safari. source browsers that keep current with,many web standards and are available on.
Note The website has links and, multiple operating systems If you re a Mac user Safari is pre. tutorials to help you install and set installed on your computer and. up Komodo Edit has kept up good support of web,standards However make sure. Image Editor Note It s beyond the scope of your version of Safari is as up to. this book to have Mac users set up date as possible At minimum. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop a Windows operating system to run you should have Safari 5 but it. Elements those are fine but a bit much Internet Explorer Windows users also would be best to have Safari 6. for what you need at this point Pixlr cannot install the latest version of To check your version of Safari. http pixlr com editor is a great free Safari There s more on multi browser simply select About Safari under. application that works directly in your testing in Chapter 13 on the website the Safari menu Figure 3. browser Additional image editors are,included on the website.

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