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Elgar Original Reference Works in LAW,Elgar Handbooks Explained. What makes Elgar Handbooks unique is the research focus and in many cases the cross disciplinary nature. of the topics We publish Handbooks in established fields and in emerging areas but whatever area we. choose the aim is to outline current research and set out a new research agenda for the future. What makes a good Handbook Original specially commissioned content a good mix of senior and. emerging scholars a lively debate between chapters and an aspiration to pave the way for future research. We hope that any PhD student would have a dog eared copy of one of our Handbooks but in many cases. we aim also for them to be useful for masters teaching and established researchers. We are always interested in new ideas please contact Laura Mann laura mann e elgar co uk. if you have any book plans,CONTENTS Highlights,eBook Collections 1. International Law Human Rights Law 2,International Economic Trade Law 6. Comparative Law 7,Law Economics 8,Crime Corruption 10. Competition Law Antitrust Law 11,Corporate Commercial Financial Law 13.
Intellectual Property Technology 16,Environmental Law 19. Elgar Advanced Introductions 21,Indexes 23 24,THOMSON REUTERS. BOOK CITATION INDEX,We include book titles in Thomson Reuters. Citation Index accessed by 20 million users, across 3 800 research institutions in 90 countries. Elgar books are included in Scopus the largest,abstract and citation database of peer reviewed.
literature,Edward Elgar,PUBLISHING,Elgaronline Follow us for news. views and discounts,www e elgar com www elgaronline com Elgar Law. Prices and publication dates may be subject to change. If you no longer wish to receive marketing material please email unsubscribe e elgar co uk. www e elgar com www elgaronline com,Elgaronline,The online content platform. for Edward Elgar Publishing,www elgaronline com,Free trial access for your library. Elgar eBook collections, We have major subject collections in Law Economics Business Management.
and Social Political Science, Our list focuses on a wide range of legal areas including international. Includes and comparative law intellectual property trade finance and commercial. law information and technology antitrust environmental and energy. Over 2 500 titles law European law corporate and financial law and law and economics. including acclaimed Many of our titles are interdisciplinary and cut across our public policy. research handbooks, environment development economics or international politics lists. companions dictionaries, reflecting the current nature of much academic debate. leading edge monographs,and research reviews,An expanding list of Law eBook Collection. new journals,Forward List 2015 Front List 2013 Back List 2011.
Benefits 79 monographs 83 monographs 68 monographs. 34 Research 15 Research 10 Research, Available before print Handbooks Handbooks Handbooks. 18 Research Reviews 2 Reference 1 Reference,Free from DRM users. can download print and Book Total 131 Dictionaries Dictionary. share subscribed content Book Total 100 Book Total 79. Front List 2014, Multi user access as 66 monographs Back List 2012 Back List 2010. standard 14 Research 65 monographs before, Perpetual access business Handbooks 14 Research 177 monographs. models available Reference Handbooks 22 Research,Dictionaries 1 Encyclopedia Handbooks.
Intuitive user interface 12 Research Reviews 1 Commentary 1 Encyclopedia. Book Total 92 Book Total 81 Book Total 200, FREE TRIAL Contact us For more information about prices and book lists. To organise a free trial or for or to organise a free trial Please email sales e elgar co uk. information about prices and or telephone 44 1242 226934. book lists please email,sales e elgar co uk, Our eBooks are also available from most major eBook suppliers. International Law,Environmental,Human Rights, Research Handbook on International Law and Terrorism. Edited by Ben Saul University of Sydney Australia,Foreword by Georges Abi Saab. The 40 experts assembled by Ben Saul who are addressing the many faceted legal issues connected to. the ever expanding meaning of terrorism are remarkable Even after 50 years of scholarship on the. subject a book like this one is both relevant and useful. Cherif Bassiouni DePaul University College of Law US. This Handbook brings together leading scholars and practitioners to examine the prolific body. of international laws governing terrorism It exhaustively covers the global response to terrorism in. transnational criminal law the international law on the use of force international humanitarian law. international human rights law the law of State responsibility the United Nations Security Council General Assembly. UN specialised bodies and regional organisations It also addresses special legal issues in dealing with terrorism such as. gender religion victims of terrorism weapons of mass destruction and customary law. Contributors K Ambos R Arnold J Atwell I Bantekas S Borelli I Bottigliero J Boulden E Chadwick S Chesterman G Cheung J Cockayne. E Crawford F de Londras M Di Filippo A du Plessis H Duffy M Ewi D Fidler M Flanagan C Forcese G Gilbert L Ginsborg E Guild. R Gunaratna L M Hinojosa Mart nez J Huckerby D Kretzmer A Lynch G Mettraux C Murphy E Papastavridis A R Perera M Porret J Rehman. M Requena Y Ronen K Samuel B Saul M Sossai L S Sunga A Timmermann K Trapp D Vagts C Walker S Witten M Wood A Zwitter. 2014 832 pp Hardback 978 0 85793 880 0 205 00 Elgaronline 978 0 85793 881 7. Research Handbooks in International Law series,NEW IN PAPERBACK NEW IN PAPERBACK.
Research Handbook Research Handbook,on International on Human Rights. Conflict and and Humanitarian,Security Law Law,Jus ad Bellum Jus in Bello Edited by Robert Kolb. and Jus post Bellum and Gloria Gaggioli,University of Geneva. Edited by Nigel D White Switzerland,University of Nottingham. and Christian Henderson This volume by Robert Kolb and. University Gloria Gaggioli contributed by, some of the most renowned experts in the field devotes.
of Liverpool UK an impressive amount of legal analysis to the most. Events of the past fifteen years have sharpened the diverse aspects of the interplay between international. focus on well known issues in international conflict and humanitarian law and international human rights law in. security law What responses to international terrorism are situations of violence in theory and practice It is bound to. permissible Can humanitarian intervention be justified become an indispensable tool for scholars and practitioners. under international law The Research Handbook on alike. International Conflict and Security Law addresses these and. Marco Pedrazzi University of Milan Italy, other debates across the areas of conflict prevention use. of force and post conflict reconstruction with the critical Contributors G Bartolini P Benvenuti M Bothe. insight for which the contributors are known A A Can ado Trindade E Cannizzaro J d Aspremont. E David F De Vittor G Distefano T Ferraro G Gaggioli. James Crawford University of Cambridge UK R Giuffrida R K Goldman V Gowlland Debbas A L Graf Brug re. Contributors C Bell R Cryer C De Cock C Gray H J Heintze J M Henckaerts M Hertig Randall I Ingravallo. V Hadzi Vidanovic M Happold C Henderson K Hulme W K lin R Kolb S Kr henmann D Kuwali L Moir M Nowak. D Kritsiotis C Lehnardt K Manusama M Milanovic D Scalia E Schwager D L Tehindrazanarivelo H Tigroudja. M E O Connell A Orakhelashvili N Ronzitti T Ruys M Sossai C Tomuschat G Torreblanca E Tranchez L Vierucci C Wiesener. N Tsagourias D Turns N D White R Wilde,2013 704 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 035 8 181 00. 2013 704 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 856 9 191 00 2014 Paperback 978 1 78254 030 4 45 00. Jan 2015 Paperback 978 1 78347 009 9 c 45 00 Elgaronline 978 1 78100 607 8. Elgaronline 978 1 84980 857 6 Research Handbooks in Human Rights series. Research Handbooks in International Law series, 2 To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk. International,International,Law Environmental,Human Rights Law. Research Handbook Research Handbook,on the Law of on International.
Treaties Energy Law,Edited by Christian J Tams Edited by Kim Talus. University of Glasgow University of Eastern Finland. Antonios Tzanakopoulos International energy law is an. University of Oxford UK elusive but important concept. and Andreas Zimmermann There is no body of law called. University of Potsdam international energy law,Germany nor is there any universally. accepted definition for it yet many specialised areas of. The Research Handbook on the Law of Treaties provides international law have a direct relationship with energy. an authoritative treatment of fundamental issues policy The Research Handbook on International Energy. in international treaty law Identifying key challenges Law examines various aspects of international energy law. facing the modern law of treaties the Handbook and offers a comprehensive account of its basic concepts. addresses the current regime and comments on potential and processes. directions of the law,Adopting a practical approach the Handbook traces. Rather than an article by article commentary on provisions the wide and informal notion of international energy. applicable to treaties the Handbook offers an innovative law and covers the latest developments in the field The. study of their spatial personal and temporal dimensions expert contributors offer original research and analysis on. and of the tensions that arise due to the need for both pertinent topics such as energy investment international. flexibility and certainty in treaty relations It analyses the energy disputes and energy trade In addition to examining. interaction between treaty regimes and potential ruptures public international law issues and their application to. as well as the expansion of treaty law to international energy activities the Handbook also includes studies. organisations corporations and individuals Each chapter focused on private contractual arrangements. includes an agenda for research highlighting areas where and looks at the human rights aspects of energy. future work could yield significant results, Contributors R J Battaglia A V Belyi P Cameron M Galligan. Contributors E Cannizzaro J d Aspremont K del Mar J Devaney A M Z Gao T P Gormley K Hob r L Holt S de Jong. J Finke M Fitzmaurice M Karavias M Kotzur S I Lekkas A Konoplyanik L A Low R Maalouf T Martin M Naseem. V Lowe QC P Merkouris M Milanovic A Nollkaemper S Naseem Y Omorogbe S L Penttinen P Roberts A Sabater. M Paparinskis I Plakokefalos A Proelss S Ranganathan S W Schill Y Selivanova I A Siddiky M Stadnyk K Talus. A Rasulov Y Ronen C J Tams A Tzanakopoulos M Waibel R P Tscherning A Wawryk J Wouters K Yafimava. P Webb A Zimmermann,2014 704 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 219 3 185 00.
2014 680 pp Hardback 978 0 85793 477 2 185 00 Elgaronline 978 1 78100 220 9. Elgaronline 978 0 85793 478 9 Research Handbooks in International Law series. Research Handbooks in International Law series, Research Handbook on International Law and Migration. Edited by Vincent Chetail and C line Bauloz Graduate Institute of International. and Development Studies Switzerland, Migration is a complex and multifaceted issue and the current legal framework suffers from. considerable ambiguity and lack of cohesive focus This Handbook offers a comprehensive take. on the intersection of law and migration studies and provides strategies for better understanding. the potential of international legal norms in regulating migration Authoritative analyses by the most. renowned and knowledgeable experts in the field focus on important migration issues and challenge. the current normative framework with new ways of thinking about the topic. Contributors T A Aleinikoff I Atak H Battjes V Chetail R Cohen F Cr peau C Dauvergne M Duchatellier. T Gammeltoft Hansen G Gilbert E Guild W K lin H Lambert S H Legomsky B Lyon L A Nessel H O Nions. S Ojeda C Phuong R Piotrowicz J Rhodes P J Spiro H Storey J P Trachtman W Vandenhole A Vermeer K nzli. J Vedsted Hansen R M M Wallace D Weissbrodt M Zieck. 2014 712 pp Hardback 978 0 85793 004 0 185 00,Elgaronline 978 0 85793 005 7. Research Handbooks in International Law series, To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk 3. International Law,Environmental,Human Rights,NEW Handbook on.
Handbook of Space Law the Law of Cultural, Edited by Frans von der Dunk University Heritage and. of Nebraska Lincoln College of Law US International Trade. and Black Holes B V Leiden the Netherlands Edited by. with Fabio Tronchetti James A R Nafziger, The intellectual frontlines of the coming skirmishes Willamette University. along this new frontier will doubtless be populated by the College of Law US and. readers of this Handbook of Space Law Just like the book Robert Kirkwood Paterson. offers a multi angular approach to the various main issues University of British. involved the increasing diversity and audaciousness of the. entrepreneurs in the emerging space arena will require a. Columbia Canada, matching multi dimensional cast of space lawyers There is a sad dearth of writings on Cultural Heritage. with just two or three other books on this topic the best. Taken from the Foreword by Rusty Schweickart Apollo 9. by far being Elgar s Handbook on the Law of Cultural. Handbook of Space Law addresses the legal and Heritage and International Trade I have seen no other. regulatory aspects of activities in outer space and book on this subject that even links International Trade. major space applications from a comprehensive and Law with this subject and so the two Editors Professors. structured perspective The book fundamentally Nafziger and Paterson are to be hugely commended. addresses the dichotomy between the state oriented for this exciting and scholarly legal Masterpiece a true. character of international space law and the increasing Handbook in the true sense of the word. commercialization and privatization of space activities. Sally Ramage The Criminal Lawyer, Contributors include C Doldirina P van Fenema C Gaubert. P Jankowitsch I Marboe C Sharpe J Smith M Sundahl This Handbook offers a collection of original writings by. F Tronchetti L Viikari M Williams leading scholars and practitioners in the exciting rapidly. developing field of cultural heritage law The detailed. essays are the product of a multi year project of the. Feb 2015 c 864 pp, Committee on Cultural Heritage Law of the International.
Hardback 978 1 78100 035 9 c 205 00,Law Association. Elgaronline 978 1 78100 036 6, Research Handbooks in International Law series Contributors T Adlercreutz E Beccerril M Beukes J Blake. K Chamberlain P Conlan M Cornu P Davies J Ding T Einhorn. F Fiorentini C Forrest M Frigo K Hausler A Jakubowski. NEW IN PAPERBACK O Jakubowski T Kono S Kozai E N Moustaira P Myburgh. J A R Nafziger R K Paterson M A Renold B Sch nenberger. Dictionary of K Siehr A F Vrdoljak, International Human 2014 672 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 733 4 180 00. Rights Law Elgaronline 978 1 78100 734 1, Research Handbooks on Globalisation and the Law series. Connie de la Vega University,of San Francisco School of.
Constance de la Vega s,Dictionary of International. Human Rights Law is a Elgarblog,marvellous new human rights. resource It provides concise definitions and explanations Countering Terrorism and. of key human rights phrases including specific recognised. and emerging rights relevant concepts institutions and. Crossing Legal Boundaries, instruments Human rights law has not grown in a vacuum By Aniceto Masferrer. so some related concepts such as from international and Clive Walker. criminal law and the law of armed conflict are wisely. included This book will be an important addition to the. libraries of human rights scholars practitioners and. advocates throughout the world Even in Wartime,Nobody Goes Unprotected. Sarah Joseph Monash University Australia,By Jonathan Crowe.
2013 272 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 377 9 98 00,2014 Paperback 978 1 78254 503 3 27 50. Elgaronline 978 1 78254 070 0,www elgarblog wordpress com. 4 To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk. International Law Human Rights Law,To order a free copy of our. Research Handbook on International International Law catalogue. Law and Cyberspace or our Human Rights leaflet, Edited by Nicholas Tsagourias and Russell Buchan Email. University of Sheffield UK info e elgar co uk, This timely Research Handbook contains an analysis Or download a copy.
of various legal questions concerning cyberspace and from www e elgar com. cyber activities and provides a critical account of their. effectiveness Expert contributors examine the application. of fundamental international law principles to cyberspace. such as sovereignty jurisdiction state responsibility. individual criminal responsibility and intellectual property. rights In addition to this they explore the application. of international law rules to cyber terrorism cyber NEW. espionage cyber crime cyber attacks and cyber war and. discuss the cyber security policies of international and Research Handbook on. regional institutions EU Private International Law. Contributors include K Ambos C Antonopoulos L Arimatsu Edited by Peter Stone and Youseph Farah. K Bannelier Christakis R Buchan P Ducheine D Fidler University of Essex UK. C Focarelli T Gill K Heath C Henderson P Kastner U Kohl. F M gret E Myjer H Nasu A Rahmatian M Roscini N Rowe This book offers a very timely and exquisite insight into. B Saul H Trezise N Tsagourias D Turns R Wessel K Ziolkowski some of the most pressing challenges of EU private. international law itself an area of the law with, May 2015 c 528 pp growing impact on practice academia and the further. Hardback 978 1 78254 738 9 c 150 00 development of EU law generally Peter Stone and Youseph. Elgaronline 978 1 78254 739 6 Farah have gathered a steller team of commentators to. Research Handbooks in International Law series guide the reader through some of the intricate mazes of. EU conflicts law A delight,Geert van Calster University of Leuven Belgium. The harmonisation of private international law in, The Elgar Companion Europe has advanced rapidly since the entry into force. to the International of the Treaty of Amsterdam Most aspects of private. international law are now governed or at least affected by. Court of Justice EU legislation and there is a substantial and growing body. Robert Kolb University of case law from the European Court as well as the courts. of the Member States This timely Handbook addresses. of Geneva Switzerland, key questions and problems that currently exist in the. The first in a series of rules of private international law laid down by European. Companions that offer Union regulations,broad coverage of a range.
Contributors include O Bamodu I Carr Y Farah, of international courts and G G neysu G ng r L Heffernan S Hourani D Kenny M Koutsias. tribunals The Elgar Companion to X E Kramer P Stone E Treppoz A Yilmaz Vastardis H L Yu. the International Court of Justice, is a one stop reference for those wishing to understand. May 2015 c 400 pp,this highly significant and successful court. Hardback 978 1 78195 454 6 c 130 00, The Companion offers an objective account of how the Elgaronline 978 1 78195 455 3. ICJ came into being the general principles on which it was Research Handbooks in European Law series. founded and how it functions today It addresses certain. fundamental aspects of the Court such as its jurisdiction. structure and jurisprudence as well as its role in the. ALSO OF INTEREST, wider world The Companion gives a human flavour to.
the institution through the portraits of some of the great. figures that have served as its judges Research Handbook on the Economics. of Public International Law, 2014 496 pp Hardback 978 1 78254 485 2 145 00 Edited by Eugene Kontorovich. Elgaronline 978 1 78254 486 9 see page 10, Elgar Companions to International Courts and Tribunals series. To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk 5. International Economic,Environmental,Research Handbook. To order a free copy of our,on Environment,International Economics. Health and the WTO Trade catalogue, Edited by Geert Van Calster Email info e elgar co uk.
KU Leuven Belgium and Or download a copy from,Denise Pr vost Maastricht www e elgar com. University the Netherlands,Geert Van Calster and,Denise Pr vost have managed. to induce virtually all the great, experts on health environment and WTO law to contribute. Research Handbook, to their Research Handbook on these subjects The result on the WTO and. is undoubtedly an excellent volume that should adorn Technical Barriers. the bookcase of any and all interested in the important. problem of the relation between international rule making to Trade. and regulatory autonomy of states in this area Edited by Tracey Epps. of international economic law New Zealand Ministry. Pieter Jan Kuijper University of Amsterdam of Foreign Affairs and Trade. the Netherlands and Michael J Trebilcock, This edited collection brings together an impressive array University of Toronto Canada.
of authors from the world of international trade the Congratulations on an outstanding book on the WTO TBT. environment and public health The Handbook is a must Agreement International regulations and standards reflect. for anyone interested in these overlapping fields of law societies fundamental choices Regulating and monitoring. and policy whether as a basis for learning or as a resource them is complex and the renowned co authors of this book. for further research have well understood the multi faceted matters at stake In. Mary Footer University of Nottingham School of Law UK this book world experts have seized a unique opportunity. provided by the wealth of recent TBT jurisprudence to. Contributors A Alemanno A Arcuri J Atik H Baum ller T Cottier analyse the different dimensions of the TBT Agreement a. K Das J de Cendra de Larrag n P Delimatsis M A Echols T Epps WTO agreement little discussed up to now WTO experts. L Gruszczynski A Herwig C Joerges B Mercurio P Morrisson as well as anyone interested in the reach of WTO law into. L Nielsen J Pauwelyn J Peel D H Regan L Rubini D Shabalala. the balance between national sovereignty and the need for. N Shariff T Voon D A Wirth Z Zhang,international co operation must read this book. 2013 880 pp Hardback 978 1 84720 897 2 201 00 Gabrielle Marceau WTO Legal Affairs Division UNIGE. 2014 Paperback 978 1 78254 482 1 45 00 and Graduate Institute Geneva Switzerland. Elgaronline 978 1 78100 614 6 Contributors A E Appleton A Arcuri M Cardwell H Churchman. Research Handbooks on the WTO series M M Du T Epps C Gascoigne L Gruszczynski B Hazucha. R Howse A Kudryavtsev P C Mavroidis G Mayeda A Mitchell. D Pr vost F Smith J P Trachtman M J Trebilcock T Voon. Research M Wagner E N Wijkstr m, Handbook on the 2013 616 pp Hardback 978 0 85793 671 4 176 00. WTO Agriculture Elgaronline 978 0 85793 672 1,Agreement Research Handbooks on the WTO series. New and Emerging,Issues in International Research Handbook. Agricultural Trade Law on Global Justice,Edited by and International.
Joseph A McMahon Economic Law,and Melaku Geboye Desta. Edited by John Linarelli,2012 336 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 116 3 123 00. 2013 Paperback 978 1 78100 537 8 37 00 2013 368 pp Hardback. Elgaronline 978 1 78100 123 3 978 1 84844 966 4 134 00. Research Handbooks on the WTO series Elgaronline 978 1 78254 905 5. Research Handbooks on,Globalisation and the Law series. 6 To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk. International Environmental Law International Environmental. Comparative Law,Comparative Tort Law Comparative Labor Law. Global Perspectives Edited by Matthew W Finkin University of Illinois. US and Guy Mundlak Tel Aviv University Israel, Edited by Mauro Bussani Universita di Trieste Italy.
and Anthony Sebok Yeshiva University US Economic pressure and corporate policies both. transnational and domestic have placed labor law under. Comparative Tort Law provides a framework for analyzing severe stress National responses are so deeply embedded. and understanding the current state of tort law in what in institutions reflecting local traditions that meaningful. are conventionally called Western and non Western comparison is daunting This book assembles a team of. countries The book examines tort law theories and experts from many countries drawing on a rich variety. cultures It looks at general issues at play throughout the of comparative methods to capture changes in different. globe such as causation economic and non economic countries and regions emerging trends and national. damages product and professional liability as well as the divergences. relationship between tort law and crime insurance and. public welfare schemes Further the volume provides Contributors include K Banks A Bogg S Bonfanti S Butterworth. insightful case studies by analyzing specific features of S Cooney L Corazza N Countouris G Davidov D du Toit. selected tort systems in Europe the US Latin America K D Ewing M Finkin R Fragale M Freedland N Garoupa. East Asia and sub Saharan Africa S Giubboni F Hendrickx J Howe A Hyde E Kovacs R Krause. N Lyutov E Menegatti L Mitrus G Mundlak R Nunin M Pittard. Contributors include E B y ksagis D N Dagbanja M Dyson O Razzolini K Rittich R Ronnie E S nchez K Sankaran. I Ebert E A Engle A Gakuin J Gordley E Hondius M Infantino M Schlachter A Seifert A Stewart H Takeuchi Okuno A Topo. H Jiang D Jutras M de Morpurgo E Matsumoto G D Mattiacci. A B Bin Mohamad V V Palmer F Parisi M Reimann,May 2015 c 512 pp. S D Sugarman S C Symeonides F Werro,Hardback 978 1 78100 012 0 c 150 00. Elgaronline 978 1 78100 013 7, June 2015 c 500 pp Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series. Hardback 978 1 84980 141 6 c 120 00,Elgaronline 978 1 78471 813 8. Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series,Methods of.
Comparative Law,NEW IN PAPERBACK,Comparative Law Pier Giuseppe Monateri. International Academy,and Society of Comparative Law. Edited by David S Clark of New York US and, Willamette University US University of Turin Italy. Comparative Law and Society Extensively footnoted, part of the Research Handbooks throughout the book takes. in Comparative Law series its place as part of Elgar s Research Handbooks in. is a pioneering volume that Comparative Law series the first of its kind apparently. comprises 19 original essays to cover such a broad range of comparative law issues The. written by expert authors from orientation is global the approach scholarly This is a book. across the world This innovative which will no doubt interest the worldwide community of. handbook offers both a history of the field of comparative law academics and academic lawyers Offering up some of. law and society and a thorough exploration of its methods the latest thinking on this subject it contains much food. disciplines and major issues presenting the most for thought. comprehensive look into this contemporary field to date Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor. Contributors M Adler N Brewer D S Clark R Cotterrell The Barrister Magazine. B L Cutler T Ginsburg M Goodale C Guarnieri R Horry B Luppi Contributors M Andenas S Benedettini C Costantini. S C McCaffrey E Mertz D Nelken F Pakes M A Palmer F Parisi D Fairgrieve G Frankenberg J Gaakeer S Glanert P Goodrich. J T Polk J C Reitz R E Salcido S Stendahl J C Suk G A Tarr J Gordley C Lei B Luppi A L Marasco S McEvoy P G Monateri. S C Thaman K van Aeken H J Wiarda H Muir Watt A Nicita F Parisi G Samuel G Watt. 2012 480 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 361 8 140 00 2012 352 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 252 9 119 00. 2014 Paperback 978 1 78195 543 7 40 00 2013 Paperback 978 1 78100 653 5 35 00. Elgaronline 978 1 78100 609 2 Elgaronline 978 1 78100 511 8. Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series Research Handbooks in Comparative Law series. To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk 7. International Law,Comparative Environmental Law Law Economics.
NEW IN PAPERBACK NEW IN PAPERBACK,Elgar Encyclopedia Research Handbook. of Comparative Law on the Economics,Second Edition of Labor and. Edited by Jan M Smits Employment Law,Maastricht University Edited by Cynthia L Estlund. the Netherlands New York University School of, Acclaim for the first edition Law and Michael L Wachter. University of Pennsylvania,an excellent comprehensive.
overview of the current state Law School US, of affairs in comparative law Estlund and Wachter have. Highly recommended assembled a feast on the economic analysis of issues. J E Stephens Choice in labor and employment law for scholars and policy. makers The volume begins with foundational discussions. An important and immense book of the economic analysis of the individual employment. The Criminal Lawyer relationship and collective bargaining It then progresses. to discussions of the theoretical and empirical work on. a great advance of comparative law scholarship, a wide range of important labor and employment law. Alan Watson University of Georgia US topics including union organizing and employee choice. With updated contributions and several new entries the the impact of unions on firm and economic performance. second edition of this unique Encyclopedia cements its the impact of unions on the enforcement of legal rights. reputation as the authoritative reference work and an just cause for dismissal covenants not to compete and. indispensable resource in the field Wide ranging and employment discrimination Anyone who wants to study. comprehensive in scope with entries written by noted what economists have to say on these topics would do well. specialists the book s range takes in articles on the nature to begin with this collection. and methodology of comparative law as well as on specific Kenneth G Dau Schmidt Indiana University Bloomington. areas of law such as administrative law and criminal law School of Law US. and substantive topics from accident compensation to. unjustified enrichment In addition the Encyclopedia This Research Handbook assembles the original work of. contains articles on a selected set of countries legal leading legal and economic scholars working in a variety. systems and as a whole presents overviews of the current of traditions and methodologies on the economic analysis. state of affairs of labor and employment law, Contributors M Abe D Bradley W Bull W E Butler R Caterina Contributors R Arnow Richman S Deakin Z J Eigen R A Epstein. M Claes H Cousy E Dacoronia G R de Groot M J de Waal C L Estlund S Estreicher B T Hirsch A Hyde S Issacharoff C Jolls. H Dedek M Deturbide R Dotevall J E du Plessis M G Faure B E Kaufman M M Kleiner B I Sachs E Scharff S J Schwab. B Fauvarque Cosson J Fedtke F Ferrari A Fournier J Fu M L Wachter D Weil. D Geradin H P Glenn M Gondek J Gordley J Hage B Havel. J H Herbots V Heutger G Howells E J Hughes M Hunter Henin 2012 520 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 101 0 150 00. J Husa N Jansen M T Kamminga A J Kanning S M Kr ll 2014 Paperback 978 1 78195 263 4 40 00. P Letto Vanamo S D Lindenbergh G Lubbe B Lurger Elgaronline 978 1 78100 611 5. L Macgregor H L MacQueen U Magnus K Mayer R Michaels Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series. J M Milo H Muir Watt J Neethling H P Nehl D Nelken. L Nottage C O Cinneide A E r c V V Palmer F Pennings. P Pichonnaz B Pozzo L Rademacher G Samuel M J Schermaier. M Schmidt Kessel E Schrage G Shalev L lepait D Smith Research Handbook. J M Smits Z D Tarman V Thuronyi M Torsello J H M van Erp on the Economics. N Van Leuven C H van Rhee L van Vliet A Vaquer R Verhagen. R Verkerk D Visser S Vogenauer M Vranken S Weatherill of Corporate Law. T Weigend B Wessels C A Williams J Ziller P Zumbansen. Edited by Claire A Hill,and Brett H McDonnell,2012 1 024 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 415 8 222 00. 2014 Paperback 978 1 78254 037 3 47 50,2012 496 pp Hardback.
Elgaronline 978 1 78100 610 8,978 1 84844 958 9 165 00. 2013 Paperback,978 1 78100 547 7 45 00,Elgaronline 978 1 78100 521 7. Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series,Follow us for news views offers and discounts. 8 To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk. International Environmental,Law Economics,NEW NEW IN PAPERBACK. Research Handbook on Behavioral Research Handbook,Law and Economics on the Economics of.
Edited by Kathryn Zeiler and Joshua Teitelbaum European Union Law. Georgetown University Law Center US Edited by Thomas Eger. The field of behavioral economics has contributed greatly University of Hamburg. to our understanding of human decision making by and Hans Bernd Sch fer. refining neoclassical assumptions and developing models Bucerius Law School. that account for psychological cognitive and emotional Hamburg and University. forces The field s insights have important implications of Hamburg Germany. for law This Research Handbook offers a variety of. perspectives from renowned experts on a wide ranging This comprehensive volume. set of topics including punishment finance tort law comprises original essays by authors well known for their. happiness and the application of experimental literatures work on the European Union Together they provide the. to law It also includes analyses of conceptual foundations reader with an economic analysis of the most important. cautions limitations and proposals for ways forward elements of EU law and the mechanisms for decisions. within the EU, Contributors include S Agarwal A al Nowaihi B W Ambrose. J Baron M Bos S Payne Carter G Charness T Chorvat Contributors H Br cker F Cafaggi E Carbonara T Eger. G DeAngelo S Dhami B Ho P H Huang D Huffman O D Jones M G Faure J Fidrmuc N Garoupa F Gomez M J Holler. C M Landeo B Luppi K McCabe G Mitchell F Parisi P C Leyens B Luppi A Nicita R Pardolesi F Parisi J Pelkmans. P Marta Skiba A Stein T Wilkinson Ryan E Xiao K Zeiler H B Sch fer H Siekmann G Tsebelis S Voigt H J Wagener. July 2015 c 500 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 567 4 c 150 00 2012 444 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 100 3 140 00. Elgaronline 978 1 84980 568 1 2014 Paperback 978 1 78195 414 0 40 00. Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series Elgaronline 978 1 78100 527 9. Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series,Research Handbook. on the Economics Research Handbook,of Criminal Law on the Economics. Edited by Alon Harel of Torts,Hebrew University Israel Edited by Jennifer Arlen. and Boston University New York University School,and Keith N Hylton Boston of Law US.
University US An indispensable resource for, the book is a largely anyone interested in economic. successful and thought provoking analysis of tort law and tort. attempt to analyse criminal law in utilitarian and economic law period Professor Arlen has. terms Fundamentally the book offers up a number assembled an academic all star team and its members. of economic analyses of criminal law and therefore have prepared up to date high quality and accessible. encompasses the social sciences including economics treatments of centrally important topics ranging from. behavioural economics psychology and to some extent causation and damages to vicarious liability and insurance. sociology Those interested in criminology too should to tort reform and tort alternatives With respect to the. also read this book this book is an interesting and analysis of tort law through the lenses of empirical and. instructive read certainly for criminal lawyers as well microeconomic analysis this is now the go to volume. as criminologists sociologists and those making difficult. John Goldberg Harvard Law School US, policy decisions with respect to crime prevention and. punishment Contributors J Arlen L Babcock T Baker R Cooter A F Daughety. Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor D DePianto S S Diamond T Eisenberg R A Epstein J Furgeson. The Barrister Magazine M A Geistfeld M F Grady L Hardcastle M Heise E Helland. D R Hensler K N Hylton L A Kornhauser R Kraakman G Miller. Contributors J Arlen N Garoupa M D Guttentag A Harel J F Reinganum J M Salerno S A Seabury C M Sharkey. K N Hylton J Klick J MacDonald T J Miceli R A Mikos P Siegelman E L Talley M Trebilcock P E Veel W K Viscusi. M C Mungan T Stratmann A D Tabbach A L Wickelgren K Zeiler. 2012 272 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 374 7 109 00 2013 672 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 118 7 186 00. 2013 Paperback 978 1 78195 309 9 39 95 Elgaronline 978 1 78100 617 7. Elgaronline 978 0 85793 065 1 Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series. Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series, To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk 9. International,Law Economics,Environmental Law Crime Corruption. Research Handbook International,on the Economics Handbook on.
of Public International Law Whistleblowing, Edited by Eugene Kontorovich Northwestern Research. University US Edited by A J Brown, Through original and incisive contributions from leading Griffith University Australia. scholars this book applies economics and other rational David Lewis Middlesex. choice methods to understanding public international law University UK. The chapters cover a range of topics from the sources Richard Moberly University. of international law to means of enforcement The,of Nebraska College of Law. application of economic analysis to public international. law is still in its early stages and the Research Handbook US and Wim Vandekerckhove. provides a useful overview as well as setting directions for University of Greenwich UK. new research This Handbook is testament to the value of whistleblowing. A Bell E Benvenisti T Broude B L Coggins G W Downs for democracy with new research and existing knowledge. T Ginsburg A Guzman I Kala J D Morrow F Parisi D Pi probed with fresh and urgent questions What is the impact. E Spolaore P B Stephan A van Aaken of global technology on public accountability journalism. and whistleblower protection If indifference is what really. June 2015 c 560 pp matters is focus on retaliation misplaced What stops. Hardback 978 0 85793 015 6 c 160 00 those in authority from heeding whistleblowers A vital. Elgaronline 978 0 85793 016 3 resource for anyone fighting to protect whistleblowers. Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series anywhere to better articulate whose interests are really at. stake and what needs to be done,Anna Myers lawyer and Expert Coordinator of the. Research Handbook Whistleblowing International Network WIN. on Economic Models This important Handbook offers original cutting edge. of Law analyses of the conceptual and practical challenges. that researchers face in order to better inform the. Edited by Thomas J Miceli way whistleblowing is understood and confronted by. University of Connecticut organizations regulatory authorities and governments. and Matthew J Baker Contributors B Bj rkelo R Bosua A J Brown H H Bye K Crow. Hunter College CUNY US T Devine S Dreyfus T Morehead Dworkin B Edwards. B Fasterling T Faunce P Harpur R Lederman D Lewis J Leys. One of the great successes of the K Loyens J Maesschalck B Martin D P Meyer M P Miceli. law and economics movement S Milton R Moberly F M Morgan Jr J P Near T Nikolic J Olsen. has been the use of economic M T Rehg P Roberts M Skivenes R Smith J Spencer M Spencer. models to explain the structure and function of broad S C Trygstad E Tsahuridu T Uys W Vandekerckhove S Walden. areas of law The original contributions to this volume C Wheeler J Zuckerman. epitomize that tradition offering state of the art research. on the many facets of economic modeling in law 2014 648 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 678 8 185 00. The contributors employ a variety of economic Elgaronline 978 1 78100 679 5. methodologies to explore a wide range of topics, including torts contracts property crime employment.
the environment and legal procedure This depth and Handbook. breadth of scholarship reflect the continuing vitality of the. economic approach to law offering an illuminating look. of Global Research, into the future of the field and providing inspiration and and Practice in. guidance for the next generation of theorists Corruption. Contributors L Anderlini M Baker F Baumann J De Mot. B Deporter D Dharmapala W Emons L Felli C Fluet T Friehe. Edited by Adam Graycar, N Garoupa Z Grossman S Izmalkov C Landeo R McAdams and Russell G Smith. T Miceli M Nikitin J Pincus A Postlewaite R Rabon G Ramello. K Segerson P Shapiro T Tsvetanov T Ulen N Westelius 2011 520 pp Hardback. A Wickelgren 978 1 84980 501 8 145 00,2013 Paperback. 2013 384 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 014 4 134 00 978 0 85793 892 3 42 00. Elgaronline 978 1 78100 015 1 Elgaronline 978 1 84980 503 2. Research Handbooks in Law and Economics series, 10 To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk. Crime Corruption Competition,InternationalLaw,Environmental.
Antitrust Law,Research Handbook European,on Transparency Competition Law. Edited by Padideh Ala i and A Case Commentary,Robert G Vaughn American. Edited by Weijer VerLoren,University Washington,van Themaat and. College of Law US,Berend Reuder Houthoff,Transparency has multiple Buruma the Netherlands. contested meanings This broad, ranging volume accepts that This book is unique It does.
complexity and thoughtfully not contain any text from the. contrasts alternative views authors themselves but the. through conceptual pieces country cases and assessments story of EU competition law is entirely told through a. of policies such as freedom of information laws smart selection of quotes from the Commission and EU. whistleblower protections financial disclosure and courts This approach is extremely valuable The article. participatory policymaking procedures by article categorization and the extensive index ensure. that influential cases are found quickly and easily This. Susan Rose Ackerman Yale University Law School US book should be on the desk of every competition authority. For me this book could have been titled Everything official and practitioner. I Ever Wanted To Know About Transparency Policy Alexander Italianer Director General for Competition. And Law But Didn t Know Enough To Ask It is European Commission Belgium. masterful and unmatched in depth scope and acuity, It convincingly analyzes the complexities of transparency European Competition Law A Case Commentary explains. on a comparative basis in terms of goals culture and EU competition law by presenting the relevant legal. government legal approaches and global governance provisions together with carefully selected case extracts. What is transparency What can it be What are its pertaining to those provisions The selection is based. consequences How can it be promoted and regulated on the interpretative value of the extracts and is limited. Henceforth no one should seriously attempt to address to the essentials in order to clearly demonstrate how. such questions without first reading this outstanding book competition rules have been interpreted by the European. Commission and the courts The extracts originate, David H Rosenbloom School of Public Affairs primarily from the decisions of the European Commission. American University US and judgments of the Court of Justice of the European. Contributors Padideh Ala i J Ackerman A J Brown K Clark Union and the European Court of Human Rights. M D Orsi S Dreyfus C Embree E Fisher H P Glenn Key features include. H Ala Hamoudi J W Head D B Hunter W Liu J S Lubbers. Article by article overview of EU competition law, D J Metcalfe S Routray I E Sandoval W Vandekerckhove. R G Vaughn jurisprudence,Unique structure means users can quickly locate. decisions and judgments on any substantive aspect,2014 432 pp Hardback 978 1 78100 793 8 140 00.
of competition law,Elgaronline 978 1 78100 794 5, Concise and judiciously selected extracts from the. judgments in the most important and most instructive. Through the use of extracts the authors do not, Elgarblog impose their own analysis but facilitate a nuanced. view of competition law rules giving practitioners. a more contextual insight, Criminal Judges on Trial Greater number of case extracts than other books. State Induced Guilty Pleas gives a more complete picture of the way rules. translate into European jurisprudence,By Mike McConville. and Luke Marsh Contributors include R Cornelissen J Derenne G van Heezik. M Johnsson K Metzlaff E Oude Elferink A Pliego Selie. H Speyart P Stauber,Crime and Gambling,2014 936 pp Hardback 978 1 78347 686 2 225.
in a Virtual World Elgaronline 978 1 78347 687 9,By Clare Chambers Jones Elgar Commentaries series. www elgarblog wordpress com, To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk 11. Competition Law Antitrust Law,To order a free copy of our. on European Competition Law,Competition Law Policy catalogue. Edited by Ioannis Lianos Email info e elgar co uk,University College London Or download a copy from.
UK and Damien Geradin www e elgar com,Covington Burling George. Mason University US and,Tilburg University,the Netherlands The International. Key features Handbook of, Edited by a leading academic and practitioner Competition. Combines both practical insight and scholarly analysis Second Edition. A rich compendium of commentary and analysis on all. the main themes of competition law Edited by,Manfred Neumann. Extensive coverage of both substantive procedural and. enforcement issues in two volumes,University Erlangen.
N rnberg and, This two volume Handbook covers all the major areas of J rgen Weigand WHU. European Union competition law including substantive Otto Beisheim School of. procedural and enforcement aspects It combines detailed. Management Vallendar Germany, practical analysis with scholarly rigour reflecting the. diverse profile of the contributing authors who comprise This comprehensive Handbook demonstrates that. senior scholars experienced private practitioners and academic thinking new and old has a role to play. public enforcers in shaping modern competition policy. Volume 1 Substantive Aspects sets the context for Gunnar Niels Oxera. examination of substantive law by reviewing and analyzing. This Handbook examines the interface of competition. the goals of competition law It then covers the substantive. policy competition law and industrial economics The. building blocks of EU competition law including horizontal. book aims to further our understanding of how economic. and vertical agreements cartels mergers and also, reasoning and legal expertise complement each other. provides valuable coverage of the interaction between. in defining the fundamental issues and principles in. competition and regulation hub and spoke collusion and. competition policy In specially commissioned chapters. information exchange agreements The importance of the. the book provides a scholarly review of economic theory. abuse of dominance doctrine is reflected in three discrete. empirical evidence and standards of legal evaluation with. chapters considering exploitative abuses exclusionary. respect to monopolization of markets exploitation of. pricing abuses and exclusionary non pricing abuses. market power and mergers among other issues, Volume 2 Enforcement and Procedure sets out in detail. Contributors D B Audretsch E W Bond A W A Boot V Ghosal. the procedural aspects of EU Competition Law ranging R Griffith K H schelrath C Kirchner M Marin S Martin. from fines remedies and judicial review It also gives D C Mueller L Nesheim M Neumann A Rasch A Rathbone. unique insight into both private and public enforcement C Rowley A Wambach J Weigand B B Yurtoglu. of completion law and offers commentary on the, relationship between EU competition law and national.
2013 432 pp Hardback 978 1 84980 268 0 134 00,competition law and on the relationship between. Elgaronline 978 1 84980 606 0,competition law and private international law. Contributors include S Anderman A Andreangeli A Coscelli. K Cseres G Faella M Gal C Genakos D Geradin D Gerard. A Jones Y Katsoulacos I Kokkoris A Komninos N Levy I Lianos. Research Handbook, L Lovdahl Gormsen C Malamataris D Mantzari L Morais on International. R Nazzini O Odudu N Petit B Rodger H Schweitzer A Stephan. J Tapia F Wagner von Papp J Wileur,Competition Law. Edited by Ariel Ezrachi,Discounted two volume set, 2013 978 1 78254 610 8 262 50 2012 616 pp Hardback.
Elgaronline 978 1 78100 602 3 978 0 85793 479 6 170 00. Elgaronline 978 0 85793 480 2,Individual volumes Vol 1 Substantive Aspects. 2013 688 pp Hardback 978 1 84844 553 6 175 00,Vol 2 Enforcement and Procedure. 2013 648 pp Hardback 978 1 78254 609 2 175 00, 12 To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk. Corporate Commercial Financial Law,Research Handbook on Sovereign Research Handbook. Wealth Funds and International on Shareholder Power. Investment Law Edited by Randall S Thomas Vanderbilt University. Edited by Fabio Bassan Roma Tre University Italy Law School US and Jennifer G Hill University. and Sovereign Wealth Funds Law Centre of Sydney Australia. Research on the role of sovereign investments in a time Much of the history of corporate law has concerned. of crisis is still unsatisfactory This Research Handbook itself not with shareholder power but rather with its. illustrates the state of the art of the legal investigation on absence Yet as this Handbook shows there have been. sovereign investments filling necessary gaps in previous major shifts in capital market structure that require a. research Current focus is based on investment flows and reassessment of the role and power of shareholders. trends grounded in economic scenarios and objectives This book provides a contemporary analysis of shareholder. Conversely investigations from a legal standpoint are still power and considers the regulatory consequences of. few namely disregarding the host states concerns about changing ownership patterns around the world Leading. sovereign investments goals and tools Hence most of international scholars in corporate law governance and. the many relevant drivers that affect current sovereign financial economics address these central issues from a range. investments be they FDI or portfolio investments of different perspectives including historical contemporary. remain unexplained This book investigates the juridical legal economic political and comparative. foundation of sovereign investments and extends our Contributors include S Bainbridge M Becht J Franks M Blair. frontier of understanding J Coates J Cox P Davies L Enriques M Belcredi G Ferrarini. M Filippelli F Ferri J Fried G Geis R Gilson J Gordon. Contributors include G Adinolfi F Bassan M Castelli. Cristina R Gorga Li Guo G Kang Hua Heng J Hill K S Kim. L Cat Backer A De Luca S Ghahramani K Gordon L Hsu. R Masulis C Mayer F Partnoy D Puchniak W G Ringe, F Munari J Pohl B J Richardson P Rose F Scacciavillani.
L Renneboog E Pikulina Z Shishido T Eguchi M Siems. M Vellano A Viterbo T J Weiler E Whitsitt, R Thomas P Edelman B Thompson H Wells L L Lan U Varottil. June 2015 c 384 pp, May 2015 c 511 pp Hardback 978 1 78254 684 9 c 145 00. Hardback 978 1 78195 519 2 c 170 00,Elgaronline 978 1 78254 685 6. Elgaronline 978 1 78195 520 8 Research Handbooks in Corporate Law and Governance series. Research Handbooks in International Law series,Research Handbook. on Securities Research Handbook on, Regulation in the Partnerships LLCs and Alternative.
United States Forms of Business Organizations, Edited by Jerry W Markham Edited by Robert W Hillman University. Florida International of California Davis and Mark J Loewenstein. University at Miami and University of Colorado Law School US. Rigers Gjyshi The PNC Presenting alternatives to the corporate form of organization. Financial Services the Handbook explores partnerships LLCs business trusts. Group Inc US and other alternatives Specially commissioned chapters. by leading scholars in the field examine issues such as. This Handbook provides a clear explanation of the fiduciary duties agency principles contractual freedom. securities market regulation regime in the United States tax treatment the special circumstances of law firms and. A diverse set of contributors offer a comprehensive dissolution While much of the emphasis is on US law a. overview of the regulatory process Dodd Frank the number of chapters include treatments of Japan the UK. principal securities statutes and the regulators and market Russia China Taiwan India and Brazil. participants involved In addition to a general summary of. the topic this volume provides explanations of the process Contributors include A Afsharipour R Axberg E Berry B T Borden. D M Branson C V Cass Brewer J W Callison D A DeMott. for registering securities exemptions from registration. A G Donn F A Gevurtz N Grossman M M Harner J M Heminway. secondary distributions and the underwriting process. J Ivey Crickenberger R R Keatinge N C Howson J T Laster. Contributors B Black L A Blau R C Campos P Evans J Fanto A Jen Guang Lin M J Loewenstein M Manesh A Martin Rhodes. J Gabilondo Z J Gubler T L Hazen W A Kaal A B Laby M Liston B Means J H Murray P B Oh V Orlov T E Rutledge Z Shishido. J MacLeod Heminway M Q Paz A A Soares de Camargo L E Strine D J Weidner. 2014 576 pp Hardback 978 1 78254 006 9 150 00 July 2015 580 pp Hardback 978 1 78347 439 4 160 00. Elgaronline 978 1 78254 007 6 Elgaronline 978 1 78347 440 0. Research Handbooks in Financial Law series Research Handbooks in Corporate Law and Governance series. To order telephone 44 1235 465500 I Save up to 20 at www e elgar com I Email updates subscribe e elgar co uk 13.

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