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Common Coating Inspection Practices Standards amp Equipment
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Presentation Summary,Basics of Coating Inspection,Coating Specification. Brief Introduction to Surface,Preparation Standards. Commonly used Standards and,Inspection Equipment,Types of Inspectors. Third party inspector supplied by an independent,consulting firm full or part time. A corrosion engineer or someone assigned by the owner. or architect,A retired painter or coating supervisor.
The contractor,Should have some type of nationally recognized. certification,Basic Inspection Practice,Preliminary Inspection Responsibilities. Inspection of Surface Preparation,Inspection of Coating Application. Post Application Inspection,Preliminary Inspection. Responsibilities,1 Read and understand the job specification.
2 Attend the pre job conference, 3 Become aware of safety hazards and responsibilities. 4 Prepare inspection forms and inspection plan,5 Inspection of jobsite conditions. 6 Inspection of materials,7 Inspection of equipment. 8 Monitor ambient conditions,What do you do when you don t have a. 3rd Party Inspector,Manufacturer s can design very.
impressive technology but when it is,improperly specified or installed. incorrectly the technology is useless,Common Sense. Team Building Specification,Elements of a Typical,Coating Specification. General Sampling coatings,Terms and definitions Workmanship. Reference standards and Application,codes Work schedule.
Scope Repairs and remedial,Safety coating work,Prejob conference Inspection. Surface preparation Documentation,Coating materials. Keys to Success,Put together a team building document for the. specific project,Require a qualified and experienced industrial. coatings lining installer,Require a knowledgeable NACE Certified.
Manufacturers Rep to review existing coating,conditions prior to beginning the project. Keys to Success,Require a pre paint meeting where the owner. applicator and selected manufacturers NACE Certified. Representative and inspector if employed all meet on. site prior to coating application This meeting will insure. that everyone is clear on the schedule surface,preparation and application methods. Require holdpoint inspections The NACE Certified, Manufacturer s Representative will visit the site weekly. or as needed to support the application of the products. and report any deficiencies to the team including the. owner engineer in writing,Keys to Success,Require the performance you believe in.
Require specific generic type base on the performance. of the manufacturer most involved with the project or. most qualified for the application Polyamidoamine,Epoxy Fluoropolymer etc. Require necessary performance characteristics, i e adhesion corrosion resistance H2S Resistance permeability. abrasion resistance UV resistance cyclic salt fog immersion etc. When in doubt,Contact your trusted knowledgeable coating. consultant manufacturers representative, If over coating require test patch to verify adhesion. Have the coating consultant review the project and put. together a written coating recommendation,Utilize qualified installers for the recommended.
If you have a new project in design have your, manufacturer s representative meet with the design. firm to discuss the parameters of the application,Visual Standards. Observations,SSPC Vis 1 Visual Standard,SSPC SP13 NACE 6. Surface Preparation of Concrete,Prep of concrete by. mechanical chemical or,thermal methods,Applicable to CIP Pre Cast.
CMU Shotcrete,Free of laitance loose,adhering concrete dust.

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