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design today For example Ansys Polyflow Flow 2000 Dieflow HyperXtrude 10 Numerical. simulation has the potential to uncover important interior details of the extrusion process such as. velocity shear stress pressure and temperature fields in the region of interest which is not. possible to do experimentally 9 12 Typically designers know the requested shape of the final. profile but do not know the corresponding die shape The required die shape can be determined by. method inverse die design For example Ansys Polyflow program implements an inverse. extrusion solution algorithm which computes the shape of the die exit die land profile required. to achieve the target profile dimensions at the exit of the free surface domain The program solves. for the shape of the die land that will achieve the target profile after die swell occurs 5 9 11 In. the design stage it is important that die land length profile should be average 10 times longer than. the thickness of thick extrudate portion place to relax the viscoelastics stresses in the melt before. leaving the die and forms the shape of the extrudate leaving the die The die land profile has the. required shape to compensate for extrudate deformation after the die die swell and drawdown. and yield the desired shape downstream 9,2 Ansys Polyflow CFD software capabilities. Ansys Polyflow is a finite element computational fluid dynamics CFD program designed. primarily for simulating applications where viscous and viscoelastic flows play an important role. The flows can be isothermal or non isothermal two or three dimensional steady state or time. dependent Ansys Polyflow is used primarily to solve flow problems in polymer and rubber. processing food rheology glass work furnaces and many other rheological applications This. program can perform a number of complex calculations such as multi domain simulations. coextrusion of several fluids three dimensional extrusion and time dependent calculation of free. surfaces 14, Ansys Polyflow consist of few interdependent modules used to prepare analyze geometry. define data calculations and presents results Typical flowchart for numerical simulation was. presented on figure 1, Fig 1 Flowchart for numerical simulation using Ansys Polyflow 14. 3 Modeling and numerical algorithm of die design, This problem deals with the flow of a Newtonian fluid through a three dimensional die The. design process begins with a target product shape In this work the product is a hollow chamber. profile Fig 2a 40 mm x 50 mm rectangular cross section with inside 5 mm rib Due to the. symmetry of the die only one half of the passage is modeled as shown in Fig 2b In our case we. considered only a die land profile which is one of the most important tooling place in extrusion. process because it must cope with the phenomena occurring in the course of flowing plastics to. compensate for extrudate deformation after the die and yield desired shape downstream 9 The. domain for the problem is divided into four sub domains as shown in Fig 2b Sd 1 Sd 2 Sd 3. Sd 4 so that specific remeshing algorithms can be applied in each sub domain to accurately. predict the die profile Subdomain 1 2 and 3 represent the die where the fluid is confined while. subdomain 4 represent the extrudate that is in contact with the air. Planes of symetry,Extrudate Sd 1 Inflow,profile Die land.
Fig 2 Considered model a dimensions of the profile b initial configuration implemented to the simulations. The objective of the simulation is to determine the die passage that results in a balanced mass. flow exiting the die and an extrudate shape downstream of the die that closely matches the target. profile The shape of the die exit is determined by solving an inverse flow problem where the. target profile is given as the downstream shape of the extrudate The program computes the die. exit shape that results in the target profile downstream of the die after melt velocities equalize in. the free surface region, A HDPE is used as extrusion material in numerical simulations and the Bird Carreau viscosity. model is used to characterize the shear rate dependence of viscosity 14. o zero share rate viscosity,infinite shear rate viscosity. time scale,n power law index, In this study it was assumed that temperature distribution of polymer is uniform and equal. 180oC and for this temperature related parameters for Bird Carreau viscosity model equals. o 5630 Pa s 0 32 n 0 64 The polymer melt flow is assumed to be incompressible. Gravitational and inertial forces are neglected The momentum equation yields a balance. between viscous and pressure forces 13, In this study it is also assumed that viscoelastic effects were neglected Fully developed. velocity profile is assumed at the inlet Q 10000 mm3 s and no slip boundary condition is. applied at the die wall,4 CFD simulation results and their analyses.
CFD simulation was carried out to obtain target final hollow profile design under assumptions. and parameters In the first stage of simulation authors obtain the profile result without. compensation Barus and other flow effects what was shown in Fig 3 Wrong shape of final. product inter alia is caused by different local pressure and share rate during flow for the die. passage Other difficult during extrusion in this profile shape is different wall thickness. 5 and 7 mm Different local thickness caused faster flow polymer particles in thickness section. v 21 25 mm s what is showed in figure 3 Based on the results obtained from the first. simulation in next step with Polyflow implements an inverse extrusion solution algorithm. realized automatic calculation to obtain final desired shape Program change the die land geometry. 60 mm length to find target final shape of our extrudate hollow profile in ten iterations These. results are visible in figure 4 5 and 6 In each place of extrusion land observer can see how the. polymer flow and see if they have example areas with a slow movement of polymer material. which can cause its local degradation Final result of realized simulation was achieved. Fig 3 Velocity distribution for the die without optimized die land. Area of die land,modification,Area of die land,modification. Fig 4 Velocity a b and local share rate c d distribution fort the die with optimized die land. Fig 5 View of extrudate shape profile with a non optimized shape of die land b optimized shape of die land. Wrong shape Target final,of final product shape profile. Desired die lip,end section, Fig 6 A cross section in die lip section compared with outlet section obtain from non optimized shape of die land. and optimized shape of die land,5 Final consideration and summary. Design of extrusion dies for plastic profile is a complex task because the extrudate final profile. dimension depends not only on the die shape design but also on the plastics properties and. technological extrusion process parameters Overall design of extrusion process should include. each plate of extrusion dies mounting adapter transition preland and die land plate It is. important to know that two last plates have the most significant role in extrusion stage In our. study we only show the capabilities of geometry prediction in the last die land plate for the made. an assumption The powerful of Polyflow software is in predict of the preland and die land. geometry for the individual complex geometry Each simulation process is more shorter and more. costly than trial end error iterations, Engineering Polyflow simulation can provide crucial help to manufacturing extrusion tooling.
that must resolve critical issues related to reality of industry cost and time savings in developing. extrusion dies,References, 1 Biba N Stebunov S 3D FEM Simulation system for optimization of profile extrusion. Quantor Form 2004, 2 Carneiro O S Nobrega J M Pinho F T Computer aided rheological design of extrusion. dies for profiles Journal of materials processing technology 114 pp 75 86 2001. 3 Carneiro O S Nobrega J M Pinho F T Flow balancing in extrusion dies for. thermoplastic profiles International Polymer Processing 3 pp 1 11 2004. 4 Carneiro O S Nobrega J M Recent developments in automatic die design for profile. extrusion Plastics Rubber and Composites 33 pp 400 408 2004. 5 Graham A L Tran Cong T An inverse problem by boundary element method Polymer. Engineering and Science 1996, 6 Gon alves L Neves T DieTech A Virtual Reality Environment For Extrusion Dies. University of Minho, 7 Kevin R J Ellwood T C Wilkes O J Three dimensional streamlined finite elements. design of extrusion dies International journal for numerical methods in fluids 14 pp 13 24. 8 Kim J Youn J R Three dimensional flow analysis within a profile extrusion die by using. control volume finite element method Korea Australia Rheology Journal 13 pp 97 106. 9 Kostic M M Reifschneider L G Design of Extrusion Dies Encyclopedia of Chemical. Processing pp 633 649 2006, 10 Kostic M M Reifschneider L G Computational design of a U profile die and calibrator.
ANTEC pp 246 250 2004, 11 Metwally H A Methodology for Superior Die Design Combining the Best of Art and. Science Fluent INC, 12 Sienz J Goublomme A Luege M Sensitivity analysis for the design of profile extrusion. dies Computers and Structures 88 pp 610 624 2010, 13 Yilmaz O Hirkkopru K A method to obtain balanced flow in profile extrusion dies. ANTEC pp 1566 1571 2009,14 ANSYS POLYFLOW User s Guide Ansys Inc 2010.

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