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OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2,IN THIS ISSUE,Last Week Highlights 3. Orchestra Concert 4,HOMECOMING WEEK 5,18 LIFE 6 7,College Fair and Robotics Competition 8. WINTER FALL ATHLETICS INFO 9,FCCLA National Fair 10. September Athlete of the Month 11,UPCOMING EVENTS,Be sure to mark these events in your calendar. Boys Swim Team Tryouts 10 15 5 45 7 15 a m,Girls Swim Team Tryouts 10 15 5 45 7 15 a m.
Fall Chorus Concert 10 16 6 00 9 00 p m,18 LIFE 10 18 22 7 00 p m. Fall Festival 10 20 1 00 3 00 p m,Basketball Tryouts 10 22 24 3 30 p m. Varsity Football 10 26 7 30 p m,OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2. LAST WEEK S,HIGHLIGHTS,Cross Country,Girls Varsity Race. Nash Farms,Paige Ewald 2nd,Cayden Crimson 3rd,Girls Varsity won 1st overall.
Girls JV won 3rd overall,Homecoming Game 10 12,It was another tough game for our. Varsity Knights The Knights,fell to Creekview 42 0 Better. luck next time boys,Competition Cheer vs Creekview 10 13. Our girls put up a good fight but we ended up losing to Creekview We suffered some. OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2,ORCHESTRA CONCERT, The River Ridge High School s Orchestra group performed on October 9th in the. auditorium The intermediate orchestra performed Clash of the Triads by Don Hicks. Mountain Hymn by Janelle Cunalata and The Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombies by. Richard Meyer For the advanced orchestra they performed Dance of the Trolls by Mike. Forbes Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Richard Meyer and Cappricio Espangnol by. Rimsky Korsakov They also featured art from Mr Akins and Mrs Mulvey s classes. Great job River Ridge High School Orchestra group and art from Mr Akins and Mrs Mulvey s. OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2,HOMECOMING WEEK, We had another fantastic homecoming week here at the Ridge Here s a.
gallery of all our favorite moments,OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2. 18 LIFE A RRHS DRAMA,CLUB PRODUCTION, The big wait is over The Thespian Knights have come through and are putting on. their first production of the year 18 Life W,e got to sit down with Tori Kershaw. the stage manager of this groundbreaking play,Regular Ms Kershaw Bold Interviewer. Hi Tori Thanks for taking some time off to chat,No problem.
Tell me a little bit about 18 Life, So 18 Life is an original one act tragedy that Mr Fields and us drama club officers wrote. this past summer Without spoiling too much it takes place at a high school and follows a. group of friends to a party and it s about how one decision can affect so many people. You guys wrote it That s really impressive What was challenging about bringing this. script to life, Thank you It was hard to imagine how things would look on stage because it had obviously. never been done before We changed the script countless times and eventually finalized it. over a month after we started the show, That honestly sounds like a ton of hard work What makes this production different from. the other ones,OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2, This show is realistic and up to date The language is written for teenagers by teenagers It s. about real problems that will be relatable to some of our audience members. Speaking of the audience what do you want them to learn from 18 Life Any particular. We aren t trying to stop high school partying or anything because that s just impossible We. just want kids to think about how their actions can affect so many more people s lives like a. ripple effect, I totally agree with you on that and I think your production is more honest and real view.
of the teen lifestyle Are there any standout characters you want us to root for. That s a hard question to answer without giving something away But I think the audience. will really like Carl s dorky character, I can t wait to see more of him and everyone else I know that Drama Club is putting on. around three productions this year What are you most excited about. I m really excited for the upcoming show Spy School The script is really funny and we ve. done it before so now we get to improve the show as a club. I can t wait to see more of what you guys do Thanks for talking with me. You re welcome, Come out and see 18 Life and another big thanks to. Tori Kershaw for giving us the scoop There will be a. showing during 2nd period Friday so make sure you,check with your teachers. OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2,College Fair, Counselors from different colleges will be there to provide information about the college. they are representing things like admission requirement college visits college life and etc. When Thursday October 18 from 6PM 8PM, Where Cherokee High School 930 Marietta Hwy Canton GA 30114.
Cost No cost,Sign up here,Robotics Competition, We had students competing in 5 events and while we only placed in one it was great Reese. Long placed 4th in the state in the robotics competition for the high school level This was. Reese s first competition and first visit to the fair. AP Psychology, Mrs Sand s AP Psych class spent Friday making candy neurons. OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2,WINTER FALL, It is almost officially time for the winter and fall sports seasons here at the Ridge Stay tuned. for more information,BASKETBALL,Boy s tryouts will be 10 22 10 24 at the RRHS. gymnasium See Coach Kealhofer for more information. Girl s tryouts are 10 22 10 24 at the RRHS gymnasium. right after school See Coach Taylor for more information. Boy s tryouts are on Monday October 15th from 5 45 a m. to 7 15 a m, Girl s tryouts will take place on Tuesday October 16th.
See Coach Bulger or Coach Modrzynski for more info. Track conditioning starts on 11 3, If you are interested in being part of the track field team make. sure you get the QR code posted outside of 1305 See Coach. Schultz or Coach Lakes for more information,OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2. ATHLETES OF THE MONTH,September Athletes of the Month. Volleyball Gabbi Phillips,Softball Caprice Johnson. Cheer Olivia Billingsley,Football Chico Ward,Cross Country Angeles Torres and Trey Huguley.
A huge shoutout to these students for being exemplary athletes Keep up the amazing. OCTOBER 15 2018 ISSUE NO 2,WRITTEN BY,Brittany Burgess. Joshua Clements,Lauren Crowley,Alecia Holmes Terry. Liz Kalemera,Tram Nguyen,Leticia Nogbe,Ashley Olmeda. Nicolas Romero,Johana Salgado,Sergio Salgado,A VERY BIG THANKS TO.

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