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www mare org 800 589 6273,Mary C08495,Mary s likes. The outdoors particularly camping,swimming and stargazing. Shopping while looking for clothes,Getting her hair makeup and nails done. Mary s crystal ball to help,Dreams of becoming an actor people. Qualities of a forever family,A single female parent a mom and dad.
or two female parents,Knowledge of the impact of trauma. on a child,Only or youngest child in the home Photo by. Wants a family with pets Beth and Mike, Welcome to the Fall 2018 Recruitment Periodical published by the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange. MARE Over the next several pages you will be introduced to some of the youth in Michigan who are. waiting to have a loving supportive and permanent family of their own through adoption The children. featured here represent hundreds of other children in the Michigan foster care system who are waiting to. become part of a loving family through adoption To learn more about these children and. adoption visit www mare org, On the MARE website you will find photos narratives and video clips of children waiting to be adopted as. well as a wealth of information about adoption including links to adoption related resources. If you have been thinking about adoption we invite you to consider bringing an older child or sibling. group into your life If you have questions about adoption or are ready to begin the adoption process. simply call one of the agencies listed in the back of this periodical or contact an adoption navigator at. 800 589 6273 MARE is available to answer your adoption related questions and we will do our best to get. you headed in the right direction, Follow us on Facebook and Twitter during For a list of Adoption Month celebrations.
November for Adoption Month We ll have features visit www mare org MI Adoption Day. about waiting youth stories about exceptional, adoptive families updates about courthouse To contact the Michigan Adoption Resource. celebrations and more Exchange call 800 589 6273,2 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange Fall 2018. 800 589 6273 www mare org, Who are the children who wait What is the adoption process. for adoption Families must be approved through the. Adoptive Family Assessment process before a child, Adopting a child from foster care is often referred to can be placed in their home for adoption An. as special needs adoption Common traits of Adoptive Family Assessment must be completed by. children waiting to be adopted from foster care a licensed adoption agency which can be found in. include the back of this periodical and on www mare org. and can take an average of six months to complete, Children school aged and above The Adoptive Family Assessment includes but is not.
Children with emotional mental learning limited to the following components. or physical impairments,Children of minority backgrounds Personal history. Children who are part of a sibling group Health statements. who must be placed together Criminal background checks. Income statement, Many of these children have had traumatic past Personal references. experiences that may include physical sexual or, emotional abuse and or severe neglect Others may Once the Adoptive Family Assessment is complete. have been born drug or alcohol exposed you may start submitting inquiries to MARE about. children you may be interested in adopting When, Around 93 percent of children in Michigan s foster you inquire about children through the MARE. care system are adopted by the child s current foster website your information will be sent by MARE to. family or a relative someone with whom the child the child s adoption worker for consideration Your. has an established relationship The remaining worker will also be notified that you have inquired. children available for adoption like those in this about a specific child or children. periodical and on the MARE website don t have an,identified family to adopt them Recruitment of a.
suitable adoptive family is therefore necessary,Typically more than 98 percent of the children. available for adoption without an identified family. are over the age of 5 Typically more than 75 percent. of those children are between the ages of 11 and 18. Who can adopt a waiting child, Many people may be surprised to learn that they do. not have to be married in order to adopt a child from. the foster care system Potential adoptive, parents do not have to own their own home or have Photo by. a lot of money They must have enough space in their Ellen Dykstra Christopher C08900. home and adequate income to support a child It is,important to know that many children waiting for. adoption are eligible to receive adoption Christopher s likes. assistance to assist adoptive families in meeting the Playing basketball any chance he gets. children s needs Going to the movies, How much does it cost to adopt Christopher s crystal ball.
a child from foster care Dreams of playing professional basketball. The only costs you should incur from adopting a, child from Michigan s foster care system are court. filing and birth certificate fees Some agencies may Qualities of a forever family. charge a fee for the Family Assessment also known One or two parents who can provide. as a Home Study however once you adopt a child, through Michigan s foster care system that fee is the needed attention. reimbursed to you Enthusiastic about Christopher s interest. Fall 2018 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange 3,Gary C09023. Gary s likes Longs for a forever family who likes, Playing softball football hockey spending time together and enjoys. and basketball going swimming and visiting amusement. Pets such as dogs cats and fish and parks,interesting reptiles such as bearded.
dragons Qualities of a forever family, Listening to country Two experienced parents or a single. and rap music parent who can provide the attention. Pizza with bacon Gary needs,Knowledge of the impact of. Gary s trauma on a child,crystal ball Strong advocates for the. Wants to services that would benefit,become a Gary. pro football Patience as Gary adapts to his,player new home and builds trust.
Derek Cookson,Did you know, In 2011 MARE welcomed the addition of the adoption navigators to our program Adoption. navigators are experienced adoptive parents who offer guidance and personal knowledge. to potential adoptive families They have years of parenting experience resource and service. finding skills and knowledge of foster care and all types of adoptions For more information. visit www mare org For Families Adoption Navigators. 4 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange Fall 2018,Sienna Joy C09296. I love cats because they re so cute and cuddly,Joy s likes Intangible assets. Drawing and coloring Smart and hard working,Participating on her with an eye on future. school s bowling team goals,Playing Sorry and,Monopoly Qualities of a.
The colors pink and forever family,purple Two parents or a female. Having fun with friends parent with a strong,after school support network. Knowledge of the impact,Joy s crystal ball of trauma on a child. Wants to become a cook Patient and able to,or a nurse provide a structured home. Dreams of visiting with close supervision,waterparks and going to Photos by.
concerts with her future Jennifer Brooks,forever family. Joy is a very sweet kind and,friendly young lady,Joy s worker. Fall 2018 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange 5,My Asia C08458. My Asia wants a family who accepts her for who she is. My Asia is a sweet child who loves to be helpful,My Asia s worker. Christine Schafer,My Asia s likes Qualities of a forever family.
Playing sports Two experienced parents who have, Drawing and doing crafts knowledge of the impact of trauma on. Intangible assets Strong advocates for the services that will. Athletic and creative help My Asia thrive, Thrives in a leadership role Able to provide structure and consistency. Describes herself as kind and fun to Willing to help engage her in community. be around events and programs,Committed to letting My Asia maintain. My Asia s crystal ball her sibling relationships,Wants to be a teacher. 6 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange Fall 2018,Avery C08717.
I would like a family who is non judgmental,and will not give up on me. Avery s likes Wants to spend quality time with a, Watching movies and playing video forever family doing activities. games and going to community events,Spaghetti and meatballs with. parmesan cheese Qualities of a forever family, Comic books and superheroes A mom and dad who are experienced. and trauma informed, Avery s crystal ball The only or youngest child in the.
Wants to build motorcycles home, Dreams of attending a Comic Con Fierce advocates for the services Avery. needs to thrive, I like white wolves because they are really spiritual. independent and rare,Fall 2018 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange 7. Damon C07919,With a family I Photo by,Ellen Dykstra. would like to do,sports and,schoolwork and,hang out and go.
to the movies,Damon s likes,Playing basketball,Going out to eat for a. cheeseburger and shake,Celebrating Thanksgiving,and Christmas which he. enjoys by giving and,receiving presents,Reading superhero books. and watching movies,based on them,Damon s crystal ball. Becoming a fancy cool car,Hopes to become an actor.
Graduating high school,and attending college,Qualities of a forever. An experienced and,patient mom and dad who,can provide him the. supervision structure,consistency and,compassion he requires. Trauma informed,Able to make sure that,Damon receives the. services that will help,him thrive,Youngest or only child in.
8 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange Fall 2018,Caitln C08896. I lost my one family and I feel that it s taught,me a lesson to not take families for granted. Christine Schafer,Caitln s likes Caitln s crystal ball. Interacting with pets Dreams of becoming a veterinarian. The colors pink black and white Wants to travel to Hawaii. Building things with Legos, Ranch dressing cottage cheese Qualities of a forever family. cheeseballs and McDonald s A single mom with a strong support. Hiking network or a mom and dad,Strong advocates for the services that will.
Wants others to know benefit Caitln s success, Proud of the unique spelling of her name Especially wants a family with children. Creative interests Willing to make sure Caitln receives. Coloring sewing and making art support services,Fall 2018 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange 9. Mariah C09137, All I m looking for in a family is that they re caring and kind. Mariah s likes Creative interests, Pets and critters of all kinds but especially Drawing singing writing and making. baby penguins arts and crafts,Reading and listening to music.
Spending time with friends and talking Qualities of a forever family. about anime Two parents or a single female parent, Sleeping in on the weekends with a strong support network. Snacking on fruit Oldest child in the home,Willing to make sure she receives the. Mariah s crystal ball support services that will benefit her. Wants to become a zookeeper now and into adulthood. 10 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange Fall 2018,Kenneth C08463. My favorite food,Or pizza with,pineapples,Kenneth s likes. Going to the movies skating,bike riding and swimming.
Playing with his siblings,Celebrating Easter and,Christmas because he gets. to spend time with others,and eat well,Telling jokes and making. others laugh,Playing video and board,crystal ball,Xxxxxxx s likes. Wants to be a lawyer Xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. Xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx. xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxof axx, Xxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx Qualities of a forever family. A single dad or a mom and Xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. Intangible,dad who are assets,experienced xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx.
ablexxxx xxxx, to give xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. xxxxx xxxx xxxx,attention hexxx xx,requires xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx. Xxxxx xxxx xxxxofxxxx,Knowledge the xxx xx xxxxxx, impact of xxxxxxx Xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. trauma on a child,Marketable,Advocates for skills,the services. help xxxx xxx xx,Kenneth xxxxxx xxxxxxx,xxxxx xxxx xxxx.
Willing to letxxx xxmaintain,Xxxxx xxxx xxxx,his sibling xxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. relationships,Xxxxxxxxxx s crystal ball,Fall 2018 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange 11. Keven C08466,Sometimes I m funny sometimes I m shy. Focal Point,Keven s likes Intangible assets, Hunting fishing bike riding and Very charismatic and always brightens the. swimming room he is in,Participating in basketball and baseball.
Watching wrestling on TV especially Qualities of a forever family. Roman Reigns A mom and dad who are experienced and. Pretending that he s a sports commentator trauma informed. Macaroni and cheese Strong advocates for the services that will. help Keven, Keven s crystal ball The youngest or only child in the home. Wants to travel to Florida because it s warm Able to provide structure and routine. all the time,12 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange Fall 2018. Areonna C08775, Areonna s likes Wants to become a paleontologist or a. Learning about science and social studies singer,Skating and swimming. Being in the outdoors and going to the Qualities of a forever family. park Two experienced and patient parents who, Making up her own songs can provide structure support and positive.
Comforting others reinforcement,Willing to ensure that Areonna receives the. Intangible assets services to help her thrive, Describes herself as a nice sweet girl with Open to letting her maintain the. a good personality relationships that are important to her. including her younger brother,Areonna s crystal ball Prefers a family with pets. Dreams of traveling to Paris for,sightseeing and sampling croissants. Jodi Mercier, Make sure to check out the MARE YouTube Channel to see videos of several of.
the children featured in the Fall 2018 Periodical,Fall 2018 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange 13. Adoption Agency Directory www mare org 800 589 6273. Visit www mare org for a complete listing of agencies who license families for foster care in. addition to adoption homestudies including your Michigan Department of Health and. Human Services county office,Adoption Agencies in Michigan. The following is a list of adoption agencies whose primary focus is facilitating the adoption of children from. the foster care system Many of these agencies may also provide foster care services This agency list is. organized by regions of the state Please contact an agency in your area if you are interested in beginning the. adoption process For an interactive map of statewide licensed agencies visit. http www mare org For Families New to Adoption Find a Licensed Agency. Upper Peninsula, Catholic Social Services of the U P Escanaba 906 786 7212 www cssup org. Catholic Social Services of the U P Iron Mountain 906 774 3323 www cssup org. Catholic Social Services of the U P Marquette 906 227 9119 www cssup org. Child Family Services of the U P Marquette 906 228 4050 www cfsup org. Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin Upper MI Marquette 877 994 8344 www lsswis org. Sault Tribe Binogii Placement Agency Sault Ste Marie 906 632 5250 www saulttribe com. Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan Marquette 906 249 5437 www teachingfamilyhomes org. Upper Peninsula Family Solutions Marquette 906 273 1095 www upfs org. U P Kids Houghton 906 487 9832 www upkids com,Northern Central Lower Michigan. Adoption Option Inc Midland 989 839 0534 www adoptionoptioninc org. Bethany Christian Services Fremont 231 924 3390 www bethany org fremont. Bethany Christian Services Traverse City 231 995 0870 www bethany org traversecity. Catholic Family Services of the Diocese of Saginaw Bay City 989 797 6638 www cfssite org. Child Family Services of Northeast MI Alpena 989 356 4567 www cfsnemi org. Child Family Services of Northwest MI Traverse City 231 946 8975 www cfsnwmi org. Eagle Village Hersey 231 832 2234 www eaglevillage org. Lutheran Adoption Service Bay City 989 686 3170 www lasadoption org. Lutheran Adoption Service Clare 989 386 2101 www lasadoption org. New Light Child Family Institute Millington 989 871 6695 www newlightonline net. Tri County Area Wayne Oakland Macomb Counties, Bethany Christian Services Madison Heights 248 414 4080 www bethany org madisonheights.
Catholic Charities of S E Michigan 855 882 2736 www ccsem org. Community Social Services of Wayne County Detroit 313 883 2100 www csswayne org. Child Safe Michigan Royal Oak 248 353 0921 www childsafemichigan org. The Children s Center of Wayne County Detroit 313 831 5535 www thechildrenscenter com. Ennis Center for Children Detroit 313 342 2699 www enniscenter org. Ennis Center for Children Pontiac 248 334 2715 www enniscenter org. Family Community Services Inc Utica 586 726 2988 www facadopt org. Forever Families Livonia 734 762 0909 www forever families org. Homes for Black Children Detroit 313 961 4777, Judson Center Redford 313 794 5653 www judsoncenter org. Lutheran Adoption Service Troy 248 423 2770 www lasadoption org. Methodist Children s Home Redford 313 531 4060 www mchsmi org. Oakland Family Services Pontiac 248 858 7766 www oaklandfamilyservices org. Orchards Children s Services Southfield 248 258 0440 www orchards org. Spaulding for Children Southfield 248 443 0300 www spaulding org. Spectrum Human Services Southfield 248 552 8020 www spectrumhuman org. Vista Maria Dearborn Heights 313 271 3050 www vistamaria org. Wolverine Human Services Taylor 888 625 8669 www wolverinehs org. 14 Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange Fall 2018, 800 589 6273 www mare org Adoption Agency Directory. Southern Central Michigan, Adoption and Foster Care Specialists Inc Lapeer 810 660 7590 www adoption specialists org. Bethany Christian Services East Lansing 517 336 0191 www bethany org eastlansing. Catholic Charities of Jackson Lenawee and Hillsdale counties Adrian 517 263 2191. www catholiccharitiesjlhc org, Catholic Charities of Shiawassee Genesee Flint 810 232 9950 www catholiccharitiesflint org. Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw Ann Arbor 734 971 9781 www csswashtenaw org. Child Family Charities Capital Area Lansing 517 882 4000 www childandfamily org. Ennis Center for Children Flint 810 233 4031 www enniscenter org. Ennis Center for Children Port Huron 810 990 1424 www enniscenter org. Family Service Children s Aid Jackson 517 787 7920 www strong families org. Fostering Futures Ann Arbor 734 481 8999 www fostering futures com. Fostering Solutions Adrian 517 263 0020 www fosteringsolutions org. Growing Hope Through Love Howell 517 798 4020, Hands Across the Water Ann Arbor 734 477 0135 www hatw org.
Livingston County Catholic Charities Howell 517 545 5944 www livingstoncatholiccharities org. Lutheran Adoption Service Ann Arbor 734 971 1944 www lasadoption org. Lutheran Adoption Service Jackson 517 789 6444 www lasadoption org. Lutheran Adoption Service Lansing 517 886 1380 www lasadoption org. Open Door Adoption Services Jackson 517 936 7713 www opendooradoptionservices org. St Vincent Catholic Charities Lansing 517 323 4734 www stvcc org. Southwest Michigan, Bethany Christian Services Grand Rapids 616 224 7550 www bethany org grandrapids. Bethany Christian Services Holland 616 396 0623 www bethany org holland. Bethany Christian Services Kalamazoo 269 372 8800 www bethany org kalamazoo. Bethany Christian Services Muskegon 231 733 1618 www bethany org muskegon. Catholic Charities West MI Grand Rapids 616 456 1443 www ccwestmi org. Catholic Charities West MI Muskegon 231 726 4735 www ccwestmi org. D A Blodgett Services Grand Rapids 616 451 2021 www dabsj org. Family Children s Services Inc Kalamazoo 269 344 0202 www fcsource org. Family Children s Services Inc Battle Creek 269 965 3247 www fcsource org. Lutheran Adoption Service Grand Rapids 616 356 1934 www lasadoption org. Lutheran Adoption Service Kalamazoo 269 345 5776 www lasadoption org. Pathways Holland 616 396 2301 www pathwaysmi org, Youth Guidance Foster Care Adoption Center Battle Creek 269 969 9181 www citylinc org. MARE is proud to offer the Adoption Navigator,Program Adoption navigators are experienced. adoptive parents who offer guidance and personal,knowledge to potential adoptive families The. adoption navigators have many years of parenting,experience adopted a number of children and.
Navigat rs, have knowledge of foster care infant and older and. domestic and international adoption procedures,Families who contact MARE for initial adoption. information will be given the option to work with a. Navigator to help guide them through the process, Having an Adoption Navigator is a free and voluntary.

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