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sorely needed particularly in the Pacific region, Pacific Ports 2030 2050 The side event will discuss results achieved and. Moana Blue Thierry Nervale, 15 00 a vision of Resilient Pacific Community latest developments at the global level that would. 16 00 Green and Clean ports in SPC support implementing this long term vision in the. Pavilion thierryn spc int,the Pacific islands region Pacific islands region. The objective of this event is to highlight a the, importance of the ocean and its biodiversity to life on. The Ocean Climate and Plymouth Marine Earth b the risk of climate change to its amazing. Carol Turley, 15 00 WWF Biodiversity the Laboratory WWF biodiversity and to society c options for actions to.
16 30 Pavilion evidence is clear for Arctic Programme reduce risk and raise ambition for climate mitigation. ct pml ac uk, raising ambition BNP Paribas and d the need for the ocean and its ecosystems to. be an integral part of the implementation of the Paris. Share solutions for land ocean to simultaneously,All China Environment Yao Ni ACEF. Ecological Protection promote renewable energy transition ecological. Federation ACEF ny123321 sina com, 16 45 Side Event and Renewable Energy protection like solar for solar mode flagship for. Peace Boat Disaster, 18 15 Room 2 Transition in the Belt renewable energy marine protection Concrete. Relief Volunteer Emilie McGlone,Road cases in Belt Road countries eg Pakistan.
Center PBV emilie peaceboat us org,Indonesia and an action roadmap will be included. A Pole to Pole narrative on Earth Observation and, 17 00 Earth Observation and Defra UK Met Office Andrew Carr how it underpins our response to climate change. UK Pavilion, 18 30 Climate Change PML JNCC NCEO andrew carr defra gov uk Earth Observation has revolutionised our ability to. monitor both climatic and environmental systems,Wednesday December 4th. As an Ocean continent the Pacific relies heavily on a. healthy ocean for its economy The side event, Moana Blue Impact of Climate Pacific Islands Ms Arpana Pratap.
10 00 explores the impact of climate change on this blue. Pacific Change on Pacific Blue Development Forum, 11 00 economy and measures that need to be taken to. Pavilion Economies PIDF arpana pratap pidf int, protect all the livelihoods dependent on a healthy. Empowering Pacific voices to communicate for,Making waves across the Secretariat of the. Moana Blue Ms Nanette Woonton ocean health is an important part of strengthening. 11 15 Pacific Empowering Pacific Regional, Pacific our ocean for Pacific resilience learn more about. 12 15 Pacific voices for ocean Environment, Pavilion nanettew sprep org the work underway across our island regions to help.
health Programme SPREP,amplify our voice, Ocean CO2 and Plymouth Marine The Ocean is undergoing dramatic change due to. Carol Turley, 11 30 Society challenges Laboratory PML climate change but is also a source of adaptation. UK Pavilion, 12 45 opportunities and UK s Department for and mitigation responses this event will showcase. ct pml ac uk, science responses for Environment Food how action driven transdisciplinary science can help. Updated November 26 2019 2, seas and society Rural Affairs UK understand and manage the challenges placed on.
DEFRA the ocean and so improve sustainable,development s. Mr Mark Borg The Island Resilience Initiative is currently being. implemented in Fiji Marshall Islands and Palau An, Moana Blue Island Resilience Pacific Islands mark borg pidf int online platform has been developed to support the. Pacific Initiative tools for Development Forum monitoring of progress of these countries in. Pavilion monitoring progress PIDF Mr Viliame Kasanawaqa achieving the objectives of the initiative as. contribution towards building resilience and,viliame kasanawaqa pidf int achieving the SDGs. The IPCC Special Report,on the Ocean and Dr Pendo Maro. The side event will discuss the findings of the IPCC. Cryosphere in a,Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a.
Moana Blue Changing Climate African Caribbean pendomaro acp int. 13 45 Changing Climate SROCC and what this means in. Pacific SROCC Implications Pacific Secretariat,14 45 terms of adaptation measures for the most. Pavilion and way forward for ACP ACP Secretariat Ms Francesca Antifora. vulnerable small islands low lying and coastal zones. Small Island States,in the ACP regions and communities. Coastal and low lying francesca acp int,Because the Ocean. Tara Ocean,Foundation,Fondation Prince,Albert II de Monaco. At COP25 the Ocean and Climate Platform will,Scripps Centre.
release its policy recommendations, Moving from Science to national de la Loreley Picourt. 16 30 This document addresses the urgent actions needed. EU Pavilion Action Ocean Climate recherche scientifique. 18 00 to sustain the ocean climate biodiversity nexus. Policy Recommendation Plymouth Marine ocalliance ocean climate org. around 4 key areas Mitigation Adaptation Science,Laboratory PML. and Sustainable Finance,International Alliance,to Combat Ocean. Acidification Scripps,Institution of,Oceanography, University of Texas at Katherine Romanak PCC SR on Oceans and Cryosphere Ocean. Carbon Removal and Austin Bellona katherine romanak beg utexas acidification and CO2 removal CO2 removal. Return Can CCS Foundation BHP edu recycling and return with CCS Project learnings to. 16 45 Side Event, Decarbonise Industry in Billiton SaskPower decarbonize cement Opportunities for tech transfer.
18 15 Room 4, South America and help Carbon Capture and Anna Serdoner Chile s policy on CCS on power sustainable jobs. the oceans Storage CCS anaserdoner gmail com from BECCS in South America Direct air capture. Knowledge Centre with CCS,Updated November 26 2019 3. Inc Carbon Capture Michael Monea,and Storage mmonea ccsknowledge com. Association CCSA,Judith Shapiro,judith shapiro ccsassociation o. Pepetua E Latasi, pepetua gmail com This event will highlight a focus on the SDG 14 Life.
Up Cycling of Plastic Tuvalu Foundation of,below Water by introducing the measures on. Waste to Reduce Taiwan Industry, 18 30 Side Event Jean Yeh FTIS upcycling of marine plastic waste and the project on. Environmental Burden Service FTIS Taiwan, 20 00 Room 2 jeanyeh ftis org tw the breeding of fish species in response to the impact. and Fishery Resources Institue for Sustainable, of coral bleaching caused by the ocean acidification. Restoration Energy TISE,Yuh Ming Lee TISE and global warming.
yml mail ntpu edu tw,Thursday December 5th,The release and IPCC approval of the SROCC has. special importance for the Pacific region where, Special Report on Ocean Leaders have called for a bold and visionary Blue. Moana Blue and Cryosphere in a Secretariat of the Ms Sylvie Goyet Pacific strategy Taking a Pacific perspective the. Pacific Changing Climate Pacific Community event will bring together authors and Pacific Leaders. Pavilion SROCC A Pacific SPC sylvieg spc int to review the relevance of the findings in terms of key. perspective priorities for the region in particular Sea Level Rise. shift in distribution of marine species reef,degradation or blue carbon. BTO has continued to highlight the ocean climate,connection encouraging ocean protection as a. Moana Blue Mr Remi Parmentier, 11 15 Because the Ocean means of mitigating and adapting to climate change.
Pacific Ocean for Climate, 12 15 BTO The event will bring together speakers to share light. Pavilion remi vardagroup org, on some of the key elements of that nexus including. Ocean energy blue carbon and fisheries adaptation, The side event will comprise of a panel of experts. Ecosystem based,with experience in implementing EbA in various. adaptation building Secretariat of the, Moana Blue Mr Herman Timmermans Pacific island countries Case studies will be.
12 30 social and ecological Pacific Regional, Pacific presented including the Barana Nature and Heritage. 13 30 resilience to climate Environment, Pavilion hermant sprep org Park initiative in Guadacanal province Solomon. change in Solomon Programme SPREP,Islands and the Taveuni Reforestation and. Islands and Fiji,Agroforestry programme in Fiji, 13 45 Moana Blue Building climate Food and Agriculture Ms Tarub Bahri The side event will showcase how building climate. 14 45 Pacific resilience in coastal Organization FAO resilience in coastal areas is achieved through. Updated November 26 2019 4, Pavilion areas through risk and Tarub Bahri fao org climate risk and natural resource management for.
natural resource sustainability with a focus on SIDS It will. management for demonstrate the power of combining these two. sustainability streams and will discuss ways to build bankable. narrative and action to foster access to climate funds. Opportunity and challenges in implementing multi, Moana Blue Ocean Science for Secretariat of the Mr Thierry Nervale disciplinary multi sectoral integrated and innovative. Pacific Climate Action in the Pacific Community ocean science to support Pacific Small Islands. Pavilion Pacific SPC thierryn spc int Developing States take action in ocean conservation. and sustainable use,SBSTA IPCC special,event Unpacking the. new scientific knowledge The event will present the scientific knowledge. Joanna Post, 15 00 TBD and key findings in the SBSTA UNFCCC assessed in SROCC and provide a space to discuss. JPost unfccc int,Special Report on the the findings of the report. Ocean and Cryosphere,in a Changing Climate,Remy Millot.
The event will focus on programmes for youth in the. remy millot peaceboat gr jp Pacific which connect oceans and climate Peace. Boat s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador, Moana Blue Youth Empowerment for Emilie McGlone Programme launched at the UN Ocean Conference. Pacific Oceans and Climate Peace Boat and an endorsed event of the COP23 Presidency. Pavilion Action emilie peaceboat us org brings youth from SIDS onboard our ship for capacity. development and to engage with governments and, Karen Hallows civil society in ports about the impact of the ocean. and climate crisis on their communities,karen peaceboat gr jp. Moana Blue Mr Kevin Iro A talk about the Marae Moana concept of Ocean. 17 30 Marae Moana Cook, Pacific Moana Blue Pacific governance and protection to help climate proof the. 18 30 Islands,Pavilion kliro5 yahoo co nz region,Friday December 6th.
Fiji Chairs the Commonwealth Ocean and Climate,Action Group and this provides an opportunity to. Moana Blue Commonwealth Blue Mr Taholo Kami, 10 00 bring members together to talk about joint actions for. Pacific Charter Climate and Government of Fiji, 11 00 ocean and climate change and also how to harness. Pavilion Oceans Action Group taholo gmail com,the Commonwealth members into a cohesive climate. and ocean advocacy, 10 00 Cryosphere Kristy Crocket This event focuses on the Changing Arctic Ocean.
Changing Arctic Ocean University of Edinburgh, 11 30 Pavilion k crocket ed ac uk and the efforts to understand the changes taking. Updated November 26 2019 5,place by scientists in an international research. programme funded by the UKRI Natural Environment,Research Council NERC and the German Federal. Ministry of Education and Research BMBF with,discussion of the policy response to mitigate the. global consequences of Arctic warming,Marine Protected Areas.
UK s Department for,and climate change, Environment Food This session will showcase the UK s leadership in. Marine protected areas Sarah Harrison, 11 30 Rural Affairs Joint developing the evidence base for the role of Marine. UK Pavilion as tools for adaptive, 12 30 Nature Conservation Protected Areas MPAs in adaptive marine resource. marine resource sarah harrison defra gov uk, Committee Marine management in tackling climate change. management in the face,of a changing climate,Pacific Island Leadership.
The event will convene government leaders in the,to Advance the Regional. Pacific region who are advancing tangible actions, Moana Blue Science and Mainstream International Alliance Ms Jessie Turner. 12 30 that protect coastal communities by better,Pacific Ocean Acidification OA to Combat Ocean. 13 30 understanding and addressing regional and local. Pavilion into National Policies and Acidification Jessie OAalliance org. impacts of ocean acidification through adaptation,through National OA. and resilience building projects,Action Plans,Plymouth Marine.
Managing and adapting, Laboratory PML Steve Widdicombe This event will illustrate what actions can be and are. 13 00 to the challenge of ocean, UK Pavilion UK s Department for being taken nationally and internationally to meet the. 14 15 acidification strategies, Environment Food swi pml ac uk ongoing challenge of Ocean Acidification. from around the world,Rural Affairs,Thecla Keizer,Plymouth Marine. tke pml ac uk,Laboratory PML, International Coastal Climate related ocean stressors have widespread.
Connection oceans Alexis Maxwell, and Ocean effects on marine ecosystems which impact human. science society amaxwell udel edu, 15 00 Side Event Organization ICO wellbeing There is an urgent need for international. UNFCCC raising, 16 30 Room 4 Nordic Council of collaboration to promote mitigation of and adaptation. ambition on climate Bo Storrank, Ministers NCM to these stressors in policy regulations and funding. mitigation and adaptation bo storrank ym fi,Sasakawa Peace streams.
Foundation OPRI,Miko Maekawa,oceanpolicy spf or jp. Marrakech Marrakech Partnership UNFCCC Global Isabel Torres de Noronha FOA Organized within the framework of the Marrakech. Partnership For Global Climate Climate Action itnoronha future ocean Partnership for Global Climate Action this event. For Global Action Oceans And Secretariat Future alliance org focuses on the challenges and cross cutting. Climate Coastal Zones Action Ocean Alliance Global experiences faced by the communities and. Action Event Ocean and Ocean Forum Biliana Cicin Sain GOF ecosystems in ocean and coastal zones when. Updated November 26 2019 6, Venue Coastal Zones Climate Intergovernmental bilianacicin implementing actions to combat the impacts of. TBD Action Towards 1 5 C Oceanographic sain globaloceans org climate change across all scales of governance. Pathways Commission UNESCO,Salvatore Arico UNESCO,S Arico unesco org. German Federal,Ministry for the, Environment Nature Nature based Solutions significantly contribute to. Conservation and climate adaptation and mitigation this is also. Nuclear Safety BMU identified in IPCC Special Report on oceans and. German Federal cryosphere Resilient coastal and marine ecosystems. 15 30 Blue Climate Action Frederick Stapke, German Ministry for Economic are key for coastal livelihoods while additionally.
17 00 Marine Nature based, Pavilion Cooperation and conserving biodiversity Featuring tangible examples. TBC Solutions for NDCs fstapke rare org, Development BMZ of local action and international initiatives as well as. Blue Solutions GIZ resource mobilization this event will highlight. IUCN GRID UNEP successes and challenges and provide clear linkages. Rare Blue Action with the NDC process,Fund Save our. Mangroves Now,The side event will allow a debate of expert and. The impact of climate interactive exchange with the audience on the impact. Moana Blue Secretariat of the Mr Thierry Nervale, 17 30 change on maritime of climate change on maritime boundaries and.
Pacific Pacific Community, 13 30 boundaries in the Pacific determine to what extent possible risk treatment. Pavilion SPC thierryn spc int,HL options and UNCLOS current provisions would. provide some level certainty, 13th Focal Point Forum Rojina Manandhar Open meeting In accordance with the outcomes of. TBD of the Nairobi Work SBSTA UNFCCC SBSTA 50 FCCC SBSTA 2019 paragraph 17 the. Programme on oceans nwp unfccc int NWP this year focuses on the topic of oceans. Saturday December 7th, A unique 24 hours virtual event all around the world. Virtual Blue,It will give the opportunity to decision makers.
scientists activists artists NGOs and many more to. share and take their work to the COP25 from their,https www Virtual Blue COP 25 Axel Bertrand. All Day Future Earth home country Additionally the 24 hour event will. youtube com Ocean Day axel bertrand futureearth org. provide insights and updates on the international,channel UCt. climate ocean negotiations at COP25 with real time. d0eRkjwgrp0,discussion and analyses among a wide group of. HZyp6xDeIg,participants, 9 00 UNFCCC IUCN Deoxygenation International Union for Ms Doroth e Herr Launch of a new IUCN report on ocean. 9 30 Media Report launch Conservation of Nature deoxygenation Causes impacts and solutions. Updated November 26 2019 7,Center IUCN dorothee herr iucn org.
Solutions fond es sur,l oc an pour l action,climatique retours. d exp riences et,There are many ocean based solutions for climate. perspectives et apports,change this panel will focus on 13 measures. des sciences de la mer, 10 00 French Agence Francaise pour Ph nia Marras included in the Ocean Solutions Initiative with a. 11 30 Pavilion la Biodiversite phenia marras afbiodiversite fr focus on blue carbon restoration marine protected. Ocean based solutions,areas reef protection and scientific needs to.
for climate action,galvanize action,experiences and. perspectives and,contribution from marine,Better Understanding. Changing Ocean, Conditions and Impacts Describe activities of global networks that are. to Marine Species and International Alliance Jessie Turner working to advance science and monitoring increase. 10 15 Chilean, Ecosystems Global to Combat Ocean jturner cascadialaw com capacity and raise awareness about ocean. 11 45 Pavilion, Networks that Are Acidification acidification and other climate related changing.
Advancing Regional ocean conditions,Science Monitoring and. Response Strategies, The Ocean Science and This event highlights progress in understanding the. Climate Impacts to Plymouth Marine ocean climate nexus and the transboundary and. actions for sustainable Laboratory DG MARE trans sector partnerships initiatives and actions. 11 15 Carol Turley, EU Pavilion development with and Overseas already undertaken and those needed in the future. 12 45 ct pml ac uk, specific reference to Countries and for sustainable ocean development by bringing key. overseas countries and Territories Association players from science industry policy and the OCTs. territories together on one dynamic platform, This side event will launch a new scientific paper.
commissioned by the High Level Panel for a,Building Climate. Moana Blue The High Level Panel Sustainable Ocean Economy that outlines first of its. 11 30 Resilience in Three Key Eliza Northrop, Pacific for a Sustainable kind analysis of the impact of climate change across. 12 30 Ocean Sectors Tourism eliza northrop wri org. Pavilion Ocean Economy three key ocean sectors reef tourism wild capture. Fisheries and Mariculture, fisheries mariculture and offers a set of solutions. for decision makers,The oceans face specific challenges reducing GHG. 11 30 Side Event Raising Ambition on Andrew Losos emissions and adapting to a warming climate On. United Nations, 13 00 Room 6 Climate and the Oceans alosos worldbank org mitigation we will explore ocean governance.
including new efforts to decarbonise shipping On,Updated November 26 2019 8. adaptation we will look at challenges in coastal, areas including food production particularly for SIDS. This high level panel will focus on key challenges. posed by the findings of the IPCC Special Reports on. Global Ocean Forum,the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. Addressing the Oceans Ocean Policy,and on Projected Impacts of Global Warming of. and Climate Nexus in the Research Institute Biliana Cicin Sain GOF. 13 00 Japanese 1 5 C This panel will also feature the 2019 Progress. UNFCCC and Beyond Sasakawa Peace bilianacicin, 14 30 Pavilion Report on Oceans and Climate Action prepared by.
Key Challenges and Foundation Japan sain globaloceans org. Party and non Party stakeholders which together,Responses Oceano Azul. with the IPCC reports provide the context in,Foundation Portugal. developing updated climate policies in support of,action pathways on oceans and coastal zones. Leading legal experts judges highlight,Enhancing Ambition. Secretariat of the opportunities for enhancing Paris Agreement. through International, United Nations compliance innovation through International and.
13 15 Side Event Instruments Tanvi Mani, Framework Convention domestic law reform A briefing on ecosystems. 14 45 Room 3 Innovations from the tmani unfccc int. on Climate Change based solutions ocean governance and on how. Paris Agreement, UNFCCC market based instruments financial regulations. investment laws, Climate change and Mr Hayden Montgomery This initiative seeks to develop innovative decision. Moana Blue Global Research, 14 00 Pacific food systems making tools that can map transformational options. Pacific Alliance on Agricultural, 15 00 Decision making for hayden montgomery globalres at a regional level to allow exploration and planning.
Pavilion Greenhouse Gases, transformational change earchalliance org for future food systems. Incorporating Ocean, Because the Ocean R mi Parmentier Because the This event will showcase concrete examples from. 14 45 Japanese Related Options in, Initiative Ocean and Ocean countries leading by example on how to introduce. 15 45 Pavilion Nationally Determined, Climate Platform remi vardagroup org ocean related measures into their NDCs. Contributions NDCs,Ocean Policy, Knowledge Science for Research Institute This panel will draw perspectives from high level.
Adaptation and Sasakawa Peace representatives of governments intergovernmental. Displacement Policies Foundation Japan organizations and civil society on how to take. 16 00 Japanese and Practices Global Ocean Forum Miko Maekawa OPRI SPF advantage of existing knowledge and opportunities. 17 00 Pavilion Development and Coastal Zone maekawa spf or jp associated with adapting to climate change in. Implementation in Association Canada developing disseminating and using adaptation and. Oceans and Coastal International displacement policies and practices in the context of. Zones Organization for oceans and coastal zones,This event will feature discussion about emerging. Governing Emerging Carnegie Council for, 16 45 Side Event Joel Rosenthal marine climate altering technologies how they are. Marine Climate Altering Ethics in International, 18 15 Room 2 ndecoopman c2g2 net dealt with by the IPCC existing and proposed. Technologies Affairs Inc CCEIA,research near term impacts on climate policy and. Updated November 26 2019 9, negotiations how various actors are engaging or can.
engage to ensure proper governance, This panel will feature interventions from high level. representatives of Parties and Non State Parties to. Mobilizing Support for Biliana Cicin Sain GOF, 17 15 Chile Government of Chile the UNFCCC on pre 2020 climate action and higher. Ocean and Climate bilianacicin, 18 30 Pavilion Global Ocean Forum aspirations to achieve the goals of the Paris. Action sain globaloceans org,Agreement in the context of oceans and coastal. Government of the,United Kingdom,Foreign and,Commonwealth Office.
Reception Looking Department for,Daniela Sandoval UK Foreign. 19 00 Ahead to Enhanced Environment Food, UK Pavilion and Commonwealth Office High level reception by invitation. 20 30 Action to Implement the and Rural,Daniela Sandoval fco gov uk. Paris Agreement Development UK,DEFRA Plymouth,Marine Laboratory. PML UK Global,Ocean Forum, This event will review some of the key observational.
Virtual Blue programs and networks currently monitoring our. COP 25 climate system from global to local scales focusing. Observing Climate,on programs monitoring the global carbon budget. Change From Global to, 23 30 https www Yassir Eddebbar ocean heat content and sea level rise We will. Local Scales Informing Future Earth, 00 30 youtube com yassir eddebbar gmail com discuss current progress what these programs are. Mitigation Impacts and, channel UCt telling us about the state of our climate their future. Adaptation, d0eRkjwgrp0 goals and implications and opportunities for the.
HZyp6xDeIg climate policy community in understanding impacts. and adaptation at the local scale,Sunday December 8th. A unique 24 hours virtual event all around the world. Virtual Blue,It will give the opportunity to decision makers. scientists activists artists NGOs and many more to. share and take their work to the COP25 from their,1 00 https www Virtual Blue COP 25 Axel Bertrand. Future Earth home country Additionally the 24 hour event will. 3 30 youtube com Ocean Day axel bertrand futureearth org. provide insights and updates on the international,channel UCt. climate ocean negotiations at COP25 with real time. d0eRkjwgrp0,discussion and analyses among a wide group of.
HZyp6xDeIg,participants,Updated November 26 2019 10. Global Resilience, Hilton Partnership Ocean Nathanial Matthews This session will highlight initiatives and cutting edge. 14 30 Resilient Basins Source, Madrid Risk and Resilience nmatthews globalresiliencepar research that use nature based solutions to build. 15 45 to Sea, Airport Action Alliance TNC tnership org resilient basins from Source to Sea. Monday December 9th,Moana Blue Project Ocean Ms Paula Faiva.
11 15 Government of Tokelau s efforts to build resilience of ecosystems. Pacific Acidification Tokelau, 12 15 Tokelau and communities to ocean acidification. Pavilion POAT High Level paula faiva tokelau org nz. Ocean Conservancy,Gwynne Taraska, U S Climate Natural Resources National and nonfederal leaders from the United. Ocean Climate gtaraska oceanconservancy or, 11 30 Action Defense Council States and internationally discuss ocean climate. Leadership at the Blue g, 13 00 Center NRDC International action and announce new individual and joint. Pavilion Alliance to Combat initiatives at the Blue COP. Jessie Turner,Ocean Acidification, The effects of climate change on oceans continue to.
adversely impact economies humans and,Climate proofing our International Union for. Ms Doroth e Herr biodiversity Yet the potential of coastal and marine. 11 30 Side Event Oceans and Coasts Conservation of Nature. NbS to support global mitigation and adaptation,13 00 Room 1 through Nature based IUCN Ramsar. dorothee herr iucn org efforts remains underutilised New science and. Solutions NbS Secretariat,successful NbS projects will be presented and. There is a challenge between national commitments, Global ocean Government of Chile Gabriela Soto Nilo NDC and the characteristics of the ocean which. governance for Centre International de gsoton odepa gob cl goes beyond that logic In that sense a conversation. 13 15 Side Event, enhancing the ambition droit Compar de related to addressing the challenge i e of the Pacific.
14 45 Room 1, of national commitments l Environnement Kablan Jean michel ATTA Ocean in an integrated coordinated manner. on oceans CIDCE admin cidce org including integrated information measures of. integrated adaptation integrated governance etc,Ocean deoxygenation refers to the loss of oxygen. Ocean Deoxygenation, Moana Blue International Union for Ms Doroth e Herr dissolved in the ocean The launch by IUCN will. 16 30 why should I be, Pacific Conservation of Nature include key scientists involved in this major initiative. 17 30 concerned and what can, Pavilion IUCN dorothee herr iucn org and will detail some of the main findings on causes.
impacts consequences and solutions, International Union for This event will feature investors including. Climate finance for Conservation of Nature governments MDBs and private investors. Ms Doroth e Herr, 18 30 EIB Benelux coastal resilience what IUCN Government of discussing the landscape and needs for fast tracking. 20 00 Pavilion is next for Blue Natural Luxembourg investments into coastal resilience projects. dorothee herr iucn org, Capital Conservation Experiences and lessons learned from the Blue. International Natural Capital Financing Facility and other actors. Updated November 26 2019 11,will be discussed,Tuesday December 10th. This event will describe the link between climate and. oceans while exploring EbA as an approach to, reduce the impacts of climate change especially on.
Developing Ecosystem coastal communities and small scale fisheries. Ministry of Marine Frederick Stapke, 9 00 Indonesian based Adaptation in Building on the experience of country civil society. Affairs and Fisheries, 10 20 Pavilion Marine and Coastal and other organization partners the discussion will. Indonesia Rare fstapke rare org, Communities facilitate an active exchange of the best practices in. the implementation and financing of EbA to achieve. adaptation and mitigation co benefits in coastal,7 Pacific Island Countries Commit to Reduce. Moana Blue Pacific Blue Shipping Mr Taholo Kami, 10 00 Domestic Shipping Emissions by 40 by 2030 and.
Pacific Partnership Launch Government of Fiji, 11 00 to zero by 2050 This will require refinancing and. Pavilion High Level taholo gmail com,redesign of new domestic ferries for 500m. Sustainable maritime The event will highlight the most recent findings on. transport The prospects the unique economic opportunity for developing. Moana Blue Environmental Ms Aoife O Leary, 12 30 of zero emissions countries with a special focus on Chile and large. Pacific Defense Fund EDF, 13 30 shipping for Developing ocean countries with a special focus on the South. Pavilion World Bank aoleary edf org, Countries and Large Pacific islands when international shipping switches.
Ocean States from heavy fuel oil to alternative fuels. Whilst the settlement of maritime boundaries is an. Assessing the impact of,urgent action for Pacific islands UNCLOS does not. climate change and sea Secretariat of the, 16 45 Side Event Melanie Farman provide absolute certainty over ocean space in the. level rise on Pacific Pacific Community, 1815 Room 2 melanief spc int face of climate change Evaluating the legal and. islands maritime SPC, social implications of destabilising maritime zones is. boundaries,paramount for Pacific islands countries.
A panel event featuring speakers from the atolls and. Accelerating Action for, Moana Blue Coalition of Atoll Ms Tina Eonemto Stege prominent climate change experts whereby the. 17 30 Resilient Atolls and, Pacific Nations on Climate unique challenges faced by atolls and how they can. 18 30 Productive Oceans, Pavilion Change CAN CC nobrien adb org adapt and build resilience would be the main topics. High Level,of discussion,Zoe Sinclair, There is potential for coastal blue carbon to support. zoe sinclair environment gov a, Government of countries NDCs This event will highlight practical.
18 30 Side Event Integrating Coastal Blue u, Australia Conservation actions underway and launch new guidelines for. 20 00 Room 1 Carbon in NDCs, International countries considering including these ecosystems in. Carly Siege,NDCs and GHG inventories,csiege conservation org. Updated November 26 2019 12,Wednesday December 11th. This session will discuss how to build climate,Building Resilience to.
Moana Blue Lisa A Levin consciousness into spatial planning scientific. 10 00 Climate Change for the Scripps Institution of. Pacific observing and management of Pacific deep ocean. 11 00 Deep Pacific and Its Oceanography, Pavilion sio ucsd edu industries to ensure resilience and biodiversity. Deep Blue Economies,conservation,Ministerial level event hosted by Fiji Sweden. Governments of Fiji Gwynne Taraska,Norway Indonesia and Costa Rica on behalf of the. 12 00 Chile High level event on Sweden Norway,Friends of the Ocean and Climate The event will. 13 30 Pavilion ocean climate action Indonesia and Costa gtaraska oceanconservancy or. discuss the growing ocean climate movement,progress at COP25 and the arc toward COP26.
Antonio Palazuelos Prieto,apalazue2 gmail com,Cabo Verde. SIDS leadership on Gina Bonne,Commission de l ocean. ocean climate and gina bonne coi ioc org,13 15 Side Event Indien COI Sao. SDGs advancing Global Action for Climate Change Adaptation. 14 45 Room 1 Tome and Principe,adaptation and private Dynka Amorim dos Santos. World Ocean Council,sector engagement dynkaamorim gmail com.
Paul Holthus,paul holthus oceancouncil org, With the lead of Fiji and Marshall Islands the Pacific. Moana Blue Pacific Islands Mark Borg Blue Shipping Partnership brings together a number. 13 45 Pacific Blue Shipping, Pacific Development Forum of Pacific Island countries and development partners. 14 45 Partnership High Level, Pavilion PIDF mark borg pidf int to improve and clean their domestic shipping through. increased investment in the sector,Building indigenous. community resilience Micronesian countries represented by SPREP have. Dena Seidel, Moana Blue through a transition to joined with the Okeanos Foundation on a Green.
16 15 Okeanos Foundation, Pacific low emission sea Climate Fund proposal to strengthen indigenous. 17 15 for the Sea dena seidel okeanos, Pavilion transportation in the community resilience through access to modernized. foundation org, Micronesian region High traditionally based open ocean sailing canoes. Climate Change and, Ocean Action Reception The event will be a high level reception 90 min for. Moana Blue, 16 30 Bridging the Blue gap Commonwealth Heidi Prislan ministers and senior officials of the Commonwealth.
18 00 between climate Secretariat h prislan commonwealth int member countries hosted by the Commonwealth. ambitions and ocean Secretariat in partnership with the government of Fiji. Updated November 26 2019 13,Thursday December 12th. Building on the Fishing for Climate Resilience, project which is part of the International Climate. Fishing for Climate, Initiative IKI this event co hosted by Rare and the. Resilience Empowering, NDC Frederik Stapke Global Island Partnership GLISPA will showcase. 12 00 Coastal Communities to Rare Global Island, Partnership the why and how of empowering local communities.
13 00 Adopt Nature Based Partnership GLISPA, Pavilion fstapke rare org to adopt and own nature based solutions that build. Solutions for NDC, the foundation to the implementation of nationally. Implementation,determined contributions NDCs and national. adaptation plans NAPs, Harnessing the potential of the ocean in SIDS implies. maximizing economic and social benefits while, Moana Blue Innovative technologies Anna Ricoy minimizing the adverse effects on ecosystems and.
12 30 Food and Agriculture, Pacific for climate resilient climate change across fisheries and aquaculture. 13 30 Organization FAO, Pavilion fisheries in Pacific SIDS Anna Ricoy fao org sectors The event will present transformative and. scalable digital and technological innovations that. promote livelihoods resilience in Pacific SIDS,Mr G bor Figeczky IFOAM. International,g figeczky ifoam bio,Federation of Organic. Agriculture Movements Transforming our food system is key to increasing. Mr Martin Herren BV, IFOAM soil carbon and reducing ocean acidification to.
m herren biovision ch, Transforming Our Food Biovision Foundation combat climate change Learn how farmers. 15 00 Side Event, System to Support for Ecological pastoralists marine biologists scientists and food. 16 30 Room 1 Ms Ercilia Sahores RI, Natural Carbon Sinks Development BV advocates are collaborating in new ways to. ercilia regenerationinternation, Regeneration regenerate ecosystems to meet the Paris Agreement. International RI and the SDGs,Shinji Shumeikai,Ms Brianne Chai Onn.
bchaionn yahoo com, Fiji will launch its Ocean Policy and do a soft launch. of a Coalition that is committed to 100,Moana Blue 100 Integrated Taholo Kami. 16 15 Management of its EEZs and 30 MPA by 2030,Pacific Management of EEZs Government of Fiji. 17 15 This will ensure that countries commit to a robust. Pavilion 30 Protection by 2030 taholo gmail com,management regime of their EEZs that enable a. sustainable ocean and strong blue economy,Insights from the Government of Kiribati and the.
A blue and Resilient atoll Phoenix Island Protected Area PIPA Sharing. Moana Blue Choi Yeeting, 17 30 nation Kiribati perspectives challenges and success of resilient. Pacific Government of Kiribati, 18 30 perspectives High development and capitalising on the existing. Pavilion choi ob gov ki, Level mechanisms in place to safeguard our vast ocean. area and marine ecosystems and resources,Updated November 26 2019 14.

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Clinical Cases in Implant Dentistry Edited by Nadeem Karimbux, DMD, MMSc Professor of Periodontology Associate Dean Academic Affairs Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Boston, MA USA and Hans-Peter Weber, DMD, DrMedDent Professor and Chair Department of Prosthodontics Tufts University School of Dental Medicine Boston, MA USA

Bardes/Shelley/Schmidt, American Government and Politics ...

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Bardes/Shelley/Schmidt, American Government and Politics Today: ... KnowNow American Government Blog ... politics. , American government. ...

ACP Resident and New Prosthodontist Mentoring Center

ACP Resident and New Prosthodontist Mentoring Center

As an active clinician she has co-authored Clinical Cases in Prosthodontics (Blackwell-Wiley. 2010) with other departmental faculty and the book is available in five languages. She has an oversight of the Prosthodontics curriculum and patient care in the DDS and Advanced Education Programs in Prosthodontics at NYU. The

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Personale degli enti locali Caterina Oddone ordinamento

713 Parte tredicesima Personale degli enti locali: ordinamento previdenziale Caterina Oddone TITOLO I Il riordino degli enti e istituti previdenziali Cap. I Le Casse Pensioni



POLITICAL SCIENCE 1 : AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Fall 2013 (8/27/13 to 12/10/13) ... American Government & Politics Today, The Essentials 2013-2014 edition. Wadsworth.

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Sinergi Litbang Botani dan Anatomi Kayu

komersial seperti rempah-rempah, cendana, gaharu, kamper dan kemenyan. Ekspedisi Linschoten ini membuka jalur perdagangan tersendiri dan tampaknya memicu para saudagar di Belanda untuk mendirikan perserikatandagang VOC (Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie) pada tahun 1602. Sedangkan Rumphius, seorang Jerman pencinta alam