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About Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 by John Calvin. Title Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1. URL http www ccel org ccel calvin calcom17 html,Author s Calvin John 1509 1564. Alternative,Translator, Publisher Grand Rapids MI Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Rights Public Domain,Date Created 1999 11 24, Editorial Comments 1 0 initial scanning created much American spelling sg initial XML. insertion footnote reconciliation 1 01 fj Thml XML inserted for OLB. verse commentary Foreign Language XML inserted into footnote. section English Scripture Table text verified against the Authorized. Contributor s Ages Transcriber,sg fj Markup,LC Call no BS491. LC Subjects The Bible,Works about the Bible, Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin.
Table of Contents,About This Book p ii,Commentary on Jeremiah 1 9 p 1. Translator s Preface p 2, Facsimile of the Title Page to the 1589 Latin Edition p 6. Facsimile of the Title Page to the 1565 French Edition p 7. Facsimile of the Title Page to the 1620 English Translation p 8. Clement Cotton s Dedication p 9,Calvin s Dedication p 11. Printer s to the Reader p 17,Calvin s Prayer p 18,Calvin s Preface to Jeremiah p 19. Lecture first p 19,Chapter 1 p 22,Jeremiah 1 1 3 p 22.
Jeremiah 1 4 5 p 24,Jeremiah 1 6 7 p 26,Prayer Lecture 1 p 27. Lecture second p 27,Jeremiah 1 8 p 28,Jeremiah 1 9 10 p 29. Jeremiah 1 11 12 p 33,Prayer Lecture 2 p 35,Lecture third p 35. Jeremiah 1 13 14 p 35,Jeremiah 1 15 p 37,Jeremiah 1 16 p 39. Jeremiah 1 17 p 41,Prayer Lecture 3 p 43,Lecture fourth p 43.
Jeremiah 1 18 p 43,Jeremiah 1 19 p 45,Chapter 2 p 47. Jeremiah 2 1 2 p 47,Jeremiah 2 3 p 49,Jeremiah 2 4 5 p 50. Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin. Prayer Lecture 4 p 51,Lecture fifth p 51,Jeremiah 2 6 7 p 52. Jeremiah 2 8 p 55,Jeremiah 2 9 p 57,Jeremiah 2 10 11 p 58. Prayer Lecture 5 p 60,Lecture sixth p 61,Jeremiah 2 12 p 61.
Jeremiah 2 13 p 62,Jeremiah 2 14 17 p 63,Jeremiah 2 18 p 67. Jeremiah 2 19 p 69,Prayer Lecture 6 p 71,Lecture seventh p 71. Jeremiah 2 20 p 71,Jeremiah 2 21 p 74,Jeremiah 2 22 p 75. Jeremiah 2 23 p 76,Jeremiah 2 24 p 78,Prayer Lecture 7 p 79. Lecture eighth p 79,Jeremiah 2 25 p 80,Jeremiah 2 26 p 82.
Jeremiah 2 27 28 p 83,Jeremiah 2 29 p 86,Jeremiah 2 30 p 87. Prayer Lecture 8 p 88,Lecture ninth p 88,Jeremiah 2 31 p 88. Jeremiah 2 32 p 91,Jeremiah 2 33 p 91,Jeremiah 2 34 p 93. Jeremiah 2 35 p 94,Prayer Lecture 9 p 96,Lecture tenth p 96. Jeremiah 2 36 p 96,Jeremiah 2 37 p 98,Chapter 3 p 100.
Jeremiah 3 1 p 100, Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin. Jeremiah 3 2 p 102,Jeremiah 3 3 p 104,Prayer Lecture 10 p 105. Lecture eleventh p 105,Jeremiah 3 4 p 105,Jeremiah 3 5 p 106. Jeremiah 3 6 8 p 107,Jeremiah 3 9 p 110,Jeremiah 3 10 p 111. Jeremiah 3 11 p 112,Prayer Lecture 11 p 113,Lecture twelfth p 113.
Jeremiah 3 12 p 113,Jeremiah 3 13 p 115,Jeremiah 3 14 p 117. Jeremiah 3 15 p 119,Jeremiah 3 16 p 119,Jeremiah 3 17 18 p 120. Prayer Lecture 12 p 121,Lecture thirteenth p 121,Jeremiah 3 19 p 124. Jeremiah 3 20 p 125,Jeremiah 3 21 p 125,Jeremiah 3 22 23 p 126. Jeremiah 3 24 p 128,Jeremiah 3 25 p 128,Prayer Lecture 13 p 130.
Chapter 4 p 131,Lecture fourteenth p 131,Jeremiah 4 1 p 131. Jeremiah 4 2 p 132,Jeremiah 4 3 p 134,Jeremiah 4 4 p 135. Jeremiah 4 5 6 p 137,Prayer Lecture 14 p 138,Lecture fifteenth p 138. Jeremiah 4 7 p 138,Jeremiah 4 8 p 139,Jeremiah 4 9 p 140. Jeremiah 4 10 p 141, Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin.
Jeremiah 4 11 12 p 142,Jeremiah 4 13 p 144,Jeremiah 4 14 p 145. Prayer Lecture 15 p 147,Lecture sixteenth p 147,Jeremiah 4 15 p 147. Jeremiah 4 16 p 148,Jeremiah 4 17 p 149,Jeremiah 4 18 p 150. Jeremiah 4 19 p 151,Jeremiah 4 20 p 153,Jeremiah 4 21 p 154. Jeremiah 4 22 p 154,Prayer Lecture 16 p 156,Lecture seventeenth p 156.
Jeremiah 4 23 26 p 156,Jeremiah 4 27 p 159,Jeremiah 4 28 p 160. Jeremiah 4 29 p 162,Jeremiah 4 30 p 163,Prayer Lecture 17 p 164. Lecture eighteenth p 165,Jeremiah 4 31 p 165,Chapter 5 p 167. Jeremiah 5 1 p 167,Jeremiah 5 2 p 169,Jeremiah 5 3 p 170. Prayer Lecture 18 p 173,Lecture nineteenth p 173,Jeremiah 5 4 5 p 173.
Jeremiah 5 6 p 175,Jeremiah 5 7 p 177,Jeremiah 5 8 p 179. Jeremiah 5 9 p 180,Prayer Lecture 19 p 181,Lecture twentieth p 181. Jeremiah 5 10 p 181,Jeremiah 5 11 p 183,Jeremiah 5 12 p 183. Jeremiah 5 13 p 185, Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin. Jeremiah 5 14 p 186,Jeremiah 5 15 p 188,Prayer Lecture 20 p 189.
Lecture twenty first p 189,Jeremiah 5 16 p 190,Jeremiah 5 17 p 190. Jeremiah 5 18 p 191,Jeremiah 5 19 p 192,Jeremiah 5 20 21 p 194. Jeremiah 5 22 p 195,Jeremiah 5 23 p 197,Jeremiah 5 24 p 197. Prayer Lecture 21 p 198,Lecture twenty second p 198. Jeremiah 5 25 p 199,Jeremiah 5 26 p 200,Jeremiah 5 27 p 201.
Jeremiah 5 28 p 202,Jeremiah 5 29 p 204,Jeremiah 5 30 31 p 204. Prayer Lecture 22 p 207,Chapter 6 p 208,Lecture twenty third p 208. Jeremiah 6 1 p 208,Jeremiah 6 2 3 p 209,Jeremiah 6 4 5 p 211. Jeremiah 6 6 p 212,Jeremiah 6 7 p 214,Jeremiah 6 8 p 215. Jeremiah 6 9 p 216,Prayer Lecture 23 p 217,Lecture twenty fourth p 217.
Jeremiah 6 10 p 217,Jeremiah 6 11 p 220,Jeremiah 6 12 p 221. Jeremiah 6 13 p 222,Jeremiah 6 14 p 223,Jeremiah 6 15 p 225. Prayer Lecture 24 p 226,Lecture twenty fifth p 226. Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin. Jeremiah 6 16 p 226,Jeremiah 6 17 p 227,Jeremiah 6 18 19 p 228. Jeremiah 6 20 p 230,Jeremiah 6 21 p 232,Jeremiah 6 22 23 p 232.
Prayer Lecture 25 p 234,Lecture twenty sixth p 234. Jeremiah 6 24 p 234,Jeremiah 6 25 p 235,Jeremiah 6 26 p 235. Jeremiah 6 27 p 236,Jeremiah 6 28 p 237,Jeremiah 6 29 p 238. Jeremiah 6 30 p 240,Chapter 7 p 241,Jeremiah 7 1 4 p 241. Prayer Lecture 26 p 243,Lecture twenty seventh p 243.
Jeremiah 7 5 7 p 243,Jeremiah 7 8 p 246,Jeremiah 7 9 11 p 247. Prayer Lecture 27 p 251,Lecture twenty eighth p 251. Jeremiah 7 12 14 p 251,Jeremiah 7 15 p 254,Jeremiah 7 16 p 255. Jeremiah 7 17 19 p 256,Prayer Lecture 28 p 258,Lecture twenty ninth p 258. Jeremiah 7 20 p 259,Jeremiah 7 21 24 p 259,Prayer Lecture 29 p 265.
Lecture thirtieth p 265,Jeremiah 7 25 26 p 266,Jeremiah 7 27 p 268. Jeremiah 7 28 p 269,Jeremiah 7 29 p 271,Jeremiah 7 30 p 272. Prayer Lecture 30 p 273, Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin. Lecture thirty first p 273,Jeremiah 7 31 p 273,Jeremiah 7 32 p 275. Jeremiah 7 33 p 276,Jeremiah 7 34 p 277,Chapter 8 p 278.
Jeremiah 8 1 2 p 278,Jeremiah 8 3 p 280,Prayer Lecture 31 p 281. Lecture thirty second p 281,Jeremiah 8 4 5 p 281,Jeremiah 8 6 p 283. Jeremiah 8 7 p 284,Jeremiah 8 8 p 286,Jeremiah 8 9 p 287. Prayer Lecture 32 p 288,Lecture thirty third p 289. Jeremiah 8 10 p 289,Jeremiah 8 11 p 290,Jeremiah 8 12 p 291.
Jeremiah 8 13 p 292,Jeremiah 8 14 p 293,Jeremiah 8 15 p 295. Jeremiah 8 16 p 295,Jeremiah 8 17 p 296,Jeremiah 8 18 p 297. Prayer Lecture 33 p 298,Lecture thirty fourth p 298. Jeremiah 8 19 p 298,Jeremiah 8 20 p 301,Jeremiah 8 21 p 302. Jeremiah 8 22 p 302,Chapter 9 p 304,Jeremiah 9 1 p 304.
Jeremiah 9 2 p 304,Prayer Lecture 34 p 306,Lecture thirty fifth p 306. Jeremiah 9 3 p 306,Jeremiah 9 4 p 308,Jeremiah 9 5 p 309. Commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations Volume 1 John Calvin. Jeremiah 9 6 p 311,Jeremiah 9 7 p 312,Jeremiah 9 8 p 313. Jeremiah 9 9 p 314,Prayer Lecture 35 p 315,Lecture thirty sixth p 315. Jeremiah 9 10 p 315,Jeremiah 9 11 p 317,Jeremiah 9 12 p 318.
Jeremiah 9 13 15 p 320,Prayer Lecture 36 p 322,Lecture thirty seventh p 322. Jeremiah 9 16 p 323,Jeremiah 9 17 18 p 324,Jeremiah 9 19 p 326. Jeremiah 9 20 21 p 327,Jeremiah 9 22 p 328,Jeremiah 9 23 24 p 330. Prayer Lecture 37 p 330,Lecture thirty eighth p 331. Jeremiah 9 25 26 p 334,Prayer Lecture 38 p 337,Translation of Jeremiah 1 9 p 338.
Chapter 1 p 338,Chapter 2 p 339,Chapter 3 p 341,Chapter 4 p 342. Chapter 5 p 343,Chapter 6 p 345,Chapter 7 p 346,Chapter 8 p 348. Chapter 9 p 349,Indexes p 352,Index of Scripture References p 352. Index of Scripture Commentary p 355,Greek Words and Phrases p 355. Hebrew Words and Phrases p 357,Latin Words and Phrases p 368.
The Commentaries On Jeremiah like those on The Minor Prophets were delivered as Lectures. In The Theological School At Geneva taken down by some of the Pupils and afterwards read to. Calvin and corrected We find in them the production of the same vigorous and expansive mind. The Divine Oracles are faithfully explained the meaning is clearly stated and such brief deductions. are made as the subjects legitimately warrant Though the Lectures were extemporaneously delivered. there is yet so much order preserved and such brevity clearness and suitableness of diction are. found in them that in these respects they nearly equal the most finished compositions of Calvin as. proof that he possessed a mind of no common order, The Ministry Of Jeremiah extended over a large space of time from the thirteenth year of Josiah s. reign till after the final overthrow of the nation but for how long after that period it is not known. Between the thirteenth year of Josiah and the destruction of the city and Temple there were about. forty years This was a remarkable period and Jeremiah nearly alone labored among the people. Their sins had been for the most part the same for a long time for nearly two centuries as it. appears from the testimonies of his predecessors Amos Hosea Isaiah Joel Micah Nahum and. Zephaniah for these seven had in this order preceded him Zephaniah And Habakkuk were probably. for a time his contemporaries the first at the commencement and the other near the end of his. ministry The contumacy with which Jeremiah often charged the Jews was here evident as they. continued in their evil courses after so many urgent remonstrances by the former Prophets. What an example of blindness and of the power of superstition does the history of the Jews at. this period exhibit No past nor present calamities and no threatenings of still greater calamities. and no promises of Divine favor and of temporal blessings were sufficient to keep them from. idolatrous and immoral practices and such practices too as were plainly and explicitly condemned. by that very Law which they professed to receive Such inconsistency might have been deemed. impossible had it not been exemplified in the Jews but it is an inconsistency which is still exhibited. in the conduct of many calling themselves Christians. As to The Style Of Jeremiah the opinion of the accurate and elegant Lowth is as follows. Jeremiah though not wanting either in elegance or sublimity is yet in both inferior to Isaiah. Jerome seems to charge him with some measure of rusticity as to his expressions but of this I truly. confess I have found no traces In thoughts indeed he is somewhat less elevated being for the. most part more loose and diffuse in his sentences as one more conversant with the more tender. feelings being especially capable of expressing sorrow and sympathy This indeed appears mainly. in The Lamentations where these feelings alone predominate but it is also often found in his. Prophecies and particularly in the first part of his Book which is chiefly poetical The middle part. is nearly all historical and the last consisting of six chapters is altogether poetical and contains. several oracles plainly expressed in which the Prophet nearly approaches the sublimity of Isaiah. But of the whole Book of Jeremiah hardly the half do I consider to be poetical Proel 21. Venema mainly agrees with Lowth he blames Jerome for ascribing rusticity of diction to our. Prophet and says that he was no good judge peritus Judex of such matters Speaking of Jeremiah s. 1 According to an ancient tradition mentioned by Jerome and others Jeremiah was stoned to death by the Jews at Tahpanhes. in Egypt see Jeremiah 43 8 shortly after their removal there subsequent to the destruction of Jerusalem So that he did not. live long after that event it may be two or three years. Comm on Jer Lam V1 John Calvin, style he says His diction is not so lofty and sublime as that of Isaiah though in the six last chapters. 46 51 it seems to me to be nearly equal to it being no less pure expressive and copious. besprinkled also with tropes and metaphors as with lights and fitted to move the feelings and to. stimulate the heart to repentance for which it was designed The Lamentations alone are sufficient. to defend Jeremiah against the charge of ignorance and rusticity for antiquity as Sanctums rightly. observes has nothing more grave more harmonious more expressive Com ad Jer p 8. He is admirably pathetic says Scott his descriptions of approaching judgments are peculiarly. vivid and his eloquence is very vigorous and impressive when inveighing against the shameless. audacity of the people in rebellion against God, Of Jeremiah as a Prophet Henry mentions these particulars 1 That he was made a Prophet. when young 2 That he continued long a Prophet 3 That he was a reproving Prophet 4 That he. was a weeping Prophet and 5 That he was a suffering Prophet having been persecuted by his. own nation more than any other, There are several references in the New Testament to Jeremiah and to his writings See Matthew. 2 17 18 Matthew 16 14 Hebrews 8 8 13 Hebrews 10 15 17 These last references observes. Scott are peculiarly important for in one of them God himself is mentioned as speaking the words. referred to and in the other it is said Whereof the Holy Ghost is a witness to us This is decisive. as to the judgment of the inspired Apostles respecting the Book on which we now enter and is. peculiarly suited to put us on our guard against those professed friends of the Scriptures who speak. of these books as venerable authentic or genuine remains of antiquity of great value and high. authority but hesitate to vindicate them as divinely inspired Pref to Jer. Nothing is with any certainty known as having been written by Jeremiah except this Book and. the Lamentations Ascribed to him has been a funeral song on the death of Josiah 2 Chronicles. 35 25 which Josephus says was extant in his day It has been also said by some that he wrote the. 137th Psalm Psalm 137 and in connection with Ezekiel the 46th Psalm Psalm 46 His Letter. to the captives in Babylon in the Apocrypha appended to the book of Barite is no doubt spurious. its style is very different from that of Jeremiah, It is universally admitted that the Chapters in this Book are not in their right order How this.
has happened none have been able to conjecture but the fact is evident According to Blayney. whose account seems correct the twelve first chapters contain prophecies delivered in the reign of. Josiah Those in the thirteenth and in the following chapters to the twentieth inclusively were. delivered in the reign of Jehoiakim Now begins the disorder the twenty first contains what was. spoken in the time of Zedekiah the last king and afterwards we have what was delivered in a. former reign The kings of Judah during Jeremiah s ministry were these Josiah Shallum or. Jehoahaz his second son Jehoiakim his eldest son Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakim and Zedekiah. the youngest son of Josiah Blayney thinks that no prophecies were delivered in the reigns of Shallum. and of Jeconiah Then his classification may be stated as follows During the reign of. Josiah were delivered chapters 1 12 inclusively,Shallum none. Jehoiakim chapters 13 20 inclusively 22 23 25 26 35 36 45 46 47 48 and 49 to verse. 33 inclusively,Jeconiah none, Zedekiah chapters 21 24 27 34 37 39 49 from verse 34 to the end 1 and 51. Comm on Jer Lam V1 John Calvin, The 40 44 inclusively were written after the destruction of Jerusalem and the captivity of the. people and the 52 the last during the same time or as it is commonly supposed by Ezra it is an. epitome of the progressive and final overthrow of the kingdom. There were several circumstances worthy of notice with regard to The Jews during the ministry. of Jeremiah, 1 The means which God employed to lead them to repentance and to a reformation of their. conduct both as to religion and morals he gave them a pious and a reforming king in Josiah the. Book of the Law was providentially discovered and widely made known a reformation was carried. on according to its requirements while idolatrous practices were in a great measure put an end to. the people had also before their eyes the awful judgment of God on their brethren The Israelites. in banishing them from their country and the powerful preaching of Jeremiah sounded in their. 2 The manifest evidences of God s displeasure their good king Josiah was suddenly taken. from them no doubt as a judgment for their ingratitude his successor Suallum was after three. months reign taken prisoner by the Egyptians and the country was put under tribute the country. was visited with grievous famine as recorded in chap 14 and Jeremiah by God s command. denounced on them the punishment of an entire extinction as a nation. 3 The extremely corrupted state of the people they were both most idolatrous and most immoral. unfaithful to God and to man in a degree hardly credible During Josiah s reign they pretended to. cast away their gross superstitions but after his death they returned to them as it were with increased. avidity and with these superstitions was combined the prostration of every moral principle and of. every natural feeling Superstition ever destroys morality and enfeebles all the social and natural. sympathies of men What a picture of the effects of superstition is given by Jeremiah in chapter 9. 4 Notwithstanding this extremely degenerated state of things The Jews harbored the conviction. that their ruin as denounced by Jeremiah was impossible While practically denying God they. yet rested their confidence on his promises respecting the perpetuity of David s kingdom and on. their outward privileges taking as unconditional what was conditional and regarding the mere. possession of divine institutions as a sufficient security And in this vain confidence they were. encouraged and confirmed by false Prophets and corrupt Priests in opposition to God s messages. by his Prophet Jeremiah and to the plain declarations of that Law the authority of which they still. ostensibly acknowledged, These things have been recorded for our instruction.
Some of Jeremiah s Prophecies were fulfilled in the days of many of those who heard them. such as those which refer to the Captivity of the people and to the destruction of the neighboring. nations by the king of Babylon Other prophecies extend farther to times more remote to the. destruction of Babylon to the restoration of the Jews after the term of seventy years and to the. destinies of various nations There are also Prophecies respecting The Messiah as The Lord Our. Righteousness The Evangelical Covenant The Call of the Gentiles and final Restoration of The. Jews So that there are in this Book some Prophecies which were soon fulfilled others at a more. distant time and some which are still to be fulfilled Who but GOD the Sole and the Supreme. Ruler of the world and the regulator and disposer of all events could have announced such. Prophecies All those which refer to the past have been fulfilled fully and completely and with. no less certainty shall all such as refer to what is future be in due time fulfilled Nothing can intercept. the exercise of Divine Faithfulness nothing can obstruct the working of Infinite Power. Comm on Jer Lam V1 John Calvin, Facsimile copies of the old Latin French and English title pages follow this Preface with. a reprint of the Dedication by Clement Cotton to the Countess Of Bedford prefixed to his English.

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