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Main Selection,Main Selection Student page 49,Preview and Predict. Ask students to read the title preview,the map and graphics and make. predictions about the story What,different kinds of desert creatures will. be discussed Have students write,about their predictions and anything. else they want to know about the story,Set Purposes.
FOCUS QUESTION Discuss the Read,to Find Out question on Student. Book page 48 Remind students to,look for the answer as they read. by Rebecca L Johnson,with illustrations by Phyllis V Saroff. Point out the Main Idea Chart in the,Student Book and on Practice Book. page 10 Explain that students will fill it,in as they read.
Read A Walk in the Desert,Use the questions and Think Alouds. to support instruction about the,comprehension strategy and skill. On Level Practice Book O page 10, As you read A Walk in the Desert fill in the Main Idea Chart. Main Ideas Details, If your students need support If your students can read the. to read the Main Selection Main Selection independently. use the prompts to guide have them read and complete. comprehension and model the graphic organizer Suggest. how to complete the graphic that they use their purposes to. organizer Encourage students choose their reading strategies. to read aloud, If your students need alternate selections choose the.
Leveled Readers that match their instructional level. BSQV Z Ug How does the information you wrote in the Main Idea Chart help you. to summarize A Walk in the Desert, Story available on Listening Library Audio CD Approaching Practice Book A page 10. Beyond Practice Book B page 10,A Walk in the Desert 49. Main Selection Student page 50,Comprehension,1 WRITER S CRAFT PRECISE WORDS. What word does the author use to tell,how the sunbeams look during the. sunrise flickering Use a thesaurus or,a synonym finder to find synonyms.
for flickering What other words could,you use to describe the look of the. sunbeams at dawn Suggested,answers gleaming glinting glistening. shimmering sparkling twinkling Why, do you think the author chose flickering 1 S unbeams are ickering over the landscape as the. instead of the other words Answers sun rises A kit fox heads for her den as another day in. the desert begins,will vary possible answer The word. flickering shows that the light was not 2 Deserts are surrounded by other kinds of landscapes. Scientists call these different land zones biomes All the. steady That makes sense because the plants and animals in a biome form a community In. sun is just coming up that community every living thing depends on other. community members for its survival A biome s climate. soil plants and animals are all connected this way. 2 USE ILLUSTRATIONS Deserts have a very dry climate They do get a little. Read the first two sentences in the rain but it doesn t come regularly One storm might. second paragraph Then use the map 3 drench a desert with several inches of rain in just a few. hours It might not rain again for months even years. key or legend to tell which biomes 50,border the desert biome in North.
America boreal forest grassland,chaparral tropical scrub forest. Remind students that map legends can,be useful sources of information Invite. small groups to research one biome Monitor and Clarify Seek Help. named in the legend and to share their, Explain Tell students that if they still don t understand a passage. findings orally visually or in writing after rereading it or asking themselves questions about it they can. seek help They should ask a teacher librarian or classmate to help. them find the answers to their questions, Discuss Ask students where they might find more information about. what the author means by a land zone or biome Ask a librarian. D QOPcZO g for reference books, Read the sentence that contains the Apply As students read the selection have them make note of other.
word climate Use climate in a different questions they have that may require some help to answer. sentence Sample answer Moisture,loving plants grow well in Seattle s rainy. Main Selection Student page 51,Comprehension,3 STRATEGY. Teacher Think Aloud I can tell there,will be many facts in this selection. I will understand what I m reading,better if I summarize information as. I read For example I can summarize,the information in the last paragraph.
on page 50 by identifying the main,idea of that paragraph The main. idea is usually stated so let me try,the first sentence If the fact that. deserts have a very dry climate is,the main idea the other sentences. should have details about that The,second sentence says deserts get. only a little rain The third sentence,says one storm might bring several.
inches of rain And the fourth says,it may not rain for months or years. Yes the other sentences support,the main idea that the desert is dry. I can show this information in the,Main Idea Chart. Main Idea Details,Deserts have a very Deserts get little. dry climate rain A single storm,might be heavy,Months or years may.
pass between rains,A Walk in the Desert 51,Main Selection Student page 52. Comprehension,4 USE TEXT FEATURES CAPTIONS,Captions are text features that are. often found in nonfiction text They,are usually placed under or next to. an illustration or photograph and,help to explain it Authors sometimes. use captions to include additional,information that is not found in the.
text What information about tortoises Desert plants provide many animals with food and. water Here comes a desert tortoise It shuf es slowly. do you learn in the caption on this, along and stops often to rest The tortoise stretches its. page Tortoises lay their eggs in sandy long neck to nibble a wild ower Tortoises rarely drink. soil The sun warms them until they They get nearly all the water they need from the. hatch plants they eat, Cacti also provide homes for desert animals Halfway. down a nearby saguaro s thick stem a Gila woodpecker. 5 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS pecks a hole in the juicy esh It is making a nest for its. What is the main idea of the last eggs Woodpeckers have nested in this cactus for many. years so they ve made many holes in it, paragraph on this page Other Other creatures have moved into some of the old. creatures use old woodpecker holes woodpecker holes A pair of ycatchers lives in one. for their homes What details support 4 Another is home to a hive of honeybees And peeking. out of still another hole is an elf owl It has white. this Two flycatchers live in one hole,5 eyebrows and erce yellow eyes. there is a hive of bees in another hole 52,and an owl lives in a third hole Add.
this information to your Main Idea,Main Idea Details. Deserts have a very Deserts get little,dry climate rain A single storm. might be heavy LIVING IN THE WORLD S DESERTS,Months or years may. Just as the plants and animals described in this selection have. pass between rains, adapted to challenging desert conditions so have many humans. Other creatures use Two flycatchers live, Point out that deserts are home to many different peoples around.
old woodpecker in one hole Bees, holes for homes live in another An the world This is not surprising when you consider the enormous. owl lives in a third size of some deserts such as the Sahara which covers 3 5 million. square miles in northern Africa A desert like the Gobi which makes. up most of Mongolia and part of China even has mountains and. forests Ask students to select one of the world s deserts and to. research a group of people who live there Have students develop. questions identify resources to use and evaluate whether the. information is applicable to the theme of adapting to desert. life Have students choose an oral written or visual method of. presentation to share their findings with the class. 6 Main Selection Student page 53,Comprehension,6 MONITOR AND CLARIFY SEEK HELP. How many years can a saguaro cactus,live Suggested answer I m not sure. 7 so I can try rereading The author talks,about how woodpeckers make nests. in the saguaro for many years but,she doesn t say how many The cactus.
is probably already grown when the,birds make their holes in it When I. ask a classmate to help me she says,the answer is next to the drawing of. the cactus on page 53 Now I see A,saguaro cactus can live as long as 200. 7 USE ILLUSTRATIONS,What information does the drawing of. the two cacti show you the difference,in size and appearance between a.
10 year old saguaro and a 60 year old,53 saguaro,Literary Devices. Explain Authors use special techniques called literary devices. to focus the reader s attention on certain things For example. figurative language including simile metaphor imagery and. personification is used to describe objects people or ideas in. unusual ways Devices such as alliteration onomatopoeia and. rhythm affect the way writing sounds when read aloud. Discuss Using sensory words and details helps authors appeal to. our senses of sight hearing smell taste and touch Ask students to. list some of the sensory words and details on page 52 Have them tell. how these increase our understanding of life in the desert Sample. answer Juicy flesh suggests why a saguaro is a good nest in the hot. Apply Have students brainstorm sensory words and details that. describe the landscape plants or animals of their local area. A Walk in the Desert 53,Main Selection Student page 54. Comprehension,8 COMPARE AND CONTRAST,How is the wood rat s home different. from the woodpecker s home A wood,rat s home is a big mound of twigs on. the ground The woodpecker s home is,a small hole inside a cactus It is above.
Not far from the saguaro you see a very different kind. the ground of desert home Jammed between a dead cactus and a. 8 fallen tree is a huge mound of tangled twigs It s the nest. 9 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS of a wood rat,Wood rats are also called pack rats They use. What is the main idea in the second, anything they can nd to build enormous nests A wood. paragraph Suggested answer Wood rat s nest might be made of sticks rocks leaves cactus. rats use various materials to build large spines or even bones It may be as tall as a person. nests for protection from predators and and just as wide The nest protects the wood rat from. foxes hawks and other predators It is also a cool, heat How did you find your answer place to hide from the hot sun. Suggested answer I read the entire,paragraph to find all the supporting. details Then I used the details to draw,a conclusion about the main idea.
Main Idea and Details, Add this information to your Main Idea What is the main idea in the. Chart 9 second paragraph,Main Idea Details,Deserts have a very Deserts get little. dry climate rain A single storm,might be heavy,Months or years may. pass between rains,Other creatures use Two flycatchers live. old woodpecker in one hole Bees,holes for homes live in another An.
owl lives in a third,Wood rats use The nests are,various materials to enormous They are. build large nests for made of just about,protection anything They. protect the wood,rats from predators, Many desert animals are nocturnal Main Selection Student page 55. They are active only at night when,it is cooler Nocturnal desert dwellers. spend their days in burrows dens and 10,other sheltered places The kangaroo rat.
and the kit fox are nocturnal They stay,underground until the sun goes down. Comprehension,10 STRATEGY,CONTEXT CLUES,What surrounding words help you. figure out the meanings of the words,burrows and dens The words burrows. and dens are in a list with the phrase,other sheltered places so they must. be kinds of shelter The next two,sentences tell the reader that the.
desert dwelling kangaroo rat and,kit fox stay underground during the. day So burrows and dens must be,underground shelters. 11 MONITOR AND CLARIFY SEEK HELP,How large are elf owls If students are. not sure how to answer suggest that,they reread Suggested answer The. caption says that they are the smallest,owls in the world so other owls are.
larger It doesn t say the actual size,The caption also says that they are. about the size of sparrows If I don t,know how large a sparrow is I can ask. a librarian to help me,Have students respond to the selection. by confirming or revising their,Main Idea and Details. predictions and purposes Encourage, Guide students who need help in identifying an unstated main idea them to revise or write additional.
Use the second paragraph on page 54 as an example Ask Does. either the first or second sentence in the paragraph state the main. questions to help them understand the, idea no How do you know What information is missing The first selection better. sentence talks about the animals names The second sentence says. they use anything to build their nests Neither sentence talks about Can students identify an. all the other details we learn about the nests Is the main idea stated unstated main idea by. or unstated unstated How would you state the main idea of this summarizing what they have. paragraph Answers may vary read If not see the Extra. Support on this page,Stop here if you wish to read STOP. this selection over two days,A Walk in the Desert 55. Main Selection Student page 56,Comprehension,12 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS. What is the main idea on this page,What are the supporting details The.
main idea is that some desert animals,are active during the day The animals. include insects on the move such But some desert animals are active during the day. as ants beetles and grasshoppers Insects are on the move everywhere Columns of ants. and spiders spinning webs Add this 12 march across the ground Colorful beetles crawl up and. down stems Grasshoppers spring from leaf to leaf, information to your Main Idea Chart Insect eating spiders are busy too They spin silken. webs among cactus spines,13 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS,Reread the caption for the picture. of the painted grasshopper Explain,whether or not you think this fact. would be useful as a supporting,detail for the main idea on this page.
Suggested answer The fifth sentence,is also about grasshoppers so adding. the caption would be unnecessary The,fifth sentence could be replaced with. the caption because the caption tells 56,why the grasshoppers jump. Main Idea Details,Deserts have a very Deserts get little. dry climate rain A single storm,might be heavy,Months or years may.
pass between rains,Other creatures use Two flycatchers live. ACT IT OUT, old woodpecker in one hole Bees Write the following phrases on the board ants march beetles crawl. holes for homes live in another An, grasshoppers spring and spiders spin To help students appreciate. owl lives in a third, the author s choice of precise action verbs invite students to act. Wood rats use The nests are,out each phrase,various materials to enormous They are.
build large nests for made of just about,protection anything They. protect the wood,rats from predators,Some desert animals Insects such as. are active during ants beetles and,the day grasshoppers are on. the move Spiders,Main Selection Student page 57,The sun has climbed higher in the clear. blue sky Can you feel the heat Desert lizards 14,don t seem to mind Their tough scaly skin.
seals water inside their bodies and keeps,them from drying out Lizards rest on rocks. hunt insects and cling to cactus stems In,one small patch of desert you could see tiny. skinks chunky chuckwallas spiny horned,Comprehension. lizards and lumbering Gila monsters 14 AUTHOR S PURPOSE. Why do you think the author asks the,15 reader a question here She grabs. our attention by focusing on what we,would sense if we were in the desert.
as the sun rose higher She also helps,to point out the differences between a. person and a lizard,15 STRATEGY,Teacher Think Aloud I can better. understand the selection if I,summarize main ideas as I go along. The first main idea is that though,deserts are hot and dry many plants. and animals live there Another,is that animals build their houses.
inside of cacti by making nests,or by digging holes underground. What are other main ideas in the,Encourage students to apply the strategy. in a Think Aloud,Student Think Aloud I know that,D QOPcZO g some of the animals such as foxes. Word Structure Clues Suffixes are active mostly at night when. Explain Model Explain that suffixes are word parts that are added to. it is cooler That is one main idea, the end of a base word Suffixes change a word s meaning and often Another is that other animals such. change its part of speech Identifying a suffix in a word can help as insects and lizards are able to. the reader figure out its meaning The suffix ful means having the move around in the hot sun. quality of full of or likely to Write hopeful on the board. Think Aloud I see the base word hope with the suffix ful added I. know that ful can mean full of When I put the meaning of the D QOPcZO g. suffix and the base word together I get full of hope. Find the sentence that contains the, Practice Apply Display the words tasteful and successful Have.
word lumbering Name three other, students identify the suffix and tell what the words mean Then have. animals whose walk could be called, students find the word with the suffix ful on page 56 and tell what it. lumbering Sample answers bear,means colorful full of color. elephant hippo,A Walk in the Desert 57,16 Suddenly something streaks. Main Selection Student page 58 across your path It s a speedy. lizard and right on its heels is a,roadrunner Roadrunners can y.
Develop But these desert birds prefer to run,after lizards and the other small. animals they hunt,Comprehension Roadrunners have long strong. legs They can run as fast as many,lizards can In fact this time the. bird is faster The roadrunner,16 WRITER S CRAFT PRECISE WORDS. catches the lizard by its tail and, Why do you think the author chose 17 swallows it in one gulp.
the word streaks to use in the first,sentence on this page Suggested. answer It shows that the animals were,moving so fast that all you can see is. a streak of color as they go by What,other words could you use that have. a similar meaning Answers will vary,possible answers race charge bound. 17 STRATEGY,CONTEXT CLUES,What surrounding words help.
you recall the meaning of the word,swallows The first paragraph says that. roadrunners hunt small lizards so they,must eat them The phrase in one gulp. shows that the roadrunner is eating the,lizard Also swallows is a verb here so. I know it does not name another type,Main Selection Student page 59. Comprehension,18 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS,Which sentence in the first paragraph.
is not a supporting detail of the,paragraph s main idea Explain your. answer Nearby a jackrabbit looks,for something to nibble The other. sentences all provide details for the,main idea that jackrabbits can run fast. INFORMATIONAL NONFICTION,What facts on page 59 show that the. biome s climate plants and animals,are all connected Suggested answer.
Nearby a jackrabbit looks for plants to nibble The jackrabbit survives by eating plants. Jackrabbits are even faster than roadrunners They can 18 and outrunning most of the animals. outrun almost everything in the desert They can even. outrun coyotes most of the time,that want to eat it The coyote can. Coyotes eat rabbits when they can catch them But eat plants and other animals It is also. they will eat just about anything from birds and lizards smart enough to dig for water This. to berries To nd underground water they dig holes in. gives some examples of how plants, dry streambeds Coyotes can survive almost anywhere 19. 59 and animals are all connected to one,another in the desert landscape. STRATEGIES FOR EXTRA SUPPORT,Question 19 GENRE INFORMATIONAL NONFICTION. To elicit the connections among living things in the desert biome. write the words jackrabbits coyotes berries plants birds and lizards. on the board in a splash Have a volunteer use two of the words. to make a statement based on the text e g Coyotes sometimes. eat jackrabbits Draw a line to connect the words Continue having. students make statements and drawing lines,A Walk in the Desert 59.
By noon even the coyotes are panting,It s well over 100 degrees The sun is a. Main Selection Student page 60 reball overhead Nearly all the daytime. animals move into the shade of rocks and,20 cacti during the hottest part of the day. Comprehension,20 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS,What is the main idea on page 60 Is. it stated or unstated Explain how you,found your answer Suggested answer. The details all describe what it feels like,to be out in the heat of the desert but.
the main idea is not stated I need to,draw a conclusion about the main idea. by summarizing the details Main idea,At midday it is extremely hot in the. desert Add this information to your,Main Idea Chart. Main Idea Details,Deserts have a very Deserts get little. dry climate rain A single storm,might be heavy,Months or years may.
pass between rains,Other creatures use Two flycatchers live. old woodpecker in one hole Bees,holes for homes live in another An. owl lives in a third 60,Wood rats use The nests are. various materials to enormous They are,build large nests for made of just about. protection anything They,protect the wood,rats from predators.
Some desert animals Insects such as, are active during ants beetles and STRATEGIES FOR EXTRA SUPPORT. the day grasshoppers are on, the move Spiders Question 20 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS. spin webs Explain that sometimes the main idea is not always said in words. At midday it is Coyotes pant It is Have students tell you what they learn about the desert in the. extremely hot in the over 100 degrees paragraph on page 60 Ask questions such as What are the. desert The sun is a fireball, coyotes doing at noon Why Where do the animals go Why Explain. Animals move into, shade vocabulary as needed Ask Does one sentence tell us the main idea. What do all these sentences describe,Main Selection Student page 61.
Comprehension,21 STRATEGY,CONTEXT CLUES,How can you use context clues to. help you find the meaning of lurk,Suggested answer The previous. sentence warns people to be careful,where they sit This sentence says. the scorpions are in cracks and under,rocks The following sentences talk. about the scorpion s poisonous sting,Lurk must mean something like hide.
and be ready to attack,22 WRITING TRAIT PRECISE WORDS. Take a tip from the animals Find a place out of the. sun to rest Just be careful where you sit Scorpions In the last sentence on this page what. often lurk in crevices or under rocks during the day A 21 phrase helps create a picture in your. scorpion s tail has a stinger lled with poison Few mind of the snakes behavior Explain. kinds of scorpions can kill a person But the sting of any. scorpion is very painful how this adds to your understanding. Watch out for hiding rattlesnakes and coral snakes of the text Suggested answer The. too Their poison is deadly You don t want to get phrase within striking distance brings. within striking distance of either one 22 to life the way that snakes coil up and. spring toward their prey,Cross Curricular Connection. DESERT SURVIVAL, Share with students the fact that temperatures in the desert. may vary from extremely hot to quite cold In some deserts. temperatures may even dip below freezing Point out that a. desert s lack of trees or other protection from sun and wind is. often the reason why temperatures rise and fall so much. Invite students to consider advantages and disadvantages of. living in the desert What special supplies or kinds of energy. might they need Have them write a paragraph about what it. would be like to live in a desert You might also invite students. to conduct research about ways scientists study what is. necessary for desert survival Have them use visuals to report. their findings,A Walk in the Desert 61,Heat waves shimmer above the landscape The. leaves of the mesquite trees curl up Curled leaves lose. Main Selection Student page 62 less water to the hot dry air The desert is very quiet. Most of the birds are silent They seem to be waiting. for the sun s erce heat to fade, Develop Gradually the sun moves lower in the sky As.
shadows grow longer the temperature starts to drop. Desert birds begin to sing again At sunset coyotes. Comprehension call to each other barking and yelping They join voices. in an eerie wailing song,23 MAIN IDEA AND DETAILS,Name the main idea on these two. pages Which statements support,the main idea Main idea Plants. and animals react to the change in,temperature as the sun goes down. Details Leaves curl up and birds,are quiet in the fierce heat As the. sun begins to go down so does the,temperature The birds sing again and.
the coyotes call to each other Then the,animals go into their shelters for the. night Add this information to,your Main Idea Chart. Main Idea Details,Deserts have a very Deserts get little. dry climate rain A single storm,might be heavy,Main Idea and Details 23. Months or years may,Name the main idea on these,pass between rains.
two pages Which statements, Other creatures use Two flycatchers live support the main idea. old woodpecker in one hole Bees,holes for homes live in another An 62. owl lives in a third,Wood rats use The nests are,various materials to enormous They are. build large nests for made of just about,protection anything They. protect the wood,rats from predators,Some desert animals Insects such as.
are active during ants beetles and,the day grasshoppers are on. Advertisements, the move Spiders Discuss Travel companies use advertisements to persuade people. to visit special or far away places Talk about print and television ads. At midday it is Coyotes pant It is Ask students to listen to and critique them Which ones work best. extremely hot in the over 100 degrees, desert The sun is a fireball Ask What have students learned about things to see and do in the. Animals move into desert How could they persuade people to take a desert vacation. What words or pictures could they use to describe the desert. Plants and animals Leaves are curled and, react to the change birds are silent in the Apply Have students write an advertisement that will persuade. in temperature as heat Birds sing and people to visit the desert It can be a print ad a script for a TV. the sun goes down coyotes bark as the commercial or a brochure for a trip to the desert Have students. sun goes down, identify a target audience research sources for visuals and present.
Daytime animals, return to their their ads to the class Then have students critique each other s ads. shelters at sundown for clarity and effectiveness,.

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GCSE Specification Template

GCSE LATIN SUMMARY OF ASSESSMENT Component 1: Latin Language Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes 50% of qualification This paper will be in two sections. Section A A range of short comprehension questions testing understanding of the storyline (55% of the marks for this component). Translation of a passage from Latin into English, with a

Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading Comprehension Questions

the main idea, make inferences, or analyze and interpret the text. The passages, both ?ction and non?ction, get longer as you progress through the book, and they all have varied subjects. Some are about computers, geology, or geography, while others are about poems, philosophy, literature, or art. You will even ?nd some charts and graphs ...

Breaking News English

Breaking News English

The Article 2 Discussion (Student-Created Qs) 15 Warm-Ups 3 Language Work (Cloze) 16 Vocabulary 4 Spelling 17 Before Reading / Listening 5 Put The Text Back Together 18 Gap Fill 6 Put The Words In The Right Order 19 Match The Sentences And Listen 7 Circle The Correct Word 20 Listening Gap Fill 8 Insert The Vowels (a, e, i, o, u) 21 Comprehension Questions 9 Punctuate The Text And Add Capitals ...



Comprehension materials similar to those featured in this workbook are available online at -- an interactive teaching tool where students can take reading comprehension quizzes, earn achievements, enter contests, track their performance, and more. Supplementary materials ...

WORDS TO KNOW - Scholastic

WORDS TO KNOW Scholastic

Esperanza Rising independently. Remind them to keep the Big Question in mind as they read. Comprehension Focus Analyze Character Change Esperanza Rising is a novel about a young protagonist who deals with chal-lenges and changes in her life and finally rises above self-pity to become a strong and resilient person.

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2. Sample proformas - early years, primary, secondary phases . 3. Completed exemplars for early years, primary, secondary phases, including: Communication, language and literacy skills Expressive language and motor skills Social interactional skills Attentional skills, co-operative working Spelling, comprehension, free writing

Fluency For Comprehension Passages: Grade 1

Fluency For Comprehension Passages Grade 1

comprehension, they will increase self-efficacy and confidence. Meeting Common Core State Standards The Really Good Stuff Fluency For Comprehension Passages aligns with the following English Language Arts Standards: Fluency RF.1.4 Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. a. Read on-level text with purpose and ...

level.) Prescribed books for General English ...

level Prescribed books for General English

Premchand: The Holy Panchayat Saadat Hasan Manto: Toba Tek Singh Unit IV: a) Paragraph Writing: Descriptive and Reflexive b) Reading Comprehension Unit V: a) Tenses/ Articles/ Punctuation b) Translation of an Urdu/ Hindi passage/dialogue into English Texts prescribed shall be made available in a book that will be edited by the Department of English, University of Kashmir . Examination Pattern ...