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1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,create a navigation menu for multiple Web pages. create graphics in the appropriate format for Web pages. modify images using image editing software,insert images correctly into Web pages. create client side image maps, apply appropriate design principles to create professional looking websites. create accessible Web pages for individuals with disabilities. adhere to rules of netiquette when corresponding with others on the Internet. identify and apply copyright and fair use guidelines for website development. use Internet search tools to locate high quality instructional content. develop appropriate rules of netiquette for a specified group of learners. develop a page of hot links to essential information about Web accessibility. develop an Internet scavenger hunt learning activity that integrates Internet resources. develop a Jigsaw cooperative learning activity that integrates Internet resources. develop an online learning activity for mobile devices. develop a WebQuest learning activity that integrates Internet resources. develop a virtual field trip learning activity that integrates multimedia an Internet resources. Course Location and Login Information, This is an online course delivered in Moodle The Moodle login page explains how to login to Moodle Contact Moodle. Support at moodlesupport boisestate edu for assistance logging into Moodle If you have forgotten your password click. the link below the login box lost password and you will be able to reset it When you login to Moodle look for a link to. EDTECH 502 4201 FA13,Course Materials,Required Textbook.
There is one required textbooks for this course, The Non Designer s Web Book An Easy Guide to Creating Designing and Posting Your Own. Web Site Third Edition Authors Robin Williams John Tollett. Publisher Peachpit Press,ISBN 10 0321303377, edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 2 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,Optional Textbooks. None of these textbooks are required but it is often helpful when learning a new piece of software to have a book to turn to. for answers from time to time The following are three of our favorites. Dreamweaver CS6 The Missing Manual,Author David Sawyer McFarland. Publisher O Reilly,ISBN 10 1449316174,Dreamweaver CS6 Bible.
Author Joseph W Lowery,Publisher Wiley,ISBN 10 1118170636. Dreamweaver CS6 Visual QuickStart Guide,Authors Tom Negrino Dori Smith. Publisher Peachpit,ISBN 10 0321822528, Please order your book s immediately if you have not already done so Here are two suggested vendors. Boise State University Bookstore http www boisestatebooks com. Amazon http www amazon com,Required Video Tutorials. Some of the videos you will use to learn HTML5 CSS3 Dreamweaver this semester will come. from Lynda com, Students are expected to purchase a Lynda com subscription for this course if they don t already have.
You have two subscription options, 1 Monthly Subscription You can purchase a monthly subscription which is about 25 00 month or 100 semester in. edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 3 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013, which you have access to Lynda s Entire Online Training Library at Lynda com. 2 Lynda Classroom Subscription You can sign up for the Lynda Classroom plan which is about 40 per student per. semester which gives you access to five pre selected series of videos rather than the entire Online Training Library The. following five series of videos have been selected for this course. Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training,Dreamweaver CS6 Essential Training. HTML5 Structure Syntax and Semantics,CSS Fundamentals. Fireworks CS6 Essential Training, Every student enrolled in this course will automatically be added to the Lynda Classroom roster which enables you to.
sign up for the Lynda Classroom plan during the first week of the semester You will receive a welcome email. explaining how you can setup your account and pay for the Lynda Classroom plan and later access the Lynda. videos during the first week of the semester If you already have aceess to Lyndacom or if you have opted instead to do. the Monthly Subscription you can ignore this welcome email about the Lynda Classroom plan If you register late or if you. haven t received a welcome email about Lynda Classroom during the week of class you should contact EdTech Support. moodlesupport boisestate edu to ensure that you have been added to the Lynda Classroom roster We have replaced. the required Dreamweaver HTML CSS textbooks with Lynda videos All students are expected to sign up for either. the Monthly Subscription or the Lynda Classroom plan unless you already have a Lynda account. Note If you are not using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 CS5 5 or CS6 e g if you plan to use an older version like. Dreamweaver CS4 you will need to select the monthly subscription option so that you can select videos that align with. your version of Dreamweaver,Required Software, Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium Suite OR Adobe Creative Cloud. We use Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium in the EDTECH program This suite includes includes. Illustrator CS6 Photoshop CS6 Extended Acrobat X Pro Flash Professional CS6 Dreamweaver CS6. Fireworks CS6 and InDesign CS6, NOTE Adobe has a subscription service called Adobe Creative Cloud where you pay each month to. have access to their main suite of applications Adobe appears to be phasing out Adobe CS6 and trying to move. customers to Creative Cloud You can use Adobe CS6 or Adobe Creative Cloud for this course the videos though for this. course were created using Adobe CS6, In EDTECH 502 we will use Dreamweaver CS6 and Fireworks CS6 other applications in the Adobe CS6 suite will be. used in other EdTech courses But because Dreamweaver is only a tool to save time and effort on HTML and CSS. edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 4 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013, programming some tasks can be completed using previous versions of Dreamweaver e g CS5 5 or even basic text. editing tools e g notepad Therefore you can also use versions CS4 CS5 and CS5 5 for this course but be aware that. CS5 5 and CS6 are designed to work with HTML5, Adobe CS6 may be obtained at BSU Bookstore Click the Software link under Technology or Academic Superstore.
Creative Cloud can be obtained from Adobe com,System Requirements for Adobe CS6. Please check your computer to make sure that it will run Adobe. CS6 http www adobe com products creativesuite design web premium tech specs html. Additional Software, You are also expected to have the following antivirus software Adobe Reader Flash player QuickTime player Fangs. Screen Reader Emulator Firefox add on and an HTML5 Compliant Browser i e the newest version of Firefox Chrome. Safari or Internet Explorer,Additional Technical Requirements. Internet Connection and FTP Capability, An up to date computer with an Internet connection is required to participate in this online course We will be creating a. series of Web pages over the semester and it will be necessary to FTP files to a Web server here at Boise State. University Dreamweaver uploads and downloads files through FTP File Transfer Protocol If you plan to work from a. school or business location it may be necessary to request help from your network administrator Sometimes FTP is. blocked Please be prepared for this possibility so that you can either get help or find a different place to do your. assignments,You can use your own web host if you prefer.
Alternative Website Space, We provide website space for students on the EDTECH2 server However sometimes things go wrong with the server or. students are unable to FTP to it This has sometimes been an issue for students who are outside of the United States. Please be prepared to obtain alternative website space if necessary You may already have this as part of the Internet. Service Provider subscription you are using Free or inexpensive website hosting is also quite easy to find. Assignment Policy and Grading Scale,Assignment Information. Detailed information about assignments and how to complete them will be posted in Moodle as we progress through the. semester The course schedule has been set up so that new assignments will be posted on Mondays Due dates are. always set for Tuesdays Please check at least twice per week to read announcements since these can be posted at any. time Also check your Boise State email at least once per week for course related correspondence The default email. edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 5 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013, address in Moodle is your Boise State email address. List of Assignments and Point Values,Assignments Points. 1 Self introduction 25,2 Plain HTML 502 html page 50.
3 External CSS page for 502 html 50,4 Netiquette page 75. 5 Web accessibility hot links page 75,6 Copyright scavenger hunt 75. 7 Interactive concept map 75,8 Jigsaw activity 75,9 m learning activity mobile learning 75. 10 Edtech home page default html 75,11 Virtual field trip 150. 12 WebQuest 150,13 Participation in online discussions 50.
Total Points 1 000, The assignments in this course have been aligned to the AECT standards http www aect org standards initstand html. Assignment s AECT Standards, 1 1 2 b Create instructional plans micro level design that address the needs of all learners. 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12, including appropriate accommodations for learners with special needs. 8 1 1 2 c Integrate information literacy skills into classroom and media center instruction. 1 1 2 d Incorporate contemporary instructional technology processes in the development of. 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12,interactive lessons that promote student learning. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 3 b Demonstrate personal skill development with at least one computer authoring. 11 12 application video tool or electronic communication application. 1 3 b Identify at least one instructional model and demonstrate appropriate contextualized. 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12,application within practice and field experiences.
1 4 b Describe and or document specific learner characteristics which influence the selection. 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12,of instructional strategies,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 6 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013, 10 11 12 2 3 2 Design produce and use digital information with computer based technologies. 2 4 1 Use authoring tools to create effective hypermedia multimedia instructional materials or. 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12, 2 4 2 Develop and prepare instructional materials and products for various distance education. 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12,delivery technologies, 2 4 4 Use telecommunications tools such as electronic mail and browsing tools for the World. 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12, Wide Web to develop instructional and professional products.
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, 2 4 5 Develop effective Web pages with appropriate links using various technological tools. 6 3 4 3 Identify and apply copyright and fair use guidelines within practice. 3 4 5 Identify policies and regulations which apply to the utilization application and integration. of distance delivery technologies,Final grades are based on the following scale. Final Grade Scale,Grade Points Required,A 940 1000. Submitting Assignments, Webpage projects Most of the assignments for EDTECH 502 are webpages that are submitted by posting them on the. discussion forums, Discussions Participation in class discussions is accomplished by posting in the discussions forums in Moodle This.
edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 7 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,though is not a discussion heavy course. Grading Cycle, All assignments are graded together as a group to maintain a higher level of consistency Grading begins on the first day. after a due date and is typically completed before the next due date You may track your progress through Grades in. Moodle All of the assignments are listed in Grades and points will be added as we progress through the semester. Announcements will be posted when assignments have been graded. Due Dates Please note that all assignment due dates fall on Tuesdays Assignments must be submitted by midnight. Mountain time on scheduled due dates, Point Deduction for Late Work Ten points may be deducted for each day an assignment is late For example an. assignment that is two days late will lose 20 points as a late penalty. Emergency Pass If you have a major event such as a death in the family illness hospitalization or you are out of town. without Internet you may turn in one assignment under the emergency pass This assignment may be up to one week late. and still qualify for full credit After the one week extension has passed ten points per day can be deducted until the. assignment is no longer worth any credit, Your Responsibility with Late Work If you will be late for any reason please e mail the instructor at. patricklowenthal boisestate edu on or before the scheduled due date When the assignment is completed you must send. a follow up email to let the instructor know it is ready to grade This is how we calculate the number of days for the late. work penalty Failure to notify the instructor could lead to a grade of zero. Please Avoid End of Course Late Work Please note that we work under University deadlines for submitting grades at. the end of the semester If you have an assignment that is late at the end of the semester there is a chance that it might. not be in on time to make the deadline In this situation I have no choice but to grade whatever I have at that time and. submit grades regardless of the late policy above Please try to avoid this situation. Plan Your Time It is a good idea to schedule specific times to work on your assignments each week and keep the. appointment with yourself A three credit graduate course requires about 9 to 12 hours per week of work This doubles. during compressed summer sessions It is in your best interest to start early on each assignment to give yourself time to. fix technical problems or get help before the due date passes. Technical Difficulties, On occasion you may experience problems accessing Moodle or class files located within Moodle Internet service.
connection problems and or other computer related problems Make the instructor aware if a technical problem prevents. you from completing coursework If a problem occurs on our end such as Moodle or EDTECH2 server failure then an. edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 8 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,automatic due date extension is granted. Reasonable Accommodations, Any student who feels s he may need accommodations based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to. discuss your specific needs You will also need to contact the Disability Resource Center at 208 426 1583 located in the. Administration Building room 114 to meet with a specialist and coordinate reasonable accommodations for any. documented disability,Academic Honesty, It is expected that students in this class will create original works for each assignment We will follow the BSU Student. Code of Conduct and also observe U S copyright laws in this course Several great links to copyright information are. available on the BSU Academic Technologies site at http itc boisestate edu resource htm. Please adhere to the following guidelines, Please do your own original work for each project Projects that were created for other classes may not be. submitted for credit in this course Each project may only be submitted for credit one time by the person who. created it The BSU Student Code of Conduct states Academic dishonesty also includes submitting substantial. portions of the same academic course work to more than one course for credit without prior permission of the. instructor s, All projects and other assignments should be composed in original text that is written by the student who is.
submitting it The exception to this is the use of small amounts of quoted material that is properly cited Copying and. pasting from other Web sites or projects including the instructor s examples is not permitted. The practice of copying code from the instructor examples is strongly discouraged It is best to write your own. HTML XHTML CSS The work you submit should be clearly unique and different from the instructor example code. Images or other media used in projects should be original used with permission of the owner or come from the. public domain Please check terms of use on sites containing these items If in doubt don t use it. Please cite the source for materials that are obtained for your projects unless they are created by you If permission. is granted for use of copyrighted materials please post a statement explaining that near those materials. In the event of academic dishonesty a complaint is filed with the BSU Student Conduct Office with supporting. documentation This complaint remains on file and actions may be taken against the student e g loss or credit grade. reduction expulsion etc,Course Schedule, Detailed assignment information is posted in Moodle on Mondays and due dates are on Tuesdays The instructor reserves. the right to make minor changes to the schedule as needed We have identified a number of recommended videos to. watch each week Some are videos we have found on the Web that are free in fact a number of them are some of the. free videos offered by Lynda com while others are Lynda com videos which require a subscription The following icons. are used to illustrate the source of a video, edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 9 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,Video created by the EdTech Department. Video found online that is free to view, Note While we check these videos each semester let us know if the video resource is no longer available. Lynda com video that is part of a required series of videos. Students are expected to spend on average 9 hours a week per 3 credit course on each. EdTech course EDTECH 502 was designed with this expectation in mind However it is. important to note that some students find that they need to spend more time than others at. becoming proficient in HTML CSS Dreamweaver Each week there is a series of videos and. readings that will help prepare you to complete the course assignments Estimated times for each. video are listed below to help you plan your weeks accordingly We recommend watching the. videos early on in each given week in order to give you enough time to complete each. assignment as well as enough time for any necessary troubleshooting that might arise. Major Assignments Reading Videos,Module 1 Introduction to the Course 8 26 9 1.
Self introduction Course Introduction 9m, Module 2 Getting Started with Dreamweaver and HTML 9 2 9 8. Create plain 502 html page What is HTML Back to the basics. Discussions Create a site definition in Dreamweaver i e connect to the edtech2 server. Plain 502 Page Assignment Explanation,Validate HTML5 Code. Basics of HTML est 8 minutes,HTML Document Structure 3m. Introducing HTML and XHTML 3m,Understanding versions of HTML and XHTML 2m. Dreamweaver Interface est 43 minutes, edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 10 16.
1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,Looking at the Welcome Screen 5m. Exploring Windows and Mac Interface Differences 5m. Arranging Panels 9m,Managing Workspaces 10m,Working with the Property Inspector 10m. Understanding Basic Site Structure 4m,Dreamweaver Basics est 14 minutes. Adding structure to text 8 m,Adding comments 6 m, Module 3 Getting Started with CSS in Dreamweaver 9 9 9 15. Create an external CSS style Introduction to CSS, sheet for 502 html page 502 Page Assignment Explanation.
Discussions Validate CSS,CSS Properties and Values est 15 minutes. Browser rendering differences 5m,Current state of CSS 4m. What is CSS3 6m,CSS and Dreamweaver est 29 minutes. An overview of the CSS Styles panel 9m,Creating a new CSS rule 7m. Using the CSS Rule Definition Dialog 7m,Attaching external style sheets 6m.
More Dreamweaver Basics est 11 minutes,Creating lists 4m. Organizing styles 7m,Module 4 Typography on the Web 9 16 9 22. Create netiquette page Netiquette page Assignment Explanation. Discussions Read pages 245 255 in the Non Designer s Web Book. Common CSS Concepts est 44 minutes, edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 11 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,Working with fonts 5m. Formatting text 8m,What is the box model 5m,Margins and padding 4m.
Borders 4m,Element positing 7m,More about Dreamweaver est 27 minutes. Modifying style properties 6m,Controlling CSS through the Property inspector 7m. Using CSS visual aids 7m,Using CSS Inspect 7m,Module 5 Accessibility on the Web 9 23 9 29. Create accessibility hot links Accessible Hot Links Page Project 24m. page Web Accessibility An Overview of Rules and Guidelines 15m. The Fangs Screen Reader Emulator 4m,Creating Links in Dreamweaver est 41 minutes. Link basics 3m,Creating links in Dreamweaver 9m,Using absolute links 4m.
Using named anchors 7m,Creating an email link 5m,Creating CSS based rollovers 6m. Setting accessibility preferences 7m,Module 6 Copyright and Fair Use 9 30 10 6. Create copyright scavenger Scavenger Hunt Assignment Explanation. Discussions Become familiar with Fireworks workspace est 24 minutes. Learning Fireworks menus and shortcuts 1m, Getting around your document and the Application bar 4m. edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 12 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,Working with panels 2m. Using the Tools panel 3m,Working with the Properties panel 3m.
Opening documents and setting up the workspace 3m,Importing graphics 4m. Saving and exporting files 4m,Module 7 Images for Web Pages 10 7 10 13. Create interactive concept map Interactive concept map Assignment. Discussions Read pages 167 198 in the Non Designer s Web Book. Dreamweaver CSS Images est 42 minutes,Placing images on the page 10m. Modifying image properties 8m,Styling images with CSS 7m. Using background graphics 7m,Positioning background graphics 10m.
Creating Images in Fireworks est 64 minutes,Optimizing and previewing graphics 6m. Drawing lines and shapes 8m,Selecting and grouping objects 5m. Applying fills 10m,Styling strokes 5m,Drawing vector shapes 8m. Working with bitmaps 11m,Working with text 10m, Module 8 Creating Tables for Web Pages 10 14 10 20. Develop Jigsaw activity Jigsaw Assignment Explanation. Discussions Read pages 113 135 155 167 in the Non Designer s Web Book. Creating and Styling Tables in Dreamweaver est 38 minutes. Reviewing Table Structure 5m,Creating Accessible Tables 6m.
edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 13 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013,Exploring basic table styling 10m. Styling alternate rows 9m,Creating custom table borders 8m. More about Fireworks est 17 minutes,Aligning and distributing elements 7m. Working with layers 10m,Module 9 Web Pages for Mobile Devices 10 21 10 27. Create m learning activity m Learning activity,Discussions.
HTML CSS concepts key to mobile devices est 29 minutes. Common units of measurement 8m,Media types and media queries 6m. Review What is the Box Model 5m,Basic Layout Concepts 5m. Choosing the right structural element 5m,Module 10 Working with CSS Templates 10 28 11 3. Create default html page default html Page Assignment Explanation. Discussions, Using HTML5 CSS3 and CSS Template s Videos est 65 minutes. Finding and Using CSS Templates,Using CSS Inspect 7m.
Using the Code Navigator 7m,Vendor prefixes 5m,What is a CSS Reset 6m. The header element 5m,The nav element 5m,The section element 5m. The article element 5m,The aside element 4m,The footer element 4m. Weeks 11 12 Virtual Field Trip 11 4 11 17, edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 14 16. 1 1 14 EDTECH 502 Syllabus Fall 2013, Create virtual field trip Virtual field trip Assignment Explanation.
Discussions Read pages 142 152 in the Non Designer s Web Book. Misc Videos est 26 minutes, YouTube Video How to create a My Map in Google Maps 3m. Using the widget browser 7m,Wrap an Image in a Hyperlink 3m. HTML 5 audio and video,Using divs in HTML5 5m,Using class and ID attributes 6m. Weeks 14 15 WebQuest 11 18 12 8 Thanksgiving break is November 25th 30th no class. Create WebQuest WebQuest Assignment Explanation, Discussions Read pages 263 289 in the Non Designer s Web Book. More about HTML5 CSS3 est 44 minutes,Current browser support 8m.
Ensuring block level display 4m,Adding support for elements in older browsers 6m. Adding CSS3 Transitions 8m,Spry overview 3m,Using Spry widgets 4m. Adding Spry effects 8m,Extending Dreamweaver 3m,Week 16 End of Course. Last day to submit discussion, Please refer to the BSU Academic Calendar for University dates and deadlines http registrar boisestate edu academic. calendar shtml,Conceptual Framework,College of Education The Professional Educator.
edtech2 boisestate edu patricklowenthal 502 syllabus fall13 html 15 16.

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