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DISCLAIMER,For personal use only, This presentation Presentation has been prepared by Australian Whisky Holdings Ltd AWH or Company You must read and accept the conditions in this notice of disclaimer Disclaimer before considering the information set out in or referred to in this Presentation If you. do not agree accept or understand the terms on which this Presentation is supplied as per this Disclaimer or if you are subject to the laws of any jurisdiction in which it would be unlawful to receive this Presentation or which requires compliance with obligations that have not been. complied with in respect of it you must immediately return or destroy this Presentation and any other confidential information supplied to you by AWH Upon receiving this document you acknowledge and agree to the conditions in this Disclaimer and agree that you irrevocably. release AWH from any claims you may have presently or in the future in connection with the provision or content of this Presentation. This Presentation is not a prospectus product disclosure statement or other offering document under Australian law and will not be and is not required to be lodged with Australian Securities Investments Commission or any other law This Presentation is for information. purposes only and is not and nothing in it should be construed as an invitation offer solicitation or recommendation with respect to the subscription for purchase or sale of any security in any jurisdiction Neither this document nor anything in it shall form the basis of any contract. or commitment,Summary Information, This Presentation contains summary information about AWH its subsidiaries and their activities which is current as at the date of this Presentation. This presentation contains information as to past performance of the Company Such information is given for illustrative purposes only and is not and should not be relied upon as an indication of future performance of the Company The historical information in this presentation. is or is based upon information contained in previous announcements made by the Company to the market. The information in this Presentation is of a general nature and does not purport to be complete nor does it contain all the information which a prospective investor may require in evaluating a possible investment in AWH or that would be required in a prospectus or product disclosure. statement prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 Cth While AWH has taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of the material in the presentation neither the Company nor its advisers have verified the accuracy or completeness of the. information or any statements and opinion contained in this Presentation. Not Investment Advice, This Presentation does not constitute investment or financial product advice nor tax accounting or legal advice or any recommendation to acquire shares of AWH. Each recipient of this Presentation should make its own enquiries and investigations regarding all information in this Presentation including but not limited to the assumptions uncertainties and contingencies which may affect future operations of AWH and the impact that different. future outcomes may have on AWH, This Presentation has been prepared without taking account of any person s individual investment objectives financial situation or particular needs Before making an investment decision prospective investors should consider the appropriateness of the information having regard to. their own investment objectives financial situation and needs and seek legal accounting and taxation advice appropriate to their jurisdiction AWH is not licensed to provide financial product advice in respect of AWH shares. Cooling off rights do not apply to the acquisition of AWH shares. Investment Risk, An investment in AWH shares is subject to known and unknown risks some of which are beyond the control of AWH AWH does not guarantee any particular rate of return or the performance of AWH nor does it guarantee any particular tax treatment.
Financial Data, All dollar values in this Presentation are in Australian dollars A or AUD unless otherwise stated The Presentation contains certain financial information and such information provided in this Presentation is for illustrative purposes only and is not represented as being indicative of. AWH s views on its future financial condition and or performance. Forward Looking Statements, This Presentation may contain forward looking statements The Australian words anticipate believe expect project forecast estimate likely intend should could may target plan and other similar expressions are intended to identify forward looking statements. Indications of and guidance on future earnings and financial position and performance are also forward looking statements Forward looking statements are subject to risk factors associated with the Company s business many of which are beyond the control of the Company It is. believed that the expectations reflected in these statements are reasonable but they may be affected by a variety of variables and changes in underlying assumptions which could cause actual results or trends to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements. There can be no assurance that actual outcomes will not differ materially from these statements You should not place undue reliance on forward looking statements and neither AWH nor any of its directors employees advisers or agents assume any obligation to update such. information Indications of and guidance or outlook on future earnings or financial position or performance are also forward looking statements. Exclusion of Liability, None of AWH s respective advisers or any of their respective affiliates related bodies corporate directors officers partners employees and agents have authorised permitted or caused the issue submission dispatch or provision of this Presentation and except to the extent referred. to in this Presentation none of them makes or purports to make any statement in this Presentation and there is no statement in this Presentation which is based on any statement by any of them. To the maximum extent permitted by law AWH and its respective advisers affiliates related bodies corporate directors officers partners employees and agents exclude and disclaim all liability including without limitation for negligence or for any expenses losses damages or costs. incurred by you as a result of your participation in an investment in AWH and the information in this Presentation being inaccurate or incomplete in any way for any reason whether by negligence or otherwise. To the maximum extent permitted by law AWH and its respective advisers affiliates related bodies corporate directors officers partners employees and agents make no representation or warranty express or implied as to the currency accuracy reliability or completeness of. information in this Presentation, Statements made in this Presentation are made only as the date of this Presentation The information in this Presentation remains subject to change without notice. OUR VISION BACKGROUND,For personal use only, At Australian Whisky Holdings our vision is to commercialise the.
Tasmanian artisan single malt whisky industry to capitalise on the. rapidly growing worldwide demand for premium single malt. Australian Whisky production started in 1992 by Bill Lark in. Hobart Bill was inducted into the whisky magazines hall of fame in. March 2015 for services to Australian whisky, Bill Lark helped establish a number of distilleries in Tasmania. which remains the heart of the Australian whisky industry. Tasmanian based Lark won the World Whisky Awards London. 2009 followed by a number of subsequent wins for Tasmanian. whisky at whisky competitions around the world it became clear. that Tasmania is a serious player in the world whisky market. AWH ADDING VALUE INVESTMENT,CAPEX TO SCALE PRODUCTION. For personal use only,Award Winning,Single Malt Whisky MANAGEMENT. MANAGE BUSINESS CASHFLOW,CONSISTENT PRODUCTION,TYPICAL DISTILLERY OPERATIONS MARKETING. Poor cash flow DIGITAL TRADITIONAL MARKETING Global Market. No capital to scale,Variable output SALES,Limited sales marketing E COMMERCE PLATFORMS.
Limited management,Limited access to global markets. DISTRIBUTION,GEO HUBS PREMIUM PARTNERS,WHERE IS AWH. For personal use only,Location Bothwell Location Kempton. AWH Sydney Head Office,AWH interests Location Cambridge. Nant Distillery,Redlands Distillery,Overeem Distillery.
Lark Distillery,Location Sydney Hobart,AWH Sydney Head Office Location Hobart. AWH ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR,For personal use only,Feb 2014 Acquired 32 of Lark Distillery. Expanded whisky production, Advise on financial management and put in place financial controls and costing systems. Secretarial services, Re launched the Lark Gin with a new name Forty Spotted. Provided funding to meet the majority of Lark and Overeem expansion plans. Moved Lark into a position of generating profits from operations. Mar 2016 Acquired 12 Redlands Distillery the only paddock to bottle single malt whisky distiller in Australia. Apr 2016 Commenced implementation of the strategy to established independent bottling operation through the. purchase of 32 barrels of new make from Archie Rose Distilling Co. Aug 2016 Increased holdings in Lark Distillery from 32 8 to 48 1. Feb 2017 AWH Acquired the Nant Estate, Jul 2017 Acquired brand and distillery assets of Nant.
AWH GROUP STRUCTURE,For personal use only,AWH Asia and China distribution hubs. Australian Whisky Holdings Ltd facilitated via 100 owned subsidiaries. ASX Code AWY,100 48 12 12 100 100, Nant Business Assets Lark Distillery Pty Ltd Redlands Estate Distiller Pty Ltd Barrel Management Buyback Montec International HK Ltd. Beijing Montec Commercial Ltd,Overeem Whisky Pty Ltd. Nant held via 100 owned subsidiary AWH Bothwell Pty Ltd. Barrel management held via 100 owned subsidiary AWH Management Pty Ltd. For personal use only,OUR WHISKY BRANDS,NANT ESTATE AWARDS. Between 2013 and 2016 Nant has received more than 10 Gold and Silver awards for its whisky varieties. For personal use only, from the World Spirit Awards China Wine and Spirit Awards.
Port Cask 43 Pinot Noir Cask 63, Silver 2016 China Wine and Spirit Best Double Gold 2016 China Wine Spirit Best. Value Awards Value Awards,Silver 2015 World Spirit Awards Port Cask 63. Silver 2013 China Wine and Spirit Awards 94 Points Liquid Gold Jim Murray s Whisky. 92 5 Points Jim Murray s Whisky Bible Bible,Silver 2013 China Wine Spirit Awards. Sherry Cask 43, Gold 2016 China Wine and Spirits Best Sherry Cask 63. Value Awards Double Gold 2016 China Wine Spirit Best. Gold 2015 World Spirit Awards Value Awards,Gold 2013 China Wine Spirit Awards.
Bourbon Cask 43 86 5 Points Jim Murray s Whisky Bible. Double Gold 2016 China Wine and Spirit,Best Value Awards Pinot Noir Cask 43. Gold 2016 China Wine and Spirit Awards,Bourbon Cask 63 Silver 2015 World Spirit Awards. 95 5 Points Jim Murray s Whisky Bible,LARK OVEREEM REDLANDS DISTILLERY AWARDS. For personal use only, Overeem Distillery Lark Distillery Redlands Distillery. 2017 World Whisky Awards 2014 Best Australian Distiller. Category Single Malt Gold Medal,2017 Australian Distilled Spirits.
Small Cask Aged Sherry Cask Cask 412,Port Cask Matured 43 OHD 099 Awards. 2014 National Champion Whisky Trophy, 2017 World Whisky Awards Royal Melbourne Fine Spirits Foods Awards Redlands Distillery Cask. Category Single Malt Gold Medal Small Cask Aged Sherry Cask Cask 412 Lark Strength Single Malt Whisky. Limited Release OHD 100 Red Wine Cask 43 2014 Winners of the Telstra Tasmanian Bronze Medal. Small Business Award 2017 Southern Stars of Tourism. Lark Distillery 2011 International Whisky Competition Chicago Awarded the Nova New. 2017 World Whisky Awards Whisky of the Year Gold Medal Business Award. Category Single Malt Silver Medal Lark Small Port Cask Aged Cask Strength 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits. Limited Release LD670 Bourbon Cask Heavily 2010 International Whisky Competition Chicago Awards. Peated Cask Strength Silver Medal Single Barrel or Cask Whisky. 2016 World Whisky Awards 43 Single Cask Release Single Malt Silver Medal. Category Best Australian Single Cask Single Malt Single Malt No Age Bronze Medal. Gold Medal,Redlands Single Malt Whisky,43 Single Cask Release Single Malt. Port Cask Heavily Peated Islands Silver Medal, 2016 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 43 Single Cask Release Single Malt. Single Malt Whisky Bronze Medal Young Whisky Silver Medal. Cask Strength 58 ABV 43 Single Cask Release Single Malt Whisky. 2015 Jim Murray s Whisky Bible 2009 World Whisky Awards London 2009. 94 points Liquid Gold status Best other Single Malt Whisky 2009 LD100. Single Malt Cask Strength,SINGLE MALT WHISKY,For personal use only.
The single malt whisky market is booming right now Strong growth is forecast to continue. What is single malt whisky, Single malt whisky is whisky produced from only water and malted barley at a single distillery by batch distillation in pot stills. What makes our Tasmanian single malt whisky so special. Tasmanian grown brewing barley is a key ingredient that brings a richness of malt and flavour to our whisky married with the. Tasmanian climate pristine waters and high altitudes these factors create award winning whiskies in the style of Scottish. TASMANIAN WHISKY TAKING THE WORLD,For personal use only. BOOMING GLOBAL SINGLE MALT WHISKY MARKET,For personal use only. 2016 Single Malt Scotch Whisky Exported from Scotland. Exports surpassed GBP1 billion AUD 1 68B for the first time in history. Volume up by 10, Revenue up by 11 8 indicating continued premiumisation. 26 of the total Scotch whisky export market compared with blended and. Scotch Whisky Exports 2016 Analysis 28 Apr 2017,INTERNATIONAL MARKET SIZE.
Total Australian FY18 estimated production is tiny compared to AWH FY18 production is expected to. For personal use only, estimated FY18 global market consumption be only 4 of total estimated. Market is projected to grow by 25 between 2014 and 20201 Australian Whisky consumption. Opportunity for Australia to grow with market,Total Global Whisky Total Australian. consumption in consumption in,FY18 is estimated to 2018 is estimated. be approximately to be only 1 7,90 2 million litres million litres. Global Whisky Consumption litres Australian Whisky Consumption litres Australian Whisky Consumption litres AWH estimated production. Source 1 Deloittes Agribusiness Scottish Whisky Association Deloittes industry report Source Scotch Whisky Magazine Becky Paskin April 2016. Notes FY14 FY20 global market forecast to grow by 25 5 Australian market forecast to grow by 55 4 FY18 estimation has been extrapolated in a linear method using total growth 14. WHISKY MAKING PROCESS,For personal use only, Preparing the grain Mashing Fermentation Distilling.

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