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Force Fuel 50004 Installation Instructions
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Installing the FiTech Force Fuel Fuel Tank Return Line. Locate a suitable spot to install the Force Fuel module The return line is a critical part of the Force Fuel. It can be mounted on the core support inner fender or installation and these instructions must be followed. down on the frame if you have room Five feet of high for the safe and proper operation of the system. pressure fuel hose is supplied with this kit so the When installing the Force Fuel a fuel rated hose or. module needs to be within ve feet of the throttle body hard line must be routed from the return fitting back. Make sure you choose a position where the fuel hose to the fuel tank Many vehicles are equipped with a. can be routed without getting too close to the exhaust vent line to the tank You can use an existing line if. manifolds or any moving parts The supplied 10 micron your vehicle is so equipped as long as it is in good. lter will be installed in the fuel line that runs from the condition Otherwise you can use the Fuel Tank. Force Fuel to the EFI throttle body Plan the routing of Return Fitting to connect the return line to the fuel. the fuel hose so there is a convenient place to install tank and run a fuel rated line back to the return fitting. the lter for easy servicing You should also use this. time to replace the prefilter between the fuel tank and IMPORTANT. the transer pump mechanical pump to avoid dirt DO NOT run a return line from the Force Fuel near. particles from entering the pump and module The exhaust or other hot components Proper routing of. Force Fuel can be mounted vertically or horizontally If a return line is not an option It is a mandatory. mounted horizontally the return tting MUST be part of the installation. located in the highest position We recommend a, vertical mounting for best performance to eliminate any Installing the Fuel Tank Return Fitting. possible fuel starvation Mounting of the Force Fuel The Fuel Tank Return Fitting provides a threaded. can be done using the mounting plate to the bottom or hole in the fuel tank without having to reach inside. by removing the plate and mounting on the back side the tank Please read the instructions thoroughly and. of the module Determine your necessary hose follow every step Disregarding these instructions. lengths You will need three hose lengths One will run may result in a breach of the warranty and could. from the stock transfer fuel pump to the Force Fuel A cause serious bodily harm or death. second will run from the Force Fuel to the Go EFI Before starting this installation please be sure that. throttle body The third is the return line that runs from the fuel tank is clean and contains no fuel vapors. the Force Fuel back to the fuel tank Cut the ends of DISREGARDING THIS CAN RESULT IN SEVERE. the hose with a very sharp blade and make sure the PROPERTY DAMAGE BODILY HARM OR DEATH. end cut is square and clean To install the hose ends. simply thread fitting onto the 6AN fitting port on the Start by drilling a hole with a step drill in your fuel. Force Fuel or Go EFI throttle body slide the clamp tank that is clean of all fuel vapors The hole can be. onto the hose and push the hose onto the barb fitting drilled anywhere towards the top of the tank Avoid. until it bottoms out Tighten clamp just behind the drilling hole in line with fuel pickup Once the hole is. single barb of the fitting drilled clean any drilling debris off the tank and make. sure the hole is free of burrs Next slide the bung. Hose and Hose Ends Usage with the gasket in the hole and screw the bolt with a. We recommend the following con guration of the hose washer into the bung While holding the bung flat. ends You may nd that your particular installation may against the tank and with a 1 wrench rotate the bolt. require a di erent con guration If you need additional to cause the bung to collapse and press against the. hose or hose ends they can be ordered directly from inside of the tank When the bung is seated the. FiTech There are many di erent ways to plumb the screw gets hard to turn unscrew the bolt and. Force Fuel The following is an example of one way to washer and remove Install the 6 ORB return fitting. run the hoses The hose that goes from the Force Fuel by holding the bung with the 1 wrench and the fitting. to the fuel lter should be a straight hose end on both with a 9 16 wrench and continue with the installation. the Force Fuel and 10 micron fuel lter side The hose. that runs from the lter to the Go EFI throttle body Determining Inlet Port On The Throttle Body. should also have a straight hose end on the lter end The Force Fuel is a returnless system from the EFI. On the throttle body side apply the 45o hose fitting The system On your FiTech Go EFI throttle body there. hose that goes from the stock fuel pump to the Force are four fuel ports see gure 2 Plug the port. Fuel should be a straight hose end on the fuel pump marked Return with the plug supplied in the Go EFI. end and a 45o on the end that feeds the Force Fuel kit Select any one of the remaining three ports as. Like previously stated this is just a suggested starting your inlet port Install the supplied 6AN ttings in the. point Carefully plan your plumbing and tting port that you have selected to use and install the. requirements The Go EFI throttle body has three inlet supplied plugs in the other two ports You will have. ports so pick the one that best suits your layout Also one 6AN tting left over This tting is required. remove the supplied return tting and plug the return when using inline pt 50001 or intank pt 50015. port on the throttle body with the supplied port plug fuel pumps. See gure 2, Grounding the Force Fuel Fuel Pressure Regulator Supercharger or. Run a ground wire from the negative terminal on Turbocharger. the Force Fuel to a heavy metal grounded part of The Force Fuel has a built in fuel pressure regulator. the vehicle If your battery is close to the Force Fuel mounted to the top This regulator is not adjustable. you can attach the wire directly to the battery but is pre set to provide 58 psi of fuel pressure to the. ground cable Without a good ground the pump will EFI system The regulator also has a vacuum nipple. not run Make sure any paint is removed so the on it When used with a FiTech Go EFI System this. ground wire makes contact with bare metal nipple is recommended to be tee d into the vacuum. hose on regulator of the Go EFI system Though not, Wiring the Force Fuel required for proper operation this is recommended to. Your FiTech Go EFI system has a large orange wire prevent fuel leaks if by chance the regulator fails This. that is part of the group of wires from the ECU This is a requirement if using the Force Fuel on the engine. wire has to be connected to the positive terminal with a blow through supercharger or turbocharger. on the Force Fuel Do not connect this wire to the The Force Fuel can be used with any fuel injection. Force Fuel at this time The Force Fuel system must system Depending on the design of the unit being. be primed before this wire is connected otherwise used di erent connections need to be made to the. you risk damaging the pump Place some tape over vacuum nipple on the regulator If the throttle body in. the exposed end of the wire to avoid accidental the system you are using has the injectors under the. contact with a metal surface throttle blades you need to connect a vacuum hose to. a ported nipple on the throttle body If the injectors are. Plumbing Stock Fuel Pump to the Force Fuel above the throttle blades the nipple does not need to. Some stock mechanical pumps have a steel tube as go to vacuum However we recommend running a. the pump outlet If your pump is con gured this way vacuum hose down to the bottom of the engine. you can slip one end of the supplied 6 hose over compartment On a port injection system where the. the tube and secure it with a hose clamp Other injectors are in the manifold connect a vacuum line to. style pumps have a threaded port for the outlet If a ported nipple on the throttle body On an engine with. the port has a tting that has a barbed end where a a roots supercharger a vacuum connection should be. stock fuel hose is clamped to it you can use that made between the regulator and the throttle body if. tting If your pump has a hard line coming from the the injectors are under the throttle blades If the. outlet port of the pump remove the threaded tting injectors are above the throttle blades which includes. and replace it with a steel adapter tting with male FiTech EFI Systems then the nipple port on the. threads to t one of the supplied 6AN hose ttings regulator does not need to go to vacuum Note that. Adapter ttings are available from any tting 43 5psi 3 BAR regulators pt 60025 are available. supplier such as Russell or Aeroquip Ford Chrysler from FiTech when the Force Fuel is used with other. and pre 1970 Chevy pumps have 1 2 20 threads after market EFI systems that require this type of. Chevy s 1970 and later pumps have regulator, 5 8 18 threads If your pump has an outlet port with. 3 8 NPT or 1 2 NPT threads you will need to Fuel Pressure Gauge on Sump Tank. acquire an adapter with those threads Edelbrock The outlet gauge will show the fuel pressure being. pumps may require a special adapter tting supplied to the EFI which will be in the 58 psi range. available from Russell Performance,Priming the Force Fuel.
Plumbing the Force Fuel to the Throttle Body Reconnect the negative battery cable Do not connect. You have previously determined the lengths the Force Fuel to GO EFI systems orange wire at. required for the hose from the Force Fuel to the fuel this time This is to avoid having the engine start. lter and from the lter to the throttle body Install during the priming procedure If using a mechanical. those hoses The supplied fuel lter is light enough pump as the transfer pump then turn the ignition key. that it s weight can be supported by the fuel hose to the. However you can secure it with an Adel clamp or a ON position and crank for ten seconds Turn key to. tie wrap is desired Clamps or tie wraps are not the OFF position and wait 30 seconds Repeat this. included in this kit procedure second time to ll the sump tank If using. an electric pump as the transfer pump then turn the. 1 Be sure to install a carburetor style fuel lter ignition key to the ON position for ten seconds Turn. between the stock fuel pump and the Force key to the OFF position and wait 30 seconds This. Fuel procedure allows your stock fuel pump to pump fuel to. 2 Do not connect orange wire until Force Fuel the Force Fuel without running the pump in the Force. has been primed CAUTION LIVE WIRE Fuel, 3 Check all connections for leaks Check entire fuel system for any leaks before. attempting to start the engine,Complete Force Fuel 50004 shown. 0 100 Outlet Fuel Fuel Pressure,Pressure Gauge Electrical. Regulator Terminals,Plug all unused fuel ports Figure 2. RETURN INLET,INLET INLET, The FiTech Go EFI Throttle Body has 3 Inlet Ports and 1 Return Port.
The Return Port is plugged when using the Force Fuel. Sump Tank Component of,Force Fuel System, IMPORTANT NOTE The fuel tank on your vehicle must be vented to avoid pressure building up. inside the tank Do not attempt to install and operate an EFI system without a properly vented fuel. Insert fitting with gasket screw and washer Twist bolt to collapse and set bung. Bung installed Install ORB fitting,Finished installation. One Year Limited Warranty on,FiTech EFI Systems, FiTech extends the following limited warranty to the original purchaser of a FiTech EFI system FiTech warrants its products. against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase This applies only to the original. purchaser and the parts must remain installed on the original vehicle for which they were purchased This warranty is void if the. product was improperly installed was installed on a vehicle for which it was not designed if it was modified in any manner or. was removed from the original vehicle and reinstalled on another vehicle. This warranty shall not apply to any product installed on a racing vehicle installed im properly or contrary to FiTech s. instructions altered misused repaired damaged from an accident collision or willful or negligent act To make a claim under the. terms of this Warranty the original purchaser must return the product to FiTech along with proof of original purchase Purchaser. must call FiTech 951 340 2624 or email to Warranty fitechefi com to obtain a Returned Material Authorization RMA Proof. of purchase must clearly show the place of purchase purchase price product purchased and date of purchase. If upon inspection FiTech determines a defect in materials or workmanship FiTech will refund the returned goods shipping. expense and replace the defective part or parts with a new part or parts. FiTech s liability is expressly limited to the payment of shipping costs and replacing the defective part or. parts FiTech will have no liability for the cost of installation removal of the defective product for the cost of labor or any. additional parts required to complete the installation of the replacement product. In no event will FiTech be liable for any indirect special incidental or consequential losses or damages. including but not limited to interruption of business or loss of business or profit resulting from the use or inability to use the. product any breach of warranty or any defect in the product even if FiTech shall have been advised of the pos sibility of such. potential damages or losses Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so. the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you This warranty gives you specific legal rights You may also have other. rights which vary from state to state,California Proposition 65 warning. This product may contain one or more substances or chemicals known to the state of California. to cause cancer birth defects or other reproductive harm. FiTech Fuel Injection,12370 Doherty Street Riverside CA 92503.
Tech Phone 951 340 2624,www FiTechEFI com,50004 instructions 7 23 2019.

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