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wire specification for the wire used in the manufacturing of pre. coated metallic chain link fabric and tension wire. A824 01 2017 Coil spring wire 7 gauge Specification for Metallic Coated. Steel Marcelled Tension Wire The specification lists only 7 gauge. wire Metallic coatings are listed in A817 as follows. Type I Aluminum coated 0 40 oz ft,Type II Galvanized zinc coated. Class 3 0 90 oz ft,Class 4 1 20 oz ft,Class 5 2 00 oz ft. Type III Zinc 5 Aluminum Mischmetal galvinal galfan. Class 60 0 60 oz ft,Class 100 1 00 oz ft, F537 01 2019 Wood Specification for Design Fabrication and Installation of. Fences Constructed of Wood and Related Materials, F552 14 2019 Chain Link Terminology Standard Terminology Relating to. Chain Link Fencing, F567 14a 2019 Chain link installation Standard Practice for Installation of.
Chain Link Fence, F626 14 2019 Chain link fittings Standard Specification for Fence Fittings. F654 07 2017 Residential Gates Specification for Residential Chain Link. F668 17 Color coated fabric Specification for Polymer Coated Chain Link. Fence Fabric Important to note The steel core wire is the specified. wire gauge not the outside diameter of the polymer coated wire. Type 1 Extruded,Type 2a Extruded and adhered,Type 2b Fused and adhered. Polymer coating can be PVC or Polyolefin, F900 11 2017 Commercial swing gates Specification for Industrial and Com. mercial Swing Gates Eight foot rule no member horizontally or. vertically should be greater than eight feet apart. F934 96 2017 Standard colors of coated chain link systems Specification for. Standard Colors for Polymer Coated Chain Link Fence Materials. Black Olive Green Brown Dark Green, F964 13 2019 Rigid PVC Profiles Specification for Rigid Poly Vinyl Chloride. PVC Exterior Profiles Used for Fencing and Railing. F969 11 2016 Tennis court fence Standard Practice for Construction of Chain. Link Tennis Court Fence, F1043 18 Commercial and Industrial Framework Specification for.
Strength and Protective Coatings of Steel Industrial Chain Link. Fence Framework,Heavy Industrial Fence Framework requirements. Group IA Schedule 40 F1083 hot dip galvanized pipe. Group IC Galvanized after forming Wheatland WT 40,Group II Roll formed C post. Group IV Performance criteria future products, F1083 18 Schedule 40 and schedule 80 Pipe Specification for Pipe Steel. Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Galvanized Welded for Fence Struc. Hot dip galvanized pipe having a zinc coating of 1 8 oz ft outside. and 1 8 oz ft inside, Regular Grade Sch 40 Yield Strength minimum 30 000 psi. High Strength Grade Sch 40 Yield Strength minimum 50 000 psi. F1183 96 2017 Aluminum alloy fabric Specification for Aluminum Alloy. Chain Link Fence Fabric, F1184 16 Slide gates Specification for Industrial and Commercial Horizon.
tal Slide Gates,Type I Overhead slide,Type II Cantilever slide. Class 1 Steel or aluminum frame using external rollers. Class 2 Steel or aluminum frame using internal rollers. Important safety requirements Roller covers and fall over guide. posts are required for the Class 1 external roller gates. F1345 10a 2019 Galfan Galvinal fabric Standard Specification for Zinc 5. Aluminum Mischmetal Alloy Coated Chain Link Fence Fabric. Class 1 0 6 oz ft,Class 2 1 0 oz ft, F1379 95 2018 Standard Terminology Relating to Barbed Tape. F1553 11 2017 Standard Guide for Specifying Chain Link Fence. F1664 08 2018 Polymer coated tension wire Specification for Poly Vinyl Chlo. ride PVC and Other Conforming Organic Polymer Coated Steel. Tension Wire Used with Chain Link Fence, Two core wire gauges 9 ga 7 ga three classes of coatings same. F1665 08 2018 Polymer coated barbed wire Specification for Poly Vinyl Chlo. ride PVC and Other Conforming Organic Polymer Coated Steel. Barbed Wire Used with Chain Link Fence, Strand wire has three classes of coatings same as F668. F1908 08 2018 Standard Guide for Fences for Residential Outdoor Swimming. Pools Hot Tubs and Spas, F1910 98 2018 Specification for Long Barbed Tape Obstacles.
F1911 05 2019 Standard Practice for Installation of Barbed Tape. F1999 14 2019 Standard Practice for Installation of Rigid Poly Vinyl Chlo. ride PVC Fence Systems, F2000 19 Standard Guide for Fences for Baseball and Softball Fields. F2049 11 2017 Play area fencing Safety Performance Specification for. Fences Barriers for Public Commercial and Multi Family Residen. tial Outdoor Play Areas, F2200 17 Electrically operated gate safety and design Specification for Au. tomated Vehicular Gate Construction, F2408 16 Ornamental galvanized steel tube fence Standard Specification. for Ornamental Fences Employing Galvanized Steel Tubing. F2409 10 2016 Guide for non residential pool fence Standard Guide for Fences. for Non Residential Outdoor Swimming Pools Hot Tubs and Spas. F2453 19 Welded wire mesh fence fabric Standard Specification for. Welded Wire Mesh Fence Fabric Metallic Coated or Polymer. Coated for Meshes of 6 in or Less in Panels or Rolls with Uni. form Meshes, F2548 12 2018 Expanded metal for security applications Standard Specifica. tion for Expanded Metal Fence Systems for Security Purposes. F2589 16 Ornamental tubular steel fence Standard Specification for Orna. mental Fence Employing Tubular Pickets, F2611 15 Chain Link Security Fence Design Standard Guide for the De.
sign and Construction of Chain Link Security Fencing. F2630 14 Self Closing Self Latching Gates Standard Guide for Self Clos. ing Self Latching General Purpose Gates, F2698 08 2018 Skate Park fencing Standard Guide for Fences for Above. Ground and In Ground Skate Park Facilities, F2699 08 2018 Water spray play area fencing Standard Guide for Fences for. Commercial and Public Outdoor Water Spray Play Areas. F 2780 09 2014 Expanded metal security fence Standard Guide for Design and. Construction of Expanded Metal Security Fences and Barri. F2781 15 Forced entry testing Standard Practice for Testing Forced Entry. Ballistic and Low Impact Resistance of Security Fence Systems. F2814 09 2015 Ornamental steel security fence Standard Guide for the Design. and Construction of Ornamental Steel Picket Fence Systems for Security. F2919 12 2018 Welded wire mesh panels Standard Specification for Welded. Wire Mesh Fence Fabric Metallic Coated or Polymer, Coated with Variable Mesh Patterns or Meshes Greater. than 6 in 3871 mm in Panels, F2957 13 2019 e1 Aluminum Ornamental Fence Standard Specification for. ornamental mental Aluminum Fence Systems, F3000 13 2018 Chain link privacy slats Standard Specification for Polymer Pri.
vacy Insert Slats for Chain Link Fabric and Privacy Chain. Link Fabric Containing Pre Installed Privacy Slats. F3151 17 Standard Specification for Driven Steel Post Drive Anchor Sys. F3204 16 Welded wire security fence Standard Guide for Design and. Construction of Welded Wire Fence Systems for Secu. rity Purposes, F3342 19 Standard Guide for Temporary Fence Applications for Construc. Chain Link Manufacturers Institute Product Manual, The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute does not write specifications The. CLFMI Product Manual references current ASTM specifications. Federal Specification RR F 191K GEN, Basically follow ASTM standards dates shown are still current. RR F 191 1F 2008 Chain Link Fabric specification lists 6 9 and 11 gauge. Type I Zinc coated 1 2 oz ft unless 2 0 oz ft is specified. Type II Aluminum coated 0 40 oz ft coating for 6 and 9 gauge. 0 35 oz ft coating for 11 gauge,Type III Aluminum Alloy alloy 6061 temper T94. Type IV PVC coated gauge specified is the core wire the coating. ty is not listed in separate classes specifier is to take into. consideration type of coating to meet environmental condi. Type V Zinc 5 Aluminum Mischmetal Alloy Coated,Steel Wire.
RR F 191 2E 2006 Chain link gates all types, Gates are to be constructed using round pipe or square sec. tions per RR F 191 3E Swing gates ASTM F900 slide gates. ASTM F1184 External cantilever rollers shall be enclosed. Electrically operated gates must comply with ASTM F2200. RR F 191 3E 2006 2007 Amendment Fence posts and rails. Class 1 Steel pipe, Grade A ASTM F1083 hot dipped galvanized schedule 40 pipe. Wheatland Tube Co is a prime U S manufacturer,Grade B ASTM F1043 Group IC Wheatland WT 40. Class 2 Aluminum alloy schedule 40 pipe, Class 3 ASTM F1043 Group II Formed steel C sections. Class 4 Steel H sections no longer available,Class 5 Aluminum alloy H sections.
Class 6 Steel square sections,Class 7 Aluminum square sections. A schedule lists post size based on the fence height. RR F 191 4F 2008 Chain link fence accessories, Fittings barbed wire tension wire basically all per ASTM standards. AASHTO M 181 American Association of State and Transportation Officials AASHTO. follows ASTM specifications and standards however there may be some differences be. cause AASHTO does not update their specifications as quickly as ASTM 2010 still current. AASHTO Designation M 181 10 UL Standard Specification for Chain Link Fence. Chain link fabric, Type I Galvanized chain link fabric zinc coated steel. Class C 1 2 oz ft,Class D 2 0 oz ft, Type II Aluminized chain link fabric aluminum coated steel. Type III Aluminum alloy chain link fabric alloy 6061 T89 or T94. Type IV PVC coated and other polymer coated steel chain link fabric. gauge is the core wire,Class A Extruded or extruded and adhered to.
Class B Thermally fused and bonded, Grade 1 ASTM F1083 Schedule 40 1 8 oz ft zinc coating inside and. outside Wheatland is a prime U S manufacturer of galvanized sch 40. Grade 2 ASTM F1043 Group IC Wheatland WT 40 type product. FAA Federal Aviation Administration AC 150 5370 10H 11 12 19. Item F 162 Chain Link Fences,Follows ASTM Specifications. 700 S Dock Street Sharon PA 16146,800 343 0124 Fax 888 246 0457.

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