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SOUNDIRON Street Erhu,Street Erhu version, 83 open format Kontakt instruments 43 K4 presets 40 K5 presets. 4710 Samples,6 3 GB Installed,24bit 48kHz stereo PCM wav samples non encrypted. Powerful custom performance and FX control interface. Bonus 48 unique FX ambiences and atmospheres,Bonus 46 custom convolution reverb impulses. The full version of Kontakt 4 2 4 or later is required for all K4 presets. The full version of Kontakt 5 0 2 or later is required for all K5 presets. The free Kontakt Player does not support this library. Production Recording Editing and Programming Performed by. Mike Peaslee Gregg Stephens and Chris Marshall Qi Xin Huang. UI Design Artwork Photography Translation and Erhus provided by. Daniel Tritton Chris Marshall Gregg Stephens Mike Peaslee Ken Lam. and Constructive Stumblings, Scripting Systems Design Brad Halverson Dirk Ehlert James Semple Marco Frydshou. Chris Marshall Max Zhdanov Oliver Codd Paul Amos Robert Johnson. Russell Bell Sascha Knorr Simon Russell Xiaotian Shi. TABLE OF CONTENTS,INTRODUCTION Page 1,OVERVIEW CREDITS Page 2.
Instrument Descriptions,MAIN ERHU PRESETS Pages 12 14. AMBIENT PRESETS Page 14,GALLERY Pages 15 16,LICENSE AGREEMENT Page 17. THANK YOU Page 18 www soundiron com,ABOUT THIS LIBRARY. SOUNDIRON Street Erhu,Fidelity Custom Convolution Impulses. This library was recorded in wide stereo at 48kHz 24bit We enjoy capturing the unique acoustic characteristics of. with some content recorded in a lush natural hall spaces and locations that we come across from time to. environment so you ll hear room coloration and tone as time Sampling environments is similar to sampling. well as a few background impurities in some samples instruments in many ways It s done with portable. especially in the hall far C mic position We feel these loudspeakers to produce a special sine wave sweep that. subtle natural imperfections add life and character to the covers a wide spectrum from 22 Hz to 22 kHz We then. sound Therefore please keep in mind that this library isn t use dedicated deconvolution software to decode the. designed to provide perfectly quiet or sterile samples resulting audio into an impulse response file which is a. wav file with special phase frequency and timing,information embedded in the audio.
Format Accessibility, Most impulses sound like an odd sort of sharp snap like a. balloon pop or starting pistol fired in the environment. All of the sample content and impulse files are included as that was captured which is is in fact how impulses used. standard non encrypted PCM wav files and standard open to be made When loaded into a compatible convolution. format Kontakt presets to allow you easy access to reverb effect such as the one built into Kontakt these. manipulate reprogram and customize the sounds however impulses impart their sonic properties fairly well into. you prefer We know that it s important for many users to be most sounds Of course it s an imperfect science and. able to go beyond the limitations of any one sampler or much is lost in the translation especially if the sound being. preset structure so we ve kept this library s directories and played through it also has it s own strong tonal phase or. files open for advanced users As a professional you may have reflective properties Sometimes the results are incredibly. your own workflow or format requirements and we trust lifelike Sometimes they re awful It all depends on the. that you ll respect our hard work and won t share this sound the impulse the plugin and the settings used Then. content with anyone who hasn t paid for it again you may find some unexpectedly useful and. interesting results through a little experimentation. Keep in mind that to use and or edit the Kontakt presets. you ll need the full retail version of Native Instruments We ve included a hand selected collection of impulse files. Kontakt 4 2 4 K4 or Kontakt 5 0 2 K5 or later Please be that we think compliment this library s sound You can. aware that the free Kontakt Player and any other version or load them into most instrument presets by using the. form of Kontakt that came bundled with any other library or Convolution control panel tab and selecting an impulse. software product other than NI s Komplete package will from the Impulse drop down menu You can also manually. not support this library The free Kontakt Player is NOT a full import any of the wavs in the Impulses directory into any. version of Kontakt and cannot load or play standard open IR wav compatible convolution effect plugin of your. format Kontakt instruments or libraries choice Just please just make sure to keep your speakers. or headphones turned down while you experiment, Please read all instrument specs and software Convolution processing can often create powerful and. requirements before purchasing this or any other piercing resonances when applied to many audio sources. Soundiron products to see the full list of software especially loud sounds that contain strong mid to low. requirements features and format compatibility for each frequency harmonic components. While you can reprogram the samples or presets to other. formats we always recommend using Kontakt for best. results since it widely considered the industry standard and. easily the most powerful sample programming and playback. platform on the market However if you wish to convert or. reprogram the wav files and instrument presets into any. other sampler or softsynth format be aware that not all. settings and properties will translate accurately reliably or. even at all from one instrument or audio format to the next. due to vast differences in standards behaviors structures and. capabilities that each platform relies on, System Requirements press the Resume button If you need to resume. SOUNDIRON Street Erhu, downloading after closing the downloader run it again and. Please be aware that many instrument and multi enter your code and press Download again Then select. instrument programs in this library are extremely ram the same download installation location on your. cpu and hard disk streaming resource intensive We highly computer that you chose originally. recommend that you have a 64 bit operating system, Windows or OSX with at least 4GB of system ram a If the downloader reports a DL Error or Install error it.
quad core cpu and a 7200 rpm SATA hard disk or better will usually try to download the file again until it. before purchasing this particular Soundiron library Large successfully downloads and verifies all the data it needs. sample sets like those found in this library may load It s best to allow it to finish the process before trying to. slowly and may cause system instability on older move or access the library data Please see your. machines download email for more detailed instructions. Download Installation Manual Download, We provide the Continuata Download Manager to offer If you have any trouble with our Downloader utility or. high speed reliable and fully automated library prefer to use your browser or another download. downloading and installation Download and run the latest manager log into your personal manual download page on. version for your OS PC or Mac before proceeding You ll our website by using the direct link in your download. also need Java v1 6 or later You may also need to add email Log in using your download code and the email. special permissions to your security software for the address you used to order Or if you used the. downloader if it blocks applications from accessing the downloader originally but you need to re install the. web library manually for any reason at a later time you can. always re use the original rar files To do that you ll need. Next copy paste your download code from your Winrar UnrarX or another full featured Rar extraction. download email into the Code box in the downloader utility to extract and install the library Please note that. window Make sure to leave out any spaces before or after Stuffit Expander and Winzip DON T support many types. the code Press the download button and select the of common rar files. location you d like to download and install the library It. will automatically start downloading the file s and then. error check extract and install the finished library Once Preset Loading. installation is fully complete you can remove the rar. download files and store them in a safe place as a back up Once installation is complete you can browse and load. copy We always recommend downloading the latest the included nki presets using the Files or Database tabs. version of our downloader before you begin The link in in the Kontakt Browser or through the main File load. your email will always take you to the latest version save menu Please allow presets to finish loading. completely before loading a new one You can t use the. Don t move rename delete or modify any of the files or Libraries view to load standard open format Kontakt. folders created during the download until after you see Instruments like this library Only locked Powered By. the status message for all files in your download queue Kontakt Libraries are visible to that propriety browser. display the word INSTALLED Please don t close the view The Add Library function does not support this. downloader while it s actively downloading unless you product or any other open format Kontakt library This. press the pause button first To resume downloading library doesn t require any special activation. Main Front Panel Controls,SOUNDIRON Street Erhu, This instrument has a variety of special front panel performance controls that allow deep real time. performance customization Not all instrument presets include all controls listed below Included controls. depend on the specific features suitable for each preset Some may also use alternate CC mappings You can. see each control s assignment by clicking on each UI control to display the hint text in the Info bar at the. bottom of Kontakt These controls are included in most presets and control basic sound shaping. Swell CC72 Bow Vol, This knob smoothly controls volume swelling for the This knob controls the volume of performance sound. instrument allowing you to fine tune volume or fast or FX bow scrapes breathing etc that play in between. slow fades over time phrases Turn all the way down to disable. Attack CC 94 Legato Button, This knob controls the sharpness of attack Increasing This button toggles legato mode on off. the value causes the sound to attack more softly, Offset CC91 Phrases in Street Erhu are divided into a series of.
This controls the amount of sample start offset allowing songs Use this dropdown menu to select the active. you to jump ahead into samples to change the sound song for playback In non lite patches the green. Use this control in conjunction with the Waveform keyswitches on Kontakt s built in keyboard can be used. Window and the offset marker to accurately cut into a to quickly switch between songs on the fly. phrase at any point,Waveform Window, Release CC93 The waveform view displays the waveform of the most. This controls the release time of the main note recently played phrase Useful with Offset. samples Lower settings cause the sound to be damped. and cut off while higher settings allow notes to blend Offset Marker. together This glowing green bar indicates where sample playback. will start from when using the Offset control As users. Speed CC 73 move the Offset knob the bar will move along the top. This knob controls the playback speed of the phrase of the Waveform Window. using the Time Machine 2 K4 or Time Machine Pro, K5 playback engines While the authentic nature of Sequencer Show. Street Erhu s performance does not allow for tempo This button shows or hides the Sequencer panel that. syncing the Speed knob can be used to achieve similar allows for custom phrase patterns to be sequenced. results Please note TMPro can allow for much, smoother time stretching but requires more CPU Sequencer On Off. power This button toggles sequencer mode on off,Stepping Button Bar LFO EQ Reverb Filter. This knob controls the amount of pitch stepping These buttons change which controls are displayed on. allowing users to globally tune an instrument up or the lower right panel of the UI allowing one to control. down by 36 semitones the various attributes of each effect See more detailed. descriptions of these controls later in this document. This knob controls the amount of crossfade between. 5 phrases in both legato and sequencer,Ambience Controls.
SOUNDIRON Street Erhu, Ambience presets contain most of the standard sound shaping controls as normal presets but also offer. some different functionality, In ambience presets the Speed knob controls the speed of the pseudo legato pitch bend when it is enabled When. turned all the way down the bend is slow turned all the way up the bend is fast. Bending Button, This button toggles on off simulated pitch bending during legato transitions. This knob controls the active ambience for the Low layer. This knob controls the active ambience for the High layer. This knob blends between the Low and High layers allowing users to morph between any two ambiences. This knob controls the amount of crossfade between samples during legato transitions. This knob controls the available number of separate legato positions Using this allows for up to three separate legato. melodies to be played simultaneously, This knob controls the interval range within which a legato transition will occur When used with Polyphony any legato. transition played grater than this setting will trigger another legato position. Sequencer Controls,SOUNDIRON Street Erhu, Street Erhu features a flexible phrase sequencer built in to each applicable preset allowing users to easily.
sequence phrases into custom songs that be played back using a customizable trigger key In Kontakt 5. preset versions user sequences can also be saved and loaded. Steps Save Button, This value adjusts the number of steps in the sequence Kontakt 5 presets only Clicking this button opens up a. allowing for anywhere from 1 to 40 phrases in a file dialog window allowing users to save all sequencer. sequence When changed the number of editable step settings for later loading. boxes on the right will change accordingly,Load Button. Playback Direction Kontakt 5 presets only Clicking this button opens up a. This dropdown menu is used to change the playback file dialog window allowing users to load custom. order of the sequence The choices are sequencer settings. Fwd 1 Shot Plays the sequence forward once then,stops Trigger Key. Fwd Loop Plays the sequence in order endlessly so Denoted by the Red key on Kontakt s built in keyboard. long as the trigger key is held this is the key that is actually used to playback the. Bwd 1 Shot Plays the sequence in reverse order sequencer This value edit can be used to customize. once before stopping which key users want to use to trigger playback of the. Bwd Loop Plays the sequence in reverse order sequencer Please note that while a sequence is playing. endlessly on until the trigger key is released users can still use the blue keys to play phrases like. Random Plays the sequence randomly until the normal allowing for creative phrase layering. trigger key is released, Knob Follow This special mode only plays the phrase Phrase Step Value Boxes. slot indicated by the Start knob This mode can be Each of these boxes on the right side of the sequencer. used to automate a sequence using a midi controller panel represents a step in the sequence The number. or to playback a recorded sequence represents the key number of the phrase For instance. 24 refers to the phrase mapped to C0 and the, Start CC74 sequencer would play that phrase when it played that.
This knob is used to set the playback position of the step in the sequence Each song in Street Erhu has. sequence Normally the sequence will always move on anywhere from 24 to 36 phrases which are mapped. after a phrase is finished playing but this knob can be from key 24 C0 to 59 B2. used to change the next playback slot on the fly, This knob controls the playback duration of phrases. This works as a sort of reverse offset ending the phrase. and playing the next one before the actual end of the. SOUNDIRON Street Erhu Keyswitches, Presets in Street Erhu have a number of keyswitches special functions mapped to keys on the keyboard. that can be used to quickly access a number of features The Blue keys function normally The Green. keyswitches present in any non lite preset can be used to quickly switch between any song in each preset. The Red key only visible when the sequencer is set to On is used as the trigger key for sequencer mode. and is used to control playback of the sequence,LFO Controls. Most presets also include integrated LFO controls for Volume These allow you to create subtle or extreme. tremolo effects At the highest settings they can simulate classic grainy AM FM ring mod style effects. This dropdown selects the waveform for the particular LFO The values are Sine Triangle Rectangle Sawtooth and. This controls the depth of the LFO Turning this know all the way down to the left will turn off the LFO completely. This controls the speed of the LFO In free mode it is smoothly sweepable in real time and displays the current speed in. Hertz Hz In Synch Mode it displays standard time signature divisions relative to Kontakt s current internal tempo which. can also be controlled by your host sequencer Please be aware that if an LFO is in Synch Mode you may hear clicking or. popping if you change its time signature Rate value knob while any notes are still currently playing This is due to functional. limitations within Kontakt s internal scripting engine and LFO synching system If you wish to change the speed of the LFO. in real time while notes are playing we recommend using Free mode. Syncing Switch, This allows you to switch between freely adjustable LFO speed control and tempo synching mode If you toggle between. these modes in real time each mode will remember the last selected value you set for that mode. SOUNDIRON Street Erhu,Equalizer EQ,This button,enables disables.
the 3 Band EQ,Low Gain Mid Gain High Gain,This knob sets This knob sets This knob sets. the amount of the amount of the amount of, gain for the low gain for the mid gain for the high. band band band,This sets the,center frequency,for the mid band. Pro53 Low Pass Filter,On Off Waveform Rate, This button enables disables the This dropdown selects the This controls the speed of the. Lowpass Filter effect waveform for the particular LFO In free mode it is. LFO The values are Sine sweepable in real time and. Cutoff displays the speed in Hertz,Triangle Rectangle.
This knob sets the filter cut off Hz In Sync Mode it displays. frequency Sawtooth and Random standard time signature. divisions relative to Kontakt s, Resonance Syncing Button current internal tempo which. This knob sets the amount of Toggles tempo syncing of the can also be controlled by your. filter resonance LFO host sequencer,LFO Button Intensity. Toggles the LFO for Cutoff This knob sets the LFO,Frequency Disables the Cutoff intensity. Convolution Reverb Controls,SOUNDIRON Street Erhu, We ve incorporated our custom convolution impulses into each instrument preset with full control over all. available convolution effect parameters,Convolution On Off Impulse menus.
This button enables disables the convolution reverb These menus allow you to select from a wide variety of. effect custom convolution reverb impulses that we ve. personally captured or created for you separated into. Custom On Off experimental FX impulses and simulated real world. Turning this button On allows for custom impulse spaces. loading It bypasses the ability to load any of our provided. impulses so users can save custom presets with custom Effects. impulses This menu allows you to select one of our special effect. convolutions Selecting an impulse from this menu, Dry overrides and unloads any currently loaded impulse from. Sets the amount of dry gain that is passed through the Spaces menu. the effect, Wet This menu allows you to select one of our real world. Sets the amount of wet gain that is passed through environmental convolutions Selecting an impulse from. the effect this menu overrides and unloads any currently loaded. impulse from the Effects menu,Sets the simulated room size of the convolution. Sets the low frequency cut off of the impulse response. allowing you to dull and darken the sound, Sets the high frequency cut off of the impulse response. allowing you to remove rumble and low end, Sets the amount of pre delay time before the wet signal is.
SOUNDIRON Street Erhu Preset Versions, Street Erhu contains separate presets for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 5 The Kontakt 5 presets are recommended. since they offer the most functionality,Kontakt 5 Exclusive Features. Improved time stretching capability Using Kontakt 5 s improved Time Machine Pro engine K5 presets offer. smoother and more realistic time stretching and pitch shifting While TMPro does require more CPU power the. quality difference versus Kontakt 4 s Time Machine 2 engine is worth it. User create custom sequence preset saving and loading Kontakt 5 presets feature the ability to save and load step. sequencer settings allowing users to save and custom songs they make without needing to save off new nki presets. Included is a Default sequencer preset that restores default sequencer settings. Improved sequencer playback Kontakt 5 presets feature more intuitive playback of a song sequence using the trigger. key on the keyboard In Kontakt 4 presets the sequencer will finish playing an entire phrase before stopping playback. when the trigger key is released In Kontakt 5 the trigger key behaves more normally meaning the phrase will stop. playback as soon as the trigger key is released,Preset Categories. Street Erhu includes Timestretching and Non timestretching versions of every preset as well as Kontakt 4 and Kontakt. 5 versions of each and Normal and Lite presets for each Kontakt version. Timestretch, Timestretch presets allow the playback speed of the samples to be adjusted using a UI knob or midi CC Kontakt 5. versions of these presets are recommended since they utilize the newer and more robust Time Machine Pro engine as. opposed to Kontakt 4 s Time Machine 2 While the pure and authentic street performance nature of Street Erhu. prohibits tempo syncing the Timestretch presets can be used to achieve similar results. Please Note If you experience any popping at the end of any Erhu phrases when using Timestretch presets this is. due to a sample rate mismatch between audio drivers and the recorded sample rate which is 48000 Hz in the case of. Street Erhu When there is a rate mismatch a bug in Kontakt s Time Machine engines causes the samples to pop The. solution is to make sure your audio driver s sample rate as well as Kontakt s sample rate is set to 48000 Hz and then. restart Kontakt If this solution does not work or you find you must work in a 44100 Hz environment you can. downsample the provide wave files or we can provide you with and alternate sample pack. Non timestretch, These Non timestretch presets have all the same capabilities as the timestretch presets except for the speed control.
Samples in these presets can only be played back at the recorded tempo These also provide the smoothest and. cleanest audio quality without the risk of audio artifacts such as pops and clicks that are often caused by the Kontakt. time stretching engines,Main Presets, These presets load all sample data of all the songs directly into system ram They are designed for use on computers. with 64 bit Operating Systems and a large quantity of available ram On more powerful computers these presets. provide the best overall performance and real time song switching with the help of the song selection key switches. Please use caution when attempting to load these files as they may cause system instability crashes and other. problems if insufficient system resources are available One benefit of using these presets is the availability of quick. key switches to switch the song,Lite Presets, All presets also include low memory lite versions These presets dynamically load and unload individual songs into. memory using the song selection menu in order to conserve system resources As a consequence the key switches. that allow instant song changing are not available in Lite presets. Please Note If you play back a sample before the entire song or preset data is loaded into memory Kontakt may. sometimes appear to become unresponsive for a short time This is a bug between Kontakt s background loading and. the waveform display window Normal functionality will resume after all samples are loaded. INSTRUMENT PROGRAMS,SOUNDIRON Street Erhu, A coconut and broomstick erhu that is high pitched and shrill. Song 1 C0 B2,Song 2 C0 C 2,Song 3 C0 G2,Song 4 C0 A 2. Song 5 C0 B2,Song 6 C0 B2,Song 7 C0 A 2,Song 8 C0 A 2.
Song 9 C0 A,Song 10 C0 B2,Low Erhu 1,An erhu with more bass and a woodier sound. Song 1 C0 G2,Song 2 C0 D2,Song 3 C0 B2,Song 4 C0 G2. Song 5 C0 C2,Song 6 C0 D 2,Song 7 C0 D 2,Song 8 C0 B1. Song 9 C0 F 2,Song 10 C0 B2,Song 11 C0 F 2,Song 12 C0 D 2. Song 13 C0 A2,Song 14 C0 B2,Song 15 C0 F2,Song 16 C0 B1.
Song 17 C0 B1,Song 18 C0 B2,Song 19 C0 A 2,Song 20 C0 B2. Song 21 C0 C2,Song 22 C0 B2,Song 23 C0 A2,Song 24 C0 F 2. Song 25 C0 A2,Low Erhu 2,More low bass erhu songs,Song 1 C0 C2. Song 2 C0 C2,Song 3 C0 C2,Song 4 C0 C 2,Song 5 C0 G2. Song 6 C0 B1,Song 7 C0 B1,Song 8 C0 E2,Song 9 C0 B1.
Song 10 C0 D2,Song 11 C0 F2,Song 12 C0 B2,Song 13 C0 B1. Song 14 C0 D2,Song 15 C0 C 2,Song 16 C0 E2,Song 17 C0 B1. Song 18 C0 B2,12 Song 19 C0 A 2,Song 20 C0 E2,SOUNDIRON Street Erhu Mid Erhu 1. Erhu with a balanced tone,Song 1 C0 E2,Song 2 C0 B2. Song 3 C0 B1,Song 3a C0 C2,Song 3b C0 B1,Song 4a C0 B2.
Song 4b C0 G2,Song 5 C0 F 2,Song 6 C0 B1,Song 7 C0 F2. Song 8 C0 B2,Song 9 C0 B2,Song 10 C0 C2,Song 11 C0 G 2. Mid Erhu 2,More songs for the mid range erhu,Song 1 C0 A 2. Song 2 C0 G 2,Song 3 C0 B1,Song 4 C0 B1,Song 5 C0 B2. Song 6 C0 D 2,Mid Erhu 3,More songs for the mid range erhu.
Song 1 C0 C 2,Song 2 C0 B2,Song 3 C0 G2,Song 4 C0 E2. Song 5 C0 F2,Song 6 C0 B2,Song 7 C0 B1,Song 8 C0 B1. Song 9 C0 B1,Song 10 C0 B1,Song 11 C0 G2,Song 12 C0 C2. Song 13 C0 B2,Song 14 C0 B1,Song 15 C0 B1,Song 16 C0 D 1. Mid Erhu 4,More songs for the mid range erhu,Song 1 C0 B2.
Song 2 C0 B2,Song 3 C0 G2,Song 4 C0 C2,Song 5 C0 B2. Song 6 C0 B2,Song 7 C0 B2,Song 8 C0 A 2,Song 9 C0 B1. Song 10 C0 G2,Song 11 C0 B2,Song 12 C0 C2,Song 13 C0 F 2. Song 14 C0 A2,Song 15 C0 G2,Song 16 C0 A 2,Song 17 C0 B2. Song 18 C0 F 2,Song 19 C0 C2,Song 20 C0 B2,Mid Erhu 5.
More songs for the mid range erhu,SOUNDIRON Street Erhu. Song 1 C0 D 2,Song 2a C0 C2,Song 2b C0 G 2,Song 2c C0 F2. Song 2d C0 G 2,Song 3 C0 B1,Song 4 C0 B1,Song 5 C0 A2. Song 6 C0 B2,Song 7 C0 B1,Song 8 C0 D 2,Song 9 C0 B2. Song 10 C0 F2,Song 11 C0 F 2,Song 12 C0 G 2,Song 13 C0 E2.
Song 14 C0 F2,Song 15 C0 B2,Song 16 C0 B2,Mid Erhu 6. More songs for the mid range erhu,Song 1a C0 A 2,Song 1b C0 C 2. Song 2 C0 B1,Song 3 C0 B2,Song 4 C0 E2,Song 5 C0 A 2. Song 6 C0 C2,Song 7 C0 B2,Song 8 C0 C2,Street Erhu. Live recordings of Xi Qin playing erhu in real environments. Suitable for environmental ambiences or soundscapes. City Street C0 B0,Subway high cls C0 D 1,Subway high far C0 F 0.
Subway low cls C0 A 0,Subway low far C0 F0, These are complex evolving soundscapes made from the raw. erhu source material using a variety of specialized sound. design tools and techniques These presets allow simulated. legato transition and bending as well as multi layered sound. selection and smooth cross blending,Blurmaids Blurmen nki. 22 additional looping blendable ambiences with a watery vibe. and constant transition C 2 G8,Grizhu nki, 16 additional looping blendable ambiences with a thick dark. monstrous feel C 2 G8,Krizhu nki, 10 additional looping blendable ambiences with a great deal of. movement and texture C 2 G8,SOUNDIRON Street Erhu,.

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