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Title Ethics in Sport Guidelines for Coaches,Title Ethics in Sport Guidelines for Coaches. Title Ethics in Sport Guidelines for Teachers,Author Bruno Avelar Rosa iLIDH. Title Ethics in Sport Guidelines for Teachers,Author BrunoEva. Coordination Avelar Rosa,Ndrio de iLIDH,Carvalho and Louren o Xavier de Carvalho iLIDH. Author Bruno Avelar Rosa iLIDH,Coordination,Revision Jos Eva Ndrio.
Lima de Carvalho,PNED IPDJ andand Louren o,Abel Xavier. Figueiredo de Carvalho iLIDH,Coordination,BrunoEva Avelar. NdrioRosa iLIDH and Louren o Xavier de Carvalho iLIDH. de Carvalho,Revision Jos,Institutional Lima PNED IPDJ. support National and Abel Figueiredo,Coordination for School ESEV IPV. Sports Directorate General,Coordination,Review Eva Ndrio.
Jos Lima de Carvalho,PNED IPDJ and Louren o,and Abel Figueiredo Xavier de Carvalho. ESEV IPV iLIDH,for Education support,Institutional Portuguese Sports. National Confederation,Coordination for Portuguese. School Sports Coaches,Confederation,Directorate Generalof. Review Jos support,Institutional Lima PNED IPDJ and Abel.
National School Figueiredo,Sports ESEV IPV,Coordination General Directorate. Scientific Society,for Education for SportsSports,Portuguese Pedagogy. Confederation Portuguese Coaches Confederation,Institutional support. Education Sports National School,Confederation SportsConfederation. of Portugal Coordination ofGeneral Directorate,Portuguese of.
Scientific,Design Society,Jo o for Sports,Azevedo de SousaPedagogy. Sweet Records,Education SportsofConfederation, Scientific Society Sport Pedagogy of Portugal Confederation of Portuguese Coaches. Design Jo oLuso Illyrian,Publication Azevedo de Sousa Sweet Records. Institute for Human Development iLIDH,Scientific Society. Jo o of Sport,Azevedo Pedagogy,de Sousa Sweet Records.
Publication,Pal cio dos Luso Illyrian,Marqueses de Institute. Ponte defor Human,Lima Development iLIDH,Design Jo oLuso Illyrian. Publication Azevedo de Sousa Sweet Records,Institute for Human Development iLIDH. Printing dos,Publication,Pal cio Marqueses,Luso Illyrian. dos Marqueses de Ponte,BrunoBate DesignStudio,deInstitute de.
Ponte deforLima Mafra,Lima Development iLIDH,Pal cio BrunoBate DesignStudio. dos500 copies de Ponte de Lima Mafra,BrunoBate DesignStudio. ISBN 500 copies,978 989 8817 01 3,BrunoBate DesignStudio. 978 989 8817 02 0,DL 978 989 8817 01 3,Print392020 15. 978 989 8817 02 0,500 copies,978 989 8817 00 6,1st 978 989 8817 00 6.
Edition May 2015,DL Edition,1st 392021 15,1st Edition May 2015. Luso Illyrian Institute for Human Development iLIDH. Luso Illyrian,Luso Illyrian Institute,Institute for. Human Development,Development iLIDH, Luso Illyrian Institute for Human Development iLIDH. Untitled 2 2 20 04 2015 15 08 10,Untitled 2 2 20 04 2015 15 08 10. It was with sport that I learned everything I know about ethics. Ethics in Sport,GUIDELINES FOR TEACHERS,Ethics in Sport.
Guidelines for Teachers, The present document has been published by the Luso Illyrian Institute for. Human Development as part of its cooperation with the National Plan for. Ethics in Sport in Portugal and forms part of the LEDs Play module from the. LED on Values Programme Its content is stimulated by the praise for ethics. in sport in the Code of Sports Ethics promoted by the European Council the. European Sports Charter and the UNESCO International Charter of Physical. Education and Sport It is also a result of the European Parliament resolution. proposal on the European Dimension in Sport, Teachers in general and Physical Education teachers in particular are. central figures in the educational process It is the responsibility of teachers. to guide and transmit ethical values whether in the specific context of. Physical Education classes or in School Sports activities or in a larger. context such as education and citizenship in which sports education can. play an essential role This responsibility is also shared by the schools to. which they are attached insofar as they represent a community of practice. development and sharing, In this sense the Guidelines for Teachers presented here are aimed at. enhancing the framework for teachers in carrying out their pedagogic work. among their students particularly younger individuals from the point of. view of education for values and sports ethics, Starting from a conceptual approach different support tools are supplied. so that teachers can operationalise their activity within education towards. ethics through the practice of sport further improving their educational. intervention,www ilidh org,What is ethics and what is its purpose.
Ethics refers to ethos principle basis foundation a set of archetypes models and values that. form the character of each person and they translate through action into their way of being. Ethics is thus the set of norms of behaviour and ways of life through which human beings tend to. realize the value of the good,Why ethics in sport and in Physical Education. Ethics as a system of values helps us to be aware that we cannot live in any manner whatsoever. that in life not everything is permitted and that our behaviour has consequences for others and for. the society that we help to create The same vision should be applied to the practice of physical and. sports activities Physical Education in schools involving multiple sports activities also praises. the plurality and multidimensionality of these practices and the content which is their teaching. and learning object This content extends beyond the development of physical qualities and motor. and sporting abilities and guides teachers in terms of the need to develop other aspects which. are more connected with the individual as a whole such as education for health and education. for values In this sense physical and sporting activities due to the singular capital they possess. can and should also be used with a view to develop ethics as a system of values linked to sporting. and educational phenomenon,What are the values of sport. Institutionally the following principles can be identified as being the structuring values of sport. International International,Fair Play Olympic,Committee Committee. Performance and achievement performance should always Joy of effort Young people develop and practise physical. be linked to the effort used to achieve objectives behavioural and intellectual skills by challenging themselves. Rules performance is worthwhile if done in compliance with and each other in physical activities movement games and. the rules sport, Equal opportunities without exception everyone has access Fair play Fair play is a sports concept but it is applied. to sports enjoying within it the same rights and the same worldwide today in many different ways Learning fair. duties Practice and competition conditions must also be play behaviour in sport can lead to the development and. the same for different athletes and no prior benefit should reinforcement of fair play behaviour in the community and. be given to some over others in life, Respect need to show tolerance and acceptance to all those Respect for others When young people who live in a.
involved in sport and outside it multicultural world learn to accept and respect diversity and. Health sporting activities and behaviour associated with practise personal peaceful behaviour they promote peace. these should never jeopardize the health and well being of and international understanding. athletes and their teammates opponents Pursuit of excellence A focus on excellence can help young. people to make positive healthy choices and strive to. become the best that they can be in whatever they do. Balance between body will and mind Learning takes, place in the whole body not just in the mind and physical. literacy and learning through movement contribute to the. development of both moral and intellectual learning. Ethics in Sport,In addition to the values that are potentially. associated with it sport is neutral because,It can promote ethical values or the contrary. It can promote the development of a positive self image and. respect for others or the contrary,It can strengthen the community or the contrary. It can promote socialisation the development of new. friendships and their strengthening reinforcing healthy. lifestyles and stimulating community participation and social. cohesion or on the contrary it can promote violence doping. cheating and winning at any cost, It depends on the stakeholders involved in guiding sport.
as a tool for the development of ethics and values. Teachers of physical education a school discipline where sport. plays a key role are key stakeholders and as such they should. take responsibility for the transmission and strengthening of. ethical values in the educational process developed. Because they are stakeholders attached to the educational. and training framework of sporting practice, Because of the leadership position which they take in the. educational process stimulated by sporting activity. Because of the potential example they can offer students. Because of their responsibility for the implementation of. curriculum objectives related to ethics in sport, Because of the role in the construction of the student s identity. taking as drivers for their vocational and career guidance. Teachers must also assume responsibility for preventing. and resolving conflicts that promote and reduce the. following behaviour,PREJUDICE RACISM HOMOPHOBIA,VIOLENCE GENDER STEREOTYPES. DOPING BULLYING CORRUPTION,COMBINATION OF RESULTS,Code of Sports Ethics. The Code of Sports Ethics promoted,by PNED IPDJ identifies the.
responsibilities of teachers and,educational institutions from the point. of view of education for values and,ethics through the practice of sport. Commitment to Sports Ethics,Responsibilities of Teachers and. Educational Institutions, Teach and transmit the values of Sports Ethics to students. Give value through their technical notations to the aspect of the values of sports ethics. Recognize the activities of the School and University Sports as a means of promoting sports. ethics within the educational community, Promote disseminate and practise the global teaching of human values where sport.
ethically practised serves as a tool and a special means to achieve this. Programme guidelines, What do Physical Education curricula have to say on values and ethics in sport. in the different Educational Cycles, Identify the scope of sports ethics as one of four purposes. Promote understanding and the application of principles processes and organizational problems. and participation in different types of physical activities from the perspective of cultural events. and continuing education emphasizing in particular. Ethics and the sporting spirit, Personal and collective responsibility cooperation and solidarity. Hygiene and personal and collective safety, Civic awareness in preserving the conditions for carrying out physical activities especially the. quality of the environment, Also recognize the importance of ethics from the point of view of preventing deviant behaviour.
Critically analyse general aspects of ethics in the participation in Sports Physical Activities. linking the social economic political and other interests with some of its perversions namely. Early specialisation and early exclusion or dropout. Doping and risks to life and or health, Violence of spectators and athletes v sporting spirit. Corruption v sporting truth, What do Physical Education curricula have to say on values and ethics in sport. in the different Educational Cycles, Generally the contents of this material in each of the educational Cycles make reference to the. following goals through which we can also identify the following values. GENERAL OBJECTIVES IDENTIFIED VALUES, Cooperating in learning and organisation situations choosing. actions conducive to success safety and good relational Cooperation. environment in the activity of the class, Relating with warmth and respect for their classmates both.
in the role of teammates as well as that of opponents Warmth and Respect. Introducing initiatives and personal development proposals. for individual and group activity and showing interest and Initiative and Participation. objectivity in those presented by their classmates. Taking the opportunity and interest to support the efforts of. classmates promoting mutual aid to support the improvement Mutually aiding. and satisfaction of self and other s, Accepting the support of classmates in self improvement. efforts and the options of the other s and the difficulties Solidarity. shown by him her them, Participate in a committed manner to improving their ability. in different types of activity aiming to perform appropriate Engagement. actions with correction and opportunity, Foster sportspersonship and fair play with respect to the Sportspersonship. rules of the activities and all those involved and Fair Play. Taking on commitments and responsibilities for organisation. Commitment and, and preparation of individual and or group activities and their. Responsibility, inherent tasks and fulfilling these with commitment and pride.
Agreeing on group decisions and tasks with classmates. Citizenship and, with fairness and respect for individual requirements and. Democratic Spirit,possibilities, Analyse and interpret the holding of selected physical. Justice and, activities and apply knowledge regarding technique. organisation and participation sports ethics etc, It is also noted that in some curricular content with regard to certain specific sports disciplines there is a. need to know the ethics of the fighter Combat the ethics of the Judoka Judo the ethics of the player the. Portuguese Stick game and the ethics of the shooter Archery. Responsibility of the teacher, How to educate for ethical values in and through sport.
BEING A TEACHER,Need to establish oneself as an EXAMPLE. The student is the mirror,of the teacher,TEACHER STUDENT. Need to represent and express certain values to your students. Understanding Flexibility Discipline Rigour,Tolerance Support Demands Respect. Autonomy Differentiation Responsibility Equity,Justice Fun Straightforwardness Commitment. How to educate for ethical values in and through sport. BEING A TEACHER,Need to understand SCHOOL SPORTS COMPETITION as a.
sporting event that is part of the EDUCATIONAL PROCESS and. not its end product, Competition should be understood as an educational participatory and social tool in addition to. being a valid instrument for transmitting values, The objective associated with competition should be to create favourable and positive habits and. attitudes regarding the practice of sport and the actual act of competing. Educational competition should,Be imbued with the playful spirit. Be open not discriminating against anyone for any reason. Promote full respect for the rules others the space and the self. Stimulate personal and group effort, Not just be about results and this also involves personal and collective development. Need to understand COMPETITION not only in its formal and regulatory. sense but as an activity with great educational potential which could. and should be stimulated within DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES AND. TASKS carried out within the classroom context,Pedagogy as an example.
Is my behaviour as a teacher exemplary in promoting ethical values with those. with whom I relate In what way do I influence my students. The following questions are intended to help teachers realize the impact their behaviour has on. students They are derived from ethical principles which should be important for teachers and the. educational process they are involved in, Are my comments and actions appropriate with regard to the beliefs and experiences of. Do I try enough to understand the expectations and viewpoints of the students. Does my physical posture show a desire to dominate Or on the contrary does it demonstrate. a readiness for dialogue, What relationship do I establish between tolerance and discipline. Are my students afraid of me,Do my students respect me. Am I fair and impartial in the decisions I make, How well do I know my students as individuals What evidence do I have to base this knowledge. Can I motivate my students by differentiating their profile and goals. Do I develop a positive atmosphere for the development of the skills that I am teaching. Are the motivational guidelines I give my students task or ego based. What is my reaction when a student makes a mistake. Do I invite my students into the different decision making processes. How much power do I have over my students and how do I use this. Am I doing the right thing Why, It is important that all teachers have the habit of carrying out a self analysis process concerning the.
suitability of their behaviour in terms of their educational impact. To correct ethically inappropriate behaviour the teacher should consider taking the following. steps for reflection and action,Admit the possibility that we make mistakes. Identify honestly and sincerely which mistakes have been made and what forms of prejudice. have been developed as a result, Identify specific actions that reflect the mistakes made and which alternatives can be used. Request the support of other colleagues so that they can help to find a solution for the mistakes. made prevent them and correct them, The focus and awareness of teachers regarding the importance of their role as an educational agent. must be ongoing,Will I be educating them,through sporting activity. Pedagogy as an example, 5 topics to improve the educational intervention of the teacher.
1 Keep in mind the educational aims, How can I educate for values What do I want to achieve from my actions. Recommendation 1 based on the characteristics of the group identify the personal interpersonal. and civic goals which you wish to see be achieved,2 Promote dialogue. How can I include the students in the reflections connected with their involvement in the. activity and their resulting learning, Recommendation 2 during the dialogues which take place during the lessons stimulate. discussions using certain questions to guide these dialogues to enable students to reflect on. their view of things, 3 Use language which promotes closeness trust and understanding. How should I communicate in front of different publics and different students. It is adults who should adapt their language to the ability and understanding of children. and young people For example instead of signalling the need to learn how to work as a. team an expression which without concrete examples of what you want ends up being too. vague finish the statement by saying for example look at where your teammates are before. continuing the game, Recommendation 3 be careful with words keeping what you say logically simple asking at the.
end if your message has been understood, 4 Take time to plan for the future and reflect on the past. How can I maintain control and carry out my educational aims Planning and organising the. teaching learning process is very important such as consulting discussing and reflecting. with the students on the goals and the importance of the contents worked on or to be worked. on In this way it is important to ask how students experience and understand the games. learning activities and their relationship between each other. Recommendation 4 visualise the holding of classes and imagine a space for reflecting and. discussing with the students Predict the type of questions which may be used to guide the. resulting discussion,5 Stimulate being responsible and proactive. How can I guide the students to assume responsible behaviour How can I guide the students. in their transformation from passive individuals to active individuals. Recommendation 5 assign different responsibilities when organising classes forming groups. packing up material taking on the role of captain or referee All the students should take on. all the roles and they should also be responsible for managing the schedule of tasks.

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