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What s the advantage that successful entrepreneurs have over ones that are over. whelmed and struggling to grow their business A simplified marketing plan They have. ONE complete system for automating their leads and sales. And today the EASIEST way to scale and automate your business is with Facebook ads. Follow this Action Guide and take notes as I show you exactly how to create an automat. ed system that attracts leads and sales every day using Facebook ads. Your Business Assessment,Are you struggling with overwhelm. Do you know when your next lead or sales is going to come in. Do you want to scale and automate your business using Facebook ads. Are you looking to simplify your marketing efforts. Are you working hours upon hours on end,Are you tired of the income roller coaster ride. What distractions are holding you back from growing your business. What 1 2 things could you solely focus on to help you grow your business. www rickmulready com freetraining 1,The People You re Attracting Tra c. Traffic means that you re targeting your Facebook ads to people who. don t know who you are People who likely have never heard of you This is usually when. you re targeting other Facebook pages of businesses in your niche. Traffic Means you re targeting your Facebook ads to people who are. already familiar with you and your brand This would be people on your email list that. you ve uploaded into Facebook people who have visited your website and you re. building a retargeting audience of or your Facebook fans. Traffic Can be defined as people who have previously bought from you. They ve consumed your products or services and fully understand the value you bring. Your Sales System The Funnel,Identify each step of the funnel. www rickmulready com freetraining 2,Your Action Step.
How will life be different when you are getting consistent sales and leads on. Post your response in the comments at www rickmulready com freetrainingvid1. Why All the Fuss About Facebook Ads,Facebook ads MUST be part of your marketing plan. 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second, The average person in the United States spends 40 minutes a day on Facebook. 300 million photos are uploaded every day, 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook Yes that s 100 million. hours per day,There are over billion Facebook users. Over a of which are active on Facebook every day,www rickmulready com freetraining 3.
What does all this mean,Your ARE ON FACEBOOK And they re. What s stopping you from implementing your Facebook ads strategy. Simply running a Facebook ad or two doesn t guarantee that leads and. sales will magically start pouring into your business. It takes a it takes it takes a little, and it takes a to put in the work if you want to see. My 7 step Formula for Putting Leads and Sales On Autopilot with. Facebook Ads, You NEED to know what your goal is and have a strategy for getting to it A great way to. come up with a strategy is to work backwards from your goal For example if your goal is. to sell 3 products or courses every day what needs to happen in order for those sales to. occur Write your goal and what needs to happen to achieve it below. How can you begin a conversation with and add free value to your target customers. Ideas epic blog article how to video webinars video series ebook guide. coupon download discount code free trial to software. www rickmulready com freetraining 4, is by far is THE Most important aspect of your Facebook ads Get it. wrong and you re throwing money out the window,Targeting Ideas.
website visitors,your email list,lookalike audiences. other Facebook pages, Grab a notebook and brainstorm 5 10 other people or businesses in your niche They. could competitors or even your friends, Next brainstorm 3 5 publications people interested in your niche read This could be. magazines or newspapers, Now I want you to think of any associations or business groups that are relevant to your. niche If you re having trouble with any of this exercise you can use Google to type in. biggest associations in your niche or top associations in your niche for example Do. this after the video of course,www rickmulready com freetraining 5.
There are 3 essential ingredients to creating great ads that convert. an or that catches attention,ad copy that piques and. and a l page that, Facebook is a fun and casual platform where people share updates. pictures and videos with their friends and family So approach your ads. with the same casual easy tone Don t be overly business like. Once your ads are running you review your results to see what s working and what s not. working It s about looking at the RIGHT stats to determine what s going on with your ads. Look at the metrics that are most important to the goal of your campaign example below. CONVERSIONS REACH FREQUENCY TOTAL SPENT AVG COST PER CONVERSION. 96 2 589 4 15 149 50 1 56,Website Conversions, What are your 3 key metrics that will help you reach your goal. www rickmulready com freetraining 6, This is where you continue the relationship with your new leads. where you re further them up to you and your business Once you ve. added them to your email list now you get to continue building a relationship with them. through email, When you send your emails yourself further so they begin seeing you.
as the expert you are and focus on giving them tons of value This could be in the form of. helpful articles or videos or links to a podcast episode or a webinar. How can you help your target improve their lives You re solving their challenges. or pain points,Once you ve given great content and they begin to. and you and see you as an authority figure that s when you present. your offer of your product or service and they begin buying from you. The nurture phase is a really important one that a lot of people skip over People aren t. going to buy from someone they don t know and trust Make the effort to nurture your. leads so they become lifelong paying customers,www rickmulready com freetraining 7. Once you re seeing good results with your and a sales. that s converting leads into sales now it s time to scale your ads and. your results,There are a few effective ways to do it. Add more budget to the ads that are performing the best So for example if you re. spending 10 a day bump your budget up to 15 a day When you add budget I. recommend increasing by 50 of your daily budget at a time. Find additional targeting that is similar to the people or groups you re already targeting. For example if I m targeting my ads to people who have an interest in Tony Robbins. and these ads are doing great well I want to find more people who also might like Tony. Robbins So I could also test targeting people who are interested in Success Magazine. or Richard Branson Use Audience Insights for this, Because you ve done the work to find what works this is where you put things on autopi. lot and leads and sales come into your business whether you re working or not.

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