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Doctor of Nursing Practice,Scholarly Projects 2012. Congratulations to the 2012 DNP Graduates We celebrate your scholarship. integrating and applying knowledge into practice throughout the US and globally. You have mastered the competencies necessary for planning and initiating. change within health care systems as members and leaders of interprofessional. teams recognizing the current state of evidence and societal needs. Colleen Conway Welch PhD CNM FAAN,Nancy and Hilliard Travis Professor of Nursing. Dean Vanderbilt University School of Nursing,From the Director. The future of nursing is now as our 2012 DNP graduates lead interprofessional. teams in creating meaningful innovations The scholarly projects of the 2012. graduates cross geographical and discipline boundaries in identifying gaps in. evidence and practice Self described change masters their impact on quality. outcomes for patient centric health care will be recognized across myriad. organizations globally,Donna McArthur PhD FNP BC FAANP. rofessor of Nursing and DNP Program Director,Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.
Faculty Program Directors, Susan Adams PhD RN Thomas Tom Christenbery Jeffry Jeff Gordon PhD. PMHNP BC FAANP PhD RN CNE Professor in Educational Informatics. Professor of Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing. Director Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse James Harris PhD MBA MSN. Practitioner Program Thomas Tom Cook PhD RN FNP Program Director. Assistant Professor of Nursing Leadership Development. Angel Anthamatten DNP ADM Office of Nursing Services VA. FNP BC Karen D Apolito PhD APRN NNP, Assistant Professor of Nursing BC FAAN Alisa Haushalter DNP RN. Professor of Nursing Director Bureau of Population. Debbie Arnow DNP RN NE BC Director Neonatal Nurse Health Services. Assistant Professor of Nursing Practitioner Program Metro Public Health Department. Linda Beuscher PhD GNP BC Terri Donaldson DNP RN ACNP BC Joan King PhD RNC ACNP ANP. Assistant Professor of Nursing Associate Professor of Nursing Professor of Nursing. Co Director Doctor of Nursing Director Acute Care Nurse. Sharon E Bryant DNP RN ACNP BC Practice Program Practitioner Program. Assistant Professor of Nursing,Sarah C Fogel PhD RN Stephen Krau PhD RN. Amy Bull PhD RN FNP BC Associate Professor of Nursing Associate Professor of Nursing. Assistant Professor of Nursing, Director Family Nurse Practitioner Program Mary Jo Gilmer PhD MBA CNS CNL Larry Lancaster EdD RN ACNP. Professor of Nursing Professor of Nursing, Carol Callaway Lane DNP ACNP BC Associate Professor of Pediatrics.
Clinical Instructor of Nursing,Faculty Program Directors. Jana Lauderdale PhD RN Linda Norman DSN RN FAAN Geri Reeves APRN PhD FNP BC. Associate Professor of Nursing Professor of Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing. Assistant Dean for Cultural Diversity Senior Associate Dean for Academics Sheila Ridner BSN MSHSA MSN PhD. Co Director PhD in Nursing Science Program ACNP FAAN. Kathryn Lindstrom PhD FNP BC Associate Professor of Nursing. ACHPN Maria Overstreet PhD RN CCNS, Assistant Professor of Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing William Burns Rogers PhD MPH. Palliative Care Focus Coordinator Lecturer in Nursing. Abby Parish DNP MSN RN APN BC, Rene Love DNP PMHCS BC Instructor of Nursing Michele Salisbury PhD RN WHNP. Assistant Professor of Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing Lecturer in. Julia Phillippi PhD c MSN CNM Women s Studies,Donna McArthur PhD FNP BC FAANP APRN. Professor of Nursing Assistant Professor of Nursing Mavis Schorn PhD CNM. Director Doctor of Nursing Associate Professor of Nursing. Practice Program Bonnie Pilon DSN RN BC FAAN Director Nurse Midwifery Program. Professor of Nursing Health Systems Assistant Dean for Academics. Lewis McCarver DNP CRNA Management, Lecturer Senior Associate Dean for Clinical and Patricia Scott DNP APN NNP BC.
Community Partnerships C NPT,Elizabeth Bette Moore PhD Instructor in Nursing. RN IBCLC Shea Polancich PhD RN, Associate Professor of Nursing Director of Patient Safety Center for. Clinical Improvement,Faculty Program Directors, Clare Thomson Smith JD MSN RN Courtney J Young DNP MPH FNP BC. FAANP Assistant Professor of Nursing,Assistant Dean Faculty Practice. Director Center for Advanced Practice,Nursing and Allied Health CAPNAH.
Trish Trangenstein PhD RN BC,Professor in Nursing Informatics. Director Nursing Informatics,Specialty Program,Richard Watters PhD RN. Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing,Elizabeth Betsy Weiner PhD. RN BC FACMI FAAN,Senior Associate Dean for Informatics. Centennial Independence Foundation,Professor of Nursing Professor of Nursing.
and Biomedical Informatics,Jennifer Wilbeck DNP APRN BC. Associate Professor of Nursing,FNP ACNP ED Program Coordinator. Scholarly Projects Class of 2012,Wendy A Araya Shawana Crawford. The Practice of Providing Pre Medication for Non Emergent Intubation Adherence Rates to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surveillance at a. of Patients in the NICU 9 Hepatology Practice 16,Karen Michelle Ardisson Debbie Drake Davis. Evaluation of a Pre Operative Group Education Class for Patients Screening African American Women to Increase Cardiovascular Risk. Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy for Treatment of Prostate Cancer 10 Factor Awareness 17. Colleen Clarke Ariola Mary Kate FitzPatrick, A Needs Assessment of Long Term Care Nursing Assistants Advancing Nurse Practice Through Implementation of a Peer Review.
Empowerment and Their Role in Care Planning 11 Education Competency Program A Pilot Project 18. Tisha Barzyk Diane L Fletcher, Wound Management Guidelines for the Orthopaedic Trauma Patient Comparison of Air Force AF Flight Nurse Core Competencies with. Population 12 Selected Nurse Core Competencies and Wounded Warriors. Patient Care Requirements 19,Tamatha Michelle Bednar. Evaluating Quality of Life in Heart Failure Patients Using Previously Andrea Johnson Fuller. Established Self Questionnaires A Pilot Study 13 Implementation of Obesity Clinical Practice Guideline with the Army. MOVE Weight Management Program 20,Mark Burns, Development of A Clinical Practice Guideline for Subcutaneous Carol Ann Ferguson Gray. Measurement of the Nonisotopic Cold Iothalamate By Capillary Evaluation of Outpatient Hemodialysis Clinic Staff Knowledge of. Electrophoresis In Urine of The Pre Diabetic Navajo Native American Patient Adherence 21. To Determine Creatinine Clearance 14 Eileen Griffin. Angel Carter Intraoperative Respiratory Care of Premature Infants Development. Instrument Development Infant Developmental Education for of Evidence Based Guidelines for Anesthesia 22. Adolescent Moms Survey IDEAS 15 Jennifer M Guay, The Effectiveness of the Dedicated Education Unit 23. Scholarly Projects Class of 2012,Heather Caia Hodges John A Savage Jr.
Development of an Educational Brochure for Premenopausal A Current State Assessment of Anesthesiology Controlled. Women Following Breast or Gynecologic Cancer Treatment 24 Medication Security in Ambulatory Surgery Centers 32. Brenda Wanke Jenkins Laura Nicole Sidlinger, Caregivers Informational Website How to Use Non Pharmacologic Addressing Barriers Associated with Adherence to Diabetes Plans. Interventions to Treat Agitation in Persons With Dementia Who Are of Care at the Marian Clinic 33. Living at Home 25 Lisa Scarborough Tallet, LaVonne Lynn Funk Johnson An Integrative Review of the Effect of Behavioral Interventions in. Development of a Clinical Protocol to Assess the Need for Early Primary Prevention on Global Cardiovascular Disease Risk 34. Palliative Care Intervention in Veterans Classified as Polytrauma Jay Tumulak. Seriously Injured or Ill 26 An Educational Module to Improve Nurses Knowledge about. Tracey Lynne Kiesau Inadvertent Perioperative Hypothermia 35. Family Centered Care Initiative NICU Open Visitation One Unit s Chizoba Ugbaja. Journey to Update Practice 27 Assessment of Perceptions and Preferences Influencing Eating. Imelda Reyes Behaviors of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Attending a. An Evaluation of the Identification and Management of Overweight Rural Community Clinic 36. and Obesity in a Pediatric Primary Care Setting 28 John Weatherwax LtCol s. James Clifton Roberson III Primary Care Providers Perceptions of Parental Coping with Asthma 37. An Obstetric Anesthesia Crisis Resource Management Curriculum 29 Christopher Ty Williams. Allison Leigh Rosenberg Evaluation of a Mentoring Pilot Program for Advanced Practice. An Integrative Review of the Use of Palliative Care in Patients with Providers in an Academic Medical Center 38. Acute Leukemia 30 Carol Cathleen Ziegler, Melissa Jayne Rumple Nandi Traditional Healers Sentinels in an Underserved. Screening for Developmental Delays and Autism Spectrum Healthcare Environment 39. Disorders in a Rural Arizona Primary Care Pediatric Clinic 31. The Practice of Providing Pre Medication for Non Emergent. Intubation of Patients in the NICU, Purpose procedure with Fentanyl given most frequently. The purpose of this scholarly project was to Out of the 84 intubations performed 72 85. identify 1 if pre medication was given to infants were successful after the first attempt 30. prior to non emergent endotracheal intubation reported intubation adverse effects with 56. 2 the occurrence of adverse effects associated occurring when pre medications were not given. with the procedure 3 what pre medications were Forty eight surveys were sent to neonatologists. used and 4 the attitudes and barriers described by neonatal fellows and neonatal nurse practitioners. health care providers regarding the administration with a response rate of 71 n 34 Barriers. of pre medication identified for not giving pre medication for non Wendy A Araya MSN APN. Study Design emergent endotracheal intubation included not NNP BC. A retrospective chart review was performed on enough time no standard protocol and adverse Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. infants admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit effects of medications Twenty nine 85 of. who required endotracheal intubation between respondents reported that they routinely give pre. January 1 2010 and January 1 2011 A survey was medication for intubation most commonly using. used to determine the attitudes and barriers of Fentanyl and Versed. health care providers neonatologists neonatal Implications for Practice. fellows and neonatal nurse practitioners regarding Findings suggest that more health care. the use of pre medication for non emergent professionals think they routinely administer pre. intubation of infants who required the procedure medication for non emergent intubation when. Results in reality this is not the case Additional data are. Sixty charts were reviewed from infants who needed to identify the reasons why pre medication. required endotracheal intubation 30 preterm is not being administered The results of this project. and 30 full term A total of 84 intubations were suggest that an evidence based protocol regarding. performed 58 of the intubations were non pre medication for non emergent intubation of. emergent Fifty seven percent n 33 of the infants infants may increase this practice among health. received pre medication prior to the intubation care professionals working in the NICU. Evaluation of a Pre Operative Group Education Class for Patients. Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy for Treatment of Prostate Cancer. Purpose were performed using REDCap and SPSS, To evaluate the effect of a pre operative Improvement in knowledge scores from the.
group education class on the knowledge level pre to post class was statistically significant. expectations and preparedness of men having with a mean score of M 12 7 with a standard. radical prostatectomy for the treatment of deviation SD 1 6 on the pre class survey and. prostate cancer M 13 6 with SD 1 7 on the post class survey. A paired samples t test was performed Significant, Methodology differences in the scores t 48 4 41 p 001. Fifty one men already attending the Men s Wellness. Karen Michelle Ardisson suggested the pre operative group education. Life Beyond Prostate Cancer group education class, MSN RN ACNP BC class is helpful in improving the knowledge of men. were invited to participate and were given a letter. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner preparing for radical prostatectomy No significant. of informed consent and verbal instructions All,changes in perceived preparedness were observed. surveys were completed immediately before and,Measurable changes in patient expectations were. after the class The pre and post class surveys,demonstrated by a regression to the mean.
were identical except for a demographic section, included with the pre class survey Questions were Implications for Practice. primarily knowledge based with three questions Due to the inherent threats to internal validity. pertaining to patient expectations and one with this quasi experimental design future studies. question regarding preparedness Completed and should include a control group Men who attend. returned surveys implied informed consent Survey the group education class are more knowledgeable. data was electronically entered into REDCap a about what to expect when preparing for radical. secure online database prostatectomy and demonstrate more realistic. expectations relating to potential side effects, Results of treatment than if they had not attended the. Final analysis included forty nine men who,class Efforts should be made to expand the. returned completed pre and post class surveys,group education program and make class content. Descriptive statistics and bivariate analysis,available and accessible to more patients.
A Needs Assessment of Long Term Care Nursing Assistants. Empowerment and Their Role in Care Planning,Purpose assistants were the most relevant factors. The purpose of this needs assessment was to associated with disempowerment perceptions. assess empowerment perceptions of Parker,Implications for Practice. Jewish Institute s nursing assistants in their,Care plan teams should include nursing. careplanning roles addressing resident centered,assistants thus empowering nursing assistants to. care The results will guide development of,provide quality resident centered care Results.
quality improvement and educational activities,from the questionnaire highlight opportunities. that further develop nursing assistants,for quality improvement initiatives emphasizing. careplanning skills Colleen Clarke Ariola,team building communication and leadership. Methodology skills for the nursing assistants to be effective MSN HSM. Empowerment Perception Questionnaire team members Health Care Systems. utilizing concepts of knowledge and opportunity Management Nursing. shared responsibilities and power from Kanter s Administration. Theory of Organizational Empowerment was,developed and disseminated to nursing assistants. working on two long term care units,Response rate of 57 N 77 was achieved.
from both units Shift and unit comparisons of,empowerment variables revealed that nursing. assistants similarly responded affirmatively to,knowledge and opportunity questions followed. by power and shared responsibilities with the,care plan team Lack of communication mutual. respect and involvement by all shift nursing, Wound Management Guidelines for the Orthopaedic Trauma. Patient Population, Purpose presence of a complicating factor that could.
The purpose of this quality improvement affect wound healing in 74 of the patients both. project was to develop evidence based practice indicating the need for evidence based practices. guidelines for postoperative wound management to ensure quality care Using the evidence. in the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Trauma outpatient gathered three guidelines were developed on. clinic in Nashville Tennessee to connect care of a postoperative surgical incision care of. providers with the evidence base and improve a wound with soft tissue loss and treatment of a. patient care superficial wound infection, Tisha Barzyk MSN ACNP Methodology Implications for Practice. BC CWS A literature review was performed to obtain The anticipated effect following implementation. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner current evidence from research studies articles and of the evidence based practice guidelines in. educational materials published in the past 10 years the clinic is improvement of provider wound. on wound care practices facilitators of wound management and patient outcomes. healing and common factors that impede wound,healing Observational data was gathered on. current provider wound care practices and patient, assessment data using a developed tool to identify. essential content for the guidelines,The literature review produced the evidence. needed to develop thorough evidence based,practice guidelines Provider observations.
revealed a gap between current practices and the,evidence base and data gathered on 43 patients. showed a 35 wound complication rate and, Evaluating Quality of Life in Heart Failure Patients Using. Previously Established Self Questionnaires A Pilot Study. Purpose Implications for Practice, The purpose of this pilot project was to assess The information gleaned from this project can. the perceptions of quality of life in patients be used to inform practitioners in this setting. diagnosed with heart failure and to introduce the about their patient s potential needs and perhaps. concept of palliative care as an early intervention using these assessment tools as an entry point. for improving quality of life in these patients for patient clinician discussion of their individual. needs This could potentially influence quality,Methodology. of life treatment and the prognosis of heart,A convenience sample of twenty patients.
failure patients using self questionnaire tools by Tamatha Michelle Bednar. diagnosed with heart failure was asked to, examining social and spiritual support systems MSN ANP. complete two questionnaires that consisted of, the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Self Adult Nurse Practitioner. Questionnaire MLHF Q and the Spirituality,Well Being Assessment Scale SWBS The. National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative,Care provided the framework for the project. There was no statistically significant relationship. between the demographic variables quality of,life and spirituality combined Data collected.
revealed that age did not correlate with an,impaired ejection fraction Results of the. Spiritual Well Being Scale revealed that patients,diagnosed with HF reported scores lower. than the typical stable medical patient in both,existential and religious well being. Development of A Clinical Practice Guideline for Subcutaneous. Measurement of the Nonisotopic Cold Iothalamate By Capillary. Electrophoresis In Urine of The Pre Diabetic Navajo Native. American To Determine Creatinine Clearance,Purpose Results. Development of a clinical practice guideline Iothalamate use in determination of creatinine. for the subcutaneous injection and subsequent clearance rates has been proven to provide. measurement of the nonisotopic cold an accurate cost effective efficient method. iothalamate by capillary electrophoresis for detection of early renal disease providing. Mark William Burns MSN from urine of the pre diabetic Navajo Native opportunities for advanced practice nurses to. ACNP FNP E TNS American to determine creatinine clearance initiate measures to prevent progression to end. Family Nurse Practitioner stage renal disease and improve quality of life for. Methodology,Acute Care Nurse Practitioner the Navajo Nation.
Extensive research and critical analysis of, existing literature consultation with physician Implications for Practice. experts synthesis of criteria for practice Use of the iothalamate clinical practice guideline. guideline development and incorporation of has the potential to allow advanced practice. culturally sensitive theoretical concepts were nurses to provide holistic care for the Navajo. merged for design of the iothalamate clinical Native American population while supporting. practice guideline health initiatives outlined by Indian Health.

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