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ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario,TITLE VALE PAGE. SPEC 35048,MECHANICAL 2 8,PIPING Last Revision REV. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENTS 2020 03 16 5,3 0 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. The following requirements are standard for all types of leak tests conducted. Exposure of Joints all joints including welds not previously pressure tested shall be left. uninsulated and exposed for examination during the test. Addition of Temporary Supports piping systems designed for vapor or gas shall be. provided with temporary supports as necessary to support the weight of the test liquid. Restraint or Isolation of Expansion Joints Expansion joints shall be provided with. temporary restraint if required for the additional pressure load under test Conversely. expansion joints can be isolated by a blank replaced with a spool or similar means. Precautions against Test Medium Expansion If a pressure test is to be maintained for. a period of time during which the test medium in the system is subject to thermal. expansion precautions shall be taken to avoid excessive pressure build up. Personnel Protection Testing area shall be roped off. Relief Device During test where the test pressure shall exceed the relief device set. pressure the device shall be removed or prepared in accordance with manufacturer s. recommendations, Temperature of Hydrostatic Test Medium For carbon steel piping or vessels the test. pressure shall not be applied until the test medium in between 60 F 16 5 C and 120 F. 49 C either by using tempered test medium or allowing test medium to heat to room. temperature, Metal Temperature When piping testing at low temperatures the risk of metal brittle.
fracture increases Therefore the recommended minimum metal temperature for piping is. 3 F 16 C for all carbon austenitic stainless steels and nickel alloys Minimum metal. temperatures for other materials and pressure vessels shall be evaluated by a. Professional Engineer, Gauges Dial or digital indicating pressure gauges with range be less than 1 5 nor more. than 4 times the test pressure All gauges shall be connected directly to system and. calibrated against a standard deadweight tester or calibrated master gauge. Gauges Combustible Fuels Gauges shall conform to CSA B149 1. Visual inspection The eye shall be within 24 in of the surface and an angle not less than 30. deg to the surface to be examined Mirrors and aids such as magnifying lens may be used to. assist examination The surface shall be illuminated to attain a minimum of 15 foot candles. 161 lux for general examination and a minimum of 50 foot candles 538 lux for the detection. of small anomalies, Witness of Repairs the test shall be witnessed by TSSA Authorized Inspector or Vale. Quality Control Manager, Witness of new ASME B31 1 or ASME B31 3 piping installations the test shall be. witnessed by TSSA Authorized Inspector or approved individual through written. authorization, NDE and Heat Treatment The leak test shall be completed following post weld heat. treatments and Non Destructive Evaluation NDE,ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario.
TITLE VALE PAGE,SPEC 35048,MECHANICAL 3 8,PIPING Last Revision REV. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENTS 2020 03 16 5, Cleanliness The areas to be tested shall be clean oil free and dry prior to testing to. ensure that leaking is visible,4 0 HYDROSTATIC LEAK TESTING H. The following are required for hydrostatic leak testing. Venting shall be provided at all high points of the system to purge air pockets while the. system component is filling Venting may be also provided by the loosening of flanges. having a minimum of 4 four bolts or by the use of equipment vents. Test medium shall be water unless there is the possibility of damage due to freezing or to. adverse effects of water on the piping or the process Alternative suitable nontoxic non. hazardous fluids may be used when specified by a Professional Engineer licensed in the. province of Ontario, Gradual Increase Pressure shall be gradually increased to the test pressure and held as. per applicable code, Examination of Leakage shall be made of all joints and connections and shall show no.
visible evidence of weeping or leaking, Draining water after test drain water at a sufficient rate to flush debris or foreign material. from the system,5 0 PNEUMATIC LEAK TESTING P, The following are required for pneumatic leak testing. Written Approval not applicable for combustible fuels test only used when specified. by Vale through written authorization letter and approved by a Professional Engineer to. meet requirements of ASME B31 1 137 5 1 or ASME B31 3 345 5. Written Procedure all pneumatic tests shall include a written test procedure accompanied. by a hazard analysis PHR or JHA, Test medium shall be nonflammable and nontoxic gas. Exclusion Zone is an area to be identified by the Engineer based on calculations of the. intensity of a blast if catastrophic failure were to occur during a test The minimum exclusion. zone is 100 ft and the following table lists volume limits for common test pressures for P1 and. P8 materials,Exclusion Pipe Material,Test Pressure psi Volume Limit ft 3. Zone ft ASME IX,100 ft P1 P8 16 5 129512,100 ft P1 P8 25 19714.
100 ft P1 P8 66 3013,100 ft P1 P8 71 5 2669,ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario. TITLE VALE PAGE,SPEC 35048,MECHANICAL 4 8,PIPING Last Revision REV. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENTS 2020 03 16 5,100 ft P1 P8 99 1668. 100 ft P1 P8 165 843,100 ft P1 P8 253 493,100 ft P1 P8 275 445. If volume limit exceeds value stated in table above or material differs from P1 and P8 the. exclusion zone shall be calculated by a Professional Engineer licensed in the province of. Ontario in accordance with ASME PCC 2 Part 5 Article 5 1. Relief device a pressure relief device shall be provided having a set pressure not higher. than the test pressure plus the lesser of 50 psi or 10 of the test pressure Relief device shall. be reviewed to have adequate volume relief Relief device shall have test certificated dated. within one year of test, Preliminary Gross Leak Test not to exceed 15 psig or 25 of final test pressure and shall.
be conducted to locate gross leaks or defects Soap bubble testing shall be made of all joints. and connections shall show no evidence of leakage, Gradual Increase After preliminary gross leak test pressure shall be increased in. increments no larger than 25 psi holding pressure for a minimum of 10 minutes at each step. to equalize piping strains When at test pressure duration shall be in accordance with. applicable code, Examination of Leakage detected by soap bubble shall be made of all joints and. connections and shall show no evidence of leaking,6 0 INITIAL SERVICE LEAK TESTING IS. The following are required for initial service leak testing. Written Approval test can only be substituted when specified by Vale with an authorization. letter and cannot be used for combustible fuels,Test Medium service fluid. Gradual Increase the piping system shall be gradually brought up to normal operating. pressure Duration shall be in accordance with applicable code. Examination of leakage shall be made of all joints and connections. 7 0 SENSITIVE LEAK TESTING BUBBLE TEST DIRECT PRESSURE TECHNIQUE SB. The following are required for sensitive leak testing bubble test direct pressure technique. Objective This technique is based on ASME V Article 10 Appendix I The objective of the. direct pressure technique of bubble leak testing is to locate leaks in a pressurized component. by the application of a solution or by immersion in liquid that will form bubbles as leakage gas. passes through it, Bubble solution Use only approved leak detection compounds e g Cantesco Leak.
Detection Compound formula 365 MIL L 25567D TYPE II oxygen service. ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario,TITLE VALE PAGE. SPEC 35048,MECHANICAL 5 8,PIPING Last Revision REV. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENTS 2020 03 16 5,Test Medium Dry inert gas. Gradual Increase Continue gradually increase the pressure in steps until the test pressure. is reached The pressure shall be held long enough at each step to equalize system strains. Hold at the test pressure for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to examination. Examination of Leakage Apply the bubble forming solution to the surface joints and. connections to be tested by flowing spraying or brushing the solution over the examination. area Visually inspect all joints and connections for leaks No continuous bubble formation is. 8 0 SENSITIVE LEAK TESTING HELIUM MASS SPECTROMETER TEST DETECTOR. PROBE TECHNIQUE SHE, Objective This technique is based on ASME V Article 10 Appendix IV This technique. describes the use of the helium mass spectrometer to detect minute traces of helium gas. in pressurized components This test shall not be used for combustible fuels. Calibration Calibrate the helium mass spectrometer per the instruments manufacturer s. operation and maintenance manual using a permeation type leak standard The. instrument shall have a sensitivity of at least 1 x 10 9 std cm3 s 1x10 10 Pa m3 s for. helium Detector probe tubing or hose shall be less than 15 ft in length. Test Medium helium and air, Gradual Increase Introduce helium gas until the pressure gauge reaches 3 psig Add air.
and gradually increase the pressure in steps until the test pressure is reached The. pressure shall be held long enough at each step to equalize system strains Hold at the. test pressure for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to examination. Examination of Leakage Pass the detector probe tip over the test surface The probe tip. shall be kept within 1 8 in 3 mm of the test surface during scanning Leak detection shall. be indicated by either of the following, o Meter a meter on or attached to the test instrument. o Audio Devices a speaker or set of headphones that emits audible indications. o Indicator Light a visible indicator light,9 0 LEAK TESTING METHODS FOR NON METALLIC PIPING. For new installations hydrostatic testing is the recommended leak test method It is imperative to. determine that the stress created by leak testing is less than the nonmetallic material s allowable. stress or Hydrostatic Design Stress HDS for the test temperature and duration The chosen test. pressure shall be in compliance with the applicable Code of Construction i e ASME B31 1. ASME B31 3 or ASME B31 5 etc and shall be no less than 1 5 times the design pressure. For repairs alterations the recommended hydrostatic pressure temperature duration is chosen. from National Board Inspection Code NBBI NB 23,ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario. TITLE VALE PAGE,SPEC 35048,MECHANICAL 6 8,PIPING Last Revision REV. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENTS 2020 03 16 5, Leak testing method pressure temperature limitations test duration and acceptance criteria.
shall be detailed in the engineering package,10 0 ALTERNATIVE LEAK TESTING METHODS. If alternative leak tests are required to complete a specific project it shall be detailed in the. construction package a written procedure established and approved by a professional Engineer. licensed in province of Ontario,11 0 CLOSURE WELDS. A closure weld includes the final weld connecting piping systems and components that will not be leak. tested as per section 2, a Between two piping systems made of new construction which have not been in service and. have been independently and successfully leak tested or. b Between a piping system made of new construction that has not been in service and has. been successfully leak tested and a piping system that either is or has been in service In this. case the condition of the portion of the piping system that is or has been in service is important. to the quality of the closure weld, The following table summarizes closure weld requirements. Code Type of Test Test Pressure, For gaseous fuels natural gas propane 100 magnetic particle.
testing MT or liquid penetrant testing PT,Combustible. For fuel oil gasoline and diesel 100 RT unless not allowed by weld. geometry If so use 100 magnetic particle testing MT or liquid. penetrant testing PT,B31 1 IS Operating pressure, Circumferential longitudinal and spiral welds shall be 100. radiographed RT or ultrasonically examined UT All other welds shall. B31 3 be examined using magnetic particle testing MT or liquid penetrant. testing PT, Also closure welds shall be subjected to In Process Examination. 12 0 REFERENCE DOCUMENATION,ASME B31 1 Power Piping. ASME B31 3 Process Piping,ASME V Non Destructive Testing.
ASME VIII Div 1 Pressure Vessels,ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario. TITLE VALE PAGE,SPEC 35048,MECHANICAL 7 8,PIPING Last Revision REV. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENTS 2020 03 16 5,ASME IX Welding. ASME PCC 2 Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping. NBBI NB 23 National Board Inspection Code, CSA B51 Boiler Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping. CSA B139 Series Installation Code for Oil Burning Equipment. CSA B149 Series Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code. TSSA LFHC TSSA Liquid Fuels Handling Code, PE Ch2 Plastic Piping Institute Inspection Testing and Safety Considerations.
ENGINEERING STANDARD SPECIFICATION Ontario,TITLE VALE PAGE. SPEC 35048,MECHANICAL 8 8,PIPING Last Revision REV. LEAK TESTING REQUIREMENTS 2020 03 16 5,REVISION AND TRANSITION NOTES. Revision notes describe what was changed and if applicable why it was changed and the plan to. implement the change including whether changes are retroactive. Note The revision notes are a summary of the changes and may not necessarily be a complete list. A risk code is entered for each revision and if applicable the revision notes will describe how risk was. addressed for the revision,Risk Category, A This revision is a minor change and or introduces no risk. B Risk has been addressed for this revision by the reviewer and approver Low risk or no new hazards identified. For this revision a PHR or other risk management tool has been used to address risk and minimize hazards This. risk assessment has been documented and is available through Central Engineering. Risk Approved Reviewed Issue Date,Rev Revision Notes Code YYYY MM DD.
First Issue requirements about pneumatic leak,1 AR AR 2013 07 22. testing only,2015 Standards review SPEC 35002 changed to. SPEC 35001 SPEC 35002 is changed to SPEC MDF MDF 2015 05 14. 35022 Pneumatic test information removed from,SPEC 35002 and has been added to this SPEC. Merged PROC 83006 and SPEC 35048 and added, requirements initial service leak testing alternative P Belzile. 3 B K L Robin 2017 03 16, leak testing Sensitive leak testing closure welds M Fogarty.
Spec title changed format updated,Added section on non metallic piping Section 9 0. 4 and reordered Alternative Leak Test Methods and B K L Robin C Seiler 2019 08 01. Closure Weld Sections,Clarified minimum metal temperature for risk of. 5 brittle fracture and added reference to CSA codes B K L Robin T Giroux 2020 03 16.

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