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Diesel Engines,Unit Shop Manual, Compiled and Reproduced From Original by Jensales Inc . Foreword Service Tools, This manual covers the operating principles disassembly Fuel Pump Service Tools. inspection repair and assembly of the PT type G and PT. type R fuel pumps Testing and calibration are covered in ST 302 Ball Joint Vise. separate manuals Each part is disassembled repaired and ST 419 Oil Seal Tool. assembled in separate sections ST 422 0 ring Assembly Tool 5 8 . ST 425 Peening Block Governor Weights,Cummins Engine Company Inc ST 490 Reaming Fixture. Columbus Indiana U S A ST 546 Mounting Plate, ST 586 Sleeve Puller PT type R . ST 709 Pu Iler Governor We ights, ST 835 0 ring Assembly Tool 1 2 .
ST 853 Driver Governor Barrel Spring Dowel, ST l032 Driver Tachometer Oil Seal. ST 1224 Overspeed Stop Adjusting Tool,Table of Contents ST 1231. Governor Weight Gear Tool, Weight Assist Protrusion Checking Tool. ST 1249 Coupling Puller, ST 1250 Pressure Valve Tool. Group 5 PT Fuel Pump Other Fuel Pump Rebuild Tools. Operating Principles 5 1 Dial Indicator Starrett No 196 B . Fuel Pump Disassembly 5 7 750 inch Reamer, Fuel Screens 5 9 Torque Wrenches Inch pound and foot pound .
Fuel Pump Housing 5 10 Arbor Press, Gear Pump and Pulsation Damper 5 16 90 0 Block with Steel Puller. Shut Down Valves 5 19 V Block with Steel Puller,Front Cover Assembly 5 23 Oven 4000 F Maximum. Governor Spring Pack 5 29 Cleaning Solvent,Pressure Regulator and Pressure Valve 5 38. Fuel Pump Assembly 5 40,Calibration 5 46,Auxiliary Equipment 5 47. Compiled and Reproduced From Original by Jensales Inc . Index List of Tables, Acceleration Retarder Oil Actuated 5 58 Table Description Page.
Air Actuated Road Speed Governor 5 55, Air Actuated SVS and MVS Governor 5 58 5 1 Governor Plunger PT type G 5 11. Assembly of Fuel Pump 5 40 5 2 Governor Plunger PT type R 5 11. Calibration 5 46 5 3 Torque Springs 5 14, Coo ling K it Installation 5 46 5 4 Gear Width and Pocket Depth 5 16. Disassembly Fuel Pump 5 7 5 5 Shut Down Valve Coil Resistance 5 19. Drive Cover Assembly 5 25 5 6 Dual Valve Assembly Parts 5 22. Drive Shaft Assembly and Disassembly 5 24 5 7 Governor Plungers MVS 5 31. Filter Screen Installation 5 40 5 8 Governor Weights and Springs 5 33. Front Drive Cover Disassembly 5 23 5 9 Governor Springs 5 34. Front Drive Cover Installation 5 45 5 10 Solenoid Plunger Stroke 5 37. Fuel Pump Screen 5 9 5 11 Throttle Shafts 1 2 inch PT type G 5 43. Gear Pump Cooling 5 17 5 12 Throttle Shafts 5 8 inch PT type G 5 43. Gear Pump Disassembly and Assembly 5 16 5 13 Throttle Shafts PT type R 5 43. Gear Pump Installation 5 45 5 14 Cooling Kits 5 46. Governor Barrel and Plunger 5 13 5 15 Overspeed Stops 5 48. Governor Barrel Replacement 5 11,Governor Operations 5 4. Governor Plunger Installation 5 44, Governor Spring Pack Disassembly and Assembly 5 29. Governor Spring Pack Installation 5 41,Governor Weight Carrier 5 24.
High Torque Rise Fuel Pump 5 37,Hourmeters Mechanical 5 58. Hydraulic Governor 5 37,Integral Cooling Feature 5 17. Load Balance Valve 5 47,Main Shaft Bushing 5 10,Mechanical Variable Speed MVS Governor 5 31. Operating Principles 5 1,Overspeed Stop Adjustment 5 47. Pierce Governor 5 56,Pressure Regulator Assembly and Disassembly 5 38.
Pressure Valve 5 39,Pulsation Damper Disassembly and Assembly 5 18. Pul sation Damper Installation 5 45,Remove MVS Governor 5 33. Removal of Units 5 7,Road Speed Governor 5 36,Shut down Valve Electric 5 19. Shut down Valve Manual 5 20,Shut down Valve Installation 5 45. Shut down Valve High Pressure 5 21,Special Variable Speed SVS Governor 5 32.
Standard Automotive Spring Pack 5 29,Tachometer Cable 5 47. Tachometer Drive Installation 5 40,Tachometer Drive Rebuild 5 13. Tachometer Electronic 5 58,Throttle Lever Installation 5 44. Throttle Shaft Installation 5 42,Torque Converter Governor 5 35. Torque Limiting Valve 5 22, Variable Speed VS Governor 5 33.
Weight Assist Plunger Checking 5 28,Woodward Hydraulic Governor 5 55. Compiled and Reproduced From Original by Jensales Inc . Fig 1 F 5235 PT type G fuel pump right handed gear pump. Fig 2 F5236 PT type R fuel pump, Compiled and Reproduced From Original by Jensales Inc . 5 56 Shop Manual, PT Fuel Pumps, Auxiliary Equipment. Fig 5 119 NG33 Speed droop adjusting screw Fig 5 120 F5185 Pierce governor adjustments. 3 Start engine and adjust low speed stop screw atop the yoke and a counterclockwise also viewed from the. governor head for desired idling speed spring end moment due to the spring tension acting. through a moment arm equal in length to a perpendicular. dropped from the center of the shaft pivot point to the. Speed Droop Adjustment line of action of the spring tension The linkage to the fuel. pump is made so that the clockwise weight moment acts. 1 Remove the top cover from the governor to expose the to decrease fuel and counterclockwise spring moment. speed droop mechanism and adjustments Fig 5 119 acts to increase fuel When the system is at rest the spring. force holds the throttle wide open and when the system is. 2 The speed droop bracket is clamped to the terminal level in equilibrium the two moments are equal Fig 5 120 . by the slotted screw When loosened it can be moved to. the front or rear Moving bracket to the rear produces more A decrease in speed due to added load results in a decrease. speed droop of the clockwise weight moment the counterclockwise. spring moment then opens the throttle until it the. 3 This speed droop lever movement thus produces a speed counterclockwise monent again balances the clockwise. setting which is a function of terminal shaft position with weight moment As the throttle opens the spring. speed decreasing as fuel flow increases This is speed droop deflection is reduced hence the spring moment is reduced. until a balance is reached , 4 Speed droop is increased by moving the bracket to the. rear and is reduced to approximately zero when the pivot Conversely an increase in speed due to decrease in load. pin is all the way forward Since there is no calibration for gives an increase of the clockwise weight moment which. the droop adjustment the zero droop position may be closes the throttle As the throttle is closed the spring. precisely set only by trial and error on the engine or by use tension is increased equilibrium being reached when the. of a dial indicator on the speed droop lever during manual two moments again balance . rotation of the termi nal shaft , Droop is adjustable by changing the length of the moment.
5 Speed droop is required when using SG Woodward arm through wh ich the spring tension acts With a given set. Governors I t must be set by operation on the engine The of conditions 50 rpm speed increase will give a certain. speed droop bracket is adjusted to obtain the desired speed increase in clockwise weight moment With a short. droop between full load and no load moment arm a great spring deflection will be required. before the counterclockwise spring moment increases to. the new equilibrium value With a longer moment arm a. lesser deflection of the spring wi II be required to reach. Pierce Governor, equilibrium If the spring deflection is large throttle travel. Operation will of course also be large and the converse is true Large. throttle travel per speed change means less droop while. The shaft to which the terminal lever yoke and spring small throttle travel per speed change means more droop . retaining arm are fastened may be considered a pivot point Hence a short moment arm will give low droop and a long. Acting about this pivot point are a clockwise viewed from moment arm will result in a large amount of droop . the spring end moment due to the weights acting through. Compiled and Reproduced From Original by Jensales Inc . 5 2 2 Shop Manual, PT type G Fuel Pump,Fig 5 2 2 F5244 Aneroid cutaway. 6 The lever arm connected to piston 8 by actuating shaft. 6 rotates shaft closi ng valve port The lever is rotated by. action of air intake manifold pressure 11 against piston. and diaphragm 7 moving actuati ng shaft downwa rd,against resisting spring force Fig 5 2 2 . 7 Anytime engine intake manifold air pressure is above F i9 5 2 3 F 5287 Adj usting aneroid fuel screw. preset bellows air actuation pressure aneroid is out of. 8 The aneroid begins dumping when intake manifold air. pressure drops below preset value as happens after. deceleration in traffic deceleration during gear shifts down Testing Aneroid. grade motoring with closed throttle or down grade, operation on light load portion of governor droop curve Adjusting Fuel Screw. 9 The aneroid does not by pass fuel under full throttle lug. 1 Mount a fuel pump on fuel pump test stand which has. down conditions until speed is low enough to reduce intake. been calibrated to the same code as that on or will be used . man ifo Id air pressu re to aneroid operati ng range usual Iy. on engine For instance if aneroid is intended for use on an. below engine stall out speed , engine equipped with fuel pump calibrated to code No .
2049 use a pump set at same code 2049 to set aneroid . 2 Plumb aneroid to fuel pump in the normal manner Fig . Installing Aneroids On Fuel Pump Test Stands 5 2 5 and 5 2 6 . Precision setting and or checking of aneroids is 3 Start fuel pump test stand and purge all air from system . accomplished by simulating engine operation on a fuel. pump test stand Cummins ST 848 Fuel Pump Test Stand 4 Adjust air regulator to apply 30 inch 76 2 cm Hg . must be equ ipped as follows pressure on aneroid bellows . 1 Fabricate a suitable bracket or mount the aneroid on fuel 5 Set fuel pump at rated speed calibration point Manifold. pump test stand This bracket may be used to mount an air PSI RPM and Flow Reading specified for pump code . regulator such as used on ST 790 or ST 990 Injector Test. Stands and a mercury manometer of suitable scale length CAUTION. or 30 inch pressure gauge of known accuracy , The flow control valve setting must not be altered during. 2 Air pressure from regulator must be piped to top of the following checks Altering flow will give false. aneroid to actuate bellows adjustments , 3 Tee off regulator air line outlet into manometer or 6 Reduce test stand speed to that shown in Table 5 2 1. pressure gauge Service Tool is ST 1256 under BHP Speed . Compiled and Reproduced From Original by Jensales Inc . 6 1 8 Shop Manual, Injector Cleaning and Repair, Fig 6 1 15 F60163 Testing injector spring Fig 6 1 17 F60105 New injector cup tip. 62123 8091 1, Fig 6 1 16 F60109 Injector springs Fig 6 1 18 F60223 Cup tip damaged by wire brushing. Table 6 1 4 Injector Spring Data, Approximate Wire load Required to Compress Springs to length.
Part Free length No Dia length New Min New Max Worn limit. No Inches mm Coils Inches mm Inch mm lb kg lb kg lb kg . 9337 1 7 8 47 6 8 1 2 0 177 4 50 1 9 16 39 7 135 61 149 68 130 59 . 62123 2 1 32 51 6 7 0 1875 4 77 1 9 16 39 7 135 61 149 68 130 59 . 8091 1 2 7 16 61 9 7 0 2625 6 65 1 7 8 47 6 228 163 252 114 218 99 . 128040 2 1 2 63 5 7 0 1875 4 77 1 975 50 2 133 60 147 67 128 58 . 166009 1 95 49 7 8 0 187 4 75 1 663 42 2 143 25 65 158 75 72 138 63 . Earlier model springs have 9 5 coils with two closely spaced as shown in Fig 6 1 15 these may be used interchangeably . Compiled and Reproduced From Original by Jensales Inc .

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