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English 99 Accelerated Introduction to Reading amp Writing
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Course Theme EDUCATION AND POWER, All of our readings and assignments are organized around a central theme A themed course in. which the class engages in a series of related readings and discussions around a particular topic. is something you will encounter at times during your college experience Having a central theme. for the next fifteen weeks will help us focus our thinking and conversations share a common. interest and develop a kind of expertise on the topic. Our theme in English 99 this semester in one that we are hopefully all already invested in. simply by showing up today the social and political implications of learning On the one hand. there is a common sense in the U S that education is a key path to greater freedom and self. reliance embodied in the phrase knowledge is power At the same time in practice many. people have had profoundly negative experiences in school they have encountered a system that. despite its best intentions has worked to enforce conformity silence voices and reinforce a. sense of powerlessness in the world Here are some questions that we will be considering. throughout the course as work through this tension between empowerment and powerlessness in. U S institutions of education, What s at stake in pursuing a higher education Is educational empowerment simply about gaining. greater economic power Can a college education empower in other equally important ways. How have our past experiences in school at home and in our communities shaped our current. thinking about how we learn who we are and what we can achieve as college students How do our. backgrounds identities and mentalities impact our ability and desire to learn. In what ways do overlapping facets of identity like race ethnicity social class gender disability. and nationality impact how one is treated by the educational system Does everyone have equal. access to an empowering education in the U S, Despite seemingly good intentions do educational institutions sometimes operate oppressively. How so What would a more liberating empowering classroom look like What shape would. learning take in these spaces how would teachers and students interact and what goals would such a. classroom strive for, What are some current real world examples and accounts of students and teachers working toward. freedom and empowerment What forms does learning take in these situations What kinds of. obstacles emerge What is the significance of this resistance. We will read the course texts closely and write about them thoughtfully throughout the. semester In so doing I hope we all become more conversant in this topic and come to. understand the ways in which U S culture and society has tried to make sense of the diverse. populations that navigate its vast education system As a group making contact in this very. system I hope we have some productive and interesting discussions. Student Learning Outcomes SLOs for English 99, After successfully completing this class each student should be able to.
1 Compose well organized and developed essays with effective use of evidence. 2 Identify the parts of an author s argument and the strategies used to convey that. Course Requirements, Write five short papers three of which are written at home workshopped in class and. revised for a final grade Two papers will be written in class. Complete all steps of the writing process as assigned for each paper drafts peer reviews. responses to reviews recommended tutoring etc,Complete assigned homework each day. Pass quizzes on readings, Attend all classes fully prepared for the day s work. Participate in class discussions and group workshops of student writing. Complete a Final Portfolio a packet comprised of a reflective cover letter a creative. text one timed essay as is and revised versions of two papers. Assignments and Grading,Five Formal Papers 50,Paper One 10. Paper Two 5 in class,Paper Three 15,Paper Four 15,Paper Five 5 in class.
Daily Homework In Class Activities 10, assignments in class writings peer review workshops etc. Reading Comprehension Quizzes 10,Active Participation 5. small group and whole class discussions consistent professionalism and engagement during each meeting. Final Portfolio Creative Project 25, Assignments subject to change at the professor s discretion. A 90 100 B 80 89 C 70 79 D 60 69 F less than 60, Note Regardless of points accumulated in the course it is ultimately at the instructor s. discretion to determine if you are ready to proceed to English 115. Class Policies,Participation and Preparedness, Attending this class is very important and will greatly elevate your chances of performing well.
Simply showing up for class however will not be enough I expect the class to be the site of. lively intellectual activity as you challenge your own beliefs encounter new ideas question our. texts welcome new points of view and always contribute respectfully and thoughtfully. Regular participation during class will positively affect our collective classroom experience and. probably raise your final grade Failing to contribute your unique voice will strip the class of its. diversity and probably lower your final grade, You must come to class having done the reading homework and writing that is due that day I. will check for homework completion every day Be prepared for regular reading quizzes which. may be unannounced Also all work is due at the beginning of class No credit will be given for. homework that is done in class Moreover unprepared equals absent if you are clearly. unprepared for the day s work I may dismiss you from class and mark you absent. Papers Homework Assignments, All out of class work must be typed double spaced and in MLA format size 12 point with 1. margins at the top bottom and sides of each page Please staple all papers Reading assignments. must also be completed before the due dates as many in class writing assignments will be based. upon the assigned readings and productive class discussions will depend upon careful readings. of each text It will be necessary to read assigned texts multiple times Homework assignments. will receive either a for excellent work full credit usually 2 points but sometimes more. for longer more in depth assignments a for Satisfactory Credit half credit usually 1. point or a 0 for No Credit, Please bring the assigned readings to class every day Failing to do so will result in a loss of. homework and or participation points for that day,Late Work Policy. All assignments must be submitted at the beginning of class on the day they are due If you are. late to or miss class you will NOT receive credit for your homework You may turn in one. assigned paper final draft only one week late without grade penalty See Late Coupon at the. end of the syllabus No other late work will be accepted except by prior arrangement with me. It s important to keep up with your homework as these points are part of the participation. component of your final grade,Attendance, Attendance in this class is required and students are expected to attend every class meeting to.
arrive on time and stay throughout the class period After the add period of the term a student. may be dropped from class when the total hours of absences for any reason exceed twice the. number of hours indicated for that course in the College Catalog. I understand that real life sometimes prevents you from being in class In those cases please. communicate with me as soon as possible and be able to provide some kind of proof of your. situation Examples of legitimate reasons include medical and family emergencies with. appropriate documentation Excuses such as I had to take my mom to the airport I had a. computer malfunction I had a doctor dentist appointment My printer broke or I had a. soccer game will not be accepted It is your responsibility to schedule within reason all of. your activities that are unrelated to this class outside of our regularly scheduled meeting time If. you do miss class please refer to your course calendar and contact one of your. CLASSMATES to find out what you have missed Please complete and use the Peer Contact. List at the end of this syllabus You may also use Blackboard to email a classmate. I expect each student to arrive to class on time ready to discuss and write about the assigned. readings I also expect that all electronic devices cell phones iPods MP3 players laptop. computers tablets etc will be turned off and put away before class begins Please take off your. sunglasses and remove your headphones Please keep in mind that disrespectful and disruptive. behavior will not be tolerated Students who exhibit such behavior will be promptly asked to. leave the classroom and marked absent for the day Extremely disruptive behavior may also. result in the suspension or expulsion of the student from the College. Blackboard, Blackboard will be used to update your grade and progress in English 99 To check your grade. go to www swccd edu click on Blackboard Online Learning and type in your college. username and password You then select this course from your current list of classes Please. make sure your email address on Webadvisor is current or you may miss important emails. I have created a website for all of my classes This website will be an important device for this. class Go to www katiesclasses com to access class handouts syllabus calendar prompts. readings etc and refer to upcoming and past assignments I will also have a page with links. that can help you with any grammar and punctuation difficulties. Plagiarism, Academic dishonesty of any type by a student provides grounds for disciplinary action by the. instructor or college In written work no material may be copied from another source. without proper quotation marks footnotes or appropriate documentation This course. maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for blatant plagiarism and other forms of cheating The. very least penalty for plagiarism is an F in the course and cases may be referred to the Dean of. Student Affairs Moreover if I have any questions about the authenticity of your work I may ask. you to produce your notes and earlier drafts and or require that you complete some other task to. demonstrate that your work is your own Failure to do so will also result in an F in the course. Staying in this class indicates your acceptance of this policy Above all always do your own. work Feel free to ask me any questions you have on this issue. Accommodation of Disability, Southwestern College recommends that students with disabilities or specific learning needs. contact their professors during the first two weeks of class to discuss academic accommodations. If a student believes that they may have a disability and would like more information they are. encouraged to contact Disability Support Services DSS at 619 482 6512 voice 619 207. 4480 video phone or email at DSS swccd edu Alternate forms of this syllabus and other. course materials are available upon request,Academic Success Center Referral. To further your success reinforce concepts and achieve the stated learning objectives for this. course I refer you to the Academic Success Center learning assistance services You will. automatically enrolled in NC 3 Supervised Tutoring a free noncredit course that does not. appear on your transcripts Services are located in the ASC 420 the Writing center 420D the. Reading Center 420 the Math Center 426 the Library LRC Interdisciplinary Tutoring Lab. MESA specialized on campus school tutoring labs the Higher Education Center and the San. Ysidro Education Center Online learning materials and Online Writing Lab OWL are available. at www swccd edu asc,Southwestern s Writing Center.
The Southwestern College Writing Center 420D and OWL SWC s online writing center. provide free tutoring to writers of all levels of ability Studies show that students who work with. a tutor 3 or more times typically do better than their classmates they earn higher grades have a. higher GPA are more likely to stay in school and feel better about their abilities The purpose of. the Writing Center is to guide and teach students rather than to fix papers tutoring is designed. to help you develop and refine skills that you will carry with you beyond a given assignment or. course The tutors will be happy to assist you at any stage of the writing process. Peer Contacts, By the end of the second week you will exchange contact information with at least three of your. classmates If you miss a class and or assignment you are responsible for contacting someone in. the class to find out what you missed I cannot emphasize this enough Do not tell me I didn t. know about the assignment because I wasn t in class Call text or email someone and find out. what you ve missed Also remember your classmates are a resource you can contact each other. when questions arise between class meetings you can get additional feedback on your papers. outside of class or just exchange ideas Contrary to popular myth real writers rarely write. alone rather they continually rely on the responses of others to shape their work In fact some. of my most successful students would routinely collaborate with and motivate each other in. small groups outside of class,Peer Contact List,NAME EMAIL PHONE optional. This syllabus is the contract between you the student and me the instructor If you have. any questions or concerns please let me know as soon as possible. Late Out Of Class Assignment Coupon,English 99 Spring 2016. Can be redeemed for one assignment up to ONE WEEK late. worth FIVE extra homework points if not used and turned into me at the end of. the semester,Sign and staple to paper before submission. May NOT be used for ANY in class work essay reading quiz rough draft Cover Letter Creative.

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