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A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. CO P Y RIGHT IN FO 3,WALKTHROUGH DESCRIPTION 3,STARTING TIPS AND NOTES 4. TO THE WHITE FOREST 6, Section ep2 outland 01 MINE TUNNELS AND A HUNTER 6. Section ep2 outland 01a ANTLION CAVERNS 7,THIS VORTAL COIL 10. Section ep2 outland 02 ANTLION ATTACK 10,Section ep2 outland 03 ESCORT THE VORT 10. Section ep2 outland 04 THE LARVAL EXTRACT 13,Section ep2 outland 02 again ALYX GETS HEALED 15.
FREEMAN PONTIFEX 16, Section ep2 outland 05 ANTLION GUARD BATTLE AND STUCK LIFT 16. Section ep2 outland 06 MUSCLING YOUR WAY TO THE MUSCLE CAR 17. RIDING SHOTGUN 23, Section ep2 outland 06a HUNTED AT THE RADIO TOWER 23. Section ep2 outland 07 COMBINE ADVISOR AND CHOPPER 24. Section ep2 outland 08 MORE CHOPPER PROBLEMS 25,UNDER THE RADAR 27. Section ep2 outland 09 THE AUTOGUN 27,Section ep2 outland 10 WHITE FOREST INN 29. Section ep2 outland 10a WHITE FOREST BASE 31,OUR MUTUAL FIEND 33.
Section ep2 outland 11 MEET DR MAGNUSSON 33,Section ep2 outland 11a BREACH IN SILO 2 33. Section ep2 outland 11b THE MAGNUSSON DEVICE 35,Section ep2 outland 12 VALLEY OF THE STRIDERS 36. T MINUS ONE 41, Section ep2 outland 12a THE SUPERPORTAL S DESTRUCTION 41. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 2, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. CO PYR IG HT INF O, This walkthrough is copyright 2013 by Stanley E Dunigan dunigase yahoo com Stanley E Dunigan has written the most.
comprehensive walkthroughs for all the Half Life games and they can be found on PlanetPhillip Com the premier website for all. Half Life related mods and maps, This is an exclusive walkthrough that was made for the PlanetPhillip Com website during its The Replay Experience Experiment. TREE event It s not to be posted anywhere else at any time. The printable PDF version of this walkthrough was made by William Barnard bluedudowill gmail com from the author s original. WAL KT HRO UG H DESCRIPT IO N, This is a complete walkthrough of Half Life 2 Episode Two that includes all of the best tips strategies and secrets that I ve. discovered or heard about during the six years I ve been playing the game As with Half Life 2 I bought it and installed it the. very day it came out back in 2007, This walkthrough was written with a conservative play style in mind meaning that very few areas are skipped and keeping your. character healthy is always the main concern When deciding what strategies to include and recommend my top priority was to. take as little damage as possible within reason My secondary priority was to use as little ammo as possible especially rare. ammo I do often recommend using more ammo than is absolutely necessary so as to avoid compromising the top priority. My third priority was to skip nothing except for a few areas that I deemed to be way more trouble than they re worth For. instance any skippable area that has several enemies and only a health pack or two in it clearly isn t worth the damage you d. take and the ammo you d expend to clear it out especially if your health is at or near 100 Of course some side areas that I. recommend visiting may not be worthwhile for you so you ll have to make your own decisions as you go And quicksave often. Hopefully I ve written the walkthrough so that anyone can use it to improve their gameplay experience. If you have a favorite Half Life 2 Episode Two strategy or secret that isn t in this walkthrough yet send me an email at the. address listed above in the copyright section If I like it enough to include it after I try it out I ll add it to the walkthrough and. give you credit for it,VERSION 1 0 8 11 2013 NOTES AND CREDITS. This is the original version of this walkthrough so I have no one else to credit yet except for all the people who posted comments. and video links on the Half Life 2 Episode Two TREE chapters on PlanetPhillip Com. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 3, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan.
START ING T IPS AND NO T ES, This walkthrough is organized around the same major chapter divisions that the game is with these starting tips and notes put in. at the beginning If you re joining us with a game already in progress so to speak you can either search for the title of the. chapter that you re in or use the above Contents section to locate it. Each chapter s info is divided up into sections that correspond to the chunks that the game itself is divided into Whenever you. move from one section to another you ll see the word LOADING in the middle of the screen while the section you re moving. into loads up Each section has an internal codename and I use that in naming the sections in this walkthrough so that you can. use the console to see what section you re in Enable the console by going to the Options menu s Keyboard tab clicking on the. Advanced button and then clicking on the box next to Enable developer console The current section code is displayed in. the top right corner of the screen whenever the console window is up. In many places in this walkthrough I refer to the quicksave and quickrestore keys If you re not already intimately familiar with. them get that way at once To find out and or change what keys are defined for those functions go to the Options menu and. click on the Keyboard tab Note that the game calls them Quick save and Quick load I strongly advise you to redefine. quicksave to be F5 and quickrestore to be F8 or F9 That way the two keys won t be too close together That s practically an. industry standard by now anyway, Another thing you should do is go to the Options menu s Video tab then click on the Adjust brightness levels button and. move the slider all the way to the left That ll make all the game areas much easier to see in and it won t blind you or wash out. all the colors like some games full gamma settings do. If you get tired of having to constantly hold down the Duck key to crouch for extended periods consider binding the. toggle duck command to a key I like using the C key since C is the first letter of the word crouch though note that you ll. need to redefine the Send Recall Squad key to something else like X Enable the console as mentioned above if you haven t. already then use it to enter this command bind c toggle duck You can then press the C key to start crouching without having. to hold it down to continue crouching When you re ready to stop crouching hit the C key again or jump Note that the Duck. key won t do anything while you re toggled into crouch mode Also note that it s still the best one to use for jump crouches. Unlike the original Half Life many of the supplies you ll find in Half Life 2 games are condition sensitive Most supply crates will. check certain things about you when they re broken open in order to determine what to give you For example many supply. crates check your current health and armor values If either or both are below certain threshold values those crates will have. health packs and or armor batteries in them If your health and armor are both above the threshold values those crates will have. ammo boxes in them usually for the SMG or pistol Note that you ll always get something from a supply crate even if you re full. up on everything, Some loose supplies are also condition sensitive though most of them aren t You may occasionally notice an extra armor battery. or box of ammo in a supply stash that wasn t there on a previous playthrough because you weren t really low on it then but you. are this time I m not sure when the conditions for those supplies are checked but I suspect it s when you enter the chapter. section or pass through a certain trigger point In this walkthrough I ll mainly mention supply items that I ve found to be. consistent throughout my many playthroughs, There s a cool tactic that you can use in Half Life 2 games that no version of the original Half Life game allowed and that s. supply transporting You can pick up small supply items that you don t currently need such as spare ammo boxes health. packs and armor batteries and carry them along or throw them across gaps You can often carry or throw supply items past. points of no return and thereby have access to them later on I ll sometimes advise you to transport supplies in particular. situations but I won t mention it in anywhere near all of the places where it s possible to do You ll need to constantly keep this. strategy in mind and make your own decisions about when it s worth the trouble. As in the main Half Life 2 game you have three different movement speeds The default speed is running and you can make. yourself move slower by holding down the Walk key or faster by holding down the Sprint key Note that when you re. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 4, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan.
crouching there s only one speed you can move at and the Walk and Sprint keys won t do anything Whenever you re. sprinting or carrying an item along it can be useful to jump repeatedly to make yourself go a little faster I ll sometimes mention. that when it s especially important to do like when you re making a quick dash while under fire but it s something to keep in. mind at all times to help you speed things up a bit. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 5, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. T O T HE WHIT E F O REST,SECTION EP2 OUTLAND 01 MINE TUNNELS AND A HUNTER. Skip the Episode One recap if you want to by pressing ESC then look down Move forward until you reach a doorway that leads. into some water then go through it and look up a bit to see another train car you can enter Jump over the bench that s in the. way then move to the back of the car Watch through the window on the left for Alyx to appear then wait for her to use the. gravity gun to pull off the nearby door Go through the doorway and move up to her then wait for her to hand you the gravity. gun Turn left from facing the train car then go up the slope and into another wrecked train car. Blast open its left exit door then go through it and drop down After Alyx drops down follow her along until a portal storm hits. then look across from the train car you came through for a tunnel entrance Pick up the left piece of bent fencing with the gravity. gun and toss it aside then enter the tunnel and follow the mine cart track up to where you can crouch walk under a board You. could knock the board off with the gravity gun but I enjoy making Alyx shoot it off so she can get through Keep following the. track until you reach a large hole in the floor but don t drop down yet. Jump around on the junk in the area to the right of the hole so you can use the gravity gun to pull in the armor battery that s in. each of the two doorless lockers After dropping through the hole move up to the spot where a wooden table blocks the way. then hit it with a gravity gun burst to break it Crouch walk through the gap then move forward to where you can turn right and. go down some steps Move past the steps until a sleeping zombie ahead of you starts getting up then turn around and sprint. back up the steps, Wait until Alyx kills all of the nearby zombies then go back down the steps and past an overturned mine cart to find a large hole. in the floor Drop into it and turn around to see a zombie rising up behind some wooden crates then grav blast the crates into. the zombie to kill it or dodge around until Alyx kills it Go up the slope to exit the hole then move forward until you get near. the tunnel s exit As soon as you see a zombine over to the left turn around and sprint back for the floor hole Hide in it while. Alyx finishes off the outdoor combatants then go outside and look for a supply crate with two health vials in it. Move a wooden crate away from the shed s door if necessary then open it and enter the shed Go over to the back left corner to. find two cables plugged into the wall then wait for Alyx to knock down a third cable Pick its plug up and push it into the empty. wall socket then locate the shed s locked exit door Wait for Alyx s conversation with the White Forest Base to be over after. which the door will open Go through it and turn right then smash the supply crate that s in the tunnel entrance to find two more. health vials Move into the tunnel and pick up the large rock with the gravity gun then turn right and move over to where you. can throw the rock to kill a poison headcrab, Go down the steps and over to the board covered tunnel exit then turn around and follow the track up to where some smaller. boards are holding back a mine cart with two metal beam bundles on it Go through the narrow doorway that s to the left of. those boards then use the gravity gun s secondary fire to pull boards loose until the mine cart starts rolling Wait for it to crash. through the tunnel exit s boards then go down there and edge past it Look for a grassy slope over to the right then go up it. until you reach a fence Turn left and go along the fence until you can move past its left and and drop into the next area. Look between the train engine and a red ore carrying car for a couple of ladders Climb either one of them then make your way. carefully along the boards and beams until you can get onto the roof of a shed Look for a large hole in the roof that has two. sheets of metal partially covering it then toss either or both of them away so you can drop through the hole Use the button. panel that s on the console next to the windows then look for a small trap door on the floor that s held shut by a metal bar Pick. up the bar and slide it out of its brackets so the trap door will fall open then use the gravity gun to pull in and smash the supply. crate that s on the ground past it, Drop through the trap door and crouch down then follow the narrow passage along until you can turn right Quicksave then.
move very slowly forward until Alyx is attacked by the hunter that s been skulking around and making weird noises Immediately. back up as far as you can to avoid damage then wait until a vortigaunt shows up and blasts the rubble that s keeping you. pinned Move forward to exit the crawlway then wait for the vort to pick Alyx up Go through the nearby open gate and down a. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 6, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. ramp then grav blast or jump over a board Past that pull off the board that s holding some doors shut then go through them. and turn left, Go down to where you can go through an opening on the left then look to the left of some rubble to find a small elevator. Crouch drop into the elevator and locate the crowbar that s jamming its gears then pull on it with the gravity gun s secondary. fire Wiggle it around if necessary to take it then wait for the elevator to fall a short distance Crowbar bash the boards that are. covering the doorway or just crouch walk under them then go over to the nearby shed s doorway Bash the wooden table with. the crowbar then check the doorless lockers for an armor battery before moving ahead to where section ep2 outland 01a loads. SECTION EP2 OUTLAND 01A ANTLION CAVERNS, Go through the red door and turn right then jump onto the small elevator Move up to the large red wheel and turn on the. flashlight then lean on the Use item key to continuously turn the wheel and slowly raise the elevator As you ascend watch the. wall ahead of you to spot a small lambda stash with a health vial and an armor battery in it When the elevator stops going up. immediately let go of the wheel and strafe left then run forward to the wall If you keep running into the wall as the elevator. descends you ll automatically pick up the stash s armor battery and the health vial if you need it. After you fall past the lambda stash you should end up on the floor that s right below it If something goes wrong get back on. the elevator and try again Bash the wooden table that s in your way then move up to the wall shelf that s ahead to get a pistol. and a box of ammo Approach the nearby hole but don t drop into it until you get another pistol by moving among the dead. antlions to the left of the hole Get out the gravity gun and quicksave then carefully crouch drop into the hole so that you land. on some weak boards After they drop you down to the ground quickly grav blast the antlion if it hasn t already run away. Grav blast the antlion to death if it didn t escape then look for a small side room with a doorless locker in it Get the pistol and. armor battery from the locker then look for a section of fence with an open doorway in it Go down the slope past it then turn. right and wait for a small earthquake to subside Move up to the edge of the big hole then quicksave before running forward and. landing on a light colored metal cart Turn around and run forward to land on some weak boards that ll drop you down to the. next level then turn around and move forward slowly until another small earthquake happens. After it s over get out the crowbar and quicksave then drop down to the next level of the shaft and quickly whack the nearby. poison headcrab unless it s already been killed by falling debris Move up to the next hole and bash the boards that go across it. then drop down into the water Surface and jump out of the water then start down the tunnel to get another pistol Move along. until you come to a web that blocks your way then whack it with the crowbar Keep going until you come to another web then. whack it and move up to the edge of a floor hole, Get out the gravity gun and quicksave then drop down and turn left Quickly strafe right to avoid an antlion worker s toxic spit. then look next to where you dropped down for several pieces of concrete rubble Pull one of them in with the gravity gun then. wait for the antlion worker to drop back down from the area it jumped into As soon as it does throw the rubble at it to kill it If. that doesn t work you can quickrestore and try again or you can dodge around while grav throwing other rubble chunks at it. After it s dead look on the right side track for a box of shotgun ammo then quicksave before going down to where the left side. track curves to the left, Sprint around the corner and down to where you can go through an opening in the fence that s on the left Quickrestore and try.
again if you don t make it undamaged then pick up the shotgun and ammo box that are on the floor if you haven t already Move. up to the table to get a frag grenade then crouch down and use the gravity gun to pull in the two frag grenades that are under. the table Get the pistol and ammo box that are also on the table and pull in the shotgun that s on the small wall shelf Now. you re armed and dangerous, Quicksave again then strafe in and out of the fence doorway while facing the two nearby antlion workers to provoke them into. spitting at you Their spit is toxic to them too and you can trick them into killing each other It s pretty rare for them both to die. that way so strafe back into cover and quicksave again once one of them is dead Use the gravity gun to throw the explosive red. container that s next to the table at the surviving antlion worker then finish it off with the shotgun if necessary Go down to the. entrance to the workers area then look on the left for a supply crate with an armor battery in it. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 7, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. Crouch walk over the lowest metal bar to get into the workers area then look to the left for two more supply crates Crouch. walk back out then return to the fenced in side area where you got all the weapons and ammo Go to the back of it to find a. locker with an armor battery in it then open the locker s doors to find a box of shotgun ammo Bash the boards that are covering. the nearby hole then drop down it Move along the short tunnel to pick up a 357 Magnum then crouch walk up to where you. can bash a wooden pallet, After bashing the board that s just past the pallet move out of the tunnel then pull in the explosive red container that s ahead. Back up as much as you can before throwing it at the boards that are covering a narrow passage then get out the shotgun and. quicksave Sprint up to the narrow passage s entrance then double barrel an antlion worker when it appears at the other end of. the passage If that doesn t kill it quickrestore and try again Use the gravity gun to knock the barrels and large rocks out of the. passage so you can go through it then pull in one of the nearby explosive barrels. Turn left and move up to the edge of the floor then watch for another antlion worker to land somewhere in the cave that s just. ahead It ll probably land in a spot between you and the pool of water but it may not As soon as you can throw the barrel at it. then quickly switch to the shotgun or pull in a large rock to finish it off if necessary Once it s dead pick up the other explosive. barrel and carry it with you as you move into the cave and turn right Go along the path that leads around the pool and. quicksave when you reach a couple of grub worms, When you reach a path blocking web turn around and move to where you can throw your barrel at the antlion worker that. appears down near the pool It can be a bit of a pain to blow the worker up without getting injured so you might want to use. the shotgun instead Bash through the web then move on to the end of the path You could drop down to a small ledge with. some stalagmites on it but don t Instead look for a tunnel entrance in the right cave wall that s at about your level After. quicksaving do a sprint jump crouch over to that tunnel quickrestoring and trying again if you miss. Go to the back of the tunnel to find a box of 357 ammo then return to the tunnel entrance and quicksave Keep right as much. as possible while crouch dropping out of the tunnel then go over to the nearby pair of grub worms to find an armor battery and. a box of shotgun ammo If you took any damage from falling out of the tunnel you can run over the grub worms to get a bit of. health If an antlion worker comes after you from the previous area quickrestore and try again since it s pretty easy to avoid. hitting the trigger point that spawns it, Toss any unused supplies over the ridge that leads to the next area then go over the ridge and swim across to the other end of.
the pool Dive down and look for a web that you can bash or grav blast to release a couple of dead bodies and a box of shotgun. shells Down farther is another web you can break to get an armor battery Look a bit to the right of those webs to find an. underwater passage that leads to the next cave area Move through it and surface ignoring the clumsy antlion that lands in the. water and dies Move forward to find a 357 Magnum and a box of shotgun ammo near a couple of grub worms then turn right. and look near a small side pool for a box of 357 ammo. Return to where you found the 357 Magnum then look ahead to see a large cluster of barnacles After quicksaving move slowly. forward while avoiding barnacle tongues until the antlions that are messing around in the distance start coming after you. Immediately turn around and sprint back for the underwater passage s exit pool then stay in the water while waiting for any. antlions that get past the barnacles to drown After they stop coming go back to the barnacle cluster to see if there are any. more antlions to lure in Note that one of them will be an antlion worker so hang back and dodge its spit while waiting for it to. get caught by a barnacle, After all the antlions are dead make your way through the barnacle cluster and toward the back right corner of the area Watch. out for two barnacles lowering their tongues as you approach Dodge around the first one then move up to the second one. without letting it catch you Wait for an antlion to run up and get caught then go under the barnacle and quicksave Run into the. next cave room then keep strafing left and right on your side of the pool while an antlion worker on the other side spits at you. As you do that several regular antlions should leap at you and drown in the pool In the unlikely event that any make it across. the pool grav shove them into the pool, The antlion worker probably won t fall into the pool so blast it with single barrel shots from the shotgun until it s dead Stay. underwater while crossing the pool since another antlion will fly in and try to attack you After exiting the pool go down the side. passage ignoring the shy antlion worker that runs away from you When you reach a pair of grub worms with a rock next to. them move around on the grubs until you pick up two frag grenades then go down to where a rock is setting next to a single. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 8, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. grub Get out the shotgun and quicksave then move slowly forward until an antlion worker that s over to the left sees you. Immediately double barrel the worker then back up to the corner with the single grub and rock Stay there and blast workers. with single barrel shots strafing when necessary to dodge their spit Note that one of them may come at you from a left side. passage If a worker is staying way back switch to the 357 Magnum to finish it off After you kill two workers pick up a rock. with the gravity gun and quicksave The third and final worker is hiding behind the huge stone pillar that s in the back left part of. the cave so go squash it with your rock Or just stay away from it since it probably won t see you unless you go around to. where it is, After that s done find the small tunnel in the back right part of the cave and bash its web Move past the web slowly and with. the flashlight on watching for a small drop off When you find it turn around and go back the way you came all the way to the. cave with the barnacle cluster in it Swim back through the underwater passage then look around for leftover shotgun ammo. and armor batteries Carry any batteries that you don t need all the way to the tunnel s drop off then toss them into the area. past the drop off Once you re through with that drop down to get the next chapter to load. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 9, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan.
T HIS VO RTAL CO IL,SECTION EP2 OUTLAND 02 ANTLION ATTACK. Go around the corner to find a spot where you can drop down but don t do that until you ve dropped all of your imported armor. batteries down Exit the tunnel you drop into then pick up the nearby floor turret and carry it down the large ramp that leads to. the area where a vort is keeping Alyx alive Set the turret down then check both of the back corners for supplies Move any. leftover supplies out of the corners then go around to the front of the turret you brought down Pick it up then carefully. maneuver it into one of the back corners before setting it down It ll need to be facing out of the corner diagonally pointing. toward Alyx s table, Find the other floor turret near tunnel 12 and put it in the lower floor area s other back corner then bash the supply crate in. tunnel 12 to get some pistol ammo Go over to tunnel 24 s entrance and look next to a forklift for an SMG ammo crate then go. into the tunnel to find two more supply crates with pistol ammo in them After that s done go over to tunnel 36 s entrance to find. a shotgun ammo crate then watch as one of the resistance guys demonstrates the antlion sensors After that s over go back to. the forklift that s near tunnel 24 Move up to its left side then jump crouch onto its driver s seat. Move across the seat and toward the railing a bit then stop and stay there during the upcoming antlion attack waves If you re. too close to the side you boarded the forklift from antlions from tunnel 24 will come over and attack you On the other hand. being too close to the railing will enable antlions to leap at you from the opposite side of the area However the leap attack is a. lot less likely to happen and will often overshoot you when it does Also if you re facing away from tunnel 24 which you should. be in order to keep an eye on Alyx and the vort you ll be able to shoot or grav blast a leaping antlion before it can reach you. NOTE You can move through the back of the forklift s seat to get to where you can open the nearby SMG ammo crate Keep that. in mind if you want to do any shooting always use the SMG and resupply from the crate when you run out of bullets. Quicksave after every wave in which you don t take any damage and quickrestore if something goes wrong The two turrets will. eventually flame out and stop working but that shouldn t happen until right before the vort reinforcements arrive However they. sometimes malfunction a bit early which will require you to frantically shoot antlions as they swarm around Alyx s table If that. happens you could try loading your most recent quicksave or the previous one but doing that may not make the turrets stay. functional any longer, Once the vorts arrive in tunnel 12 go over to them to get them to start talking to you then quickly return to your safe spot on. the forklift After the vorts finish annihilating the last wave of antlions go around and check all of the lefover supplies including. the infinite ammo crates and the armor batteries you dropped into tunnel 36 Go over to Alyx s table and wait for one of the vorts. to move away from it then follow him into tunnel 12 After he opens a gate go through it and look for a hole in the right wall. that leads to a narrow cave tunnel Enter the tunnel and move along it until section ep2 outland 03 loads. SECTION EP2 OUTLAND 03 ESCORT THE VORT, Bash through the first web you come to then move past it to find a web you can bash to get a box of shotgun ammo After. bashing another path blocking web go past it and over to the left then wait for the vort to drop down and kill a few antlions. Quicksave after he s done with that then drop down and dodge toxic worker spit while the vort finishes off the next group of. antlions Move down the rocky path until it turns right then get out the shotgun and quicksave before moving slowly forward. When you hear some antlions spawning back up a bit and be ready to use your shotgun to help the vort kill them off. As you move on from there watch for a web on the right that you can bash to get some shotgun and 357 ammo Quicksave. there then move on slowly until an antlion worker appears just ahead Quickly back up and let the vort move past you then. follow him cautiously into a large cavern When antlions start appearing in the cavern retreat to the spot where you bashed a. web for ammo Keep your shotgun handy in case an antlion comes after you though none should When the cavern seems clear. quicksave again then move slowly into it until more antlions appear. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 10, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan.
Keep retreating and letting the vort kill antlions until you reach the back left corner of the cavern where the path slopes down. Get out the shotgun and quicksave then move down the path slope until you hear an antlion spawn Turn around and sprint all. the way back to where you bashed a web for ammo double barreling any antlions that get in your way Wait until all the antlions. are dead then go back down the path slope and along until you can enter another tunnel Watch out for any antlions that. retreated to it during the last attack, Move along the tunnel until you come to a spot with a frag grenade on the ground then look up and hit the overhead web with a. burst from the gravity gun to get a box of SMG ammo Quicksave before going around the next corner since there are several. antlions just ahead Nudge your vort pal ahead of you so he ll take care of them then proceed cautiously in case there are any. left You ll soon come to a spot where you can drop down into a large room but don t do that yet Turn around and go slowly. back the way you came while looking up at the ceiling. When you find an overhead web hit it with a burst from the gravity gun then sprint away from the live grenade that falls down. Return after it explodes to find that there s another web a ways above the first one Get directly underneath the web then jump. before hitting it with a gravity gun burst That ll break it and drop down an SMG grenade After you get it go drop into the large. room then pull in the two nearby supply crates with the gravity gun without stepping on the weak boards that they re setting on. There s also a plastic basket on those boards that has three frag grenades in it. Crouch walk up to the edge of the weak boards and crowbar bash them to remind you not to tread there then go over to the. nearby fence and bash the board that s on your side of the fence door Use the gravity gun to blast off the other three boards. then wait until the vort zaps all of the zombies on the other side of the fence Open the fence door and go through it then turn. right to find a locker with an armor battery in it Pick up the nearby explosive red container with the gravity gun then throw it at. the sleeping fast zombie that s just past the doorway on the opposite side of the room If that doesn t kill it dodge around until. the vort finishes it off, There s another fast zombie lying around in the back of the room that s past the doorway It s just underneath the dead one. that s pinned to the wall by a pickaxe Throw the explosive container that s to the right of the doorway at it and let the vort. finish it off if necessary Move into the fast zombies room and bash a supply crate if your explosives didn t blow it up then. move up to the closed gate and look through it to see two zombies lying near a shaft Shoot them with the pistol until they get. up then move left along the fence until you can see a third zombie farther back Shoot it to get it up then wait for the vort to kill. Get onto the lift that s opposite the fence then jump onto its back railing Crouch walk around on it while looking down until you. can see the corner of a supply crate a short way below Use the gravity gun to pull on the supply crate until it falls down to the. bottom of the lift s shaft then get off the lift and look in the nearby corner to find two barrels and a bundle of small metal. beams Move all three of those items onto the lift then get on it and ride it down to the bottom Pick up the metal beam bundle. and carry it off of the lift then look to the right to see a fence. Move toward the fence slowly until a zombie comes after you then back up and throw the beam bundle at it to kill it Retrieve. the beam bundle and move up next to the fence to wake up the zombine that s past it then back up and wait for it and another. zombie to come after you Kill them both with the beam bundle then go around the fence to where the zombine was to find an. armor battery and a supply crate Go back around the fence and bash the supply crate you dropped down the shaft earlier then. enter the area that has a lift in the center of it. Move up to the right end of the fence to wake up another zombine If it doesn t pull a grenade and destroy itself kill it with your. beam bundle after it makes its way around the fence Once it s dead find the opening at the left end of the fence so you can get. to the room the zombine was in Bash the supply crate then use the lever on the control panel to raise the nearby lift Go pull in. the two beam bundles and the health kit if you want it that are in the area underneath the lift then drop them off to the side. Use the lever to relower the lift then knock the wooden crate off of it. Carefully set three beam bundles on the lift to weight it down Note that there s another bundle in the nearby corner and the. one you brought in with you will work too Once that s done go hit the lever again then get on the lift and throw off two of the. beam bundles Pick up the third bundle and wait for the lift to reach the top then use the bundle to kill some of the nearby. zombies or just dodge around until the vort kills them all for you Go over to the red wheel that s to the left of the fence s gate. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 11, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. then lean on the Use item key until the gate is fully raised. Go over to the generator in the back of the area and wait for the vort to use it to open a gate Look to the right past the gate to. see a couple of mine carts with supply crates on them The carts will start rolling as soon as you do anything to any of the three. crates on the front cart so the first thing to do is use the gravity gun to pull in the crate that s on the back cart Move up to a. spot near the right side of the front cart and quicksave then pull in its front supply crate as quickly as you can Drop it as soon. as you get it free of the cart then pull and drop the middle crate followed by the third one If you re fast you can save all three. Bashing the crates you ll find that the ones from the front cart all have armor batteries in them and the other one has an ammo. box If you re not low on armor you can let one or more of the front cart s crates go without losing anything useful Once you re. done there move on down the tunnel until you come to an area with a boarded over doorway and a zombie After the vort zaps. the zombie move up to the boarded over doorway and wait for the mine cart that s on the track ahead to start rolling toward. you Quickly move out of the way then stay behind the fence while the vort zaps all the zombies and antlions in the area past. the doorway, After it s over edge past the mine cart and look up at the small ledge that s above the fence to see if there are any antlion. workers still up there If so blast them with the shotgun or nudge the vort into position to zap them Check behind the cart for a. couple of supplies then bash the cart s supply crate to get an SMG grenade Move slowly forward until an antlion worker appears. ahead of you then dodge it while the vort zaps it Turn around and use the flashlight to help you see a supply crate on the ledge. above the fence then pull it in so you can bash it. Go back and check previous areas for leftover supplies if you want to then look for a ladder on the right as you move on past the. crashed mine cart Climb the ladder and go around to where you can see into a room with a huge metal thing hanging in the. middle of it Look on top of the metal thing for a corpse holding a frag grenade then pull the grenade in with the gravity gun It ll. go live so toss it across to the other side of the room before it explodes Jump over the metal bar and drop down to the room s. floor then grav blast the bottom of the huge metal thing repeatedly until it tips over to where you can pull a supply crate out of. Bash that crate then go to the back of the room to see what was in the other supply crate The grenade s explosion. undoubtedly broke it open After quicksaving go over to the small shaft opening in the floor then grav blast the metal thing. some more if necessary to get it out of your way so you can drop down the shaft Ride the mine cart you land on until it dumps. you into a pool of water then surface and swim over to the ladder that leads up the side of the shaft Quicksave before getting. on the ladder then climb it to the top Turn around and use the flashlight to scan the two huge vertical pipes that are near the. back left corner of the shaft, There s a supply crate wedged between one of the pipes and the wall a bit lower down than the two grub worms that are over.
on the right wall If you don t see the crate it may have fallen into the water If not quickrestore and try again Use the gravity. gun to pull on the crate until it breaks or falls then climb all the way back down to the water Swim over to where the crate fell. and bash it if necessary to get two SMG grenades Go all the way back up the ladder and get off of it then go along the right. cart track to find four armor batteries Go back down the other track until you reach the start of a large cave tunnel then toss all. unused batteries into it before dropping into it, Move down the tunnel until you come to the edge of a deep chasm then turn left and move carefully along the narrow winding. stone pathway until you reach another tunnel Quicksave near its other end then nudge the vort out of the tunnel and onto the. narrow path Crouch down and very carefully nudge the vort along until he s at the end of the path then stand up and wait a bit. to see if he ll start zapping the antlions that are in the area ahead If not pop an antlion once with the pistol or grav blast it if. it s close enough then wait for the vort to kill it Repeat that as necessary until all of the antlions are dead then drop down and. look just past the thumper for a sleeping zombie, Move up against the zombie to wake it up then back up and let the vort zap it Look near the thumper for a non explosive barrel. then look across the two sets of tracks that are past the thumper to find two more non explosive barrels Pull both of those. barrels in without approaching the tracks then go make yourself a 2 1 barrel staircase in the spot where you dropped down so. you can jump crouch your way back up to the narrow path Once your barrel staircase is built and tested quicksave then go. past the thumper and onto the first track,A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 12. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. Immediately turn around and sprint for your barrel staircase then jump crouch your way up to the narrow path as quickly as you. can Run carefully along it until you re back at the tunnel exit then get out your shotgun and wait there If any antlions come. after you use the tunnel for cover while blasting them with the shotgun After the sounds of the vort zapping enemies stops. crouch walk carefully along the narrow path until you can see into the thumper s area Be ready to quickly retreat if there are still. enemies in there especially if they include antlion workers. Once the area is clear drop back down then check your barrel staircase to make sure it s still usable Go to the other end of the. area and find a small control room with a supply crate in it Bash the crate then quicksave before using the button panel that s. just above it Sprint back to your barrel staircase and jump crouch your way up it then run along the narrow path to the tunnel. exit This combat will last a lot longer but will otherwise be just like the previous one including the possibility of antlions coming. Ignore what the vort periodically yells at you about the lift arriving You ll want to wait out the entire combat so you can take. your time looking for supplies before moving on After it s finally over go back along the narrow pathways to where you tossed. down four armor batteries earlier if you need any armor then drop back down into the thumper area Climb the ladder that s to. the left of the thumper to find a box of shotgun ammo and an SMG grenade next to a chair then drop down to the ground and. dodge around while waiting for the vort to finish off the poison zombie that appears. Climb back up the ladder and look past the chair for two supply crates and a health pack then get on the metal beam that leads. across to a rickety building s second floor Look up and pull in the supply crate that s on the building s roof then carry it across. and smash it on the floor to get two SMG grenades Check around the floor to find another supply crate a 357 Magnum and a. box of 357 ammo Drop down to the ground and look all around including inside the sheds for more supply crates. When you re done get on the lift that s next to the little control room you used a button panel in earlier Crouch down in the lift s. back left corner then turn to face the front of the lift and get out the gravity gun Several antlions will leap at you and you ll. want to grav blast them away when they get close After the lift stops move off of it and go along the metal walkway to reach a. room with a supply crate a box of shotgun ammo three SMG grenades and three frag grenades Wait for the vort to use the. generator to open a gate then go past it and down a dark passage to reach a room with a dead guy in a chair. Get the shotgun that s next to the dead guy if you need it then bash the wooden table and bench that are next to the room s. closed door Go through the door and down some steps then move forward slowly until the antlion guardian bashes some. boards and a supply crate ahead After it runs off go see what the supply crate had in it then look to the left for a ramp Go. up the ramp and drop through a floor hole then move on to where a large screen blocks your way Use the flashlight to help you. see the two boards that are propping the screen up from the other side then blast them both with the gravity gun. Go across the screen after it drops then head left at the path split to find a supply crate Go the other way to find another. propped up screen then back up to where it won t squash you when it falls After quicksaving pull on the board that s propping. it up with the gravity gun until it breaks moving forward a bit if you re too far away Quickly back up as soon as the screen starts. falling then run across it and up to a mine cart Grav blast the mine cart s right side to knock it over then go around and get the. armor battery that s in it After that move on to where section ep2 outland 04 loads. SECTION EP2 OUTLAND 04 THE LARVAL EXTRACT, Follow the track until you reach an elevator shaft then go around to where you can get onto a small wooden platform that s next. to the elevator Look down to see another wooden platform a bit below you then quicksave before sprinting off the end of your. platform and dropping down to the lower one Move up against the bit of railing then look down the big red lit tunnel to see a. large fan that s jammed by a wooden table Blast the table with the shotgun then wait until the fan stops working Jump into the. tunnel and move up near the fan then examine it with the flashlight on to see that it has a missing blade. Move as far to the right as you can then grav blast one of the lower fan blades to turn the fan a little bit Keep that up until the. missing blade is at the bottom of the fan then crouch walk through it Go along the tunnel until you come to a hole then drop. down and wait for the web you land on to break Bash through two more webs to get dropped into a large pool then surface and. look nearby for a steep slope that leads up to a small rocky ledge Watching out for a nearby barnacle run and jump your way. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 13, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan.
up the left edge of the slope to find an armor battery. Get back into the water and swim over to the other side of the pool Dive down and bash an underwater web then go past it and. bash another web Go past it and surface in another large pool that has three barnacles dangling their tongues down into it. Swim to the other end of the pool then get out and look to the right for a tunnel with a box of pistol ammo in it Move down the. tunnel until you reach a spot with a grub worm on the right wall then get out the shotgun and quicksave Move past the grub. and around the next corner to reach the tunnel s exit then hang back while an antlion worker spits at you. Right after that happens run up to the tunnel exit and try to double barrel the worker before it can spit again If you hit it. without killing it immediately back up for cover then repeat the process If you take any damage to your armor quickrestore. and try again Once that worker is dead drop out of the tunnel and turn right then keep left while slowly crouch walking along. until you can see part of another worker ahead Make sure it hasn t seen you then quicksave before carefully sneak shooting it. once with the 357 Magnum Strafe over to the right wall then crouch walk slowly along it until you can sneak shoot that same. worker again killing it, Sneak down to a path intersection then turn right and go over to the edge of a drop off Quicksave then sprint forward so that. you drop down just to the left of the cluster of stalagmites Sprint down the left side of the narrow path and squeeze by the. antlion guardian on its right side your left then keep sprinting along until you can push your way into a small tunnel If the. guardian manages to head butt you at any point quickrestore and try again until you make it undamaged Move along the tunnel. until you drop down then move forward and bash a web. Wait for the antlion guardian to run past then immediately drop down and run after it while watching the left wall for a tunnel. opening Quickly push your way into that tunnel then move along it until you reach a drop off Drop down and look to the left for. a health pack then move on to reach another web covered tunnel exit Bash the web then wait for the guardian to run off to the. left Sprint forward to an armor battery then turn right and sprint over to another armor battery Enter the tunnel that s next to. it then drop down and move along until you come to the web covered tunnel exit. Quicksave after bashing the web and before leaving the tunnel then get out the gravity gun and move to the right just enough. for the guardian to see you Catch and throw away the large rocks it head butts at you then wait for it to start running toward. you along one side of the circular stone path Immediately start run hopping along the other side of the path then start sprinting. when you re about halfway along it That ll hopefully keep you from running out of auxiliary power before you can make it to the. next safe side tunnel, If you get head butted once before making it to safety you might want to play on instead of trying again That s a very difficult. run to make without taking any damage Turn around as soon as you re in the side tunnel then wait for your auxiliary power to. fully recharge Get out the shotgun and quicksave then leave the tunnel and turn left Sprint along until you fall into some water. then keep sprinting ahead until you get near an opening in the wall that s been boarded over Quickly blast the boards as you. approach the opening then sprint through it and press up against the back wall. Wait until the guardian breaks the boards you re standing on then go down the tunnel you fall into until you reach a web with a. health pack next to it Bash through the web then move down to the tunnel exit Get out the pistol and turn the flashlight on. then look for a headcrab up on the metal beams that are just ahead Shoot it to death then move forward until you re directly. underneath the web that s in the ceiling Blast the web with the gravity gun then quickly back up a ways and get the pistol back. out One of the things that drops down will be a live headcrab though it may get squashed by a rock If not quickly shoot it to. Check among the stuff that fell down to find some health 357 ammo and shotgun ammo then look to the left of the tunnel you. came in through for a web that can be broken to get more of the same Go along the wall to the left of that to find another web. that can be bashed though note that this one will release a poison headcrab in addition to the usual good stuff Bash the web. with the crowbar then quickly whack the headcrab as it slides down Go left from there to find a wrecked machine in some. water then jump onto the wooden platform that s to the right of it. Move to where you re directly underneath a ceiling web then grav blast it to get even more health 357 ammo and shotgun. ammo Pick up the large rusty cogwheel that s on the wrecked machine then go across the track to find a non wrecked version. of the same machine Drop the cogwheel long enough to shoot out the barnacle whose tongue is hanging down right next to the. A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 14, A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough by Stanley E Dunigan. machine then pick up the cogwheel and push it into place Use the yellow handled lever then go left and around to some steps. that lead up to a small platform, Use the button panel to summon the elevator then wait for it to arrive with your vort pal on it After he finishes talking to you. follow him down to where he opens a gate then keep following him until he stops at a huge honeycomb like thing Wait for him. to get the larval extract that he needs then follow him back to the elevator Get in and wait until section ep2 outland 02 loads. SECTION EP2 OUTLAND 02 AGAIN ALYX GETS HEALED, After the elevator stops move up to the table that Alyx is on and wait for a vort to say Join us Freeman Move around next to.
the table if necessary to get the ritual to begin during which the G Man will take the opportunity to send you a telepathic. message After that s over look all around for leftover supplies that you need now not forgetting the two infinite ammo crates. and the armor batteries you dropped into tunnel 36. Return to the elevator and wait for Alyx and a vort to enter it then get in and wait for it to stop Exit the elevator and go down to. where you can bash a supply crate then grav blast the boards that are blocking the nearby ramp Go up the ramp and drop into. the hole past it to enter the next chapter,A Half Life 2 Episode Two Walkthrough 15.

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