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1 Introduction,2 Our Technologies,3 Aerospace,4 Performance Materials and Technology. 5 Building Technologies,6 Safety and Productivity Solutions. 7 Honeywell Connected Enterprise,8 Corporate Governance. 11 Integrity and Compliance,13 Inclusion and Diversity. 15 Honeywell Hometown Solutions,18 Health Safety and the Environment.
18 Sustainable Opportunity,19 Our Management Systems. 20 Health and Safety,21 Environmental Stewardship,26 Responsible Remediation. 30 Product Stewardship,32 Supply Chain, Data reflected within this report is as of year end 2018 unless otherwise noted upon reference. Corporate Citizenship Report,INTRODUCTION, At Honeywell we believe the future is what we make it It is this. conviction that drove us to create jet fuel from mustard seeds. It propelled us to make aerosols that are 99 9 safer for the. planet It even compels us to devise technology that will enable. humans to breathe on Mars, Our capacity to shape the future however is predicated on how.
we govern and run our business today This Corporate Citizenship. Report provides an updated snapshot of our environmental. social and governance ESG performance Enhancing the. sustainability of our business model and always upholding the. highest ethical standards are as essential to our success as. delivering strong financial results, In the pages that follow you ll develop a deeper understanding. of how we govern our business along with the policies protocols. and best practices we ve instituted to ensure we preserve. our hard earned reputation A recurring theme throughout this. report involves our quest for continuous improvement From. our visionary Board of Directors to committed leaders charged. with carrying out critical compliance and reporting responsibilities. to our dedicated front line employees we know we must always. avoid complacency if we want to be regarded as one of the. most ethical progressive and effectively run corporations in. This Corporate Citizenship Report will answer many of your. questions about Honeywell s ESG practices values and. standards It will also illuminate the key priorities we are focused. on as we develop uniquely innovative technology services. and software solutions that drive economic growth while creating. a more vibrant secure and sustainable future,Darius Adamczyk. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,Corporate Citizenship Report Introduction 1. TECHNOLOGIES 2,Honeywell invents and commercializes. technologies that address some of the world s,most critical challenges around energy safety.
security productivity and global urbanization, As a software industrial company we are uniquely positioned to blend physical products. with software to serve customers worldwide with aerospace products and services. energy efficient products and solutions for businesses specialty chemicals electronic. and advanced materials process technology for refining and petrochemical customers. and connected solutions to improve productivity workplace safety and asset performance. Our technologies keep cities working planes flying factories running and workers safe. AEROSPACE BUILDING CONNECTED,TECHNOLOGIES ENTERPRISE. PERFORMANCE SAFETY AND,MATERIALS AND PRODUCTIVITY,TECHNOLOGIES SOLUTIONS. Corporate Citizenship Report Our Technologies 2, Honeywell Aerospace innovates and integrates thousands of products and services to. help deliver safe efficient productive and comfortable flight experiences worldwide. Our products software and services enable more fuel efficient airplanes more direct. and on time flights and safer flying and runway traffic. Making Flying Safer and More Fuel Efficient, Our Honeywell Forge Ramp solution helps airlines and ground handlers with.
real time insight into vehicle activity anywhere at the airport The result is better. on time performance lower maintenance costs and greater fuel efficiency. ur SmartView 2D and 3D Airport Moving Map solution allows business jet pilots. to see a rendering of the taxiways runways airport structures and signs helping them. taxi safely from ramp to runway It optimizes safety and efficiency while aircraft move. around the airport, pon departure and approach to an airport Honeywell s SmartRunway and. SmartLanding technologies increase flight crews positional awareness on the. ground and in the air Our solution inhibits the chain of events that lead to runway. incursions and excursions by providing timely audio and visual. Corporate Citizenship Report Our Technologies 3,PERFORMANCE MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES. We pioneered automation control We understand complex industrial facilities and how. to create high quality and high performance chemicals and materials. Reducing Environmental Impacts with Innovative Technology. Solstice the company s brand of low global warming potential GWP refrigerants. blowing agents aerosol propellants and solvents provides responsible alternatives to. flammable hydrocarbons as well as traditional high GWP hydrofluorocarbons HFCs. Honeywell s Solstice products have a GWP 99 9 lower than the products they. replace Global adoption of Honeywell Solstice products has helped avoid the release. of 139 million tons of CO2e Learn about the dramatic differences being made by our. Solstice products at Honeywell Climate Ticker which tracks how many millions of. metric tons of CO2 equivalent is removed from the atmosphere every day. oneywell s Ecofining process technology converts renewable feedstocks such as. waste animal and vegetable fats and non edible plants into Honeywell Green Diesel. and Green Jet Fuel which are chemically identical to fuels produced from petroleum. oneywell offers Rapid Thermal Processing RTP technology that uses a fast. therma conversion process to convert solid biomass into a light pourable. clean burning liquid biofuel The liquid can be used as a direct replacement for. fossil fuels in several applications such as industrial furnaces and boilers. Corporate Citizenship Report Our Technologies 4,BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES. Over 100 years ago we defined energy efficiency by making indoor comfort automatic. Today we redefine it in 10 million buildings using our technology We translate connected. building data into insights that drive tangible business results for our customers. Honeywell Building Technologies addresses energy challenges keeps people and places. safe and secure enhances the building experience and improves critical infrastructures. Creating Smarter Buildings with Cloud Enabled Solutions. Enterprise Buildings Integrator EBI helps facilitate the integration of security. comfort life safety and energy systems through open systems and enterprise web. services EBI gives users a single point of access and consistent view to information. and resources that enhance the ability to monitor manage and protect a facility. campus or multi site operation, oneywell s Enacto a cloud based energy monitoring management platform. delivers comprehensive accurate and actionable energy intelligence to multi site. organizations in the commercial and retail sectors to help reduce energy costs and. increase savings, oneywell s Automated Demand Response ADR technology is based on an.
innovative two way connection between energy providers and energy users On the. commercial side facility managers can preemptively set parameters and directives. on what actions to take during a peak energy event actions that are automatically. implemented when the utility sends a signal to onsite building management controls. Corporate Citizenship Report Our Technologies 5,SAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS. Each year we keep over half a billion workers safer and more productive with voice enabled. software barcode scanners mobile computers and protective equipment. Keeping Over Half a Billion Workers Safer and More Productive. Honeywell Connected Remote Threat Detection solutions provide enterprise. plant wide monitoring that harnesses the Internet of Things IoT to give plant. managers and operators real time insights on gas threats concentration location. man down biometrics and plume status so an organization can know what s. happening the second it s happening, oneywell is a global manufacturer of leading PPE Personal Protection Equipment. from trusted brands such as Honeywell Uvex North Howard Leight Oliver. Servus and Miller, oneywell s BW Ultra is a five gas detector designed for sampling and monitoring. confined spaces before and after entry Workers benefit from unmatched sensor. technology visibility on gas readings comfort and connectivity even in most. extreme working conditions,Corporate Citizenship Report Our Technologies 6. HONEYWELL CONNECTED ENTERPRISE, Leveraging more than 100 years of expertise in asset and process control technology.
Honeywell Connected Enterprise is transforming the way owners and operators of. buildings airlines industrial facilities and other critical infrastructure operators collect. analyze and act on data from their operations through a new category of software. Enterprise Performance Management Named Honeywell Forge Honeywell s software. solution converts massive quantities of data from physical assets processes and. people into intuitive actionable insights In turn this helps customers optimize efficiency. and effectiveness while saving money and identifying opportunities for more. sustainable practices, Honeywell Forge is available across all of Honeywell s vertical businesses. Honeywell Forge for Buildings may help building operators create 10 20 in. energy savings, Honeywell Forge for Airlines provides an average of 2 in fuel savings per tail per year. Honeywell Forge for Industrial helps an offshore platform optimize energy usage. leading to a reduction in power generation by 5 5 equivalent to removing over. 1 100 averaged sized automobiles from the roads permanently. Honeywell Forge for Worker is prioritizing product features that directly improve safety. for the field worker safety and compliance checklists workflow historian and more. Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity protects the availability safety and reliability of. connected systems in a world where the average data breach costs almost 4M USD. Corporate Citizenship Report Our Technologies 7,GOVERNANCE 3. Honeywell s Board of Directors is committed to,thorough well informed and proactive oversight of. the company s long term strategy Our Corporate,Governance and Responsibility Committee CGRC.
is committed to ensuring a Board composition, and aggregation of skillsets that continue to align. with Honeywell s strategic vision, Our Board provides management with feedback on the identification of and appropriate. actions to mitigate key risks such as financial cybersecurity data privacy regulatory. compliance business continuity and crisis management Aligning with the transformative. shift in our long term strategy the Board has implemented significant changes to. director refreshment and self evaluation processes This ensures that the collective. skills and perspectives of the Board continue to evolve alongside Honeywell s evolving. commercial strategy as we strive to become the premier software industrial company. The Board s well informed and proactive oversight extends to Environmental and Social. E S initiatives in three principal ways, he CGRC has primary jurisdiction for managing risks and opportunities associated. with E S meeting at least once a year with the Corporate Vice President for Health. Safety Environment Product Stewardship and Sustainability HSEPS the Senior Vice. President for Government Relations the Senior Vice President for Human Resources. Security and Communications and other leaders with responsibility for E S to present. and discuss environmental and social risks and opportunities. Corporate Citizenship Report Corporate Governance 8. irect Audit Committee and Board engagement with E S risk areas through a Honeywell maintains a robust. robust and comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management program. shareowner engagement, irect Board engagement on select E S topics In the past 12 months program that features. management has presented to the Board on a variety of E S initiatives including year round opportunities for. employee diversity sexual harassment compliance safety business continuity. our Board and senior,political engagement and environmental matters.
management including our, Honeywell maintains a robust shareowner engagement program that features independent lead director and. year round opportunities for our Board and senior management including our. executive officers to dialogue, independent lead director and executive officers to dialogue with key stakeholders. Over the past year our shareowner engagement program has covered topics including. with key stakeholders, our business strategy comprehensive portfolio review corporate governance. practices executive compensation programs CEO succession and environmental. social and governance ESG matters,POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS AND TRADE ASSOCIATIONS. How We Engage, Engagement in the political process is vital to our success Our future growth.
depends on forward thinking legislation and regulation that makes society safer and. more energy efficient and improves public infrastructure. We participate in the political process through direct engagement political contributions. by our employee funded Political Action Committee PAC and involvement in trade. groups We strive to engage responsibly in the political process and to ensure that our. participation is fully consistent with all applicable laws and regulations our principles. of good governance and our high standards of ethical conduct. Political Contributions, Honeywell s employee funded corporate PAC funds all political contributions. The PAC is subject to oversight by a board that includes the General Counsel and. SVP Government Relations and is fully compliant with Federal State and. Local Regulations and disclosures We have not made any political contributions using. corporate funds since at least 2009 and have no intention of making them in the. future Even before 2009 any such contributions were extremely rare and for minimal. amounts of less than 5 000 Furthermore any use of corporate funds for political. contributions would require the prior approval of the company s General Counsel. With respect to tax exempt organizations such as 501 c 4 s where funds may be. used for political purposes participation is typically funded out of the PAC We have. made only two company contributions since 2009 In December 2012 we contributed. 1 million to the Fix the Debt Coalition a non partisan 501 c 4 organization. which seeks to educate and mobilize Americans on the need for a comprehensive plan. to fix the United States long term debt and deficits but have made no further. contributions In February 2017 we contributed 200 000 to the American Made. Coalition a 501 c 4 organization consisting of a broad coalition of industry leaders. with the goal of encouraging Congress to enact tax reform to spur economic growth. Both contributions were disclosed in our publicly available filings required under. the Lobbying Disclosure Act The decision to contribute funds to these organizations. was discussed with the Board of Directors, Corporate Citizenship Report Corporate Governance 9. Trade Associations, Membership in any 501 c 6 trade association that receives more than 50 000. in membership dues from Honeywell in any fiscal year is subject to prior approval of the. company s General Counsel and its Senior Vice President Global Government Relations. These trade associations are clearly instructed not to use our funds for political. contributions at the federal state or local levels. Management and Board Oversight, We have a strong team of government relations professionals based in Washington D C. who drive our political engagement programs and initiatives Our Government Relations. organization is led by the Senior Vice President Global Government Relations who reports. to the company s General Counsel With respect to Board oversight our public policy. efforts including all lobbying activities political contributions and membership in trade. associations and other tax exempt organizations are the responsibility of the Corporate. Governance and Responsibility Committee CGRC which consists entirely of. independent non employee directors, Each year the CGRC receives an annual report on the company s policies and practices.
regarding political contributions The CGRC s oversight of our political activities ensures. compliance with applicable laws and our Code of Business Conduct as well as alignment. with our policies In addition each year the Senior Vice President Global Government. Relations reports to the CGRC on trade association political spending and to. the full Board of Directors on our global lobbying and government relations program. See our disclosure on policy and procedures for political activity contributions and trade. association memberships on Honeywell s website, Corporate Citizenship Report Corporate Governance 10. INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE, The company s Code of Business Conduct applies to all our directors officers and. employees in all businesses and in all countries It is a baseline set of requirements that. sets a common understanding for how we treat employees our customers suppliers. shareholders and communities and enables employees to recognize and be aware of. how to report integrity compliance and potential legal issues In addition the Code. outlines our pledge to recognize the dignity of each individual respect each employee. avoid sexual harassment and workplace violence provide compensation and benefits. that are competitive promote self development through training that broadens work. related skills and value diversity of perspectives and ideas All employees are required to. complete Code of Business Conduct training and certify each year that they will comply. with the Code, The Code outlines expectations in several key integrity and compliance areas including. how employees should treat each other avoidance of conflicts of interest responsibility. for Health Safety Environment Product Stewardship and Sustainability maintenance. of accurate books and records adherence to conduct that avoids corruption and. improper business practices export and trade compliance violations requirements to. avoid insider trading and to protect data privacy a commitment to respect for human. rights and the appropriate use of information technology and social media In addition to. support the Code Honeywell provides comprehensive training on key compliance topics. and develops training scenarios in over 20 languages provides mechanisms for. employees and third parties to report concerns including doing so anonymously and. ensures timely and fair investigations and reviews of integrity and compliance concerns. through which Honeywell responds to 100 of reported allegations. Key elements of our Code of Business Conduct, Dedicated leadership for integrity and compliance through our Chief Compliance. Officer and Director for Integrity Compliance, Integrity Compliance Councils at the corporate business unit and regional levels.
Business engagement related to Compliance through our Ethics Ambassador. Program where local business leaders champion issues of integrity and compliance to. the larger workforce, Companywide training for employees in health safety environmental responsibility. non discrimination conflicts of interest anti corruption trade controls and the. highest standards of excellence in all our business interactions. Robust and frequent communications from all levels of the company regarding the. importance of integrity and compliance to our company. An effective website containing links to critical materials including our policies and. procedures reporting forms and links on how to seek legal guidance. Investment in essential compliance tools including digital platforms providing real. time access to business transactions, A global compliance team co located in the regions of highest external compliance risk. Thorough frequent self assessments independent internal reviews and third party. reviews and audits of compliance risk areas, Robust integration processes to ensure that newly acquired companies understand. and comply with Honeywell policies and procedures, Corporate Citizenship Report Corporate Governance 11. Human Rights and Workplace Issues, Our Code along with other Honeywell policies establishes practices and standards that.
address a broad range of human rights and workplace issues Our company does not. condone or employ child labor At Honeywell we will not employ anyone under the age of. 16 even if authorized by local law If local law is stricter than company policy we will. comply with that law, In addition we will never use forced indentured or involuntary labor in any of our operations. and we will not tolerate exploitation of children physical punishment or abuse As part. of our commitment to our communities and our world Honeywell will not tolerate any. instances of human trafficking or other forced labor We will also never conduct business. with any third parties such as agents or suppliers who engage in human trafficking or. forced labor,Data Protection, Honeywell began to build a comprehensive global data privacy program in 2004 based. upon our strong commitment to protect the personal data of employees customers. suppliers and others Leading up to the EU s General Data Protection Regulation we. adjusted our documentation systems and practices to meet the regulation s rigorous. standards Given our culture of privacy compliance and global program already in. place we had a strong foundation to build upon Looking forward Honeywell takes a. continuous improvement approach to our privacy program to meet the needs of our. business and global regulatory developments, Honeywell has adopted a privacy policy that establishes uniform standards for how the. company intends to process personal data This policy was most recently revised in 2019. The policy follows data privacy principles that are commonly recognized around the. world To the extent that law or contractual provisions impose stricter requirements than. policy Honeywell will comply with the more restrictive law or contractual provisions. Honeywell has implemented robust security incident response procedures to quickly. respond to any potential security incidents,Enterprise Risk Management. The Board uses the Enterprise Risk Management ERM program as a key tool for. understanding the inherent risks facing Honeywell as well as assessing whether. management s processes procedures and practices for mitigating those risks are. effective The ERM assessment deployed by management is robust based on both an. enterprise wide top down and bottom up view of commercial strategic legal. compliance cyber and reputational risks as well as strategies for mitigating those risks. Supplier Code of Conduct, The integrity and compliance program also includes a Supplier Code of Conduct that has.
been deployed through Honeywell s entire global supply chain to reinforce expectations. that our suppliers will abide by our high standards of integrity and compliance The Supplier. Code of Conduct covers a variety of topics including our Conflict Minerals Anti Human. Trafficking Business Integrity and Health Safety and Environmental policies. ACCESS Integrity Helpline, Our ACCESS Integrity Helpline is a 24 hour service answered by an independent. third party provider that accommodates all the languages that our employees speak. Honeywell investigates 100 of allegations reported through the Helpline or. brought to the Integrity Compliance Office Violations may result in policy changes. counseling added controls training employee discipline or termination. Corporate Citizenship Report Corporate Governance 12. AND DIVERSITY 4,At Honeywell supporting Inclusion and Diversity. is one of our fundamental values and required,of all employees Diversity at Honeywell includes. the common six categories age race religion,gender sexual orientation and disability It also. means embracing and promoting diversity of,thought so that we can leverage everyone s.
unique skills backgrounds perspectives and,experiences to help our business grow and make. Honeywell a great place to work, Our Board believes that its diversity and the diversity of Honeywell s executive leadership. over 50 diverse by gender or ethnicity supports our evolving business strategy. Our Inclusion Diversity pillars include Talent Acquisition Talent Management Branding. Communications Strategic Partnerships and Business Operations These pillars. ensure that we bring diverse talent into our organization grow and develop this talent. and continue to increase diverse representation across our leadership Inclusive leaders. promoting an inclusive culture are the foundation of these pillars. Corporate Citizenship Report Inclusion and Diversity 13.

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