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Bisnet Commerce Ballarat Breakfast Federal Election Candidate Panel. Date 03 Sept 2013,Members 25 00,Non Members 25 00,Details Alexandria On Lydiard. 7am to 9am, Commerce Ballarat partners with Bisnet to give you the opportunity to hear Local candidates. provide a 5 min presentation on why they should be elected This will be followed by question. time REGISTER HERE,Industry Tour,Date 18 Sept 2013. Members Only Free,Details Kryal Castle 121 Forbes Road Leigh Creek. A fantastic opportunity to step over the moat and through the gateway to see what has been. happening behind the walls,Members REGISTER HERE,Commerce Ballarat Race Day.
Date 10 Oct 2013,Members 65 00pp,Details Ballarat Turf Club. An opportunity to entertain clients or reward your staff Included is Course entry canap s. main meal afternoon tea and race book Drinks are at bar prices Leading jockey and trainer to. speak throughout the day Individuals or tables of 10 A tour will also be available late morning. of the Weir Racing Complex Please include a note in your registration if you would like. to attend the tour of Weir Racing Complex,Members and Non Members REGISTER HERE. Commerce Ballarat 505 Club,Date 24 Oct 2013,Members Free. Non Members 16 50, Details Ballarat Business Centre 15 Dawson Street South Ballarat. 5 30pm 7pm, An evening of networking and fostering relationships to grow your business Evening will.
include presentations to our graduates from the 2013 Mentoring Program. Drinks and Savouries provided Members and Non Members REGISTER HERE. Items of Interest,Commerce Ballarat Social Media, August is Ballarat Business Month click on the B31 logo to see all the exciting opportunities to. develop your business,What do I desire What do You Desire watch video. ACCI Releases Reform Priorities For The Next Australian Government view document. Gen Y is shaping our business world view article, Top five frauds small businesses face view article. Members News,IMPORTANT Check your contact details, A perk of being a CB member is your listing in the Ballarat Enterprise Magazine A directory of. Commerce Ballarat Members is included inside the back cover of each edition The next. magazine is due in September To ensure we have not missed any changes please check your. listing to ensure the details are correct Notify us of any changes but also login and update. your details online in our member s directory,Sponsorship Opportunities.
CB has two packages available for business sponsorship b2b and Business Day Out if you are. interested in more information email Jodie commerceballarat com au. Questions for your Ballarat Federal Election Candidates. Have you got a burning question that you want addressed by our Ballarat Federal Election. Candidates before you go to the polls on election day Commerce Ballarat are partnering with. Bisnet to get your questions answered at a candidate s breakfast on September 3 Please send. through any questions for candidates to Jodie commerceballarat com au. Culturally and Linguistically Diverse CALD Careers program. The CALD Careers Program was launched in February 2013 by the City of Ballarat One of the. key functions of the CALD Careers Program is to assist local Employers identify the skills gaps. in their current Workforce The key outcome for the participating Employers is a fully managed. Internship Program used to give them and the program s Graduates potential Employees a. chance to assess each party s value proposition over a set period of time Information and. Consultation Sessions are running throughout September read more here. Eight myths about Gen Y that leaders must understand. Source Business Review Weekly 22 August 2013, Generation Y often gets a bad rap The various adjectives used to describe this group of teens. and 20 somethings are rarely complimentary lazy entitled disrespectful technology addicted. and high maintenance to name a few, Yet Generation Y is here to stay By most definitions it runs from the early 1980s to the late. 1990s making it a larger generation than its predecessor Generation X. Currently Generation Y makes up 15 per cent of the workforce but social researcher Michael. McQueen says this is forecast to reach 42 per cent within 15 years. In many industries such as technology there is a race to attract younger employees and that. is raising the working conditions for all staff, With that in mind business leaders in older generations need to get to grips with how to. manage and work with Gen Y It s time to bust a few myths and explain where the real. challenges lie,1 Gen Y is lazy FALSE, McQueen says Generation Y is not lazy but they do have a different attitude to work than their. There s a myth that Gen Y are lazy and don t have any work ethic and that s a view. sometimes held by the baby boomers who wear their lack of work life balance sometimes as a. badge of honour McQueen says The fact that Gen Y have grown up seeing the heart attacks. strokes broken marriages in their parents often because of a lack of balance means they are. starting their careers wanting that flexibility and balance. 2 To impress Gen Y act like them FALSE, McQueen says many managers have the idea that they need to act like Generation Y in order.
to impress them but it is more likely to have the opposite effect. There s an idea that Gen Y want older generations to be like them and we hear the phrase. generational transvestite where you see older generations trying to be like the younger. generation they are dealing with and that s not effective McQueen says You don t have to. be like them or dress like them or talk like them just be yourself For a lot of leaders that s. just a relief because they can be themselves and it is far more endearing for Gen Y if you re. McQueen says this doesn t mean that for example a tech savvy Gen X leader needs to defer. to their younger colleagues on technology They don t have to shy away from that but they. don t have to put it on he says, 3 Gen Y is disrespectful and not looking for leadership FALSE. McQueen says it is a myth that Gen Y is disrespectful but they don t tend to bestow respect. based on hierarchy they tend to treat it as something that is earned. And while many people believe that Gen Y is self sufficient they are actually yearning for. leadership and mentoring It s such a key driver for this group wanting to connect with adult. figures particularly leaders he says,4 Gen Y is unreliable TRUE. McQueen says there is truth to the notion that Gen Y is unreliable at least from the. perspective of older generations But it comes down to a different way of looking at the world. rather than an inherent character flaw They don t think about and plan for the future in a. linear way they are far more responsive and reactive and don t want to commit he says. 5 Gen Y can t cope with failure TRUE, McQueen says that members of Generation Y are often not as resilient as older generations and. they can take failure and even little setbacks very hard Often when life or work gets. difficult they see it as evidence that they re on the wrong track and there s something wrong. with them McQueen says If they don t get the promotion or they lose their job or something. happens personally that s challenging often the resilience skills aren t there as it is with older. generations who were raised being told that life is meant to be difficult so suck it up. 6 Gen Y is technology addicted TRUE, McQueen says Gen Y has a compulsion to use devices and stay connected to the internet that. is much stronger than in previous generations and this can cause challenges in the workforce. They are technology addicted and being switched off or disconnected is one of their greatest. fears and that can creep into the workplace where the idea of not being able to check. messages for more than two minutes is just inconceivable he says. EMC Australia and New Zealand managing director Alister Dias says good technology is a vital. recruitment tool, In our customers businesses or even in our own business when it comes to technology.
there s no doubt in Australia there s still a war for talent Dias says Companies are. scrambling to reskill themselves and reskill their people but part of that is also embracing the. next generation of employee, McQueen adds that this is by no means a white collar phenomenon. The blue collar companies I work with are really striving to keep up with mobile technology. too McQueen says If you think of anyone from pest controllers to electrical contractors the. companies still using job sheets or paper based invoicing are finding it harder to attract young. people to work for them The companies where say everything is done on a mobile app. they tend to be the ones attracting the Gen Ys It seems to be across the board as far as I. Certainly companies that use technology to enable flexible working practices such as mobility. and remote working are the ones that usually score best in BRW s Best Places to Work. 7 Gen Y is high maintenance TRUE, McQueen says there is truth to the notion that Generation Y is high maintenance needing. constant affirmation He cites a study in the US where Gen Y employees were surveyed about. how often they want praise from their boss and 60 per cent said once a day would be great. and 35 per cent said two to three times a day would be preferable. This generation can often be high maintenance McQueen says There is a constant need for. external validation and feedback and often a lack of ability to deal with negative feedback or. constructive criticism that can be seen as a personal attack. However McQueen blames the baby boomer parents for this one. Having grown up in the self esteem era being told their whole lives that they re special. magnificent and wonderful all the positive praise means that they crave that constantly he. 8 All of the above are generalisations TRUE, Anyone who draws a hard line and says this is how it is is wading into horoscope territory. McQueen says, He explains that the research paints broad trends based on influences in the formative years. such as patterns of attitudes in society and trends in technology. Every individual member of Gen Y is different and there are also broad differences between. those born to baby boomer parents and those raised by Generation X who tend to be less. scheduled and give greater freedom,Spells trouble,Source Marketing Mag 19 August 2013.
If a word in the dictionary were misspelled how would we know Steven Wright. Sometimes your spell check just doesn t do the trick In a famous incident in 2007 American. basketball team West Virginia had just won the NIT Championship Like other championship. winners the team put on their celebratory T shirts to mark the win Problem was the t shirt. designer left out an i when spelling their name, For all and eternity they are now known as the West Virgina NIT Champions Not exactly the. lasting legacy they had in mind, It s amazing how many times you see simple spelling oversights happen on billboards. advertisements and packaging A missing letter poor punctuation or the wrong spelling can. turn a serious campaign into a laughing stock You end up with egg on your face and an. unhappy client, Now I have to put my hand up and admit that I ve been on the wrong side of the spelling. fence A few years ago when describing how my client could alleviate the concerns of their. customers I stated with confidence that they would provide them added piece of mind Giving. their customers a piece of their mind was not exactly what I was trying to say I certainly had. to make peace with my client after that slip up, No one wants to be in that situation Not only is it incredibly embarrassing especially if your. job is to write copy it can be very costly Both for the project and the relationship with your. So in the spirit of helping others avoid similar spelling shame here s my top five most. common errors to look out for when writing or proofing your next headline tagline or body. copy See if you can spot them,When its wrong its wrong.
I d be a millionaire if I could receive a dollar every time its or it s appear incorrectly The clear. rules are that it s is an abbreviation for it is it s going to be a great night Its is the. possessive of it the club and its members A simple double check is to replace the. apostrophe with an i as in it is If the sentence doesn t make sense the club and it is. members you know which version to use,Not very accomodating. This is a perennial hall of famer No matter how many times I ve corrected accommodation. over the years it still keeps popping up Most common form is to forget the second m as in. accomodation but acommodation also gets a run And hotel chains are often the worst. Your kidding, Here s another one that often slips through Especially in headlines Just remember that your is. the possessive adjective relating to you can I help with your spelling And you re is the. contraction of you are as in you re looking good It never hurts to always do the double check. Alot of problems, A lot comes up a lot as being misspelled For some reason it s a phrase that people are. convinced is one word Simple answer it s not In fact it doesn t exist A lot is the opposite of a. little And allot means to give out,The principal of it all. Having worked with a number of educational clients I ve had a lot of practice getting this right. But it s amazing how many people get it wrong To choose between principal and principle the. easiest way to remember is a principal usually refers to a person as in a pal such as the. head of a school or organisation The other principle refers to a rule So the principal was very. strong in teaching the principle of leadership You get the drift. I m sure there s plenty more spelling goofs that spring to mind as you re reading this The. important thing when writing is to proof proof and proof again and don t rely on the spell. check to get you through I can t stress enough how important this is Also if you have written. the copy it s always a good idea to have someone else proof it The closer you are the greater. chance your eye will gloss over any mistakes that were there from the start. Make sure your copy is remembered for all the right reasons not the wrong ones. Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1380 0 55 008 Perspectives on Regional Australia Business Owners in Regions 2011 First.
http www abs gov au ausstats abs nsf mf 1380 0 55 008 OpenDocument. 8129 0 Business Use of Information Technology 2011 12. http www abs gov au ausstats abs nsf mf 8129 0 OpenDocument. Regional Industry Link, If you re not on it how are you going to know about it. Register on www regionalindustrylink com au,Click here for current opportunities. Publication The Courier,Saturday 17 August, Career options from car mechanic to computer programmer will be on display at Ballarat. Grammar next week The 18th annual Ballarat Careers Expo will be held on Monday night and. is open to all parents and students in the region John Taylor of the Rotary Club of Wendouree. said more than 150 occupations would be represented at the event We ve got a huge number. of careers on display and they span both professional and trade careers as well as careers in. government areas like the police force and ambulance service he said. More than 80 000 people are expected to attend the fifth Ballarat International Foto. Biennale over the next month The event will see about 200 art displays staged in dozens of. venues around the city until September 15 Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser patron of. the exhibition officially opened the biennale tonight I think Ballarat is very lucky to have. people who have put this exhibition together he said at an event at the Art Gallery of. The Ballarat City Council should not be considering the Civic Hall s demolition because the. community already voted to retain it residents have said Several residents accused the. council of failing to listen to the community during a fiery public question time at Wednesday s. City of Ballarat council meeting Ballarat Civic Hall Facebook page founder Victoria Wardlaw. said the participants of the council s community workshop process had responded with. overwhelming support for retaining the building,Monday 19 August. Who s in it today,Western Hotel official reopening.
Tuesday 20 August, A University of Ballarat team has been working to bring the institution s art collection into. the future with rewarding results The cataloguing team has taken out the inaugural Victorian. Collections Cataloguing Award for hard work by organisations who are cataloguing their. collections online, Stunning photographs of Ballarat captured on iPhones were just some of the pictures displayed. in the Bridge Mall at the weekend Four large shipping containers were dispersed in the mall. each containing six photographs from the finalists in the United Way Ballarat Through My. Eyes competition After sorting through almost 400 entries judges made the final call on 24. photographs that will now contend for the top spot. Wednesday 21 August, Feature CGU Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards Finalists. Thursday 22 August, Ballarat businesses have come to the rescue of a repeat burglary target upgrading the not for. profit organisation s security systems in the wake of its latest break in Sympathetic businesses. have helped BRI construct a secure compound around its facilities in an effort to protect. landscaping equipment and vehicles Yesterday Barry James Cranes positioned the barriers as. the first stage of the project Plus IT are assisting with electronic surveillance and SS. Electrics are helping with installation Mr Crosbie said The entrance to the compound will. protected by lockable bollards and the entire area will be electronically secured. Ballarat cafes restaurants and catering businesses will be targeted by a new Fair Work. campaign cracking down on employers in breach of workplace rights Audits will begin in the. next few weeks with more than a dozen Ballarat businesses expected to come under the. scrutiny of the Fair Work ombudsman in the coming year. Ballarat and the famous Eureka Flag will feature prominently among the kaleidoscope of. vehicles touring through the heart of Australia as part of the Variety Club s bash this week. The City of Ballarat has again sponsored a 1969 XW Ford Falcon sedan for the trip which. comes complete with flashing lights council decals and two Eureka Flags flying proudly from its. roof With 94 other bashers the Ballarat crew of four left Echuca earlier this week for Broome. Western Australia, Feature 25 Years of CGU Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards 2009 12.
Friday 23 August, The Ballarat International Foto Bienniale has taken over the city A trip to a regular cafe or. restaurant has changes pver the past week with people curious to see what s around the. corner or staring at art on walls whilst sipping their coffee. A major renovation at McCallum Disability Services will provide a modern and contemporary. environment for a vital program The massive 800 000 redevelopment of the former. Drummond Unit and conference hall at Learmonth Street will act as a hub for the Community. Connections program that provides high support needs to clients.

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