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Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination,http sscportal in community study kit. Indian History Important Dates,2300 1750 Indus Valley Civilization. From 1500 Coming of the Aryans, 1200 800 Expansion of the Aryans in the Ganga Valley. 600 Age of the 16 Mahajanapadas of northern India,563 483 Buddha s Life span. 540 468 Mahavir s Life span,362 321 Nanda dynasty, 327 326 Alexander s invasion of India It opened a land route between India and.
322 Accession of Chandragupta Maurya, 305 Defeat of Seleucus at the hands of Chandragupta Maurya. 273 232 Ashoka s reign,261 Conquest of Kalinga, 145 101 Regin of Elara the Chola king of Sri Lanka. 58 Beginning of Vikram era,78 Beginning of Saka era. 78 101 Kanishka s reign,319 320 Commencement of Gupta era. 380 Accession of Chandragupta II Vikramaditya,405 411 Visit of Chinese traveller Fahien.
415 Accession of Kumargupta I,455 Accession of Skandagupta. 606 647 Harshavardhan s reign,II MEDIEVAL, 712 First invasion in Sindh by Arabs Mohd Bin Qasim. 836 Accession of King Bhoja of Kannauj,985 Accession of Rajaraja the Chola ruler. 998 Accession of Sultan Mahmud Ghazni, 1001 First invasion of India by Mahmud Ghazni who defeated Jaipal ruler of. 1025 Destruction of Somnath Temple by Mahmud Ghazni. 1191 First battle of Tarain,1192 Second battle of Tarain.
1206 Accession of Qutubuddin Aibak to the throne of Delhi. 1210 Death of Qutubuddin Aibak,1221 Chengiz Khan invaded India Mongol invasion. 1236 Accession of Razia Sultana to the throne of Delhi. 1240 Death of Razia Sultana, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit,1296 Accession of Alauddin Khilji. 1316 Death of Alauddin Khilji,1325 Accession of Muhammad bin Tughlaq.
1327 Transfer of capital from Delhi to Devagiri Daulatabad in Deccan by the. Muhammad bin Tughlaq,1336 Foundation of Vijaynagar empire in the South. 1351 Accession of Firoz Shah Tughlaq,1398 Timur s invasion of India. 1469 Birth of Guru Nanak,1494 Accession of Babur in Farghana. 1497 98 First voyage of Vasco da Gama to India discovery of sea route to India via the. Cape of Good Hope, 1526 First Battle of Panipat Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi foundation of Mughal. dynasty by Babur,1527 Battle of Khanwa Babur defeated Rana Sanga.
1530 Death of Babur and accession of Humayun, 1539 Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun in the battle of Chausa and became India s. 1555 Humayun recaptured the throne of Delhi, 1556 Second Battle of Panipat Bairam Khan defeated Hemu. 1556 Battle of Talikota Rakshasa Tangadi, 1576 Battle of Haldighati Rana Pratap was defeated by Akbar. 1582 Din i Ilahi founded by Akbar,1600 English East India Company established. 1605 Death of Akbar and accession of Jahangir, 1606 Execution of Guru Arjun Dev the 5th Guru of Sikhs.
1611 Jahangir marries Nurjahan,1615 Sir Thomas Roe visits Jahangir. 1627 Birth of Shivaji and death of Jahangir,1628 Shahjahan becomes emperor of India. 1631 Death of Mumtazmahal, 1634 The English permitted to trade in India in Bengal. 1659 Accession of Aurangzeb Shahjahan imprisoned,1665 Shivaji imprisoned by Aurangzeb. 1666 Death of Shahjahan, 1675 Execution of Guru Teg Bahadur the 9th Guru of Sikhs.
1680 Death of Shivaji,1707 Death of Aurangzeb, 1708 Death of Guru Gobind Singh the 10th Guru of Sikhs. 1739 Nadir Shah invades India, 1757 Battle of Plassey establishment of British political rule in India at the hands of. Lord Clive,1761 Third battle of Panipat, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit,III MODERN,1764 Battle of Buxar.
1765 Clive appointed Company s Governor in India,1767 69 First Angle Mysore War. 1780 Birth of Maharaja Ranjit Singh,1780 84 Second Anglo Mysore War. 1784 Pitt s India Act,1790 92 Third Anglo Mysore War. 1793 The Permanent Settlement of Bengal,1799 Fourth Anglo Mysore War Death of Tipu Sultan. 1802 Treaty of Bassein,1809 Treaty of Amritsar,1829 Practice of Sati prohibited.
1830 Raja Rammohan Roy visits England, 1833 Death of Raja Rammohan Roy at Bristol England. 1839 Death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh,1839 42 First Anglo Afghan War. 1845 46 First Anglo Sikh War,1852 Second Anglo Burmese War. 1853 First Railway line opened between Bombay and Thane and a Telegraph line in. 1857 The Sepoy Mutiny or First War of Independence. 1861 Birth of Rabindranath Tagore,1869 Birth of Mahatma Gandhi. 1885 Foundation of Indian National Congress,1889 Birth of Jawaharlal Nehru.
1897 Birth of Subhash Chandra Bose,1903 Tibet Expedition. 1905 Partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon,1906 Foundation of Muslim League. 1911 Delhi Darbar King George V and Queen visit India Delhi becomes the capital. 1914 World War I begins, 1916 Lucknow Pact signed by Muslim League and Congress Foundation of BHU. Home Rule League founded,1918 World War I ends, 1919 Montague Chelmsford Reforms introduced Jallianwala Bagh massacre at. 1920 Khilafat Movement launched first meeting of All India Trade Union. Congress Hunter Commission Report on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre. Published First Non cooperation movement launched by Gandhi. 1922 Violent incidents at Chaura Chauri Gandhi calls of Non cooperation. Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination.
http sscportal in community study kit,1925 Communist Party of India organised at Kanpur. 1927 Boycott of Simon Commission Broadcasting started in India. 1928 Death of Lala Lajpat Rai Nehru Report, 1929 Resolution of Poorna Swaraj complete independence passed at Lahore. Session of INC, 1930 Civil disobedience movement launched Dandhi March by Mahatma Gandhi. April 6 1930 First round table conference held in London. 1931 Gandhi Irwin Pact Civil Disobedience movement suspended Second round. table conference held, 1932 MacDonald announces communal award modified by Poona Pact September. 1935 Government of India Act, 1937 Provincial Autonomy Congress forms ministries.
1938 All India Kishan Sabha formed, 1939 World War II begins September 3 Resignation of Congress Ministries in. 1941 Escape of Subhash Chandra Bose from India and death of Rabindranath. 1942 Arrival of Cripps Mission in India Quit India movement launched August 8. 1943 44 SC Bose forms Provisional Government of Free India and Indian National. Army in Singapore Bengal famine, 1945 Trial of Indian National Army at Red Fort Shimla Conference World War II. 1946 British Cabinet Mission visits India Interim government formed at the Centre. The Muslim league decides on Direct Action for winning Pakistan. 1947 Division of India India and Pakistan form separate independent dominions. Governor Generals of Bengal 1774 1833, Warren Hastings 1772 1785 Brought the Dual Governmnet of Bengal to an end by the. Regulating Act 1773 Became Governor General in 1774 through the Regulating Act 1773 Wrote. introduction to the first English translation of the Gita by Charles Wilkins Founded the Asiatic. Society of Bengal with William Jones in 1784, Revenue Reforms Auctioned the right to collect land revenue to the highest bidder Divided. Bengal into districts and appointed collectors and other revenue officials. Judicial Reforms Started Diwani and Faujdari adalats at the district level and Sadar diwani. and Nizamat adalats appellate courts at Calcutta Redefined Hindu and Muslim laws. Wars Rohilla War 1774 1st Anglo Maratha War 1776 82 2nd Anglo Mysore War 1780. Note Sir John Macpherson was made the acting Governor General from 1785 to 1786. Lord Cornwallis 1786 93 First person to codify laws in 1793 The code separated the revenue. administration from the administration of justice Created post of district judge Introduced. permanent Settlement in Bengal 1793 Cornwallis is called the father of civil service in India. Police Reforms Each district was divided into 400 sq miles and placed under a police. superintendent assisted by constables, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium.
http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit, Wars 3rd Anglo Mysore War defeat of Tipu and the Treaty of Serinagpatanam 1792. Sir John Shore 1793 98 Introduced the 1st Charter Act 1793. Wars Battle of Kharda between Nizam and the Marathas 1795. Lord Wellesley 1798 1805 Started Subsidiary Alliance system to achieve British paramountcy. in India Madras Presidency was formed during his tenure. Wars 4th Anglo Mysore War 1799 defeat and the death of Tipu Sultan 2nd Anglo Maratha War. 1803 05 defeat of the Scindia the Bhonsle and the Holkar Treaty of Bassein 1802. George Barlow 1805 1807 Vellore Mutiny 1806, Lord Minto I 1807 1813 Concluded Treaty of Amritsar with Ranjit Singh 1809 Charter Act of. 1813 was passed, Lord Hastings 1813 1823 Adopted the policy of intervention and war. Wars Anglo Nepalese War 1813 23 3rd Anglo Maratha War 1817 18 Hastings forced. humiliating treaties on Peshwa and the Scindia Introduced the Ryotwari settlement in Madras. by Thomas Munro the Governor, Lord Amherst 1823 28 Wars I Burmese War 1824 26 Acquisition of territories in Malay.
Penisula Capture of Bharatpur 1826, Lord W Bentick 1828 33 Most liberal and enlightened Governor General of India. Regarded as the Father of Modern Western Education in India Abolished Sati and. other cruel rites 1829 Annexation of Mysore 1831 Concluded a treaty of perpetual. friendship with Ranjit Singh 1831 Passed the Charter Act of 1833 which provided that. no Indian subject of Company was to be debarred from holding an office on account of his. religion place of birth descent and colour On recommendation of Macaulay Committee. made English the medium of higher education in India. Governor Generals of India 1833 58, Lord W Bentick 1833 35 First Governor General of India Macaulay s minutes on education. were accepted declaring that English should be the official language of India Abolished provincial. courts of appeal and circuit set up by Cornwallis appointment of Commissioners of revenue and. Wars Annexed Coorg 1834 Central Cachar 1834 on the plea of misgovernment. Sir Charles Metcalfe 1835 1836 Passed the famous Press Law which liberated the press in. India called Liberator the Press, Lord Auckland 1836 42 1st Anglo Afghan War 1836 42 great blow to the prestige of the. British in India, Lord Ellenborough 1842 44 Brought an end to the Afghan War Annexation of Sindh 1843. War with Gwalior 1843, Lord Hardings I 1844 48 1st Anglo Sikh war 1845 46 and the Treaty of Lahore 1846 marked.
the end of Sikh sovereighty in India Gave preference to English education in employment. Lord Dalhousie 1848 56 Abolished Titles and Pensions Widow Remarriage Act 1856 Made. Shimla the summer capital, Administrative Reforms Introduced the system of Centralized control in the newly acquired. territories known as Bon Regulation system Raised Gurkha regiments. Education Reforms Recommended the Thomsonian system of Vernacular education for. whole of the North western Provinces 1853 Wood s Educational Despatch of 1854 and. Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit, opening of Anglo Vernacular Schools and Government Colleges An Engineering College was. established at Roorkee, Public Works Started the first railway line in 1853 connecting Bombay with Thana. Started electric telegraph service Laid the basis of the modern postal system 1854 A. separate public works department was set up for the first time Started work on the Grand. Trunk Road and developed the harbours of Karachi Bombay and Calcutta. Wars Introduced Doctrine of Lapse Captured Satara 1848 Jaitpur and Sambhalpur 1849. Baghat 1850 Udaipur 1852 Jhansi 1853 and Nagpur 1854 Fought 2nd Anglo Sikh War. 1848 49 and annexed the whole of the Punjab 2nd Anglo Burmese War 1852 and. annexation of Lower Burma or Pegu Annexation of Berar in 1853 Annexation of Avadh in. 1856 on charges of maladministration, Lord Canning 1856 58 The last Governor General and first Viceroy of India Revolt of.
1857 Passed the Act of 1858 which ended the rule of the East India Company Withdrew. Doctrine of Lapse Mutiny took place in his time,Important Congress Session. Year Place Importance, 1885 Bombay At Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College 72 delegates attended the. 1886 Calcutta 436 delegates attended the session,1887 Madras Tayabji became first Muslim President. 1888 Allahabad George Yule became first English President. 1889 Bombay Congress represented all areas of British India. 1890 Calcutta Decision taken to organises session of congsess in London. 1895 Poona Demand of a representative body only for educated class. 1898 Madras Social reform was set as the main goal. 1907 Surat Congress split,1908 Madras Constitution for the Congress fromed. 1916 Lucknow Congress merged Pact with Muslim League Gandhi attended. 1917 Calcutta Annie Besant became 1st women President. 1920 Nagpur Gandhian programme was adopted Change in congress. constitution, 1921 Ahmedabad Harsat Mohani demanded for complete independence.
1922 Gaya Formation of Swaraj Party, 1923 Delhi Abul Kalam Azad became President Youngest President. sp session, 1924 Belgaum Gandhi became President Gandhi became President here first and. 1925 Kanpur Sarojini Naidu became 1st Indian women President. 1927 Madras Nehru and S C Bose moved resolution for independence and it. was passed for the 1st time,1928 Calcutta First All India Youth Congress. 1929 Lahore Poorna Swaraj Complete Independence resolution and pledge. for Independence day on 26 January 1930, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination.
http sscportal in community study kit, 1931 Karachi Resolution for Fundamental Rights and National Economic Policy. 1934 Bombay Formation of Congress Socialist Party, 1936 Lucknow Support for socialism through democracy. 1937 Faizpur Demand for Constituent Assembly First session in a village. 1938 Haripura Purna Swaraj was to cover also princely states. 1939 Tripuri S C Bose resigned due to difference with Gandhi Dr Rajendra. Prasad was appointed in his place,1940 Ramgarh Abul Kalam Azad became President. 1946 Meerut J B Kriplani became President, 1948 Jaipur Dr Pattabhi Sitaramayya became President. World History Important Dates, 10000 4000 Development of settlement into cities and development of skills such as wheel and.
pottery making and improved methods of cultivation. 5500 3000 Earliest recorded date of Egyptian calender first phonetic writing appears. Sumerians develop a city state civilization, 3000 2000 Pharaonic rule begins in Egypt completion of the construction of the Great Pyramid. 3000 1500 The most ancient civilization on the Indian subcontinent the sophisticated and. extensive Indus Valley Civilization flourishes in what is today Pakistan. 900 800 Phoenicians establish Carthage The Iliad and Odyssey was composed by the Greek. poet Homer, 400 300 Pentateuch first five Books of the Old Testament evolve in final form. 300 251 Invention of Mayan calendar in Yucatan more exact than older calenders. 101 51 Juleus Caesar 100 44 BC invades Britain 55 BC and conquers Gaul France. 776 First Olympiad in Greece,753 Rome founded, 490 Battle of Marathon the Greeks defeated the Iranians Persians. 327 26 Invasion of India by Alexander Battle of Hydaspes. 221 Chin Hung Ti Universal Emperor in China Great Wall of China completed. 55 Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar the Great Roman General. 44 Assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus,4 Birth of Jesus Christ. 29 Crucifixation of Jesus Christ,43 Roman conquest of Britain.
570 Birth of Prophet Muhammad at Mecca, 622 Migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina hijira Beginning of Hijira Era. Muhammadan calender on July 15, 800 Charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor at St Peter s. Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit, 871 Accession of Alfred the Great to the throne of Britain. 901 Death of King Alfred the Great, 1066 Battle of Hastings Norman invasion of England William the Conqueror Duke of.
Normandly defeated the English king Harold II at Hastings. 1215 Magna Carta or the Great Charter signed by King John II at Runnymede in England. on June 15,1280 Gunpowder invented by Roger Bacon, 1338 The Hundred Years War broke out it lasted upto 1453. 1431 Joan of Arc a brave French peasant girl obtained victory over the English at. Orleans She was burnt alive at the stakes, 1443 The Black death i e plagues broke out in England. 1453 The capture of Constantinople the home of classical learning by the Ottoman. Turks compelled the Greek scholars to flee to Italy and other West European. countries where they spread the knowledge of Greek philosophy and literature. This was the beginning of Renaissance in Europe, 1486 Bartholomew Diaz rounded the cope of Good Hope. 1492 Columbus sailed on his first expedition to the West Indies which later led to the. discovery of America the New World, 1498 Vasco da Gama a Portuguese discovered the seat route to India via the Cape of. 1517 Beginning of reformation,1529 36 Reformation in England under Henry VIII.
1564 Birth of Shakespeare, 1571 Battle of Lapanto Turks defeated by the Christian League. 1577 Drake the famous English Admiral started his voyage round the world for the first. time and phindered Spanish ships and ports in South America. 1588 Admiral Drake defeated the Spanish Armada England became the Mistress of the. 1600 Establishment of the British East India Company in India 31st December. 1605 Gunpowder plot in England to blow up the English parliament. 1616 Shakespeare passes away, 1649 Trial and execution of Charles I beginning of Commonwealth. 1649 60 The Commonwealth and the Protectorate in England. 1660 Restoration of monarchy in England,1665 The great plague in London. 1679 Habeas Corpus Act, 1688 The Glorious or Bloodless Revolution in England Despotic rule of the Stuarts. ended and the Parliamentary rule began Establishment of parliamentary. supremacy and abolition of the Divine Rights of Kings. 1704 Battle of Blenheim Marlborough and Eugene inflicted a crushing defeat on the. French army,1707 Union of England and Scotland, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium.
http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit, 1763 Treaty of Paris It ended the Seven Years War 1756 63 weakened France made. England a great colonial power, 1776 Declaration of American Independence and formation of a Federal Republic of 13. states called the Union States of America July 4, 1783 Treaty of Versailles England recognised the independence of the United States of. 1789 George Washington elected First President of USA Beginning of French. Revolution Fall of the Bastille Fort July 14, 1798 Battle of the Nile The English under Nelson gained victory over the French.
1805 Battle of Trafalgar Death of Nelson, Battle of Austerliz Napolean Bonaparte rounted a combined army of the Russians. and the Austrians, 1815 Battle of Waterloo Napolean was defeated and exiled to St Helena. Congress of Vienna it aimed at rearranging the map of Europe The Vienna. settlement proved unsatisfactory because it disregarded national claims. 1821 Death of Napolean at St Helena May 5, 1827 Battle of Navatino the allied fleets of England Russia and France destroyed the. Turkish fleet This victory practically secured the independence of Greece. 1833 Emancipation Act of 1833 It abolished slavery in the British dominions. 1837 Accession of Queen Victoria to the throne of England. 1839 Introduction of Penny Postage system in England by Sir Rowland Hill Aden. annexed by England, 1854 The Crimean War began Russia attacked Turkey England and France came to the. rescue of Turkey, 1861 American Civil War started Abraham Lincon elected 16th President of USA.
1863 Slavery abolished in America,1869 Suez Canal opened for traffic. 1885 General Gordon captured and slain at Khartoum. 1899 Outbreak of the Russo Japanese war, 1905 Battle of the sea of Japan Japan inflicted a crushing naval defeat on Russia a wave. of nationalism spread in Asia, 1911 Chinese Republican Revolution Amundsen reached South Pole December 14. 1914 Outbreak of World War I August 4, 1916 Battle of Jutland Naval Battle The British Grand Fleet under Admiral Jellico. defeated the German Fleet under Admiral Scheer, 1917 March Febuary Revolution in Russia the Czar abdicated and later assassinated.
reformist Mensheviks came into power Prince Lvov Kerensky. November October Revolution in Russia Revolutionary Bolsheviks came into. power Lenin,1918 End of World War I November 11, 1919 The Paris Conference the Treaty of Versailles. 1920 Foundation of the League of Nations January 10. 1921 The Irish Free State established with the status of a Dominion like Canada. December 6, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit, 1923 Turkish Republic proclaimed with Kemal Ataturk as its First President. 1924 Lenin died and power passed into the hands of Stalin in Russia. 1925 Treaty of Locarno between Great Britain France Germany Italy and Belgium. 1928 Kellogg Pact signed in Paris by the principal powers of the world for the. prevention of war it had no effect,1933 Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany.
1935 War between Italy and Abyssinia Ethiopia Italy annexed Abyssinia Ethiopia. Plebiscite in Saar, 1939 Germany invaded Poland Outbreak of World War II September 1. 1940 Fall of France after German invasion June 5 Italy entered World War II June 11. 1941 Hitler invades Russia June 22 Framing of the Atlantic Charter August 14 Japan. attacked Pearl Harbour Hawaii Islands December 7 USA entered World War II. December 8 China entered World War II December 10 Air raids by Japan on. Rangoon December 22, 1942 Capture of Singapore by Japanese forces Febuary 15 Battle of Coral Sea Japanese. fleet suffered heavy losses at the hands of the American fleet May 3 Battle of. Stalingrad September 19, 1943 Defeat of Germany at Stalingrad Febuary 8 Battle of the Bismarck Sea America. defeated Japan in a naval battle March 4 Invasion of Italy by the Allies Armistice. between Italy and the Allies September 3, 1944 Allied forces landed in Normandy under the supreme command of General Ike. Eisenhower D Day June 6 Liberation of Paris August 25. 1945 Execution of Mussolini April 22 Unconditional surrender of Germany to the Allies. May 7 USA dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan August 6. and August 9 Unconditional surrender of Japan August 14 World War II ended. August 14 Foundation of UNO October 24,Offices under Government of India.
President of India,Dr Rajendra Prasad 1950 1962,Dr S Radhakrishnan 1962 1967. Dr Zakir Hussain 1967 1969 Died,Varahagiri Venkata Giri 1969 1969 Acting. Justice Md Hidayatullah 1969 1969 Acting,Varahagiri Venkata Giri 1969 1974. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 1974 1977 Died,B D Jatti 1977 1977 Acting. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 1977 1982,Giani Zail Singh 1982 1987.
R Venkataraman 1987 1992,Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma 1992 1997. K R Narayanan 1997 2002,Dr A P J Abdul Kalam 2002 2007. Smt Pratibha Devi Singh Patil 2007 2012,Pranab Mukherjee 2012 Till Date. Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit,VICE PRESIDENTS OF INDIA.
Dr S Radhakrishnan 1952 1962,Dr Zakir Hussain 1962 1967. Varahagiri Venkata Giri 1967 1969,Gopal Swarup Pathak 1969 1974. B D Jatti 1974 1979,Justice Md Hidayatullah 1979 1984. R Venkataraman 1984 1987,Dr Shanker Dayal Sharma 1987 1992. K R Narayanan 1992 1997,Krishan Kant 1997 2002 Died.
Bhairon Singh Shekhawat 2002 2007,Md Hamid Ansari 2007 Till Date. PRIME MINISTERS OF INDIA,Jawaharlal Nehru 1947 1964 Died. Gulzari Lal Nanda 1964 1964 Acting,Lal Bahadur Shastri 1964 1966 Died. Gulzari Lal Nanda 1966 1966 Acting,Indira Gandhi 1966 1977. Morarji Desai 1977 1979,Charan Singh 1979 1980,Indira Gandhi 1980 1984 Died.
Rajiv Gandhi 1984 1989,V P Singh 1989 1990,Chandra Shekhar 1990 1991. P V Narasimha Rao 1991 1996,Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1996 1996 For 16 Days. H D Deve Gowda 1996 1998,I K Gujral 1997 1998,Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1998 1999. Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1999 2004,Dr Manmohan Singh 2004 2009. Dr Manmohan Singh 2009 till date,DEPUTY PRIME MINISTERS OF INDIA.
Sardar Patel 1947 1950,Morarji Desai 1967 1969,Charan Singh and 1979 1979. Jagjivan Ram jointly,Y B Chavan 1979 1980,Devi Lal 1989 1990. Devi Lal 1990 1991,LK Advani 2002 2004,FINANCE MINISTERS OF INDIA. R K Shanmukham Chetty 1947 1949, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination.
http sscportal in community study kit,John Mathai 1949 1951. C D Deshmukh 1951 1957,T T Krishnamachari 1957 1958. Jawaharlal Nehru 1958 1959,Morarji Desai 1959 1964. T T Krishnamachari 1964 1966,Sachindra Chowdhary 1966 1967. Morarji Desai 1967 1970,Indira Gandhi 1970 1971,Y B Chavan 1971 1975.
C Subramaniam 1975 1977,H M Patel 1977 1978,Charan Singh 1979 1980. R Venkataraman 1980 1982,Pranab Mukherjee 1982 1985. V P Singh 1985 1987,N D Tiwari 1988 1989,S B Chavan 1989 1990. Madhu Dandavate 1990 1991,Yashwant Sinha 1991 1991. Manmohan Singh 1991 1996,P Shidambaram 1996 1998,Yashwant Sinha 1998 2002.
Jaswant Singh 2002 2004,P Chidambaram 2004 2008,Pranab Mukherjee 2009 2012. P Chidambaram 2012 Till Date,SPEAKERS OF THE LOK SABHA. G V Mavalankar 1952 1956 Died,M A Ayyangar 1956 1962. Hukam Singh 1962 1967,Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 1967 1969 Resigned. Gurdial Singh Dhillon 1969 1975 Resigned,Bali Ram Bhagat 1976 1977.
Neelam Sanjiya Reddy 1977 1977 Resigned,K S Hegde 1977 1980. Balram Jakhar 1980 1989,Rabi Ray 1989 1991,Shivraj V Patil 1991 1996. P A Sangma 1996 1998,G M C Balayogi 1998 2002 Died. Manohar Joshi 2002 2004,Somnath Chatterjee 2004 2009. Ms Meira Kumar 2009 till date,CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA.
Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit,Harilal J Kania 1950 1951. M Patanjali Sastri 1951 1954,M C Mahajan 1954 1954. B K Mukherjee 1954 1956,S R Das 1956 1959,B P Sinha 1959 1964. P B Gajendragadkar 1964 1966,A K Sarkar 1966 1966,K Subba Rao 1966 1967.
K N Wanchoo 1967 1968,M Hidayatullah 1968 1970,J C Shah 1970 1971. S M Sikri 1971 1973,A N Ray 1973 1977,M H Beg 1977 1978. Y V Chandrachud 1978 1985,P N Bhagwati 1985 1986,R S Pathak 1986 1989. E S Venkataramaiah 1989 1989,S Mukherjee 1989 1990. Ranganath Mishra 1990 1991,K N Singh 1991 1992,M H Kania 1991 1992.
L M Sharma 1992 1993,M N Venkatachalaiah 1993 1994. A M Ahmadi 1994 1997,J S Verma 1997 1998,M M Punchhi 1998 1998. A S Anand 1998 2001,S P Bharucha 2001 2002,B N Kirpal 2002 2002. G B Pattanaik 2002 2002,V N Khare 2002 2004,S Rajendra Babu 2004 2005. R C Lahoti 2004 2005,Y K Sabharwal 2005 2005,K G Balakrishnan 2007 2010.
S H Kapadia 2010 2012,Altamas Kabir 2012 2013,Mr Justice R M Lodha 27 04 2014 to till date. CHIEF ELECTION,Commissioners of India,Sukumar Sen 1950 1958. K V K Sundaram 1958 1967, Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium. http sscportal in community courses,Click Here To Buy Study Kit For SSC Examination. http sscportal in community study kit,S P Sen Verma 1967 1972.
Dr Nagendra Singh 1972 1973,T Swaminathan 1973 1977. S L Shakdhar 1977 1982,R K Trivedi 1982 1985,R V S Peri Sastri 1986 1990. Smt V S Rama Devi 1990 1990,T N Seshan 1990 1996,M S Gill 1996 2001. J M Lyngdoh 2001 2004,T S Krishna Murthy 2004 2005. B B Tandon 2005 2006,N Gopalaswamy 2006 2009,Naveen Chawla 2009 2010.
S Y Quraishi 2010 2012,H S Brahma and Syd Ahmad Zaidi 2012 Till Date. CHAIRMAN OF THE UPSC,Sir Ross Barker 1926 1932,Sir David Petrie 1932 1936. Sir Eyre Gorden 1937 1942,Sir F W Robertson 1942 1947. H K Kripalani 1947 1949,R N Banerjee 1949 1955,N Govindarajan 1955 1955. V S Hejmadi 1955 1961,B N Jha 1961 1967,K R Damle 1967 1971.
R C S Sarkar 1971 1973,Dr A R Kidwai 1973 1979,Dr M L Shahare 1979 1985. H K L Capoor 1985 1990,J P Gupta 1990 1992,Smt R M Bathew Kharbuli 1992 1996. S J S Chhatwal 1996 1996,J M Qureshi 1996 1998,Surinder Nath 1998 2002. P C Hota 2002 2003,Mata Prasad 2003 2005,Dr S R Hashim 2005 2006. Gurbachan Jagat 2006 2007,Subir Dutta 2007 2008,D P Agrawal 2008 till date.
COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERALS OF INDIA,V Narhari Rao 1948 1954. Click Here For SSC CGL Exams Online Coaching English and Hindi medium.

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Wilderness Medicine. He is a member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, and a Diplomate in Mountain Medi-cine. His awards and honors include the Nick Gordon medal from the Edinburgh & East Scotland Society of Anaesthetists, an Excellence in Remote Medicine Award, and the Myre Sim Fund Research Grant from the Royal College of Physicians.

Genotoxic Impurities in Pharmaceuticals - IntechOpen

Genotoxic Impurities in Pharmaceuticals IntechOpen

Genotoxic Impurities in Pharmaceuticals Abolghasem Jouyban 1 and Hamed Parsa 2 1Drug Applied Research Center and Faculty of Pharmacy, 2Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran 1. Introduction Genotoxic compounds induce genetic mutation s and/or chromosomal rearrangements and can therefore act as carcinogenic compounds (McGovern an d ...

Determination of Log P for Compounds of Different Polarity ...

Determination of Log P for Compounds of Different Polarity

The determination of log P, the distribution of a compound between water and octanol, is frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry to evaluate the lipophilicity of a compound. Especially if the distribution between the water and the octanol phase is significantly different, the linear range of the detector must be extremely wide, or the applied injection volumes have to be adjusted ...

Water and Our Health - UNESCO

Water and Our Health UNESCO

Safe data, safe care - Care Quality Commission

Safe data safe care Care Quality Commission