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Legal Notices, ORIGIN ACCOUNT EA REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO ACCESS ONLINE FEATURES. ACCESS TO CERTAIN ONLINE CONTENT AND OR FEATURES ALSO REQUIRES. REGISTRATION WITH THE SINGLE USE SERIAL CODE ENCLOSED WITH NEW. FULL RETAIL PURCHASE REGISTRATION FOR CERTAIN ONLINE CONTENT AND. OR FEATURES IS LIMITED TO ONE ORIGIN ACCOUNT EA PER SERIAL CODE. WHICH IS NON TRANSFERABLE ONCE USED MUST USE THE SAME ORIGIN. ACCOUNT ON PLAYSTATION 3 AND PLAYSTATION VITA TO RECEIVE BONUS. CONTENT ADDITIONAL SERIAL CODES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE YOU MUST. BE 13 TO REGISTER EA ONLINE PRIVACY POLICY AND TERMS OF SERVICE CAN. BE FOUND AT www ea com INCLUDES SOFTWARE THAT COLLECTS DATA. ONLINE TO PROVIDE INGAME ADVERTISING EA MAY RETIRE ONLINE FEATURES. AFTER 30 DAYS NOTICE POSTED ON www ea com 2 service updates. 2012 Electronic Arts Inc EA EA SPORTS and the EA SPORTS logo. are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc The mark John Madden and. the name likeness and other attributes of John Madden reproduced. on this product are trademarks or other intellectual property of. Red Bear Inc or John Madden are subject to license to Electronic. Arts Inc and may not be otherwise used in whole or in part without. the prior written consent of Red Bear or John Madden All rights. reserved NFL materials 2012 NFLP NFL PLAYERS materials. 2012 NFL PLAYERS All other trademarks are the property of their. respective owners,Table Of Contents,Connected Careers 4. Backstories 5,New Ratings 8,Player Types Schemes 10. Overview Where can I start 19,Being a Coach 21,Progressing Players 22. Scouting 24,Re Signing Players 28,Free Agent Bidding 30.
Contract Offers 32,NFL Draft 33,Team Profiles 35,Legends 163. Connected Careers,What is Connected Careers, Live the NFL dream whenever you want wherever you want in a. fully interactive social and connected online experience Create. your personal legacy or relive an all time legend s as you build. the ultimate franchise as a coach an NFL superstar or yourself. Manage your team from your console the web or mobile phone. in a 24 7 world as NFL insiders and experts analyze praise and. criticize every move along the way,Getting Started. You can choose to startup a Connected Career as a player or. coach In both cases you then select whether or not you want to. take over a current NFL player or coach create a player create. yourself using EA SPORTS Game Face or as a NFL Legend. Backstories, When creating a player or coach in Connected Careers you ll also. select a backstory in order to distinguish them This backstory. will affect your character during your career so it s important to. understand what each one does,Coach Backstories, You ll be cut from the same cloth as John Madden and Vince.
Lombardi Your players will lay it all on the line for you and you ll. attract free agents as well Being a motivator will also give you a. 25 discount on packages that increase a free agent s interest in. signing with your team as well as 25 off packages to decrease. the odds of a player retiring,Strategist, You re one of the smartest men in football when it comes to the. X s and O s perhaps the next Bill Walsh Being a strategist will. give you a 25 discount on XP boost packages the Coach XP. package discount packages which reduces the XP cost for your. players and the Predictability Package,Team Builder. Being the head coach is only one of the hats you wear Scouting. and roster management are also key components of your abili. ties Being a team builder will give you a 25 discount in packages. that increase the interest of a player re signing with you the. Expert Scout Package and Trade Influence Package,Coach Level. Coach Progression, Each coach in Madden NFL 13 will have a Coach Level It begins. at Level 1 and will go up to Level 4 If you create a coach you ll. enter the league as a Level 1 This will give you easier team goals. but you ll be paying full price for packages As you begin to. have success you ll begin to level up A Level 4 coach will have. extremely high team goals but will be able to purchase packages. at a discounted price,Player Backstories,High Draft.
You re essentially a first round draft pick You ll come in with the. highest ratings but will also have lofty goals that will be tougher. to meet Choosing this backstory gives you the quickest way to. crack the starting lineup and contribute right away. You ve been drafted near the end of the draft You ll have medio. cre ratings and will have to really excel in practice and in the pre. season just to earn a few snaps in your first year However your. goals will not be set quite as high Choosing this backstory makes. it less likely to see significant playing time in year one but has. the chance to develop later on, You ve been completely ignored and were not selected in the. draft Your ratings will be much lower than the other backstories. and you ll have to scratch and claw for every piece of XP you can. get Choosing the backstory will provide the toughest grind and. you can expect to not see much playing time in the first season. New Ratings, Five brand new ratings are introduced in Connected Careers and. play a big role These ratings give each team an authentic identity. to who they are and how they construct their football team It will. be important to understand what these new ratings do and how. they are calculated These new ratings do not affect your player. on the field but instead are used to help shape the personality of. each NFL organization,Physical Rating, Calculated from a player s physical ratings player type and posi. tion For example a WR s physical rating would weigh heavier on. speed agility jumping and catching where as an offensive lineman. is weighed on run pass and impact blocking,Intangible Rating. Calculated off of a player s intangible ratings Player type and. position are also taken into consideration For example a QB s. intangible rating would be weighed heavier on short medium and. deep accuracy while a defensive end is weighed on block shed. ding power and finesse moves,New Ratings,Size Rating.
Calculated from the height and weight of a player while also. factoring in the position and player type of that individual For. example a Power RB who is 6 0 247lbs would have a 99 size. rating But if he were a Speed HB his size grade would be consid. erably lower,Production Rating, Calculated from the player s season and career stats position. and age It is important to understand that a rookie will enter. with a production rating of 0 That will increase as he begins to. produce on the field,Durability Rating, Calculated from a player s durability rating Injury stamina and. toughness are all factored in when determining the durability. rating The age and position of a player are taken into consider. ation as well,Player Types Schemes, It is important to understand the scheme in which your team. runs and what player type they look for at a specific position. Since each NFL team evaluates players differently it ll be essential. to know what peaks their interest and in turn value you even. higher For example if you re a receiving back looking to crack into. the Arizona Cardinals starting lineup you may find yourself buried. on the depth chart The Cardinals are a Power Run offense. looking for a Power HB Your overall rating will be lower in that. system than it will be in Miami who is looking for a Receiving HB. Player Types Schemes,Player Types,Quarterbacks,Strong Arm QB Elite Arm Strength. West Coast QB Short Accuracy and Mobility, Field General QB High Awareness Throw on the Run Play Action.
Balanced QB Decent Arm Strength Speed and Acceleration. Pocket Passer QB High Accuracy and Arm Strength,Balanced HB Decent Speed and Acceleration. Power Back HB Strength and Trucking,Speed Back HB Speed and Acceleration. Receiving Back HB Elusiveness and Catching,One Cut HB Acceleration and Ball Carrier Vision. Runner Receiver FB Catching Speed and Ball Carrier Vision. Blocking FB Strength Run and Impact Blocking,Balanced FB Decent Speed Agility and Run Blocking. Player Types Schemes,Player Types,Wide Receivers,Possession WR Catch in Traffic.
Red Zone Threat Spectacular Catch and Catch in Traffic. Route Runner Agility and Route Running,Balanced WR Decent Speed Acceleration and Agility. Speed WR Speed and Acceleration,Tight Ends,Balanced TE Decent Speed Acceleration and Agility. Blocking TE Impact Run and Pass Blocking,Vertical Threat Speed Agility and Route Running. Receiver TE Catching and Route Running,Offensive Linemen. Run Blocker OL Run Blocking Strength and Acceleration. Big Mauler OL Run Blocking Strength and Impact Blocking. Zone Blocking OL Run Blocking Agility and Acceleration. Balanced Decent Strength Awareness Pass and Run Blocking. Pass Blocker Pass Blocking Strength and Awareness,Player Types Schemes.
Player Types,Defensive Ends, Balanced 4 3 DE Decent Speed Power and Finesse Moves. 4 3 Run Stopper Strength Block Shedding and Tackling. 3 4 Run Stopper Strength Pursuit and Tackling, 3 4 Versatile Decent Physical and Intangible Ratings. Speed Rusher Speed Acceleration and Pass Rushing,Defensive Tackles. Pass Rusher DT Acceleration and Pass Rushing,Prototype DT Agility Strength and Acceleration. Nose Tackle DT Strength and Tackling,Run Stopper Strength Block Shedding and Tackling.
Balanced DT Decent Physical and Intangible Ratings. Line Backers,Cover 2 LB Zone Coverage Decent Speed and Agility. Run Stopper LB Block Shedding Pursuit and Tackling. 3 4 Pass Rusher LB Acceleration and Pass Rushing,Prototype LB Speed Agility and Acceleration. Balanced LB Decent Speed Acceleration and Agility,Player Types Schemes. Player Types,Corner Backs, Man to Man CB Man Coverage Speed Acceleration and Agility. Run Support Press Coverage Tackling Decent Speed and Agility. Balanced CB Decent Speed Agility Man and Zone Coverage. Prototype CB Speed Strength and Acceleration,Zone CB Zone Coverage and Play Recognition.
Zone Safety Zone Coverage and Play Recognition,Playmaker Pursuit Play Recognition and Awareness. Balanced Safety Speed Agility Coverage and Tackling. Prototype Safety Speed Agility and Acceleration, Run Support Safety Block Shedding Pursuit and Tackling. Clutch Kicker Kicking Accuracy and Awareness,Accurate Kicking Accuracy. Balanced Decent Kicking Power and Accuracy,Power Kicking Power. Player Types Schemes,Offensive Schemes,Balanced Offense.
A 50 50 mix of running and passing Offense is build around. having players who can do multiple things well, Offense is built upon running the ball right at the defense The. scheme values a Power HB and offensive linemen who excel at. run blocking, Offense is built on having a deep WR core and players who excel. at making plays in space Speed and acceleration is much needed. in this scheme,Vertical Offense, Offense is built around a Strong Arm QB who can get the ball. down the field There is a premium placed on players who are tall.

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