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CURRICULUM DIVISION HEC,Prof Dr Syed Sohail H Naqvi Executive Director. Mr Muhammad Javed Khan Adviser Academics,Malik Arshad Mahmood Director Curri. Dr M Tahir Ali Shah Deputy Director Curri,Mr Farrukh Raza Asst Director Curri. Mr Abdul Fatah Bhatti Asst Director Curri,Composed by Mr Zulfiqar Ali HEC Islamabad. 1 Introduction 6,2 Framework for 4 year in BS BE in Mechanical.
Engineering 8,3 Detail of Courses for Non Engineering Domain 11. 4 Scheme of Studies of Mechanical Engineering 34,5 Detail of Courses for Engineering Domain 38. 6 Scheme of Studies for ME MS Mechanical Engineering 68. The curriculum of subject is described as a throbbing pulse of a nation By viewing. curriculum one can judge the stage of development and its pace of socio economic. development of a nation With the advent of new technology the world has turned. into a global village In view of tremendous research taking place world over new. ideas and information pours in like of a stream of fresh water making it imperative. to update the curricula after regular intervals for introducing latest development and. innovation in the relevant field of knowledge, In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 3 Sub Section 2 ii of Act of. Parliament No X of 1976 titled Supervision of Curricula and Textbooks and. Maintenance of Standard of Education the erstwhile University Grants. Commission was designated as competent authority to develop review and revise. curricula beyond Class XII With the repeal of UGC Act the same function was. assigned to the Higher Education Commission under its Ordinance of 2002 Section. 10 Sub Section 1 v, In compliance with the above provisions the HEC undertakes revamping and. refurbishing of curricula after regular intervals in a democratic manner involving. universities DAIs research and development institutions and local Chamber of. Commerce and Industry The intellectual inputs by expatriate Pakistanis working in. universities and R D institutions of technically advanced countries are also invited. to contribute and their views are incorporated where considered appropriate by the. National Curriculum Revision Committee NCRC, To bring international compatibility to qualifications held from Pakistani.
universities DAIs for promotion of student s mobility and job seekers around the. globe a Committee comprising of Conveners of the National Curriculum Revision. Committee of HEC met in 2009 and developed a unified template for standardized. 4 years 8 semesters BS degree programmes This unified template was aimed to. inculcate broader base of knowledge in the subjects like English Sociology. Philosophy Economics etc in addition to major discipline of study The Bachelor. BS degree course requires to be completed in 4 years 8 semesters and shall. require qualifying of 130 140 credit hours of which 65 to 70 of the curriculum will. constitute discipline specific and remaining 30 to 35 will comprise compulsory and. general courses, In line with above NCRC comprising senior university faculty and experts from. various stakeholders and the respective accreditation councils has finalized the. curriculum for BS BE BSc Mechanical Engineering The same is being. recommended for adoption by the universities DAIs channelizing through relevant. statutory bodies of the universities,MUHAMMAD JAVED KHAN. Adviser Academics,April 2012,CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PROCESS. STAGE I STAGE II STAGE III STAGE IV,CURRI UNDER CURRI IN DRAFT FINAL STAGE FOLLOW UP. CONSIDERATION STAGE,COLLECTION OF, NOMINATION APPRAISAL OF 1ST PREP OF FINAL QUESTIONNAIRE.
UNI R D DRAFT BY EXP CURRI,CONS OF NCRC FINALIZATION OF COMMENTS. DRAFT BY NCRC,PRINTING OF,PREP OF DRAFT REVIEW,Abbreviations Used ORIENTATION BACK TO. COURSES BY, NCRC National Curriculum Revision Committee LI HEC STAGE I. VCC Vice Chancellor s Committee,EXP Experts,COL Colleges. UNI Universities,PREP Preparation,REC Recommendations.
LI Learning Innovation,R D Research Development Organization. INTRODUCTION,HECHigher Education Commission,INTRODUCTION. Final NCRC Meeting in mechanical Engineering held on March 5 7 2012 at HEC. Regional Centre Karachi Following attended the meeting. 1 Dr Ejaz M Shahid Convener,Associate Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering. University of Engineering Technology,2 Dr Hamid Ullah Secretary. Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of Engineering Technology.
3 Dr Muhammad Sajid Member,Assistant Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering. Sector H 12 Islamabad,4 Dr Muhammad Aurangzeb Khan Member. Manager Mechanical,Project Management Organization. Expert Engineering Opposite EME College,Peshawar Road Rawalpindi. 5 Dr S Kamran Afaq Member,Professor Chairman,Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Hitec University Secretariat,Taxila Cantt,6 Dr Mubashir Ali Siddiqui Member. Department of Mechanical Engineering,NED University of Engineering Technology. 7 Dr Fraz Junejo Member,Assistant Professor HOD,Department of Mechatronics. Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and. Technology SZABIST,90 Clifton Karachi,8 Dr Ali Faraz Member. Manager P M Division, Pakistani Space Upper Atmosphere Research Commission.
SUPARCO HQs PO Box 8402,Karachi 75270,9 Engr Fayza Naz Member. Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science Technology,PINSTECH Nilore. 10 Dr Abdul Sattar Jamali Member,Department of Mechanical Engineering. Quaid e Awam University of Engg Science Technology. QUEST Nawabshah,11 Prof Dr Javed Ahmad Chattha Member. Professor Dean,Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,Ghulam Ishaq Khan GIK Institute.
Topi 23640 KPK,12 Engr Bashir Ahmed Laghari Member. Assistant Professor,Department of Mechanical Engineering. Baluchistan University of Engineering Technology BUET. 13 Prof Dr Hassan Ali Durani Member,Department of Mechanical Engineering. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology,14 Prof Dr Nasiruddin Shaikh Member. NED University of Engineering Technology,University Road.
15 Prof Dr Younis Jamil Member,Department of Mechanical Engineering. University of Engineering Technology,FRAMEWORK TEMPLATE. BS BE BSc ENGINEERING PROGRAMME IN,MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. Duration 4 years,Number of Semesters 8, Number of weeks per semester 18 16 for teaching and 2 for examinations. Total number of credit hours 130 136,Engineering Course Minimum 70 per cent.
Non Engineering Course Maximum 30 per cent,Non Engineering Domain. Knowled Total Total,Subject Name of Lec Lab,ge CR Cour Cre. Area Course CH CH Area overall,Area ses dits,English I 3 0 3. English English II 2 0 2 3 8 20 5 88,English III 3 0 3. Humaniti Pakistan,es Studies,Culture 2 4 10 2 94,Islamic Studies.
Social Science 2 0 2 1 2 5 1 47,Management,Manage Elective 1. ment Engineering 2 5 12 5 3 68,sciences Management 2 0 2. and Economics,Physics Physics 2 1 3 1 3 7 5 2 21,Mathematics 1 3 0 3. Mathema Mathematics 2 3 0 3,Natural 4 12 30 8 82,tics Mathematics 3 3 0 3. Mathematics 4 3 0 3,Electives Chemistry 2 1 3,2 6 15 4 41.
Mathematics 5 3 0 3,TOTAL 15 40 100 29 41,Engineering Domain. Know Total Total,Subject Lec Lab,ledge Name of Course CR Cour Cre overa. Area CH CH Area,Area ses dits ll,Computing Funda,Systems and 2 1 3 1 3 3 13 2 21. Programming,Engineering,Drawing and 2 1 3,Engineering. Mechanics I 3 0 3,Engineering,Mechanics II 3 1 4,Mechanics of.
Materials I, Engineering Thermodynamics I 3 0 3 11 35 36 46 25 74. Foundation Workshop Practice 0 2 2,Mechanics of,Fluid Mechanics I 3 0 3. Manufacturing,Engineering and 2 1 3,Engineering,Machine Design. Machine Design,and CAD II,Fluid Mechanics II 3 1 4. Major Based,Heat and Mass,Core 3 1 4 7 26 27 08 19 12.
Engineering,Thermodynamics II 3 1 4,Mechanics of,Materials II. Combustion 2 1 3,Mechanical,Vibrations,Major Based Refrigeration and. 3 1 4 6 20 20 83 14 70,Core Depth Air Conditioning. Technical Elective I 3 0 3,Technical Elective,Technical Elective. Inter Electrical,2 1 3 2 6 6 25 4 41,disciplinary Engineering.
Engineering,Electronics,Breadth 2 1 3,Engineering,Senior Project 0 3 3. Design 2 6 6 25 4 41,Project Project 0 3 3,Industrial. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0,TOTAL 29 96 100 70 59,Grand Total 44 136 100. DETAIL OF COURSES,NON ENGINEERING DOMAIN,COURSES FOR HUMANITIES. COMPREHENSION AND COMPOSITION 3 0,Knowledge Area Sub Area Humanities English I.
Specific Objective, To enhance language skills and develop critical thinking. Course Outline, Basics of Grammar Parts of speech and use of articles Sentence structure Active. and passive voice Practice in unified sentence Analysis of phrase clause and. sentence structure Transitive intransitive verbs Punctuation and spelling. Comprehension Answers to questions on a given text. Discussion General topics and every day conversation topics for discussion to. be at the discretion of the teacher keeping in view the level of students. Listening To be improved by showing documentaries films carefully selected by. subject teachers,Translation skills Urdu to English. Paragraph writing Topics to be chosen at the discretion of the teacher. Presentation skills Introduction, Note Extensive reading is required for vocabulary building. Recommended Books, 1 Practical English Grammar by A J Thomson and A V Martinet.
Exercises 1 Third edition Oxford University Press 1997 ISBN. 0194313492, 2 Practical English Grammar by A J Thomson and A V Martinet. Exercises 2 Third edition Oxford University Press 1997 ISBN. 0194313506, 1 Writing Intermediate by Marie Christine Boutin Suzanne Brinand and. Francoise Grellet Oxford Supplementary Skills Fourth Impression. 1993 ISBN 0 19 435405 7 Pages 20 27 and 35 41,c Reading Comprehension. 1 Reading Upper Intermediate Brain Tomlinson and Rod Ellis Oxford. Supplementary Skills Third Impression 1992 ISBN 0 19 453402 2. d Speaking,COMMUNICATION SKILLS 3 0,Knowledge Area Sub Area Humanities English II. Specific Objective, To enable the students to meet their real life communication needs.
Course Outline, Paragraph writing Practice in writing a good unified and coherent paragraph. Essay writing Introduction,CV and job application,Translation skills Urdu to English. Study skills Skimming and scanning intensive and extensive and speed reading. summary and pr cis writing and comprehension, Academic skills Letter memo writing and minutes of the meeting use of library. and internet recourses, Presentation skills Personality development emphasis on content style and. pronunciation, Note documentaries to be shown for discussion and review.
Recommended Books, 1 A J Thomson and A V Martinet Practical English Grammar. Exercises 2 Third edition Oxford University Press 1986 ISBN 0 19. 1 Marie Chrisitine Boutin Suzanne Brinand and Francoise Grellet. Writing Intermediate Oxford Supplementary Skills Fourth Impression. 1993 ISBN 019 435405 7 Pages 45 53 note taking, 2 Rob Nolasco Writing Upper Intermediate Oxford Supplementary. Skills Fourth Impression 1992 ISBN 0 19 435406 5 particularly good. for writing memos introduction to presentations descriptive and. argumentative writing, 1 Brian Tomlinson and Rod Ellis Reading Advanced Oxford. Supplementary Skills Third Impression 1991 ISBN 0 19 453403 0. 2 John Langan Reading and Study Skills,3 Riachard Yorky Study Skills. REPORT WRITING SKILLS 2 0,Knowledge Area Sub Area Humanities English III.
Specific Objective, To enhance language skills and develop critical thinking. Course Outline,Essay writing,Descriptive narrative discursive argumentative. Academic writing, How to write a proposal for research paper term paper. How to write a research paper term paper emphasis on style content language. form clarity consistency,Technical Report writing,Progress report writing. Note Extensive reading is required for vocabulary building. Recommended Books,a Essay Writing and Academic Writing.
1 Ron White Writing Advanced Oxford Supplementary Skills. Third Impression 1992 ISBN 0 19 435407 3 particularly. suitable for discursive descriptive argumentative and report. 2 John Langan College Writing Skills McGraw Hill Higher. Education 2004, 3 Laurie G Kirszner and Stephen R Mandell Patterns of College. Writing 4th edition by St Martin s Press, 1 Janice Neulib et al Editors The Mercury Reader A Custom. Publication Compiled by Northern Illinois University General. Editors A reading which will give students exposure to the best. of twentieth century literature without taxing the taste of. engineering students,PAKISTAN STUDIES Compulsory 2 0. Knowledge Area Sub Area Humanities Culture,Specific Objectives. iTo develop vision of Historical Perspective Government Politics. Contemporary Pakistan ideological background of Pakistan and. ii To study the process of governance national development issues arising in. the modern age and posing challenges to Pakistan,Course Outline.
1 Historical Perspective, a Ideological rationale with special reference to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Allama. Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. b Factors leading to Muslim separatism,c People and Land. i Indus Civilization,ii Muslim advent,iii Location and Geo Physical features. 2 Government and Politics in Pakistan,Political and constitutional phases. f 1999 onward,3 Contemporary Pakistan,a Economic institutions and issues.
b Society and social structure,c Ethnicity,d Foreign policy of Pakistan and challenges. e Futuristic outlook of Pakistan,Recommended Books. 1 Burki Shahid Javed State Society in Pakistan the Macmillan Press Ltd. 2 Akbar S Zaidi Issue in Pakistan s Economy Karachi Oxford University. Press 2000, 3 S M Burke and Lawrence Ziring Pakistan s Foreign policy An Historical. analysis Karachi Oxford University Press 1993, 4 Mehmood Safdar Pakistan Political Roots Development Lahore 1994. 5 Wilcox Wayne The Emergence of Bangladesh Washington American. Enterprise Institute of Public Policy Research 1972. 6 Mehmood Safdar Pakistan Kayyun Toota Lahore Idara e Saqafat e Islamia. Club Road nd, 7 Amin Tahir Ethno National Movement in Pakistan Islamabad Institute of.
Policy Studies Islamabad, 8 Ziring Lawrence Enigma of Political Development Kent England. WmDawson Sons Ltd 1980, 9 Zahid Ansar History Culture of Sindh Karachi Royal Book Company 1980. 10 Afzal M Rafique Political Parties in Pakistan Vol I II III Islamabad. National Institute of Historical and cultural Research 1998. 11 Sayeed Khalid Bin The Political System of Pakistan Boston Houghton. Mifflin 1967, 12 Aziz K K Party Politics in Pakistan Islamabad National Commission on. Historical and Cultural Research 1976, 13 Muhammad Waseem Pakistan under Martial Law Lahore Vanguard 1987. 14 Haq Noor ul Making of Pakistan The Military Perspective Islamabad. National Commission on Historical and Cultural Research 1993. ISLAMIC STUDIES 2 0,Knowledge Area Sub Area N A,Specific Objectives.
This course is aimed at, 1 To provide Basic information about Islamic Studies. 2 To enhance understanding of the students regarding Islamic Civilization. 3 To improve Students skill to perform prayers and other worships. 4 To enhance the skill of the students for understanding of issues related to. faith and religious life,Course Outline,INTRODUCTION TO QURANIC STUDIES. 1 Basic Concepts of Quran,2 History of Quran,3 Uloom ul Quran. STUDY OF SELLECTED TEXT OF HOLLY QURAN, 1 Verses of Surah Al Baqra Related to Faith Verse No 284 286. 2 Verses of Surah Al Hujrat Related to Adab Al Nabi. Verse No 1 18, 3 Verses of Surah Al Mumanoon Related to Characteristics of faithful Verse.
4 Verses of Surah al Furqan Related to Social Ethics Verse No 63 77. 5 Verses of Surah Al Inam Related to Ihkam Verse No 152 154. STUDY OF SELLECTED TEXT OF HOLLY QURAN, 1 Verses of Surah Al Ihzab Related to Adab al Nabi Verse No 6 21 40 56. 2 Verses of Surah Al Hashar Verse No 18 19 20 Related to thinking Day. of Judgment, 3 Verses of Surah Al Saf Related to Tafakar Tadabar Verse No 1 14.

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