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Paradox Entertainment,CEO Theodore Bergquist,Producer Lead Programmer Johan Andersson. Programmers Jonas Bjering Johan Andersson Henrik F hraeus. Lead Artist Marcus Edstr m,Artists Dick Sj str m Stefan Thulin. Game Designer Joakim Bergqwist,Scenario Development Henrik Rothen. Manual Joakim Bergqwist Mark H Walker Fredrik Lindgren. Layout Stefan Thulin,Marketing Sales Fredrik Lindgren. Music Inon Zur,Sound Efffects Wave Generation Michael Elman.
Special Thanks All the people at our forum,FORZA DJURG R N. www paradoxplaza com, Crusader Kings Copyright 2004 Paradox Entertainment AB Related logos characters names and distinctive likenesses. thereof are trademarks of Paradox Entertainment AB unless otherwise noted All Rights Reserved. Crusader Kings, Crusader Kings is a strategy game depicting the feudal times of Medieval Europe and the. Crusades to retake the Holy Lands The player assumes the personae of the head of a medi. eval dynasty As such he is responsible for ruling his lands conquering provinces develop. ing advances and growing his economy, Acquiring Prestige and Piety are the ultimate goal of the scenarios These are acquired in. a variety of ways but all have two things in common You acquire Piety by doing good works. for the church and you gain Prestige by building your kingdom and conquering lands The. dynasty with highest total score is the winner,Consumer Safety Warnings and Precautions.
Epilepsy Warning, Some individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain patterns of. flashing lights Exposure to certain light patterns on a television screen or while playing com. puter games may induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals Certain conditions may in. duce undetected epileptic symptoms in persons who have no history of prior seizures of epi. lepsy If you or anyone in your family have an epileptic condition consult your doctor prior. to use If you experience any of the following symptoms while playing a computer game diz. ziness altered vision eye or muscle twitches loss of awareness disorientation any involun. tary movement or convulsions IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your doctor be. fore resuming use, Follow these precautions whenever using this software. Do not sit or stand too close to the monitor Play as far back from the monitor as pos. Do not play if you are tired or need sleep,Always play in a well lit room. Be sure to take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour while playing. CAUTION Some people may experience fatigue or discomfort after playing for a long time. Regardless of how you feel you should ALWAYS take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. while playing If your hands or arms become tired or uncomfortable while playing stop and. rest If you continue to experience soreness or discomfort during or after play listen to the. signals your body is giving you Stop playing and consult a doctor Failure to do so could re. sult in long term injury If your hands wrist or arms have been injured or strained in other ac. tivities use of this Software could aggravate the condition Before playing consult a doctor. Technical Support Installation,Should you experience a technical problem. Place your Crusader Kings CD in your,with this software please contact our techni.
CD ROM drive This should trigger your,cal support staff Before you call please read. computer s autorun function which dis,the README TXT file on the Crusader Kings. plays the Crusader Kings installation,CD to see any last minute recommendations. screen Follow the prompts to install the,pertinent to your problem Also check out. the support page on our web site listed be,If the autorun doesn t click Start Run the.
low When e mailing please provide the fol,letter of the CD ROM drive Setup exe. lowing information,That should do the trick,Computer brand and model. Windows version,Once the game is installed you can. Total system RAM,play by selecting Programs Paradox. Total hard drive space,Entertainment Crusader Kings.
Video card make and model,Contact Information,Internet Email For prompt technical support. via email contact us at the following e mail,support paradoxplaza com. System Requirements,To play Crusader Kings you ll need the fol. lowing hardware,Windows 95 98 ME 2000 XP,Pentium III 600 128MB RAM 16 MB. Graphics Card Direct X 8 1 Direct X,Compatible Sound Card 4X CD ROM.
Definitions of or Counts Each has a number of traits They. may be brave or cautious religious or world, Terms ly trustworthy or deceitful These traits gov. ern how they will react and respond to your,Succeeding in Crusader Kings takes not on. moves as well as assist you in the creation of,ly a true strategic mind but also the combi. your glorious lands,nation of diplomatic skills and intrigue The. game is different from many traditional em,You govern a medieval feudal dynasty You.
pire building games and so is the terminol,may be a Christian Emperor King Duke or. ogy Below you will find a list of common,Count but there are also non player Dukes. words used to describe central aspects of the,Counts and Bishops even the Pope The feu. dal hierarchy was a stiff and conservative, Dynasties institution Despite the brutality of the age. fighting unprovoked wars was frowned up,First and foremost Crusader Kings is a game.
on Therefore you must hold claims to prov,about dynasties Each player is the head of. inces to declare war on its owner Claims,a dynasty Each dynasty head must grow his. may be obtained from marriages Papal or,dynasty gain more territory garner wealth. Imperial decree by claiming the title or by,and get influence in Europe s politics The. events You may also usurp the throne of a,land that each dynasty head holds is his per.
dynasty that holds a higher title than yours,sonal demesne or as Webster s dictionary. and assume that title but that is rarely a pop,defines it a legal possession of land as one s. ular decision,Vassals will swear their allegiance to you and. A province is a defined area on the map sep,you may form friendships with other dynas. arated by borders A province contains pro,ties through marriage and shrewd politics.
vincial buildings social groups with different,In fact marriage is a key facet of Crusader. amounts of political power and may gener,Kings After all you must have heirs to whom. ate income and mobilize troops,you may bequeath your throne. All the characters in Crusader Kings have,Demesne is the province or provinces un. traits and there are plenty of characters,der the direct control of one ruler The De.
From the Pope to the wife of the first cousin,mesnes are divided into Royal Ducal and. of the Count of G strikland there are scads,Countal depending on the status of the ruler. of characters in Crusader Kings You also,of the particular Demesne. have a court from which you may appoint,your marshals advisors or appoint Bishops. Realm ranked one During the medieval age wars,between different vassals were not uncom.
Each realm which consists of all demesne,mon Even revolts against lieges were quite. and vassal provinces has one ruler The rul,common if vassals felt powerful enough to. er has full control of his demesne provinces,challenge their lords. but only partial control of vassal provinces,The vassals are supposed to mobilize troops. when instructed by the ruler The ruler guides,In addition to growing your kingdom and.
the advances and set the laws,gaining Piety and Prestige you ll also par. Coat of Arms ticipate in the Crusades to retake the Holy. Lands from the Muslims Doing so and do,The Coat of Arms is the symbol for a dy. ing so successfully can garner your charac,nasty ruler in the game A Christian Coat of. ter large bonuses in Piety and Prestige There,Arms in Crusader Kings is always in the form. are also certain Piety penalties for those who,of a shield while the Muslim Coat of Arms.
refuse to go on Crusades,is a circle,The Hierarchical The Pope. System The Pope in Crusader Kings is a non player,character NPC able to significantly influ. Kings Kings are the most powerful ruler,ence the game The Pope may instigate a. and govern entire realms,Crusade sanction a dynasty lord or bestow. Dukes Dukes are the second most pow,his favor The Pope and some of his select.
erful ruler in Crusader Kings and pledge,ed few may also place the ultimate penalty. allegiance only to the king of the land,on those who are not deemed to be faith. Counts Although powerful counts are,ful Christiansexcommunication The player. the least powerful of the Crusader King,cannot become the Pope However he may. get an ecclesiastical courtier of his elected as,Pope and thus control the Pope.
Counts and duke can also be independent,which means they are not vassals but may. legislate and rule without interference from,Events are an important part of the game. These are in game happenings that are ei, Vassal Liege ther triggered by circumstances or occur. randomly Sometimes the events require no,A vassal is a lord of a Ducal or Countal de. player action such as a plague other times,mesne that has sworn allegiance to a lord of.
the player s response to an event such as,higher rank than himself herself The higher. granting subjects rights will have global,ranked lord is called the Liege of the lower. consequences,Muslims Combat, The Muslims and their lords are non play You may receive and develop advances ne. er characters and armies Players are given gotiate deals and pass laws but no matter. both Piety and Prestige points for conquer what you do sooner or later you ll have to. ing Muslim provinces Muslims are powerful fight When entering into battle in Crusader. and start all scenarios with more advances Kings you may seek help from vassals or lieg. than most Christian realms es that are loyal to you or choose to fight the. battle on your own If war has been declared, The Mongol Horde combat occurs between enemy armies that. The Mongol Hordes will come from the East occupy the same province The two armies. in the middle of the 13th century and attack battle taking into account their morale pow. everything in sight There are two hordes er technological prowess and battles tactics. The Golden Horde attacks into Europe and until one triumphs The losing army retreats. The Ilkhanate attacks into the Middle East and the winning army stays in the province. Note that the Mongols are technological If the invader wins the battle he must siege. ly quite superior making them formidable both the provincial fortifications and the cap. foes ital s city walls to capture the province Wars. can be declared for a number of reasons but, Piety and Prestige the primal causes are religion or title claims.
Piety and Prestige are two critical factors in You may recruit a regiment from each. Crusader Kings Simply stated performing province in your demesne You may also mo. acts for the Church gains Piety while the typ bilize the regiments of your vassal dukes or. ical power wealth fame triumvirate bestows all your vassals simultaneously with a Grand. Prestige on the player For example con Mobilization The people however don t like. quering the Holy Land gives your character mobilization so you must balance the need. huge amounts of both Piety and Prestige for a large army against the unrest it will. Almost all of your actions will influence cause In fact disloyal Vassals might not mo. your Piety or Prestige These values will also bilize when ordered Of course this gives you. influence how others view your dynasty reason to revoke the Vassals title and give it. to a loyal subject like your daughter or first, How to play from the Christian invaders the year this sce. narios starts,Crusader Kings Hundred Years War 1337. Understanding the key elements in Cru Marking the beginning of The Hundred Years. sader Kings is the first step to playing the War lasting from 1337 until 1453 The period. game well Let s start at the beginning and was a defining time for the history of both. go through the interface button by button England and France The war started when. screen by screen King Philip VI of France attempted to confis. cate the English territories in the Duchy of, Starting the game Aquitaine The conflict ended in July 1453. when the French finally expelled the English,from the continent by force. Single Player,To start a single player game you must enter.
You can play King Duke or Count by click,the Single Player menu by clicking the appro. ing the shields to the middle of the open,priate button in the main menu. ing screen Clicking the shield to the left, Scenario Selection will present you with a list of all the play. Screen able Kingdoms whereas the middle shield,will show all playable Duchies and rightmost. Choosing Single Player from the Main Menu,shield gives an overview of all Counties play.
brings you to the scenario selection screen,able in Crusader Kings. This screen lists the available scenarios,saved games and three buttons across the. Left click on the country duchy county that,bottom of the screen The scenarios are. you that wish to play and the character you,will be playing and his or her titles are dis. Hastings 1066,played Click start to begin the scenario Click.
Remembered throughout history for the fa,Back to return to the main menu Clicking. mous battle of Hastings where William I,Options displays the following list of options. known as The Conqueror occupied the Brit,ish Isles laying the framework for a future. Game Options,dynasty The scenarios start as William is. Several game options become available,deemed King of Britain.
when you choose to play a single player,game or host a multiplayer game covered. The Third Crusade 1187,later in the user manual They are found un. Saladin king of Babylon with an immense,der options in the scenario selection screen. multitude of his Turks re took Jerusalem,Difficulty The Top Bars. Changes the game difficulty There are five After the scenario loads you ll be taken to. different settings ranging from Very Easy to the map and playing interface The Game. Very Hard Map dominates this screen but the screen. also includes the Province Window on the,Ai Aggressiveness.
left of the screen and Text window at the,Modifies how aggressive the AI s will be and. bottom of the screen and a strategic map in,how quickly it reacts. the lower left corner of the screen,Game Speed The Game Map shows your province. Don t bother about this in single player it and some of the provinces of your enemies. can be changed anytime you want while in You may scroll the map with either the arrow. side the game using ctrl and on keys or by moving your mouse to the edge of. the numerical keypad In a multiplayer game the screen At the top of the map are the cur. set the game speed to Normal or Below Nor rent date and three icons From left to right. mal While playing this can only be changed they are. by the host of the game Gold The coin icon indicates how much. gold your character has,Fog Of War,Crown The crown icon indicates how. This turns the Fog of War on or off Playing,much Prestige your character has Pres.
with Fog of War off is recommended for be,tige is your standing among your equals. ginning players as it allows you to see all of,in glory fame and power. your opponents moves,Cross The cross icon indicates how. AutoSave much Piety your character has Piety is, this setting turn the auto save function on or how well you incarnate the perfected. off and can be set to different intervals Every Christian ruler in justice in honesty and. time the game is automatically saved it cre in meekness. ates a backup of the most recent auto save, AutoSave in the Saved Games window for Holding the mouse over any of the icons will.
the most recent saved file and old AutoSave display the rate of change and the factors af. for the second most recent saved file fecting it This will also indicate what actions. you need to take if you are losing gold Piety, NOTE Only the host may change options in or Prestige. a multiplayer game,The Char with other rulers,acter through game ac. tions as peace nego,In the top right of,tiations etc. the game map is,Intrigue The char,your character por. acter s ability to nav,trait Left click the,igate the tricky wa.
portrait to go to the,ters of medieval con,Character screen In. spiracy It is used by,the game you can,the event system to. go to a the Charac,determine the like,ter screen of spe. lihood of getting,cific Characters by,intrigue events in. left clicking their,creases the ability,to assassinate other.
Characters,Across the top of,Stewardship This,the Character Win. indicates the charac,dow are your char,ter s skill in governing his lands and effec. acter s Prestige Piety and gold levels Im,tively utilizing his resources The numbers of. mediately under these icons are special icons,demesnes he can hold without penalty de. representing traits that your character has,pend on it and all incomes are modified by.
For example if your character has a tenden,this skill. cy to knock off folks in his family he will be,deemed a Kinslayer and a green icon with a. Below the character s attributes is his or her,bloody sword appears in this section of the. name date of birth and age Below this is his,Character Window. or her title The bottom half of the Character,See Appendix A Character Traits.
Window provides a graphic depiction of the,lieges and vassals loyal to the character his. Below the icons are the characters four at,parents spouse children siblings and suc. tributes Martial Diplomacy Intrigue and,Stewardship We define these below. Martial The character s military skill It is,Normally characters are born with 2 3 traits. used as a bonus when the character leads his,An extra trait is added when the character.
regiment in combat,starts Lower Education at age 5 Court Ec. Diplomacy The character s diplomatic skill,clesiastical Martial and surfaces when the. It is used when the character is interacting, The following table lists the character traits and what affects them. Type of Trait Gained through Affected by Effects Symbol. Educational Education Chosen Character Paper scroll. randomly attributes of different color,distributed. Diseases Events Character Character Red Heart,health health.
Personality Birth or Events Personality All game Green circle. and inheritance values,Special Events or Events or All game Blue shield. special Actions by values,circumstances character, character turns 15 Other traits are added Terrain Map This is the default view Click. through events or by actions conducted by ing on this button displays the terrain map. a character The Character also has two hid Relational Map Shows your Vassals Liege. den attributes Health and Fertility which de,and enemies. termine risk of death sickness and the child Economic Map Clicking here displays the. birth rate resources of each province The provinc,es wealth is color coded from red poor to. Mini Map green wealthy, At the bottom left of the main screen is the Religion Map Clicking here displays the re.
Mini Map window Left clicking anywhere in ligion of the population of each province. Muslim is light green Orthodox is brown Pa,gan is gray and Catholic is white. Realm Map Presents all provinces from the,same realm in the same color. Below these shields are three smaller icons,which provide the following options. the mini map centers the Game Map on that Toggle Coat of Arms The blue shield icon. point You may also zoom in and out in the toggles the coat of arms on the Game Map. mini map using the and icons Toggle Units The sword icon toggles units. To the left of the mini map are five large Toggle Forts The fort icon toggles forts. shields From left to right they are,Menu Clicking Cancel cancels any changes and. The menu button allows you to view game clicking OK confirms them. settings Clicking on it displays the following Hints Clicking here allows you to cycle. menu through the game hints and choose whether, Save Clicking here opens the save menu to show tips at startup or not.
Once opened type in the name for your Surrender Click surrender to exit the game. saved game and click OK to save your You will be asked to confirm your decision. game Return Returns you to the game, Export This menu allows you to export Game Speed This defines how fast the. your Crusader Kings saved game to Europa game will run. Universalis II Open the menu choose your,game and click OK Land Movement. Options This menu gives you access to the You may notice that you already own a regi. following options ment on the map If not you may click on a. Game Speed This defines how fast the province within your demesne and click on. game will run the soldier This will mobilize the regiment. AutoSave Sets how often the computer and place him in the province on the game. will save your game map,SFX Volume Sets the volume for sound. effects Use the slider to adjust the vol,Left click on any of your regiments on the. ume Game Map to select them A base will ap, Music Volume Sets the volume for mu pear under the soldier to indicate that he is.
sic Use the slider to adjust the volume,selected To move the soldier right click in. the province to which you wish him to move, Message Settings These message settings to A line will be drawn between the regi. dictate the pop ups you see during play You ment s starting location and its destination. may be notified of as much or little as you As it travels to the destination the line will. desire Just click the appropriate block change to light green When the line is com. pletely light green the regiment will have ar,rived and a message will pop on the screen. Sea Movement,Regiments cannot only march across land. to inform you of the arrival,but may be ferried across the water as well.
For example you may ferry your regiment,You may set any points for the regiment To. from Kent to Calais In order to go through,do so hold down the shift key as you click. with this order select what regiments you,in several provinces The speed that the. wish to move and then right click on Cal,regiment travels depends on the provinc. ais You ll get travel box that asks you if you,es through which it is traveling Regiments.
want to move it by sea and tells you the cost,move faster through open country than they. in gold for it Answer yes and you will see a,do through woods and move even faster in. long arrow from the regiment to the target,provinces with developed road nets. province When the regiment has moved for,To attack an enemy province send your reg. a while it transforms into a ship and travels,iment into the province We ll cover this in.
automatically to the target province,greater detail in the section on combat. There are no sea battles in Crusader,Kings Battles at sea were rare and not im. portant strategically during the medieval era,Ninety percent of them were fought within a. couple of hundred meters from land, Province Window Your regiment will hold more Archers. and Pike Men,The Province Window is located along the.
You will get an instant Piety penalty,left side of the Main Screen and is displayed. You will get more tax income from the,whenever you left click on a province with. in your dynasty At the top of the window is, a representative picture of the province If Clergy. there is a castle or other buildings in the prov They belonged to the next highest societal. ince they ll show up here as will any armies group and were often called Those who. that are present Below the pictures are ban prayed The men of God were the shepherds. ners representing the four social groups that of the peasants and helped those lesser men. we discussed in the Definition of Terms sec serve God The clergy rarely paid taxes and. tion From left to right they are were often the keystone in any serious ad. ministration If you increase the power and,loyalty of the Clergy the following happens. They belonged to the lowest societal group,The power and loyalty of the Burghers.
and were often called those who worked,will decrease. a lot They might be everything from free,Your regiment will hold more Light Cav. men to serfs and work the lands the dwell,alry and Heavy Infantry. on If you increase the power and loyalty of,You will get an instant Piety bonus. the Peasant the following happens,You will get less tax income from the.
The power and loyalty of Nobles will de,Your regiment will hold more Light in Nobles. fantry These belong to the highest societal group, You will get an instant Prestige penalty and were often called those who fight. You will get more tax income from the The nobles where barons bannerettes and. province knights who upheld the law and defend,ed the country Defined by bloodline alone. they held special status and rarely paid taxes,They belonged to the next lowest societal. If you increase the power and loyalty of the,group and were often called.
Nobles the following happens,Those who worked They were free. The power and loyalty of the Peasants,men and city dwellers that specialized in. will decrease,manufacturing and trade If you increase the. Your regiment will hold more Knights,power and loyalty of the Burghers the follow. You will get an instant Prestige bonus,ing happens.
You will get less tax income from the,The power and loyalty of the Clergy will. Province Improve Province Details,ments In the lower half of the province window. You may also improve buildings in your prov you will see small icons representing specific. ince To erect buildings click somewhere in province features and conditions like Plague. the landscape of the province screen This infested or Prosperous More about provinc. displays the available improvements as shad es can be found in the Appendix. ow buildings Passing your mouse over the,shadow building displays the available build. ing how much it will cost and how long it will,take The provincial buildings can be found. in the appendix Buildings generally increase,the income generated by your province and.
the size of the provincial regiment depend,on the income.

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