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10 Weeks At Code Forward we build technology to, Learn to code create a better world Working with tech. Design build and industry experts our students design. release an app build and release an App that addresses. Change your a problem they ve identified in their,community community. Gakko meaning school in Japanese was founded as an. innovative inclusive international summer camp in 2011 by. entrepreneur Kenta Koga Yale 14 Gakko started in Japan but. now operates camps and afterschool programs around the world. in addition to a suite of digital learning tools in several languages. Gakko NYC is a space for tomorrow s coders and musicians. The programs offered at Gakko NYC give high schoolers the. opportunity to study technology or music with industry experts. committed to creating personalized learning experiences Every. student leaves the program with a completed portfolio worthy. app or an album,Page 2 www gakkoproject com afterschool. Key Details Grades 9 12,243 Canal Street,Program Tuition 1 980. 50 Class Hours,Winter Spring Fall Afterschool Programs.
10 weeks 5 hours per week,Summer Day Camps,2 weeks 25 hours per week. Visit us online for the most up to date program,schedules www gakkoproject com afterschool. www gakkoproject com afterschool Page 3, Curriculum At Code Forward we build technology to change our environment. for the better All of our students design build and release. an App that aims to fix a problem they have identified in their. Over the course of ten weeks they go through week long. modules that cover the fundamentals of Computer Science and. Programming as well as a variety of Special Topics that aim to. deepen their knowledge and mastery of technology They work. with social entrepreneurs and professional designers to release a. beautiful and meaningful solution to a real problem and showcase. their App at the end of program Demo Day,Learning Outcomes Our students will learn. The fundamentals of computer science and programming. Including data logic abstraction and algorithms, Web development with the most relevant tools and technologies.
Including JavaScript HTML CSS, How to identify problems and build meaningful solutions. Using best product and design practices,Universal and applicable skills. Including critical thinking logical reasoning and self learning. The importance of humanist values, Empathy humility resilience curiosity communication. collaboration and leadership,Page 4 www gakkoproject com afterschool. Topics Covered What is Code, What is binary code What is a programming language How.
do computers work Students will learn the relationship between. humans code and computers,Building Blocks of Code, Students will learn the fundamentals of Computer Science and. Programming We will cover the building blocks of any program. the flow of a program how to store and manipulate data basic. logic and algorithms and how to write complex and maintainable. code with the help of abstractions,The Internet Coding for the Web. The Internet plays a part in almost every piece of technology. Students will learn how the Internet works and how to code for the. Web be it by building web apps with HTML CSS and JavaScript. or making requests to web APIs,Collaborating on Code. Collaboration is essential to software development Students will. learn how to collaborate with other coders on projects using Git. and Github They will learn how to pair program and how to give. each other kind actionable and meaningful feedback. Design Principles, Students will learn the fundamentals of User Experience and. Product Design in order to build an App that is usable beautiful. and addresses their chosen issue meaningfully,Releasing Code to the World.
Building a great app is one thing releasing it to users is another. Students will learn how to publish their apps on the Internet the. App Store or equivalent how to debug issues and how to iterate. on a project based on user feedback,Ethics Code, With great power comes great responsibility Students will explore. what it means to build software responsibly and how to design. products with access and inclusivity in mind,Security Privacy. Internet users are increasingly worried about protecting their. privacy and data online Students will learn the importance of. protecting themselves in the digital space as well as best practices. for encrypted communication preventing being tracked while. browsing the web and general security advice for computers and. smartphones,www gakkoproject com afterschool Page 5. Alex Qin Alex Qin is a Brooklyn based software engineer and educator. Originally from Paris she moved to New York to attend New York. Director of Technology University s Courant Institute of Mathematics from which she holds a. B S in Computer Science, Alex cares deeply about access to computer science education and. leveraging technology to create positive social change As such her. work has lived at the intersection of software education and access. Prior to joining Gakko she was the Web Engineering Team Lead at. Skillshare and the Curriculum Director at Coalition for Queens. Alex has taught many different types of learners from high. schoolers to adults and has found that all of her students fall in. love with the endless creative possibilities of code Her unique. experience as both a professional software engineer and seasoned. teacher allows her to craft curricula that remain relevant in the fast. paced and ever changing world of technology, She is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech and.
spends much of her time building inclusive coding communities and. speaking about her work at international software conferences on. podcasts and on television,Page 6 www gakkoproject com afterschool. Facilities Our facilities include laptops high speed WiFi Apple and Android. mobile devices and various programmable hardware Jewelbots. Arduino all housed in a beautiful space designed for creativity. and productivity,Requirements Grades 9 12,Prerequisite knowledge and skills. Passion for technology, ie an avid user of the Internet has favorite mobile apps. Equipment needed, Laptop Computer Although students are encouraged to. use their own laptops Gakko will provide laptops on loan to. qualifying students for the duration of the program. Time Commitment,5 hours per week in class,5 hours per week of practice outside of class.
Admissions We encourage anybody interested in becoming a student at. Gakko NYC to apply Gakko is firmly committed to providing. education that is accessible and inclusive and we absolutely do. not and will never discriminate on the grounds of race creed. ability gender sexual orientation or any other facet of your. Tuition and Fees Program Tuition, Program tuition is 1 980 and includes access to all Gakko NYC. events that take place during the quarter in which tuition has. Need based Tuition Assistance, Gakko NYC is firmly committed to financial accessibility A limited. amount of need based tuition assistance is available for every. For application and tuition details visit us online at. www gakkoproject com afterschool,Or contact us at,newyork gakkoproject com. www gakkoproject com afterschool Page 7,www gakkoproject com afterschool.

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