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Table of Contents,General Safety Instructions 3,CX400 Specific Safety Instructions 4. Features 5,Physical Features 6,Unpacking Inventory 7. Assembly 8,Test Run 10 10,Maintenance 11,Cleaning the Canister 11. Bag Cleaning 11,Proper Grounding 11,Lubrication 11. Canister Parts Breakdown 12,Canister Parts List 13.
CX400 Parts Breakdown 14,CX400 Parts List 15,Warranty 16. General Safety Instructions for Machines, Extreme caution should be used when operating all power tools Know your. power tool be familiar with its operation read through the owner s manual and. practice safe usage procedures at all times, CONNECT your machine only to the DISCONNECT the power source when. matched and specific power source changing drill bits hollow chisels router. bits shaper heads blades knives or, ALWAYS wear safety glasses making other adjustments or repairs. respirators hearing protection and, safety shoes when operating your SECURE WORK Use clamps or a vise.
machine to hold work when practical It s safer,than using your hand and frees both. DO NOT wear loose clothing or hands to operate tool. jewelry when operating your,machine BE ALERT DO NOT use prescription. or other drugs that may affect your, GROUND ALL TOOLS if tool is ability or judgment to safely use your. equipped with three prong plug it machine,should be plugged into a three hole. electrical receptacle If an adapter is MAINTAIN TOOLS IN TOP. used to accommodate a two prong CONDITION Keep the blades sharp. receptacle the adapter plug must be and aligned Follow instructions for. attached to a known ground Never lubricating and changing accessories. remove the third prong,DISCONNECT TOOLS before servicing.
A SAFE ENVIRONMENT is and when changing accessories such as. important Keep the area free of blades bits cutters etc. dust dirt and other debris in the, immediate vicinity of your machine ALWAYS keep all safety guards in. place and ensure their proper function,KEEP CHILDREN AND VISITORS. AWAY All children and visitors The dust generated by certain woods. should be kept a safe distance from and wood products can be injurious to. work area your health ALWAYS operate,machinery in well ventilated areas use. NEVER leave a tool unattended wood dust collection systems whenever. while the machine is in operation possible,DON T OVERREACH Keep proper. footing and balance at all times,CX400 2HP Dust Collector.
Specific Safety Instructions, Read and understand the instruction manual before operating the dust collector. Basic precautions listed below should always be followed when using your dust. collector to reduce the risk of injury electrical shock or fire. The CX400 is designed to collect Never operate the dust collector with. sawdust only all blast gates closed, Never attempt to use this dust Always disconnect the dust collector. collector to vacuum water or any other from its power source when. liquids changing or emptying the bags, Never try to use this dust collector to Always be sure that the collection. collect large wood pieces and filter bags are securely fastened. Never attempt to use this dust to collector body, collector to collect metal materials Do not place your hand or tools. such as screws nails or other metal nears the open inlet while operation. parts Serious personal injury or damage to, Always wear respiratory and safety the machine can happen.
glasses when emptying dust from the Always connect dust collector to the. collection bags matched power source, The safety instructions given above can not be complete because the environment in. every shop is different Always consider safety first as it applies to your individual. working conditions,MODEL CX400 2HP DUST COLLECTOR, As part of the growing line of Craftex woodworking equipment we are proud to offer the. CX400 The Craftex name guarantees Craft Excellence By following the instructions and. procedures laid out in this owner s manual you will receive years of excellent service and. satisfaction The CX400 is a professional tool and like all power tools proper care and. safety procedures should be adhered to,Motor 60 Hz Single Phase 9 Amp 2 HP 220 Volts. Motor Speed 3450 RPM,Bearings Sealed Permanently Lubricated. Switch ON OFF Push Button,Cord Length 6 Feet,Air Suction Capacity 1700 CFM.
Canister Filtration 1 Micron Canister Spun bond polyester. Impeller Size 12 3 4 Radial fin balanced,Impeller Construction Steel Riveted Fins. Lower Bag Clear Plastic,Frame Construction Fabricated Sheet Metal. Paint Powder Coated,Length Width Height 37 3 8 x 31 1 2 x 71. Weight 145 lbs,CX400 2HP Dust Collector,Physical Features. Canister Filter,Canister Filter,Connector Collection.
Plastic Bag,Unpacking Inventory, Your dust collector is shipped with all its J Collector Support Bar 1. components and hardware inside the box K Hardware Bag. Open the box and check the components Flange Bolts. and their quantities according to the list Tap Screws. below If you can not find any part in this Combo Wrench. list check the mounting location on the Hex Wrench. machine It might be pre installed on the,machine for shipping purposes. Figure 1 CX400 1st box Inventory Figure 2 CX400 2nd box Inventory. Box 1 Dust Collector Parts Qty Box 2 Canister Filter Qty. A Motor Impeller Assembly 1 L Canister Filter 1,B Base 1 M Foam Adhesive 2. C Outlet Connector 1 N Canister Cleaning Handle 1,D Collector 1 O Canister Clamp 1. E Casters 4,F Double Inlet Connector 4 1,G Collector Plastic Bag 1.
H Bag Clamp 1,I Rubber Gaskets 2, Take the base out of the box and place it Now place the rubber gasket provided on. upside down on the floor Attach the casters the motor flange as shown in figure 5. to the base using the flange bolts See,Figure 5 Placing the gasket on the motor. Figure 3 Installing the casters, Once you have installed the casters to the Install the outlet connector to the impeller. base turn the base over Take the motor assembly using bolts See figure 6. assembly and place it on the base Align,the holes on the assembly with the holes on. the base and install it using the bolts See,Figure 6 Installing the outlet connector.
Figure 4 Installing impeller to the base, Now take the second gasket and place it that the two ends match evenly and there is. on the outlet connector and attach the base no excess strip left See figure 9. collector to the outlet connector with the,help of an assistant using bolts and. washers provided See figure 7,Figure 9 Attaching the foam strip to the top. part of the collector, Figure 7 Installing the collector Take the canister out of the box and locate. the shaft key on the top of the canister Now, The base is provided with two holes for the take the canister cleaning handle and place.
collector support bar Locate the holes and it on the canister shaft key tighten the hex. align the support bar with the mounting bolt See figure 10. holes on the base Attach one end of the,support bar to the base and the other end to. the collector using bolts provided See,Figure 10 Installing canister cleaning. Take the canister and install it on the, Figure 8 Installing the collector support bar collector Use the belt clamp to tighten the. base of the canister against the foam, Take the adhesive foam strip and attach it attached on the collector See figure 11. to the top part of the collector in such a way,Once you have assembled your dust.
collector then it is time to do a test run,Walk around the machine and take a look. at all the parts you have assembled and,make sure all the screws are tightened. Connect the machine to the correct power,source and start the machine During the. test run if there is any unusual noise or,vibration disconnect the machine from the. power source immediately and check all the, Figure 11 Attaching the canister parts you have assembled once again.
Attach the foam strip to the bottom part of Make sure you read the manual before the. the collector as well in such a way that the test run and understand all the safety. both ends of the foam strip come together instructions of your machine. evenly and there is no excessive strip Now, attach the plastic bag to the bottom of the All the tools and objects used for. collector using the bag clamp See figure 11 assembling the machine should be. removed and cleared away while the, Take the inlet connector and install it to the machine is running. impeller intake hole using the tap screw,provided See figure 12. Do not make any adjustments while the,machine is running Turn off the. machine and un plug from the power,source before making any adjustments.
Figure 12 Installing the inlet connector,Proper Grounding. Grounding provides a path of least Lubrication,resistance for electric current to reduce the. risk of electric shock CX400 comes equipped with shielded. bearings which are permanently lubricated, Make sure that the appliance is connected So there is not need to lubricate them. to an outlet having the same configuration,as the plug No adaptor should be used. with this appliance Maintenance,Maintenance on this machine is fairly.
WARNING simple Each time you use your dust, Improper connection of the equipment collection make sure that properly clean. grounding conductor can result in a risk the canister and take a quick inventory of. of electric shock Check with a qualified your machines performance Check for. electrician if you are in doubt as to loose bolts screws ensure the dust. whether the outlet is properly grounded collection bag has no tears and ensure all. wires are in good condition, Bag Cleaning Do not make any adjustments while the. machine is running Turn off the, Empty the collection bag on a regular basis machine and un plug from the power. The machine will run more efficiently if the source before making any adjustments. collecting bag is emptied regularly,Make sure you are wearing a respirator or. dust mask while emptying the collection,bag The tiny dust particles in the air can be.
inhaled easily and is very injurious to your,Cleaning the Canister. The canister has a cleaning handle which,allows for easy cleaning of the canister by. simply rotating the handle After each use,rotate the handle at least one full turn The. fins inside the canister will knock most of,the dust into the lower collection bag. Make sure not to clean the canister using,water or compressed air which can damage.
the filtration pleats of the filter Always use,the cleaning handle. CX400 DUST COLLECTOR,CANISTER PARTS BREAKDOWN,CX400 DUST COLLECTOR. CANISTER PARTS LIST,NO DESCRIPTION QTY,1 Canister Filter 1. 2 Sleeve 1,4 Bottom Plate 1,5 Hex Spindle 1,6 Thrust Bearing 1. 7 Bearing Plate 1,8 Flapping Plate 3,9 Hex Bolt M6 x 10 6.
10 Philip HD Screw M5 x 15 6,11 Support Tab 2,12 Washer M6 1. 13 Philip HD Screw M6 x 10 1,14 L Type Handle 1,15 Hex Bolt M6 x 16 1. CX400 DUST COLLECTOR,PARTS BREAKDOWN,CX400 DUST COLLECTOR. PARTS LIST,No DESCRIPTION QTY 26 Special Hex Wrench 5mm 1. 1 Casters 4,27A Canister 1,2 Flange Bolt 5 16 x 1 2 38.
28 Rubber Gasket 2,29 4 3 Inlet 1,5 Philip HD Screw3 16 x 3 8 12. 29A 4 Inlet Cap 1,6 6 Inlet Cover 1,7 Cap Screw M6 x 1 LH 1. 32 Open End Wrench 1,8 Set Screw 3 8 x 3 8 1 33 Power Cord 1. 9 Impeller Washer 1 34 Steel Clamp 2,10 12 3 4 Impeller 1 35 Foam Strip 4 x 20 mm 2. 11 Fan Housing 1,12 Washer 5 16 8,Philip HD Flange.
Screw3 16 x 3 8,15 Hex Bolt 5 16 x 1 8,17 Motor 1,18 Nut 5 16 4. 19 L Type Outlet Connector 1,21 Safety Switch 1,22 PE Bag 1. 23 Collector Support 2,24 collector 1,25 Motor Packing 1.

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