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Objectives,To survey our perspectives on suffering. phenomenology,To explore our thinking on suffering. epistemology,To explore how values beliefs and culture. influence how we experience suffering,To begin to develop a language of suffering. To begin to develop a new relationship with,suffering itself.
To explore the use of M MM in responding to,pain and suffering. What is suffering,There are as many ways to describe. suffering as there are people who live,Suffering resides deeply in the world of. I me and we it is highly personal,The Phenomenology of. Because suffering lives in the realm of the,subjective it resists evaluation and relies on.
description story telling metaphors depiction,meaning silence. Suffering may be a core human experience,In health care we wade through suffering. either giving or receiving care,The Phenomenology of. In the west illness dying disability and,death the 3 D s are viewed as being an. assault on life rather than an integral part of,Suffering is also viewed as being counter.
against anti or outside of what life should be,rather than an integral part of life. The Phenomenology of,In the west we want to avoid deny park. diminish eradicate suffering,We try to eradicate suffering in society. through health care interventions the social,determinants of health pain and symptom. control social policies social programming,The Phenomenology of.
Yet if the scaffolding to attend to,suffering is in place then why do we still. Perhaps it is because of how we view,suffering it is an intruder a squatter. The Phenomenology of,In the west our relationship with suffering is. to conquer it rather than embrace it,This impulse is deeply embedded in our. culture and times,The Phenomenology of,Lets look at where in the west we have.
tried to attend to suffering,Pain and symptom management. Mental Illness,Social policy and programming,Social determinants of health. Pain and Symptom,Management,As health sciences sought curative. treatments and succeeded in extending life,they extended the suffering that accompanies. that extended life Callahan,Acute illness if not eradicated became a.
chronic illness with accompanying distress to,be managed eg cancer AIDS. Pain and Symptom,Management, In the wake of life extension Hospice Palliative End. of Life Care clinicians began to advocate for pain and. symptom management strategies that not only, influenced the quality of one s life but the quality of. one s death, This intent was progressively realized over the last 50. New England Journal of,August 2010,Quantity and Quality of Life Study.
Trial of anti disease chemotherapy drug vs palliative. Those who accessed palliative care lived 3 months,longer than those who accessed longevity drug. The dying who accessed PC reported a higher, quality of life and a greater happiness as they were. living out their final days, Could it be that attending to suffering rather than to. disease alone made the difference,How do we begin to make a. study of suffering,To make a study of suffering aspects.
may include the nature of suffering its,processes its origin and causes its. meaning and significance its related,personal social and cultural behaviors. its remedies management and uses,its narratives and our relationship. with the suffering,Champions Leadership in,attending to suffering. Dame Cicely Saunders international,Dr Balfour Mount national international.
Dr Elizabeth Latimer local national and,international. Pain Symptom Management,Dame Cicely Saunders proposed a theory of total. pain which is now referred to as total suffering,Dame Saunders said that pain has a bio psycho. social spiritual complexity i e how I respond to my. pain how I feel my pain the qualities and attributes I. give to my pain can increase or decrease my,perception of pain.

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