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WARNING Messaging tracking and SOS functions require an active Iridium satellite. subscription Always test your device before you go. This manual is provided as a convenience, GARMIN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACCURACY OF THIS MANUAL AND. DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY ARISING FROM THE RELIANCE THEREON. Introduction, You take your smartphone everywhere Now it can take you anywhere and back. Earthmate is a mobile full featured GPS navigation app that s as unlimited as your. adventures As the best value in mobile GPS apps Earthmate comes complete with. unlimited access to all North America topographic maps for storage on your device. cloud storage of all your data online routes and waypoint planning and much more. With a Hunt Edition subscription you have access to an additional set of maps and. layers This includes Game Management Units GMU s parcel data and Public Land. Survey System PLSS maps For more information on the map types please see the. Description of Map Types Layers section on page 11 of the guide. View routes waypoints or Track and share your location Create waypoints and direct Digital compass includes. tracks with detailed topo maps along with trip details such as routes in the app or online and detailed trip information such. or NOAA charts downloaded to waypoints and tracks while in sync over WiFi or cellular as speed bearing elevation. your device cellular range and more,ACCESS TO USEFUL MAPS AND U S NOAA CHARTS. North America Topo Maps North America Public Lands U S NOAA Charts Detailed World Base Map. You ll be navigating in no time when you complete these simple set up steps. 1 Start by visiting our Explore online portal at explore delorme com to create a user. account Having an online user account allows you to plan routes and waypoints ahead. of time and sync them to the Earthmate app on your mobile device Under the Create. Account section choose Earthmate for Mobile Only and follow the instructions Have. your subscription key code handy which is printed in your package underneath the. tear off strip at the bottom right, 2 Next download the Earthmate app in either the App StoreTM or the Google Play store. depending on your mobile device s operating system Note You can find it by simply. searching for Earthmate, 3 Enter your Explore account information into the Earthmate app to log in Once Earthmate.
is registered your data will seamlessly sync To plan routes waypoints and more visit. the Explore portal at explore delorme com and choose the Map tab. 4 Click Allow to give the Earthmate app to access your location data when you are not. using the app Then click Download Maps to download the High Detailed and World. Reference Data for your area, 5 Watch the Earthmate Quick Start video to see step by step instructions for the most. common tasks such as tracking waypoint creation and using the Explore portal. delorme com earthmate how to,App Navigation, To navigate through the app on an iOS device use the Tab Bar. To navigate through the app on an Android device use the Navigation Drawer. 1 Downloading Maps, Note A data connection is required for downloading maps Due to the size of the. downloads DeLorme highly recommends using a high speed WiFi connection. To download highly detailed DeLorme topographic maps and U S NOAA charts tap. the Layers icon on the Map page then choose Download Maps Use the on. screen instructions to select and download maps, Choose Manage Maps to view a list of downloaded maps Use the checkmark to show. and hide the maps swipe or use the Details button to delete them. 2 Map Controls, After you pan to a new location The Map Rotation North Arrow.
the Locate Me Pan control allows you to control map rotation. appears on the map Tap the The arrow on the outer ring is. control to quickly center the map fixed and points up to the top of. on your current GPS location the screen in north up mode In. direction of travel mode the arrow,rotates to point north Tap the. control to toggle between north up,and direction of travel map view. Zoom the map in and out using The GPS Location Arrow shows. multi touch on the screen or tap your current location. the Zoom in and Zoom out controls Green Good GPS signal 3 D. that appear after you have touched Yellow Acceptable GPS signal 2 D. the map Red No fix or very low GPS signal,3 Info Fields. Slide the gripper bar up or down at the bottom of the map to view or hide info fields. including your coordinates elevation course and speed. 4 Point Details, To get information about a place on the map tap that location on the map A list of. options appears allowing you to view details about the selected objects and locations. The Send Reference Point option also appears Tap the icon to view details about the. point send a message that includes the reference point or delete the point To view. another point tap another place on the map, Use the tracking feature to log your high detailed track line in the Earthmate app and view.
statistics for your trip Your track line will also sync to your explore delorme com account. every ten minutes when you are in cellular or WiFi range You can share your location with. friends and family by sending them a link to your MapShare page from the. explore delorme com site prior to your trip,1 Start Tracking. To start tracking press the Start button in the toolbar of the. Earthmate app Your high detail track line will be recorded. along with trip statistics for your current and total track. You can switch between the current and total track details. by pressing the back arrow in the toolbar for iOS users or. staying on the current page for Android users and choosing. a different option at the bottom of the Tracking page Note. that details for your last track appear if you are not actively. 2 Stop Tracking, Press the Stop button in the toolbar when you want to stop. your current tracking session Each time you start a new. tracking session your log will be added to your total track. log Use the Tracking page to log a multi day event and view the current day s tracking. statistics along with the total statistics for the entire event. 3 Clear Tracking, When you no longer need the track log for your past activities use the Clear option in. the toolbar to clear your previous track log and start a new log session Be sure to sync. your Earthmate app with the explore delorme com site prior to clearing the track log so. that you do not lose your previous data Open the Earthmate app when a cellular or WiFi. connection is available to perform your sync,4 Share Tracking. Your high detailed track line will appear on your explore delorme com and MapShare. websites each time the Earthmate app syncs using a cellular or WiFi connection Send. your MapShare link found in the Social tab on the explore delorme com site to your. family and friends prior to leaving for your trip so that they can follow along with you. Use the Compass page to view heading information while traveling with the Earthmate app. You can also view bearing and distance information when navigating Choose a waypoint. from your waypoint list and press Navigate for the Compass. page to display the bearing and distance from your current. location to the selected waypoint, There are two Compass page modes that provide useful.
information compass use without a destination or use when. navigating a route These pages provide useful information. when you are tracking or just using the Compass page to view. heading information,1 Compass Use Without a Destination. You can view your current speed elevation and heading. with the Compass page along with a rotating compass. graphic that shows your heading in relation to the cardinal. compass points,Speed The current speed as determined by GPS. Heading The direction your device is facing based on the digital compass reading. expressed in both cardinal direction and degrees True or Magnetic. Elevation The elevation of the device calculated using the barometric altimeter. and or GPS based on the options chosen in Settings Compass Altimeter. 2 Navigating a Route, When navigating a route you can view your destination distance and bearing or course. to the finish A rotating compass graphic also shows your heading and a green arrow. that represents the bearing to your destination, Waypoint The name and symbol of the route destination. Distance The distance remaining from your current location to the finish. Bearing Course The Bearing field represents the compass reading you must follow. to arrive at your destination Note that the Bearing field changes to Course when. you are moving because the value is taken from GPS readings rather than the digital. compass Digital compass readings are most accurate when you are stationary while. GPS readings work well when you are in motion, The Waypoints list displays the symbol name distance and bearing to each waypoint in.
your Earthmate app The Waypoints list can be sorted to better locate specific waypoints in. the list The sort order options include Distance Name Symbol and Date. 1 New Waypoint, New waypoints can be created using the New Waypoint. button on the Map page or the button on the Waypoints page. It is also possible to create waypoints ahead of time on your. Explore Account and sync them with your mobile app. Tip Change the coordinates in the Location field to move. a new waypoint to a location that you plan to visit Use. Options Units to change the coordinate format based on the. coordinates you are using,2 Waypoint Details, The Waypoint Details allow you to edit the symbol name and. coordinates of your waypoint Your changes will be sent to. the Explore website when you finish For iOS users press the. Action button to see more options such as Navigate View on Map and Delete. For Android users select Navigate View or Delete at the bottom of the Waypoint Details. page Use the Navigate button to see bearing and distance details to the waypoint. on the Map page The View on Map button shows the waypoint on the map while the. Delete button removes the waypoint from the Earthmate app. Note All waypoints and routes will automatically sync to the Explore online portal when. in cellular of WiFi range, The Routes list displays the symbol name distance and date for each route you ve. created The Routes list can be sorted to better locate specific routes in the list by. Distance Name Symbol and Date,1 Navigating to a Destination. Select a planned route waypoint or other location you would like to travel towards and. choose Navigate from the Details page The Map page appears showing your current. position your selected destination and an orange highlighted route connecting the two. locations As you travel info fields on the map report the distance and bearing from your. current location to your destination,2 Navigation to a Pre Planned Route.
For iOS users select a Route and press the Action button. in the top right corner Then select Navigate For, Android users select a Route and press Navigate at the. bottom of the page When navigating a route the route. turns orange on the Map page and the Compass page, reveals your bearing and distance along your route. 3 Map Options, The Map page rotates to show your direction of travel at. the top of the map The page always defaults to show your. position and your destination on the map when Navigating. If you pan the Map page returns to its default view when. you press the Locate Me Pan control, Tip Change the map orientation by tapping the Map Rotation North Arrow in the upper. left of the Map page Use the Auto Zoom Route option in Options Map Preferences to. always display your current location and your destination on the map at the same time. 4 Stopping a Route, Use the STOP button on the Map page to stop navigating to the current destination.
1 Account Sync, To change your account information enter your explore delorme com account email and. password and then tap Sync, The Earthmate app will sync with the explore delorme com website once every ten minutes. when within cellular or WiFi range Go to Settings on your iOS device and select Earthmate. to change the Use Cellular Data option if you would rather not use your cellular data plan to. sync Earthmate content, You should sync your account whenever you make changes on explore delorme com. Enable Auto Zoom Route to resize the map area to best fit your location and destination. Set the type of map scale to use, Distance Represents a given length on the map compared to an actual length. Zoom The DeLorme term for map detail level Each time the zoom level increases. the scale doubles, Ratio Shows a ratio of a unit on map compared to the actual unit.
Set the unit type to use,Measures The unit for measuring distance. Coordinates The coordinate system,Datum The datum system. Bearing True or Magnetic True represents the true location of the North Pole. Magnetic sets the mobile device to use magnetic bearings this is useful when. comparing the device with a magnetic compass for use with maps that have. magnetic declination built into the map grid, Tap the Restore Defaults button to reset the units to their default settings. WATCH OUR EARTHMATE,VIDEOS TO LEARN MORE,Earthmate Hunt Edition. Earthmate Hunt Edition is a GPS navigation and mapping application designed. specifically for hunters Available on iOS and Android Earthmate Hunt Edition functions. beyond the reach of cell phone service enabling hunters to scout plan execute and. review their hunts anywhere in the United States, In addition to all of the features and map types of Earthmate Outdoor Edition Earthmate.
Hunt Edition gives users access to an additional set of maps and layers This includes. Game Management Units GMU s private and public parcel data and Public Land. Survey System PLSS maps for the entire United States See the next page for. descriptions of Map Types Layers, Unlimited Downloadable Maps Land Ownership Details Intuitive Navigation Features Handheld GPS Tools. View routes waypoints or Including owner s name and Location sharing and tracking Digital compass includes. tracks with detailed cacheable boundaries where available high detail breadcrumb trails detailed trip information. topographic maps or NOAA waypoints multi leg and direct including speed bearing. charts routes elevation and more,Includes Cacheable Map Data for All 50 States. U S Parcel Maps PLSS Public Lan Survey USGS Quadrangle Maps North America Topo Maps. System Maps,Map Types Layers, Base Data DeLorme Base Data provides reference data for the world from zoom level. of 0 to a zoom level of 6 This base data is intended for reference when panning the. map from one area of interest to another Be sure to download high detail Topo North. America maps for the US Canada and Mexico or Digital Atlas of the Earth data for other. parts of the world, Topo North America Topo North America maps provide highly detailed topographic. data for the US Canada and Mexico extending to a maximum zoom level of 17 This map. type is at a scale of 1 24K and includes roads and trails as well as detailed land cover. contours and shaded relief Topo North America also includes travel related points of. interest geographic features and DeLorme s US State Atlas Gazetteer points with. Unique Natural Features Family Outings and Outdoor Adventures each containing a. detailed description of the attraction, Digital Atlas of the Earth The Digital Atlas of the Earth is DeLorme s world topographic.
dataset containing locations geographic features roads rivers lakes land cover. contours and shaded relief seamlessly for any location on Earth This is a 1 125K. dataset that can be downloaded in geographic regions containing multiple countries. through the Download Maps page, NOAA Nautical Charts NOAA Nautical Charts are available at many detail levels. starting from zoom level 5 to zoom level 17 for the coastal waters surrounding the. US Harbor General Coastal and Off Shore Charts show water depth shoreline. topographic features aids to navigation and other navigational information. USGS Quad Sheets The USGS 7 5 minute 1 24 000 scale maps in Alaska the maps are. 1 63 360 are produced by the U S Geological Survey USGS The 7 5 minute quadrangle. maps are from the period 1947 to 2005, Color Aerial Imagery Color Imagery is compiled from the USDA National Agriculture. Imagery Program NAIP Imagery has been sectioned up to match the USGS Quad. Sheets All aerial imagery is natural color with 1 meter ground resolution The imagery. was captured between 2004 2015, Public Lands Public Land data is provided where applicable for US states This data. represents Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Mine Reclamation State Trust and. other government owned public access land, Public Land Survey System The Public Land Survey System PLSS is a way of subdividing. land in the United States Sometimes referred to as Township and Range the data is available. for all states except for Texas which uses a different system Public lands in the United. States are regulated by the U S Department of the Interior and the U S Department of. Agriculture and are subject to subdivision by the PLSS rectangular survey system. Game Management Units Game Management Units GMU s are used by state agencies to. manage wildlife assign hunting licenses and determine take and possession limits The units. are determined using data and maps from various state wildlife agencies. Parcels Parcels are collections of polygons that show property boundaries and where. available landowner information,inreachdelorme com.
DO EVEN MORE WITH EARTHMATE, Pair Earthmate with inReach to stay safe connected and share your. location anywhere inthe world via satellite,If you travel in remote locations an. inReach Explorer satellite communicator,is the perfect companion for Earthmate. to help you stay in touch trigger an SOS,anywhere in the world and provide even. more robust navigation features all,without draining your mobile.
device s battery Give your family,and friends peace of mind that you. can be contacted or rescued no matter,where your adventures take you. EXCLUSI Earthmate users are eligible for special savings on satellite airtime. SPECIAL with the purchase of an inReach from their favorite retailer.

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