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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Introduction 2,1 Youth Specific Rules 3. 2 Points of Emphasis 4,3 Timing and Quarter Length 5. 4 Different Rules Different Levels 7,5 Penalties 7. THANK YOU ESPN, USA Football sincerely appreciates ESPN for their support. of the Football Development Model Pilot Program, INTRODUCTION.
Tackle football is a sport enjoyed by millions of young athletes across. the United States , This USA Football Rules Guide is designed to take existing commonly. used rule books by the National Federation of State High School. Associations NFHS and the NCAA and adapt them to the youth game . In most states the NFHS rule book serves as the foundational rules. system for the youth game Some states however use the NCAA rule. book for high school football and youth leagues , 2. 2 YOUTH SPECIFIC RULES, USA Football recommends the following rules be adopted by youth football leagues replacing the. current rules within the NFHS and NCAA books Feel free to print this chart and provide it to your. officials to take to the game field , NFHS RULE NFHS PENALTY YARDAGE USA FOOTBALL RULE EXPLANATION. 9 4 5 Roughing Running Into the Roughing 15 Running Into 5 All contact fouls on the kicker holder. Kicker Holder result in a 15 yard penalty there is. no 5 yard option for running into the, kicker or holder .
9 4 3 h Grasping the Face Mask Grasping pulling twisting turning 15 All facemask fouls result in a 15 yard. incidental grasping 5 penalty there is no 5 yard option for. grasping but not twisting or pulling the, facemask . 9 3 2 a Illegal Blocking Below the This is legal in the free blocking zone All blocking below the waist block . Waist ing in the back and clipping is illegal , There is no free blocking zone The. penalty for clipping and blocking below, the waist is 15 yards The penalty for. blocking in the back is 10 yards , No Rule Restriction on Lining Up Over At the junior levels of play each league. the Snapper to determine its own junior level a, defensive player lined up over the.
snapper must be positioned 4 yards off, his line of scrimmage Failure to do so. results in the ball remaining dead and, a warning issued to that team Second. and subsequent violations result in a, 15 yard penalty . 7 5 Penalty Illegal Forward Pass and 5 yards plus loss of down The penalties for illegal forward pass. Illegal Touching and illegal touching by ineligible. receivers are 5 yards only no loss of, down , 8 3 3 Try for Points Kick 1 point run pass 2 points On trys 2 points are awarded for a kick. and 1 point for a run or pass , 7 2 5 b 7 5 6 a Numbering At the snap at least five Team A Uniform numbering rules regarding.
Requirements players on their line of scrimmage eligible receivers and linemen are. must be numbered 50 79 Eligible eliminated , receivers must be numbered 1 49. or 80 99, 3, 3 POINTS OF EMPHASIS, The National Federation of State High School Associations and the NCAA annually publish a list of. rules that will serve as points of emphasis that season for their game officials These can be new. rules targeting for example that the organizations want officials to specifically look for or they. can be more established rules that officials have over the years tended to not enforce to the. detriment of the game , Youth leagues should do the same Focusing first on safety issues leagues should also consider. emphasizing rules specific to game play or coaching habits that officials need to address . 4 TIMING AND QUARTER LENGTH, The length of quarters varies between youth high school college and the NFL . M, ost youth leagues use eight minute quarters though it s up to each league to establish.
game timing based on how often a field needs to be used on a given day Some youth. leagues have moved to a running clock with 12 minute quarters or 20 minute halves to. better define how long a game will take , The NFHS rule book allows for 12 minute quarters at the high school level . The NFL and NCAA rule books set quarter lengths at 15 minutes . Play Clocks, In the NFL and NCAA teams have either 40 seconds from the end of the previous play or 25. seconds from the official s ready for play whistle to snap the ball . While some states have instituted the 40 second play clock at the high school level most youth. leagues continue to use only the 25 second clock , U. SA Football recommendation Leagues should allow for 30 or 35 second play clocks at. younger levels The goal is to help younger athletes get as many plays in as they can and. not disrupt the flow with constant stoppages ,Clock Stoppages. At all levels of football the clock stops for the following reasons . 4, Timeouts, At the end of each quarter, On an incomplete pass.
When a ball carrier runs out of bounds, On a penalty. When a player is injured, When a team scores, When the ball changes possession. When officials measure for a first down, Within the NFHS and NCAA rule books the clock also stops to move the chains for a first down . For youth high school and college football the clock will restart on an official s ready to play whistle after . The chains are reset following a first down , An injured player is removed from the field . The ball is set after a change of possession , Penalty yardage is marked off .
Under NFHS rules with less than two minutes to play in the second and fourth quarters . the offended team has the option whether to keep the clock stopped or restart the clock. following a penalty For example for defensive offsides the offense can restart the clock. on ready for play if it is trying to run time off the clock or start the clock on the snap if it is. attempting to score , In the NFL and NCAA unless there is less than two minutes in the first half or five minutes left in the game . the clock will restart following a runner going out of bounds This does not happen at any time within the. NFHS rule book ,Different on Sundays, The NFL does not stop the clock for a first down unless the runner or ball goes out of bounds . T he NFL stops the clock for a 2 minute warning at the end of each half This does not exist on the. high school or college levels , The NFL will not restart the clock for some penalties until the next snap . 5, 5 DIFFERENT RULES DIFFERENT LEVELS, Other rules also vary slightly between NFHS NCAA and NFL These differences within fouls and. penalty enforcement are outlined below but here are some of the most common non penalty. contrasts that exists between levels , Touchbacks on Kicks.
NFHS Once the ball breaks the plane of the goal line the play is blown dead and a. touchback is called Defensive players can stand in the end zone and bat a ball back as. long as the ball does not cross that plane , NCAA and NFL The play is blown dead once a ball lands in the end zone or a defensive. player who has stepped into the end zone touches the ball . Neutral Zone Infractions, NFHS The play is dead and a foul is called as soon as a player enters the neutral zone . There is no getting back before the snap , NCAA and NFL Players have the opportunity to return to their side of the neutral. zone unless contact is made with an opponent or a game official deems the player s. penetration into the other side too deep and stops play for safety reasons . Missed Field Goals, NFHS Think of field goal attempts under NFHS rules the same way you do a punt The. ball remains live for the return team until it reaches the end zone rolls out of bounds. or is downed by the kicking team A touchback returns the ball to the 20 yard line A kick. that stops short of the end zone and is downed is spotted there . NCAA and NFL Missed field goals can be returned by the defense as long as they stay in. bounds Missed kicks that go out of bounds or roll dead come back to the point of the. kick and possession changes , Extra Points, NFHS The defense can never score on an extra point try Once the kick is away or the.
6, defense gains possession of the ball the play is over . NCAA At the college level if the point after try is blocked on or behind the line of. scrimmage and continues into the end zone where it touches the ground before being. touched by another player the ball becomes dead and the try down is over If the kick is. blocked and recovered before reaching the end zone then the defense can pick it up and. return it for a possible two points , NFL Since 2015 the defense can score two points on an extra point try by blocking a kick or. causing a turnover and returning it to the opposite end zone . Automatic First Down, NFHS The only fouls in the NFHS rule book that result in an automatic first down are . Roughing the passer, Roughing the kicker holder or snapper and only if a team is in a scrimmage kick. formation at the snap , Loss of Down, NFHS The only fouls in the NFHS rule book that result in in a loss of down are .
Illegal forward pass grounding , Illegal forward handoff. Illegal touching of a forward pass, Legal Catch, NFHS and NCAA One foot must be established inbounds for legal possession of the ball . NFL Two feet established inbounds are required , See the section on the next page for more details on some of these items . 7, 6 PENALTIES, The enforcement of penalties is a core role for youth football game officials It is important . though that officials on the younger levels work with players and coaches to understand the rules. as well , A quick word in the huddle between plays and an open dialog with coaches on the sideline often.
do a lot more to correct a player s action than simply throwing a flag Officials are a vital part of. the teaching process and must work together with coaches to help young athletes improve . The following list outlines the most common penalties that occur in youth football games The. basic definitions refer to rules as outlined in the NFHS rule book with NCAA differences defined. within the bullet points For the full lists consult the NFHS or NCAA rule books whichever your. state uses as its rules foundation ,Offensive Penalties. Delay of Game Upon the ready for play whistle the offense has 25 seconds to snap the ball and. begin the next play Also any deliberate action by a player to delay the spotting of the ball to. begin the next play , Enforcement Dead ball penalty Five yards . NCAA and NFL Rule A play that ends naturally without a penalty change of possession . injury or other stoppage of play initiates a 40 second play clock immediately upon the. dead ball whistle , USA Football Suggestion Youth teams often require additional time to call the play and. get set at the line of scrimmage Leagues should consider expanding the 25 second play. clock to 30 or even 35 for younger levels , Illegal Substitution During the same dead ball interval no player can withdraw and re enter as a. substitute unless a penalty is accepted a dead ball foul occurs there is a charged time out or the. period ends Also if the offense breaks the huddle with more than 11 players . Enforcement Dead ball penalty Five yards , USA Football Suggestion For younger levels let the offense re huddle to allow the extra.
player to get to the sideline , 8, Blocking Below the Waist Any block below the waist outside of the free blocking zone exception which. allows players positioned within the tackle to tackle box at the snap to block an opponent below the. waist This rule applies to both offensive players and defensive players who cannot engage a non ball . carrying offensive player below the waist exception for an offensive player carrying out a fake . Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards , NCAA Rule Offensive players can cut defenders only if the blocker approaches from the front . The general rule of 10 o clock to 2 o clock is legal for non linemen who are outside the tackle . to tackle box at the snap , Different on Sundays NFL players have a much freer range to block below the waist both. downfield and by non linemen Cut blocks are only illegal on kicking plays . USA Football Suggestion For the youth game all blocking below the waist should be illegal . Chop Block A block below the waist on an opponent who is already engaged with another blocker . Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards , USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on. every occurrence Officials are well served to explain this penalty to players and coaches when. it happens , Clipping Blocking or falling into the back of an opponent from the waist down .
Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards , USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on every. occurrence , Equipment Violation Failure to wear required equipment or wearing non approved equipment during. a down , Enforcement Five yards if dead ball foul at the snap 15 yards if live ball foul during the play . NCAA Rule This is a 15 yard penalty if flagged during a play under NCAA rules If caught before. the snap there is no foul but the player must be removed from the game . USA Football Suggestion At younger ages allow players to reset mouth pieces buckle chin. straps etc by holding up the snap , 9, Illegal Formation Failure to have at least seven players on the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap . Enforcement Live ball foul Five yards , NCAA Rule The NCAA rulebook does not require seven on the line of scrimmage The.
requirement is no more than four players in the backfield . U, SA Football Suggestion Officials should work with receivers and offensive linemen to correctly. line up prior to the snap Receivers can check with officials whether they are on or off the line . Illegal Shift Failure of all 11 offensive players to be stationary simultaneously for at least one second. prior to the snap a player going in motion or a legal shift Also two players in motion at the same time. during the snap , Enforcement Live ball foul Five yards . Illegal Helmet Contact Any butt block face tackle spear or other intentional use of the helmet to butt. or ram an opponent Any contact by the crown of the helmet to a defenseless player Any contact to a. defenseless player s head or neck area , Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards . NCAA Rule The NCAA also carries potential targeting for illegal helmet contact on a. defenseless player that can lead to an ejection No such automatic rule is in place within NFHS. guidelines , USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on every. occurrence Youth leagues should consider extending this rule to include any contact by the. crown of the helmet including on tackles and blocks . Illegal Forward Pass Any forward pass with either foot beyond the neutral zone or a second forward pass. within a down , Enforcement Live ball foul Five yards Loss of down .
NCAA Rule At the NCAA level both feet and the ball must be beyond the neutral zone to incur. this foul , 10, Ineligible Receiver Downfield Any ineligible receiver beyond the expanded neutral zone typically three. yards beyond the line before the last legal pass is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage to beyond. the line of scrimmage , Enforcement Live ball foul Five yards . U, SA Football s Suggestion The most common confusion around this call comes on screen. passes If the pass touched or caught behind the line of scrimmage ineligible receivers can be as. far downfield as they want , Intentional Grounding Any forward pass thrown into an area where there are no eligible receivers . except for a legal spike following a snap under center . Enforcement Live ball foul Five yards from spot of foul Loss of down There is no outside the. pocket exception for leagues using NFHS rules , NCAA Rule This is a spot foul and loss of down under NCAA rules No additional yardage .
D, ifferent on Sundays Like the NCAA a passer outside the pocket can throw the ball out of. bounds anywhere past the line of scrimmage and not be penalized . False Start Any shift motion or movement that simulates action at a snap . Enforcement Dead ball foul Five yards , USA Football Suggestion At younger levels players will naturally fidget or sway because of. undeveloped core strength Be lenient with this rule unless it causes an unfair advantage . Defensive Penalties, Horse Collar Tackle Grasping a ball carrier by the back collar or inside the shoulder pads then pulling. the ball carrier back and toward the ground , Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards . USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on. every occurrence , Illegal Kick Popup kicks in which a kicker drives the ball into the ground in an attempt to make it go up in.
the air and not come down until the coverage team can converge on the landing spot . Enforcement Dead ball foul 15 yards , 11, U, SA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on every. occurrence , NCAA Rule This is a legal kickoff within the NCAA rulebook with some limitations. Same on Sundays The NFHS and NFL both outlaw these types of onside kicks . Offside Any player entering the neutral zone once the ball is ready for play and before the snap . Enforcement Dead ball foul Five yards , Different than Sundays There is no getting back before the snap Once a defensive player. enters the neutral zone the play is blown dead , USA Football Suggestion Officials should help players who line up offside to move back prior to. the snap , Roughing the Passer A continued effort to knock or tackle a passer after the ball has been thrown .
Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards Automatic first down . USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on. every occurrence , Roughing the Kicker Holder Any contact with potential harm on the kicker or holder after a placed kick. is away Nullified by a defender making contact with a kicked ball behind the line of scrimmage or being. blocked into a player , Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards Automatic first down . U, SA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on. every occurrence , Roughing the Snapper Any contact on the snapper during the execution of a PAT field goal or punt before. the player is allowed the opportunity to regain his or her balance . Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards Automatic first down . USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on every. occurrence At the youngest levels leagues should consider extending this rule to all snaps so. centers and quarterbacks have the best opportunity for a clean exchange . 12, All Player Fouls, Blindside Block Any block against an opponent other than the runner who does not see the blocker.
approaching unless it is initiated with open hands . Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards , NCAA Rule A blindside block in the NCAA is legal unless it is targeting . Different on Sundays The NFL enforcement is narrower in that a player must deliver the block. with the helmet forearm or shoulder to the head or neck area of a defender This rule also. encompasses hits on defenseless receivers , U, SA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on every. occurrence Even if your league follows the NCAA book all blindside blocks should be illegal at. the youth level The key is leading with the head shoulder or forearm against an opponent who is. not aware the hit is coming The same contact that leads with open hands would be legal as long. as it is not in the back or to the head neck , Facemask Grasping an opponent s face mask or any edge of a helmet s opening . Enforcement Live ball foul Either five yards incidental or 15 yards excessive . NCAA Rule There is only a 15 yard facemask penalty under NCAA rules What would be a five yard. penalty under the NFHS rules is no longer a foul . Different on Sundays The NFL enforcement carries an automatic first down . USA Football Suggestion Make all youth football facemask penalties 15 yards to stress a. prohibition on contact to an opponent s head , Holding Using the hands arms or legs to hook grasp restrain or otherwise impede an opponent . Grabbing an opponent is not enough There must also be an element of control . Enforcement Live ball foul 10 yards , Different on Sundays The NFL marks most offensive holding penalties from the line of.
scrimmage By NFHS rules the 10 yards are marked from the spot of the foul For defensive. holding the NFL awards an automatic first down The NFHS does not . USA Football Suggestion A quick word with a player or coach about a hold that does not impact. a play is more efficient than calling the foul If it s at the point of attack though throw the flag . 13, Pass Interference Any player interfering with an opponent to move forward catch or bat a legal forward. pass beyond the neutral zone , Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards . NCAA Rule Spot foul if less than 15 yards downfield Automatic first down . Different on Sundays The NFHS rule for defensive pass interference is not a spot foul and does. not carry an automatic first down Also under NFHS rules catchability is not a factor in this foul . A pass can be considered completely uncatchable and a foul may still be called . NOTE Face guarding the act of obstructing a receiver s view while not turning to look for the ball. is no longer illegal on any level , Targeting No player shall target and make forcible contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless. opponent with the helmet forearm hand fist elbow or shoulder . Enforcement Live ball foul 15 yards , NFHS Rule There is no automatic ejection within the NFHS rule book for this foul though officials. can remove a player from the game if the foul is considered egregious . NCAA Rule The NCAA rule expands the rule to include contact with the crown of the helmet to any. part of a defenseless player s body Ejection is automatic if targeting is upheld on replay . Different on Sundays The NFL rule expands this penalty to all areas on the field not simply a. defenseless player i e quarterback in throwing motion receiver in the act of making a catch . USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on every. occurrence whether as a targeting foul or unnecessary roughness Teach players to engage. defenseless players properly , Unnecessary Roughness Any contact by a player or coach that is deemed excessive or unnecessary .
Enforcement Live ball or dead ball foul 15 yards . NCAA Rule This foul carries an automatic first down under NFHS rules . Different on Sundays This penalty does not include an automatic first down under NFHS rules . Also there is no automatic ejection for a second offense . USA Football Suggestion This is considered a dangerous play and should be enforced on every.

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