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2 Creating an Effective Workplace Disability Management Program October 2013. explore opportunities for employers to further pro. mote health and prevent injuries in the workplace Plan Design Considerations. present effective strategies and best practices for Given the nature of their business and workforce com. employers in the areas of disability management position employers looking to implement a disability. accommodation and return to work management program need to consider the following. key questions, What type of disability coverage should be offered. The findings are being published in the following series e g paid sick days short term disability or. of three documents long term disability, 1 Missing in Action Absenteeism Trends in Canadian Should personal days be offered as well as sick days. Organizations The first briefing presents data on Should personal days and sick days be carried over. absenteeism rates in Canada the key drivers or causes from year to year If yes how many days should employ. ees be allowed to carry over to the next fiscal year. of absenteeism and the cost of employee absences,What per cent of salary continuance and length of. 2 Creating an Effective Workplace Disability,coverage are appropriate. Management Program The second briefing pro Who will pay the premiums the employee or. vides an in depth guide to creating an effective the employer. workplace disability management program Will the short term and long term disability plans be. 3 Disability Management Opportunities for Employer self insured or fully insured by an insurance provider. Will the organization administer employee, Action The report will feature the perspectives of.
claims in house or outsource management to a, employees and supervisors from across Canada on third party provider. their organizations disability management programs. It provides employers with advice and guidance on, how to more effectively manage absenteeism workplace Effective and comprehensive benefits pro. grams and disability management programs can help, This second briefing Creating an Effective Workplace control health related costs and help the employee stay. Disability Management Program provides a framework at work or return to work in a safe and timely manner. that employers can use to design an effective disability See Exhibit 1. management program It also looks at the key elements. of a successful disability management program a To effectively prevent and manage health related absen. strong focus on disability prevention and health promo teeism an employer must also ensure that the organiza. tion a sustained commitment to the safe and timely tion s benefits plan is aligned with the objectives of. return to work of employees and an organizational the disability management program For key questions. structure that sustains the objectives of the program to consider when designing an organization s benefits. Finally this briefing concludes with the business case plan see box Plan Design Considerations. for implementing a disability prevention and manage. ment program in the workplace,WHAT IS A DISABILITY. DISABILITY MANAGEMENT MODEL There are various definitions of the term disability. from legal social and corporate perspectives and these. As the financial and human costs of employee illness definitions are constantly evolving The World Health. and injury increase employers must control those Organization defines a disability as. expenses Some illnesses and injuries are preventable an umbrella term for impairments activ. and prevention is the best way to protect employees ity limitations and participation restrictions. and control costs However health issues will still Disability is the interaction between individuals. arise and supportive practices and programs that with a health condition e g cerebral palsy. assist employees can help reduce their impact in the. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. The Conference Board of Canada 3, Disability Management Programs Using Strategic Prevention and Early Intervention to Contain Health Risks.
Employee Incidental Short term Long term,At work Sick leave. work status absences disability leave disability leave. intervention Prevention Early intervention Recovery. Employee Healthy Possible health Illness injury Serious or chronic conditions. health status risks, Employer Health promotion Health risk Injury disease Disability management. focus management management, Examples of Life habits Health risk Programs aimed Management of individual employee claims. employer programs assessment assessment at specific illnesses Specialized care. Information Behavioural Targeted education Chronic or episodic illness management. sessions change promotion programs Rehabilitation, Work life Stress Medication Transitional job options. balance programs management adherence Accommodations. Physical activity Physical fitness programs,promotion programs Care guides.
Preventative,accommodations, Return to work n a Proactive absence Stay at work Early return to work program. strategies management program, Sources Lindenberg An Organizational Health Perspective 18 Roach Disability Management Trends and Best Practices 8 and Seward Trends in Mental. Down syndrome and depression and personal was on the job It should be noted however that the. and environmental factors e g negative atti disability prevention and management approach high. tudes inaccessible transportation and public lighted in this research can also be used to manage. buildings and limited social supports 1 occupational injuries and illnesses. The focus of this research project was on physical and. mental health issues that were not related to an indi WHAT IS A DISABILITY MANAGEMENT. vidual s work They included chronic illnesses such PROGRAM. as depression diabetes cancer and respiratory issues. They also included temporary injuries such as a broken According to the National Institute of Disability. leg and more permanent disabilities such as chronic Management and Research see box About. back pain or spinal cord injuries However they did not NIDMAR a disability management program is a. include any injury or illness that was covered by work process in the workplace designed to facilitate the. ers compensation or that occurred while the employee employment of persons with a disability through a. coordinated effort and taking into account individual. 1 World Health Organization Disability and Health needs the work environment enterprise needs and legal. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. 4 Creating an Effective Workplace Disability Management Program October 2013. About NIDMAR Exhibit 2,Probability That an Employee Will Return to Work. The National Institute of Disability Management and. After a Health Related Leave of Absence by Length, Research NIDMAR is a Canadian organization governed of Leave. by a joint labour management board of directors Over per cent weeks. the past 20 years it has developed education profes. sional certification and return to work disability man 100. agement program assessment protocols that have been. broadly adopted, Following the International Organization for Standardization.
ISO model NIDMAR s professional and program stan, dards provide the basis for the International Disability 20. Management Standards Council IDMSC which is jointly 0. governed by senior executives from Canada Germany 0 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52. and the United States At present the IDMSC oversees the. implementation of return to work disability management Source Stay at Work and Return to Work Committee. Preventing Needless Work Disability,protocols in 18 countries. The International Social Security Association ISSA is cur. rently leading the rollout of the United Nations best prac. have shown that the longer the leave of absence the. tice guidelines for return to work disability management. lower the probability that the absent employee will. NIDMAR and ISSA recently signed an agreement under. which NIDMAR will become a global centre of excellence return to any form of employment In fact the odds. for ISSA and will support the international rollout of best of an employee returning to work from a health related. practices to ISSA s 158 member countries leave of absence drop to 50 per cent after six months. Source NIDMAR www nidmar ca away from the workplace 3 One study at a high profile. U S manufacturing company even found that the, probability of a worker s return to work decreased. responsibilities 2 It is a proactive workplace process to 50 per cent after just 12 weeks of absence See. that allows employers to better support employees Exhibit 2 The employee s bond to his or her work. with physical and mental health issues while they are place can be broken during a leave of absence This. at work It also promotes their early and safe return to can have a profound impact on the individual the. work if they require a leave of absence with a primary employer and society. focus on minimizing the impact of injuries or illnesses. on employees employers and society as a whole THE EMPLOYEE PERSPECTIVE. Different models and approaches exist for different Although many believe that insurance coverage protects. employer needs environments and cultures an employee s lifestyle and family if he or she needs. to take a leave of absence due to a health related issue. financial concerns still plague an employee who can. WHY SHOULD EMPLOYERS IMPLEMENT not work due to illness or injury Employees face a. A COMPREHENSIVE DISABILITY greatly reduced income especially if benefits run out. MANAGEMENT PROGRAM or if the employee was never eligible for coverage. According to NIDMAR research an employee with, In the past when employees became ill or injured they an annual income of 50 000 who can no longer work. were often expected to stay away from their workplaces due to a health related condition at age 35 will lose. until they recovered from their health issues and were approximately 400 000 in earnings before retirement. once again fully productive at work However studies based on 60 per cent long term disability coverage. 2 National Institute of Disability Management and Research 3 Stay at Work and Return to Work Committee Preventing Needless. Disability Management in the Workplace 174 Work Disability 12. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. The Conference Board of Canada 5, If the employee must rely on social assistance his or decreases in productivity due to delays and missed.
her loss of earnings will increase to almost 800 000 4 deadlines and lower customer satisfaction due to. Furthermore if the employee is no longer able to con decreased productivity 6. tribute to retirement plans this can have a profound. impact on the entire family s future In 2011 12 the average direct cost of absenteeism. was estimated at 2 4 per cent of gross payroll in, Other impacts are much more difficult to measure and Canadian organizations This may seem insignificant. quantify As the Canadian Medical Association stated but since the total average income for Canadian employ. in its policy The Physician s Role in Helping Patients ees was 691 7 billion during this period this resulted. Return to Work After Illness or Injury in 2010 in a loss of 16 6 billion to the Canadian economy 7. Prolonged absence from one s normal roles,including absence from the workplace is detri. mental to a person s mental physical and social In 2011 12 the average direct cost of workplace. well being Physicians should therefore encourage absenteeism in Canada was 16 6 billion And. a patient s return to function and work as soon as every 1 000 employees cost nearly 380 000 in. possible after an illness or injury provided that productivity losses. return to work does not endanger the patient his,or her co workers or society 5. Previous research has also shown that employees with. An employee s overall quality of life and that of his or health problems had productivity losses ranging from. her family is profoundly affected when he or she must 15 to 1 600 more annually than similar employees. stop working due to a health related condition without health issues In fact for every 1 000 employ. ees an employer can face nearly 380 000 each year, THE EMPLOYER PERSPECTIVE in productivity losses in addition to health care costs 8. The costs of employee absences to employers are In fact since employees must interact with colleagues. significant Productivity losses increases in benefits regularly in most organizations the productivity of. premiums and the need to hire and train replace teams of four to eight co workers can drop by close to. ment workers result when employees are off the job a quarter 22 per cent when one of the team members. for health related reasons If the employee s leave of is absent due to illness 9. absence becomes long term or permanent the employer. also loses all of the employee s corporate knowledge Other more intangible organizational outcomes. The costs to employers of not bringing employees on of employee absence are also important to note. health related leaves of absence back to productive Absenteeism can add to the workload of other employ. work fall into two categories ees and disrupt their work schedules This can increase. direct costs which are the costs of covering the the stress level of co workers and hurt morale It can. employee s salary during the absence lead to overtime and this can make co workers feel. indirect costs which include the expense of penalized Finally regular work absences can eventu. replacing the absent worker administrative costs ally reduce the quality of a business unit s work as. e g time spent finding a replacement decreases overwhelmed colleagues try to compensate for an. in employee engagement from increased workload absent employee 10 Disability management programs. 6 Ch nier Hoganson and Thorpe Making the Business Case 24. 7 Stewart Missing in Action 9, 8 Mitchell and Bates Measuring Health Related Productivity Loss.
4 National Institute of Disability Management and Research. Disability Management in the Workplace 11 9 Mercer Survey on the Total Financial Impact of Employee. Absences 14, 5 Canadian Medical Association The Physician s Role in Helping. Patients Return to Work 1 10 Ibid 15, Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. 6 Creating an Effective Workplace Disability Management Program October 2013. WHAT ARE THE COMMON STEPS IN A,Exhibit 3 SUCCESSFUL WORKPLACE DISABILITY. Steps in the Workplace Disability Management Process. MANAGEMENT PROCESS, 1 Program design Since absenteeism rates due to health related issues. vary by industry sector and level of unionization in the. Completing a needs assessment workplace a one size fits all approach does not exist 11. Identifying key stakeholders However there are several common steps in the design. Establishing policies, procedures and of successful workplace disability management pro.
programs cesses See Exhibit 3 They include,ogram evaluatio. Developing a, Monitoring and communications plan completing a needs assessment. evaluating the program, Developing return identifying key stakeholders in the disability. Monitoring and to work strategies,evaluating individual management process. Determining,accommodation, accommodation establishing disability management policies.
and return to,and transitional,work plans procedures and programs. job options,atio developing a communications plan,Managing or outsourcing. developing return to work strategies,disability claims. determining accommodation and transitional,job options. ro gr a m m a n a g e m e n managing or outsourcing disability claims. monitoring and evaluating the program,monitoring and evaluating individual accommoda.
Source The Conference Board of Canada,tion and return to work plans 12. help employers contain these costs by decreas COMPLETING A NEEDS ASSESSMENT. ing the number of lost work days and by retaining The first step of a successful disability management. experienced employees process is conducting a needs assessment of the work. place By doing a needs assessment the organization. SOCIETY S PERSPECTIVE can determine how the disability management program. Once an employee s insurance coverage runs out he or can be structured to best serve the needs of employees. she may need to rely on social assistance Society as and the organization s strategic objectives. a whole then bears the cost of supporting this person. for the rest of his or her life Although very few people First the employer can look at the organization s cur. would resent providing this support to people in need rent disability management program When an employee. the total cost to society is considerable Furthermore becomes ill or injured what formal or informal practices. the employee on social assistance no longer contributes best support the employee Are non work related injur. to the Canadian economy This leads to lower tax rev ies illnesses or chronic conditions treated differently. enues which can constrain the viability of the social from occupational conditions Who has ultimate respon. safety net Successful workplace disability management sibility for disability management in the organization. programs can help employees return to work and once Is there on site medical assistance Do employees have. again become productive tax paying citizens access to an employee assistance program EAP or a. benefits program What is the union s role if any in. disability prevention and management,11 Stewart Missing in Action 4 6. 12 National Institute of Disability Management and Research. Disability Management in the Workplace 33, Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. The Conference Board of Canada 7, Then the organization can examine its workforce health interests of both management and labour 13 Employers. profile This includes the types of injuries illnesses can collaborate with unions in many ways Depending. and chronic conditions that are most common among on their organizational culture they can inform their. employees The employer can also collect and analyze union leaders of upcoming changes to the program. statistics on the types causes and lengths of health They can also consult with union representatives or. related absences in the organization These data may be make joint decisions. obtained from the employer s records or from reports. provided by third parties such as insurers benefits plan As well apart from committee members many other. advisors or EAP providers This information can help individuals can be involved in a successful disability. employers pinpoint trends related to specific job activ management program These include. ities or demographics of the workforce and types of ill the employee who is injured or ill. nesses or injuries These data can also provide insights the return to work coordinator. into trends in chronic diseases in the workforce For senior management. example they can help employers identify whether supervisors and line managers. absences related to mental health musculoskeletal dis the human resources department. orders or diabetes are on the rise Then the employer labour representatives and union officials. can implement wellness initiatives specific to the preva third party providers. lent conditions in its employee population and better insurance providers. control future absences health care professionals, The roles and responsibilities of these stakeholders.
Collaboration is essential for managing workplace must be clearly defined and documented. absenteeism and disability with committees taking into. account the concerns of both labour and management ESTABLISHING DISABILITY MANAGEMENT POLICIES. PROCEDURES AND PROGRAMS, Establishing formal written policies and procedures. Finally during this step the employer can determine ensures the consistency and sustainability of the disabil. the current corporate labour and employee attitudes ity management program These policies and procedures. toward workplace disability prevention and manage usually include. ment The disability management program must be a mission statement for the program. aligned with the organization s culture and workforce information on the objectives of the program. composition It is also imperative to determine how details on program administration and. these perspectives can vary given economic and market accountability. conditions the labour relations climate and employee definitions of the roles and responsibilities of key. safety concerns and demands stakeholders,information on who qualifies and how they access. IDENTIFYING KEY STAKEHOLDERS IN THE DISABILITY the program. MANAGEMENT PROCESS details on which other workplace programs or. Collaboration is essential to the successful management departments may be involved e g occupational. of absenteeism and disability in the workplace In some health and safety organizational wellness EAP. organizations this collaborative approach involves benefits providers. creating a disability management committee It can grievance resolution procedures. vary in format from one organization to another but to details on the way the program will be evaluated 14. succeed the committee cannot ignore the concerns and. 13 National Institute of Disability Management and Research. Disability Management in the Workplace 37,14 Ibid 40. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. 8 Creating an Effective Workplace Disability Management Program October 2013. Once the organization has identified workplace needs. and created a formal disability management policy About JAN. it can determine the final disability management The Job Accommodation Network JAN is a U S based. program structure resource It provides employers with information on. specific job accommodations The JAN website features. an online accommodation database, When an employee is ill or injured and requires a leave. accommodation measure examples by disability, of absence the management of his or her disability occupation product and topic.
claim and return to work can often be contracted out a list of resources on accommodation. to an external provider While external specialists information about various disabilities. may be valuable sources of expertise and advice Source JAN http askjan org. final accountability for an employee s return to work. remains with the employer,Accommodation measures may include changes to. DEVELOPING A COMMUNICATIONS PLAN an employee s job demands or schedule structural. To gain widespread understanding of and support for modifications to his or her work unit and the use of. the disability management program within the organ assistive devices The Job Accommodation Network. ization the employer must clearly communicate the JAN provides employers with free and confidential. program s objectives successes and challenges to all expert advice on accommodation measures for employ. employees Open communication builds trust among ees with physical or mental health issues See box. employees and can help address negative attitudes about About JAN. the program This communication must be targeted to. its audience Each important employee group responds DETERMINING ACCOMMODATION AND. to different messages and facts as well as different TRANSITIONAL JOB OPTIONS. communications media e g brochures bulletin boards In certain circumstances accommodation measures that. blogs workshops and lunch and learns A communica would allow an employee to return to his or her original. tions strategy should be developed for each workplace position may not be available or financially viable. group e g front line employees supervisors directors and transitional job options may not be immediately. labour representatives senior management benefits obvious In this situation a comprehensive analysis of. professionals and health care providers the employee s skills can be done to compare his or. her transferable skills with the competencies required. DEVELOPING RETURN TO WORK STRATEGIES for other positions in the organization This allows the. When a health care professional determines that an employer to identify alternative jobs that can make. employee requires a leave of absence to recover from it possible for the employee to return to work Some. a health related condition the employer should try to disability management programs develop job banks. identify the employee s functional abilities and restric that allow people to search for alternative employment. tions Ways to do so may include a functional or cogni within the organization However the employee may. tive capacity evaluation Information on abilities and require additional training to successfully return to. restrictions may be gathered in other ways as well and work in an alternative job. the employee is often able to provide very useful infor. mation in this regard Therefore engaging the employee MANAGING OR OUTSOURCING DISABILITY CLAIMS. early in the return to work process is key to developing The day to day management of disability claims can. a successful return to work strategy With this informa be done in house within a dedicated disability man. tion the employer can find potential accommodation agement centre or can be outsourced to a third party. measures or transitional job options that will either provider As well third party disability management. allow the employee to remain at work during his or her consultants can help coordinate these efforts During. recovery or facilitate his or her return to work after a this step the attending physician creates a treatment. leave of absence plan Regular contact is kept with the employee to. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. The Conference Board of Canada 9, ensure that all appropriate resources are offered for his workplace too quickly or in an inappropriate position. or her recovery Once the employee begins to recover It also helps the employer change the process to better. the disability management coordinator the employee meet the needs of injured or ill employees For instance. and the employer can begin to implement the return to the employer can evaluate the impact of the disability. work strategy and put in place any necessary accommo management program and the return to work process. dation measures on an employee by measuring the employee s. perception of his or her general health, MONITORING AND EVALUATING THE PROGRAM functional or cognitive abilities or limitations due to. To succeed a workplace program must be evalu physical or mental health issues. ated regularly This allows the employer to identify ability to perform normal social functions. necessary program modifications and improvements perception of the severity of his or her symptoms. Evaluation of the disability management program also level of pain associated with the condition 16. provides information that can be used to justify its. costs In addition it can provide information on injury. and illness trends and help the employer identify the WHAT ARE THE KEY ELEMENTS OF A. costs and benefits of the program Finally evaluation SUCCESSFUL DISABILITY MANAGEMENT. ensures that the program meets not only its overall PROGRAM. objectives but employees needs as well, An effective disability management program can con. The impact of a workplace disability management pro tribute to workforce productivity and employee engage. gram on the organization can be measured in a variety ment by ensuring that employees with health issues can. of ways including remain in the workplace or return to productive work. employees employment status e g employed in more quickly after a leave of absence Successful work. usual position employed with job accommodations place disability management programs have several. or on leave of absence from work due to illness common elements They include. or disability a strong emphasis on disability prevention and. lengths of absences from work e g days on short health promotion. term or long term disability leave time off before a commitment to the safe and timely return to work. return to work or cumulative number of days off of employees on health related leaves of absence. due to health issues an organizational structure that sustains the object. operational and administrative costs e g salary ives of the disability management program 17. replacement costs costs of interventions and health. care costs DISABILITY PREVENTION AND HEALTH PROMOTION. potential savings from proactive measures IN THE WORKPLACE. e g days saved due to health issues prevented 15 Illness injury and disability prevention is the best way. to protect employees and control health related costs in. MONITORING AND EVALUATING INDIVIDUAL organizations Therefore a successful disability man. ACCOMMODATION AND RETURN TO WORK PLANS agement program also has a rigorous health promotion. The return to work process for each employee should component As well as an effective health and safety. also be evaluated This allows the employer to ensure program that focuses on preventing workplace injur. that the employee is not aggravating his or her ies it can include programs or strategies to support. physical or mental health condition by returning to the. 16 Saastamoinen and others Pain and Health Related Functioning. Among Employees, 15 Ch nier Hoganson and Thorpe Making the Business Case.
22 25 17 Thornton International Research Project 17 76. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. 10 Creating an Effective Workplace Disability Management Program October 2013. employees mental well being such as use of the Employers can work with their service providers to. National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health gather information on their employees productivity. and Safety in the Workplace 18 absenteeism and disability claims and then build a. business case for targeted preventive programs specific. Senior leaders in organizations with successful disabil to their employee population. ity management programs also demonstrate a strong, commitment to corporate wellness strategies and initia SAFE AND TIMELY RETURN TO WORK OF EMPLOYEES. tives They provide the supportive programs and practi The main objectives of a successful disability manage. ces that allow employees to take accountability for their ment program once an employee requires a leave of. own health They also ensure that organizational prac absence because of a health condition is to return him. tices do not negatively affect the physical and mental or her to productive work as quickly and safely as pos. well being of employees sible and to minimize the financial impact of the leave. on the absent employee Organizations do so by devel. oping early detection and intervention strategies com. In an organization with a successful disability management bined with a formal return to work program. program everyone is accountable for the program s suc. cess from senior management to labour representatives In an organization with a successful disability manage. ment program employees benefits programs are also, designed to promote return to work strategies instead. Wellness initiatives typically fall into one of three broad of encouraging employees to remain absent from work. categories primary prevention strategies secondary As well accommodation measures and transitional job. prevention strategies and tertiary prevention strategies options are available not only to allow employees with. Primary prevention strategies help people who are disabilities to return to work safely and in a timely. already mentally and physically fit to maintain their manner but also to allow employees with physical and. health They include among other initiatives health mental health issues to stay at work and avoid a leave. promotion activities educational workshops lifestyle of absence due to their condition. management courses and ergonomic assessment pro, grams Secondary prevention strategies help employers AN ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE THAT. determine the health profile of their workforce as well SUSTAINS THE OBJECTIVES OF THE DISABILITY. as the health risk factors and medical conditions present MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. in the workplace These initiatives can include health In an organization with a successful disability man. risk assessments psychological risk assessments bio agement program everyone is accountable for the. metric screening clinics health coaching and illness or program s success including senior management front. disability prevention programs Finally tertiary preven line managers employees and labour representatives. tion strategies help decrease the impacts of serious or Through education awareness and policies an inclu. chronic medical conditions on individual employees sive culture is developed that reflects the organizational. and organizations These initiatives include disease and objective to support accommodate and retain employ. disability management return to work programs and ees with physical and mental health issues. vocational rehabilitation programs 19,As well the organization identifies key workplace. and external stakeholders of the disability manage. ment program including the ill or injured employee. the return to work coordinator supervisors and senior. management the human resources department labour, 18 Mental Health Commission of Canada National Standard representatives and union officials third party provid.
19 Loeppke The Value of Health 99 ers insurance providers and health care professionals. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. The Conference Board of Canada 11, The employer implements a communications strategy to Lindenberg Brian An Organizational Health. inform all employees of the program s goals and object Perspective Aligning Your Wellness and Benefits. ives This strategy reflects input from external resour Strategy The Conference Board of Canada s Benefits. ces such as community medical or governmental Summit West 2012 Held at Calgary November 16 2012. resources Finally all managers are trained in disability. management competencies and best practices Loeppke Ronald The Value of Health and the Power. of Prevention International Journal of Workplace,Health Management 1 no 2 2008 95 108. CONCLUSION,Mental Health Commission of Canada National. There is a solid business case for implementing a Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety. disability management program in the workplace in the Workplace www mentalhealthcommission ca. However to effectively manage the factors that drive English node 5346 accessed July 8 2013. absenteeism a disability management program must, be well structured and comprehensive It must focus on Mercer Survey on the Total Financial Impact. health promotion and disability prevention It must also of Employee Absences Chelmsford MA Kronos. encourage the safe and early return to work of employ Incorporated 2010. ees who have taken a health related leave of absence. Mitchell Rebecca and Paul Bates Measuring, Employees who have taken a leave of absence due to Health Related Productivity Loss Population Health.
a health related condition and supervisors who have Management 14 no 2 2011 93 98 www ncbi nlm nih. managed an employee during a leave of absence can gov pmc articles PMC3128441 accessed May 8 2013. share important insights on which organizational prac. tices support or hinder an employee s early and safe National Institute of Disability Management and. return to work Which employer actions can best assist Research Disability Management in the Workplace. employees with health conditions to remain at work or A Guide to Establishing a Joint Workplace Program. return to the workplace more quickly after they have Port Alberni BC National Institute of Disability. taken a leave of absence How can employers better Management and Research 2003. support supervisors in their critical role The perspec. tives of employees and supervisors will be highlighted Public Health Agency of Canada Chronic Diseases. in the third document in this research series Disability Most Significant Cause of Death Globally. Management Opportunities for Employer Action Backgrounder United Nations High Level Meeting on. Non communicable Diseases 2011 www phac aspc,gc ca media nr rp 2011 2011 0919 bg di eng php. accessed June 27 2013, BIBLIOGRAPHY Roach Mark Disability Management Trends and. Best Practices The Conference Board of Canada s, Canadian Medical Association The Physician s Role in Compensation Research Centre Meeting Held at. Helping Patients Return to Work After Illness or Injury Calgary March 1 2013. Ottawa Canadian Medical Association 2010,Saastamoinen Peppiina P ivi Leino Arjas Mikko. Ch nier Louise Crystal Hoganson and Karla Thorpe Laaksonen Pekka Martikainen and Eero Lahelma. Making the Business Case for Investments in Workplace Pain and Health Related Functioning Among. Health and Wellness Ottawa The Conference Board of Employees Journal of Epidemiology and Community. Canada June 2012 Health 60 no 9 2006 793 98 www ncbi nlm nih gov. pmc articles PMC2566029 accessed July 23 2013, Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca.
12 Creating an Effective Workplace Disability Management Program October 2013. Seward Karen Trends in Mental Health The Thornton Patricia International Research Project. Conference Board of Canada s Mental Health Research on Job Retention and Return to Work Strategies for. Roundtable Held at Ottawa October 18 2010 Disabled Workers Key Issues Geneva International. Labour Organization 1998, Statistics Canada Participation and Activity Limitation. Survey Ottawa Statistics Canada 2006 World Health Organization Disability and Health. Fact sheet 352 Geneva WHO November 2012, Stay at Work and Return to Work Committee www who int mediacentre factsheets fs352 en. Preventing Needless Work Disability by Helping People index html accessed August 20 2013. Stay Employed Elk Grove Village IL American College. of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2006, Stewart Nicole Missing in Action Absenteeism Trends Tell us how we re doing rate this publication. in Canadian Organizations Ottawa The Conference www conferenceboard ca e Library abstract aspx did 5730. Board of Canada 2013,Acknowledgements,Louise Ch nier prepared this briefing. The author thanks the funders of this research Morneau Shepell Sun Life Financial Centric Health Banyan Work Health Solutions. Sanofi Canada and The Conference Board of Canada s Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care CASHC. The author also wishes to thank Karla Thorpe Director Leadership and Human Resources Research and Louis Th riault Director. Health Economics at The Conference Board of Canada for their insights. The findings and conclusions of this report are entirely those of The Conference Board of Canada Any errors or omissions in fact or. interpretation remain the sole responsibility of The Conference Board of Canada. Find this briefing and other Conference Board research at www e library ca. Council on Workplace Health and Wellness, Explore Best and Next Practices Exclusive Benefits of Membership.
Exchange Ideas and Make New Contacts Participation in three annual meetings in cities. Creating a healthy workplace is no easy task in today s across Canada. demanding work environment The organizational Participation between meetings in virtual round. benefits of a healthy workplace are many including table discussions to keep members abreast of new. reduced health care costs improved productivity and challenges successes and ideas. increased employee attraction and retention To realize. Access to a members only website that includes, these benefits organizations need current information. live and archived webinars special interest reports. on the most effective tools and resources,and external resources. The Council on Workplace Health and Wellness,CWHW offers you a unique opportunity to join a. network of committed organizational health management Who Should Join. professionals a forum where you can learn from CWHW is for public and private sector leaders who are. subject matter experts hear from leading organizations currently involved in the development implementation. and share insights with your peers and monitoring of internal workplace health and. wellness strategies,Key Objectives, Improve your organization s performance by building E MAIL contactcboc conferenceboard ca. your knowledge and competencies in workplace health to receive an invitation to an upcoming meeting. safety and wellness, Identify successful practices programs and strategies.
in organizational health,conferenceboard ca networks CWHW. Insights Understanding Impact,Creating an Effective Workplace Disability. Management Program,by Louise Ch nier,255 Smyth Road Ottawa ON. K1H 8M7 Canada,Tel 613 526 3280,Fax 613 526 4857,Inquiries 1 866 711 2262. conferenceboard ca,PUBLICATION 14 120,E COPY 299, 2013 The Conference Board of Canada incorporated as AERIC Inc Published in Canada All rights reserved Agreement No 40063028.
The Conference Board of Canada and the torch logo are registered trademarks of The Conference Board Inc. For more information please contact us at the numbers listed above or e mail contactcboc conferenceboard ca. This publication is available on the Internet at www e library ca. Forecasts and research often involve numerous assumptions and data sources and are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties. This information is not intended as specific investment accounting legal or tax advice.

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Keeping Kids Safe and Supported in the Hours After School

Keeping Kids Safe and Supported in the Hours After School

Keeping Kids Safe and Supported in the Hours After School The Afterschool Alliance, in partnership with MetLife Foundation, is proud to present the third issue brief in our latest series of four issue briefs examining critical issues facing middle school youth and the vital role afterschool programs play in addressing these issues. This series explores afterschool and: the Common Core State ...

B. Voc. in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

B Voc in Banking Financial Services amp Insurance

Business Mathematics & Statistics Course Code: BFSI Paper Code: BF401T ... N. D. Vohra, Business Mathematics and Statistics, McGraw Hill Education (India) Pvt Ltd 2. J.K. Thukral, Mathematics for Business Studies, Mayur Publication 3. J. K. Singh, Business Mathematics, Himalaya Publishing House. 4. S.C. Gupta, Fundamentals of Statistics, Himalaya Publishing House. Indian Financial System ...

How to Contact TMT Fleet Maintenance Support

How to Contact TMT Fleet Maintenance Support

How to Contact TMT Fleet Maintenance Support. TMW Systems Client Center - This is your one-stop source for self-service upgrades, installs and documentation for TMT Fleet Maintenance. A username and password is required and can be obtained from TMT Fleet Maintenance Support. NetSuite Customer Care Center - The TMW Systems Customer Care Center allows you to create, edit, and monitor technical ...

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

(VMRS) codes and additional customers fields. Focusing on the transportation industry s greatest opportunities for productivity and cost-per-mile savings, the Fleet module enables transportation companies to process warranty claims, manage tires and fuel, and improve vehicle performance through preventive maintenance. GIS integration with Infor EAM s flexible architecture, customers can ...

Self introductions Jessie - University of Alberta

Self introductions Jessie University of Alberta

Self introductions Dr. Olenka Bilash The beginning of a new school year brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to teachers, ... Sometimes we have the right words but do not deliver the message in the way that we wanted, like when we make a faux pas or wish that we had not said something. Of ... She likes pizza and pumpkin pie. She has a dog and ...

Internal Audit Timekeeping Process - Bernalillo County

Internal Audit Timekeeping Process Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County Internal Audit Timekeeping Process Report INTRODUCTION We performed the internal audit services described below solely to assist Bernalillo County in evaluating the internal controls and safeguards in place surrounding the timekeeping process including overtime, sick leave, temporary special pay increases, and personal leave. Our services were conducted in accordance with the ...