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Flying Buffalo Inc PO Box 1467 Scottsdale AZ 85252. The traps in this booklet are designed for game purposes only. Actual construction of these traps might prove harmful and. such construction is strongly discouraged,Copyright 1982 Flying Buffalo Inc. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording or computerization or by. any information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the. publisher BLADE a division of Flying Buffalo Inc P O Box 1467 Scottsdale AZ 85252. Table of Contents,Dead ication page iii Chute The Loop 35. A Word from Grimtooth page v Amazing Ginsu Chute 35. Dead End 36,Chapter 1 Room Traps page 1,Beware of Low Ceiling 2 Emergency Exit 36. The Teeter Totter Room 3 A Chuting Gallery 36,One Way or Another 3 Chapter 3 Door Traps page 37. Toe Tickler 4 Double Trap 38,Fire and Ice 5 Sandman Doorman 38.
Door Lover s Room 5 Spring Cleaver 39,See Saw Room 6 ShriekerShrinker 40. You Rang 6 The Catastrophic Keyhole 40,Dinner Gong 7 Two x Four Headache 41. The Hall of the Memorial Carpet 7 What You Don t Know Will Hurt You 42. The Safe Cracker s Nemesis 8 Backstabber 42,Trolls Bridge work 9. Cretin in the Circular Citadel 9 Chapter 4 Items page 43. Death of 1000 Slices 10 They Cried With Their Boots On 44. Roulette Room 10 Magnetic Armbands 44,The Ceiling Trap 11 Sli me Gauntlet 45. Burial at Sea 11 Glue Gems 45,Fruits of Misfortune 12 Smokey Torch 45.
Let Me At Em 13 Scold s Bridle 45,Lodes of Fun 13 For Someone Special 46. The Better Mousetrap 13 Gallium Grapple 46,Kiss of Death 14 ExcaliberReprise 46. Another Brick Through the Wall 15 Swiss Army Sword 47. Sink or Swim 15 Funny Money Trap 48,Archimedes Revenge 17 The Heavy CoinsTrap 48. ShockTreatmn 18 The Don t Sweat If Polearm 48,Matchless Shield 49. Chapter 2 Corridor Traps page 19 The End of Your Rope 49. Shower of Gold 20,Acid Rain 20 Chapter5 Things page 51.
Wet Pit 20 Epoxy Trap 52,Whipped Cream Trap 21 Napalm Rocks 52. Moebius Hallway 21 Genius Gold 52, Now You See It Now You reDead 21 SpiderwebFuse Trap 53. Suspension Ladder 22 Miss Moffat Engine of Destruction 54. Step This Way Please 22 Black Widow Pinata 54,Fore 23 Hellevator 55. Beware Flash Flood 24 The Trojan Dragon 55,We All Fall Down 24 Crossed Swords 55. Beer Barrel Stairwell 25 Water That Glimmers Shimmers and Kills 56. Hit Im Where He Ain t 25 Paranoid Frustrator 56,I ll Take A Stab At That 26 The Eyes Have It 57.
Oil s Well That Ends Well 26 Firemen s Pole 57,Russian Roulette Stairway 27 Tumble Toidee 58. Spring Slab 28 Fibber McGee s Closet of Caltrops 58. Bee Hive Trap 28 The First Sign of Danger 58,The Double Scythe 29 Leaping Wizards 59. The Pendulum 29 The Accordion Throne 59,Pyromaniac s Comet 29 The Blotomoto Trap 60. There And Back Again 30 Rigged Mummy 60,The Mangler 31. Rocky Point 31 The101stTrap page 61,Only Time Will Tile 32.
The 102nd Trap begins page 1,Meet The Pit 32,I n Case Of Fire 33 List of Contributors page 63. Too Many Tentacles 34 Credits page 64,DEAD ICATION. To those who have passed through these traps,before And to those who followed behind to. pick up the pieces,Aman named the Marquis de Sade,Had habits exceedingly odd. When Grimtooth he met,He broke out in a sweat,For the troll was much crueler by God.
The Magic Rat,A Word From Grimtooth, This volume really speaks for itself Each trap is fully explained without going into. the specifics of game mechanics and should be easy to understand Each trap also has. a Deadliness Rating defined in skulls located near it the more skulls you see the. more deadly the trap is, So why am I writing this Because a few of you numbskulls out there still haven t. caught on to what it means to be a Game Master A GM doesn t slavishly follow anything. books manuals or edicts from On High except his own bloodshot instincts For the. true Game Master any reference work such as this can only be a guideline. But a few of you haven t learned this, Some of you wrote to me and said that you thought my traps were too deadly. TOO DEADLY, What s going on here How can a trap be too deadly Most of these traps having. been designed by mere mortals aren t deadly enough. All right I ll accept the fact that some of you out there have twisted ideas about. how to administrate a dungeon Newfangled ideas about delvers escaping with their. lives and stuff like that To each his own I suppose But if you re going to be a. maverick then you ve got to blaze your own trails Don t ask me to make my traps. less deadly change them yourself, Now isn t that a fresh idea Bet you can t find a rule for that in your hardbacks.
You see these traps are now yours you don t need special permission or a. membership card to change them to your liking Use your imagination Use these. traps any way you want to I won t come after you if you do But if I ever receive. another letter about how my traps are too deadly I m going to hand some wimp his. head Is that clear human worms Grimtooth will not be bothered again. And now onto my book the greatest tome ever written about Traps. P S If you re wondering whatever happened to my editor Paul O Connor or his. traditional editorial then you should know that he too felt that some of my traps. were a little rough Well who needs him anyway Too big for his britches 1 say to. sneak that page of his into my last book Well I ve sent Paul into an exile from which. he won t soon return, I always prefer to begin my collections with an outrageous trap based more in. fantasy than reality Thus to open this chapter of my second book of traps I boldly. present the eminently logical Beware Of LOW Ceiling trap by Jason Sato a. Game Master of warped perceptions, This trap is located in a large natural cavern with a high ceiling A deep chasm. divides the cavern There is only one way to traverse the chasm a handy. suspension bridge has been provided for this purpose The bridge appears to be in. good shape it feels sturdy although it sways a bit To forestall any hesitation or a. careful inspection of the bridge you might arrange for the delvers to be fleeing. from some hideous beast when they come to the chasm. The bridge will safely support about 600 pounds the approximate weight of. three armored delvers When this limit is exceeded the bridge will collapse into. the chasm The characters who fall with the bridge will be caught in a strong net. suspended across the chasm about sixty feet below the bridge. When the bridge collapses a fan of epic proportions at the bottom of the. chasm begins to whirl The blades of the fan pick up speed very quickly and will. soon generate a blast of air strong enough to whisk the characters caught in the. net up towards the ceiling This will continue until the unfortunate delvers are. slammed into the cavern ceiling and hit a carefully positioned pressure plate. Hitting the pressure plate causes the fan below to reverse the direction of its spin. creating a deadly suction This will pull the characters back down into the chasm. through the net which is not strong enough to withstand the combined forces of. gravity and suction and into the blades of the fan itself To demonstrate the sound and. effect to your players shove a raw hot dog into a common household fan Kzzing. For a bit of low class on this trap place a sign next to the bridge which reads. Beware of Low Ceiling, The Teeter Totter ROOM is Cliff Baird s contribution to the genre of room. traps Unfortunately it wasn t designed to kill delvers instead it traps them and in. the process turns them,into nervous wrecks,Characters who enter. this room may dance,jump up and down or,have a picnic between the.
door and the pivot point,beneath the floor How,ever when over half the. weight in the room has,moved to the other side,of the pivot the floor no. longer rests on the sup,port brace near the door,The brace falls away and. the floor becomes a great,teeter totter upon the,pivot point. It i s up to you to,decide what will happen, to the characters if they fall ott the floor As an especially savage variation have.
the floor slide off its pivot and follow the delvers into the pit if they blow it. Michael von Glahn offers the One Way or Another trap as a possible ending. to the quest for the trap that will turn adventurers every which way but loose This. beauty while sinister in construction and implication has certain humorous. overtones in application, The room is your normal type dungeon room The walkway which runs from. the door to a niche in the opposite wall that houses a chest neatly bisects the. floor into two pits Each of the pits,is covered by an illusion of normal. flooring that can easily be seen as,an illusion At either side of the. niche just barely out of easy reach,from the walkway is a lever. In the corridor opposite the,open doorway there is a spring.
loaded section of the wall that,will be triggered by weight being. dropped on a pressure plate in the,walkway The cautious delvers. who stand in and around the,The trap as set,doorway while someone walks. out on the walkway or while they,Figure B throw the carcass of their. The trap as sprung l atest victim onto the walk,way to test the floor will be.
rammed by the wall into the,room Those not in the,doorway will be splattered. against the wall So much for,those outside the room. Now the delvers who,have just been shot into the,room like pinballs being. blasted into action will have,to act quickly It is not likely. that any will fly straight and true at the chest though you may wish to allow this if. your thirst for blood has been quenched Those who pitch off of the walkway will. fall through the illusory flooring into the pit below Those who fly across the room. and grab the levers in a last ditch effort to stay out of the pit will find the levers to. be easily detachable fakes that they will have lots of time to examine as they fall. As for any character lucky enough to survive this mayhem Michael suggests. something suitable in the chest to dispatch them I suggest that GM s select. carefully for the thing in the chest should be like an aperitif after such a heavy. meal That is small aromatic and packed with a big kick. HU Greg Day has submitted an impairing room trap The Toe Tickier is sure to. wreak havoc among those delvers who think of greaves as old and useless. The room can be entered without mishap the trap is triggered when the. delvers attempt to exit the room through either of its doors The floor of the room. drops a foot and the door side wall of the pit is revealed to have a series of two. inch holes running along it From the holes come spears that should catch most. characters in mid shin causing a painful wound if they do not break the shin. outright It should also slow a character significantly if being pursued. Michael Amer brings us,the Fire and ice trap,Like many other traps in.
this section this trap is,harmless until some poor. schmuck screws up and,does in his opinion the,sensible thing. This trap utilizes a small,room Rows of nasty,looking spikes cover one. entire wall in the wall,opposite the spikes is a,silver door There are two. trap doors in the ceiling Delvers enter the room through a separate door on one of. the unused walls this door seals and locks itself behind the delvers. If the party opens the silver door they unleash a torrent of spring water which. knocks them back against the spikes The water continues to gush from the door. and rapidly begins to flood the room If the delvers survive the spikes they ll find. they must drop most of their equipment to tread water The room will fill to a level. dangerously near the ceiling and the trap doors, The safest thing to do is to sit tight After about five minutes the water will drain.
away allowing the delvers to exit through the now dry silver door On the other. hand in a panic situation like this the delvers are probably convinced that they will. drown so they ll try to open the trap doors, However both trap doors lead to doom Behind one trap door is a chamber. filled with sodium an element that combusts upon contact with water Behind. the other is a chamber filled with crystals which cause water to freeze When. either or both trap doors are opened the element behind will be dumped. into the water to keep the delvers company, Next in line is the Door Lover s Room by Caroline J Maher This trap uses its. own snare as a red herring for its intent Interested Read on. I nside the room is a deep pit filled with ravenous poisonous spiders Delvers enter. the room normally through a standard dungeon door Narrow greased ledges lead. around the pit to the apparent safety of a corridor on the other side of the pit. When the characters navigate around,the pit to the corridor beyond they ll. doubtless feel proud of themselves for,avoiding the trap So much the better. within the corridor is a spiral staircase that,leads up to a normal looking door When.
the delvers open the door however a,trap door opens beneath their feet. sending them plummeting down a chute,and into the spider filled pit they ve just. negotiated Never go forward until you re,secure about what s behind you. Larry DiTillio s first room trap is the see saw Room a devious variation on Cliffs. theme This trap is tailored to deal with those inconsiderate delvers who like to play. i nterior decorator and move every piece of furniture in a dungeon room. The room is small and rectangular Identical stone statues are set in opposite ends of. the room a series of glass globes supported on iron racks rest along the other pair of. walls Behind each statue appears to be a poorly concealed secret door. The entire room rests upon a central pivot the statues keep small bolts in place. and keep the room from tipping as soon as the first adventurer enters If the. statues are moved at all presumably to gain access to the secret doors the. delicate balance of the room is upset and the room will tilt radically to one side or the. other The delvers will be hurled towards one end of the room and the fragile glass. globes will be dislodged from their holders to shatter on the floor spilling their deadly. contents poison gas flaming oil scorpions whatever you choose Finally the stone. statue from the up end of the room will plummet into the lower end of the room. pulping the delvers caught there Oh the fiendish wonder of it all. This trap could also work as a corridor with a door at its midpoint and a statue at. each end hiding a secret door No matter how it is used this trap is sure to be deadly. Larry s next trap is the YOU Rang room This is a round room diameter 10. with a 30 high domed ceiling Hanging from the center of the ceiling about 10. from the floor is a golden ball about the size of a beachball suspended on a silver. rope The room can be entered without a mishap through a trapdoor in the. bottom of the floor, If no one fools around with the golden ball the party will be unharmed. However doing anything to the ball and rope triggers a complex mechanism. above the room and the room begins to swing from side to side with the. delvers trapped inside The room is actually a giant bell. The golden ball will strike against the walls of the room now revealed to be. stone plated steel making an awful gonging din which should deafen the. characters Those delvers foolish enough to hang onto the ball will be pulped. against the walls characters who merely stand in the swinging room should gather. their share of bruises too, The bell also serves as an alarm for the monsters in the area The room will stop.
swinging after a few minutes just in time to admit the hordes of hungry monsters. who will have gathered nearby The monsters should have no trouble dealing with. the deafened and battered party within the room, Not content to leave sleeping dogs flat with his low humor Low Ceiling trap. Jason Sato strikes back with the Dinner Gong This nasty room trap is a good. way to feed the older monsters in your dungeon who can t beat and eat their. meals like they used to, The trap presents itself to the delvers as a simple dungeon room containing a. treasure chest The chest is securely fastened to the floor so bands of moving. company dungeon delvers can t haul it away On one of the walls of the room is. hung a large brass gong, Opening the chest activates a small but powerful generator hidden beneath the. dungeon floor For atmosphere add a humming sound and slight vibrations in the. floor when the generator is started, The generator powers a strong electromagnet hidden in the wall behind the. gong When the magnet powers up any iron or steel objects in the room. including armored delvers will sail through the air into the gong resulting in a. l oud BONNNNNNGGGGG Delvers will be stuck to the magnet until they can. free themselves of their armor, The sounding of the gong alerts the feeble old monster in the hidden room.
nearby Dinnertime The monster should probably be something with lots of teeth. and a can opener, Peter Yearsley has shown through his frequent and fascinating letters to FBI to. be a true Renaissance Man With the flare of an Inquisitor he has dreamed up this. next devious trap Yankee ingenuity has got nothing on this Englishman s sense of. the macabre, The Hall of the Memorial Carpet is insidious in its application because it is. one of those traps where the delvers can see how they will get it and any attempt to. escape will bring it upon them more swiftly Except for the lucky ones. The room is a standard dungeon room with doors in, the east and west walls In the north wall there is a. small niche with a lantern flickering in it The south wall. contains a much larger niche which is home to a chest. The floor is covered by the Memorial Carpet an, abstract melange of metal cloth leather and perhaps. a bone fragment or two, The ceiling is placed on a time delay as soon as a.
door is opened After two minutes have passed the, ceiling will begin to come down and the air pressure. will cause both doors to shut The air pressure in the. now closed room will increase as the ceiling drops to. where the air pressure will let it Ears will pop and the. new level of the ceiling will probably be noticed, If either of the doors i s opened the air in the room.

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