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COMMITED TO CONTINUOUS GOOD REASONS,IMPROVEMENT FOR CONTROLLED. ELONGATION MACHINES,User friendly operation,All of our CEMs have been. designed for easy use An up,to date HMI human machine. interface ensures ef cient,troubleshooting and facilitates. easy operation control Readily,accessible components.
cylinders rolls etc make,maintenance and replacing parts. easy and ef cient,Mechatronic package for, YOUR CHALLENGE OUR SOLUTION optimized functionality. Flat rolled steel producers are facing a Primetals Technologies has been a The mechatronic package is a. trend towards zero defect tolerances leader in the iron and steel business combination of technological and. regarding surface and shape quality for Controlled Elongation Machines electrical automation know how. This trend is now becoming the CEM since 1953 Building on our for optimized functionality. standard in the whole steel industry expertise we have created an ongoing. automotive packaging appliance global evolution program for all CEM Complete workshop testing. building etc types Our CEMs continue to achieve Our CEMs are assembled and. all crucial success metrics and are tested in our workshop in. Such performance requires a perfect supported by numerous patents that Montbrison France Testing. knowledge and control of the result in higher performance increased includes mechanical adjustments. production Yet the development reliability and better adaptability to hydraulic pressure tests and. of new steel grades e g ultra high innovations in steel high strength automation Every CEM is ne. strength steels have introduced a lot steel etc tuned to make its integration. of changes in the way steel is made into your facility as smooth as. making this more dif cult to achieve The rst step of our program included possible Since 1994 Primetals. the redesign of our existing skin pass Technologies workshop in. In addition the push towards high mills and tension levelers with a focus Montbrison France has complied. throughput rates and yield requires on three models light medium and with the international quality. fully automatic equipment running heavy Over the past decade this has standards ISO 9002 then ISO. without operator assistance generated more than 100 satis ed 9001 today. customers in all parts of the world,Perfect integration. The second step involved the Our CEMs have been designed. creation of a new generation of for a perfect integration into. multi roll tension levelers for tinplate processing lines The easy. production Today our products customizing through peripheral. include CEMs for different applications equipment and clear interfaces. such as pickling lines metallic and allows the installation in existing. organic coating lines annealing lines or own line design. lines and nishing lines inspection,recoiling painting etc. MAIN TASKS ADVANTAGES OF STRIP PROCESSING, CONTROLLED ELONGATION MACHINES UNDER CONTROLLED ELONGATION.
TEMPER MILL SKIN PASS MILL,Metallurgical property improvement YPE removal. Roughness transfer,Flatness improvement,TENSION LEVELER. Metallurgical property improvement YPE removal,Flatness improvement. SCALE BREAKER FOR HOT ROLLED STEEL,Flatness improvement. Scale cracking,MULTI ROLL TENSION LEVELER,Flatness improvement.
Internal stress removal by multi roll unit, Tension leveller Continuous galvanizing line Multi roll leveler Electrolytic tinning line Scale breaker. APPLICATION IN PROCESSING LINES Primetals Technologies has chosen the controlled. elongation method because of the numerous advantages to. Type of line Skin pass mill Tension leveler Scale breaker Multi roll tension be gained direct elongation control permits the processing. leveler of metal strip with yield and tensile strengths close to each. Continuous galvanizing line Roughness transfer Flatness improvement other without the risk of strip break during processing. YPE removal YPE removal, Continuous annealing line Elongation remains constant for a given operation and is. not in uenced by any of the following factors, Continuous pickling line Roughness transfer Flatness improvement. Scale breaking Variations in strip gauge,Push pull pickling line. Carbon Steel,Variations in strip width, Inspection line Flatness improvement Flatness improvement.
YPE removal Internal stress removal Mechanical and or metallurgical properties of strip. Skin pass leveling line Roughness transfer Variations in strip velocity. YPE removal, Electrolytic galvanizing line Flatness improvement Variation of the friction coef cient. Electrolytic tinning line Flatness improvement It follows that during skin passing whether or not in. Internal stress removal, combination with tension leveling the ratio of rolling. Electrolytic chrome coating line tension can easily be modi ed while maintaining. elongation to the target value and therefore obtain the. Skin pass leveling line Roughness transfer Flatness improvement. Stainless Steel,YPE removal desired quality,Hot annealing pickling line Flatness improvement. Scale breaking, Cold annealing pickling line Roughness transfer Flatness improvement. YPE removal YPE removal,Leveling line Flatness improvement.
Inspection line,CONTROLLED ELONGATION MACHINES,DRAW ON FIVE DECADES OF. As a globally active full liner we provide you with Not only do we provide cutting edge technology we also. expertise that is unique in the steel production industry offer top notch service In everything we do our goal is to. Backed by our extensive experience our product solutions improve your plant s performance. ensure that every aspect of your production process is. SKIN PASS MILL SCALE BREAKER, SPM 21 L SPM 21 M SPM 21 H SB 21 L SB 21 M SB 21 H. With Primetals Technologies you This is a time tested technology. bene t from the experience of a world Roll force kN 5 000 7 500 10 000 15 000 from Primetals Technologies The Tension kN 500 750 1 000. leader in these technologies Our scale breaker is comprised of a stand. solution range encompasses skin Bending kN 900 900 1 200 including two sets of two leveling Work roll diameter kN 60 60 80. pass mills that cover all applications units and an anticrossbow unit a. Work roll diameter mm 415 450 600 450 600 Anti cross bow roll diameter mm 100 110 110. With rolling force capacities ranging dust collection system wet or dry. from 500 to 1 300 tons skin pass mill Back up roll diameter mm 750 1 000 1 120 process as well as entry and exit Back up roll diameter mm 100 120 120. stands can be of two high or four high tension bridles with their respective. design thus providing a best in class Maximum strip width mm 1 700 1 850 2 100 drive systems More than 50 of these Maximum strip width mm 1 600 1 850 2 100. solution whatever your application timetested machines are operating. TENSION LEVELER TL 21 L TL 21 M TL 21 H, The purpose of the tension leveling MULTI ROLL TENSION LEVELER MTL 21 L MTL 21 M. stand is to improve product atness Tension kN 120 250 350 Due to increasing demand tinplate. Tension kN 65 85, by stretching all of the longitudinal producers are now supplying thinner. Work roll diameter mm 25 40 40, structures in the metal strip to equal average product gauges and double Work roll diameter mm 25 25.
length The operation consists of Anti cross bow roll diameter mm 40 70 70 reduced DR materials that are. submitting the strip to an elasto dif cult to level because of their Multi roll unit diameter mm 40 40. plastic deformation with controlled Back up roll diameter mm 47 74 74 light gauge high yield strength and. elongation with several six high internal stress To respond to these Back up roll diameter mm 47 47. leveling cluster assemblies An anti Maximum strip width mm 1 270 1 700 2 100 more stringent market requirements a Maximum strip width mm 1 270 1 400. crossbow roll located downstream few years ago Primetals Technologies. of the leveling rolls eliminates the developed a new type of tension. crossbow and coilset induced by a leveler speci cally designed for high. strip passing over a small diameter roll quality production in electrolytic. tinning lines and tinplate inspection,and leveling lines. SKIN PASS MILL TENSION LEVELER, Flatness close loop control SPM 21 M Continuous galvanizing line TL 21 M Electrolytic galvalizing lne TL 21 M Wet process for stainless stell processing line. With more than 450 references worldwide Primetals As a mechatronic package Primetals Technologies supplies Primetals Technologies is the world leader in these Application CAL CGL APL TM TL lines. Technologies is undeniably the world leader in these the total automation system from the actuators up to the technologies with 35 tension levelers in the past ve years recoiling lines. technologies preset generation as well as supervision Tension leveling stands include several six high leveling Function Flatness improvement and yield. cluster assemblies on which the strip is subjected to point elongation removal. In most cases the equipment comprises four high mills with The main functions are elasto plastic deformation under controlled elongation in. one or two work roll diameters The equipment integrates order to stretch the strip s longitudinal structures to equal Product thickness 0 2 to 5 mm. positive and negative bending blocks an automatic pass LEVEL 1 length and to eliminate residual crossbow and coilset. line adjustment device a quick automatic work roll change Sequential control for auxiliaries Product width 500 to 2 100 mm. system ef cient roll cleaning tools high performance Tension leveler entry and exit tension bridles can be driven. Drives control Product yield strength Up to 1 200 Mpa. automation and a wet rolling unit when required with different systems interconnecting gear boxes or. Hydraulic screw down control loops all electrical drives depending on the application Line speed Up to 650 mpm. Primetals Technologies offers an extensive range of skin It is often desirable to combine the skin pass and tension. Speed and tension controls, pass mills to cover all applications With rolling force leveler with an intermediate tension bridle in a versatile. capacities ranging from 500 to 1 300 tons skin pass mill Flatness measurement and regulation using multivariable system This facilitates the production of different types of. stands can be of two high or four high design depending theories high quality strip. on the application Elongation control by force and or tensions. Mill master which generates references for speeds and. Application PPPL CPL CAL CGL APL TM, Function Surface roughness nishing and Preset generation based on mathematical models and or. yield point removal neuronal models, Product thickness 0 20 to 6 50 mm Networks with self adaptation.
Product width 500 to 2 100 mm Data logging and production reporting. Product yield strength Up to 1 250 Mpa,Line speed Up to 600 mpm. SCALE BREAKER MULTI ROLL TENSION LEVELER, SB 21 L Push pull pickling line SB 21 H Pickling line tandem cold mill MTL 21 L Electrolytic tinning line MTL 21 L Electrolytic tinning line. A time tested technology from Primetals Technologies that The achieved strip atness correction of wavy edges Primetals Technologies has patented the design of a minus 25 mm and plus 20 mm with a crossbow of less. has resulted in orders for more than 50 machines delivered buckles camber and crossbow is sensational with results number of tension levelers and has supplied more than than 20 mm For the differential bow blanks 100 of the. worldwide since 1978 The scale breaker is composed of of less than 5 I units on processed strips The improvement 50 tinplate units worldwide since 1969 including 15 of products display a differential bow blank of less than 13. a stand including two sets of two leveling units and an in pickling ef ciency can lead to a capacity increase of the multi roll type in the last 15 years The most recent mm 100 of the wavy edge products display a slope of. anti crossbow unit a dust collection system wet or dry 30 generation is a compact and highly rigid machine with less than 1. process as well as entry and exit tension bridles with their integrated tension bridles that operate automatically. respective drive systems The strip in the stand is subjected in a controlled elongation running mode based on a. to a series of alternating exions under tension on the work preset database system Entry and exit tension bridles. rolls This results in an elongation of the strip and corrects Application Carbon steel PPPL CPL are interconnected and driven by a gearbox drive with Application ETL ECCL TL lines recoiling. atness defects The oxide layer is cracked and partially Stainless steel CAL APL differential The drive enables a very slight and accurate lines. removed from the strip thus increasing the ef ciency of the reduction of the entry bridle speed in order to set the. acid pickling process The machine operates automatically Function Flatness improvement elongation The leveling stand includes exible tension Function Internal stress removal. in controlled elongation mode using a preset database Increase in descaling and pickling leveling units and a multi roll unit. system Product thickness 0 6 to 8 0 mm Product thickness 0 1 to 0 8 mm. Nearly the entire elasto plastic deformation of the strip. The scale breaker is also equipped with a quick work roll Product width 500 to 2 100 mm is carried out in the exible tension units The aim of the Product width 500 to 1 400 mm. changing device which operates when the line is running as multi roll unit is to reduce coilset and nally to ensure that. well as a complete hooding of the stand to prevent Product yield strength Up to 600 Mpa the internal residual stresses are balanced throughout Product yield strength Up to 1 200 Mpa. pollution to the surroundings and back up rolls with built the cross section of the material Since most tinplate. Line speed Up to 500 mpm Line speed Up to 700 mpm, in air blowing systems to prevent dust penetration tension levelers are able to address severe wavy edges. other shape characteristics such as crossbow coilset and. bow blanks remain critical for light gauge hard products. such as DR materials These requirements are now met. by the integrated multi roll tension leveler from Primetals. Technologies The industrial results achieved on DR material. show that 100 of the products have a linebow within. CONTROLLED ELONGATION TEST LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT,FACILITY PARTNERSHIP NEVER ENDS. TEST FACILITY AT MONTBRISON The test facility also features a cold rolling or temper mill PRIMETALS TECHNOLOGIES LIFE CYCLE SERVICES In the short term Backed by our extensive experience with. Primetals Technologies has designed a full scale controlled stand which can be con gured as a two high with 300 mm As a plant operator you have con icting needs On the one many reference plants we provide you with the certainty. elongation testing facility with enough versatility to be diameter rolls and as a four high with 140 mm diameter hand your performance is measured each quarter against of fast dependable production start up and shorter. able to process a wide range of materials It is used for work rolls Maximum rolling force is 1 200 kN with a short term pro tability expectations On the other hand amortization periods. conducting research and development work as well as maximum tension exerted on the strip of approximately 60 you have to think on a totally different timescale compared. testing customers samples It is designed to operate under kN that is monitored by tensiometers with the capital market Depending on the lifetime of your In the long term Our master plan guarantees competitive. conditions similar to those found in all applications that use plant you have to take 15 years or more into account At performance for your plant in every phase of its life cycle. controlled elongation technology Machine components the very least that is 60 full quarters Whether we re providing 24 7 technical support optimizing. such as exing units type and number of tension bridle maintenance or making permanent plant improvements. rolls and interconnecting drive trains can be adapted to But thanks to our comprehensive expertise and integrated we are always working to ensure the cost effective. simulate various strip nishing operations approach to solutions you bene t both short term and operation of your plant. long term from our life cycle services,EXCELLENCE FROM EXPERIENCE.
Selected success stories with controlled elongation machines for processing lines. SKIN PASS MILL,Customer ArcelorMittal Mardyck France. Plant type SPM H in continuous galvanizing line, Our solution 1 200 ton skin pass mill mechatronic package. The result Good results in roughness transfer on strip for automotive. Technical data Width 900 1 680 mm thickness 0 50 2 00 mm. Other references Tata Steel Posco Baosteel,TENSION LEVELLER. Customer Pangang China,Plant type TL in a continuous galvanizing line. Our solution 25 ton tension leveller,The result Good atness with wide products.
Technical data Max Width 1 650 mm thickness 0 50 3 00 mm. Other references Masteel ArcelorMittal Tata Steel Posco. SCALE BREAKER,Customer Tangshan China,Plant type SB M in a PLTCM. Our solution 65 ton scale breaker, The result Good atness and scale removal on hard product. Technical data Max width 1 620 mm thickness 1 50 6 0 mm. Other references Posco ArcelorMittal USS Posco,MULTIROLL TENSION LEVELLER. Customer Rasselstein Andernach Germany,Plant type MTL H continuous annealing line. Our solution 8 5 ton multiroll tension leveller mechatronic package. The result Internal stress removal on DR product, Technical data Width 900 1 400 mm thickness 0 10 0 70 mm.
Other references ArcelorMittal Tata Steel Posco,Primetals Technologies France SAS. A joint venture of Siemens Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. and Partners,41 route de Feurs,42600 Savigneux Cedex. primetals com,Brochure No T08 0 N365 L2 P V3 EN,Printed in France. 2015 Primetals Technologies France SAS,All rights reserved. The information including e g figures and numbers provided. in this document contains merely general descriptions or. characteristics of performance based on estimates and. assumptions which have not been verified It is no representation. does not constitute and or evidence a contract or an offer to. enter into a contract to any extent and is not binding upon the. parties Any obligation to provide and or demonstrate respective. characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of. the contract These estimates and assumptions have to be analyzed. on a case to case basis and might change as a result of further. product development, Primetals Technologies excludes any liability whatsoever under.
or in connection with any provided information estimates and. assumptions The provided information estimates and assumptions. shall be without prejudice to any possible future offer and or. Any use of information provided by Primetals Technologies to the. recipient shall be subject to applicable confidentiality obligations. and for the own convenience of and of the sole risk of the recipient.

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