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Crushing The Microstakes,The Definitive Guide From the. 1 Winner of All Time,Nathan Williams,www blackrain79 com Page 2. Crushing The Microstakes,Crushing The Microstakes,Copyright 2011 by Nathan Williams. Published by Nathan Williams, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or. transmitted in any form or by any means without written. permission from the author, To request to use any part of this book in any way write to.
blackrain79 dragthebar com, To order additional copies visit www blackrain79 com. ISBN 978 0 9878836 0 5,Printed in Canada,www blackrain79 com Page 3. Crushing The Microstakes,Table of Contents Clickable. About the Author 11,Introduction 13,Why Play Poker 16. Variance 17,The Short Run 18,The Long Run 19,The Micros 19.
Crushing the Micros 21,The Limits 22,Two Very Different Games 23. Bankroll 25,Number of Tables 27,Table Layout 28,Tracking Software 28. Hud Setup 29,Interpreting the Stats 30,Color Coding 33. www blackrain79 com Page 4,Crushing The Microstakes. Player Types 34,Maniacs 41,Lobby Setup 42,Table Selection 47.
Joining and Leaving Tables 53,General Approach 54,Tight Really is Right 54. The Importance of Initiative 56,The Importance of Position 59. Preflop 61,Play What Hands Where 65,Range by Position 68. Small Pairs in EP 69,Limp Re Raising in EP 70,www blackrain79 com Page 5. Crushing The Microstakes,The Blinds 74,How Much Should You Raise 75.
Quick Economics Detour 77,Limpers 84,Should You Raise More When There Are Limpers 84. OOP With Limpers 88,Calling Raises 91, What Hands Should You Call a Preflop Raise With 96. Light 3betting 101,3bet Sizing at NL5 103,3bet Sizing at NL2 104. What Should You Do if Somebody 3bets You 106,What Should You Do if Somebody Min 3bets You 108. 4bet Sizing 110,Postflop 112,Hand Strengths 113,www blackrain79 com Page 6.
Crushing The Microstakes,No Pair Hands 113,Pair Hands 115. Two Pair 117,Set Trips 119,What is a Set 119,Set Mining 101 121. Overpairs 126,Monsters 128,The Flop 129,Planning Out a Hand 129. Cbetting 130,Perceived Ranges 132,Cbet Amounts 136. No Cbet 138,Delayed Cbetting 140,Over Cbetting 149.
Donked Into 150,Multiple Opponents 152,www blackrain79 com Page 7. Crushing The Microstakes,After the Cbet 153,What if You Get Raised 153. What if You Get Mini Raised 159,What if You Get Floated 162. The Turn 166,Giving Up 166,Pot Controlling 168,Barrelling 171. What if You Get Raised or Lead Into 172,Bluffing 174.
Don t Bluff the Fish 176,Delayed Cbet 176,Taking a Stab 178. The River 179,No Pair Hands 180,Pair Hands 182,Value Betting With a Top Pair Hand 182. Value Betting With Bottom and Middle Pair Hands 186. Value Calling With a One Pair Hand 188,The Heart of it All Extraction 193. www blackrain79 com Page 8,Crushing The Microstakes. Two Pair 195,Overpairs 200,Facing Aggression With an Overpair 202.
Monsters 205,Some General Rules 207,Keep Your Decisions Simple 207. Don t Bluff at the Micros 208,Dynamic 209,Fish Psychology 210. Massive Flop Bets Raises 213,Turn Raises are Usually the Nuts 216. River Raises are Always the Nuts 217,Make Sure Your Draw is to the Nuts 217. Raising Draws 220,Maniacs 225,Kings Preflop 227,Limped Pots 228.
Min Bets 232,Some Final Words on Tilt 238,www blackrain79 com Page 9. Crushing The Microstakes,Final Thoughts 239,Glossary 243. Thank You 244,www blackrain79 com Page 10,Crushing The Microstakes. About the Author, My name is Nathan Williams but I am better known online as BlackRain79 I have been playing online poker for. around 5 years but my popularity skyrocketed about 2 years ago with the rise of a well known cash game. tracking website I have had a lot of success over the years In fact I very likely have the most winnings with the. highest winrates in the history of online poker at the smallest stakes These are my results before rakeback. through mid 2011,www blackrain79 com Page 11,Crushing The Microstakes.
I grew up in Vancouver B C Canada I have played sports all my life and my goal was to become a. professional athlete However as is often the case that plan didn t quite work out After getting my university. degree History Philosophy 2003 I was nearing my mid 20 s and had no real direction in life Getting the usual. 9 5 office job seemed horribly unattractive and boring to me I wanted something a little more fast paced and. competitive, At a Halloween party in 2004 a friend of mine taught us all how to play this new popular game called Texas. Hold em We each put in 5 bucks and I luckboxed the win of course I had never really gambled on anything in. my life but this game seemed interesting and exciting to me And if nothing else maybe I could make a little. extra money playing it, The very next day I found Partypoker on the internet and I started playing for play money I began to win. immediately I realized that all I had to do was play tight and wait for a good hand Shortly thereafter I switched. over to Pokerstars and did the same thing building a huge play money empire But this was all just for fun to me. I didn t really ever think about actually playing for real money. Maybe I didn t trust it I m not sure I think it was more perhaps that none of this really seemed real to me This. was on the internet after all Could somebody really make decent money playing poker on the internet Surely. there must be some catch, But then one day I found out that some people were actually willing to buy play money in exchange for real. money I had many millions of play chips sitting around doing nothing for me on Pokerstars I promptly sold them. all for 60 Now I felt like I was freerolling so I had no problem playing for real money Being a nit at heart I. started at the lowest stakes and just employed my play tight strategy To my amazement it worked with real. I got better over time and slowly worked my way up through the micros and quit my job in 2007 when I was. regularly playing NL100 I would just log on and print money from time to time I was really young and immature. www blackrain79 com Page 12,Crushing The Microstakes. and didn t respect it at all The money was too easy I was lazy and didn t really learn how to develop the work. ethic needed to be an online professional until several years later. As my bankroll dwindled from lack of play I became semi famous for playing millions of hands at the micros I. also started coaching around this time and discovered my love for that I have been through a lot in this game. And I have seen a lot It s only been 5 years or so but it feels like several lifetimes The only next logical step. was to write a book about it,Introduction, I decided to write this book for two reasons Firstly there are so many players out there struggling to maintain a.
decent winrate or even beat the micros these days This is crazy to me Although online poker has gotten quite a. bit tougher in recent years yes even at the smallest stakes these games are still overflowing with fish and you. should be printing money by playing them, Secondly there is a real lack of quality information out there for people trying to get better at these games I am. the only person to my knowledge at one of the big well known training sites that is consistently making videos. covering NL10 and below I am an instructor at www dragthebar com. Furthermore there are very few if any books out there that are written on these games The ones that I could. find are often written under the broad stroke of small stakes poker This can include limits all the way up to. www blackrain79 com Page 13,Crushing The Microstakes. Many strategies that are applicable at NL200 would be wrong or downright bad when applied to NL2 and vice. versa Also the authors usually have very little experience in actually playing at the micros or even playing at all. in some cases, Poker forums are a little bit better than books for information on these stakes But again much of it is provided. by people who either don t play at these limits or are losing players or beginners who probably shouldn t be. offering advice in the first place, I don t know about you but this whole situation sounds pretty ridiculous to me And it is especially bad for the. legions of struggling microstakes players out there trying to find their way in this game I know this because my. blog gets tons of traffic from these exact kinds of people They come there because they have seen my winrates. and they want to know what my secret is,Well that is what this book is all about.
I won t claim to be the best poker player anywhere in the following pages I won t even claim to be able to beat. the mid stakes games today Frankly I d probably get crushed at high stakes But I can tell you one thing I have. the most experience and the highest winrates of anyone on earth at the micros And I still play heavy volume to. this day That is the best reason that I can give anyone to read this book. This is a no nonsense book I am going to try as best as I can to show you how to emulate my results That s it. No stories No plot No cute diagrams Just results, Furthermore I am not much into the math side of the game beyond basic pot odds and such Every time I see. books or forum posts with pages upon pages of EV calculations and percentages I cringe. It is fantastic to know all this stuff if becoming a math professor is your aim However if you want to become. good at poker I am going to let you in on a little secret Most of the best poker players in the world don t care. about any of these calculations In fact often they don t even know how to do them They just play and win a lot. That is also my approach,www blackrain79 com Page 14. Crushing The Microstakes, In sum this book is about giving you a straight forward explanation on how to build a solid poker strategy and. start crushing the micros This book is about upping your winrate in these games period I want you to be able. to pay for the cost of this book with your newfound poker winnings as soon as possible And if you stole this. book may the doomswitch be with you, One final note about this book is that I will be using quite a bit of poker jargon throughout it While I will do my. best to explain what each abbreviation or term means I may not do a satisfactory job in every instance In those. cases please refer to the glossary at the end,www blackrain79 com Page 15.

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