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Concrete Repair Resources from ACI, Guide to the Code for Evaluation Repair and Code Requirements for Evaluation Repair and. Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings A Companion Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings ACI 562 13. to ACI 562 13 2015 approximately 140 pp and Commentary 2013 59 pp. This new guide provides guidance and assistance to professionals The ACI 562 code provides standard requirements for evaluating. engaged in the repair of concrete buildings The guide has been existing concrete buildings and the subsequent structural repair. developed to serve as an invaluable companion to ACI 562 13 rehabilitation and strengthening of those buildings This code. provides rules for a preliminary evaluation that determines the. The new guide is separated into two main components chapter design basis code that is the version of 318 with which the. guides that follow the organization of ACI 562 broken down repair design must comply The code provides rules for determin. by the corresponding sections and project examples that illus ing strength of in situ material performing structural analysis. trate the use of the code for real world projects from inception designing for repaired strength and durability requirements for. through completion stability and shoring of construction and inspection and testing. of repairs Commentary provides application guidance as well. These two components work together to provide additional as references for additional information. information on how to apply the performance requirements in. ACI 562 and how the requirements may be applied to a broad Both documents are available in hard copy or PDF format. range of projects Published jointly by ACI and ICRI. Must have documents for structural concrete repairs. Formats Order Code Price, Guide to the Code for Evaluation Repair and Rehabilitation of 120 50. MAN56213 SPEC,Concrete Buildings ACI members 72 00. Code Requirements for Evaluation Repair and Rehabilitation of 130 50. 56213 SPEC, Concrete Buildings ACI 562 13 and Commentary ACI members 78 00. Guide and Code Requirements for Evaluation Repair and 187 50. REP562PACK SPEC, Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings ACI members 112 00.
Order at www concrete org or call us at 1 248 848 3800. Contents January 2016,ON THE COVER,The WaterHub at Emory University mines. wastewater from the campus sewer system and,repurposes it for reuse using an engineered blend. of technology and nature story on page 36,Photo courtesy of Sustainable Water. Event Preview 36 The WaterHub at Emory University, 14 Environmental Connection 2016 42 Precast concrete wind turbine towers. 43 Goldman Sachs expands focus on clean energy,on the rise.
44 Successfully vegetating a jobsite,21 Awards promotions and new hires. 46 How to model roofs,profile 50 Award winning bridges. 22 WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Contributing diversified capabilities 53 Transit s impact on congestion. 54 First in nation technology taps renewable water supply. firms in focus,27 Creating the perfect RFP SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. 30 Information management policies 57 Green construction is major U S economic driver. 58 Building resilient states,project technology portfolio. 59 First code improvements adopted based on NIST Joplin tornado. 32 Buildings designed for salt storage study,January 2016 cenews com 3.
Contents January 2016,Volume 2 Number 10,www cenews com. Publisher Continuing Education,MARK C ZWEIG RYAN RENARD. Founder CEO 508 651 1559,Departments 508 380 0469,mzweig zweiggroup com. rrenard zweiggroup com, 12 Civil Structural Engineer Online Sales SHANNON BURNETT. BOB DORAN Advertising,13 Events Director of Sales,770 587 9421.
Sales Marketing Manager,800 466 6275, 60 Product Software Guide bdoran zweiggroup com sburnett zweiggroup com. Editorial Production,65 Reader Index BOB DRAKE DONOVAN BRIGHAM. Editor in Chief Art Director,66 Civil Structural Design Tools 210 973 5070. bdrake zweiggroup com,479 435 6978,dbrigham zweiggroup com. CHAD CLINEHENS P E Events,Senior Editor MICHELLE SUDAN.
501 551 2659,Columns cclinehens zweiggroup com,Program Manager. 239 280 2319,msudan zweiggroup com,H KIT MIYAMOTO PH D S E. From the publisher Another jam packed issue Contributing Editor. By Mark Zweig,Circulation,miyamotointernational com GRANT TUCKER. Circulation Manager,08 engineering our future New year new goals. By Chad Clinehens P E,ANDREA BENNETT,Associate Editor.
479 435 6520,800 466 6275,gtucker zweiggroup com,abennett zweiggroup com. 10 engineering front line new la seismic ordinance to save lives and a city. By H Kit Miyamoto Ph D S E CHRISTINA ZWEIG,Contributing Editor. Customer Service,For subscriptions or change of,address please visit our website. WWW ZWEIGGROUP COM SUBSCRIBE,479 445 7564 or call 800 466 6275 or fax. czweig zweiggroup com 800 842 1560,1200 North College Avenue Fayetteville AR 72703.
800 466 6275 Fax 800 842 1560,P O BOX 1528 Fayetteville AR 72702 1528. MARK C ZWEIG CHAIRMAN CEO ZWEIG GROUP LLC, Civil Structural Engineer ISSN 23726717 is published monthly by Zweig Group 1200 North College Avenue Fayetteville AR 72703 Telephone 800 466 6275 Copyright 2015 Zweig. Group Articles may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher Opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of Zweig. Group Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned unless accompanied by a stamped self addressed envelope Subscriptions Annual domestic print subscription rate is 100 for. 12 issues or 180 for 24 issues Annual domestic digital subscription rate is 10 for 12 issues or 18 for 24 issues All print subscribers receive digital editions in addition to print. subscription Call or write for international rates To subscribe or update your subscription information please visit our web site www zweiggroup com subscribe or mail subscription. requests and changes to Circulation Dept C S Engineer 1200 North College Avenue Fayetteville AR 72703 or call 800 466 6275. 4 cenews com January 2016,From the publisher,Another jam packed issue. It s already 2016 wow December flew by and our editor Bob Drake and his crew have assembled a jam Please pass this issue of Civil. packed issue of Civil Structural Engineer magazine for us all to read by the fire during this cold cold January Structural Engineer to a peer or. There s so much in here where do we start associate when you re finished. so all can benefit from it, Our profile on WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff is a great example of the big getting even bigger WSP Parsons. Brinckerhoff does everything from transit and transportation to urban planning to structural and MEP design for. tall buildings to IT systems integration for both transportation and buildings projects They are a real powerhouse. in this business, Marketing veteran Bernie Siben outlines what a perfect RFP from a public sector agency would contain Mika.
Javanainen with M Files Corporation discusses unauthorized employee file sharing practices prevalent at civil. and structural engineering firms and the challenges this creates including security risks and version control. We also have a feature on Environmental Connection 2016 the International Erosion Control Association s annual. conference which they bill as the world s largest soil and water event Scheduled for Feb 16 19 2016 in San. Antonio Texas the event offers continuing education in erosion and sediment control and stormwater quality as. well as the largest exhibit hall of its kind, In another feature McKim Creed describes its design of the WaterHub at Emory University which recycles. approximately 400 000 gallons of water per day about 40 percent of the university s water needs It is the first. system of its kind to be installed in the United States and was named the 2015 Innovative Project of the Year by the. WateReuse Association, We have coverage of famous bridge design firm Finley Engineering Group founded by my old pal Craig Finley. which won two 2015 ASBI Bridge Excellence awards from the American Segmental Bridge Institute ASBI. Additionally two projects were finalists in the Bentley 2015 Be Inspired Awards competition. There s all of this and much more in this issue All we ask is this Please pass it along to a peer or associate when. you re finished with it We want everyone who can benefit from the information and inspiration we ve assembled. here to do so We have more great content coming in February Meanwhile stay warm wherever you are. MARK C ZWEIG,mzweig zweiggroup com,6 cenews com January 2016. INTRODUCING,The Only Code Listed,Precured Laminate. Our Fiber Reinforced Polymer FRP solutions are now code listed. With this code report Simpson Strong Tie offers the only. code compliant precured laminate in North America As part of our. Composite Strengthening Systems our code listed carbon fabrics. also provide some of the highest design values on the market. Our fabrics include both unidirectional and bidirectional carbon and. E glass and our precured laminate can be ordered and cut to size. Learn more by calling 800 999 5099 and visiting strongtie com rps. Code Listed ICC ES ESR 3403,2016 Simpson Strong Tie Company Inc FRP15.
ENGINEERING OUR FUTURE,New year new goals, Does your firm or organization have a strategic plan complete with annual goals If so request a copy of it Make 2016 count by setting. Hopefully you work in an organization that shares information like that with all employees As you set your personal career goals. own personal career goals for 2016 your success can be greatly enhanced by working toward the stated goals. of your firm or organization, If you do not have access to these corporate goals or your firm doesn t have them in the first place you. should still set goals for yourself in the new year Here are some things to consider as you develop goals for. your career, Self assessment Consider where you are now and where you have been Are you happy with your current. career trajectory Have you accomplished more or less than what you expected Defining the future requires. a candid look at the past and making adjustments to change course if needed Regardless of where you are. setting goals for career growth and self improvement are only bound by how big you can dream. Self worth Are you making what you are worth If not it may be because you are not producing at a. high enough level to justify where you think you should be It may also be that you are the unfortunate victim. of a compensation system in your organization that does not adequately recognize and reward performance. There are a number of sources available to assess this Don t ever rely on just one though Collect as many. data points as possible when assessing your monetary value. Self teaching What skills could you improve that would improve your position and grow your career. public speaking sales or strong writing There are a number of organizations and resources available for. those who want to learn something new on their own Additionally your company may be willing to invest in. training for you You never know until you ask The important thing is that you are always learning. Having goals that are congruent with your company is a great way to enhance your success in your firm. The important thing though is to have personal career goals regardless Engineering your future requires. intelligent design and effort Make 2016 the best year of your career. CHAD CLINEHENS P E is Zweig Group s executive vice president Contact him at cclinehens zweiggroup com. 8 cenews com January 2016,Full scale,proves our,seismic covers. will perform,in the real world, Since no two projects are alike virtually every seismic expansion joint cover.
is unique C S has over 40 years experience in every seismic hot bed across. the globe We also have the industry s only full scale in house test facility so. you can see your cover perform in real world conditions before it s been. installed How s that for peace of mind For a catalog and free consultation. call Construction Specialties at 1 888 621 3344 or visit www c sgroup com. ENGINEERING FRONT LINE,New LA seismic ordinance to save lives and a city. As a structural engineer working with governments and communities around the world as they face People in earthquake. earthquake disasters I ve seen tragedies after a catastrophic earthquake when the city was not ready From prone cities should know. the loss of historic buildings to modern multi story hotels pancaked onto the soft first story and non ductile that engineers have. concrete schools that collapsed like decks of cards on innocent children these are horrible things to witness ways to cost effectively. when you know as engineers do that better engineering and construction would have saved lives and and creatively upgrade. a city I say this to make a point Los Angeles which recently enacted one of the most progressive seismic their investments. ordinances did so to avoid a fate similar to the disaster scenes I ve witnessed in places such as Sichuan. China 2008 Port au Prince Haiti 2010 Christchurch New Zealand 2011 Tohoku Japan 2011 and. Nepal 2015 These recent earthquakes combined killed well over half a million people and destroyed the. livelihoods of countless people, The new LA City Seismic Ordinance requires owners of about 15 000 non ductile concrete and soft story. buildings to strengthen their structures buildings we ve long known would perform very poorly in an. earthquake Los Angeles citizens understand that the seismic faults that snake under their city are capable of. releasing a big one Other cities that have passed similar laws include San Francisco Berkeley and other Bay. Area cities Under the new law in Los Angeles owners will have seven years to fix soft story buildings and. 25 years to repair non ductile concrete buildings But one of the most important aspects of this ordinance is to. utilize tax incentives to finance the retrofit Seismic upgrades must be commercially feasible to be successful. Attempts to only use code and the law to require people to strengthen buildings often end up as failures. While California cities lead the way to address the most dangerous buildings cities in high seismic regions. including some eastern U S cities should be equally concerned about their building stock and the people. who live and work in them We are in a very active seismic era currently Our cities are overdue for a next big. one As Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said I m not interested in making history or having the toughest. laws I m interested in preserving our city s ability to survive and thrive after an earthquake. What people in earthquake prone cities should know is that engineers have ways to cost effectively. and creatively upgrade their investments We can help them to prepare for the next major earthquake in. commercially feasible ways It will protect their investment and business and will eventually save many lives. H KIT MIYAMOTO PH D S E is the CEO and a structural engineer for Miyamoto International http miyamotointernational com. Global Risk Miyamoto and a nonprofit organization Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief He specializes in high performance. earthquake engineering and disaster mitigation response and reconstruction. 10 cenews com January 2016,St ct ral desig is what. we do IES tools are quick,and versatile,Structural Software. for Civil Engineers,QuickRWall,Retaining wall design for concrete and masonry.
Creates reports like hand calculations easy to check. 800 707 0816,www iesweb com,CIVIL STRUCTURAL ENGINEER ONLINE. Every month Civil Structural Engineer provides Diversions Greatest hits. additional columns and articles online to supplement By Andy Sciarabba P E. the content in this print issue Check out the following. articles posted online with the January issue If you re reading this article your 2016 New Year s Resolutions have. already been made And if you re like me they have already been. broken or substantially altered Set the bar low and you ll never be. disappointed someone once said That person never got very far But. Project Profitability Strategic project management plan you should be proud of one accomplishment You survived the year. By Howard Birnberg Association for Project Managers end scoring of seemingly unimportant things all the Best of s. Project management is not a static activity Developing and improving Read the entire article at http tinyurl com diversions jan16. your project management program requires a plan regularly updated. and directed This strategic plan guides your decision making. regarding hiring training software acquisition project management. tools development organizational changes compensation and dozens. of other topics, Check cenews com daily for the latest news about firms. As is true with all strategic planning efforts the strategic project projects research regulations and more relevant to. management plan requires a step by step approach to develop and civil and structural engineering. maintain successfully These steps typically include an assessment. process benchmarking of best industry practices determination of. goals and objectives writing of a plan implementation and updating. revising Unfortunately in most design and construction organizations. the project management program evolves without any planning. Read the entire article at http tinyurl com projectprofit jan16. 12 cenews com January 2016, January International Conference on Water Management Modeling. Feb 24 25 2016 Toronto, Becoming a Better Project Manager Emphasis on state of the art computer modeling for resolving water. Jan 26 2016 Las Vegas quantity and quality problems in stormwater wastewater and water. Feb 2 2016 Houston distribution systems, March 15 2016 Fayetteville Ark www chiwater com Training Conferences conferencetoronto asp.
This course provides a fundamental understanding and some specific. tools that new and aspiring project managers can use to be more. effective March,https zweiggroup com seminars better pm. PCI Convention National Bridge Conference, Advanced Project Management March 1 5 2016 Nashville Tenn. Jan 27 2016 Las Vegas PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference is co locating with. Feb 3 2016 Houston The Precast Show creating the largest tradeshow in North America. March 16 2016 Fayetteville Ark dedicated to precast concrete More than 35 education sessions focus. One day seminar to help higher level design and technical professionals on key areas such as technical transportation research marketing. develop advanced leadership and management skills to better lead business and productivity. projects and clients www pci org 2016convention,https zweiggroup com seminars advanced pm. Sustainable Water Management Conference,Geodesign Summit March 7 10 2016 Providence R I. Jan 27 28 2016 Redlands Calif Solutions for balancing the benefits of conservation with the costs. Learn how geodesign as a tool for collaborative planning and design is managing water resources sustainable utilities and infrastructure. being used to create safe sustainable and increasingly more resilient urban planning and design energy efficiency water conservation. communities stormwater and reuse, http geodesignsummit com www awwa org conferences education conferences sustainable water.
management aspx,Building an Entrepreneurial Firm,February March 9 10 2016 Miami. April 13 14 2016 Dallas, Becoming a Better Recruiter Taught by Mark Zweig this one day seminar is specifically designed. Feb 11 2016 Dallas for entrepreneurially minded leaders in the architecture engineering. April 7 2016 Washington D C planning and environmental industries It was designed to help your. Be more comfortable approaching great talent and learn how to promote firm blow past static incremental growth and become a benchmark in. the firm its culture and career opportunities and advancement the industry. https zweiggroup com seminars better recruiter index php https zweiggroup com seminars baef. Geotechnical Structural Engineering Congress,Feb 14 17 2016 Phoenix. The ASCE s Geo Institute and Structural Engineering Institute are April. combining their annual conferences to offer one expanded conference. featuring 15 tracks and six plenary sessions focusing on interdisciplinary Geo Americas 2016. and discipline specific areas In addition more than 100 exhibitors are April 10 13 2016 Miami Beach Fla. expected The 3rd Pan American Regional Conference on Geosynthetics. http geo structures org hosted by the North American Geosynthetics Society The technical. program will be comprised of short courses technical sessions panel. Environmental Connection discussions and keynote lectures addressing a range of topics. Feb 16 19 2016 San Antonio Texas www geoamericas2016 org. Environmental Connection provides peer reviewed education. products and technology that address four educational tracks Erosion. and Sediment Control Stormwater Management Surface Water. Restoration and MS4 Management Send information about upcoming conferences seminars and exhibitions. www ieca org conference annual ec asp relevant to civil and structural engineering to Bob Drake at bdrake zweiggroup. January 2016 cenews com 13,Environmental Connection 2016. The International Erosion Control Association annual conference and expo offers. continuing education in erosion and sediment control and stormwater quality. Contributed by the International Erosion Control Association. February 16 19 2016 the International Erosion Control Association The conference full day training held Tuesday Feb 16 at the Hilton. IECA will be hosting its annual conference the world s largest soil and Palacio del Rio features seven courses specifically for engineers Pro. water event The event is centrally located in San Antonio Texas fessional engineers and others interested in pursuing or maintaining a. which always draws crowds With peer reviewed education the largest professional certification will benefit from the seven Professional De. exhibit hall of its kind featuring more than 130 products and services velopment Hours PDHs and 0 7 IECA Continuing Education Credits. from around the globe and unique events designed to build long lasting CEUs given after the completion of each full day training course. professional relationships Environmental Connection 2016 is the ideal. place for industry professionals dealing with erosion and sediment New this year IACET Certified Courses IACET approved full day. control and stormwater quality courses are worth 0 7 IACET CEUs which is equivalent to 7 PDHs. Seven full day courses for engineers Phase II MS4 Program Compliance Effectiveness. Attendees of IECA s annual conference can expect the latest education Technical Level All. from some of the industry s most respected instructors As the landscape Course EC4 0216 7. of the erosion and sediment control industry continues to develop it is Credit 0 7 IACET CEU 7 PDHs. even more important to stay well versed on the latest techniques IECA s Instructors JB Dixion CISEC CPESC and Carrie Powers CPESC. peer reviewed education is sure to have an immediate impact when CMS4S. attendees return to their jobs with the knowledge they receive at courses This course will guide stormwater practitioners through the fundamentals. and technical sessions offered at Environmental Connection of managing and maintaining an effective successful MS4 program for. 14 cenews com January 2016,HaTelit offers an exhaustive.
range of asphalt reinforcement,grid products finished with a. coating with over 60 bitumen,content for the active retardation. of reflective cracking HaTelit,can thus deliver the ideal solution. to every challenge,Straightforward installation,A strong bond. High installation rate,Resistant to installation damage.
facebook com hueskernorthamerica,twitter com HUESKERna. linkedin com company huesker north america, www HUESKER com E mail marketing HUESKERinc com Phone 704 588 5500.

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