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3COVER Colleagues in London volunteered, with Trees for Cities to clean up a community garden. Contents OVERVIEW,A letter from Dan 4,About this report 5. About the company 6,What we stand for 7,Governance and ethics 8. 1 OUR COMMUNITY,Overview 11,Tracking volunteer participation and hours 12. One month to change the world 14,Partnering for impact 16.
Disaster response 18,Recognition 20,2 OUR ENVIRONMENT. Overview 21,Carbon emissions 22,Supply chain 24,Smart offices 26. Reducing our waste 28,3 OUR PEOPLE,Overview 29,Who we are 30. Where we are 31,Diversity and inclusion 32,Engagement 34. Recognition 36,4 OUR WORK,Overview 37,Thought leadership 38.
Insurance for a changing world 40,Advising for a sustainable future 42. Innovating for healthier lives 44, Advocating for workforce diversity and equality 46. Responsible investing 48,GRI INDEX 49,A letter from Dan. ow corporations like ours act in the world can have profound. effects for good or for ill All by itself Marsh McLennan touches. the lives of more than 110 million people directly every day and. many times that number through the advice that we provide to. clients in 130 countries and the transactions that we perform on their behalf. Publishing regular reports on our company s citizenship profile gives us an. opportunity to reflect on our progress and how we can improve Our 75 000. colleagues embody our firm s commitment to citizenship and to what we call. living the greater good We welcome the passion they bring to working for a. purpose beyond profit As you ll see in the following pages our view of corporate. citizenship is multidimensional encompassing colleagues community. environment and the work we do for our clients, We continue to expand our efforts in making a difference in the areas of. gender equality advancing protections for LGBTQ people around the world. and inclusion for all in environmental sustainability and in giving back to. the communities in which we live and work Change at global scale takes a. movement and ongoing commitment, We promise everyone who comes to work at Marsh McLennan three things.
extraordinary colleagues work that matters and the opportunity to make a. difference I m pleased to report the progress our firm has made over the past. two years We know this is a journey and we re more committed than ever to. improving the world through our work and our actions. Best regards,DAN GLASER,PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER. MARSH McLENNAN COMPANIES,About this report,At Marsh McLennan citizenship is personal. It is an extension of who we are as people,and how we care for each other the communities. that we share and the world we live in,Scope Our job is creating. This report outlines our primary citizenship programs in 2017 and 2018 In some the future each and. cases we ve included information from early 2019 to give a more up to date picture every one of us. of our activities,DAN GLASER,PRESIDENT AND CEO, Reporting Standards and Assurance MARSH McLENNAN COMPANIES.
Material in this report references disclosures from the GRI Sustainability Report. ing Standards An index of our responses can be found on page 49 We draw on. guidance from the World Resources Institute s WRI s Greenhouse Gas Protocol. for our carbon reporting as well as CDP s formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project. guidelines Our Corporate Citizenship Report team Management ESG Commit. tee members subject matter experts and senior leadership reviewed the content. of this report for accuracy,Materiality, We conducted our last materiality analysis in 2014 Since then our business. and the environmental social and governance ESG landscape have evolved In. response we are updating our analysis and will present our new material topics. and priorities in our next report,Contact us, We welcome ideas and feedback for advancing our citizenship and ESG perfor. mance Please send comments and questions to corporatecitizenship mmc com. About the company, WE ARE the world s leading professional services firm. in the areas of risk strategy and people, WE ARE four global businesses united by a common purpose. and a uniquely collaborative culture, WE ARE 75 000 colleagues from a world of cultures committed to.
each other to our clients and to the greater good, WE HELP our clients change what s possible enabling enterprise. around the world,WE ARE MARSH McLENNAN,OUR BUSINESSES. Risk Insurance Services Consulting,MARSH MERCER, Insurance broking and risk management solutions Health wealth and career consulting and solutions. GUY CARPENTER OLIVER WYMAN, Reinsurance and capital strategies Strategy economic and brand consulting. What we stand for,Companies like ours have enormous power to.
shape the future through investment expertise,and the advice that we provide to a world of. clients Here are some of the principles that we,try to live by as a public entity. WE RESPECT the dignity and worth of every person We work to advance human. rights and social and workplace equality everywhere we do business. WE REJECT racism bigotry homophobia and xenophobia and condemn any. stance that limits people s possibilities because of who they are or the circum. stances that surround them, WE CHAMPION liberal democracy and the power of free enterprise to change. what is possible We embrace globalization and cooperative action to address the. world s great challenges and create new opportunities for its citizens. WE SUPPORT the rule of law sustained alliances based on shared values and. keeping commitments, WE BELIEVE that the best solutions haven t been invented yet Investment and. policy decisions should look forward not backward outward not inward and. they should be based on objective evidence, WE STAND FOR enabling enterprise around the world and a better future for all.
Governance and ethics,The Greater Good, We follow one code of conduct everywhere that we do business Its title The The Greater Good. Greater Good sums up what we are aiming for in both our business ethics and. requires the, personal behavior It applies equally in areas where regulations are stringent and. company s agents, in areas where corruption is common We don t make exceptions for how busi. ness is done When we fall short we address our failure squarely punish subcontractors and. those responsible and tighten our policies to keep it from happening again suppliers to comply. with relevant aspects, Environmental Social and Governance ESG of our compliance. Oversight and Activities policies, Having created the Corporate Responsibility Committee in 2008 the Board has.
formally focused on key aspects of the company s environmental social and gov. ernance ESG initiatives for more than a decade In 2018 the company formed a. cross functional management committee to coordinate and communicate on the. company s ESG initiatives Additional ESG disclosures and related information are. available on our website at mmc com esg, The Board oversees the company s ESG initiatives and strategies primarily through its. committees, CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY COMMITTEE The Corporate Responsibility Com. mittee has responsibility for sustainability diversity and inclusion social. responsibility corporate communication and government relations It in. cludes members from each of the Board s other committees The Corporate. Responsibility Committee receives reports at least annually on environmental. matters from the company s Chief Sustainability Officer and on diversity in. clusion and social responsibility matters from the company s Chief Human. Resources Officer, COMPENSATION COMMITTEE The Compensation Committee has responsibility. for reviewing certain key human resource strategies including those relating to. diversity training and recruitment The Compensation Committee coordinates. with the Corporate Responsibility Committee on diversity initiatives and receives. annual reports on diversity and inclusion from the company s Chief Human. Resources Officer,Marsh McLennan s annual meeting of stockholders. DIRECTORS AND GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE The Directors and Governance The Board oversees. Committee takes a leadership role in shaping the company s corporate governance the company s. principles and practices It receives regular updates on governance practices and environmental. developments from the company s General Counsel,social and.
AUDIT COMMITTEE The Audit Committee has responsibility for the company s governance. policies systems and controls designed to promote ethical behavior and compli initiatives and. ance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements It regularly reviews the strategies primarily. company s practices with respect to risk assessment and risk management through its. including cybersecurity risk It receives updates from the company s Chief Com. committees,pliance Officer, MANAGEMENT ESG COMMITTEE In 2018 we established a committee with mem. bers drawn from across the company to coordinate and communicate on ESG. initiatives The committee is comprised of colleagues from our four global busi. nesses and corporate departments Members of the committee include the. company s Deputy General Counsel Corporate Secretary Chief Compliance. Officer the secretaries to the Board s committees the Chief Sustainability Officer. the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and other colleagues who support. the company s ESG initiatives,In an effort to increase transparency on. important workplace values we published,Human Rights and Pay Equity statements. We summarize each below You can read full,statements at mmc com esg. Human Rights Statement, Marsh McLennan respects the dignity and worth of every individual We re com We re committed.
mitted to upholding human and workplace rights in all our operations wherever to upholding. we do business This policy applies to all Marsh McLennan colleagues world. wide candidates for hire and contingent workers It applies to all events locations. and situations where our business is conducted,workplace rights in. all our operations, A formal grievance and remedy process is available for reporting human rights wherever we do. concerns Anyone is invited to use our third party operated ethics and reporting business. portal or hotline We promptly investigate allegations and act to mitigate any. adverse human rights impacts We don t tolerate retaliation against anyone who. makes a good faith report of possible violations of the law our code of conduct. or other company policies or anyone who questions the actions of the company. or participates in an internal investigation,Pay Equity Statement. As a leading professional services firm our product is the expertise of our. colleagues We compete on the basis of their knowledge skills and ideas No. other factor is as important to client success and the health of our enterprise. We are committed to pay equity not only out of principle but because it is. fundamental to our ability to attract retain and motivate the highly qualified and. diverse colleagues upon which our future depends We evaluate our workforce. so that colleagues performing similar work at the same level have equitable. compensation opportunities,SERVING AND STRENGTHENING. COMMUNITIES,Our colleagues around the world have,expertise in hundreds of professional.
disciplines and thrive on working together,for the greater good We come to Marsh. McLennan to make a difference on a,large scale,Our company s volunteer initiatives. channel our talents to serve and,strengthen the local communities that. we call home beyond what we do as,individuals,Our Community. Many of our volunteer initiatives are,colleague led They are as varied and.
inventive as our colleagues themselves,Company sponsored programs gather our. colleagues around social needs that align,with our professional services advising. and risk management through sustained,nonprofit partnerships. Tracking volunteer,participation and hours, Powerful channels for community service are embedded. in our organization for global reach and local impact. OUR COMMUNITY,Each of our businesses is different as are their.
volunteering programs These business resource networks. serve as global volunteer agencies for our colleagues. matching unique talents with local needs,Corporate Social. Responsibility,Our CSR team manages our global,enterprise wide volunteering program. Marsh s volunteering which includes Global Volunteer Month. Colleague Resource Group our nonprofit partners,with local programming volunteer rewards and more. available across 80 offices,Guy Carpenter CARES,promotes volunteerism to. strengthen our communities,and unite our colleagues.
Est 2018 OW4S makes a meaningful, Mercer s signature difference in the world through. volunteering Colleague social impact projects community. Resource Group with local initiatives and nonprofit. programming available fellowships,across 90 offices Est 2016. Whether they re spending a few hours or committing. to sustained engagements our volunteers help to change. what s possible for nonprofits and communities 12, Building a volunteer ethos on a global scale takes time carved out. of other obligations But our programs grow steadily every year. Our colleagues are doing more together in addition to what they do as individuals In 2018 our colleagues spent. more than 50 of their volunteer hours working alongside one another. OUR COMMUNITY,VOLUNTEER PARTICIPATION,PARTICIPATION RATE. 0 10 20 30 40,VOLUNTEER HOURS,2014 109 k,2015 160 k.
0 50 000 100 000 150 000 200 000 250 000,TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS 13. One month to change the world,Colleagues volunteer throughout the year. but May is when our colleagues go all out, Each May we ask every colleague to dig deep and volunteer as much as they can. OUR COMMUNITY, either for needs we identify or for initiatives they ve identified that the company. supports We divide all cities with Marsh McLennan offices into five categories based. on the number of colleagues located in each The cities then compete to see who can. achieve the highest rate of volunteer participation The top city in each category earns. a grant of US 2 000 for its top cause, In 2018 colleagues in 45 countries and 217 cities participated in Global Volunteer.
2018 GLOBAL VOLUNTEER MONTH WINNING CITIES,OFFICE SIZE BY. CITY NUMBER OF COLLEAGUES PARTICIPATION RATE,Puebla Mexico 10 50 92. Greensboro North Carolina 51 100 50,Panama City Panama 101 500 85. Singapore 501 1 000 32,Gurgaon Noida India 1 000 42. GLOBAL VOLUNTEER MONTH AROUND THE WORLD, President and CEO Dan Glaser joined colleagues in our New.
York City office to paint STEM themed murals that went on to. be displayed at a public elementary school in the Bronx NY. President and CEO Dan Glaser,OUR COMMUNITY,painting a mural with Marsh Talent. Management Leader Laura Stein4, Nearly 300 colleagues in Lisbon Portugal volunteered to. build a community garden The Lisbon office partnered. with local nonprofits to plant crops to support families with. limited access to fresh food,Colleagues in Lisbon planting. a community garden4, Mapathons bring colleagues together to trace satellite. imagery and identify local details such as buildings. streets and evacuation centers in order to create a map. Humanitarian groups then use these maps to better,respond to crises in these areas.
In May of 2018 we hosted mapathons,in 27 offices across 13 countries4. In S o Paulo Brazil colleagues spent a day volunteering. at CEI Vila Cisper II a daycare center serving the needs. of more than 150 children Volunteers engaged with the. children and painted the walls of the center,S o Paulo colleagues.

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