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From The Director,Recreation run amok,Rights and responsibilities Wayne Jenkins. Executive Director, T he Chattahoochee National Forest is on the forefront. of recreational use in the nation and is considered an urban. Scenic Chattooga River For more than thirty years boating. has been allowed on 2 3rds of the river while the headwaters. forest based on its proximity to millions of citizens Visitation above the Georgia Highway 28 bridge have been off limits for. to Georgia s national forests almost rivals that of the Great this activity The new Sumter National Forest Management. Smoky Mountains National Park the nation s busiest For Plan maintained that position in effect in 2004 a stand that. the last three years ForestWatch district leaders and staff was vociferously challenged by the boating group American. have responded to dozens of recreation related scopings from Whitewater ForestWatch believes the agency got it right. the U S Forest Service It would appear that the agency is and has been a member of a coalition of groups working to. struggling with just how to manage all this recreation passion maintain a portion of the river for other pursuits The issues. while still protecting the resources and other users and values are complex and the process for a decision a kind of tweaked. Not an easy task limit of acceptable change attempt gone awry have been. arcane and drawn out Passions have run high and meetings. All this recreational use of the people s forests creates unique have been heated reflecting the difficulty of finding common. challenges for our work For decades one of our key claims ground between various interests And this with a group that. for protection of national forests has been for the needs of has many values in common with ForestWatch American. citizens to use and enjoy those public lands that belong to Whitewater has done incredible work across the country for. them Historical uses though still important are now part of their members especially in the areas of dam removal and. a complicated and growing list of pursuits From traditional maintaining river access however a lack of balance seems at. hunting and fishing to adventure racing and geo caching work on the Chattooga where sharing the river seems to. we love our forests But at what point is this admiration too mean we want to boat everywhere and the hell with everyone. much When are our impacts harmful and when does one else. practice diminish or interfere with another These issues and. conflicts have already been brought into stark contrast on Another challenging recreational issue is the popular and. the Cohutta Wilderness area the largest Wilderness in the expanding pursuit of mountain biking This outdoor activity. eastern United States By 2001 this most beloved and unique has rapidly grown over the last decade especially on weekends. landscape was the subject of a Limits of Acceptable Change when some trail systems are dominated by colorful and speedy. process conducted by forest managers due to the widespread cyclists User conflicts are not rare and some trails never. negative impacts on this rugged and steep area The three year designed for this use are eroding into nearby streams As with. effort of experts and citizens sought to identify problems and many trails the Forest Service and users are challenged to. resource impacts and together to define a plan for limiting maintain them Wilderness areas are also problematic for many. them to protect both the landscape and the human experience bikers as they believe they should be able to use trails there All. and simultaneously maintain a quality Wilderness area Those of these issues recently came together in the Mountaintown. conclusions are now being implemented as funds become Roadless Area as local citizens sought fuller protection of the. available This well facilitated process was successful and area from active road building and timber management by. though heated at times went smoothly having Mountaintown designated by Congress as a Wilderness. area The biking community reacted strongly to the potential. Things do not always go so well A most vexing and public loss of their use of the Mountaintown Creek trail This very. example of a recreation challenge and rift between ForestWatch steep challenging trail popular with the most aggressive. and a powerful recreational organization has been over the. issue of boating on the upper portion of the famous Wild and continued on page 5. 2 Georgia ForestWatch,Anderson Creek OHV Contact Information. Area to close Georgia ForestWatch,www gafw org,15 Tower Rd Ellijay GA 30540. F or the past 10 years Georgia ForestWatch has been working to. halt off road vehicle damage in the Anderson Creek OHV Area. 706 635 TREE 8733,Georgia ForestWatch is a 501 c 3.
Nonprofit educational corporation, This area was established in 1985 on approximately 14 000 acres of. Forest Service lands sitting at the headwaters of Anderson Creek Forest News edited by Wayne Jenkins. This area was a poor choice for an off road vehicle playground Layout by Lori Martell and Eleanor Thompson. but it could be argued that there is no area in our north Georgia. mountains that is suitable Steep slopes abundant rainfall highly STAFF. erodible soils and pristine trout streams are not the setting in which Wayne Jenkins Executive Director. to turn loose machines equipped with aggressive tires designed to Kathy Herrygers Office Manager. churn their way across the landscape Lori Martell Outreach Director. BOARD MEMBERS ADVISORS, The Anderson Creek area turned out to be a spectacularly poor Peg Griffith President Marshall Burke. place to locate an off road recreation area In addition to its fragile Ted Doll Secretary Butch Clay. environmental setting and blue ribbon trout streams Anderson Sarah Linn Treasurer Martha Ezzard. Creek s remote location made law enforcement nearly impossible A Kees de Vente Sarah Francisco. number of other factors helped turn the Anderson Creek OHV area Andy Edwards. Bob Kibler, into a disaster In the mid 1990s Forest Service law enforcement Joe Gatins. Brent Martin,David Govus, budgets in real dollars began to slide and sales of a new type of off Carol Kemker James Sullivan. road vehicle soared the ATV all terrain vehicle or 4 wheeler These Ida Long. compact powerful machines with aggressive lug tires can churn Charles Seabrook. their way nearly anywhere in the woods and in the case of Anderson Bob Smiles. Creek irresponsible ATV enthusiasts drove them nearly everywhere. Illegal trails were created up and down steep slopes into creeks. GEORGIA FORESTWATCH DISTRICT LEADERS, and springheads and onto adjoining private land By 2000 the.
Anderson Creek area was a garbage strewn eroding mess Conasauga Ranger District Chattooga Ranger District. Bob Smiles 404 259 4947 Joe Gatins 706 782 9944, Georgia ForestWatch turned up the heat on the Forest Service in Chattooga Gordon Murray Rabun Towns counties. Floyd Walker Whitefield, 2001 and 2002 with a series of letters and photos depicting the counties Dudley Sisk 706 754 0955. problem and managed to interest the media Several stories about Habersham Stephens. the damage appeared in the Gainesville Times and the Atlanta David Govus 706 276 2512 White counties. Journal Constitution In 2003 the Forest Service announced that Fannin Gilmer counties. they would close the area for rehabilitation With a special grant Honor Woodard 706 212 7924. the Forest Service spent nearly 100 000 healing the damage and Wayne Jenkins 706 635 8733 Rabun County. embarked on a multi year analysis concerning the area s future Fannin Gilmer counties. Oconee National Forest, Blue Ridge Ranger District Larry Winslett 404 375 8405. This February the Forest Service released an environmental analysis Howard Markel 770 781 5418 Greene Jasper Jones. that indicated that their preferred alternative was to permanently Dawson Towns counties Monroe Morgan. close the area and requested public comments Georgia ForestWatch Oconee Oglethorpe. put out the call to its members and friends to respond and the Dennis Stansell 706 747 5892 Putnam counties. Forest Service reports that they ve received an unprecedented 500 Dawson Towns counties. responses with 80 of respondents in favor of permanent closure. Jim Walker 706 273 3465, Georgia Forest Watch is hopeful that the Forest Service will stand Fannin Gilmer Lumpkin. firm in the face of threatened lawsuits from the off road industry and Union counties. and permanently close the area, Cover art Lori Martell Georgia ForestWatch is working with the.
For more information visit our website at www gafw org anderson U S Forest Service to reign in rampant illegal use of all terrain vehicles. creek html n ATVs on the national forests Even the USFS admits that this is one of. the main problems they face,Winter 2008 3,U S Forest Service drops ill conceived. restructuring,T he U S Forest Service has abandoned a massive. restructuring of its environmental planning that would have. currently coping with crippling proposed budget cuts and a. radically shifting mission without a survival guide. pulled its biologists and other specialists out of national. forests according to an agency memo released by Public The restructuring of NEPA functions was designed to. Employees for Environmental Responsibility PEER This facilitate potential outsourcing of all this work In December. retreat follows a series of recent setbacks in efforts to privatize however Congress blocked further privatization of Forest. large portions of Forest Service operations Service activities for the rest of the 2008 Fiscal Year another. factor acknowledged by Kimbell in her memo Last week the. Under the plan thousands of employees posted to forests Government Accountability Office issued a blistering report. across the country would have been reassigned and that found the Forest Service incapable of rationally carrying. consolidated into six centers Altogether more than a quarter out Bush administration dictates to offer large sectors of its. of the agency s entire workforce would have been affected The operations to private bidders. object of the plan was to streamline work performed under. the National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA the basic Lost in the search for NEPA efficiency is the steep decline in. planning law that shapes major resource decisions the quality of NEPA planning within the Forest Service which. has lost a long string of environmental lawsuits charging the. This agency wide reorganization which had been on the verge agency with failing to adequately consider the consequences of. of adoption this fall is being shelved to avoid additional or alternatives to its proposed actions. disruption and confusion according to the February 20. 2008 memo from Forest Service Chief Abigail Kimbell to top Nothing is more inefficient than losing a lawsuit that forces. agency managers The memo also states the agency to throw away months of effort and millions of. After careful consideration however we will not pursue dollars Ruch added noting that the Forest Service does. these options at this time At a later time we will revisit not hold its managers who sign off on planning documents. recommendations from the NEPA Feasibility Study accountable when their handiwork is found to violate federal. With little time left in the Bush administration it is unlikely law In the Forest Service the motto is Screw up and move. that the plan will be revisited anytime soon This is welcome up meaning that those responsible for these legal train wrecks. news for an organization that has enough problems the tend to get promoted and rarely suffer even the slightest. last thing it needs is another self imposed migraine stated reprimand n. PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch whose organization had. first revealed the agency s intentions The Forest Service is Thanks to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility for. this article, District Offices of the Chattahoochee Oconee National Forests Forest Service Contacts. Ranger Michelle Jones Deputy Ranger Scott Hill George Bain Forest Supervisor. USFS Conasauga River Clarkesville Office USDA Forest Service. Ranger District 200 Highway 197 North Chattahoochee Oconee National Forests. 3941 Highway 76 Chatsworth GA 30705 P O Box 1960 1755 Cleveland Highway. mjones fs fed us Clarkesville GA 30523 Gainesville GA 30501. 706 695 6736 shill02 fs fed us gbain fs fed us,706 754 6221 770 297 3000. Ranger Alan Polk, USFS Blueridge Ranger District Ranger Erin Bronk Tom Peterson Acting Regional Forester.
1181 Highway 515 USFS Oconee National Forest USDA Forest Service Region 8. P O Box 9 Blairsville GA 30512 1199 Madison Road 1720 Peachtree Rd Room 760 S. apolk fs fed us Eatonton GA 31024 Atlanta GA 30341. 706 745 6928 ebronk fs fed us 404 347 4177,706 485 7110. Ranger Dave Jensen Charles Conner, USFS Chattooga River Ranger District Secretary of Agriculture USDA. 809 Highway 441 South James L Whitten Bldg,Clayton GA 30525 1400 Independence Ave SW. dwjensen fs fed us Washington DC 20250,706 782 3320. 4 Georgia ForestWatch,Recreation run amok,continued from page 2 Enter the.
bikers usually bombed down from the top only has numerous. problems Making 14 crossings of Mountaintown Creek a primary. ForestWatch, trout stream biking on the trail adds to the existing silt load and. creates conflicts with fishermen On the lower end mountain bikers. Photo Contest, must trespass through private property to access a county road and. their vehicles The controversy has tempered due to the Friends of. Mountaintown s protection efforts which now include promotion. of the area as a National Scenic Area which would permit mountain. W e re going to publish a calendar day planner in, 2009 and your photo could be one of the special few. biking This of course solves none of the problems covered above chosen. Lastly the ATV problem ATVs All Terrain Vehicles or as the We re looking for a mix of nature landscape heritage. agency refers to them OHVs Off Highway Vehicles are a severe and family friendly people photos They can spotlight. problem across our forests The impacts and results of illegal any season of the year All photos must be taken on or. motorized recreation are well known to ForestWatch as the lead involve the Chattahoochee Oconee National Forests. organization dealing with the problem on public lands outside of the and its plant and animal life We are especially looking. agency Recent testimony by Jack Gregory the now retired top law for photos of ForestWatch members and local residents. enforcement officer of all national forests in Region 8 the South enjoying recreation in our beautiful forestlands. gave testimony before the House Subcommittee on National Parks. Forests and Public Lands hearing on the Impacts of Unmanaged Off The contest is being judged by Honor Woodard of. Road Vehicles on Federal Land Mr Gregory s damning indictment Lakemont Georgia artist and former picture editor for. of a growing culture of illegal motorized abuse of our public lands Outdoor Explorer Backpacker and Sports Illustrated. can be viewed at http www gafw org pdf files atv testimony magazines Photographers whose work is selected for. gregory pdf the calendar will receive appropriate recognition and. accolades not to mention wider exposure for their work. This hydra headed beast will require a well planned and well funded. For more information and instructions on how to enter. effort to get it under control Neither the plan nor the funds are. forthcoming from the present administration In fact funding please visit our website at http www gafw org contest. for law enforcement on the national forests has been continually html. reduced during the Bush era The good news in Georgia is that. local forest officials on the Chattahoochee Oconee National Please read all the contest rules before submitting any. Forests are taking a lead in closing illegal ATV routes beefing up photos The deadline for entering is June 1 2008. law enforcement and even proposing permanent closure of the. Anderson Creek OHV area a famously deteriorating legal motorized. recreation area that has utterly failed We congratulate those. responsible for this bold leadership Unfortunately it is the tip of a. much larger systemic problem, The recreational challenge of balancing citizen enjoyment and use. of our forests and the impacts both physically to the environment. and socially with other recreationists is growing The managers of. our forests cannot solve these challenges alone All of us need to. rethink our use and priorities when hiking or hunting biking and. kayaking All of us must consider not just our affects on the land. and waters but on one another Those who believe they have a. right to pursue their particular recreation need to put responsibility. first If we say we love these forests and streams then we should act. Lori Martell photo,accordingly n, Helpful hint Photos will feel more engaging is someone is.
looking directly at the camera Here a group of ForestWatchers. enjoys an outing in Warwoman Dell,Winter 2008 5,Back from the brink Kirtland s Warbler. by Lori Martell Outreach Director, W hile most birders think of spring as the time to watch. for migrating warblers for me it s fall Perhaps I m too busy. mottling on sides distinct broken white eye ring I ve seen it. multiple times low down in young trees or foraging in the wild. with matters of gardening in the springtime Something blackberry thicket in my garden I ve pored over my field guide. about fall makes me slow down and sit for hours listening trying to figure it out because I just knew it couldn t be what I. waiting and watching for my feathered friends thought it was an endangered Kirtland s Warbler For two years. I ve been trying to convince myself I didn t see a Kirtland s. And if I m patient enough they do come Sometimes it s a. gift like the time a male American redstart landed on my Then suddenly there it was A photo caught my eye in the. front porch in full view More often I have to work for it March April 2008 Audubon magazine and my heart leapt to. Last year during an excursion to Fort Mountain State Park I read a brief story about the recovery of the Kirtland s warbler. sat motionless for two hours with warblers flitting all around The number of singing males on the breeding grounds was. and was rewarded with two new additions to my life list reported at 167 in 1987 Thanks to a successful recovery plan. Blackburnian warbler and yellow throated warbler Warblers that has increased access to its desired nesting habitat last. are usually not easy birds to see They re small and very busy summer s census revealed an astonishing 1 697 singing males. They don t tend to sit in one place for long Where previously Kirtland s warblers nested only in a small. portion of Michigan a nest site has shown up in Ontario for the. There s been one mystery warbler eluding me for the past two first time since 1945 And even more exciting three nest sites. years I ve seen it well enough blue gray yellow belly black were found for the first time ever in Wisconsin. Now I m more confused than,ever After speaking with other. birders I was almost confident that,I was delusional about seeing the. Kirtland s But according to the,University of Georgia s Museum of.
Natural History the Kirtland s might,be seen in Georgia during migration. and I have found a few scattered,references to sightings in Athens and. in Union County Who knows I m,one to believe in possibilities. There are now more Kirtland s,warblers than have ever been. documented since the bird s,discovery in 1851 You can bet.
I m going to be on the look out,This spring I ll be postponing my. gardening duties long enough to,watch and wait for this elusive. James Ownby photo warbler If you see one please call. With more of them migrating between Michigan and the Bahamas you ll have a better chance of. seeing the endangered Kirtland s warbler in Georgia. 6 Georgia ForestWatch,The Southern Nantahala wilderness. by Jess Doug Riddle, T he Southern Nantahala Wilderness straddles the North. Carolina Georgia state line and includes the third and fourth. logging and the more recent Forest Service roadbeds serve as. ready made trails for illegal all terrain vehicle activity in the. highest peaks in Georgia Dicks Knob 4600 and Hightower area. Bald 4588 However broad valleys border much of the area. and lead to private ownership of much of the surrounding The forests that have re grown along the ridge in the. land especially on the Georgia side Consequently an wilderness area s western reaches consistently suggest. extensive trail network never developed in the wilderness and rich bedrock and soils Oaks dominate the forests along. visitation in Georgia is largely restricted to the Appalachian comparably large and exposed ridges in north Georgia. Trail which passes through the central and eastern portions including chestnut oak northern red oak and especially. The ridge extending west from the AT at the state line is white oak While oaks occur along the ridges tulip tree. especially isolated After forking at the top of Hightower Bald forms much more of the canopy Tulip tree also called tulip. about a mile west of the trail the ridge remains continuously poplar and yellow poplar probably gains an advantage over. over 3 600 elevation and extends another five miles west the oaks from the deep black soils that cover the ridge crest. through Georgia before finally dropping lower south of Eagle from Eagle Mountain to Sassafras Knob Those soils may also. Mountain The ridge s biotite gneiss has eroded into varied explain the presence of cucumber tree and basswood on top. topography including steep slopes hanging coves and sheltered of one of the smaller peaks and the frequency of white ash. north aspects This combines with the relatively high elevations and yellow buckeye saplings in the understory The shrub. to provide likely habitat for unusual communities but the area layer shows analogous differences from other north Georgia. remains little explored by naturalists ridges Along the ridge mountain laurel and rhododendron. which frequently form thickets elsewhere only occur near the. The area has not always been so isolated In the early 1900 s rocky summit of Sassafras Knob and on the steep slope north. logging operations from the surrounding valleys extended of Rattlesnake Knob respectively Instead the understory is. up the slopes and cleared the high productivity forests in the open but gooseberry blackberries and beaked hazelnut are. coves In the 1940s or 1950s by which time the Forest Service locally abundant Isolated individuals of other species typically. had likely purchased the area portions of north facing coves found in coves at lower elevations also take advantage of the. were again clear cut and ridge crests were selectively cut No moist soils on the ridge and reach exceptionally high elevations. additional logging has occurred in the area since 1984 when including shagbark hickory 4100 spicebush 4000 and. Congress designated the land as wilderness However old American hornbeam 4100. road beds crisscrossing the slopes bear testament to the earlier. continued on page 14,U S Senate U S House of Representatives.
Senator Saxby Chambliss Senator Johnny Isakson Representative Nathan Deal. U S Senate 416 Russell Senate Office Bldg U S Senate 120 Russell Senate Office Bldg P O Box 1015. Washington DC 20510 Washington DC 20510 Gainesville GA 30503. 202 224 3521 202 224 3643 770 535 2592 Fax 770 535 2765. Fax 202 224 0103 Fax 202 228 0724 E mail http www house gov deal contact default shtml. E mail via web form chambliss sentate gov E mail http isakson senate gov contact cfm. contact us email or Representative Paul Broun, or Field Representative Denise Clopton 560 Falls Road. Toccoa GA 30577, Regional Representative Darren Kendall c o Sen Johnny Isakson. 706 886 1008 Fax 706 886 1009,c o Sen Saxby Chambliss One Overton Park. E mail http www house gov writerep, 100 Galleria Parkway Suite 1340 3625 Cumberland Blvd Suite 970. Atlanta Georgia 30339 Atlanta Georgia 30339 Representative Jim Marshall. 770 763 9090 770 661 0999 682 Cherry St Suite 300,Fax 770 226 8633 Fax 770 661 0768 Macon GA 31201.
E mail darren kendall chambliss senate gov E mail denise clopton isakson senate gov 478 464 0255 Toll free 877 464 0255 Fax 478 464 0277. E mail http www house gov writerep,Winter 2008 7,Armuchee Ridges Redux. by David Govus Co district Leader, G eorgia ForestWatch is continuing its dialogue with the. U S Forest Service concerning its proposed timber harvests on. one time been farmed and then planted in loblolly pines and. the stream in question was intermittent and only flowed in. the Armuchee section of the Chattahoochee National Forest the wettest weather In these circumstances the Forest Service. The Armuchee includes approximately 80 000 acres of land argued that it would be permissible for heavy machinery to. apart from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Ridge and Valley enter the riparian zone to benefit riparian species When asked. section of this national forest with its highest elevations less how this activity would benefit riparian species the reply was. than the elevation of the valleys of the Blue Ridge Much of that by removing pines hardwoods the native component of. the land that the Forest Service acquired in the Armuchee was riparian areas would be favored. abandoned farmland or industrial timberland An article in the. fall newsletter described in detail the Forest Service s plans and Georgia ForestWatch is wrestling with how planted loblolly. Georgia ForestWatch s response This article can be found at plantations can be restored to a naturally functioning forest. http www gafw org newsletters 2008winter newsletter pdf The field day concluded with a visit to Taylor Ridge elevation. 1 600 feet We visited several stands of 40 acres or so of mature. Briefly the Forest Service proposes to thin some 5 500 Acres of hardwood forest that were slated to be clear cut and replanted. planted non native Loblolly Pine plantations clear cut some in longleaf pine Montane or mountain longleaf pine is a. 600 Acres of mature hardwood forest in order to restore rare rare community type and Taylor Ridge is the northern extent. montane Longleaf Pine and manipulate several hundred acres of its range One small naturally occurring community of. of Oak Pine forest in an attempt to restore and maintain longleaf pine exists on Taylor Ridge and Georgia ForestWatch. the same Nearly 24 million board feet of timber would be surveyors have visited it and found the long leafs to be mixed. harvested over 8 years making a sizable contribution to with a variety of oaks The forester and biologist for the district. the Forest Service s budget This project also contemplates had not visited this natural stand and no effort had been made. thousands of acres of prescribed fire Georgia ForestWatch to stimulate natural reproduction in this stand We questioned. has varying degrees of enthusiasm for these projects but whether clear cutting to plant longleaf would result in a. recognizes that the Forest Service has a Forest Plan that governs continued on page 9. its activities and that while we disagreed with the plan and. appealed it most of these proposed activities conform in some. degree or another with this plan, In this light Georgia ForestWatch executive director Wayne. Jenkins Sarah Francisco with the Southern Environmental. Law Center and several Georgia ForestWatch volunteers spent. two long days meeting with Forest Service personnel on the. district in early February The Forest Service was represented by. Conasauga District Ranger Michelle Jones newly appointed. Forest Supervisor George Bain and other specialists Day one. was spent in the field and Supervisor Bain agreed with our. position that several of the Oak and Oak Pine stands areas. visited did not need any work and that their inclusion in. the original proposal was a mistake A representative area of. planted loblolly Pines was visited and there was an animated Wayne Jenkins photo. discussion concerning how much and what type of activity ForestWatch staff and district leaders meet with Forest Service. should be allowed in riparian areas The area in question had at representatives in the Armuchee. 8 Georgia ForestWatch, Armuchee Ridges Redux with the new supervisor George Bain once again present. continued from page 8 We discussed areas of the proposed project that we could. agree on and methods of keeping Georgia ForestWatch. natural community The Forest Service insisted that the planted. fully informed of all the steps in the implementation of the. long leafs needed full sun and a lack of competition to thrive. project from the prescriptions written as to what species. This of course begs the question of how longleaf communities. and sizes of trees would be cut to the actual marking. ever maintained themselves naturally We suggested that several. of the trees We also argued for a monitoring plan that. nearby recovering 10 year old clear cuts be slashed down to. would document existing conditions and changes that. make way for montane longleaf planting The response was that. resulted from the implementation of this project including. these old clear cuts had a smattering of native shortleaf pine. the effects of the thousands of acres of planned fire. that had been planted and that the forest service did not want. Astoundingly the Forest Service claims great ecological. to forgo this investment, benefits from past thinning and fire in this area though as.
far as we can tell its staff can offer no concrete evidence to. As always our opinions concerning forest service activities are. back this up We discussed at length the various kinds and. informed by the knowledge that the forest service is allowed to. extent of monitoring that we felt appropriate for a project. keep some of the revenue from a timber sale As several federal. of this size and duration and reached general agreement. judges have noted this puts the forest service in a different and. With the able assistance of our legal partner Sarah. potentially compromising situation than other federal agencies. Francisco we have written a letter to the Forest Service. whose decisions do not result in a flow of funds back to the. specifying the conditions under which we could agree. agency The day ended with no meeting of the minds on clear. with the project and thus make an administrative appeal. cutting oaks to benefit longleaf, and potential litigation unnecessary We are hopeful that a. compromise will be reached n, The Georgia ForestWatch team and Sarah Francisco spent all. of the next day in a sit down meeting with the Forest Service. To join or make a donation go to www gafw org and click on Ways to Give or use this form and mail to the address below. or call our office at 706 635 8733 to use your credit card Thanks. Georgia ForestWatch Membership Form,please print,City State Zip. MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES,Please circle one Individual. Sugar Maples 25 Make checks payable to,Buckeyes 50 GEORGIA FORESTWATCH.
White Oaks 100 15 Tower Rd Ellijay GA 30540,Butternuts 250. We accept MasterCard VISA and American Express,Hemlocks Life 500 credit card info. Any Other Amount,Contributions are tax deductible,Winter 2008 9. Tis time to crank up citizen input on,Chattooga River Ranger District. by Joseph Gatins Dudley Sisk Honor Woodard Co district Leaders. I t s time for all members of Georgia ForestWatch especially. in Rabun and Habersham counties and all interested. agency s preliminary plans and will closely analyze the latest. plans as well, members of the public to help us do what we often do best.
monitor the activities of the U S Forest Service Where is the Chattooga boating decision. As this newsletter went to press the USDA Forest had again. The Chattooga River Ranger District has two proposals missed an internal deadline for releasing the long awaited. pending that merit public scrutiny and there s an even bigger environmental analysis and finally its recommendations on. one said to be heading our way from the Sumter National whether or not to recommend that boating be permitted on. Forest across the Georgia South Carolina state line the 21 miles of the Upper Chattooga River. Invasives control project Maybe the paperwork will be made public by the time. The first with a comment deadline of early April entails a this newsletter lands in the mailboxes and if so Georgia. district wide attempt to begin controlling a proliferation of ForestWatch will be alerting members and the public to this. non native invasive plants and weeds either by hand pulling important decision by e mail and news releases. by mechanical eradication or by use of various herbicides. This would cover 131 identified invasive sites totaling more Look for new postings on this topic on the Sumter National. than 650 acres including 37 wildlife openings 130 acres Forest website http www fs fed us r8 fms. and some 423 acres targeted for restoration of shortleaf pine. and oak Also take a look at a new study issued by the Forest Service. on the incidence of large woody debris and what and who. Details eventually should be posted on the Chattahoochee has been causing it on the Upper Chattooga and nearby river. National Forest website under the Forest Planning corridors which also is available at the same website. Management section and then click on Current Projects Forest Service officials had announced the new package would. NEPA documents http www fs fed us conf sopa nepa be made public on March 6 but as best can be ascertained. docs htm leading agency officials and higher ups in the administration. in Washington wanted to take a closer look at the information. Or contact Mike Brod wildlife biologist at the district s before release. office in Clayton 706 782 3320 to get your own hard. copy of the proposal and accompanying maps and an The environmental review arises from a legal challenge raised. environmental assessment of the project by the American Whitewater kayak lobby group bolstered by. one of the largest firms of lawyer lobbyists in Washington. And if you re not yet on the Forest Service mailing list which sought to overturn the boating ban on this sensitive part. this might be the time to do so Write to Ranger David of the Wild and Scenic Chattooga. W Jensen USDA Forest Service Chattooga River Ranger. District 809 Highway 441 South Clayton Georgia 30525 The Georgia ForestWatch position on the agency s study and. Ask to be placed as an interested party on both the regular eventual recommendations are clear The ban has served. mail and the e mail lists the public and the wild resources of this river corridor well. for about 33 years and absent proof otherwise it probably. Georgia ForestWatch previously has commented on this. continued on page 11, invasives proposal and pointed out several sites missed in the. 10 Georgia ForestWatch,Citizen Input, continued from page 10 Privacy Policy Update Apology. should remain in effect particularly We would like to apologize for an inadvertent e mail glitch in early March which. caused a few of you to receive an action alert from the GEAN after you sent a request. since whitewater enthusiasts have, to opt out of GEAN alerts Some malicious spam we received made our e mail. so many miles of nearby spectacular program go haywire resulting in a substantial delay in receiving new e mails We want. rapids to run and since the agency to reiterate that it is not our policy to share your information with GEAN against your. is duty bound under federal law to wishes and that since the e mail glitch has been repaired we have followed through. on all opt out requests received If any have fallen through the cracks please do let us. protect the solitude values of this know,area At the same time Georgia. ForestWatch has been deeply and For those new members who don t know what any of this means We have recently. vigorously engaged in the agency s updated our privacy policy The new policy more clearly articulates guidelines for. strategic partnerships that help all of us make a difference on behalf of Georgia s. study over the past two years and environment Right now we have one of these partnerships with the Georgia. awaits its environmental findings and Environmental Action Network GEAN. recommendations with interest, GEAN is a statewide collaborative effort by the conservation community using.
a cutting edge email alert system to mobilize action on pressing issues the big. We urge all ForestWatchers to do issues that need the power of everyone working together ForestWatch can decide. the same and to comment on the which GEAN issues to participate in so you will only get a GEAN action e mail. Forest Service proposals if and when occasionally Plus GEAN will not sell your contact info or use it for any other. the paperwork is released, Studies show that public officials pay closer attention to faxed or emailed letters from. Watershed repairs constituents whose names and addresses are included in the document than they do. The ranger district also is scoping mass emails GEAN automatically matches you to your voting districts includes your. contact info and delivers each letter to your elected officials all with one click. three small watershed restoration, projects two in Rabun County one This is a free service we provide to all Georgia ForestWatch members To receive the. in Habersham which propose occasional issue focused email from GEAN you need do nothing. If you do not wish to be included on the GEAN list please let us know by sending. Fixing a dispersed camping site an e mail with subject Opt Out GEAN to info gafw org. on the Tallulah River near Tate,City Privacy Policy. Repairing a heavily eroded We store in our database information such as your name postal and email addresses. and damaged nexus of illegal and phone numbers that you provide when you contact us or make a gift to Georgia. ATV and off road vehicle ForestWatch We use the utmost care in protecting the privacy and security of your. trails adjacent to the Stonewall information, Mountain bike trail We DO NOT store credit card information We DO NOT provide your information. Closing and rerouting of a to any merchants or other third parties conducting marketing of any products or. portion of the Moates Knob businesses,ATV trail on Chastain Branch.
We may in limited circumstances approved by the Board of Directors share your. near Batesville information with carefully selected like minded environmental organizations You may. opt out of this type of sharing by contacting us at 706 635 8733 or info gafw org. ForestWatchers in this case should, We may contract with third parties to assist us in maintaining and managing our. contact Allen Smith in the Clayton, donor database However we do NOT authorize any such third parties to make any. office for further information same other use of donor information. contact information as above The, deadline for this project also lands in If at any time you would like us to update your personal information to opt out from. receiving Georgia ForestWatch e mails or to be removed from our e mail list please. early April n contact us by email at info gafw org Be sure to include your full name address. e mail address and fully state your change of information Please allow a minimum of. two weeks for processing your request We re happy to accommodate you. Winter 2008 11,Hemlock Woolly Adelgid battle continues. by Wayne Jenkins Executive Director,T he fight to protect Georgia s hemlocks from the.
depredations of the exotic insect pest the hemlock woolly. adelgid continues with three labs in Georgia now growing and. placing three different predatory beetles in infested trees across. the Chattahoochee National Forest, The lab at Young Harris College run by Paul Arnold continues. to produce and distribute the Sasajiscymnus beetle as the. new lab at North Georgia State College and University under. the guidance of Sarah Osicka gears up to do the same The. lab at the University of Georgia is rearing two other types of. beetles Along with ongoing fine tuning and testing of rearing Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. techniques and release methods the labs in the region rearing The Scymnus lady beeetle one of the predatory beetles being raised. the Sasajiscymnus are swapping beetles in hopes of increasing the by the University of Georgia. genetic variability of their lab populations to avoid in breeding. mentions a fungal disease Verticillium lecanii of hemlock. Field releases of beetles from Young Harris should begin in. adelgids that also has promise, early March not as early as in prior years as Paul is holding. beetles at least 3 weeks after they emerge in order to ensure their. Representatives from all three labs met in Athens in late. sexual maturity The strategy is to release beetles mainly on the. February with U S Forest Service personnel and members. leading edge of the adelgid infestation in hopes of establishing. of Georgia ForestWatch Georgia Sierra Club Lumpkin. equilibrium between the beetles and the parasite This approach. Coalition Georgia Forestry Commission and other supporters. is coordinated by the U S Forest Service and Georgia Forestry. of hemlock woolly adelgid research, Commission Although most beetles in past years have gone to. forests in Towns and Union counties it is quite likely that the. One of the most important,surrounding counties will receive. topics covered at this meeting,more attention as the adelgid.
continues to spread across the Three ways to give to the was that of release strategy In. light of successes and failures, hemlocks southern range Hemlock Woolly Adelgid of beetles in other parts of. Two new species of predatory Biological Research Lab the country it was generally. thought that continuing, beetle are nearing release by 1 Go online to http www gafw org join give html a multipredator release. the USDA quarantine system and click on Make a Donation under Save approach is a good idea and. for production and biological Georgia s Hemlocks on the lower right that every effort will be made. control research Only one 2 Call our office at 706 635 TREE 8733 and make to overlap different predatory. of these a more voracious a gift for our hemlocks using your credit card beetle species especially. Laricobius species is believed 3 Mail a check to our office and please write piggybacking Sasajiscymnus. suited for Georgia s warmer HWA Lab in the memo line tsugae beetles the type. climate Greater details on the Georgia ForestWatch that NGCSU YHC are. various predator beetle species 15 Tower Road producing and Laricobius. being used and being tested for,Ellijay Georgia 30540 and Scymnus which are. future use can be found at http,being produced for release in. tncweeds ucdavis edu moredocs,Thanks for your help in this important effort.
adetsu02 pdf This report continued on page 13,12 Georgia ForestWatch. Hemlock Woolly Adelgid battle continues,continued from page 12. Georgia by UGA and Clemson These beetles complement. each other and because they are not active at the same time. of year they do not directly compete with each other thus. offering a possible one two punch against the adelgid WINE TASTING A UTHOR FIDDLER FESTIVAL. Equally as important as the science and implementation of. sound biological control research is the on going funding Join us for the annual benefit. challenge for maintaining the present lab efforts All three for Georgia ForestWatch. labs are dependent on some combination of gifts grants a celebration of nature. and government support As many ForestWatch supporters fine wine food the written word. know our funding assistance has focused on the lab at the and Appalachian folkways. University of Georgia which has been enormously assisted. by a generous 75 000 matching grant from the Turner Saturday April 26 1 00 4 30PM. Foundation To date over 53 000 of the grant has been Tiger Mountain Vineyards. matched providing 106 000 for salaries equipment Tiger Georgia. and transportation Thanks to all our partner groups and. individuals who have given so generously from the shared Music performed by talented fiddlers. desire and hope that research might discover a solution for Marie Dunkle Tiger GA Kelly Smith Salem SC. saving our hemlocks before it is too late,Food By Cindy Halbkat Locally harvested prepared. We have 22 000 yet to raise for closing out the Turner. Foundation match Every dollar you donate for the research Raffle 2 rain barrels plus Patagonia clothing. lab at the University of Georgia will be matched and 100. Books ForestWatch merchandise and award winning Tiger. of your donation goes to support that effort Won t you wine will also be for sale during the event Authors will. consider a donation today n give presentations and be on hand for book signings See. schedule at left, Wild Woolly Event Schedule For more information visit. www gafw org events html,1 00 p m Mark Fockele,Or contact Kathy.
Landscaping with limited water supplies,info gafw org or 706 635 8733. 1 30 p m Charles Seabrook RSVP advance ticket purchase is appreciated. Cumberland Island,Strong Women Wild Horses,2 00 pm Brent Martin. Poems from Snow Hill Road,2 30 p m Thomas Rain Crowe. Couch Loveseat for our office,Zoro s Field My Life in the. Appalachian Woods,Anyone about to get new furniture.
and need to find a home for your,3 20 p m Jeff Biggers. The United States of Appalachia current couch and loveseat in good. condition Please help ours are,THIS falling apart and in unspeakably bad. BE 4 15 p m Raffle winners announced shape,Winter 2008 13. The Southern Nantahala wilderness The white ash is large enough to qualify as a state champion. continued from page 7 but a larger tree has been located. Somewhat surprisingly some of the hanging coves on The white basswood is the second tallest so far recorded in the. the north side of the ridge between Eagle Mountain and state but this height measurement may not be accurate. Rattlesnake Knob appeared less moist and rich than the ridge. crest Northern red oak white oak and tulip trees occupy The previous state height record for yellow birch was 90 6. the gentle upper sections of some of the ridge s north facing. coves but the presence of yellow birch along the small streams Black cherry on the upper north facing slopes frequently reach. suggests the coves are colder than most areas in north Georgia 120 tall. Azaleas dominate the hanging coves sparse understories but a. few scattered yellowwood also occur in them The previous state height record for black locust was 121 3. and the 8 5 circumference tree also has enough points to. However where the slopes descend steeply from the ridge to qualify as a new state champion. the north mesophytic moist habitat species dominate the. forest canopy Where the coldest conditions prevail on the The tallest known cucumber magnolia in the state was 127 8. steep slopes below Sassafras Knob the forest tends towards before the 134 3 tree was found in Milksick Cove. northern hardwoods with yellow buckeye yellow birch. basswood and white ash forming the canopy over ravines The sycamore was the only individual of the species. of mountain maple On slightly lower north facing slopes encountered in the area and grows at the unusually high. especially in Milksick Cove a wider mix of species compete elevation of about 3150. for overstory space including white ash tulip tree black. cherry basswood and bitternut hickory A well developed Many other tuliptrees reach approximately 150 especially on. midstory also occurs on those slopes dominated by an unusual the western side of Milksick Cove Taller trees certainly occur. abundance of yellowwood along with some beech Moving in the area. farther down the slopes tulip tree forms nearly pure groves. 7 3 5 is the second largest circumference recorded for. The following list is a sampling of measured trees in the area yellowwood in Georgia. The list is followed by a few notes on these trees. None of the coves were explored entirely and some north. Species Cbh Height facing coves were not visited at all on this trip Hence other. Ash White 11 9 5 122 7 exceptional trees and unusual species surely occur in the area n. Basswood White 6 11 5 133 3,Birch Yellow 6 1 89 3,Birch Yellow 4 5 91 0. Cherry Black 6 6 5 126 1 Buy a ForestWatch,Dogwood Alternate leaf 1 8 29 8.
Locust Black 5 0 127 5 T shirt Today,Locust Black NA 139 8. Locust Black 8 5 141 0 100 organic cotton,Magnolia Cucumbertree NA 121 7 No sweatshop labor. Magnolia Cucumbertree 8 0 5 134 3 Eco printing process. Sycamore 4 10 126 5,Tuliptree NA 149 2 4 styles to choose from. Tuliptree 10 6 150 0 Short sleeve adult crew,Tuliptree 9 4 151 3 Short sleeve kiddie crew. Tuliptree 8 5 152 7 Cap sleeve ladies fit,Yellowwood 7 3 5 NA Long sleeve.
Yellowwood 6 6 74 4,Contact Kathy info gafw org,circumference at breast height. or 706 635 8733,14 Georgia ForestWatch,Troubles on the Oconee NF threaten. endangered species,by Wayne Jenkins Executive Director. T he managers of the Oconee National Forest are struggling. to control and contain an explosion of the native Southern Pine. In 1959 these lands became,the Oconee National Forest. Beetle across the forest Salvage and preventive timber harvests and have since been managed. affecting over 5 000 acres have been ongoing since last spring by the U S Forest Service. as over 700 bug infestation spots were identified from aerial and the Wildlife Division. observation One of the most troubling aspects of this recent of the Georgia Department. outbreak is the impact to existing nesting and foraging habitat of Natural Resources for. of the endangered Red Cockaded Woodpecker colonies on the multiple use objectives such. Hitchiti Experimental Forest in the most southern portion of as timber production hunting. the district and fishing other forms of,recreation cultural sites etc.
Problems with pine beetle invasions on monoculture pine. forests are long standing and widespread throughout the One of the more interesting. southeastern United States and forest stands with high aspects of the present challenge. potential for attack must be managed to prevent infestation to forest management is the USFWS Photo. Discussions with U S Fish and Wildlife Service scientists presence of the Red Cockaded The red cockaded woodpecker. reveal disagreement between the Fish and Wildlife agency Woodpecker the endangered is an endangered species that. and the Forest Service concerning the latter s failure to more bird species usually associated nests in the Oconee National. aggressively thin and use prescribed fire for improvement of with open mature longleaf Forest. this woodpecker habitat Now the Forest Service must enter forests of southern coastal. into consultation with Fish Wildlife to secure permits for plains and Piedmont ecosystems A few active colonies persist. what are referred to as takings or the potential loss of red on a section of the Oconee called the Hitchiti Experimental. cockaded habitat due to the effects of the beetle infestations Forest wedged between two blocks of the Piedmont Wildlife. Refuge where the U S Fish Wildlife agency manages over 38. Some background on the Oconee forests may be helpful At active clusters of red cockaded woodpecker The birds in these. a little over 115 000 acres the Oconee National Forest lies areas are presently residing in the aging loblolly pine stands a. wholly within Georgia s rolling Piedmont province equidistant species prone to beetle infestation and reaching the end of their. between Atlanta Augusta and Macon The forest is quite natural lifespan Despite past management which may have. fragmented by blocks of private holdings in mostly Greene neglected to open up the loblolly forest enough or because of. Jasper Jones and Putnam counties By the early 1800s the present drought or stand age or some combination of these. European settlers had pushed the Creek Indians out of the and other factors the woodpecker sites are now being impacted. area clearing the hardwood and pine forests and establishing by the pine beetle and the forest managers are trying something. farm based communities Agriculture prevailed for over 100 new Georgia ForestWatch recently responded to a proposal. years The land was then overworked and its exhausted and supports the experimental planting of 120 acres of longleaf. soils combined with the depression of the 1930s and the pine seedlings in openings left from the recent salvage and. depredations of the boll weevil on large scale cotton farming preventive logging operations. forced many to abandon their farms and homes In a very short. period of time under the use and abuse of our predecessors this Though many questions remain regarding the outcome of this. portion of the Georgia Piedmont was transformed from fertile approach to red cockaded habitat management especially in. forests clear streams and abundant wildlife to a barren eroding the intervening 35 years before the planted longleaf will be. landscape mature enough for nest sites we hope the agencies can work. more closely together to increase the populations of this rare. From 1930 to 1940 the Soil Conservation Service and and beautiful bird. the Civilian Conservation Corps both born out of the. progressive attitudes of the New Deal era terraced and Now what about a restoration plan for the hundreds of other. replanted thousands of acres of eroded land with loblolly pine pine beetle acres across the Oconee National Forest that might. anchoring the thin soils and beginning the building of topsoil in time lead to resilient self regenerating forests n.

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