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2016 2017 Calendar Proof Deleted 2015 2016, This course surveys many of the fundamental concepts and theories used throughout computer. science Topics include history of computers computer hardware system software programming. languages networking theory of computation social issues and other topics within computer. science Emphasis is also placed on topics relevant to various areas of study within the BCS. program Prerequisite None Note Intended only for first year computer science students and. interested students from other Faculties,CS 1303 Discrete Structures 4 ch 3C 1T. Introduces topics in discrete mathematics important in computer science including propositional. logic predicate logic using quantifiers direct and indirect proofs summation and product. notation mathematical induction elementary set theory and counting Students are expected to. write mathematical proofs throughout the course Note credit will not be given for both CS. 1303 and MATH 2203 Prerequisite High School Mathematics. CS 2033 Software Design for Engineers 4 ch 3C 3L, An introduction to software design and implementation in the context of a team project. emphasizing object oriented programming and modularization for building reliable and reusable. system components Prerequisites CS 1023 ECE 2412 or equivalent Note This course may not. be taken for credit by BCS BISys or BScSwE students. CS 2043 Software Engineering I 4 ch 3C 2L, Introduction to fundamentals of the discipline of software engineering with focus on the software. development life cycle Topics include software development methodologies and processes. requirements analysis modeling architecture design implementation testing and maintenance. Basics of software management are also introduced Prerequisite CS 1083 Note Credit is not. given for both CS 2013 and CS 2043, CS 2053 Introduction to Game Development 4 ch 3C 2L P.
Introduces basic concepts and technologies for computer and video game development including. math and physics foundations for games core technologies and algorithms in game development. game design and implementation and game development environments and programming By. taking this course students will understand various elements and phases of game development. Students will develop simple games during the course Prerequisite s CS 2043 or CS 2253. CS 2063 Introduction to Mobile Application Development 4 ch 3C 1 5L P. Introduces students to the development of application software for mobile computing platforms. Characteristics of mobile computing platforms versus non mobile platforms Mobile application. design principles including design of effective user interaction and factors that affect application. performance Programming common mobile application functionality such as location orientation. and motion awareness as well as touch gesture and camera input Interacting with remote APIs. e g Google Maps Students will gain experience creating and testing applications for a selected. currently prominent mobile platform Prerequisite s CS 2043 or CS 2253. CS 2253 Machine Level Programming 4ch 3C 2L P, Introduces students to lower level computer operations and the association with higher level. procedural programming constructs Topics include binary representation of data instruction. formats and execution assembler programming scope functions user defined data types using. both low and high level programming languages Prerequisites CS 1083 or equivalent level of Deleted and. programming experience at the discretion of the instructor Note Credit cannot be obtained for. CS 2253 by students who have completed both CS 2023 and CS 2813. CS 2263 Procedural Program Development 4ch 3C 2L P. This course examines program development using the C language Topics include. organization of programs into procedural components multi file program organization inter. 2016 2017 Calendar Proof Deleted 2015 2016, file type checking and development maintenance and performance techniques Software. tools for program development such as compilation linking building debugging version. control profiling and tracing are included Prerequisite CS2253 Note Credit will not be. given for both CS 2263 and CS 2023, CS 2333 Computability and Formal Languages 4 ch 3C 1T. This course introduces students to some of the fundamental ideas in theoretical computer science. functions and relations formal languages finite automata regular languages context free. grammars context free languages push down automata pumping lemmas Turing machines the. Church Turing thesis recursive and recursively enumerable languages the Chomsky hierarchy. the halting problem and other unsolvable decision problems problem reducibility and. fundamental computational complexity classes Prerequisites CS1073 CS 1303 and 30 ch Deleted and CS 1073 or CS 1003. CS 2383 Data Structures and Algorithms 4ch 3C 1T P. Presents formal specifications of abstract data types and their data structure representations. operations and algorithms Includes priority queues dictionaries graphs heaps hash tables. binary search trees balanced trees and graph adjacency representations Covers sorting. searching dynamic storage handling and fundamental graph algorithms Asymptotic analysis of. time and space complexity are taught and used throughout the course Students are expected to. implement a variety of data structures and graph algorithms Prerequisites CS 1083 and CS. 1303 Note Credit is not given for both CS 2383 and CS 3323. Deleted CS 2525,Deleted Microcomputer Applications. Deleted 3 ch 3C, CS 2545 Data Science for Big Data Analytics 3 ch 3C.
Data science enables one to bring structure to large quantities of data and make analysis Deleted Introduces students to several software. packages commonly available on, possible The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the fundamentals of data. microcomputers and discusses criteria for, science and prepare them in dealing with the challenges of Big Data analytics It covers. evaluating microcomputer systems in different, basic and advanced Python programming and Python libraries for data analysis It presents. situations Note This course may not be taken, data visualization techniques and statistical methods as well as data exploration techniques. such as data cleaning and munging manipulating data rescaling and dimensionality for credit by BCS BISys or BScSwE students. Prerequisite CS 1003 or CS 1043, reduction It includes an introduction to machine learning and presents special data analysis.
topics Also it introduces data analysis approaches with relational databases and Big Data. frameworks Prerequisites CS 1073 or CS 1003 and STAT 2593 or STAT 3083. CS 2605 A Selected Language for Programmers O 1 ch 1C P. Introduces a selected programming language to students who have already been exposed to at. least one programming language This course is given in 13 1 hour lectures throughout the term. Prerequisite CS 1083 or equivalent,CS 2685 C Programming for Programmers O 1 ch 1C P. Deleted CS 2703, Introduces the object oriented features of C to programmers who have already been exposed. to Java and C This course is given in 13 1 hour lectures throughout the term Prerequisites CS Deleted Multimedia Applications O. 1083 and CS 2253 or knowledge of Java and C Deleted 3 ch 3C 2L. Deleted Introduction to multimedia applications,development Multimedia building blocks. capturing storing editing retrieving,distributing of sound pictures and video clips. CS 2999 Problem Solving for Programmers 3 ch 3L P Creation of world wide web pages authoring. tools NOTE Not intended for BCS BISys or, This course entails a hands on approach to problem solving for computer programmers Under.
BScSwE students Credit will not be given for, instructional guidance the students will work on programming problems that represent basic. both CS 2703 and CS 3703 Prerequisites CS, classes of problems found in computer science Concepts in data structures algorithms. 1043 and CS 2525,2016 2017 Calendar Proof Deleted 2015 2016. geometry and software development and testing are covered Prerequisite permission of. instructor Corequisite CS 2253,CS 3003 Biocomputing in Drug Design I 5 ch 3C 3L. Introduction to biocomputing in the pharmaceutical industry Topics include molecular modeling. rational drug design high throughput screening and combinatorial chemistry protein modeling. and 3D bioinformatics Course includes lectures and a computer laboratory component Note This. course is also cross listed as CHEM 3003 and may be taken for either Computer Science or. Science credit Prerequisites CHEM1001 1012 and BIOL 1001 1012 or permission of. instructor CHEM 2421 or BIOL 2033 are recommended,CS 3025 Human Computer Interaction 3 ch 3C.
Software design for interactive computing Topics include human computer interaction principles. interface design guidelines the design and execution of usability studies The characteristics of. various styles of interaction are explored Emphasis is on user oriented interfaces Students. design implement and perform a usability study on an interactive software application. Prerequisites 60 ch and CS 2043 or MAAC 3102 or permission of instructor. CS 3043 Software Engineering II O 4 ch 3C 3L, Examines software development processes and management visual modeling and Unified. Modeling Language requirements capture use case analysis system design and implementation. components forward and reverse engineering software engineering tools testing techniques. configuration management and project management Prerequisite CS 2043 Note Credit is not. given for both CS 3013 and CS 3043,CS 3113 Introduction to Numerical Methods 3 ch 3C. Intended for Computer Science and Engineering students Error analysis convergence and. stability Approximation of functions by polynomials Numerical quadrature and differentiation. The solution of linear and non linear equations and the solution of ordinary differential equations. This course will emphasize the understanding of numerical algorithms and stress applications in. the applied sciences as well as the influence of finite precision and arithmetic on computational. results Credit will not be given for both CS 3113 and MATH 3413 Prerequisites CS 1003 or CS. 1073 and MATH 2213 or MATH 1503,CS 3383 Algorithm Design and Analysis 4ch 3C 1T. This course examines the characteristics of algorithms that lead to efficient computer solutions for. discrete problems A variety of different algorithm classes and design techniques including divide. and conquer greedy dynamic programming and backtracking are introduced and compared. Design and analysis of randomized algorithms is introduced along with strategies for dealing with Deleted Algorithmic strategies and. computationally hard problems Normally one or more models of parallel algorithms will be computational techniques used for distributed. discussed Prerequisites CS 2333 CS 2383 and STAT 2593 or STAT 3083 Note Credit is systems and intelligent systems are are also. only given for one of CS 3383 CS 3913 and CS 3933 examined. CS 3413 Operating Systems I 4ch 3C 2L P, This course examines the fundamental role of an operating system in relation to the operation of. applications Essential theory of operating systems is covered including processes process. synchronization interprocess communications process scheduling storage primary and. secondary management resource sharing security I O and user interfaces At least one of the. major Unix shell languages will be covered Prerequisites CS 2253 CS 2263 is recommended. CS 3503 Systems Analysis Design and Project Management 4 ch 3C 1T W. Introduces students to the life cycle of information systems Covers techniques and tools used in. systems analysis and project management Emphasizes communication skills both written and. 2016 2017 Calendar Proof Deleted 2015 2016, oral as well as team skills Prerequisites INFO 1103 and 60 ch.
CS 3613 Programming Languages 4 ch 3C 1T P, Building on students knowledge of procedural and object oriented programming this course is a. comparative study of modern models of programming Models such as declarative concurrent. and relational programming are introduced and relationships between various models are. explored Formal syntax and semantics of programming languages as well as basic concepts of. programming language translation and interpretation are presented Prerequisites CS 2253. and CS 2333,CS 3703 Multimedia Design 3 ch 3C, Introduction to the design and production of multimedia applications Includes issues in capture. storage and effective use of images sound and video animation multimedia and hypermedia. design principles authoring tools Prerequisites CS 1073 and 60 ch. CS 3853 Computer Architecture and Organization 4ch 3C 2L. Introduction to computer organization and architecture digital logic interfacing and I O. strategies memory architecture functional organization multiprocessing performance. enhancements Prerequisites CS 2253 Note Credit is not given for both CS 3853 and CS 3813. CS 3873 Net centric Computing 4ch 3C 2 L, Introduction to fundamentals of data communication and application programming in a networked. environment Topics include data transmission data link concepts networking concepts network. security application protocols net centric computing and web programming Prerequisite CS. CS 3997 Professional Practice 3 ch 3C W, Covers social context of computing professional and ethical responsibilities risks and liabilities of. computer based systems intellectual property privacy and civil liberties and I S P certification. through CIPS Instructs students in the preparation of technical reports in Computer Science. Involves an independent study component resulting in a technical report typically a survey paper. Covers technical writing oral presentation and library skills Prerequisites Enrolment in the BCS. or BISys program and 60 ch completed,CS 4003 Biocomputing in Drug Design II 4ch 3C 2L.
A follow up of CS 3003 CHEM 3003 Topics include pharmacophore perception solvation models. free energy calculations quantitative structure activity relationship QSAR virtual drug libraries. chemical diversity and cheminformatics Course includes lectures and computer laboratory. component Note This course is cross listed as CHEM 4003 and may be taken for either Computer. Science or Science credit Prerequisite CHEM3003 or CS3003. Software Architecture and Design Patterns Cross,CS 4015 4 ch 3C 2L P. Listed SWE 4403,Deleted Examines pattern oriented software. architecture and development architectural, This course introduces concepts of software design patterns and architecture The course covers styles and patterns design patterns pattern. principles of reusable object oriented programming as well as creational structural and systems and applications pattern languages. behavioural patterns The course also covers software quality attributes architectural tactics and and implementation techniques in various. patterns designing and documenting software architecture architecture reconstruction programming languages. architecture evaluation and software product lines Students will practice applying and. implementing design patterns and software architecture design and evaluation in course work by. developing various software systems Prerequisite CS 2043 or permission of the instructor. 2016 2017 Calendar Proof Deleted 2015 2016, CS 4065 Interactive Human Centered Systems 3 ch 3C P. This course will introduce current topics in the field of Human Computer Interaction to. provide a deeper understanding of human needs and capabilities and in designing and. evaluating new people centered technologies Foundational concepts important challenges. and technologies will be presented from several domains of application such as. collaborative technology information visualization games and input and output techniques. and devices Prerequisites CS2043 and 75 ch or permission of the instructor CS 3025 is. recommended,Deleted CS 4115,Deleted Numerical Methods for Differential.
CS 4405 Operating Systems II 4 ch 3C 1L P Deleted 3ch 3C. Covers the structure and design of operating systems Processor management Storage. Deleted The numerical solution of ordinary, management input output interprocess communication and interrupt handling Real time. differential equations and partial differential, systems centralized systems multiprocessor and distributed systems Prerequisites CS 3413 and. equations of elliptic hyperbolic and parabolic,CS 3853 or ECE 3221. type This course is a basic introduction to finite. difference methods including the associated,theory of stability accuracy and convergence. Students will gain practical experience using,state of the art numerical solvers and.
visualization tools while solving practical,CS 4545 Big Data Systems 3 ch 3C P. problems from the physical and biological, Data systems are going through a major transition due to the challenges of Big Data sciences Cross listed as MATH 4503. processing The outcome of this shift is the emergence of a new breed of systems that can Prerequisite One of MATH 3043 MATH. handle data at massive scales This course presents some of these systems along with the 3073 MATH 3413 MATH 3503 CS 3113 CHE. principles of query processing Specifically it compares Relational vs NoSQL data models 3418 or ME 3522. and covers the foundations of query processing including index based access and join. processing It presents the principles of parallel databases and explores batch processing Deleted CS 4515. frameworks as well as iterative processing frameworks It also covers SQL interfaces over Deleted Systems Analysis and Design II O. these frameworks It introduces update intensive systems and graph data stores It includes. Deleted 4 ch 3C 1T W, the special topics of spatial and spatio temporal data processing Prerequisites INFO 1103. and CS 2383 Corequisite CS 3413 or permission of instructor Deleted Involves the application of systems. analysis and design methodologies to actual,business problems Projects make up a large. CS 4725 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence O 4 ch 3C 2 L portion of the course Emphasizes. Introduction to intelligent agent design problem solving using search techniques the use of communication skills and teamwork Limited. mathematical logic for knowledge representation and reasoning decision making under enrolment Prerequisite CS 3503. uncertainty machine learning techniques Prerequisites CS 2333 and CS 2383. CS 4735 Computer Graphics 4 ch 3C 3L P, Covers interactive 3 dimensional computer graphics program development using object oriented.
tools Includes keyboard and mouse interaction callback functions windows and viewports. drawing parametric curves and surfaces affine transformations the camera model and graphics. pipeline geometric modeling using polyhedral meshes flying a camera arcball scene interaction. perspective projection and visual realism via colour lighting and texture Prerequisites CS 2253. and MATH 1503 or MATH 2213, CS 4745 Introduction to Parallel Processing O 4 ch 3C 2L P. Parallel computer architectures design and analysis of parallel algorithms parallel programming. languages case studies selected numerical and non numerical applications Prerequisite CS. CS 4765 Natural Language Processing 3 ch 3C P,2016 2017 Calendar Proof Deleted 2015 2016. Presents an introduction to methods for intelligently processing human language data in text. form as well as relevant linguistic background Topics include fundamental topics in natural Deleted CS 4815. language processing such as ngram language models part of speech tagging parsing and. lexical semantics as well as applications such as spelling correction document classification Deleted Advanced Computer Architectures. information retrieval and machine translation Students are expected to implement and O. evaluate a variety of natural language processing methods as well as write reports Deleted 4 ch 3C 3L. describing their implementations and their performance Prerequisites CS 3383 and STAT. 2593 or STAT 3083 Deleted Study of design of advanced computer. architectures Instruction level parallel,processors ILPs pipelined processors VLIW. CS 4805 Embedded Systems O 4 ch 3C 1T architectures superscalar processors. This course will give an overview of the characteristics and design of embedded systems Topics Instruction level data parallel architectures. include formal models and specification languages for capturing embedded system behavior SIMD architectures associative and neural. techniques for specification exploration and refinement tools for validation verification and architectures data parallel pipelined and systolic. simulation and quality and performance metrics Prerequisites CS 3413 and CS 3853 architectures vector architectures Thread and. process level parallel architectures multi,threaded architectures distributed memory. architectures shared memory architectures,Prerequisite CS 3853.
Deleted CS 4825,Deleted Microcomputer Systems O,Deleted 4 ch 3C 3L. Deleted The organization of microcomputer,systems will be examined in detail Peripherals. are considered as building blocks and their,architecture and operation are discussed The. modular structure of control software in a real,time environment is studied including interrupt. CS 4905 Introduction to Compiler Construction O 4 ch 3C 2 L P handling polling and handshake operations. Introduces the primary concepts and methodologies used to build compilers Covers lexical Introduction to single chip microcomputer and. analysis predictive and LR parsing compiler compilers and error handling Syntax directed development systems Prerequisite CS 3853. translation using abstract parse trees visitors symbol tables and type checking Object code Deleted CS 4835. generation including the activation record stack parameter passing intermediate representation. Deleted Computer Assisted Logic Design, trees instruction selection tree tiling and register allocation Prerequisite CS 2333.
Deleted 4 ch 3C 3L, CS 4935 Advanced Algorithmic Techniques 4 ch 3C 1T Deleted Analysis of sequential machines. This course covers advanced algorithmic techniques for analyzing and handling intractable and synchronous and asynchronous operations. complicated tractable problems Topics include NP completeness and problem reductions design of sequential machines Algorithms in. randomization approximability special case analysis and network flow algorithms computer assisted logic design Universal logic. Prerequisite CS 3383 elements and threshold logic Control logic for. Digital Systems Prerequisite CS 3853,Deleted CS 4965. Deleted Computational Biology O,Deleted 3 ch 3C, CS 4983 Senior Technical Report 2 ch 2C W Deleted Gives an overview of computational. Builds on the skills developed in CS 3997 through the preparation and presentation of a technical problems and algorithms for problems associated. report which is typically a critical analysis paper Prerequisite CS 3997 with a variety of analyses of biological molecular. data Focuses on the computational complexity, CS 4995 Topics in Computing O 4ch of these problems and algorithms and an. understanding of the problems and potential, A selected area of computing with a unifying theme will be explored in depth at an advanced level.
solutions Topics include string and sequence, This course will be offered only occasionally with the course topic determined by the instructor. matching structure comparison and analysis, and the Faculty of Computer Science Prerequisites Normally enrolment in the BCS BISys or. evolutionary trees and gene expressions, BScSwE program at least 90 ch completed and permission of the instructor. analysis Some commonly used tools will also be,Deleted 100. 2016 2017 Calendar Proof Deleted 2015 2016,CS 4997 Honours Thesis 4 ch W.
This course provides the student with the opportunity to undertake a project at a depth not. provided elsewhere in the curriculum Planning the thesis is done in the term prior to completion. The project topic must have the approval of a supervisor before the start of term The student. submits detailed proposal schedule progress reports and final thesis report to the thesis. coordinator with the supervisor s approval A seminar is required Detailed guidelines available. from coordinator in the preceding term Offered as an eight month course Prerequisite CS 3997. Open to all CS students in their final year with a B average in the previous assessment year or a B. cgpa To receive an Honours designation please refer to the CS Curriculum regulations in the. program Section of the Calendar,CS 4998 Open Source Project 4 ch P. An Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Project UCOSP Students gain hands on experience. with real world development practices in a realistic environment while simultaneously learning and. applying some core concepts of Computer Science As part of a national initiative senior. undergraduate students from across Canada work together on open source software projects. Students work in distributed teams with individuals from other Canadian. universities Prerequisites Instructor approval and at least 90 ch completed. CS 4999 Directed Studies in Computer Science O 4 ch. Students may pursue directed studies in specific areas and topics related to Computer Science. The content and process of each directed study will be through negotiation between a student and. the supervising faculty member s Prerequisite Normally Faculty approval and at least 90 ch Deleted 100. Deleted CS 5725,Deleted Neural Networks O,Deleted 4 ch 3C 1T. CS 5865 Advanced Data Communications and Networking O 4 ch 3C 2 L. Deleted Introduction to the theory, The course covers advanced concepts of the analysis and design of data networks and their. architectures and application of Neural, operation architecture media communication channel characteristics routing protocols and. Networks Topics include fundamental models of, protocol architecture including modeling and performance analysis Includes introduction to.
artificial neural networks learning rules,network simulation Prerequisite CS 3873. supervised unsupervised and reinforcement,learning in single and multi layer neural. networks radial basis function networks,principal component analysis self organizing. maps adaptive resonance theory stochastic,machines learning capacity and generalization. Prerequisites CS 2333and 3 terms of calculus,and statistics.
Page 7 1 Deleted mwf 10 16 15 11 42 00 PM, Gives an overview of computational problems and algorithms for problems associated with a variety of. analyses of biological molecular data Focuses on the computational complexity of these problems and. algorithms and an understanding of the problems and potential solutions Topics include string and. sequence matching structure comparison and analysis evolutionary trees and gene expressions. analysis Some commonly used tools will also be examined No prior knowledge of biology is required.

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