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A Message from the President, Welcome to Sandia National Laboratories We are proud you have chosen Sandia to contribute. A Message from the Laboratories Director, your talents and hard work toward the safety security and prosperity of the United States I hope. that you will take advantage of every opportunity our great institution offers to achieve your. professional goals and that you will cherish your experience at Sandia over the years. Welcome to Sandia National Laboratories You are now part of a tradition of. excellence and dedication to national service that began during World War II and. Sandia began in 1945 as a division of what was then called Los Alamos Laboratory to provide. continues today, engineering support for the development of the first atomic bombs during the Manhattan Project. In 1949 Sandia s,at the very beginning,purpose is toofdevelop. the Coldadvanced,War Sandia was established,technologies as an independent.
to ensure laboratory,global peace,Today Sandia works toafulfill. We maintain safe the government s,secure joint nuclear. and reliable objectives of maintaining,deterrent a safe secure. while strengthening,theand reliable,global nuclear deterrent. nonproliferation and atand,regime the preventing,same time strengthening the global.
nuclear terrorism We also,nonproliferation,contribute regime and preventing. to a wide variety ofnuclear terrorism security missions including. other national, cybersecurity chemical and biological defense and energy research that build. Managed by Lockheed Martin Corporation Sandia has more gained. on knowledge than 8 500 staff,from ourmembers,nuclear who conduct. mission andresearch and development,our outstanding science in. broad range of national security areas nonproliferation. technology energy,As one infrastructure protection.
of the most diverse and advanced,laboratories defense. in the technologies,country that,Sandia offers,defend America and our interests at home and. youabroad Our strategic,an opportunity capabilities to. to contribute arethis,based on a solid,purpose andfoundation. to becomeinan,experttechnology, and engineering field or move through different fields while helping to solve some of the most.
complex and important issues of our time, We are proud of our laboratory which has been acknowledged as one of the nation s treasures for its national security achievements and. capabilities And we all know that Sandia s excellent. Of course reputation,it is our bears,peoplewitness. arethe talent ofgreatest,Sandia s our people,asset For it is the. Sandia people,draws whothe, made a commitment to serve the nation with excellence. expertise andit diverse,is our people who,talents of working together.
more than andmembers,12 000 individually fulfill,of the Sandia s mission. workforce to, to the nation ensure our success You are now an integral part of our Sandia family We expect. great things from you and in return offer a wide range of resources to support. At Sandia we are committed to fostering a diverse,you inenvironment in which. your professional all employeesand,development canpersonal. do their best,life work Our values of integrity, excellence service to the nation respect for each other and teamwork which are permeated by an unwavering belief in a safe and.
The Employee, secure work environment are the solid foundation Handbook. upon which we have provides importantfor,built our reputation information. fulfilling ourabout Sandia,mission to theour,nation with. superb distinction This handbook illustratescorporate values. some of the waysand objectives,in which the many,we translate benefits. our values intoand responsibilities of your, employment and the conduct that will lead you to continued success I urge you.
As you are embarking upon or continuing your to read it carefully. careers at Sandia and discuss,I wish any,you the questions. very best and or concerns,urge with your,you to continue ourmanager I. tradition of, serving the nation with excellence The character that. Sandiaadvantage of every,offers amazing opportunity. opportunities for atorewarding,partner professional.
grow in order toproducts, experience because our highly specialized high consequence build a successful and meaningful. require a unique career,level of scientific at engineering. and Sandia I can t wait, And so my fellow Sandians let us bring our to hear about. excellence your accomplishments, in science and engineering to bear on the numerous challenges our nation. faces today I wish you many achievements in your careers at Sandia. Steve Younger,Paul Hommert,President and Laboratories Director.
Sandia National Laboratories,Introduction, This handbook is designed to acquaint the employee with Sandia and for which all employees are held accountable These can be. National Laboratories and provide introductory information about accessed from Sandia s internal TechWeb by clicking on Corporate. the working environment employee benefits and some of the Policy System under Lab Info For an employee who does not have. rules and practices affecting employment The information in this access to a computer or for an employee who has questions. handbook applies to all employees of Sandia Employees regarding Sandia s Corporate Policy System the manager can help. represented by a bargaining unit are also covered by the current. Collective Bargaining Agreements CBAs In areas where this This Employee Handbook is not intended to and does not constitute. handbook conflicts with the CBA the CBA takes precedence If any a contract of employment The employment relationship at Sandia. information in this handbook is construed as conflicting with is at will and may be terminated at any time for any reason with. existing corporate policies the corporate policies take precedence or without cause by either the employee or Sandia. Throughout this document references are made to the Corporate This Employee Handbook is only one source of information and. Policy System CPS which contains Sandia s corporate policies general guidance about Sandia s Corporate Policy System Additional. processes and procedures The Corporate Policy statement a guidance on topics covered in this handbook is referenced in the. component of the CPS is approved by laboratory leadership and CPS Sandia reserves the right to change eliminate add to or. expresses Sandia s values principles and objectives The CPS deviate from any benefit work rule policy statement or process. prescribes boundaries within which Sandia conducts its business t requirement at any time with or without notice. Table of Contents Table of Contents, A Message from the Laboratories Director 1 Employee Responsibilities 10. Introduction 2 Conflicts of Interest 11,About Sandia 4 Contractor Relationships 11. General Information 5 Environment Safety and Health 12. Work Hours 5 Funds and Negotiable Documents 12,Paychecks 5 Government Vehicles 12. Holidays 5 Nepotism 12,Occupational Injuries Illnesses 5 Parking 13.
Credit Union 5 Personal Appearance and Work Area 13. External Information Requests 6 Personal Information 14. Food Services 6 Personally Identifiable Information 14. Service Awards 6 Process Serving 14, Benefits 6 Research Product and Service Quality Assurance 14. Insurance Benefits 6 Property and Services 14, Vacation 6 Protection and Dissemination of Information 14. Vacation Donation 6 Punctuality and Absences 15,Sick Leave 6 Recording Work Hours 15. Family and Medical Leave Act 6 Purchase of Materials or Services 15. Savings Plan 7 Security 15, Employee Assistance Program 7 Security Clearances 16. Health Services 7 Tobacco and Drug Free Work Environment 16. Health Promotion 7 Employee Conduct 16,Charitable Activities 7 Calling for Help 18.
Community and Political Activities 7 Emergency Phone Numbers 18. Sandia Serves Volunteer Program 8 Non Emergency Phone Numbers 18. Career Development 8 Emergency Closing 18,Performance Management 8 Index 19. Employee Concerns 8, Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action 9. Union Grievance Procedure 10,Workplace Violence Prevention 10. About Sandia our nation and the globe In order to execute its mission Sandia is. guided by these core values and strategic objectives. Sandia National Laboratories was established in 1945 on Sandia. Base now called Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque New. Serve the nation, Mexico as Z Division of what is now Los Alamos National. Deliver with excellence, Laboratory Both laboratories were a product of the Manhattan.
Respect each other, Project America s World War II atomic bomb development effort. Act with integrity, Sandia was the design test and assembly facility for nuclear. Team for great results, weapons It was located strategically near an airfield to permit. close work with the military In 1949 Sandia received its mission. Objectives, when President Harry Truman wrote a letter to American. Deliver with excellence on our commitments to the unique. Telephone Telegraph AT T Company President Leroy Wilson. nuclear weapons mission, offering the company an opportunity to render an exceptional.
Amplify our national security impact, service in the national interest by managing Sandia AT T. Lead the Complex as a model 21st Century Government. accepted and began managing Sandia on November 1 1949 a. Owned Contractor Operated National Laboratory,relationship that lasted for nearly 44 years. Excel in the practice of engineering, Commit to a learning inclusive and engaging environment. On October 1 1993 Sandia Corporation became a wholly owned. for our people, subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation and was Sandia s M O. contractor until May 1 2017 when National Technology and. Today Sandia has two primary facilities one in Albuquerque. Engineering Solutions of Sandia LLC became Sandia s manager. New Mexico and the other in Livermore California Employee. and operator, assignment sites include Washington D C Tonopah Test Range and.
the Nevada Test Site in Nevada Kauai Test Facility and the Waste. From a single mission in the 1940s Sandia has grown into a. Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad New Mexico, multimission national laboratory Sandia s highest goal is to. become the laboratory that the United States U S turns to first for. Sandia National Laboratories is a multimission laboratory managed. innovative science based systems engineering solutions to the ua and operated by National Technology and Engineering Solutions of. most challenging problems that threaten peace and freedom for. Sandia LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell International. Inc for the U S Department of Energy s National Nuclear Security. Administration under contract DE NA0003525, For additional information about Sandia s Strategic Plan see. http info sandia gov sp and, https my sandia gov authsec portal ilms default plan. For information about Sandia s mission and the planning process visit. the Integrated Laboratory Management System http ilms sandia gov. A history of the nuclear age is available at The National Museum of. Nuclear Science History the National Atomic Museum. http www nuclearmuseum org,General Information Paychecks. Work Hours The payroll system receives input from the timekeeping system. The standard workweek for full time employees consists of 40 and generates employee paychecks biweekly The employee is. hours The standard workweek for part time employees ranges responsible for reporting payroll check inaccuracies to the. from 20 to a maximum of 36 hours per week The standard unpaid Payroll Department. See CPS FIN100 1 PAY 5 Enter Review and Correct Timecards. lunch period is 30 minutes 45 minutes or 1 hour While. employees may occasionally observe an extended lunch period. beyond their standard schedule the time must be properly. Sandia observes 10 holidays, accounted for and recorded Note that the lunch period may not.
Memorial Day, be delayed skipped or shortened to vary the daily start and stop. Independence Day,times even as part of an alternate work schedule. Thanksgiving Day, The 9 80 schedule is also referred to as the compressed workweek. The six working days comprising the winter holiday shutdown. CWW This schedule comprises 80 hours of work in 9 hour days. for 2 weeks On alternating weeks Friday is either off or worked. Additionally Sandia observes Energy Conservation Day during. for 8 hours, which normal operations are curtailed and which typically follows. a holiday Thanksgiving or winter holiday shutdown, Flexible work schedules varying the start and stop times of the.
See CPS HR100 5 11 Record Employee Absences Corporate Training and. workday may occasionally be approved when they meet the needs. Disciplinary Actions on a Timecard, of both the employee and Sandia business Sandia also permits the. employee to telecommute from home or a remote location when. Occupational Injuries Illnesses,the business needs allow. Report an occupational injury or illness immediately to the. See CPS HR100 3 4 Determine Hours of Work, manager or a member of management The manager will assist. HR100 3 1 Request Part Time Employment and, HR100 3 2 Initiate and Terminate Telecommuting with obtaining further information and reporting injuries and. illness according to individual state laws and company procedures. at each site, See CPS HR100 4 9 File a Worker s Compensation Claim.
Credit Union, The Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union SLFCU is a member. owned financial cooperative established by and for the Sandia. employee and family The SLFCU is a separate and distinct. corporation and is operated in accordance with federal laws and. regulations The credit union provides a full line of financial. options including checking and savings accounts online banking. services mortgage loans and much more, For more information and locations please access the website. http www slfcu org, External Information Requests A maximum of 240 vacation hours can be accumulated in an. The Human Resources Division is the only authorized department employee s leave balance at any time during the fiscal year. to respond to outside requests for information on a current and or See CPS HR100 4 2 Schedule and Use Vacation. a former employee All such inquiries are to be referred to the. Records Department in New Mexico or the California Site Human. Vacation Donation, The Vacation Donation Plan VDP is an optional employee paid. Resources Department, See CPS HR100 5 7 Manage Corporate Human Resources Records plan VDP allows employees who need to be away from work and.
would otherwise not be paid an opportunity to receive all or a. Food Services portion of that time as paid leave Employees may request hours. Vending machines are located throughout the facilities In from the Vacation Donation Pool or from individual donations. Albuquerque there is a snack shop in Building 800A and breakfast The Vacation Donation Pool is populated with vacation hours. and lunch are served at the cafeterias in Building 861 and Area IV that are not accrued due to the 240 hour maximum vacation. At the California site there is a small snack shop in Building 915 leave balance. See CPS HR100 4 1 Request Donated Vacation and Donate Vacation. Service Awards, The employee receives a service award after 5 years of service on. the anniversary date and at 5 year intervals thereafter Recipients. are presented with an award selection package and a service. certificate by a member of management, See Human Resources Benefits Website Awards Perks and. CPS HR100 3 3 Request and Fund Recognition Awards Non Monetary. Sandia provides a comprehensive and competitive set of benefits. for the employee A general overview of the many benefits. currently offered follows Details of each benefit plan including. eligibility are in individual summary plan descriptions that are. provided to each employee who participates in the plans. Sandia s internal web also contains information regarding Sick Leave. employee benefits Eligibility for Sickness Absence SA benefits begin immediately. upon date of hire SA payments are paid for the time that. Insurance Benefits employees are absent during their standard daily work schedule. Sandia offers insurance benefits that are designed to protect the All eligible regular fulltime employees receive up to 1 040 hours. health and welfare of the employee and family These benefits at fulltime pay at their base rate All eligible part time employees. are intended to assist with the financial impact of health care receive SA benefits on a prorated basis in accordance with the. and catastrophic health conditions approved part time schedule Eligibility for SA benefits is set. For more information please access the Benefits website forth in policy. http info sandia gov hr benefits htm See CPS HR100 4 14 Use Sickness Absence Benefits. Vacation Family and Medical Leave Act, An employee s eligibility for vacation accrual is based on the Up to a total of 12 work weeks of unpaid job protected leave. employee s job classification date of hire and full time status during any 12 month period may be granted for Family and. Medical Leave Act FMLA reasons provided the employee meets Programs and services are based upon current research and. the eligibility requirements effective strategies in preventive health care and are free of. See CPS HR100 4 4 Request Time Off through the Family Medical charge and open to every Sandia employee. Leave Act https hbeupdate custhelp com,Savings Plan Charitable Activities. The Sandia savings plans are designed to help the employee build. Yearly Sandia conducts a campaign so that the employee can. financial resources for the future A savings plan may be an. respond to community needs Voluntary contributions are tax. important part of income in retirement supplementing income deductible and include local and national health welfare and. from pensions and social security community agencies Contributions are made by payroll. For more information please visit the Benefits website. deduction and forwarded to the selected agencies,http info sandia gov hr benefits htm.
The New Mexico campaign is the Employee Contribution Program. Employee Assistance Program United Way Campaign the California campaign is the Sandia Helps. Sandia offers behavioral health services that include counseling and Reaches Everyone SHARE Program. onsite class instruction outside assistance referrals and out patient. and in patient rehabilitation referrals The program is a Other corporately sponsored fund raising activities are coordinated. confidential assessment referral and short term counseling and managed by the Community Involvement Department e g. program designed to help the employee or family effectively Shoes for Kids and Habitat for Humanity Line organizations may. address personal problems that may affect health family life or also support except by raising funds nondenominational and. job performance Sandia encourages the employee to seek nonpolitical projects such as food toy and clothing drives that. assistance to overcome a drug or alcohol dependency or addiction are not corporately sponsored These activities should be reported. particularly before the dependency impacts the employee s job to the Community Involvement Department. See CPS HR100 4 6 Prevent and Test for Workplace Substance Abuse. Community and Political Activities, Health Services The employee is encouraged to actively participate in community. Sandia Health Benefits and Employee Services HBE casually and public affairs as private citizen In certain circumstances time. referred to as Medical includes an onsite clinic at the New Mexico off with pay may be granted for activities that enhance the public s. awareness of Sandia as a good corporate citizen and a valuable. and California sites The employee may be seen by a physician or. community resource In other cases activities must occur outside. nurse for personal health care problems and emergency medical. services HBE also provides occupational health services medical. surveillance and certification examinations and inoculations for. business related international travel,For more information visit the HBE website. https hbeupdate custhelp com,Health Promotion, Sandia offers a wide variety of health promotion activities. Preventive Health Services provides awareness and opportunities. for the employee to achieve and maintain physical and mental. health and well being through a supportive environment. working hours without using the Sandia name or assets and. making it clear that the employee is not representing Sandia. For more information visit the Community Involvement website. http community sandia gov,Sandia Serves Volunteer Program. Sandia National Laboratories has enjoyed a long history of giving. our time and talents to the community The Sandia Serves. program encourages employee volunteerism Volunteers can. participate in corporately sponsored projects including Make a. Difference Day or choose their own activities Volunteer. opportunities are listed on the Sandia Volunteers website and. periodically in the Sandia Daily News Paid time off may be. available for education outreach activities Other volunteer. activities should be performed outside of working hours. For more information visit the Community Involvement website. http community sandia gov index 2 html, uses performance management to develop a line of sight so that.
the employee can understand how their individual performance. objectives and contributions relate to higher order tactical and. strategic objectives Performance management helps the. employee align energies and efforts with those of Sandia to ensure. Career Development mission success and to develop and grow personally and. Sandia supports career management and development The professionally The performance management process also. employee is encouraged to participate in activities designed to provides the basis for annual compensation adjustments for the. help identify where there is a good match between interests and non represented workforce. organizational goals Career development discussions are included See CPS HR100 3 8 Manage and Evaluate Employee Performance. in the performance management process Opportunities for. personal development are offered through the Corporate Learning Employee Concerns. and Professional Development department in New Mexico and the. Sandia is dedicated to providing a work environment in which an. Training and Development team in California A wide range of. employee can express concerns and report potential violations. growth opportunities are available to individuals groups. without fear of retaliation Alternative methods for resolution of. managers and leaders, employment related disputes are offered to ensure fair and. efficient consideration of such concerns For employee concerns. Performance Management, the first step is to talk with the immediate manager Conflicts can. Performance management is the process by which Sandia deploys. often be resolved in this manner However if the employee. its strategic objectives and annual goals to the employee Sandia. Sandia accommodates the employee s,religious and ethnic observances and. practices when such accommodation can,be made without undue hardship on the. conduct of business,Furthermore it is the policy of Sandia to.
endeavor to handle internally any,employment or work related complaint. alleging unlawful employment acts or,practices in violation of corporate policy. If the employee has an EEO related issue or,believes that he she is being sexually. racially or otherwise harassed or retaliated,against the employee is encouraged to. believes the issue is more appropriately addressed elsewhere the discuss the matter with a member of. concern can be raised to others in the line of management the management a human resources business partner HRBP or a. Human Resources Business Partner the Ethics Office Equal staff member in the EEO and AA Services Department in New. Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action EEO AA Services Mexico or the California Human Resources Department. or the Ombuds Office, The employee is not required to address a concern to the person.
Equal Employment Opportunity and who is the subject of the concern Individuals who raise issues or. Affirmative Action concerns will be advised of their rights and available options All. The Sandia policy adheres to all applicable EEO laws and regulations concerns are handled as confidentially as possible Retaliation for. prohibiting discrimination and retaliation in the workplace Sandia participating in a complaint process is expressly prohibited. is strongly committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of race See CPS HR100 5 4 Maintain a Non Discriminatory Workplace Equal. religion gender national origin color age physical or mental Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. disability US military verteran s status sexual orientation gender. identity marital or family status serious medical condition preg Ethics. nancy or ancestry or ethnicity and genetic information Sandia is Sandia National Laboratories believes in the highest ethical. also committed to maintaining an environment free of hostility of standards and strive to achieve an ethically sound approach to. any kind including sexual racial ethnic and religious harassment dealing with customers suppliers and each other Upon hire. Sandia s AA policy is to and periodically thereafter the employee is provided a copy of. Implement good faith efforts to achieve a balanced work the booklet Setting the Standard Code of Ethics and Business. force including full utilization of women and minorities at Conduct and must acknowledge receipt of the booklet The. all levels and in all segments of the work force and booklet summarizes the principles that guide our actions in. Make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals business Our Code promotes doing the right things as well as. with disabilities unless the accommodations would impose doing things right to maintain our personal and institutional. an undue hardship on the business operations of the integrity Should the employee witness business rule violations. Laboratories or illegal unethical or dishonest actions by anyone he or she is. expected to immediately report such information to the manager. Employee Responsibilities, or to the Ethics Office Reports may be made by calling the. The Employee Handbook is only one source of information and. Ethics Helpline at 844 1744 To the extent possible confidentiality. general guidance about Sandia s business rules and procedures. will be maintained There will be no reprisal for reporting a. The employee should reference the complete Corporate Policy. suspected violation, System or contact the manager for additional information or if they. See CPS CG100 4 10 Refer Matter to Ethics, have questions Sandia reserves the right to change eliminate add. to or deviate from any work rule benefit policy statement or. process requirement at any time with or without notice. The Sandia Ombuds Office provides confidential and informal. assistance and guidance regarding any work related issue The. Sandia s unique business arrangement with the U S Government. Ombuds is a neutral and organizationally independent resource. subjects us to many laws regulations and requirements in addition. for assisting individuals and organizations in understanding and. to those applicable to other private corporations Good business. developing options to address conflicts dilemmas and gray areas. practices along with these regulatory and contractual requirements. that can occur in any work environment In this capacity the. guide Sandia in defining business rules The employee has a great. Ombuds serve a complementary role to Sandia s more formal. impact on Sandia s success Therefore employment with Sandia carries. and official channels by providing an alternative path to surface. with it a number of important responsibilities as outlined below. workplace issues and concerns The Ombuds does not participate. in any formal proceedings, For important details and contact information see the Sandia home page. for the Ombuds website under Corporate Perspectives. Also see CPS CG100 4 9 Refer Matter to Corporate Ombuds. Union Grievance Procedure, Sandia has collective bargaining agreements with the Metal Trades.
Council MTC the Office and Professional Employees International. Union OPEIU and the Security Police Association SPA Grievance. procedures are negotiated with each of these bargaining units and. are contained within the respective agreements If an employee is. a union represented employee union representatives are available. to assist with concerns, See the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement. Workplace Violence Prevention, Sandia s policy is zero tolerance for workplace violence To. implement this policy Sandia s Workplace Violence Prevention. Program strives to provide a violence free work environment for. all Sandia personnel and visitors If however violence does occur. the program will respond swiftly and surely to mitigate damage. and prevent recurrence,For specific Sandia employee responsibilities see. HR100 5 12 Prevent Workplace Violence,Conflicts of Interest Contractor Relationships. Financial business and personal relationships that might be Sandia places heavy demands upon its contractors and insists that. opposed to Sandia s interests the government s interests or that they meet contractual performance levels The Sandia employee. might impair independent judgment related to Sandia matters must not interfere with the employment relationship between the. must be avoided contractor and its employees, Under certain circumstances and on a very limited basis the Prohibited behavior includes.
employee may offer co workers the opportunity to support non Attempting to influence individual hiring firing benefits. profit organizations Girl Scouts Boy Scouts Little League etc or salary treatment decisions of a contractor. by purchasing items such as cookies popcorn wrapping paper etc Becoming involved in the administrative supervision of. These activities however are with management approval must a contractor s employees. take place during nonwork periods and may not be disruptive to Encouraging contractor employees to terminate their. the business No other solicitations are allowed employment and join Sandia. See CPS CG100 4 7 Manage Personal Conflicts of Interest and Permitting contractor employees to become involved in. CPS CG100 4 1 Comply with the Standards for Ethics and Business Sandia management activities. Conduct and Sandia s Corporate Values, If a contractor asks an employee about Sandia employment the Funds and Negotiable Documents. employee should refer the contractor to the Staffing Department The employee is responsible for knowing and observing the rules. in Human Resources that apply to handling and using Sandia funds credit cards checks. For more information see the Staff Augmentation Home Page and negotiable instruments Report any loss of or discrepancy in. http cfo sandia gov procure StaffAug Main htm, funds or negotiable instruments immediately to management. Also see CPS HR100 1 9 Use the Unified Hire Process. See CPS FIN100 Finance,Environment Safety and Health. Sandia policy considers the protection and preservation of the. environment and the safety and health ES H of its personnel. contractors visitors and the public critical to mission success. Sandia makes deliberate efforts to reduce hazardous exposures. and releases to levels as low as reasonably achievable considering. technical economic and social factors, Sandia s strategy for integrating ES H into work management and. practices at all levels is the Integrated Safety Management System. ISMS It provides a common framework for working safely. through integrated work planning analysis and control of hazards. performing work in accordance with requirements collecting. feedback and making improvements, Care and conduct in matters pertaining to ES H are the.
Government Vehicles, responsibility of every Sandia employee contractor and visitor. Government owned vehicles are provided for official Sandia. No job is more important than personal health and safety and the. business only personal use is not allowed To operate a. protection of the environment Everyone is empowered to not. government owned vehicle an employee must possess a valid. perform any task that violates ES H rules, driver s license and obey all traffic laws and regulations If a. See CPS ESH100 Environment Safety Health and, government vehicle becomes damaged in any way while under. CPS ESH100 1 GP 3 Implement the Integrated Safety Management System. employee control immediately report the damage to your. manager For additional information refer to the website at. Sandia s goal towards becoming best in class for ES H is a journey. Fleet Services, that ultimately is never ending as we constantly re evaluate and. See CPS SCM100 3 7 Use of Government Vehicles and Motorized. raise our standards of performance Our best in class principles. Every Sandian and contractor takes responsibility and. is accountable for ES H performance at SNL improving. Sandia may hire qualified relatives of the employee if the. the work environment and minimizing our impact on, employment does not create an actual or perceived conflict of.
the environment, interest Relatives are not permitted to work together in a. We operate from an unwavering belief that job related. manager to subordinate relationship upward or downward or. injuries illnesses and environmental incidents are. in a position where a Sandian could influence the hiring career. preventable and unacceptable, development performance rating pay rate or progress of a. Working safely is a condition of employment,relative either as a Sandian or a contractor. For this purpose relative is defined as an employee s spouse or Materials that offend visitors or fellow workers or that detract from. those in a close personal or spouse like relationship child or any the businesslike appearance of the work area are not allowed. individual related to the employee or to the employee s spouse. CG100 4 7 Manage Personal Conflicts of Interest What is considered appropriate for a routine workday at Sandia. Generally clothing that is typically defined as business casual such. Parking as chino Dockers type pants and collared shirts dresses skirts of. There are a number of parking lots around the Laboratories Most modest length and slacks with tasteful shirt or blouse is appropriate. lots have a limited number of spots designated Reserved Medical There may also be occasion for a business suit sport coat. Carpool and Visitor The employee may freely park in any parking At some work sites the Occupational Safety and Health. spot not reserved for some special purpose However the employee Administration regulations governs what is appropriate In some. may not park within 20 feet of any fence surrounding the tech areas cases certain body piercing could be a safety issue and the. or in other areas not designated for parking employee could also be required to wear closed toe shoes. See CPS ESH100 2 IS 7 Implement Traffic Safety, These examples are provided to help in wardrobe selection. Personal Appearance and Work Area however they are not to be considered all inclusive for a business. Although Sandia does not have a dress code the employee should environment Specific job assignments work sites and safety. use common sense and proper judgment in determining considerations are factors in determining appropriate attire as well. appropriate and suitable attire To promote efficiency and safety Site specific questions should be directed to the manager. all work areas are to be maintained in a neat and orderly manner. Personal Information, The employee is responsible to ensure Sandia records are updated.
if there have been changes in employee name home telephone. number address education degrees emergency contacts or. marital or dependent status The employee can make these. changes online or the department Office Administrative Assistant. can help Contact Personnel Security and Benefits for changes to. name and marital status contact Benefits only for changes in. dependent status Correct information is critical to ensure the. employee receives updated benefits information for emergency. contacts and to comply with DOE requirements for security. clearances,See Health Benefits Employee Services website. Personally Identifiable Information used for the conduct of Sandia s business only These provisions. Sandia collects and uses Personally Identifiable Information PII also extend to the use of customer subcontractor supplier or other. about members of the workforce in the course of official Sandia owners assets in the custody of Sandia or of the Sandia employee. business operations Personal accountabilities for collecting The employee is charged with the duty to preserve and keep in. protecting and disseminating PII information are explained in good repair all assets and ensure their use is for authorized work. CPS IM100 2 6 Control Personally Identifiable Information only The employee is responsible for protecting these assets from. Employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this CPS loss theft damage misuse or unauthorized use or disposal. See CPS IM100 2 6 Control Personally Identifiable Information Incidental personal use of Sandia telecommunication resources. may be permitted under certain circumstances,Process Serving. Serving of legal or court papers process serving by Sandians or Sandia reserves the right to search any area or item on Sandia. unwelcome solicitations of any type are not permitted at Sandia premises such as vehicles containers packages employee desk. Service of process by others must be coordinated with the Legal files paper or electronic briefcase purse locker etc at any time. Division at its sole discretion Sandia reserves the right to monitor and. See CPS CG100 4 5 Refer Matter to Legal access Sandia assets including Sandia computers at any time with. or without employee knowledge or permission, Research Product and Service Quality Assurance See CPS SCM100 3 3 Manage Property. For Sandia to meet its business goals we must deliver quality See CPS IM100 1 Use and Protect Information Technology Resources. products and services The employee is responsible for meeting See CPS ISS100 Integrated Safeguards Security. customer commitments delivering quality research products and. services that meet or exceed performance cost and schedule Protection and Dissemination of Information. commitments in a safe and secure manner In the course of work the employee creates and uses information. See CPS CG100 Corporate Governance and associated CPSs Information is an important Sandia product and asset It is only an. CG100 5 and CG100 6 asset if it is appropriately shared with another employee who has a. business use for it and it is protected from unapproved release. Property and Services outside the company Some of the information created or used. Property materials equipment facilities information resources may be classified or sensitive Classified and sensitive information. and services hereinafter collectively referred to as assets are to be have special protection requirements Classified information may.

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transforming female labour force through micro enterprises: a proposed conceptual framework ... safwan.g@umk.edu.my; ...

Philosophy of Religion - Stephen Hicks

Philosophy of Religion Stephen Hicks

[PR] = selection is Philosophy of Religion course readings packet Week Lectures and Discussion Readings 1 Aug 19 Introduction: Philosophy, religion, and philosophy of religion Defining religion philosophically Unit 1: What is religion? 2 Aug 26 Buddhism Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha 3 Sep 2 Judaism First optional essay due Amerindian

Cyber Entrepreneurship Ecosystem ... - umkeprints.umk.edu.my

Cyber Entrepreneurship Ecosystem umkeprints umk edu my

Cyber Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Proposed Concept Paper. Mohd Nizam Badaruddin (nizamb@utar.edu.my) Department of Commerce and Accountancy, Faculty of Business and ...