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Bedded Large scale production found above diatreme vents Erosion. pyroclastics of gemstones and gem following the eruption can expose the. material has been attempted diatreme as a high standing landform a. in New Mexico particularly well known example in New Mexico being. for turquoise There has Shiprock Peridot red pyrope garnet and. been a general lack of bright green chrome diopside are the most. systematic exploration for other types of common examples of diatreme related. Diatreme gemstone deposits because the costs of gems in New Mexico The Navajo Volcanic. development usually are greater than any Field on the Navajo Nation has numerous. indicated profit from production occurrences of these gems Peridot pyrope. Breccia The small size of the deposits and chrome diopside weather from the. capricious distribution and host rock called peridotite and accumulate. quality of stones and on the surface or are concentrated on ant. market demands conspire hills by the industrious insects The gems. to make New Mexican can be easily collected and are packaged. gem mining only a and sold in local trading posts At these gift. small scale affair Most shops the gems are often given fanciful. deposits in our state are names like emerald beryl green garnet. found and developed or Job s tears for peridot and Arizona. by mineral collectors or Rocky Mountain or New Mexico rubies. weekend gem hunters for pyrope,Another famous peridot locality is. Schematic diagram of a funnel shaped, Gemstone Deposits of Kilbourne Hole a maar crater in the. diatreme at depth and a broad shallow crater Potrillo Volcanic Field of Do a Ana. or maar at the surface Shiprock represents New Mexico County At Kilbourne Hole fragments. an exposed portion of a diatreme while,Kilbourne Hole is an excellent example of a. Gemstones form in a wide variety of of volcanic rocks called bombs that were. maar Photo shows xenocrysts of light green environments from the earth s partially ejected from the vent during a very ener. olivine peridot and dark green chrome molten mantle to the earth s surface getic and explosive eruption can include. diopside that were carried from the mantle through alteration of volcanic rocks peridot xenocrysts diagram upper left. to the surface during an explosive eruption The unique environments that allow. Specimen is 8 cm across Photo by Shari Kelley These bombs are scattered about the crater. gemstones to form in the earth s crust and and have been collected for over 100 years. describing emeralds shaped like arrow mantle result in their rarity A multitude A rather unique occurrence of volcanic. points Quartz crystals known as Pecos of physical processes and conditions e g related gemstones can be found at Pueblo. Valley diamonds were first described by temperature pressure regime presence Park in Catron County Hosted in a. Don Antonio de Espejo in 1583 Carrera or absence of fluids trace elements etc basalt lava flow are large clear yellow. reported the presence of lapis lazuli in must combine in particular ways in order to crystals of calcium rich plagioclase feldspar. the Organ Mountains that turned out to produce a beautiful gemstone Gemstones that grew in the magma chamber from. be another blue mineral lazulite Reports can be grouped or classified based on their which the basalt was erupted These stones. of emeralds rubies and diamonds all environment of formation Several such formally known as labradorite have been. misidentified persisted through the environments which will be defined and collected and faceted by gem hunters only. Mexican period and into statehood discussed below include volcanic related fairly recently probably only since the. The first gem minerals advertised from pegmatitic hydrothermal metamorphic 1960s and were hence not mentioned in. New Mexico in early mineralogical maga and sedimentary In the following sections the first two editions of Minerals of New. zines were peridot and pyrope An article locations of gemstones marked with an Mexico These gems are a pleasing honey. published in The Mineral Collector in asterick can be found on the map yellow color and a few rare stones display. 1895 titled American Jewel Mines touts a copper color similar to sunstones found. New Mexico gem occurrences The Volcanic Related in Oregon. fine aquamarine beryl has also come quite Most volcanic related gemstones Diamonds may be found in diatremes. extensively from Stoneham Maine This originate deep in the earth s mantle having been transported to the surface in. gem or rather mineral abounds in New These crystals called xenocrysts foreign a similar way to the gemstones described. Mexico and Arizona where it was mined by crystals form at great depth 150 650 above Diamonds are typically associated. the early Aztecs and later by the Spaniards kilometers 93 403 miles and are carried with a rock type called kimberlite a. and Pueblo Indians The demand for it is to the surface rapidly during very explosive potassic igneous rock thought to erupt. good and the supply never keeps pace with volcanic eruptions that form features from great depths extremely rapidly. the sales The finest garnets in the world called diatremes and maars Diatremes are possibly because the magma contained. come from these latter Territories Peridots funnel shaped volcanic throats or con high concentrations of CO2 driving the. are mined there or rather taken from ant duits filled with fragmented brecciated explosive eruption Some magma composi. hills and scorpion nests by the Indians and volcanic rocks as well as xenocrysts derived tions found in the Navajo Volcanic Field. soldiers Once again it appears exaggera from the mantle and or rocks from the rocks are similar to kimberlites but no. tion transcends reality concerning New crust through which the magma erupted substantiated occurrence of diamond has. Mexico gemstones diagram above Maars are shallow craters ever been documented in New Mexico. new mexico earth matters 2 summer 2016,However one of the first great gem hoaxes Raton. of the west had a New Mexico connection,the Ralston diamond hoax for more Amarilla.
information please see the links provided,at the end of this article. Pegmatites 25,Alamos Santa,These rocks are very coarse grained and Fe. form during the last stages of magmatic Las Vegas,crystallization or from high grade meta 40. Bernalillo,morphism As magma crystallizes some less Grants. Albuquerque 40,abundant trace elements boron beryl.
lium fluorine phosphate zirconium are Santa Rosa, excluded from the crystal structures of com Los Lunas. mon minerals As crystallization continues,they concentrate in the residual left over. magma When concentrations become great,enough unusual minerals characteristic. of pegmatites begin to form and can grow Reserve,quite large from 2 5 centimeters to over. 10 meters about one inch to over 32 feet 25,These include tourmaline beryl topaz apa Truth.
tite and zircon New Mexico has abundant Consequences. pegmatites many of which have produced,small amounts of gemstones and gem mate City. rial Quartz crystals can also grow to large Carlsbad. sizes in these settings and impurities within Las, the crystal give rise to the different varieties 10. of smoky amethyst and clear rock crystal,quartz New Mexico pegmatites are typically. Proterozoic around 1 billion years old or,Tertiary around 30 million years old and. their distinct mineralogies described below 80 km, have produced different suites of gemstones Pyrope garnet Navajo Volcanic Field Yellow apatite Organ Mountains.
Northern New Mexico Proterozoic, pegmatites have been mined and studied the Peridot Kilborne Hole Moonstone Rabb Canyon. most but pegmatites occur in igneous and, metamorphic rocks throughout the state Yellow Plagioclase Pueblo Park Amethyst Ladron Mountains. Beryl is the main gemstone produced and,Morganite beryl Harding mine. runs the gamut of varieties pink morgan Irridescent Andradite garnet. San Pedro Mountains, ite clear goshenite blue aquamarine Emerald beryl Picuris Mountains. and green emerald Gem quality beryl Andradite garnet Picuris Mountains. from this state is actually quite rare Most Rock Crystal Quartz Petaca District. beryls are cloudy and pale probably because, they crystallized too deep in the crust and Staurolite Taos.
Smoky Quartz Sierra Blanca,too slowly to generate good clarity Good. gem beryl mainly morganite has been, Map of New Mexico gemstone localities NOTE Photos by Virgil Lueth. produced from the Harding Pegmatite,as well as some aquamarine from the Petaca. and Las Vegas Elk Mountain areas Other gem material from the northern known stones of kunzite exist but the. Emerald was found recently in the Picuris New Mexico pegmatites is the rose colored potential remains for their discovery. Range although the crystals are cloudy mica lepidolite which in some deposits The Tertiary age pegmatites have. Gem quality quartz can also be found the forms dense masses and is used in carvings produced much better gem quality material. most famous from the Petaca District No and cabochons gem group at bottom on first although the gems are the more common. gem quality tourmalines have been found page Spodumene another lithium bearing varieties of quartz feldspar and apatite. even though the correct chemical variety mineral is found in some deposits usually These magmas crystallized much faster and. elbaite has recently been documented from as flesh colored blades When clear and closer to the surface than the older pegma. the Rociada area Like the other gemstone colored pink or green this mineral is known tites forming better gemstones The finest. occurrences apatite topaz and zircon are by the gem names kunzite and hiddenite smoky quartz in New Mexico comes from. also cloudy and not suitable as gems respectively Some New Mexico spodumene miarolitic giant gas bubbles in granite. has a pink color but remains cloudy No deposits of Sierra Blanca Occasionally. new mexico earth matters 3 summer 2016, material has been cabbed from deposits and occasionally form gemstones and. near Silver City and in the Black Range gem materials The heating and squeezing. When hydrothermal waters react with of mud rich sedimentary rocks typically. impure limestones a unique metamorphic results in the formation of alumino silicate. rock called skarn can be formed These minerals specifically andalusite kyanite. rock bodies may contain large masses of and sillimanite which all may qualify. garnets ranging from grossular aluminium as gemstones or gem materials Most. rich to andradite iron and calcium rich metamorphic derived gemstones of New. in composition A rare clear garnet called Mexico are associated with the formation. demantoid produces a gemstone with of Proterozoic pegmatites The most. a dispersion characteristic a measure of well known of these is viridine green. Gemstones of Raab Canyon pegmatites Blue, to silver white moonstones Photo by Virgil Lueth splitting white light into its spectral colors andalusite in the Pilar and Petaca areas.
greater than diamond Demantoid like Crystals of kyanite are found in places. yellow to purple crystals of apatite in miaro stones have been produced from the but are not clear enough to constitute. litic cavities from the Organ Mountains gem quality kyanite Fibrous sillimanite of. attain a size and clarity that allow them to varying color produces the gem material. be faceted into gems fibrolite known to gem cutters for over. A unique pegmatite body at Rabb 100 years and has come from the Truchas. Canyon in Grant County produces gem area Likewise near gem quality andradite. sanidine a high temperature potassium feld almandine iron bearing and spessartine. spar known as moonstone Microscopic garnets have been collected from the. lamellae thin layers of sanidine and albite northern mountains but remain disap. sodium feldspar create a grating effect that pointingly cloudy despite their beautiful. generates the glow of moonstone when root beer red to orange yellow colors. held at certain orientations in the light The Perhaps New Mexico s most famous. color of moonstone at this locality ranges metamorphic gem materials are the. from blue to silver white above The Rabb Smoky amethyst Photo by Virgil Lueth staurolites of Hondo Canyon near Taos. Canyon pegmatite also produces a fine, smoky amethyst that may be found as rough Apache Hills near Hatchita Occasionally. masses and then faceted into purplish black complex intergrowths of andradite gros. gemstones right sular and calcite create an iridescent garnet. Gem quality beryls albeit small were that is highly sought after Garnet Ridge. uncovered during the mining of molyb near San Pedro is famous for producing. denum at the Questa Mine in northern this type of stone that may be fashioned. New Mexico These gemstones occurred into cabochons or directly polished and. in the pegmatite like ore bodies associated can yield a cat s eye effect. with the Tertiary igneous intrusions at the Hydrothermal fluids moving through. mine Microscopic grains of green emerald volcanic rocks mainly rhyolite can. and blue aquamarine are clear and would produce gemstone deposits of red beryl Minerals commonly not used as gemstones. be considered gems if they attained a and topaz These deposits have been due to softness inclusions and or structural. sufficient size Now that the mine is closed famously developed in Utah but remain to defects From left to right barite fluorite and. the potential for finding quality stones has be discovered in New Mexico Small red dolomite Photo by Virgil Lueth. disappeared beryls and topaz are found in the Black. Range of Sierra County associated with The most prized specimens are red brown. Hydrothermal tin deposits So far the stones have proven fairy crosses interpenetrating twins that. Hot water derived from crystallizing too small to be fashioned into gems but resemble a cross These are often mounted. magma and or deeply circulated and the potential exists for more significant in necklaces and sold around the Taos area. heated water scavenges elements from deposits Similarly the rhyolites at East They are never clear and may be coated. the rocks it flows through and produces Grants Ridge in Cibola County contain with mica which requires abrasive cleaning. most ore deposits of gold silver and beautiful crystals of topaz aquamarine and to make them presentable Both staurolite. base metals Occasionally gemstones are spessartine manganese bearing garnet that and metamorphic derived garnets are. created as part of the mineralizing process are collected for micromineral specimens typically cloudy due to mineral inclusions. mainly comprising the quartz varieties but remain too small to fashion into which are present because these minerals. smoky and amethyst Some of the finest gemstones envelop other mineral grains during their. amethyst gems have been produced from formation, veins associated with fluorite in the Ladron Metamorphic. Mountains near Socorro Similar but less Under extreme heat and pressure Sedimentary. spectacular amethyst and smoky quartz has rocks are metamorphosed meaning to The low temperature and pressure envi. been found from deposits near Bingham change form Minerals transform in ronments of sedimentary rocks precludes. Banded white and purple quartz gem response to these changing conditions the formation contintued on page 6. new mexico earth matters 4 summer 2016,bureau news. Bureau Bulletin 161 Awarded,Frye Memorial Award,The recently published New Mexico. Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources,Bulletin 161 Geology and Hydrology of.
Groundwater Fed Springs and Wetlands,at La Cienega Santa Fe County New. Mexico http geoinfo nmt edu publi,cations monographs bulletins 161 has. received the Johnathan C Frye Memorial,Award from The Geological Society of. America and the American Association,Taos County Honors Peggy Volume 16 Number 2. of State Geologists The Frye Award is,presented annually for the best publication.
Johnson with Community Published twice annually by the. in the field of environmental geology Service Award New Mexico Bureau of Geology. Taos county commissioners honored Peggy and Mineral Resources. Johnson with a Community Service Award Matthew J Rhoades CPG RG. State Geologist and Director, NEW MEXICO BUREAU OF GEOLOGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES. for her 20 years of water science work in a division of. Geology and Hydrology,of Groundwater Fed Springs and. Taos County She has worked on about a New Mexico Institute of. Wetlands at La Cienega dozen major hydrogeology studies for the Mining and Technology. Santa Fe County New Mexico,Peggy S Johnson Daniel J Koning. Stacy S Timmons and Brigitte Felix,county over the years Dr Stephen G Wells. 801 Leroy Place,Socorro New Mexico 87801 4750,HYDROGEOLOGY.
Bureau Albuquerque office,2808 Central SE,Albuquerque New Mexico 87106. 505 366 2530,Bulletin 161 2016,Board of Regents,Ex Officio. Susana Martinez, published by a state geological survey or Governor of New Mexico. by GSA during the past three years The Rockin Around New Mexico Dr Barbara Damron. award will be presented to the authors of Secretary of Higher Education. Las Vegas New Mexico,the study Peggy Johnson Daniel Koning Appointed. Stacy Timmons and Brigitte Felix all of Rockin Around New Mexico a geology Deborah Peacock. the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and workshop for teachers was held in Las President 2011 2016 Corrales. Mineral Resources at the GSA annual Vegas on July 6 8 2016 The 27 teachers Jerry A Armijo. who participated gained field geology Secretary Treasurer 2015 2020 Socorro. meeting in September 2016, experience at locations near Las Vegas David Gonzales.
Bulletin 161 focuses on the geology and 2015 2020 Farmington. hydrology of the La Cienega wetlands where they learned about the uplift process. Donald Monette, located near Santa Fe New Mexico La that created Hermit Peak and Montezuma 2015 2018 Socorro. Cienega s springs and wetlands are impor Hot Springs Other field trip stops included Myissa Weiss student member. tant hydrologic ecologic and cultural a recent landslide and a spectacular exposure 2015 2016 Farmington. resources and provide many beneficial of the Great Unconformity Editors. water related functions In the classroom Next Generation Nelia Dunbar. Findings from this investigation Science Standards were introduced Gina D Ambrosio. emphasize possible solutions that may Teachers worked with several seismic mod Richard Arthur. allow hydrologic resilience and successful els to explore faults and structural stability Layout Design Graphics. preservation of the important wetland in buildings After a presentation on seis Gina D Ambrosio. resources at La Cienega These solutions mic hazards and safety and an update on Leo Gabaldon. focus on reducing groundwater depletions the 2011 Christ Church NZ earthquake Visit our website at geoinfo nmt edu. in the Ancha Formation and supporting recovery efforts teachers practiced the. a positive wetland water balance Possible Drop Cover and Hold On earthquake Earth Matters is a free publication. remedies include managing groundwater For subscription information please call. safety drill This workshop was sponsored 575 835 5490 or e mail us at. withdrawals managing unwanted invasive by New Mexico Bureau of Geology New publications nmbg nmt edu. vegetation and developing effective aquifer Mexico Department of Homeland Security. storage projects Cover photo of Chimney Rock New Mexico. Emergency Management and New,Matthew Zimmerer,Mexico Mining Association. new mexico earth matters 5 summer 2016, New Mexico Bureau of Geology Mineral Resources NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. New Mexico Institute of Mining Technology U S Postage. 801 Leroy Place PAID,Socorro New Mexico 87801 4750. Return service requested permit no 1888,Albuquerque NM.
gemstones of new mexico continued, of many gemstones This environment does at mineral shows to collectors of New Links of Interest. produce some gem materials mostly colored Mexico material Nevertheless small scale. silica materials chert jasper and agate collecting and faceting of gemstones and Ralston Diamond Hoax articles. and variably colored sandstones that may gemstone materials is a hobby that brings http www smithsonianmag com. be fashioned into cabochons bottom gem pleasure to many of the state s residents history the great diamond hoax of 1872. group page 1 Occasionally facetors will and visitors 2630188 no ist. practice their skills and fashion beautiful, but fragile gemstones from calcite dolomite Kelsey McNamara and Virgil Lueth http www history com. barite and fluorite see photo of three gems this day in history. page 4 the great diamond hoax is exposed,Kelsey McNamara is the new curator at the. Future of Gemstone Exploration in New Mexico Bureau of Geology Mineral. New Mexico Museum Prior to joining the bureau she Correction In the Winter 2016 issue. Although New Mexico has many gem worked as a hydrogeological field techni of Earth Matters we highlighted a book. stone localities these have never proven to cian a geology field camp instructor and a published by Dana Ulmer Scholle and Peter. be a major source of revenue New finds freelance geologist Scholle In that writeup we suggested that. may still be discovered by collectors and the book had won an award which was. prospectors but probably never on a scale Virgil Lueth is the director of the New incorrect. large enough to support significant mining Mexico Mineral Museum as well as. operations Most likely as has been the Senior Mineralogist Economic Geologist at. case in the past specimens will be sold the bureau. For more information about the bureau and our publications. Visit our website at http geoinfo nmt edu, Call 575 835 5490 e mail us at publications nmbg nmt edu. or visit our Publications Office in our new location at the corner of Bullock and Leroy. on the campus of New Mexico Tech 801 Leroy Place Socorro NM 87801.

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