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Plan Your Trip Discover Las Vegas,Las Vegas 6,Highlights. Map 8 The Strip,Las Vegas Highlights 40 Luxor s Best 72. Top 15 Highlights 10 Walking Tour 42 Map 73,Top Days in LINQ 44 Sights 74. Las Vegas 24 Sights 46 Eating 74,Month by Month 32 Map 48 Drinking Nightlife 75. Eating 51 Entertainment 75,What s New 34,Circus Circus 54.
Get Inspired 35,Drinking Nightlife 55,Need to Know 36 Flamingo 56. Entertainment 57,Stratosphere 58 New York,Shopping 59 New York. Tours 59 New York,New York s Best 78,Mandalay Bay 61 Drinking Nightlife 82. Mandalay Bay s Entertainment 83,Best 62 Shopping 83. Map 63 Spas Activities 83,Drinking Nightlife 67,Entertainment 68.
Shopping 69,Spas Activities 69,01 welcome to dc lav2 indd 2 8 08 2014 3 08 43 PM. 85 Planet Bellagio,MGM Grand s Hollywood,105 Bellagio s Best 122. Best 86 Planet Map 123,Map 87 Hollywood s Best 106. Sights 124,Sights 88 Map 107,Eating 125,Eating 89 Sights 108. Drinking Nightlife 127,Drinking Nightlife 90 Eating 108.
Entertainment 128,Entertainment 91 Drinking Nightlife 110. Shopping 129,Spas Activities 91 Entertainment 111,Spas Activities 129. Shopping 111,Spas Activities 111,CityCenter Caesars Palace 131. Cosmopolitan,93 Caesars Palace s,Highlights 94 Paris Las Vegas 113 Best 132. Cosmopolitan s Paris Las Vegas Map 133,Best 96 Best 114.
Sights 134,Map 97 Map 115,Eating 134,Sights 98 Sights 116. Drinking Nightlife 136,Eating 98 Eating 116,Entertainment 136. Aria s Best 101 Drinking Nightlife 118,Shopping 137. Drinking Nightlife 102 Entertainment 118,Spas Activities 137. Entertainment 102 Shopping 119,Shopping 103 Spas Activities 119.
Spas Activities 103,01 welcome to dc lav2 indd 3 8 08 2014 3 08 43 PM. Discover Las Vegas,139 Venetian Downtown,Mirage s Best 140 Palazzo. 155 Fremont Street 177,Map 141 Maps 156 Highlights 178. Sights 142 Sights 158 Walking Tour 180,Eating 143 Venetian Mob Museum 182. Drinking Nightlife 144 Palazzo s Best 159,Sights 184.
Entertainment 145 Eating 160,Shopping 145 Drinking Nightlife 162. Eating 187,Entertainment 163,Spas Activities 145 Drinking Nightlife 189. Shopping 163,Golden Nugget s,Spas Activities 164 Best 190. Entertainment 192,Shopping 193,Treasure Island 147. Treasure Island s,Best 148 Wynn Encore,Map 149 Wynn.
Encore s Best 168,Sights 150 East of the,Eating 150 Strip. Sights 170,Drinking Nightlife 151 National Atomic,Eating 170 Testing Museum 198. Entertainment 152,Drinking Nightlife 174 Sights 200. Shopping 153,Entertainment 175 Eating 200,Spas Activities 153. Shopping 175 Highlights 201,Spas Activities 175 Map 202.
Drinking Nightlife 202,Entertainment 203,Shopping 203. Hard Rock s Best 204,Spas Activities 205,01 welcome to dc lav2 indd 4 8 08 2014 3 08 43 PM. In Focus Survival Guide,Las Vegas Sleeping 260,Today 232 Transport 270. History 234 Directory 273,West of the Family Travel 239. 207 Dining in,Las Vegas 241 Behind the,Springs Preserve 208.
Drinking Scenes 278,Sights 210 Entertainment 244,Eating 210 Shopping 250. Map 211 How to,Gambling 252,Use this Book 287,Highlights 214 Sports. Drinking Nightlife 214 Activities 256 Our Writer 288. Entertainment 214,Palms Best 215,Rio s Best 216,Spas Activities 217. Day Trips 219,Canyon 220,Hoover Dam Lake,Mead Boulder. Grand Canyon,National Park 225,01 welcome to dc lav2 indd 5 8 08 2014 3 08 43 PM.
This is Las Vegas, It s three in the morning when you spot an Elvis look alike. sauntering by arm in arm with a glittering showgirl A. bride in a miniskirted white dress shrieks Blackjack as. a stoic blue haired granny feeds nickels into a slot. machine while tossing back a gin and tonic It s a surreal. Technicolor tinged fantasy straight out of the movies. and there s only one place you could be,Vegas baby it s the ultimate escape. This is the only place you can spend the night partying. in ancient Rome wake up in Egypt and brunch under the. Eiffel Tower watch an erupting volcano at sunset and get. married in a pink Cadillac at midnight Double down with. the high rollers browse couture or tacky souvenirs sip a. neon 3ft high margarita or a frozen vodka martini from a. bar made of ice it s all here for the taking,Time is irrelevant in Sin City There are no. clocks inside casinos just never ending buffets ever. flowing drinks and adrenaline fueled gaming tables. Almost any desire can be instantly gratified because the. luxe casino resorts stand ready to cater to your every. whim 24 7 Emptying your wallet never felt so damn good. The landscape is a constantly shifting,paradox a volatile cocktail of dueling. forces sophistication and smut risk,and reward boom and bust And that s.
all part of its charm Head downtown to explore Vegas. nostalgic beginnings and its cultural renaissance of indie. shops and cocktail bars where local culture thrives then your wallet. detour off the Strip to find intriguing museums that inves. tigate Vegas gangster atomic fueled past never felt. So America s dirty little secret or,dream factory Vegas is both and remains a good. bastion of hangover inducing weekends for people from. all walks of life You can reinvent yourself a hundred times. over or hide out with your lover in a hotel room for days. It doesn t matter if you play the penny slots or drop a. bankroll every night you ll leave town convinced you ve. had the time of your life,Showgirl outside Golden Gate p185. MARK READ LONELY PLANET,01 welcome to dc lav2 indd 6 8 08 2014 3 08 43 PM. 01 welcome to dc lav2 indd 7 8 08 2014 3 08 43 PM,Las Vegas W Bonanza Rd. N Pecos Rd,N Eastern Ave,E Bonanza Rd,as V egas Expwy.
02 map dc lav2 indd 8,5 FREMONT EAST,Bus Station 15 ENTERTAINMENT. Martin Luther King Blvd,95 93 Las Vegas Expwy,Las Vegas EF. Premium Outlets,North DOWNTOWN tS,E Charleston Blvd. W Charleston Blvd,E Oakey Blvd,W Oakey Blvd,S Rancho Dr. Stratosphere,E Sahara Ave,W Sahara Ave Commercial,S Maryland P kwy.
SLS Center,S Decatur Blvd,S Jones Blvd,Circus Wynn Country E Vegas Valley Dr. S Mojave Rd,S Valley View Blvd,Desert Inn Rd,Paradise Rd. Convention,Super Arterial Center E Desert Inn Rd,Rd Fashion. W Desert Inn Encore,tain Rd Chinatown Treasure Golf Club. W Spring Moun,Plaza Island Palazzo cL,3 S ands Av eo.
Venetian I,S Eastern Ave,Rio Mirage Harrah s,Gold Quad THE STRIP. Palace 12 Flamingo,Rd 14 E Flamingo Rd,W Flamingo Palms Bally s. Paris Las Vegas,8 08 2014 12 53 23 PM,Cosmopolitan Planet Hard University of Nevada. Cosmopolitan Planet Hard University of Nevada,Hollywood Rock Las Vegas. Monte Carlo Thomas,MGM Mack Stadium,Orleans New York New York Grand E Tropicana Ave.
W Tropicana Excalibur Tropicana,Las Vegas Blvd S,02 map dc lav2 indd 9. S wenson S t,S Pecos Rd,S Maryland Pkwy,S Jones Blvd. Russell Rd,W Russell Rd,International, 1 Cruising the Strip 5 Poker at Binion s 9 Stratosphere p58. p185 d Springs Preserve,6 Fremont East ts Welcome to Fabulous. 2 Cirque du Soleil ligh Las Vegas Sign p46,Entertainment high.
h e National Atomic Testing,District p189,wit Clubbing at Wynn Museum p198. 3 Celebrity chefs t ext e,h ic In d sign b Encore p174. in at f Fremont Street,4 Fabulous pools g e d,lac Circus p54. Add repCircus c Qua Baths Spa Experience p185,a r to be Caesars Palace p137. C To 8 Fashion Show p59,8 08 2014 12 53 28 PM,Top Highlights.
03 top experiences dc lav2 indd 10 8 08 2014 12 55 20 PM. Cruising the Strip p, Rolling into Vegas is a classic experience play it right and you ll feel like you re moving. through a movie set If you re behind the wheel as a Sin City first timer arrive after dark. As you approach the city pull over and admire the neon glow from afar Then exit off the. interstate and cruise the length of Las Vegas Blvd aka the Strip taking in the Luxor s. glowing beacon the soaring Eiffel Tower the Bellagio s dancing fountains and the. Mirage s exploding volcano,SYLVAIN SONNET GETTY IMAGES. 03 top experiences dc lav2 indd 11 8 08 2014 12 55 23 PM. 1 Hoover Dam p221 O Callaghan a former Nevada mayor and. Pat Tillman a US football star killed by,Get an early start from Las Vegas to visit. friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004 Hold,this landmark New Deal project on the. on to the railing when it s windy this isn t,Colorado River completed by thousands.
for anyone with a fear of heights,of workers in 1936 A memorial nearby. pays tribute to the many lives lost while,MIKE O CALLAGHAN PAT TILLMAN. construction was underway,MEMORIAL BRIDGE I LAKE MEAD. LAS VEGAS I HOOVER DAM K Backtrack around 4 miles west on US 93. turning right onto Lakeshore Rd which enters, K From the Strip it s about a 45 minute drive Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Take I 15 south to I 215 east Continue to I 515 US. 93 95 then follow US 93 east of Boulder City,Walk to the dam visitor center from the parking.
4 Lake Mead National,Recreation Area p223,Hiking birding and water sports such as. 2 Visitor Center p221 swimming fishing boating kayaking and. Beginning inside the visitor center guided stand up paddle boarding abound at this. tours give you a chance to ride an elevator outdoor playground It s most popular with. more than 50 stories down to see the locals who need to get away from it all. dam s gigantic power generators It ll especially on weekends. cost you to take the one hour tour but, engineers and history buffs won t want to LAKE MEAD I BOULDER CITY. miss it K Get back on US 93 and head west into,Boulder City Turn left on Nevada Way and left. VISITOR CENTER I MIKE O CALLAGHAN again onto Arizona St. PAT TILLMAN MEMORIAL BRIDGE,K Drive to the free parking lot designated for. bridge access then make the short but steep 5 Hoover Dam Museum. climb up to the bridge s pedestrian walkway Boulder City p222. This small but interesting museum is,located at the Boulder Dam Hotel where.
3 Mike O Callaghan Pat Franklin D Roosevelt and Howard Hughes. Tillman Memorial Bridge once slept After viewing the interactive. p222 historical exhibits stroll around downtown,Boulder City a refreshingly casino free. Drink in stunning views of the Hoover Dam town that sprang up in the early 1930s to. from this soaring bridge dedicated to Mike house workers building the dam. Hoover Dam p221, JENNIFER SHARP GETTY IMAGES TOP DAYS IN LAS VEGAS 31. 04 top days dc lav2 indd 31 8 08 2014 12 56 56 PM,.

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