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LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO, This book is All Rights Reserved You may not sell this book give it away display it publicly nor. may you distribute it in any form whatsoever, While reasonable attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this. publication the author does not assume any responsibility for errors omissions or contrary. interpretation of this information and any damages or costs incurred by that. The author does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are completely accurate. due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet. This book is not intended for use as a source of legal business accounting or financial advice All. readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal business accounting and. finance field, While examples of past results may be used occasionally in this work they are intended to be for. purposes of example only No representation is made or implied that the reader will do as well from. using the techniques, The author does not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for what you choose to do with. this information Use your own judgment, Any perceived slight of specific people or organizations and any resemblance to characters living.
dead or otherwise real or fictitious is purely unintentional. In practical advice books like anything else in life there are no guarantees of income made Readers. are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly. You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading. Use this information at your own risk, Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. IMPORTANT NOTE, This ebook is aimed at intermediate Facebook marketers meaning most. readers would need some experience with facebook and or marketing. and the technical terms associated with Facebook and facebook. marketing to get the most benefit from this course. If you are still new to facebook marketing don t worry because help is. on the way, If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing in general and the. complete step by step strategies free and paid to market with facebook. I recommend you check out Facebook Marketing Extreme. If you are interested in building a viral Facebook Fan Page from scratch. and discover how to make money with it get the full step by step. newbie friendly Facebook Fanpage Blueprint, If you are new to facebook you may also want to download a FREE. report called How to skyrocket your business with Facebook. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. Contents 3,1 What to expect out of Facebook Marketing 3.
2 Reaching out to the target group 3,3 Find Fans for your Facebook Page 4. 4 Don t use traditional marketing strategies 4,5 Use your skills to educate and entertain 4. 6 Establishing your presence 4,7 Provide audio video of your company business 5. 8 Establish your brand 5,9 Engage in two way communication 5. 10 Sell products that align with your brand image 5. 11 Reaching out to Influencers 5,12 Setup Communities 6.
13 Marketing a donation drive on your group 6, 14 Share Create exclusive content with your group 6. 15 Track your Competitor s Facebook participation 6. 16 Measuring your marketing strategies on Facebook 7. 17 Create Facebook contest to invite people to your page 7. 18 SEO for your Facebook page 7,19 Become a fan of other fan pages 7. 20 Marketing your Facebook Page 7,21 Create a Viral Note 8. 22 Viral market your Facebook group 8,23 Provide fresh content news feed everyday 8. 24 Measuring the quality of your content 8,25 Invest in Facebook ads to promote your page 8.
Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. 26 The first stage of Facebook Sales Funnel create awareness 9. 27 Stage two Educate 9,28 Stage 3 Engage Entertain 9. 29 Stage 4 Call for Action 9,30 Stage 5 Re engage 9. 31 Metrics for Advertising 10,32 Facebook Insight 10. 33 Budget insights for your advertisements 10,34 Impression advertising vs Click advertising 10. 35 The Multivariate testing 10,36 Effective advertising copy 10.
37 Why go through Facebook Ad Reps 11,38 Common ad mistakes 11. 39 Variables for testing your ad performance split test 11. 40 Facebook Landing Page 11,41 Improving your Landing page 11. 42 Event on Facebook 12,43 Facebook Marketing strategy 12. 44 Marketplace and Networks 12,45 Contests on Facebook 12. 46 Surveys on Facebook 12,47 How to create a survey 13.
48 Facebook Connect 13,49 Virtual Gifts 13,50 Dealing with negative comments on Facebook 13. 51 Realistic approach to answering negative comments 13. 52 What to do and what not to do 14, Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. Introduction, Thank you for purchasing Facebook Marketing Secrets You have taken a wise step. to discover new facebook marketing tips and to boost your online profits. If you are totally new to facebook and facebook marketing I suggest you read up. a bit on facebook marketing strategies like creating facebook groups fan pages. and facebook advertising This will help you a lot in understanding a lot of the. facebook marketing secrets and tips in this ecourse. Also I would recommend that you read and reread the tips and make notes on. the tips that is important for you Some may be more suited for your business or. situation than others, Beware of information overload when you read all these tips in one go I suggest. you study only one or a few tips at most per day and then try to apply them This. way you will benefit more from this course, If you purchased the Audio files you may also want to listen to them while you.
are busy working Using more senses improves learning. Finally good luck with all your facebook marketing and your online business I. hope that you will become very successful and reach all the goals you set for. Without wasting your time any further let us jump right into tip number 1. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. 1 What to expect out of Facebook Marketing, Understandably social media marketing and Facebook in particular is the answer to. next gen marketing and the reason why everyone is eager to join the bandwagon. However you must still work on your marketing campaign to achieve your goals. Facebook is a tool that you can use to accelerate the campaign For a Facebook. campaign to be successful you must understand the goals of your campaign Ask. yourself questions like Do you want to reach new customers or existing ones Do you. expect to generate direct revenue from this campaign Are you trying to increase your. referral business Are you trying to reposition your brand or product Do you want to. improve the customer perception about your customer service Are you trying to. establish a platform for your future products or services Answering these questions will. help you decide how aggressive your marketing strategies should be Design your. marketing strategy bearing in mind that Facebook is an interactive medium. 2 Reaching out to the target group, Do you know that with the ever increasing Facebook users the 35 45 year. demographic is the fastest growing one One of the main strategies to be successful in. marketing on Facebook is to understand your target audience It is not only easier. simpler and cost effective to use Facebook to reach out to your customers but also. easier to reach out to people with similar liking thinking and interest Your marketing. strategy for Facebook must include the following,Create brand awareness. Improve sales, Provide a platform for your customers to communicate. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. The last strategy of communicating with your customers is very important and has a. direct bearing on the first and second strategy Once you address your customers. complaints and implement their suggestions you can see improvement in your sales. revenue and improved brand image The recent AT T s Facebook marketing approach. is a strategy gone wrong due to negligence of customer complaints. 3 Find Fans for your Facebook Page, Potential to reach millions of people is made possible through Facebook You can.
market your product through Facebook pages A page can have unlimited number of. fans When you start building your fan page invite all your friends to be part of it Once. they add themselves to you fans list this activity will be visible to their friends through. the news feed The main difference between Facebook pages and Facebook profiles is. that the former is visible via Internet search engines Once a member becomes a fan of. your page he she can receive messages from your pages Use the share option to. share your page with other members this helps in bringing more people to your page. Facebook has a flexible privacy model you can share your page with only those you. know or make it available on the Internet search engines. 4 Don t use traditional marketing strategies, Implementing traditional marketing strategies doesn t attract customers on Facebook it. might rather backfire on you An example of traditional marketing is controlling your. customers Indulging in intelligent conversation with the Facebook members is a smart. and productive strategy Follow the four pillars of Facebook marketing which are. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. Communication,Collaboration,Entertainment, Intelligent communication is one that will assist you in generating revenue for your. company and at the same time provide customer satisfaction and loyalty by. implementing their suggestions, Collaborating on Facebook can be for various purposes such as viz projects events. exchange files and ideas While project collaboration happens within the organization. events and exchange idea collaboration can be moderated to include the customers. This is a great place to build customer loyalty and brain storm for better product ideas. An open event on Facebook is visible to everyone on the events page and anyone can. add themselves to the guest list However if you want guests by invite only change the. event to secret events category,5 Use your skills to educate and entertain. You can use Facebook as a platform to educate your customers There are many skills. that people like to learn It could be something as simple as mending a broken chair to. fixing the computer As an example if you are trained in troubleshooting Windows 7 and. have a license you can post it on the Facebook pages You can post videos too to. make it entertaining Facebook is one of the best platforms to interact and reach out to. your customers Let us assume that you are a pastry shop owner who specializes in. cakes and has a Facebook page too Here is how you can market yourself on. Facebook Create a page that provides the tips for cake baking post videos showing. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. the process and finally post pictures of pastry from your shop When there is quality. information available on your Facebook page many members will become a fan of your. page and also recommend their friends to visit your page The live feed model of. Facebook further makes it possible to share real time conversation. 6 Establishing your presence, It is an added advantage if you own a business where your employees are active.
members on Facebook because you can develop your presence using your employees. However certain precautions must be taken to ensure that this process doesn t turn into. a fiasco It is important for all your employees to use the same name of your company. on their profile pages When you start to create the page for your company classify it. and choose to go public it provides more visibility to your page Once you create a. page under a particular name you can t change it The only way to get a new name is. to create another page Always remember to upload your logo since it represents your. company and helps in branding,7 Provide audio video of your company business. How do you measure intangible assets Can you measure your company s reputation. or goodwill No So how do you convince your customers about your reputation One. of the ways is through testimonials But it doesn t always work A prospective client. might ask Why should I believe in the testimonials A valid argument indeed Under. these circumstances it is easier to convince your client by taking him her on a tour of. your company If your client is in a different country wouldn t it be much easier and. simpler to tour your company on Facebook Yes that is why you should upload videos. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. and photos of your company If you are a manufacturing company you can upload. videos of the manufacturing unit and the implemented safety measures If you are in. hotel industry shoot a video of the cooking process to prove your cleanliness standards. and if you are a software company post videos of employees working at their desks in a. cosy atmosphere that helps boost productivity These videos and photos will speak a lot. more than words or any other testimony,8 Establish your brand. Brand is the way consumers perceive your company To a parent the brand fisher. price is related to quality and safety similarly for a sports person Nike relates to. comfort and performance So what exactly do you want your customers to associate. your brand with If you are a realtor you might want your brand to be associated with. trustworthiness or if you are an orthodontist you might want to associate your brand. with smile Whatever the case you have to use a consistent design A brand design. can include logos colours catch phrases name etc You can t undo your brand. features once it is established So it is important to think about what you want to convey. through your logos name colour etc McDonald s logo is a classic example of a simple. logo that conveys a strong corporate image Your aim must be to create a logo that by. itself evokes perception about your product and services in the minds of your. customers However do not try to copy logos from other organizations since they are. copyright protected doing so will land you in lot of trouble. 9 Engage in two way communication, Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. For any communication to be fruitful and bear results it must be two way As a. customer how many times have you felt that it is futile to complain about the poor. customer service or the low quality of the products It is not uncommon for people to. experience sub standard service for the money they pay The most important thing after. creating your Facebook page is to establish a two way communication with your. customers fans Assume that you have a bed and breakfast business and have. successfully established your Facebook presence but neglect communicating with your. customers Here is what will happen, Your customers might write on your wall appreciating your customer service and when it. goes unnoticed and un reciprocated the appreciation and communication declines and. eventually stops a very bad marketing strategy When other customers see that you. don t respond to feedback on your wall they stop posting feedback and you lose a. valuable resource to measure your standard of service and reputation. So take time and effort to answer to your customers queries to thank them to. apologise or just to stay in touch,10 Sell products that align with your brand image.
Do you remember the failure of Colgate s Kitchen Entrees that never took off or that of. Pond s toothpaste which failed miserably These are classic examples of products that. are not in line of the brand image Colgate has always been associated with dental and. personal hygiene for consumers to relate ready to eat meals with Colgate was not. palatable Consumers always associated Pond s with fragrance and freshness So. when Pond s launched toothpaste people couldn t relate dental hygiene with fragrance. The lesson learnt from the above examples Do your homework before you venture into. launching new products You must understand your customers thoroughly to know their. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. likes and dislikes Once you have established your brand on Facebook remember that. you can t undo the writings on your wall You will be attracting thousands of fans for your. page Therefore use discretion before launching a new product For example if you are. a flower shop owner extending flower arrangement offer for special occasion falls in line. with your brand but not selling sweets and confectionaries. 11 Reaching out to Influencers, If you are a regular user of Facebook you already understand the importance of. connecting with Influencers For those of you who are new to Facebook Influencers are. people who have the most friends on their list Before you start connecting with. influencers take time to prepare a list of influencers you want to connect to The best. place to start is with your own friends list Start conversations with the influencers by. introducing yourself and take an extra effort to send personalised messages to each of. them If you do a copy paste job and send it to hundreds of influencers your account. will be marked for spam Do not ask them to join your fan page immediately Decide on. a date you want to ask the influencers to join your fan page If you have too many. influencers on your list you can have multiple launch dates. P S This is purely a guerrilla marketing strategy collecting information about. influencers is against the Facebook policy However the information is easily available. therefore proceed with caution when you collect the info Remember not to abuse the. 12 Setup Communities, Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. What if you are working for a cause and do not want public access to your pages Is. there a way around in Facebook to setup pages that have access for privileged. members only Of course yes These are known as Facebook Groups Assume that. you are involved in fund raising for battling cancer in kids or feeding the malnourished. in the under developed countries you can setup a Facebook group You can setup. three different levels of access viz open closed and secret Invite your family and. friends to join your group There are many ways you can market yourself to raise funds. One of the ways is to create group with the message For every person joining the. group 2 dollars go to the Cardiac Care Centre You can come up with any message. of your choice This is a proven strategy to raise funds and expand your group. 13 Marketing a donation drive on your group, Are you stressed about raising a certain amount of money within a short notice Here is. what you can do Post a message on your Facebook group for a Matching donation. drive In a matching donation drive if you raise X amount of money within say 36. hours one of the donors will match the amount raised For this strategy to work you. must have a donor who is willing to match the raised amount Another way is to link the. donation amount to a date For example if you are raising money for your friend to. undergo a heart surgery and her birthday falls on the 25th you can host a birthday. fundraiser event Post a message asking members to donate any amount ending with 5. you must follow up your message with reminder emails. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme. 14 Share Create exclusive content with your group, Now that you have a Facebook group how do you engage its members If you want. your group members to visit the group regularly and participate in its activities you must. create and share content that will retain their interest in group activities Assume that. you are communicating with the same members on different social networking sites like. twitter Linkedin etc and have returned from a holiday Post your pictures and videos. exclusively on Facebook When your members don t find your photos on other sites. they will return to the group to view and participate in group activities Sharing is one of. the ways to maintain exclusivity and retain group members Another way is to create. videos and post it on Facebook If you are an artist and your paintings have won. awards post it first on Facebook before posting it elsewhere This is a great way to. keep your group engaged,15 Track your Competitor s Facebook participation.
No marketing is complete without assessing the market situation of your competitors It. is one of the main benchmarks to measure your own success So it is important that. you track and assess your competitors performance on Facebook If you are in garment. manufacturing business you must be aware of the trendsetters in your business You. must know if your competitors are maintaining pages profiles on Facebook and on. other social networking sites or blogs You can trace the activities using the Internet. search engine The next step is to monitor the quality and quantity of interaction on. social media Make a note of how frequently they update their fan pages provide useful. information interact with their customers and deal with negative feedback This will help. you in understanding if your competitor is genuinely involved in the social media or is. Facebook Fanpage Blueprint Facebook Marketing Extreme.

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