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Q18 Solve the determinants for x,a x a x a x,a x a x a x. a x a x a x,Q17 If A be such that A kA find k,3 a 2 b2 c 2. Q18 If a b c 0 and c b x a 0 then show that x 0 or x. Q19 Differentiate Tan 1,with respect to Tan 1,Q20 If y 1 t and x 1 t then find y. Q21 If 1 x 1 y a x y prove that,3cos 2 x x 2, Q22 Find the value of a and b if the function f x a x is continuous at x. Q23 If xpyq x y p q prove that,Computer Science, 1 Download two sample papers of comp sc and solve Boolean algebra Database SQL questions.
2 Solve the assignment of Boolean Algebra and SQL, Prepare a synopsis of the discussed projects in the class for annual practical exam and submit it just after summer vacation It. must contain following points, Title of the project Introduction and feasibility of the project. Front end and Backend to be used Database name Table s description. Front end design layouts along with report layouts design. 1 Fitness tests administration for all items, 2 Procedure for Asana Benefits contraindication for any two Asanas for each lifestyle disease. 3 Any one game of your choice out of the following. Basketball Football Kabaddi Kho kho Volleyball Handball Hockey Cricket Bocce and unified Basketball. Labelled diagram of Field and Equipment Rules terminologies skills. Note All the topics to be written in physical education practical file. Use pencil for the lay out and diagrams, 1 Make a working model with its synopsis hand written by using A 4 size sheets. Writing a good synopsis report is not only about explaining what you ve accomplished or learned through your project. But you also want to use proper grammar and write well so that the reader is compelled to think highly of your work. Guidelines for Writing Synopsis,a Make a Cover Page.
b Acknowledgment,c Certificate,e Introduction,f Objective of synopsis. g Principle on which synopsis is based,h Theory of the concern Synopsis. i Scope of the Synopsis, j Experimental reports of the synopsis with pictures. k Conclusion of your synopsis report,l Learning outcomes of your synopsis report. m Abstract of synopsis report,n Observations with diagrams Graphs Pictures Etc.
o Bibliography,2 Do assignment given through school portal. 1 substance X forms trimer when added to Benzene Calculate the freezing point of the 0 25 molal solution The degree of. association of the solute is found to be 0 80 The freezing point of the benzene is 5 5 oC and its Cryoscopic constant is 5 12. 2 Two molar solution of potassium Ferro cyanide has degree of dissociation 0 70 at 300K Find out the osmotic pressure of. the solution, 3 0 216molal solution of Cadmium sulphate is prepared in 1000gram of water The depression in freezing point was. measured to be 0 284K Calculate the Vant hoff factor The Cryoscopic constant for water is 1 86K Kg mol 1. 4 0 90 g of an 1 2 electrolyte was dissolved in 87 90 g of benzene This raised the boiling point of benzene by 0 25 0 C If. the molecular mass of the electrolyte is 103 Calculate the molal elevation constant for benzene Given that the solute. dissociate with degree of dissociation 0 25, 5 A solution of a salt of a metal of atomic weight 112 was electrolysed for 150 minutes with a current of 0 15 amperes The. weight of metal deposited was 0 783 mg find the equivalent weight and valency of the metal in the salt. 6 How many coulombs of electricity are required for the oxidation of 90 g of water. 7 Tarnished silver contains Ag2S Can this tarnish be removed by placing tarnished silver ware in an aluminium pan. containing an inert electrolytic solution such as NaCl The standard electrode potentials for the half reactions. Ag2S 2e 2Ag S2 is 0 71 V and for Al 3 3e Al is 1 66 V. 8 In the button cells widely used in watches and other devices the following reaction takes place. Zn Ag2O H2O Zn2 2Ag 2OH,Determine Go and Eo for the reaction. 9 Draw schematic graphs showing the following details of the first order reactions. i Variation of the rate of reaction with change in the concentration of the reactant. ii Variation of In R Vs t and Log Ro R vs t, 10 The rate of a particular reaction doubles when temperature changes from 27 0C to 370C Calculate the energy of activation.
for such a reaction R 8 314 JK 1mol 1, 11 The half life for radioactive decay of 14C is 5730 y An archeological artefact contained wood had only 80 of the 14C. found in living tree Estimate the age of the sample. 12 Decomposition of phosphine PH3 at 120o proceeds according to the equation. 4PH3 g P4 g 6H2 g, It is found that this reaction follows the following rate equation Rate k PH3. The half life of PH3 is 37 9 s at 120oC, i How much time will be required for of PH3 to decompose. ii What fraction of the original amount of PH3 will remain left after 1 min. Do the following, Q 1 Fossils provide a connecting link between different species Explain with example. Q 2 Name the process to estimate the age of a fossil. Q 3 What is adaptive radiation,Q 4 What is the founder effect.
Q 5 What is natural selection, Q 6 What are the various stages of Human evolution. Q 7 What do you mean by survival of the fittest, Q 8 Comment on the statement Migration may increase or decrease the effects of selection. Q 9 Creation and presence of variation are directionless but natural selection is directional as it is in the context of. adaptation Comment, Q 10 Comment on the statement with reference to industrial melanism Evolution is apparently reversible. Q 11 What is genetic drift, Q 12 Explain adaptive radiation Give examples in support of your answer. Q 13 How is convergent evolution different from divergent evolution. Q 14 Enumerate the key concepts in the evolution theory of Darwin. Q15 Define the term Evolution, Q16 Name the theory which explained the origin of the Universe.
Q17 Who rejected the theory of Abiogenesis,Q18 What is Pans permia. Q19 Name the theory favoured the most the process of origin of life. Q20 What is Adaptive radiation, Q21 Name the two concepts of Darwinian theory of evolution. Q22 What is founder s effect, Q23 Write two differences between Darwinian theory of evolution and Hugo de vries theory of mutation. Q24 List out all the conditions on primitive earth before life. Q25 Give two main concepts of Darwinian theory of natural selection. Q26 How the fossil s age could be calculated, Q27 Adaptive radiation favoured converging evolution Explain. Q28 Draw a labelled diagram of Miller s apparatus, Q29 What were the main concepts of Oparin Haldane theory of Chemical Evolution.
Q30 Give difference between Homology and Analogy with example in plants and animals. Q31 Explain some Anthropogenic activities favoured natural selection. Q32 Comment on embryological evidences in favour of evolution. Q33 Explain natural selection along with Industrial melanism. Q34 Explain with the help of figure the effect of natural selection. Q35 Explain the principle of Equilibrium given by Hardy and Wienberg List out the factors challenging this principle. Q36 What do you mean by genetic drift Explain with examples. Q37 Darwin s finches are considered as a very good example of adaptive radiation Explain. Q38 A Name the ancestors of Psilophyton,B Also attempt the questions given in class. C Prepare a project report on the topics given,Accountancy. Prepare a project work on Accountancy Comprehensive project Specific project no 1 based on Ratio. Analysis specific project no 2 based on Cash flow statement following the guidelines prescribed by the. CBSE and as illustrated by the respective teacher,Business Studies. Prepare a project work on any one of the following topics. Principles of Management Business Environment Marketing Management Consumer Protection. Follow the guidelines prescribed by the CBSE and as illustrated by the respective teacher. Prepare and present a research work in a project file according to the guidelines issued by CBSE for the year. 2019 2020 on any of the following topics discussed in the class room and submit in its original form. containing 30 35 pages in the month of July,Political Science. Read Chapter 7 and answer the following Questions on your note book. Q 1 Explain the Traditional notion of Security, Q 2 How does Alliance building ensure security of the nation.
Q 3 Explain the Internal Security concepts, Q 4 Explain the role of Cooperation to ensure security in the world. Q 5 What is Confidence building How it is work out. Q 6 Explain the narrow and the broad concept of Human security. Q 7 Explain the role of Cooperative security,Q 8 Explain India s security strategy. Conduct a household survey on the following parameters. 1 survey of atleast five houses to be done,2 Acknowledgement. 2 Household survey,Area surveyed,Method used Individual Group. Aim To know the socio economic status of families living in Bulandshahar. DETAILS OF FAMILY SURVEYED,HOUSEHOLDCHARACTERISTICS.
Name of area surveyed,Name of the respondent,Gender Male Female. His or her relationship with the household head,Age of the respondent. level of education school college professional degree. Type of family Nuclear joint,ECONOMICSTATUS,Name of earning member of the family. occupation, main source of income business service rent any other source. name of modern amenities,mode of transport used two wheeler four wheeler.
Interpretationofresult,Number of family surveyed,Total number of males and females. Structure of the family nuclear joint,basic education status. School college professional degree,Broad age groups. 0 15 16 50 above 60,Literacy ratio males and females. Occupation,business service farming any other service.
Modern amenities TV refrigerator washing machine smartphone Ac any other amenities. mode of transport two wheeler four wheeler,ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. Q1 What have been the methods used to study the ruins of Hampi over the last two centuries In what. way do you think they would have complemented the information provided by the priests of the. virupaksha temple, Q2 How were the water requirements of vijayanagara met. Q3 What dso you think were the advantages and disadvantages of enclosing agricultural land within the. fortified area of the city, Q4 What do you thinkwas the significance of thye rituals associated with the mahanavami dibba. Q5 What are the architectural traditionsd that inspired the architects of vijayanagara How did they. transform these traditions, Q6 What impressions of the lives of the ordinary people of vijayanagara can you tell from the various.

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