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Growing Together with Our Employees, One of the objectives of CITIC Limited is to build a platform on which employees can showcase their talents and. abilities We not only consider what employees can do for us but what we can do for our employees Through a. set of carefully designed initiatives we believe we can grow with our employees. Equality as the Foundation of Growth, Our labour contracts were established and modified in accordance with relevant laws. and regulations to protect the lawful rights of our employees and to develop strong. Legal relationships with our staff Our labour contract signing rate was 100 over the years. compliance CITIC Prudential adopted a new labour contract policy under which staff initially signed a. one year fixed term labour contract without a probationary period clause and with a non. fixed term labour contract to be signed upon expiry. We are committed to the provision of fair opportunities in our staff recruitment process. Equal job by adhering to the principle of open recruitment based on merit without regard to race. opportunities nationality religion physical disability or gender. Staff overview, At the end of 2017 CITIC Limited employed 243 036 staff representing an increase of 115 426 as compared with. the previous year 1, Percentage of workforce Percentage of workforce by. by gender educational background,52 53 47 47 0 17 5 81.
62 11 31 91,Post graduates,College graduates,Junior college. Male graduates or below, 1 The 112 360 employees from M China Management Limited were included in the scope of statistics. 130 CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017,Percentage of workforce Percentage of workforce. by age groups by industries,4 76 2 50 1 30 16 00,23 39 1 09. 7 94 30 or below Financial Services,31 to 35 Resources Energy.
36 to 40 Manufacturing,41 to 45 Engineering Contracting. 46 to 50 Real Estate,15 43 51 to 55 Others including. infrastructure industry,56 or above and information industry. 52 37 56 84,Percentage of workforce,by working places. 0 70 11 95,Beijing Australia,Other areas within Mainland China Germany.
Hong Kong the United States,Macau and Taiwan Other countries and regions. CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017 131,Incentives To. Consolidate Growth,a remuneration We continued,system in place across to optimise our. all of our subsidiaries which,performance appraisal. is guided by the remuneration and remuneration systems. policies of relevant local governments,during the year to bring out.
and based on business results This,better business performance We also. market oriented mechanism makes,introduced a differentiated appraisal. reference to statistical data on salaries, and remuneration prepared by professional mechanism and improved our industry. consultants with equal emphasis on market benchmark matching system based on our. competitiveness and fairness It also correlates management principles for different types of. salary with performance to reward top talent companies which are classified according to. with competitive pay Staff morale and cohesion their business characteristics and development. is thus enhanced as will the sustainable growth of stages This helped to create a closer link. the Company between performance appraisal results and staff. remuneration incentives with a strong emphasis,CITIC Engineering Design engaged consultants. to help optimise the remuneration system and on value creation and shareholder returns for our. medium and long term incentive plans CITIC subsidiaries as well as for the Company s overall. Press established a base salary plan for its strategic direction. strategic investment and innovation,business units.
We continued to improve the,insurance benefit schemes working hours. and annual leave provisions we offer to our staff In. accordance with local government requirements we provided. basic social insurance policies and most of our subsidiaries have instituted. corporate annuities supplementary pension insurance and supplementary. medical insurance schemes, For our young employees we provided apartments and support services. in Beijing and other cities where the housing shortage is acute CITIC. Telecom International received the Good MPF Employer award by the. Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority and the Support. for MPF Management Award in Hong Kong,Welfare and Bene ts. The exterior of CITIC Youth Apartment Shuttle Bus for CITIC Youth Apartment Gym at the CITIC Youth Apartment. 132 CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017,Training for Future Growth. In line with our people oriented philosophy we arrange for staff postings and exchanges. Career between our headquarters and subsidiaries among subsidiaries and between CITIC and. Paths relevant provincial and municipal governments This has broadened the training of our staff. and given them greater exposure to our diverse operations. Talent To implement our Talent Strategy during the 13th FYP period we formed five talent teams. Strategy which will function as a talent pool in support of the Company s development. Five talent teams,No Team Training Objective Training Features.
Promote a competitive and orderly selection process improve. To cultivate a senior the evaluation system and find innovative new ways to utilise. Senior management team with talents, 1 management international vision strategic Increase the proportion of market based recruitment and. team thinking innovative spirit and implement a comprehensive professional manager system. management ability Provide a high level management team with global vision and. ability to make strategic breakthroughs, Establish a talent system and send selected staff on. international academic exchanges and cooperation,To develop a group of industry. programmes,leaders with high theoretical, Industry Launch a leadership training programme and build a. 2 ability strong innovation first,leaders team leadership training base.
class professional competence, Pay special attention to the development of leaders in strategic. and practical achievements, planning risk assessment and capital operation while selecting. and training CITIC craftsmen,To build a senior technical. technical team Combine talent development with abilities in scientific. team for providing advanced,to provide research and key projects. professional and technology, 3 advanced Develop special channels to develop talent with key skill sets.
skills This team should have, skills and Provide training development and incentives for senior staff. enough members and a,technology with advanced skills. reasonable structure, To establish an international Increase exchanges with senior management of companies. talent reserve system to both at home and abroad, develop a senior management Recruit talent through intermediaries. International team and professional technical Build a platform for medium and long term training and short. 4 team team with broad international term intense training for international management talent and. vision creative thinking and expert employees, expertise in overseas business Clarify the correspondence between domestic and overseas.
management posts, Implement a career management system for outstanding. To cultivate a dynamic young officers and guide their growth according to ethical. pioneering versatile innovative knowledge and performance standards. Outstanding, well rounded and dedicated Attract and foster outstanding young talent from the. 5 young officers, young team who can fit in with management technical and front line operation team. CITIC s culture and support Establish an outstanding young talent pool and organise. CITIC s sustainable growth additional study and training within the Company at research. institutes or overseas,CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017 133. In 2017 our subsidiaries organised more than 6 000 training programmes with over 700 000. staff participating In particular the Company launched the CITIC Excellence Training. Project to help talents develop more versatile skills The Company also organised large scale. training in Hong Kong for the first time and set up open classes The Company encourages. subsidiaries to share training resources and to synergise their training. CITIC Bank initiated an employee certification training system China Securities organised. Training the Special Advanced Class to Strengthen Leadership Quality for 26 business managers. Programmes who had been in their jobs for an average of 10 years since their graduation in 2007 and. had already moved into executive posts CITIC Dicastal invited three groups of US Dicastal. employees to take the training in China At CITIC Heavy Industries we developed and. reviewed 5 major categories of work and 12 skills upgrading courses CITIC Press established. a training development system consisting of promotion for specific and general abilities. new employee training online training and external resources training CITIC Pacific received. the Manpower Developer award of the Employees Retraining Board ERB during the year in. recognition of its efforts in staff training and personnel development. Launch of CITIC Excellence Training Project CITIC CP Group Itochu Joint Training Programme. Rewarding Our Staff, In 2017 one of our overseas staff won the Chinese Government Friendship Award and three.
won special government allowances from the State Council Outstanding young employees. and the young officers team also received honours from the Company. Awards and, Among our subsidiaries CITIC Telecom International was presented with the Family Friendly. recognitions Employer Award by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau the Hong Kong Family Council. and the Macau Foundation respectively Dai Xiaoyun Studio of the Lidian Energy Group was. named a Jiangyin Skills Master Studio and Yangzhou Pacific selected 10 Pacific craftsmen. for setting an example to employees, During the year Chairman Chang Zhenming and General Manager Wang Jiong met with. award winning experts to support them and their scientific researches We contacted media. outlets such as People s Daily to publicise our human resources programmes. Some of our subsidiaries took the opportunity of International Labour Day to showcase. model workers and mobilise other employees Xinyegang Steel provided special allowances. to the Xinyegang Steel craftsmen and operation experts. 134 CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017, To promote quality of life and improve staff morale in the workforce the Company organises. a variety of recreational sports social and other activities These include football basketball. badminton and other sports activities as well as events for parents and their children. To help employees in need the Company established a Mutual Help Fund with over. Employee RMB400 000 provided to subsidise the education of our employees children On New Year s. Day and during the Chinese New Year period our corporate headquarters donated over. activities, RMB1 3 million to help 221 employees in our 26 subsidiaries and their families. CITIC Securities set up a space for nursing employees while CITIC Huyu invited psychologists. to provide regular mental health counselling The business division of CITIC Construction Algeria. sent 11 employees to a sports meeting organised by local China invested enterprises. Ma Kai Vice Premier of the State Council The CITIC men s basketball team competed at an invitational tournament. presented the 2017 Chinese Government,Friendship Award to Jack Ling Chan Lung an.
overseas employee from CITIC Heavy Industries, Summer camp for employees children at CITIC Resources Karazhanbas oilfield Chang Zhenmin Chairman of CITIC Limited. met with experts who had received special,government allowances from the State Council. CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017 135,Health and Safety. Our safety policy emphasises prevention and comprehensive management for our employees physical and mental. health Under our safety management policy we supervise and inspect our facilities to eliminate possible risks and. dangers and carry out extensive an staff awareness programme on safe operations. Controlling risks from the source, We comply with all relevant laws and regulations on occupational health and safety and continued strengthening. our safety management system to ensure safe working conditions. CITIC Limited, In 2017 CITIC Limited organised safe production training programmes for all subsidiaries and visited the sites of major.
subsidiaries We also held a Safe Production Month and distributed educational videos on safe production. CITIC Limited has pledged to inspect its subsidiaries engaged in resources and energy manufacturing and engineering. contracting with targets set for safety management at all levels of the Company. CITIC Mining International, CITIC Mining International established a Health Safety Management System HSMS to help employees and contractors. meet regulatory requirements The HSMS system and related safety practices will continue to be enhanced and. integrated into CITIC Mining s corporate culture, In 2017 CITIC Mining held an HSE Contractors Forum to promote better communication on safety and developed a. Fatality Risk Management programme for maintaining zero fatalities and zero high potential incidents. Protecting workers health and safety, During the year we strengthened our safety measures to greatly reduce control or eliminate safety risks We also. distributed protective equipment and carried out regular health checks. CITIC Heavy Industries, CITIC Heavy Industries distributed protective devices and minimised risks leading to work related injuries and. occupational diseases Each year the Company conducts checks on harmful factors such as noise manganese dust and. radiation and introduces preventive measures to guard against these risks. In 2017 CITIC Heavy Industries organised health checks for 1 546 employees exposed to various hazards No serious. injuries deaths or new cases of occupational disease were reported during the year. Sunburst Energy Shandong New Dragon Coal Mine, CITIC Heavy Industries distributed protective devices and minimised risks leading to work related injuries and.
occupational diseases Each year the Company conducts checks on harmful factors such as noise manganese dust and. radiation and introduces preventive measures to guard against these risks. In 2017 CITIC Heavy Industries organised health checks for 1 546 employees exposed to various hazards No serious. injuries deaths or new cases of occupational disease were reported during the year. 136 CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017,Improved accident prevention. We believe that a thorough troubleshooting system is the best way to maintain safety and prevent accidents This involves. special screenings with daily checks to identify possible risks and dangers and to resolve existing safety problems and. hazards on a timely basis,CITIC Heavy Industries, In the first half of 2017 CITIC Heavy Industries organised all units to check those places with less operation for. preparation process and post processing outside workshops 127 were identified as potential risk sources in the second. half year it reviewed all potential risk sources It formulated differentiated control and management measures for type A. B and C hazardous operations to improve the differentiated control and management system of each unit. It also carried out special inspections on the basis of comprehensive inspection of potential dangers As for the 482. comprehensive inspections and 3 318 special inspections no major risks and hazards were found. CITIC Construction, CITIC Construction installed a Project Site Safety Monitoring System with over 40 cameras in 5 divisions and 11 project. departments to give headquarters the ability to conduct real time monitoring and maximise safety. The Business Division of CITIC Construction in Latin America inspected more than 300 items in 9 categories for potential. safety hazards and recommended corrective measures for each. Safety awareness training, We carry out regular in depth security training and emergency exercises publish manuals and give lectures to. raise safety standards among employees,CITIC Resources CITIC Construction.
Yuedong Oilfield of CITIC Resources organised its annual emergency practice drill at its onshore terminal processing. plant during the year The exercise included a simulated rescue firefighting and oil spill recovery as well as training in. sewage recycling and disposal, The business divisions of CITIC Construction in eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of the Independent States also. undertook safety education and training in 2017 Additionally they had subcontractors and construction staff conduct. daily safety inspections weekly safety meetings and monthly work meetings to promote safety knowledge and skills. CITIC Building, CITIC Building set up an emergency response team in which members participated in government fire safety training. and monthly fire simulation drills Additionally the Company checked its safety training and emergency plan and held. a fire safety evacuation and self rescue exercise Other safety initiatives during the year included fire safety training. publication of a fire safety leaflet and a fire safety bulletin board posted in public areas. Emergency drill at the central land treatment station of Yuedong Oilfield Fire safety training at CITIC Construction in the Republic of Belarus. CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017 137,Environmental Responsibility. For CITIC protecting the environment is considered to be not only part of our social responsibility commitment. but a critical factor in our sustainable growth Our subsidiaries are also required to maintain green operations and. offices that improve our living environment and contribute to a Beautiful China. Environmental Performance, Air pollutants 35 683 31 tonnes Waste 52 184 556 02 tonnes. Nitrogen oxides,Sulfur oxide Hazardous wastes,Particulates Non hazardous wastes.
Water consumption 136 870 063 94 tonnes,Direct water consumption. Indirect water consumption, Greenhouse gases Power consumption Natural gas Gasoline Diesel. 40 929 769 72 10 009 438 554 49 650 683 469 13 4 820 406 78 78 368 630 63. tonnes kilowatt hours m3 liters liters,138 CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017. The Lidian Group of CITIC Pacific received the Green Model Enterprise award from the Jiangyin. Environmental Protection Bureau, The Information Technology Research and Development Base of CITIC Bank Project contracted by CITIC. Construction was named a 2017 National Construction Industry Green Construction Green Demonstration. CITIC Telecom International earned two Hong Kong Green Organisation Certifications and the bronze medal. in the Hong Kong Excellence Award for media and the telecom industry. CITIC Envirotech received the 2017 China s Environmental and Social Responsibility Enterprise award at the. 2017 China Green Development Forum, CITIC Press received the 2017 Beijing Tianjin and Hebei Green Printing Excellent Press award.
Performance of CITIC Envirotech in 2017, Water Treatment Energy Conservation Solid Waste Treatment. Over 60 sewage treatment Savings of about 22 million Invested in 26 incinerator. plants m3 gas for customers projects to convert household. waste into power 14 of which, Daily sewage treatment Savings of about 30 million have since been put into. capacity of over 5 5 million kwh of power for customers operation. These projects will generate,around 5 2 billion kwh. CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017 139,Green Management. We comply with all environmental laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we operate We. have also improved our environmental management system and established a long term mechanism for green. development as a foundation for the continuous improvement of our environmental management Projects. undertaken by the Company during the year included afforestation and publicity on our environmental protection. initiatives as well as other activities to encourage green practices among our employees. CITIC Mining International Green Programme, CITIC Mining International continued to improve its SinoSAFE ENVIRONMENT programme during the year Under this.
programme tests and inspections were carried out on the condition of local plant life and quality of surface water and. seawater in the onshore and offshore habitats surrounding its projects with each department taking responsibility for. managing its waste In 2017 CITIC Mining International submitted more than 20 annual environmental compliance. reports to the relevant Australian government regulators for the Sino Iron project An environment regulator for the. project noted In general a good standard of environmental management has been maintained on site for a project of. this scale and complexity,CITIC Heavy Industries Green Measures. In 2017 CITIC Heavy Industries introduced its Comprehensive Conservation Plan Assessment Methods 2017 which sets. out detailed assessment indicators for key energy consuming production departments It also introduced more than. 100 energy consumption quotas and new rules and regulations governing energy conservation particularly with regard. to energy waste A total of 96 energy saving inspections were conducted throughout the year and 100 cases of energy. wastage including release spill drippling and leakage were identified with solutions for curbing the waste. During the year the Company also updated and upscaled its existing energy distribution capacity utilising Internet. technologies including an energy management system Plans were also put in place for gas demand side and power. demand side management platforms at the branch factory workshop working group and main equipment level. CITIC Construction Green Construction, In 2017 CITIC Construction incorporated green construction in its new projects In accordance with its new Project. Management Handbook all business and project departments now have green construction schemes that make use. of BIM technology to minimise energy and resource consumption and reduce the impact of construction on the. environment,140 CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017, Improving the Environment Preserving the Local Ecology. CITIC Limited and its principal subsidiaries, carried out 60 more times of tree planting activities. during the year with more than 3 000,employees participating.
Tree planting by staff from the head office of CITIC Limited CITIC Trust CITIC Metal Group and other subsidiaries. On 2017 World Environment Day subsidiaries and the water treatment plants of CITIC Envirotech together with local environment regulators. launched a series of science outreach activities targeting young people. CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017 141,Green Operation. At CITIC sustainability is an important part of our entire production process and business management In addition. to supporting national policies for industrial transformation and upgrading we have also been implementing strict. pollution control measures including discharged waste and made our energy and water utilisation rates more. efficient to achieve a low carbon operation across the Group. Development of green finance,Green credit, In 2017 CITIC Bank put green credit policies in place clarifying priority areas for extending green credit and the. corresponding requirements CITIC Bank also began incorporating a green appraisal system in all of its branches. and implemented a green credit audit system By the end of the year the loan balances granted by CITIC Bank. under green credit projects amounted to RMB60 358 million up by 52 15. Control of credit risks in certain sectors and industries. For sectors and industries characterised by high pollution high energy consumption and excess capacity CITIC. Bank adopted a management system and measures that rank customers by category Companies with technical. advantages high efficiency and good market prospects will continue to receive support while others will have. their loans gradually reduced and recovered In cases where loans cannot be exited from in a short time period. but otherwise have a good credit standing these will eventually be dropped when it is appropriate for the Bank to. do so By the end of the year loan balances of CITIC Bank customers in sectors and industries with high pollution. high energy consumption and excess capacity increased by 4 49 to RMB45 710 million with their proportion to. total corporate loans decreasing by 0 05 percentage points compared with that of the previous year. Promotion of E banking transactions, Banking by Internet and through mobile channels achieved rapid growth in 2017 By the end of the year the. Bank s total number of personal mobile banking customers reached 27 326 300 up by 39 53 while the number. of personal mobile banking transactions reached RMB4 232 368 million up by 55 52 The personal online. banking business grew steadily with existing subscribers reaching 27 509 500 up by 19 18 The transaction. substitution rate of e banking transactions reached 98 96 up by 1 13. Green trust, In cooperation with local governments CITIC Trust continued to support environmental projects related to power. generation through household waste incineration wetland development and integrated water environment. treatment in Liupanshui City Guizhou Province Weifang City Shandong Province and Huzhou City Zhejiang. Province CITIC Trust also cooperated with the People s Government of Rugao City Jiangsu Province to establish a. RMB3 billion trust project the CITIC Minhui 52 Trust Fund Scheme for the Development of Energy Saving and New. Energy Automobile Industry to support green car manufacturing. Reduction of emissions, During the year we gave top priority to reducing emissions including waste gas waste water and solid waste.
through technology in line with the principles of clean development clean production and clean operation. 142 CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017,Control of gas pollutants. Initiatives Achievements, The Yuedong Oilfield adopted a variety of Annual fuel oil consumption recorded a. initiatives in its oil production gathering reduction of 1 035 tons including reductions. and transportation including substituting of oxynitride and sulphur dioxide emissions. heating systems and replacing crude oil with along with other pollutants. natural gas which saved energy and reduced,CITIC emissions. With the assistance of a third party laboratory All local environmental protection laws. the Seram Oilfield monitored the local and regulations in respect of water and. environment and regularly submitted reports air pollution control hazardous waste. to the government management and discharge control of oil. contaminated water were fully observed, Xingcheng Special Steel invested RMB273 Approximately 2 000 tons of annual dust. million to enclose its main stock yard and emissions were cut significantly improving the. blending yard environment, XinYegang Steel continued to control dust on All of the projects undertaken during the.
work sites and upgraded a number of facilities year brought the Company s facilities into. to comply with regulations These included compliance with national standards. CITIC Pacific the 520m3 blast furnaces the No 16 wind. Special Steel proofing and dust suppression walls in the. Qingdao Special Steel invested RMB45 51,million to enclose the A and B strip zone of. the stockyard and invested RMB33 87 million,in the 2 dust proof renovation project for the. ground receiving coal bunker, As of January 2017 Lidian Energy Group had During the year all environmental protection. completed the transformation of all 8 units to equipment was in good working condition. achieve ultra low emissions of air pollutants with flue gas desulphurisation efficiency. and completed the wide load denitrification reaching 98 79 The operation rate of. Sunburst transformation of 6 and 8 units 3 unit desulphurisation facilities reached 100 and. Energy denitrification system optimizing and other the operation rate of de dusting facilities. technological transformation projects reached 100 Emission indexes for air. pollutants were better than expected at the,beginning of the year. Seram Oilfield under CITIC Resources conducting an environmental Roofing project of raw material ground by Qingdao Special Steel of. check CITIC Pacific Special Steel,CITIC Limited Annual Report 2017 143.

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